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A Chat with Reality Steve (The Bachelor spoilers guy, Steve Carbone)guys i am so excited to talk to,

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Updated on Jan 13,2023

A Chat with Reality Steve (The Bachelor spoilers guy, Steve Carbone)

guys i am so excited to talk to,uh my guest today like like myself,this guy is a proud member of the alpha,beta smack fraternity,as guys the elite group of guys,who used to produce for the jim rome,show it's a very small,and exclusive group i should add because,uh,not many guys have gone to work for jim,and left and then for as many years as,he's been on the air,it it hasn't been that many steve is one,of them along with myself,uh but now he is the go-to source for,all things bachelor spoilers,guys check out his awesome website you i,mean you already know about it,,check out his podcast reality steve,podcast and you can,join the hundreds of thousands of people,on the social,medias that was a weird thing to say uh,at,reality steve he is steve carbone dude,steve how are you man awesome thanks for,having me um,it's funny that you mentioned that,because we talk about working for jim,i started working in 97 literally two,days after i graduated,college i started i graduated on a,saturday started with jim on monday that,was 97,left in 99 and,i mean reality tv wasn't even a thing,back then outside,i mean vegas cops was considered reality,television but,i never in my wildest dreams when i was,working for jim did i ever think that,this would be,my career i mean why would i think it,wasn't even a thing blogs weren't a,thing back then websites weren't even,really a thing back then um yeah if,if i'd if i grabbed steve garbonne in,1999 and said hey,in 2021 you were not only going to have,a wildly popular,block but you also have a wildly popular,podcast and you'll have a you know,wildly popular on facebook twitter,instagram like you would have been you,would have had,me define like nine of those words yeah,i'd be like,what are you even talking about what,what's the batch,what's the bachelor what are you talking,does it have anything to do with sports,because my whole life revolved around,sports i played it growing up,i uh i i wanted to say i was an,all-state player in high school but it,sounds so stupid to say that even though,i was hey,no dude this is the place to do it yeah,um but i like i i just knew that my life,whatever it was going to be was going to,revolve around,sports because that's all i knew right,that's all i cared about i was reading,box scores,in second and third grade with my dad in,at breakfast in the morning before i,went to school like i figured it would,be something in sports,and then once i started listening to jim,i was like this is what i want to do,yeah sports i want to be a sports talk,show host,and then i got in it and i realized i,didn't want to do it,long term or i realized that i you know,i didn't well not saying i didn't want,to do it i didn't want to go to market,50 or market 100.,right i started out in market number two,and i got really spoiled and i got a,really big head,and i was just like i don't want to go,to another market if i can't make it in,la where i grew up and the dodgers and,lakers are my two favorite teams,i don't want to do it anywhere and,that's what we came to and then i just,you know went in a completely different,career path after my radio career ended,and then podcast became a thing yeah i,was like,this is what i this is exactly thank god,this came around this is exactly what i,want to do i've always liked radio way,more,than television never studied to be on,television never wanted to be on,television,i just always liked the anonymity of,radio and um,and so the podcast obviously worked,perfect with what i do,yeah speaking of words that we didn't,know were in our vernacular back then,uh was the word spoiler even in our,vernacular back then i feel like that,kind of rose to popularity in like the,mid to late 2000s yeah no i do,not not in that time i was working with,with jim i don't think spoilers were a,thing because there wasn't anywhere,where you could really go online to look,at something that they agree right,you know so right spoiler was a word,until,probably mid you know 2005-ish i guess i,wouldn't even know where the advent of,the word but,definitely wasn't in late 90s i know,that yeah if you had a,if you were talking spoilers back then,you were talking like uh fast and,furious cars i feel like,yeah exactly uh all right steve,you know we always joke about uh how,every season is,the most dramatic season in history now,i feel like on screen paired with,off-screen i gotta ask was this,the most dramatic season in bachelor,history,oh with without a doubt what happened,this season is,um it's almost unexplainable and it has,really caused a divide among the fans,and yeah i got to see a side of the fans,that it was not,very positive um this season and,um it almost even spoke to the political,nature of this country right now,uh where we're at and it was uh it was,very eye-opening this season,of the things that i saw but in terms of,dramatic yeah because you had,two different things going you it was,the on-screen,versus the off-screen because the,on-screen had

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Hallie Jackson NOW - Jan. 10 | NBC News NOW

Hallie Jackson NOW - Jan. 10 | NBC News NOW

so very very soon we are going to hear,from the so-called Three Amigos,President Biden and his two North,American counterparts the leaders of,Mexico and Canada and this really,important Summit Happening Now focusing,on the economy on immigration on drugs,the leaders are going to stand side by,side we'll talk about what we expect to,hear at a news conference that you will,watch live right here in just a couple,of minutes plus we are live in,California a state in crisis but,historic rain putting basically the,entire State under a flood watch this,storm is turning deadly we'll show you,some of the images we're seeing of,rescue crews working around the clock,and that search for a missing little boy,we're also doing a deep dive on death,the new steps by the White House to try,to help people out with student loans,with experts telling us we're heading,into a credit card crisis plus a really,popular hair product designed for black,black women selling out because white,women are buying it up the conversation,it's triggering now about co-opting,beauty rituals in tonight's original and,how the Golden Globes are fighting to,get your attention back after years of,controversy what we expect to see in,tonight's Big Show later on in this show,hey I'm Halle it's good to be with you,and listen at some point this hour we,expect to hear from the so-called Three,Amigos President Biden alongside the,leaders of Mexico and Canada at a really,important Summit in Mexico City this is,the shot it is rather grainy so it goes,when the cell service is questionable,with so many world leaders in in one,place in Mexico City,this is it the running behind schedule,but as soon as they walk up to those,podiums there to those lecterns we will,break in and bring it to you alive so,let's look at what's at stake right why,this matters so much let's talk about,the key topics of conversation from the,perspective of the U.S you've got the,countries looking to boost semiconductor,production if you're like oh my God why,who so what right this is all about,China trade they want to boost this kind,of production so they can stop relying,so much on China they want to look at,some new ways to help the environment on,the climate crisis they want to work on,immigration on drug trafficking and,plans for future pandemics also take a,look you're about to see the three of,them at the so-called family photo the,first time we've seen all three of these,leaders together on this trip and this,is a look from a little earlier inside a,different meeting actually the meeting,we're waiting for them to wrap up now so,they met they're talking they're talking,a lot and after they leave this meeting,they'll come out and they'll tell us,what they're talking about until now,everything's been one on one like little,breakout groups you could call it we've,seen the president with amlo as Mexicans,call their president accident or today,President Biden with the Canadian Prime,Minister Justin Trudeau and you heard a,real note of optimism here,I think,what we should be doing and we are doing,is demonstrating the unlimited economic,potential,that we have when we work together,to help the entire hemisphere,Monica Alba is traveling with the,president in Mexico City so Mom we,walked through some of what the key,topics key points are do we expect to,hear any big breakthroughs coming up in,just a couple of minutes when these,leaders come out and take questions,that's the major question here Hallie,and they just completed sound check,behind me so it does sound like this,press conference could be a little,closer to getting underway we understood,that as of a couple of minutes ago this,Major trilateral meeting was still going,on which of course speaks to your major,question about all of the topics on this,agenda for the three leaders we saw,President Biden meet with his Mexican,counterpart a couple times over the last,24 hours he met with the Canadian Prime,Minister of course this morning,one-on-one but now all three leaders had,an opportunity to come together and,really hash out some of these incredibly,thorny issues last night there was a,more social dinner with spouses today,was all about getting the delegations,together as well and having everybody,ranging from Commerce to National,Security the Attorney General Merrick,Garland is here on this trip they're,just talking about so many different,things in a couple of different buckets,first you have of course this major,pressing issue of mass migration and,Border policy we know absolutely that,the president talked about what he saw,for himself when he visited the border,for the first time since taking office,on Sunday in El Paso we know he thanked,The Mexican government for the role they,continued to play in these new policies,that are part of an expanded Trump era,policy known as title 42 which is that,public health order that now the,president has expanded to include,migrants from Cuba Nicaragua Haiti and,Venezuela in terms of turning them a

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"BLOOD IN THE WATER?!" - Bachelor Nation Updates This Week!

"BLOOD IN THE WATER?!" - Bachelor Nation Updates This Week!

yo so the opinions and Views Express,those podcasts are that of our own and,the future Bachelor podcast only and not,affiliated with any outside party or,entity or anything like that this fun,podcast though may include some adult,language,you know why don't we get into what we,like to do around here you know what I'm,saying yeah,it's that time to talk about Bachelor,stuff on our show yes,um this show provides all the bachelor,drama you've been missing in the off,season,um before we get talking Batcher Nation,though YouTube I'm gonna need you to go,ahead and subscribe smash that thumbs up,button and hit that notification Bell so,you can get notified every time we drop,new Bachelor content just like this and,if you just did oh man huge shout out to,you,we air horns for you,um you know we we do we have to shout,out we got the full comment crew Nancy,Drew crew back in in action,you know it was they they dragged them,all back yeah we had to you know I I,think uh it was it was Chelsea Allen,last week that was missing and and you,know Catherine Ann and Kathleen Kent,um you know were there to um you know,send out the distresses the bat signal,you know as it and we we found her she,she was all right it was just like one,of those things where she just missed,the week you know it was it was New,Year's we we understood but the only,thing happened again because we were,scared you know it's like one of those,things like when you move to college and,you're like I swear mom I'll call you,every Sunday,um that's what I kind of feel like it is,it's like you know it's something wrong,if she doesn't you leave a comment,um so I'm glad everyone is safe Nancy,Drew crew is um um back in in full so,shout out to you guys um and you can get,a shout out two on the show be part of,our very special family all you got to,do is leave a comment in the comments,section let us know that you subscribed,or give us a thumbs up and and you you,know get,um here on the show forever and ever so,uh I think that's pretty special right V,I agree I mean and plus Nancy Drew crew,it's such a fun little crew to be a part,of yeah I know um honestly that might,just be its own crew but what if we get,another crew started that'd be that'd be,cool it could be like it will literally,be like West Side Story let me snapping,in the comments fighting each other when,you're at your when you're in crew,you're a crew all the way,um so yeah I mean just join join a crew,um and and make sure you subscribe and,so shout out to y'all,um V what do we got in Bachelor Nation,this week what's going on well for first,off I we can't we we would be remiss if,we didn't start off with something,because you know bachelor Bachelor news,our Bachelor Journey future Bachelor,um we missed last week was technically,our fifth anniversary what yo Round of,Applause for us yes,yeah yeah I mean that's a feat that's,pretty you know that's that's half a,decade we've been doing this crazy it,might not seem like it but we've been,doing this um staying consistent and um,you know this has been an awesome outlet,for,um for both of us I mean I'm speaking,for myself but I I mean uh you know I,honestly look at this show as being also,just an awesome thing to do with you I,love how it's evolved our friendship our,relationship and you know we're a Duo,um that everyone knows it's like yo,there's V there's PSI you know it's just,kind of like the Pod Duo the friends and,um I know people still I have a sticker,on my computer that I bring to work and,I was in a meeting today and someone was,like wait what is that say and I was,like well well well,I'll never leave I'm like a ghost in the,Halls,um yeah I mean but just in general like,it we really don't miss weeks like it's,like,there would have to be something real,bad like for us yeah we've only missed,like for technical issues,um and yeah yeah I mean and and uh and,that's a true Testament like this is,just something that you know it's almost,sometimes like I used to think like are,we frauds or anything like as far as,being podcasters but we are podcasters,like you know we podcasts we we pod hard,you know and um and we know what this,game is all about so and we're still,learning you know I'm I'm constantly,trying to evolve you know YouTube has,been a new frontier for us you know as,far as which we love you guys yeah of,course,um you know and we're just gonna keep it,going I I think you know we used to do,it in person and stuff we've been doing,it like this you know we could do it in,person but like honestly doing it like,this or even knowing that we could do it,like this it's like if we moved away we,know we could do this from anywhere so,that's great,um so yeah I mean just shout out to,everybody that's been uh you know a,listener all along if you're still,around or if you're new,um I we just appreciate y'all so,um with that being said V why don't we,get into what we do you know awesome,yeah so um first up for our Bachelor,Nation news,um Teddy you know who left P

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Steven Seagal: The Fraud and the Furious

Steven Seagal: The Fraud and the Furious

hey there friends how's it going today we're  doing something a little bit different a while  ,back I went down a rabbit hole of Steven  Seagal and what I uncovered blew my mind  ,like there is so much about this dude that is  just plain weird so I guess I'll start on him  ,as an actor and kind of what he's about in case  you've never heard of him but we'll get into the  ,very strange stuff after that like I wish his  website would break it down a bit but even that  ,doesn't really help although it does say he was  honored as the first private citizen to destroy a  ,nuclear device great website by the way Stephen I  love it although Steven flash player doesn't work  ,anymore and I really want to know what videos  you had uploaded there and much like yourself  ,your website is listed as not secure so if you  could please fix that that would be great so to  ,be totally upfront there is a lot of really bad  accusations against Steven Seagal I don't even  ,know if I'm pronouncing his name right but I don't  care about him enough to really look it up so if  ,it starts as Steven Seagal and ends up as Steven  C Eagle don't blame me and weirdly enough he's  ,like a massive Putin supporter which is kind of  weird because he's like this this older kind of  ,Action Hero I say that in quotes because this  is what his action looks like yesterday I was  ,doing some prep work and the top search results  the autofill when you put in Steven Seagal was  ,running and now I kind of get it we need a martial  artist for our action film but we need him to run  ,like Phoebe from friends who could we call I'm  just gonna put him running here while I talk a  ,little bit more but now I really want to get into  the nitty-gritty of all these weird stories and  ,things he's done because honestly much like  Steven seagull here he is running from his  ,problems at all times did you think a big action  star wouldn't have time to do anything else other  ,than his movies and running what Steven Seagal  does it all what's that saying jack of all trades  ,but like someone who's bad at all of the them  as well like a Kevin of all trades or something  ,he's involved in therapeutic oil products he's  involved in energy drinks which actually I want  ,to show you real quick the advertisement for it  because I don't understand what's going on hey  ,there we want to tell you about Steven Seagal's  new energy drink it's called lightning bolts so  ,off to a great start when you don't even have  Steven Seagal you have some guy talking about  ,Steven Seagal who's trying to do an impression  of Steven Seagal and like not that great but then  ,again I guess if it was a good impression  no one would understand what he's saying,lightning bold uh sorry Steven could we get that  again I I have no idea anything you just said  ,you know what Stephen forget it I'll I'll do it  myself it's 100 natural and it tastes just great  ,in fact it's so good he likes swimming in it so  then we get this which is just really awkward  ,and look at him I'm so excited I can't believe we  actually got these Steven Seagal into our advert  ,to promote the product this is gonna sell this  is gonna be huge and he's such an action hero  ,what could we get him to do maybe a backflip or  maybe you could beat up some back he should sit  ,in a chair awkwardly like this I really wanted  to swim and Steven Seagal's lightning ball with  ,you yeah but you know I love doing it love you  I love you too baby pardon me one second ,all right sorry just a bit of a natural  reaction to that everybody just see that  ,yeah and then that happens yeah I don't  get it either then I think he like gave  ,her acting tips because she comes back up  and I just have no idea what she's saying,lightning bulb comes in two delicious flavors  Asian experience Sherry charge hey could you  ,pass me a soda sure what flavor do you want  uh I don't know Cherry Cola anything's fine I  ,only have Asian experience I also love watching  like little interviews and whatnot because I I  ,don't even know how old he is what like 107 or  something it came up there 1982 but that's the  ,year he started acting I was like oh my God he's  aged poorly so he's 70 years young and he has a  ,horrible problem in interviews thinking that he's  still like the most dangerous man in the world and  ,anyone else like Van Damme or Chuck Norris you  know people of his era are all just garbage only  ,he is good like here when an interviewer asked  him is he still dangerous you still dangerous,although it is defense really say yes he could  have been thinking about like a nice desert he  ,had all he did was there's also this other clip  where an interviewer kept asking him about other  ,martial artists film and he just he kept saying  can I laugh in your face anytime he brought up  ,like literally anyone thoughts on Sean Paul Van  Damme can I laugh in your face also on his website  ,I don't know what this is about because this  really feels like it

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everybody we're live or recorded,probably recorded we're live,Buffalo Ascension not familiar with this,one we're here to play Kino it's all,about Keno but this just got my,attention,why not sure why but it did so let's,play it don't go play keno,Buffalo Ascension a new way to take our,money with Buffalo,get in there I said it came in for my,parking pass,all right the more ways the more you,play so let's do a three dollars,and spin,what'd that do it for me,1.50 a couple of times,210 all right let's do it again let's go,four dollars,it doesn't really help much does it,oh look at that on a four Dollar Bet,okay,what does this do for us,damn,eight free games one,Buffalo nothing oh come on now,how does it grow,so far not impressed,Kings times what,nine dollars is all,right Queens nothing,another coin maybe no not a damn thing,what's going on here,what's the point,just as bad as any other Buffalo game,this is horse crap,all right so you do a five times bet for,17 or 1700 so I see it because it's,based on what it's already got okay,we're gonna go with a two dollar bet,it's encouraging me,spend less money let's do it here we go,interesting,it's money,more fun,here's the volume thing that's a problem,too,does anything else grow,it's the Viagra game what is this,foreign,Buffalo game,no value to do it,absolutely nothing,don't waste your money,2.60 winner Buffalo just two of them you,get a dollar for a two dollar bet,so you've ruined the odds on this one as,well it's even worse than the other one,20 cents,a couple more just to see,well same crap,oh I see now I got 2240 waves to win,so I gotta get that one in the middle to,get this super stampede,you can't last that long just,there was that Buffalo now,50 cents,dollar winner,just absolutely,devastatingly bad,I was doing a full review on this stupid,ass game,two dollars back for the Jacks the,queens and the buffalo,nice,20.,so if we hit the thing over here when we,get there 16 times 40 cents,so 16 40 senses 640.,want to see the thing in the middle,there,I have 40 on that one,try with some of the Buffalo,hands again,480.,remember these guys when they were in,the Buffalo game that before that was a,great time,all right so I'm up to 3 360 ways to,lose,unbelievable,then once you get that bonus what does,that do you know I'm not necessarily win,anything,oh my God this is horrible,dollar for,totally sucking me in here,just crap,totally sucked in there we're gonna go,another hundred so I gotta win,Aces face 240.,20 is nothing,there's some Buffalo,it's uh 18 is all,right wow they've screwed the odds on,this thing,there's those arrows baby,helped me,Jackson Buffalo less than the two dollar,bet,s to 4032 ways to win,maybe not a chance,yeah,seriously,I'm flipping believable but I'm gonna go,another 100 just because I got to see,the bonus,Beach Buffalo Stampede or a big buffalo,win,I got I've done all the work to get the,4032 the next person here is going to,win it so that's going to be us now,nothing,3 30.,seriously,is this the worst Buffalo rendition ever,240.,guys freaking horseshit,three dollars,Jackson Buffalo doesn't even get your,backpack,all right here what just happened,something just happened,okay we got the Stampede,what does this do,more more Buffalo,more what are we doing is it leaving,more buffalos,so 96 times 6 960 540 okay I take back,everything I said,I take back everything I freaking said,this could be the best buffalo ever,still at 540 uh,whatever it is,damn,let's play some Kino after this that's,what we came here for,you're on Instagram watching this check,out our different uh YouTube channels a,lot of complaining until we win,so 233 dollars in,I couldn't change my bet because it's,less ways to win I had to stay here on,the deuce,how much is it 576 dollar winner now,what happens is that one drops down,so we're back to 2304 so let's see what,happens here,two dollars yep,goes away,that was a super Stampede I'm gonna do,just a couple more,oh,still crap all right,60 cents for the elk,not worth it all right,40 cents all right still think it's,garbage except you have to be the one,guy to hit it,one more because we're gonna stop at 600,cash now 600. 200 in 600 out carry the,one,not sure what that is but we'll take it,three times cash in always a good day at,the casino,well thank you for watching,actually I play this on a different,Channel we'll save it and put it over,somewhere else,that was the Buffalo Ascension here at,the casino,you see that money come on out baby show,me the money,show me the money,ascension come on now so now I want to,check the different games and see if,anyone's ready to hit,come on baby,and forever maybe it's out of money,there it is,yeah baby all right we'll see you soon

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The Great Reset, Condo Vultures, Cold Feet and More — January Roundtable

The Great Reset, Condo Vultures, Cold Feet and More — January Roundtable

foreign,Hello everybody welcome back to the,round table we're here for another year,of thoughts and quips from John and,Steve John Visalus a philosophy in,Toronto Steve saretsky uh of Oakland,Realty in Vancouver both practicing,Realtors and analysts hi John hi Steve,hello hello thanks for Amazon so it was,fun I'm uh I'm sensing two moods here uh,Steve you look like you're beaming to us,from your man cave yeah John you look,very very dressed up what's going on,meetings today I mean it's in studio at,BNN for the first time in three years,since covid which is pretty nice so uh,yeah it's funny because John and I were,chatting and uh so I'm doing the BNN,segment before John via zoom and John's,doing it right after me so we can you,can pretty much skip the BNN interviews,and just watch our conversation here,there you go I didn't say it but I,um so I hope you guys had very good,holidays I think Steve you got some sun,yeah I was just down in uh Palm Springs,I usually go down during the holidays,and uh yeah much needed but back to the,Grind back to 2023 which I'm sure is,going to be an interesting year so just,trying to get some some rest before we,uh,slug through the spare Market here yeah,and John I think you enjoyed the,holidays in Toronto yeah did I I always,have this moment I hosted successfully,two big events even in spite of all,these snowmageddon uh warnings and,actual happenings,um there's a moment after the first,couple parties where I'm like okay I'm,ready for work now and now that it's Jan,fence I'm ready for like another holiday,I'm feeling the same way,I keep this the good mood going uh,although on the real estate front not,sure there's a lot of that so why don't,we start with John quickly,um tell us what you're seeing with your,usual numbers and your mix of what your,clients your agents are seeing in,Toronto for the housing market right now,yeah I mean not a lot of big changes,since last month I mean the the stats,are the same price are the same I mean,sales are down obviously like 50 plus,percent in December uh I've tweeted a,little bit about how the fact that if,you actually look at annual statistics,average home prices in Toronto were,actually up here over here in 2022 which,seems totally counter-intuitive like,lots of people seizing on that yeah it's,like you're gonna have Hello uh Yeoman,in your industry yeah you're gonna have,like uh economists in the future using,annual stats assuming prices actually,went up and interest rates push prices,higher but yeah that's not what happened,I mean uh it's really to do the fact,that,um prices exploded in the first quarter,and there are a disproportionate number,of sales in the first quarter of this,year sales plummeted after and and,prices were actually up here over here,until around August right so we had very,few sales in the last four months of the,year so that didn't really impact their,year-over-year changes but we're still,down about 20 plus percent from the,paper price have been pretty flat since,July,you know John and Steve remind me uh you,know with the Spotify wrapped in all,these look backs I was trying to,remember when in 2002 at 22 did it turn,from exciting and then all of a sudden,the where was that Cliff was it March I,can't remember now around February March,is when we started noticing it like late,February early March I think we I think,uh Steve too I think around the same,time we started to see the first signs,of it like fewer offers more offer,nights failing fewer showings like all,that stuff yeah blow off top in February,and then um yeah slowly like March like,okay this you know the winds are,changing,um and you know it's funny because you,would sort of see like people even like,up on their offers you'd be like well,you know the Market's starting to change,and it's like you know it only takes,like three four weeks for people to sort,of start to figure it out,um and obviously I want our first rate,hike in April,I think so yeah actually it might have,been in March no it may have been March,I think it was more yeah it was like it,was a quick one it was a quick question,it was very exuberant in January and,then around I think it makes sense,actually most of the from the peak,numbers are from either February or,March,so yeah yeah well I always joke because,the Bank of Canada started their their,first rate hike one month after the,market Peak so it was recovery it peaked,March was the first rate hike and uh,yeah,and and Steve uh quickly what are you,seeing with the you know you're you,always look at the numbers and also what,you're hearing from your clients and,colleagues in Vancouver about the,housing market right now,um,John I almost got shot this morning,filming the loony hour and suggesting,that we might be nearing a bottom in,like the detached parts of the detached,Market,um so I I think take that with a very,very light grain of salt,um Suburban markets are down detach,would be down 20 to 25 percent,um so I think there's you know could,th

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Reacting to Andrew Tate's Arrest

Reacting to Andrew Tate's Arrest

The Joe Rogan Experience what'd you,think of what do you think of all his,stuff,I don't know what's happening right like,what is what really happened and why is,why is Romania going after him are they,being pressured by someone else to do,this like what what is the reason why,they're doing it and what do they have,on him I don't know yeah well that to me,is the right answer it,how could nobody knows a lot of people,are acting like they know if you go read,well they want him which is crazy they,want him to go down and they want him he,represents something he represents toxic,masculinity well he is he he is sort of,toxic I mean he says crazy he sees his,car collection as investigation,continues the one thing I don't get,about this well I do get I understand,people are actually like want the,charges to be true which is crazy,because that would mean a lot of bad, to what happened to a lot of bad,people yeah I would rather the charges,be incorrect you know look Romania I,don't know what their system is like I,don't know whether they're corrupt I've,heard things but I don't know I don't,have any real information so I'd be,talking out of my ass to say,you know if he really did like sex,traffic people if you really did all the,things he's saying well I hope that gets,proven in court and I I hope he gets,punished if he really did that if he,didn't do that I hope he gets exonerated,and I hope he gets the out of,Romania I don't know I don't know what,he did I know a lot of what he does is,theater right a lot of what he does is,very like satire he he plays the role of,this boastful misogynist who smokes,cigars and drives Lamborghinis and,that's his thing and because of that,he's amassed an amazing amount of money,and he's done it by doing this,character's online persona but then also,says very wise things he says ridiculous, but also says really interesting,things he's a very smart guy if you live,listen to him being interviewed by,Patrick Bet David Patrick Bet David,interviewed him after he got canceled,off of all social media and Patrick is,fantastic he's really good at letting,people talk and talking to everybody and,Patrick is so wealthy and so successful,outside of the world of podcasting that,he don't only does it because he's,interested in it and so he's the perfect,guy to handle that because he does not,afraid of talk to talk to anybody he'll,talk to anybody,and so he had him on for a long-form,conversation they talked for hours and,you get to see this is a very,intelligent and calculated guy you might,not agree with his message you might not,agree with all the misogynist stuff you,might not agree with and I don't agree,with it you might not agree with all the,the crazy Antics but you cannot deny,that that's been incredibly successful,because it resonates with a lot of young,men who don't feel represented in the,media and they see this guy and it looks,like fun do they agree with what he's,saying that doesn't mean they agree with,it they think it's fun it's like pro,wrestling he's like a bad guy in pro,wrestling he's a heel he's smoking,cigars with his Lamborghinis and see,that's where I go I go,I think there's probably a lot of people,think that and then I think there's,probably other people who take it,seriously which is where that's where,it's a super that is where it gets, up where it gets up is,like young boys repeating the that,he's saying to young girls because I,mean he says they're they're supposed to,property and he owns them which is nuts,and so you hope people are like oh,that's an act the one thing I will say,for an intelligent guy which I agree,with you he is,to be doing the things he's being,accused of doing and then go seek,publicity,is a very unwise move if he's did the,thing correct he did then then it's like,what you would think if you're,committing atrocities you would try to,stay under the radar he does quite the,opposite yeah but but again we don't,know no nobody knows that's the problem,is that's like the pizza thing the pizza,box I don't know if you saw that,everybody saying he got busted because,of the pizza box and then the author is,like that nothing to do with no they,knew he was in Romania it was just,what's that word schadenfrog shot and,fruit shot and fruit that's been what it,was like he's making fun of Greta,thornberg and then he gets ,arrested right afterwards it's kind of,hilarious yeah the way it happens it,like people said it's the biggest like,self self third biggest tweet or retweet,it was Greta I mean it was yeah it was,okay it's kind of funny when she said,that's what happens you don't recycle it,that was yeah that was good Chad that,shit's hilarious you got to give it to,her look and also like why are you going,after some 19 year old autism like,figure out whether that was provoked,like he just did that out of the blue,yeah he's just talking but now,again that move from somebody who's been,accused of sex trafficking I think rape,was thrown in there and then you're out,t

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The World Economic Forum Sends an Eerie Warning to Elon Musk | Direct Message | Rubin Report

The World Economic Forum Sends an Eerie Warning to Elon Musk | Direct Message | Rubin Report

strong bipartisan eye vote yield back,the balance of my time in which everyone,a happy healthy and safe New Year happy,holidays Merry Christmas Happy schwanza,Happy Hanukkah whatever it is you,celebrate be safe,ever it is you celebrate this is the,Reuben report I'm Dave Rubin we are,rolling into 2023 we're live streaming,on Rumble and YouTube and,ones uh,I hope you guys had a great schwanza I,didn't ask you the other day when I saw,you for the first time in the New Year,how was your schwanza hope your schwanza,was great people uh we are going to be,doing a Reuben,Community Q a it's a great cross-section,of questions for uh I would say the the,start of the year and and how we're,going to frame things going forward and,it's a little all over the place which,is just the way I like it but what I,wanted to start with today was a little,bit about the sort of conspiracy,craziness that we are all in right now,that a whole bunch of us kind of saw,things a certain way saw through some of,the lies but the lies just keep coming,and the more that the conspiracy,theorists the conspiracy theorists I,should say uh point to some stuff the,more that the machine tries to discredit,those people but at this point I think,it is fairly obvious to most of us that,there is some level full of coordinated,effort by global actors is this crazy,stuff,to put in some sort of government in,charge of everybody and that we won't,really have States we will just have,this one giant machine telling us what,to do oh and by the way we won't have,anything but we'll be happy so uh so,let's get right into it uh first up,here's a tweet from an account called,covid1984. they noted that on the world,economic Forum website they've removed,Twitter from their how to follow page,now that might seem like sort of nothing,to you like Zippity Doo Dah except that,have you heard of this world's richest,man this Elon Musk guy well he bought,Twitter in case you've been living under,a rock uh he bought Twitter a couple,months ago and he has been releasing,these Twitter files which have of course,shown us information about the,suppression of the hunter Biden laptop,story which has shown us suppression of,counter narratives when it came to covid,and other Free Speech related things so,the idea that the world World economic,Forum which is the organization that is,ushering in this globalist government or,whatever it is okay uh that they don't,want people going on Twitter anymore in,essence right they're saying Twitter is,not a trusted source of news or of,information except Twitter is where,reality seems to be online right now,that's sort of ironic I suppose in light,of the last couple years of Twitter but,that really is what it is and because,Elon Musk has come in and basically said,hey I am for free speech I don't really,like journalists I want people to be,able to spread their message and and,find out truth and all of those things,the world economic Forum ain't happy,with them uh but we've got some receipts,of the world economic Forum trying to,censor people uh through Tech here is,some info from the daily wire this is,back in August but I think you'll see,why I'm talking about it now the world,economic Forum shared a report last week,outlining a plan to mitigate the Dark,World of online harm by using human and,artificial intelligence to censor Bad,actors who produce and promote child,abuse disinformation and hate speech,inval goldberger vice president of trust,and safety at active fence a company,that detects malicious online content,published an op-ed on the global,organization's website offering a,solution to online abuse such solutions,would enable a blend of AI and so-called,subject matter experts to detect nuanced,novel online abuses at scale before they,reach mainstream platforms goldberger,argues the online that online access has,placed placed a played a vital role in,public perception of events like,recessions viruses and Wars okay do you,get its people I think you do now first,off,on the child abuse part of this of,course if someone is spreading uh videos,or pictures related to child abuse or,something of that nature you've got a,problem with the government and that,obviously should be taken down by the,big tech companies and the government,should do whatever it has to do to to,take care of those people right to the,fullest extent of the law uh when it,comes to misinformation and,disinformation and hate speech this is,where it gets dangerous and this is,really to put this whole thing together,this is really where the United States,in many ways stands alone because of our,First Amendment right we cannot have,another organization that is above the,laws of the United States if the United,States is here we can't have anything,above that you'd have God above that but,you can't have anything else above that,right and what they are trying to do is,they are trying to create the world,economic Forum partnership so that they,will be able to look a

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