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Updated on Jan 19,2023

Boston Red Sox Will Be Without Trevor Story After Undergoing Elbow Surgery

the Red Sox off season seems to get,worse by the day and it hit a new low on,Tuesday when the Red Sox announced,Trevor's story is going to miss some,time after undergoing surgery on his,elbow,you are locked on Red Sox daily Boston,Red Sox podcast,part of the locked on podcast Network,your team every day,thank you,another day another episode of the,locked on Red Sox podcast I am your host,in essence Lauren willand thank you for,making locked on Red Sox your first,listen of every single day I wish I was,bringing you better news that's that's,how I'm going to start this episode we,have been discussing the shortstop,position quite a bit this off season,especially after Xander Bogarts signed,with the San Diego Padres many of us,thought it was going to be Trevor's,story to take over shortstop he,obviously has a lot of experience at,that position but nope nope no no no no,no the Red Sox said absolutely not,that's not going to happen we're going,to make this off season worse for fans,by telling you that Trevor's story,underwent a procedure on his elbow and,it's going to sideline him potentially,four to six months potentially longer,we'll talk about a timeline in the,second segment of the locked on Red Sox,podcast and if you're looking at six,months from January we're talking,probably after the All-Star break and I,wish you could see my show notes right,now because it's just when I just just,banged on the keyboard and it's just a,bunch of jumbled letters because that's,just I couldn't form thoughts that's,pretty much what my brain was thinking,when I saw this news so the surgery is,called an internal bracing procedure of,the right ulnar collateral ligament,that's the UCL that's the the Tommy John,surgery ligament but it's not Tommy John,surgery it's basically what ESPN's Jeff,passing called it a modified Tommy John,surgery so the recovery timeline isn't,as long as a regular Tommy John surgery,I know nothing about this surgery I know,nothing about this injury so if you've,had it or you are a medical professional,and have some expertise in it please let,me know more about it because the,internet can only tell you so much you,can find anything on the internet that,can tell you oh he'll be back in this,kind of time oh never mind he's going to,miss the entire season so if anyone has,experience in this injury whether it's,like I said you suffered it or have,worked with it let me know but wow,so now the Red Sox need a shortstop and,for real this time we've talked about oh,maybe they needed a short stop in this,off season maybe they need to trade for,one or sign a Jose Iglesias type of,shortstop now they need it this is a,really really big need all of a sudden,and maybe you need another second,baseman now because Hernandez is,capable of playing shortstop but much,like if you pull him out of center field,to play second base,you're creating another hole in this,lineup so it's just it's messy right now,for the Red Sox to say the absolute,least so the Red Sox need a shortstop,need a second basement and need to give,their fans a whole lot of answers I feel,like because you look back going back to,last season when they knew Xander,Bogarts was going to hit free agency and,yes we shouldn't keep opening Old Wounds,but how bad does not extending him look,now even worse than it did a week or two,ago when he signed a month ago whenever,it was this all could have been avoided,to a degree had the Red Sox just did,what they said they were going to do and,re-sign Bogarts yes there'd still be,questions if Bogarts was the shortstop,and story underwent this surgery but,there'd be more clarity right which the,Red Sox do not have a lot of right now,they haven't had a lot of clarity this,entire off season and it just continues,to question what in the world is is the,direction of this team and yes story did,sign that six-year contract ahead of,last season and he may miss a chunk of,time due to this elbow issue and so,story missed time in 2021 due to Elbow,inflammation but his arm was not an,issue in 2022 we saw that when he was,healthy playing at second base for the,Red Sox he was very very good when he,was healthy he did unfortunately Miss,significant time due to other injuries,that had nothing to do with his elbow he,had the the wrist fracture the heel,contusion just an injury riddled season,for story he played in 94 games last,season he had 238 with 16 home runs 66,RBI a 737 Ops in the first year of his,six-year 140 million dollar contract,we've talked about how this Red Sox,lineup needs power and how Trevor's,story could have been one of those X,factors to contribute a lot of power,through this lineup this lineup just got,a lot weaker without him in it and I,don't know if there's a clear path to,what the Red Sox are going to do next,and we've questioned this we've we don't,know the the direction of this team at,all and on December 15th highambloom was,asked about Trevor story's arm we've,heard these stories about his arm the,issues whether he

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Loss of Trevor Story is "really bad" for Red Sox | Tomase & Giles react to more bad news for Boston

Loss of Trevor Story is "really bad" for Red Sox | Tomase & Giles react to more bad news for Boston

it appears that the feel-good portion of,the Red Sox offseason is over less than,a week after locking up their star third,baseman the Red Sox are in the market,for a second baseman and probably a,short stop too that's because Trevor's,story is going to miss an undetermined,amount of time after having surgery on,his throwing elbow story had an internal,bracing procedure Which is less invasive,than Tommy John surgery but it could,still sideline him for a while typical,recovery time four to six months but,High In Bloom was tempering expectations,they were not ready to put a timetable,on it yet,um you know I certainly would not rule,out a return sometime during 2023 but,it's also not something at this stage uh,that uh we want to bank on,um you know it'll take how long it takes,we want to make sure he's a hundred,percent,I think on story returning this year the,bigger question might be can they Bank,on him returning to form when he does,sorry is coming off the worst season of,his career not exactly offering much,bang for the buck on that six year 140,million dollar contract John tomasa here,in Stu as we start the daily thread on,with me and Tommy Giles and you know,just last week when we were talking John,about Rafael Devers the signing and what,like how great you know it's great that,they locked him up but at the end of the,day the lineup still looks the same and,I asked you if in any way like could,this lineup be better than we think and,you said and one of the things was well,if Trevor's story returns to form and,now poof that's gone I this injury I,don't want to say it's catastrophic in,any way shape or form to the Red Sox but,it certainly is no bueno it's bad it's,bad it's really bad I mean the Red Sox,and their fans cannot have nice things,this winter like that's just what it,boils down to and I think Trevor's story,is a big loss and I actually think we do,him a little bit of a disservice in your,description worst year of his career,nobody bang for the buck as time Bloom,said today when Trevor's story was right,they were a playoff team and you go back,to that massive you know may that he had,where it was 30 something RBIs and he,was driving that lineup and you saw what,kind of player could be dynamic Defender,runs the base as well hits for power,maybe doesn't hit for average maybe,strikes out a bit but he does a lot of,things well he's exactly the kind of,player you can win with and the Red Sox,need more of and now he's gone Giles and,I just say what are you doing up the,middle of your team right now no Bogarts,no story you know what was also,interesting today correct me if I'm,wrong but I thought that bloom also said,that Trevor's story Was preparing he was,excited about playing shortstop which,goes back to the whole thing from a year,and a half ago when they signed Trevor's,story and you're sitting there saying,okay well this looks like Xander,Bogart's replacement and it kind of,seems like that was always the plan,Trevor's story though had some injury,concerns I thought coming in when the,Red Sox signed him so,it just that's kind of annoying and I,feel bad for the player because I don't,think you can control this but at the,same time,the plan just didn't make sense but to,that point Giles there is a report out,there Bob Nightingale said that he was,talking to some Red Sox players who said,oh yeah he sort of saw this coming but,he was hoping he could rest it not have,to have the surgery like he could have,had the surgery the Red Sox season ended,what beginning of October you could have,had the surgery in October and then,you've got November December January,February you're starting to ramp up in,that four to six month period when you,get back to spring training now you have,the surgery and it's six weeks out from,the start not even a month out from the,start of spring training so this this is,the only part of this that I will defend,is I'm never gonna force a guy to get,surgery and to me this is like a Rob,Williams kind of situation where he,tried to rest and heal and as soon as he,started doing real workouts for the,Celtics oh suddenly we're you know on,the Eva camp and Rob Williams needs,surgery this is similar it's like if,you're gonna try to rest and he did,manage this all season he played a very,good second base he hit for power if,you're going to try to rest you have to,rest you take a gamble they took a,gamble it failed,also tweeted about this too and said,basically this is when you were starting,to ramp it up again with the throwing,and that's when you kind of realize that,you need the surgery should they have,gone harder for Carlos Correa knowing,that he had this surgery and they yeah,they certainly yes I mean I wrote about,this yesterday,just real quick six and 200 for a guy,who's a 350 million dollar player it was,right there for you he had fallen into,your lap he's a better player than,Bogarts he's two years younger you could,have had him,and you let him go to Minnesota yeah,but what if we're

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Does Bill Belichick feel urgency to upgrade his Patriots staff? | Patriots Talk

Does Bill Belichick feel urgency to upgrade his Patriots staff? | Patriots Talk

foreign,Hello friends welcome into time currents,Patriots Talk podcast we'll have Phil,Perry in in just a second and as we,continue to kick around the rubble of,the Patriots 2022 season whoop for the,black box and listen to it,we heard from Bill Belichick on Monday,and obviously things are going to move,quickly bottom line though is this as we,look at the Patriots they're out of the,playoffs and the offense is the reason,secondarily though it's situational,football,third down Red Zone turnovers penalties,clock management,and you could say eight and nine is not,that bad,but you know and I know and Bill knows,and the crafts know the product has,declined,is that because of the players who've,gone,so Brady's the edelmans the James whites,the chungs and the gronkowskis mentioned,him already the high Towers,is it the coaches,McDaniels scar Ivan fears Ernie Adams,Even Brian Flores,honestly it's probably both,but that does doesn't even really in my,mind begin to explain how a team's,Collective IQ,and attention to detail,can slip so profoundly,to get there you not only have to lose,the players and the coaches,you also have to pick the wrong guys in,both instances to succeed the players,and the coaches,only then can you get to a point,where the attention to detail,the pride of workmanship,slips to a point where it's one of the,dumbest teams in football,you have to lose contact with that,previous culture,and the Patriots aren't bad,we all know that eight nine is not bad,having a shot at the playoffs and,playing okay in the last week of the,season on the road against an emotional,opponent that's that's okay that's what,you're looking for,we would have been really happy with,that a while ago,but after a period of time and when the,which the Patriots were not like,everyone else we're actually the gold,standard for two decades,in terms of workmanship and quality,control,to see them,pretty much being just as capable of,putting out bad football as any team in,the league,that's,jarring,and nobody nobody had that as a,possibility,as long as Bill Belichick was in charge,of this franchise,so we tried to get to the why of it,Monday before Bill disappears for the,off season into its fighter hole,and uh here's some of the questions we,posed John Henry hit it well you'll get,a drink of water,decisions that you made uh in the off,season including the coaching staff some,of the Personnel decisions do you think,now that the season is over that you put,your offense in the best position to,succeed this year,yeah well every decision that that we've,made has always been with the intent to,do the best thing for the football team,that's the way it always will be that's,what it's been that's what it'll be,going forward uh at different decision,points do you have different,opportunities and and uh as those,go along or come along,um you know we'll continue to evaluate,them and always do what we feel is best,for the team how has your Viewpoint,changed,um if at all on the importance of having,coaches with more extensive past,background,specifically on offense in leading roles,yeah really it's pretty much the same,question that you know I think Greg just,asked and,um and always do what's best for the,football team and at different decision,points we'll always do what's best for,the football team so,that's that's what we've done that's,what we'll continue to do well he said I,think different decision points I'm,guessing that must mean timing,um and if that is the case,are you saying basically the timing,wasn't,Exquisite to find someone with more,experience for the offense and I just,squinted off a follow too on that yeah,I'm not that that isn't what I said I'm,saying each time you get a decision,point you look at your options and you,make the best decision that you can for,the team whatever that is whether that's,fourth and one or,third round of the draft or whatever it,is so,when those now as that changes like,where we are today is different than,where we were,six months ago 12 months ago 18 months,ago those things are all different so,going forward,is going forward and well whatever we,did in the past in any area whether it's,play calls coaches players,whatever at that time was what we,thought was best and we looked at our,options and thought we picked the best,one,some worked out some didn't that's,some were good decisions some were in,retrospect,maybe not good decisions but at the time,they were always what we thought was the,best in every area that's the way it'll,always be and going forward we'll always,do what we feel is best for the team,that's what I'll do that's my commitment,I always do it I feel it's best for the,team so,yeah have I made mistakes yeah sure,plenty of them,and that's just to establish them that,what's best for the team so many of us,on the outside deferring obviously to,your expertise resume experience and,everything said well obviously he knows,better than we do,but it did seem a dubious choice,in hindsight,did we have

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Soooooo... where do Bill Belichick and the Patriots go from here? | Quick Slants Full Episode

Soooooo... where do Bill Belichick and the Patriots go from here? | Quick Slants Full Episode

boy am I ready to go folks Tick Tock is,right because time's a wasting for the,Patriots to take the first step to,getting out of NFL mediocrity this is,Quicks glance K will be along in just a,second what is that first step to,getting a new guy to coach the offense,Will Bill Belichick be urgent urgent he,was back in 2011 folks you remember,O'Brien was hit,with his state,Belichick moved before the playoffs had,even ended to get Josh McDaniels back on,his staff,Belichick and free agency after,disappointing seasons in,0206 15 and 20. comes back out guns,blazing in free agency the next year,is he getting busy yet after this,somewhat disappointing uh 2022. as of,this afternoon there had been no contact,between the Patriots and Bill O'Brien,who is the most plausible offensive,coordinator candidate we can find,with the season still going,was that impossible for them to execute,it really shouldn't be Alabama's season,was already over,so why would they not do that was it,because Bill didn't want to do the,advanced work and make Matt Patricia and,Joe judge feel bad that he was trying to,replace them,was it because he's not sure that he,wants to go ahead with this and move on,doesn't want to make those guys fall,guys or worse yet,does he have no plan at all to move on,does he think it's too hard that there's,nobody out there that we were just,getting close at the end of the year I,don't think that's going to fly when he,sits down with Robert Kraft but we will,be tracking that for the next coming,weeks hopefully it's not that long I,hope it's not weeks I just I want it,done by the end of the week a Mac attack,Money Talks,owning we get into the ownership,question as this week goes along and of,course uh irrelevant questions we'll be,bringing up the rear speaking,speaking of bringing up the rear no,speaking of K Adams hey buddy it's so,funny the playoff train is moving down,the track and everybody here in New,England isn't on it so I'm a little bit,sideways it's weird no it's fun there's,plenty to chew on listen Bill Belichick,might not have a plan but you have a,plan for today's show and I'm excited to,get to it because there's a lot of,questions that need some answering there,is a lot of meat on the bone should we,do uh get right into quickfire,yes let's do it everybody we appreciate,the tweets keep them coming we know,Patriots fans want to turn this thing,around as fast as they can so let's,start with this I'm going to show you,Tom a couple of potential uh Patriots,defensive coordinator candidates Bill,O'Brien that's a hot little number there,but the Pats reportedly haven't reached,out yet meanwhile the Bucks and Titans,rumored to have interest in chorizante,and Club Kingsbury of course canned by,the Cardinals on Monday according to,Albert Breer the Pats have done their,research on it that was Albert's quote,your thoughts on these candidates you,know Kay I think about this and I,consider to myself why would someone,want to be here like say Cliff Kingsbury,what's the draw you're going to come you,have a contract through 2027 the Arizona,Cardinals have to continue to pay you,you're going to come,East to New England to work with no,title at all for less money have to,Guild the Lily so that the Cardinals,don't know that you're working as an,offensive coordinator work 90 hour weeks,with an offense that went sideways so,badly in a Machiavellian atmosphere in,the front office where Matt Patricia Joe,judge and yourself all fired head,coaches are somehow trying to find that,golden ticket again,I don't know if it's that great an idea,for Clifford okay,well Clifford is kind of a rich man and,Ian Rapaport of NFL media is making,jokes about him potentially spending the,next few seasons as a wealthy man in,Ibiza or wherever but I will say this uh,knowing what I know about Cliffs going,back to Texas Tech uh he's familiar with,the Patriots he knows what that means,he's wired like an obsessive NFL coach,he wants to work hard at something and I,think Bill Belichick me also want to be,evolving with the new generation of,players that he needs to be relatable,with so I think it's actually funnily,enough a nice match I think so,compromises are going to have to be made,on both sides but belichucks should want,someone like Cliff to be attractive to,free agents to be relatable to players,that might be younger and you know the,Bill Belichick might have a tougher time,relating,Bill Belichick can be the steward of,getting him back to Greatness as he,failed and only had one playoff,appearance with so much talent out there,in the desert let's stay on this because,Bill actually likes that that's part of,the reason that Joe judge and Matt,Patricia in particular came back here,was to rehabilitate them give them a,soft safe landing where they can be,working instead of at home licking their,wounds I don't know if Kyler excuse me,Kyler Cliff Kingsbury will be licking,his wounds so much because I think,everyone could see why it went sideways,and he did ge

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BREAKING: Red Sox, Rafael Devers Agree on 2023 Contract

BREAKING: Red Sox, Rafael Devers Agree on 2023 Contract

breaking news from Jeff passen of ESPN,Rafael Devers and the Boston Red Sox,they have reached an agreement,on a 2023 contract it's not an extension,Red Sox fans I know that they they,looked at that Jeff pass and tweet that,just came out,this morning,and they were like oh all right reached,an agreement because that's that's what,it said I'll read it to you right here,he fooled Red Sox fans third baseman,Raphael Devers and the Boston Red Sox,are in agreement on a one-year 17.5,million dollar deal to avoid arbitration,he adds this does not stop the sides,from reaching a long-term contract,extension the fact that the sides got,this deal done shows there's discussions,so yeah Jeff's right here it it shows,that the two sides are there are talking,right the Red Sox they wanted to avoid,arbitration right they wanted to avoid,having to go in that room,and,tell Rafael Devers why he's not worth x,amount of money right they just did not,want that to happen,so they made Rafi happy gave him money,that he was fine with,and now they can,for Red Sox Fan's sake hopefully work,out a agreement on a long-term extension,Xander Bogarts long time Rafael dever's,teammate he just got paid till he's 40,right and Raphael Devers is what 26,years old right now,so he's probably gonna want a really,long deal,like Bryce Harper Long 13 14 years pay,him,till Xander Bogarts is uh you know,retired right like pay him for a long,time,and he's earned it right I mean he is,the best player on the Red Sox,this past season he almost hit 300,almost hit 30 home runs slugging,percentage over 500.,um at some point Red Sox fans I know,that you guys are probably asking this,to Red Sox ownership,at some point when is this going to stop,the letting,uh home ground homegrown players letting,them walk right when is that going to,stop,when are you going to stop having mookie,bets walk out the door or not want to,pay him and then trade him to the,Dodgers for like nothing verdugo's he's,a good outfielder nowhere near mookie,bets,Carter Wong he just got df8 right when,is this going to stop when is it going,to stop lowballing Xander Bogarts and,then he goes to the Padres I'm happy,about it because I'm a Padres fan but,when is it going to stop at some point,Red Sox ownership you have to pay a,homegrown Superstar player,don't you want a face of the franchise,that fans can go buy their Jersey and,know that they're going to be there for,the rest of their career because fans,Red Sox fans they don't have that right,now,you know they have Chris Sale but he's,been with multiple teams I'm talking,about eight,Tony Gwynn type player a guy that's,there for his entire career,I think this is a positive thing that,happened today with the arbitration or,not avoiding arbitration is what I meant,to say,because it means that they're talking,both sides are talking,but,that's a one-year thing are the Red Sox,willing to commit a decade plus,throughout the Endeavors are they,willing to give him,how much money would it be 350,is that what it would take,like how much would it take Red Sox fans,let me know in the comments how much you,think an extension is going to have to,take as for this current Red Sox roster,we knew Devers was going to uh be on the,roster obviously we know he's going to,be their Superstar this season but the,big question people don't care about,this arbitration thing the big question,is obviously will an extension get done,they were having that uh Bruins hockey,game at Fenway Park yesterday,and fans they went outside Fenway and,they went to the parking garage wherever,John Henry the owner gets dropped off,and they were saying pay pay Devers,Devers is worth it pay someone under the,age of 40 is what some fans were joking,right,like,Red Sox fans they deserve to have a,homegrown guy right all they want is,just,the Red Sox ownership to commit money,act like they care about the fans you,know and um because these one two-year,deal things with Justin Turner,and yeah Yoshida it's a long-term deal,but fans don't know who the heck that,guy is they will at least better know,him at the end of this season but they,don't know who that guy is,and according to a lot of baseball,people that was a huge overpay that was,like a 40 million dollar overpay,that they did to Yoshida,and so these one two-year deals yeah,Kenley Jansen he's a good name but it's,one or two year two years excuse me,fans know that the Red Sox their team,they are not,on the Yankees level they're not a real,world series Contender so what are you,doing,you know are you gonna just tear it all,the way down it doesn't seem like that,it seems like they're bringing in guys,they're bringing in some bats bringing,in some arms for a couple years and,waiting for,their big prospects to come up,there and Trevor's story played,shortstop and they have Christian Arroyo,at second base and what are they doing,they're just,they're in the middle I think that's the,worst place to be,if you're a major league franchise,they're just waiting f

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Who Could Help Bring Power To Boston Red Sox Lineup In 2023?

Who Could Help Bring Power To Boston Red Sox Lineup In 2023?

there's a power outage in Boston so we,discuss how to bring some electricity to,this Red Sox lineup,daily Boston Red Sox podcast,part of the locked on podcast Network,your team every day,I want to welcome you back into the,locked on Red Sox podcast and thank you,so much for making locked on Red Sox,your first listen of every single day I,am your host Jakey nozewski and here as,always with my co-host nessus Lauren,willand and we decided to touch on one,of the major question marks regarding,the Red Sox offense going into 2023,which is the lack of power in this Red,Sox lineup and this was something that,was a massive issue for the team,throughout last season they were able to,get on base but weren't able to hit a,lot of balls out of the ballpark and it,feels very similar in my opinion to,2017. right before the Red Sox picked up,JD Martinez where going into that off,season they were really lacking a power,bat or somebody in the middle of that,lineup That was able to bring not only,some power but also some electricity to,that lineup especially right after David,Ortiz ended up retiring but with the the,Red Sox going into this next season they,have a lot of great guys that can get on,base but nobody that is going to be able,to really put up you know over 25 to 30,home runs outside of one guy in Rafael,Devers,yeah I mean there's you said it best in,the beginning there's a power outage,right so that was a big thing in losing,Bogarts and not really replacing the the,bat there and losing JD Martinez like,that is that is power that you've lost,as well but hopefully Justin Turner can,slot into that DH role but not be relied,on too much but yeah you look at up and,down this lineup and there are,candidates out there whether it's trade,or free agency but these aren't names,that,there they'll probably won't get fans,too too excited that we're going to talk,about because all the major free agents,and all the the major power is gone but,there was a lot of issues and we talked,about that a lot last season in 2022,about it was not being able to score,with runners in scoring position not,being able to take advantage of men,being on base and it came down to just,lack of power lack lack of patience and,lack of putting the ball in play and,that's that's still a huge question mark,going into 2023. and when you look at,sort of the statistics regarding the Red,Sox offense last season ranked 20th in,home runs with 155. when you really look,down the list of the Home Run leaders,for the team last year as Rafael Devers,with 27 home runs obviously when you,look at it I I believe in the second,half he only had like six home runs had,had a massive power outage mainly due to,being injured for for some of the time,during the second half but wouldn't be,surprised if we see a full season out of,Devers especially with some development,he could get up to that 40 number but,then you also look at Trevor's story as,well very limited to only 94 games and,he's somebody that I feel like some,people forget also,has has produced a lot of great power,numbers throughout his career we'll see,if you know going from Fenway Park to,Coors Field you know how much that makes,a difference obviously we saw last year,didn't make too too much difference but,at the same time majority of those home,runs I believe nine of them came from,just one month of May and so if he's,able to get you know 150 one close to,162 games could probably see him get 25,to 30 home runs but as you mentioned JD,Martinez out of that lineup Xander,Bogarts out of that lineup uh you know,when you really look at the list it was,GD Martinez tied for second with 16 home,runs and then Bo guards was uh ranked,third uh in in terms of home runs then,you had dial back with 12 who who really,barely played but you know you're going,to need somebody a slot in the middle of,that lineup whether it's you know coming,off the bench or it's selling somebody,in the Outfield middle infield whatever,it is to really be able to bring some,sort of electricity or power to this Red,Sox lineup but I want to start off with,one guy that the Red Sox could look,towards potentially trading for with the,Baltimore Orioles within Division and,especially you know with the Oreos maybe,looking towards now competing that still,doesn't mean that they'd be open to you,know offloading some contracts that,could be bogging down some of their,payroll or some guys who are coming up,on free agency very very soon and so,Anthony Santander he's a guy who plays,is an outfielder and really was in my,opinion the main staple for the Orioles,throughout their rebuilding process was,one of the best players on that roster,despite them you know losing 106 you,know 110 games multiple Seasons but,ended up adding 240 last season smacked,30 bombs and I feel like he would be,able to bring some great consistency to,this Red Sox lineup not only offensively,but Power wise and also some great,leadership,yeah and you think after he had such a,disappointing 2021 se

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Boston Red Sox All Access: Baseball is Back | Red Sox Report

Boston Red Sox All Access: Baseball is Back | Red Sox Report

fly ball in the left that should do it,for our group to be honest with you we,finish short it's world series or bust,one thing that i've realized with red,sox nation you gotta show it to me,before i can believe it,we started to believe and i think that,was the biggest thing we believed how,good we were we added some pieces the,last few years uh rich hill james paxton,michael walker how good does it feel to,be back feels good it's almost go time,weather's good the five is good um you,know it feels like spring training but,behind the scenes there's so many,different things happening,we are thrilled to welcome trevor and,his wife mali uh to the red sox family,a lot of the guys have reached out to me,kiki bogey chris sale you've already all,these guys they've already made me feel,so much at home we all know what he can,do offensively but defensively he's just,as good,kind of like having that chip on our,shoulder and proving everybody wrong we,didn't get the job done we didn't,accomplish our goal last year there's no,off days for us we'll look up in,september see where we at and then we,push hard in september and try to make,it to the playoffs,last year for a lot of people outside,the organization,we either got lucky or,overperformed whatever you want to call,it right,coming into the season a lot of people,didn't think that that we were going to,put together a quality campaign,really had no chance at frankly making,the playoffs or even contending in the,division and that had nothing to do with,our talent we knew that we were a,talented team we just knew it was going,to be a bumpy and a rocky road to get,there is going to be a tough uphill,battle,i mean the 21 red sox outperformed,expectations 92 wins i think a lot of,people had them around the 80 range one,thing that i've realized with red sox,nation with a lot of them and they're,realists is you gotta show it to me,before i can believe it first swinging,the red sox win the ball game,this game is over the ultimate walk off,for,the red sox win,oh they are resilient we started to,believe and i think that was the biggest,thing we believed how good we were,here,and the red comes have won the top wild,card position,we win the wild card,we beat new york we beat tampa and then,we were ahead in the alcs 2-1 to houston,and then,they ended up playing in the world,series,for our group,to be honest with you we,finished short you know it's world,series or bust they make it all the way,to the postseason they win the wild card,game alcs was insane obviously we want,him to take the next step but that was,enormous considering when in spring,training in 21 no one thought they had a,chance to do that no one even had us,beating the white card game no one had,us beaten the race and then obviously,when we got to houston no one thought,we're going to win there but we gave him,a good fight we were up in the series,but i mean it's baseball and and they,got hot at the right moment you know,being here for the first time with the,red sox,you know it's pretty special because it,was my first time in the playoffs that i,could actually go out there and do,something help the team win every every,night,i just got in that zone man and i,basically i was walking unconscious for,a couple of weeks and,it just felt like i was you know i was,having like daydreams and all that and i,was like i just don't want to wake up,from this until you know until we win,the world series became babe ruth,the kind of thing that going into each,night you just assumed he was going deep,how about another unreal i'll remember,that that postseason for the rest of my,life you know this year,it's world series or bus for me,from my end,it was a very satisfying,season i usually don't show emotion and,last year,show a little more than i i really,wanted to,if you put everything in perspective,where we started and where we finished,it was an outstanding season for the,boston red sox and obviously for the,city,the atmosphere at fenway park in 2021,for a team that was only getting to the,alcs and you say only because we're used,to winning titles here was just at that,level if not better than teams that won,the world series in 07 and 13 and 18,and we got to keep that rolling that's,got to be back again this year and i,think i feel like fans are going to do,that for the guys to play in front of,fans i bet that was amazing,and i felt it too you know i had to,leave it early on,we went from what like 12 percent to 25,percent to 100,the home field advantage that we get,from other teams coming in our fans,making it incredibly difficult for them,to play there um on that side of the,baseball and then obviously on our side,of the baseball the energy the cheering,the the noise just just the extra vibe,that the stadium has with all the fans,there i've played on the visiting side,and now i've been able to play on the,home side and fenway has always been one,of those stadiums that it's just there's,a different there's a different buzz to,it espe

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Funniest Green Screen Moments | Red Sox Rewind

Funniest Green Screen Moments | Red Sox Rewind

hi look at my handlebars hello everyone,this is Papa Jack oh we gotta say that,hi,everybody else goes,Todd all right,I'm not that bright of a person you know,I can't remember words and stuff and,read cue cards,hi I'm Andy Dominique here to say thanks,let's do that over,hi I'm Doug I don't know who I am We,Salute our medical All-Stars they're all,the real here okay I'll do that one,again,we salute I can't even get it out,the real heroes hi I'm Tim Wakefield and,I'd like to thank Super Stop because,it's no it's not super stops Just Stop,and Shop hi I'm Tim Wakefield and I'd,like to thank Stop and Shop for their,generous support of our community,efforts okay try it again welcome to,Fenway Park uh thanks for coming and,enjoy the game okay let me do it over,k-rob coming at you welcome to Fenway,Park we'll try to I hope you have a,great time,a little early,thanks for coming enjoy it again okay,okay Rob coming at you welcome to Fenway,Park and enjoy yourself,welcome to Fenway Park if you have any,questions look for a full,I talk for some reason I could do,interviews and then I took when I got to,do this every year come and enjoy it,again,hi my name is Jesus,take two take two,I try to enunciate that dude,without gestures,still work,let's see a couple practices and I'm,good yeah you're good,here no no,I know I don't know I was sleeping I'm,sorry,foreign,all right this is the fastball right,here it's just the many movements go,left right sometimes I don't know where,it's going this is what you call the,uncle Charlie right here this could be,deadly pitch when I got two strikes on,you and I'm about to lower the boom on,your booty all right I'm carry on jeez,that's my favorite one by the way that,you guys put up there,hey,I'm only Ramirez welcome to Fenwood park,that's good third drink responsible,awesome no I don't want to do that it's,picture day

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