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F4F | Real Talk Kim: I See It Nowwelcome to another installment of,fighting for the faith my name is

Fighting for the Faith

Updated on Jan 19,2023

F4F | Real Talk Kim: I See It Now

welcome to another installment of,fighting for the faith my name is Chris,Roseboro I am your servant in Jesus,Christ,this is the channel that compares what,people are saying in the name of God to,the Word of God now if you've ever heard,a pastor or a pass tricks by the way,there's no such thing as a pastor it's,God's Word forbids women from being,pastors but if you've ever heard,somebody in a Christian Church say that,when you were born the devil got really,nervous or something like that,yeah go ahead and hit the subscribe,button down below don't forget to like,the video and ring the bell so you can,be notified when we update the channel,case in point we're gonna be heading,over to realtalk kim's youtube channel,and really i think we need to rename,this woman it needs to be empty talk Kim,because this is a woman who does not,rightly handle God's Word at all I don't,even think she could do so if she really,tried and it's quite evident that what,she really is is a person who is really,good at whipping up a crowd you can you,could say she's into self-help or a,motivational speaker but the problem is,you're gonna hear this in a second that,she's also a pastor yeah so we're gonna,be listening to what's called a sermon,but it's not really a sermon I'll let,her explain here's empty talk Kim,you feel it huh y'all don't want to go,home do you man the power of God is in,this place I got a good word for you,today tell your neighbor I see it now,come on I see it now I see why that see,what I see it now come on I see it now I,see why that bankruptcy had to happen,now I see what that divorce had to,happen now I see why I had to go through,that sickness now now I see it now you,can sit down there we are so excited to,have you man I'm telling you something I,I literally walked in your you're about,to walk in a season I here's what I hear,the Lord saying I'm about to walk in a,season just happened to be walking in,one now the seasons called,summer yeah and you know when we get to,be about September ish the seasons will,change here in North Dakota,I live in American Siberia so the next,season gets here a little sooner for us,up here than it does for people down in,Georgia but the next season is are you,sitting down it's fall,like yeah I usually walk in seasons you,know it's sins it's four to choose from,winter spring summer and fall,yeah you're about to walk in a season a,fast forward miss really yeah what what,does the season of fast forward 'no,slight he's about to turn the speed up,in your life that thing you've been,praying about you forgot you prayed,about hahaha get ready get ready get,ready get ready he about to open those,doors you forgot you prayed about you're,in a season where he's about to turn,things up tell your neighbor I see why,it had to happen hey I see this is not,biblical preaching this is just utter,nonsense my sermon this morning is,called I see it now I see it now,you're forbidden by scripture to,actually preach sermons saying bring it,home bring it all devil you should have,taken me out when you could because I'm,about to get my whole bounce back I'm,about to get my anointing back I'm about,to get my power back,I'm about to get my joy back my power,back wow wow okay well I must be amazing,I hope the people there who've been,tithing at your church that they do get,their money back they should,it's got to be true they're playing in a,Hammond b3 you know like a boo what boom,Shakalaka boom Shamma Lamma ding-dong we,scared of nothing we scared a no storm,because listen when you make it through,something you can't tell us nothing we,ain't scared of no ghosts like a twisted,Leyden from the Sun with a the,Ghostbuster sign ain't afraid of no,ghost ed who you gonna call yeah the,empty talk him yeah he's scared a no,trial when you scared it no tribulation,because we came out we came out on fire,you don't even smell like smoke man yeah,twisting yeah an allusion to the story,of Shadrach Meshach and Abednego she has,no clue that stories about people just,knew your story if they just knew what,you are going through right now with a,smile on your face you're going through,some things that would have taken,somebody else out but you're making it,you're making outside yourself calling,it,what high-five yourself no high-five,yourself high-five yourself other people,ain't high-fiving you have find yourself,support you owe south go get you a,birthday cake and throw yourself a whole,party,my scripture this morning's mark 10:46,through 52 mark 10:46 through 52 when,you get it on your phone okay this is,the story of blind Bartimaeus I think,mark 10:46 252 yep that's the story of,blind bartimaeus yeah we'd Reggie Dobbs,we covered Reggie Dobbs telling this,story not too long ago let's see what,empty talk Kim does with it okay oh and,say hey I want everybody turn into it,turn to it turn to it I want you to get,a photographic memory I'm telling you,something's about to happen in this,church I promise on the next 30 days,this ain

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F4F | Real Talk Kim Ruins Christmas

F4F | Real Talk Kim Ruins Christmas

welcome to another installment of,fighting for the faith my name is chris,rosebro i am your servant in jesus,christ this is the channel that compares,what people are saying,in the name of god to the word of god so,maybe you're attending a church a big,box mega church or like medium-sized,mega church,general evangelical-ish and you're,thinking you know,something ain't right here something's,wrong and you can't quite put your,finger on it but you know that as you,listen to sermon after sermon after,sermon,you're noticing that they're they're,doing something funny,with the biblical texts if they even get,to them at all and that is is that,they're not actually telling you what's,in those texts and proclaiming what's,revealed to them,to you and i there in those texts,instead they're it's like they're taking,the biblical text and then like,overlaying them over you know,your life for the life of the pastor and,and and you know that something ain't,right about it well it becomes really,obvious two times a year,that this is really what's uh taking,place now you can also find it other,times of the year but i always like to,point it out during either christmas or,easter because,well false teachers,they don't preach christ,no they preach you or they preach,themselves and they do all kinds of,weird things with the biblical text and,so it becomes super obvious because what,you sh you know what you're expecting to,hear at christmas and easter and if,you're not hearing it because you know,the bible teaches very clearly what the,point of uh of the birth of our savior,is all about well then you realize you,may actually be uh under the sway or,under uh under the umbrella of a false,teacher somebody that scripture tells,you you should not be under by the way,so all that being said what we're gonna,do we're gonna head over to the youtube,channel for real talk kim whirling up,the desktop here,she looks like a disney villainous i,mean this is this is her corella deville,vestments that she's uh wearing here uh,is that dalmatian print what is that,anyway uh we're gonna be listening to,she's been doing a uh sermon,series on the uh on on on well christmas,movies,and she'll she will be preaching on the,movie home alone,which i think is heretical on so many,different levels,if you're going to preach on you know a,christmas movie you shouldn't be doing,that anyway but if you're going to do it,it's got to be home alone too i i'm just,saying all right so all that being said,we're going to listen to a portion of,this thing and i might speed it up part,way through just to kind of get so that,we get through a bigger chunk of it and,we're going to note what she's going to,do,with the biblical text when she finally,gets to them and let's just kind of,let's let's let her,serve as a warning to us all,about how false teachers twist scripture,this is one of the common ways in which,they twist scripture and yes,real talk kim is a false teacher and if,you are attending this church or you are,attending conferences that are inviting,this woman to be a speaker,run,run she's not pointing you to christ,she's in fact by even preaching a sermon,she's in direct rebellion to clear,prohibitions written in the word of god,so you get the idea but let's listen to,what she does,with this uh christmas sermon,based on the movie home alone,so we've been in a whole series,this month called uh christmas at the,movies i ain't gonna lie to y'all okay,i made the mistake,of watching,apostle,last sunday,and i'm like oh dear god,because i think i am too there are no,modern day apostles so i i don't know,which apostle she thought she was,listening to but it wasn't paul,it wasn't peter or john,i don't know which apostle she was,listening to but it was a false apostle,for sure spiritual,for these kind of,sermons okay just kidding,i do think i'm a little bit,i'm like how am i going to turn a clip,into a sermon,but,you're not supposed to,how am i gonna turn a clip into a sermon,so let's talk again about the,requirements the job of a pastor second,timothy chapter i'll go to chapter three,and uh important bit here but uh watch,what paul says to young pastor timothy,paul is getting ready to die he's going,to be martyred for the christian faith,and his,in his confession of christ as lord and,savior,and so paul says to young pastor timothy,in one of the pastoral epistles this is,still applicable to all pastors you,however you've followed my teaching my,conduct my aim in life my faith my,patience my love my steadfastness my,persecutions my suffering that happened,to me at antioch at iconium at lystra,which persecutions i endured for uh from,them all the lord rescued me indeed all,who desire to live a godly life in,christ jesus will be persecuted while,evil people and imposters they seem to,be a plenty nowadays,they will go on from being bad to worse,deceiving and being deceived but as for,you,continue in what you have learned and,have firmly believed knowing from whom,you learned it a

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Run BTS! 2023 Special Episode - Next Top Genius Part 2

Run BTS! 2023 Special Episode - Next Top Genius Part 2

第一个游戏是 ,是数字卡游戏 ,- 我选2 / - 好 2 ,就是了,什么啊? ,没有 ,完了 ,结束了 ,输了 ,Jimin很会玩 , ,一天洗两次澡的人!,一周洗一次也很够了 ,- 是你了 / - 你走吧 ,问题怎么这样啊? ,我完全是果汁啊 ,都说我是柠檬的样子,- 我没有撒谎 / - 是的 ,- 我 / - 是撒谎者 - 是的 / - 真的? ,怎么你一听到问题就动耳朵? ,问为什么举手的时候 ,- 回答很不具体 / - 就是啊 ,是撒谎者 ,这个回合是市民的胜利 ,- OK / - OK ,接下来是 ,- 我有异议 / - 我有异议游戏 ,天才发掘团第三场比赛是 ,我有异议游戏 ,我有异议游戏规则 掷出1到5的骰子,将棋子送至终点,但只有掷出骰子的玩家才能确认点数,可以说谎假装是其他的数字,其他玩家如果对此抱有怀疑,可喊出"我有异议"之后确认骰子点数,如果是真的 掷骰子的玩家可前进相应步数,提出异议的玩家就要后退相应的步数,相反如果是说谎 掷骰子的玩家就要按照喊出的数字后退相应步数,提出异议的玩家可以按照其喊出的数字前进相应步数,还要注意一点,骰子上写有“假话”两个字代替数字6 ,出现“假话”时 当前玩家 ,就必须要说谎 ,游戏开始之后,按照到达终点的顺序 第一名70分,第二名60分,第三名50分,从第四名到第七名,每人可获得20分,这个不错 ,每次都喊"我有异议!"不就行了嘛,在原点的人可以那样做,这个真的是心理战,提出异议 ,对在起点的人有利 ,因为可以一直提出异议 ,就是不要胡来,- 只要不胡来 至少还能前进到一半 - 是啊,依我看这游戏是不是要教育人说,- 最终只有正直的人才能获胜 - 最后还是前进不了的话,一直提出异议不就可以了 ,为了更好地理解游戏 要不要先试一轮? ,- 不用了 都理解了 / - 不了 直接开始吧 / - 不必了 不必了 ,直接开始吧 ,- 开始吧 - 理解了,- 理解了 - 好大,好 我要开始了 ,因为这是第一轮 肯定马上就有人提出异议 ,立刻 立刻就提 ,骰子刚一落下来 就会有人说,我有异议,不对 落下来之前就说,我打算提出异议 ,- 但是我有可能说的是真的 - 是啊,所以你只能说真话,- 我有异议!! - 我有异议!!,还没说是多少呢 ,2!,- 不对 我有异议! - 我有异议!,也有可能是1,我有异议 ,Jin哥和南俊哥?,什么啊? ,才第一轮我为什么要说谎?,那我错了,对不起,不好意思,2,- 我有异议! / - 我有异议! ,你摇到的不是2 ,不是2,你摇到的不是2 ,你不是2 ,肯定不是 ,要么是假话 要么就是1 ,OK 我有异议!,OK 我有异议! , ,- 挑战 挑战 / - 桢国... / - 我有异议! ,是多少?,2!,- 真的吗? / - 嗯 ,- 重新回到起点! - 回去吧 / - 回去吧 ,今天之内能结束吗?,我把哥哥送出去了,我有异议!,你在说谎 ,1...!,- 你在说谎 / - 1? ,感觉应该不是1,我有异议! ,这是真的!,- 感觉应该不是1 / - 假的 假的 ,- 我有异议 / - 这是真的 ,是假话,怎么第一局就抽到假话呢,那我有异议! 我有异议! ,我现在没有异议了 ,调整一下呼吸 ,是2,2 ,2 ,我有异议!,你摇到的不是2,确定吗?,- 嗯 / - 我也觉得不是2 ,你有异议吗? ,我有异议! ,其他人还有吗?,后退...,- 我有异议! / - 有异议就说出来 ,我有异议! ,有吗? ,因为他认为2是颇具良心的谎话,请安静,- 是2吗? / - 摇到了2 / - 是2 ,没关系 反正我也无处可退了 ,OK 这的确是心理战,不要看 大家都看向前面吧,- 看不到! - 知道了 看不到,而且根本看不到勒!,什么“看不到勒”啊?,那是什么话啊?,抱歉喔 ,把视觉 ,坐下,直接放弃了 ,- 是1 / - 我有异议! ,- 我有异议! / - 我有异议! ,你摇到的是“假话”,- 感觉不是1 - 是1,- 感觉是更大的数字 / - 是假的 ,- 假的 不对 他摇到的是假话 / - 是更大的数 ,都有谁提出了异议,请举手 ,我有异议 ,我有异议 ,是的 ,就是1 ,- 啊 / - 真的吗? - 摇到了1,叮 ,辛苦了 ,聚在一起很温馨嘛 ,我打算后面没有异议了 ,就是因为这样 所以才没法前进,假话 ,这像话吗? ,我有异议!,我还没开始呢,我还没摇骰子呢 ,我有异议!,不是 我还没说呢 ,我摇到的是3,那我要提出异议 ,我也有异议!,他可能预想到了我们会提出异议 但我这次不提了,桢国 你不是还在起点嘛 不管有没有异议,我有异议 ,对啊 你没有损失 ,怎么都不举手呢? ,好 OK 是多少?,是3 ,处于领先的闵玧其选手 处于领先的闵玧其选手,来了 来了! 大家都准备好了吗?,- 快点吧 - 我要转骰子了,我有异议!,是4!,啊 我有异议,应该不是,你摇到的是象征骗子的4 (韩语谐音),- 我有异议! / - 我有异议! 我也有异议! ,- 你应该是在骗人 / - 你摇到的不是4 ,你摇到的是假话 ,- 看来你们到现在还是不了解j-hope - 我有异议,反正我没什么好失去的了,没什么可输的人是最可怕的,我真的是4,拿去 ,- Jin哥 错 / - 我要前进了 ,痛失一切 ,我打算从现在起要提出异议了 ,JK现在还没离开起点呢 ,5,我有异议!,我有异议! ,- 我有异议! / - 居然说是5? ,居然说是5? ,看他表情就知道了,1 ,- 1? / - 我有异议! 我有异议! ,3 , ,什么啊? 到底是什么?,请说出准确的数字,5 ,摇到了假话 但他动了脑筋 ,- 摇到了假话 但他动了脑筋 / - 我有异议! ,- 我有异议! / - 我有异议! ,- 我也提一下吗? / - 不对 ,- 不对 可能真的摇到了5 - 我也提一下?,- 不知道了 - 我有异议!,哦 玧其 ,挑战 我有异议!,摇到5了 摇到5了 ,摇到5了?,摇到5了 摇到5了 ,- 正确答案是? - 正确答案是?,是假话,- 闵玧其 / - 玧其下注成功了 ,玧其中彩票了 ,早知道我就说1了,桢国 那边空气怎么样?,这边空气吗? 很浑浊,OK ,居然说很浑浊 ,这个游戏要有人提出异议才好玩,我太了解金泰亨了 对不起 ,- 我了解你 / - 好像摇到了假话 ,1 ,- 1? / - 1? / - 1 ,我有异议 ,我有异议 我也有异议,我有异议! ,数字是多少呢? ,1 ,- OK - 你了解我什么?,你懂什么? 你算什么?,- 你算什么? - 你哪有了解我?,你算什么 还说了解别人?,- 为什么装作很懂的样子? - 什么啊?,你算什么 装作很了解我 你懂我吗?,就因为你 把我也连累了,Jimin如果戴着猫耳朵,现在应该晃得很厉害,哦呵 真是 ,拜托 拜托 拜托 ,是3,桢国 提出异议吧 ,当然要提出异议了 我有异议 ,其实就是3,哎 真是,处于第二名的金南俊选手 ,我们友好竞争吧 南俊,- OK / - 友好竞争 ,如果抽到假话 那就说不定了 ,是2 ,- 这个频率是固定的 - 2? / - 是2,有人要提出异议吗? ,除了我就没别人了,- 现在只有你能提出异议 / - 对 ,你干嘛呀?,你摇到了假话吗? ,- 怎么了? / - 是假话吗? ,是假话,桢国成功了 ,- 我终于可以前进了 - 所以说一无所有是最可怕的,没什么可输的人最可怕了,好 我要开始了,是2!,好像是假话吧?,- 看他耳朵都红了 / - 假话这么容易摇到吗? ,Jin哥耳朵变红了 ,因为大家都盯着我看,- 变得越来越红了 / - 你们... ,因为你们都盯着我看 所以才会这样 ,我要提出异议 ,走上异议之路 ,桢国 你要想好了 ,我回到原点也无所谓 其实是2 ,OK 那么就请桢国,回到原点吧,明明都出来了 ,现在水鬼又出现了,- 我要把你们都拖下水 / - 水鬼 ,我要提出异议,依我看他摇到了假话 ,表情 ,我觉得玧其哥会实话实说,我摇到了4 ,我当然要提出异议,正确答案是?,的确是4,- 运气真好 / - 玧其哥 ,遥遥领先的闵玧其选手 ,稳定的战术,好 我要开始了,原来要出现假话才行啊,在演戏是吧?,他在演戏 他在演戏 他要说1或者2了,是1 ,OK 就算是1格也前进一下吧 ,我提出异议 ,即使是1格也要前进 ,试一下吧 试一下吧 ,- 确实是1 - 啊 1,对吗? ,- 因为田桢国 我们都没法说谎了 / - 来 传过去吧 ,是啊 只要有人在起点 我们就没办法随便说谎了 ,为了我们的游戏顺利进行下去,可能直接相信他会更好一点,不提出异议 ,是4,- 好 你走吧 / - 我相信 / - 我信 我信 ,那我说5,我相信你 ,- 那我就说5吧 - 相信你 往前走吧 往前走吧,我提出异议,那我就说是4,那我不提了 ,真狡猾啊 ,- 你要不要提出异议? / - 太透明了 - 真狡猾啊,他怎么这么透明呢? ,桢国最终的数字是?,- 是4 - 4,有人提出异议吗?,- 没有 - 没有,- 我能再改成5吗? / - 没有 没有 ,你改成5 我就提出异议 ,- 4 是4 / - 桢国 4 ,前进吧,好 现在起点没人了 ,玧其哥只要选择稳定战术 就能得第一名了,我摇到了4,我有异议,我有异议! ,我也有异议 ,我有异议 ,OK 我有异议,桢国 你是不是需要再往前走两步呢?,我退出了 ,我退出 ,- 三位 - 三个人吗?,请往后去吧 就是4,- 就是4 / - 真是 , ,幸好我退出了,有意思 继续进行吧! ,不错 还挺有趣的,- 是1 - 有趣,看来你还不了解我的性格,我有异议 ,是假话,恭喜 恭喜,并排前进一格... ,摇到了假话对吧 ,这家伙真是孤独啊,你是摇到了1吗?,我摇到了1 ,就算是1我也要前进 ,我有异议! 我有异议,你非要这么做吗?,我要前进1格 ,就是1 ,你真是 你往前走走吧 ,- 因为他 我都不能说谎了 真是的 - 就是说啊,是4!,异议 我有异议,- 因为害怕他 我游戏都玩不下去了 - 异议区域,我要提出异议!,我的目标是,摧毁这场游戏,- 是4 / - 是啊 / - 应该是对的 ,- 桢国 - 嗯?,别开玩笑了 我们试试进入第二第三名吧?,怎么进入第二第三名啊? ,肯定可以的 ,这里玧其哥要摇到假话才搞笑,综艺之神究竟是否站在我这边呢? ,我要开始了,3 是3 ,3的话哥哥就到终点了 ,我有异议,要先提出来 ,当然要提了 我们俩要提 ,也有可能是假话,玧其哥好像要进入终点了,我也提一下? 我有异议 ,是假话 ,哦 闵玧其 ,玧其下注成功了 ,你们往后去吧,就是3 ,- 结束了 / - 太厉害了 ,我到终点了 ,我现在来给大家现场解说 ,哇 玧其哥太懂进退战术了,- 是啊 / - 一下子就赚到了 对吧? ,- 是啊 - 人生就是如此,好 我要开始了 ,我这次要正直一点,我摇到了3,当然要提一个了,提吧 提吧 ,Jimin还不举手 愣着干嘛呢? ,我有异议 ,是3 请看 是3 ,怎么了?,Oh,这样就很可能是说谎了,5 ,他为了无论如何都要前进 ,我有异议 ,就是5 ,哇 Jimin 就剩你自己了 一定很孤单吧,我附近还有人啊 那是谁?,是我 是我 ,我刚才一个不小心,直接退回去了 ,这种程度可以说是隔壁了吧? 是邻居呢 邻居? ,5,要赌一下 要赌一下 ,我有异议 ,桢国 他如果不是5的话,那你就领先了 就是第三名了 ,那我相信玧其哥一次吧? ,毕竟玧其哥已经完成了,老实坐着,让我老实坐着?,我要毁灭这个游戏,5,桢国 ,试一下吧 桢国 人生在此一搏 ,人生在此一搏 ,- 我提一个? - 提吧!,- 桢国 来吧 来吧 / - 来吧 来吧 - 不行 不行 不行 不行 ,OK 我要提出异议,不行 ,不行?,桢国和Jimin提出了异议 ,正确答案是?,是5 ,肯定是这样啊 ,不要随便听信别人的话 ,- 虽然没什么意义了 / - Jimin哥 ,Jimin哥, ,不会是1吧?,- 不是的 南俊哥

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F4F | Real Talk Kim Raising Dry Bones

F4F | Real Talk Kim Raising Dry Bones

welcome to another installment of,fighting for the faith here on YouTube,if you've ever been told that the story,in Ezekiel 37 you know the valley of the,dry bones is about you prophetically,speaking life over the dry things in,your life that God wants to raise up,yeah go ahead and hit the subscribe,button below and ring the bell,you've been deceived that's not what,that text is about at all in fact the,Ezekiel 37 tells you straight up what,the valley of the dry bones is about God,actually interprets the vision in the,same chapter tells us what it's all,about and there are so many people who,just want to make the Bible about,whatever they want to make it about,rather than what it's really about and,so we're gonna take a look at what it's,really about,case in point though we're gonna listen,to a woman who wants to make it about,what she wants to make it about and of,course I'm talking about,real talk Kim so hang on to your hats,we're heading over to her YouTube,channel did you know she's a pastor now,pastor --ax now God does not permit,women to do that but I'm just saying,well we're gonna be listening to her as,she explains about raising you know dry,bones and stuff so here we go here's,real talk Kim and raising dry bones I,look back in my life and I tell you one,thing I'm so thankful I went through,every season in fact people ask me all,the time if you had it to do over what,would you change I say absolutely,nothing if I had it to do over I would,have done everything I did just younger,so I can enjoy this version of me okay,okay I would have done everything I,would have had the big mouth that drove,the man to drink I would have spent all,my money I would have I would have done,everything that I always had done I,would an a nade on the palm the bar just,like I wanna because some,yeah shi nae nae don the on the barn and,did all these so okay we're learning a,lot about real talk Kim here came out of,that broken place that never came if I,would have been shot myself on the front,row all the time because there's,something that comes when you lose,everything called empathy there's,something there's a passion that God,needed you to get on the inside of you,that you couldn't get if everything was,handed to you on a silver platter,he says in Ezekiel 37 the hand of the,Lord came upon me I'm going through 10th,brought me out in the spirit of the law,so she's only gonna go through ten and,that's the the problem there but then,set me down in the midst of the valley,and it was full of bones then he calls,me to pass by them all around and behold,there were very many in the open valley,and indeed they were very dry he said to,me son of man can these bones live so I,answered Oh Lord God you know again he,said to me prophesy to these bones,prophesy to these bones and say to them,Oh dry bones hear the word of the Lord,thus says the Lord God to these bones,surely I will calls breath to enter into,you and you shall some of y'all need to,prophesy to your dread dead dry bones,tonight yeah no I don't need to do that,now let's take a look at the actual text,itself to see what's going on there,and we'll note that God actually tells,us what this vision of the valley of the,dry bones means it's right here in,Ezekiel 37 so the three rules for sound,biblical exegesis three or three go,there we go three three rules,they are context context and yes context,and so just put this back into context,and you'll see this isn't about you,being told by God to prophesy over the,dead bones in your life and they'll come,roaring back to life not even close,so Ezekiel 37 won the hand of Yahweh was,upon me and he brought me out in spirit,of Yahweh and set me down in the middle,of the valley it was full of bones and,he led me around among them and behold,there were very many on the surface of,the valley and behold they were very dry,and he said to me son of man can these,bones live and I answered Oh Lord God,you know and then he said to me prophesy,over the these bones and say to them Oh,dry bones hear the word of the Lord thus,says Yahweh Elohim to the to these bones,behold I will cause breath to enter in,enter you and you shall live and I will,lay sinews upon you and I will cause,flesh to come upon you and cover your,skin and put breath in you and they,shall live and you shall know that I am,Yahweh so you know them bones them bones,em dry bones yeah you know the song,anyway so I prophesied as I was,commanded and I prophesied there was a,sound and behold a rattling and the,bones came together bone to its bone and,I looked and behold there were sinews on,them and flesh had come upon them and,skin had covered them but there was no,breath in them then he said to me,prophesy to the breath prophesy Son of,Man and say to the breath thus says,Yahweh Elohim come from the four winds o,breath and breathed on the slain and,they that they may live so i prophesied,as he commanded me and breath came into,them and they lived and stood on their,feet and exceedingly gre

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DISCOVERING TWICE - Helpful Guide To TWICE 2022 (Part 2)

DISCOVERING TWICE - Helpful Guide To TWICE 2022 (Part 2)

oh no she's really crazy,I don't know why I gave myself a hug,maybe because I'm gonna do twice stuff,so it makes me feel like warm and fuzzy,inside,um it's been two weeks I'm sorry,I'm sorry I I went away I traveled uh so,that's why there was a delay in doing,this uh thank you for your patience,hopefully you're still here on the,journey with me hopefully two weeks is,not like enough time for you to be like,peace bye uh yeah and in that time,actually I have seen some stuff that I,have put on patreon some um,was it the totem tour so some of the,like time to twice stuff uh I started,that and I've definitely seen the,competitive nature and just seeing their,personalities in a natural setting I,think you learn a lot more obviously the,guide shows me lots but it says things,and then I actually see it in practice,and I see other stars like for example,even seeing like um Chan doing her like,there was one of the episodes I watched,where she wore pajamas and that blew my,mind that she's come to a like a set in,her pajamas like the level of confidence,you have to have in yourself and the,level of I don't care to show up,to a variety show wearing pajamas,and,the staff just been like yeah that's,fine I just I I think that almost taught,me more about her personality than,anything that I've seen of her I thought,that was incredible okay let's go uh,we've got I think we've got more in this,period of time,okay okay,is,dragon,dancer,oh wow,oh,mine was like Jimmy,sorry that sounds exciting I think that,is Jimmy right that's jimin that's,definitely jimin okay I need to watch,why did doing like,collabs with people that I love they do,that collab with taming that flawed me,now they're here with jimin so BTS are,my alts so that's probably why I'm like,uh freaking out they're the group had to,be fair I'm not sure,things recently but they are the group,that got me into K-pop and stuff so,obviously anytime I see them I get like,super excited,she's perfect for all the roles,he's not the best um no offense but,these aren't the best descriptions of,her dance capability I've seen I've seen,her,maybe they're the ones of her on her own,because it feels like in a lot of their,dances doing a fan cam is quite hard,because they're Crossing each other so,much uh but in I've seen Parts where I'm,just like flawed,when this voice is soft it says,something about the tree,oh,what album is that on I need that song,no kidding,don't cry,she's really monsters giving everything,without giving much,all right she said baby,oh,oh maybe because it's Dollar Tree I know,she's quiet,foreign,but are you supposed to kill them in the,game,what's this,all right,thank you,that she loves penguins,it's just alive,foreign,she said without that so she's,practicing she's going out and really,and truly it does sound crazy but she,is with a group of friends so even the,idea of going out to see friends she has,friends that she's presumably in a dorm,with and spending time with so I I don't,think it's that shocking I think when,I've seen,shows of them and they're doing the most,and she's silent,like I'm like just to the side,it's more shocking to me how she's just,really not involved sometimes that tells,me more about her,introverted nature,so bored,hi,thank you,exactly it says kind of thinks what,they're supposed to do so I was just,Sharon,uh America again America,it's just it's the same one with Santa,had to be,you can see Santa on the side,out of control,and you know what's funny she looks at,um she looks over she did a bit and then,she looked over to be like shall I go,for it is that okay,but she was ready to go for it anyway,when you're pulling up your trousers,that means you really want it to be seen,you're ready for that to be visible,see that look,um,um,summer and never had a chance,it doesn't sound like she's in a,comfortable register because I've heard,her songs,that first song I think is a bit too,deep for her,what is Melody projects,foreign,like they all seen,sweet I wouldn't know what I'd talk to,mina about to be fat you know yeah,because she's so quiet I like I'm really,weird around quiet people I try and feel,the noise,hi honey,this is so cute,oh,these two seem to be together a lot,wow wow,laughs,wow oh,we need more of this,has she done this in the performance,oh yeah,no she did not do this for the,performance for the competition this is,not the thick no no this is the thing,she decided to do to be like put me in a,group are you joking these girls are,actually comedians,thank you,wow,well that's good for her career,wow,she can never be caught out,not is direct it's actually she,generally knows where they are,sometimes they're obviously big with,cameramen,but quite clearly you can see sometimes,they're kind of hidden and she still,finds it,oh sorry what was the thing Leonardo,oh,yeah,just like how's his age,it's like that's that's the age she,remembers him and that's it,well hi I'm from She's extra,I'm so cute yeah,have a nice day,kurage,there are the rappers

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Real Talk Kim Talks Overcoming Darkest Days of Life, Healing Hurting Women, Finding Love + More

Real Talk Kim Talks Overcoming Darkest Days of Life, Healing Hurting Women, Finding Love + More

this week on a roommates tip I can't,wait for Fabio forty-year-old,and I let this man call me cuz he had a,word from the Lord from me and he was,white old and bald,no it's all wet ready,huh well birth year it started pray pray,they're probably crazy this bank of pray,you know sort of,yo yo yo yo yo if this boy happy,Christmas - okay yeah yeah and welcome,to the roommates a worldwide community,of people united on the values of,becoming holistic health kindness,togetherness and a thirst for knowledge,yes north also known as the bestower,your week where you are and the tang I,could stand up and you get like a TED,talk and night nuggets are mine yo yo yo,yo yo your back better,back and better than ever you been man,been good yeah you know I mean we ready,I'm excited excited about this episode,yeah and I excited about the whole day,stuff come yes I'm right up coming,excited excited excited so hmm I love it,thing we need to do too much go ahead,and bring is the lovely yes lovely,lovely lovely lady in guys please please,please give a special welcome to the,show miss Kimberly Jonz pop the air,you're also known as real talk can,welcome to the show so excited to be,with y'all y'all are so cool so can we,know who you are so the audience doesn't,know who you are so can you please give,them a quick elevator pitch to not just,about who you are what you doing all,that jazz well I am a real talk Kim all,over the social media networks and I,just love people back to life that's my,mission statement I love everybody that,comes in my path I just show them Jesus,with skin on it,pastor a great Church in Atlanta Georgia,Church of the office Fayetteville and,I'm part of real talk Kim ministries I,travel about 45 weeks out of the year,yeah we're going almost every weekend as,relieving lady over there my lord we,were on 20 planes it's like like my,months really start picking up September,October November December,we're on 20 planes a week for almost the,last three months of the year I'm in,five states in one week and I get home,to Pastor my church on Sundays how do,you do that man I'm just revealed for,this you don't say in like like I think,people ask me all the time,46 years old like man how do you do it,like cuz that's in and out of airport,that's the hard part,yeah and I think it's just getting to,see people that like in 45 minutes of me,speaking and letting God flow in a place,they just you can see 48 years of,bondage break off of them you can see,people like their whole disposition,changes you see women letting go of the,abuse and molestation happen in their,lives in one 45 minute setting yeah and,it's just God's giving me a way to,change people's perspective and stop,looking at that rejection like he didn't,like your five finger forehead big dick,dies it was all because God needed,rejection he needed them out of your,life and so when I could just that,perspective it's worth it man I love it,like I'm created for this it's better,than the winning the lottery well get,free yeah no so one of the reasons why,we want to bring you on the show is that,you know so many people are blood,blessed and touched by the work that you,do and one of the things that we,communicate on the show is holistic,health you know physical emotional,spiritual health and what we've noticed,is that a lot of people today they're,they've been hurting you know they're,they're depress you know they're as you,say they're in a lot of bondage and so,we were just curious to obviously you,know you're traveling the world talking,to different people have you been,experiencing that as well as seeing a,lot of people who've been hurting and,going through issues,oh man it's crazy it is crazy how I will,be up speaking and at the very end I'll,say if you're in this room and you still,feel stuck you still feel like man Kim I,feel like I'm almost at that,breakthrough I'm almost at letting it go,but I feel stuck 95% of the place will,stand up still hmm and it's just like,life you know we've got so much going on,in the world we've got just just divided,everywhere even in the church world and,I think that people are just heavy you,know society's got us thinking that we,got to be a certain way do a certain,thing have this much accomplishments,before we're 40 be married before we're,40 have babies have one boy one one girl,have a big old poodle yeah,no in the house ball you know and in,people when they don't get that by the,time they're 40 are 35 societies got,them believing that they're just washed,up mm-hmm and so they give up and I,think expectations you know like we got,these expectations of what our lives are,supposed to look like and and man when,it doesn't happen that expectation puts,you in depression,and then you're just you're just a robot,you're getting up going to work coming,home settling for mediocrity you know,your mom and dad never wrote a book so,you don't know how to write a book but,you feel compelled to write a book and,so we just find ourselves in boxes and,and

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How to Walk Through BETRAYAL | RTK Podcast Episode #261

How to Walk Through BETRAYAL | RTK Podcast Episode #261

thank you,hello everybody I am realtalk cam I'm so,excited that you are joining me today we,are man I don't know about you guys but,like life is flying like we're already,going into a new year uh it feels like,it just was January right 2022 and here,we are staring at a new year that is,upon us and so today we're going to be,talking about,um paying attention to your feelings,right we're going to be talking about I,went through and wrote some thoughts,that I had and I want to help you today,uh in taking an inventory of your heart,of your soul of your,just your feelings right check your,temperature,that's what they say check your,temperature how's your feelings how's,your insides so we're going to talk,about that today but while we're while,we're first coming into this I want to,invite you right now to subscribe go,ahead and subscribe share this with,somebody share this with somebody you,never know y'all with so much going on,in our world right now mental health is,skyrocketing man like I get emails all,the time from people that are struggling,people that don't look like they're,struggling are struggling mentally,struggling in their Spirits we're,hearing of suicide all over the place,people need hope and so you just sharing,this on your news feed could be,something that somebody's been really,feeling stuck in or needing a push and,your obedience just to share this and,your your sweetness can really help,somebody today so I want you to go right,now I want you to subscribe Vibe right,go share this with somebody,um and get me a review give me a that,that could be a great Christmas present,New Year's Eve present is to give me a,five star review that's how people know,if they want to listen to this podcast,or not and so I'm going to throw this uh,to a break and then when we come back we,are going to chop it up we're gonna do a,quick podcast today so,um stay tuned get your rtk Journal your,podcast Journal because you're going to,want to write some of these notes down,because I did some research and I,believe that this is going to give you a,new perspective on things all right so,go get your go get your notepad,um share this with somebody get your,popcorn and when we come back we're,gonna chop it up I love you and I'll see,you in a minute,foreign,I'm so excited you're here oh my gosh,merry Christmas happy New Year it's,y'all I'm telling you something,2023 is going to be your best year ever,I feel it it is going to be an amazing,year I always tell my rtk inner circle,because y'all know I have a yup yup,y'all need to be in my rtk inner circle,it is a tribe that I have formed of just,amazing people and we're all doing life,together and so what a great way to,start the new year right now we're I'm,teaching on boundaries,um and it's just amazing every Monday,night we get together on a zoom which we,will be back the first Monday night of,January to start back up on our uh,boundaries on Monday nights at 7 pm,Eastern Standard time so you can go,right now to my website,and find out all you want to know about,me right there or download My Real Talk,Kim Go app go to your Google Play Store,your Apple Store and download the app I,send you out notifications throughout,the day just to keep you encouraged,um and you can get to the teachable you,get your devotions there for the Inner,Circle so this would be a great time,right now for you to go join and get,accountability right and then January,12th 13th 14th as many of my inner,circle that can comes to Atlanta and I,pour into you it's just awesome all,right so that's what you need to do go,get Emma rtk Inner Circle go to my uh my,my app and get involved okay so let's,get into it so we're gonna talk today,about,um betrayal uh I don't know about y'all,but I have walked through betrayal I,don't know what it yo it feels like a,betray Trail betrayal hurts us so bad,because it never comes from somebody,that we expected it to come from right,if the neighbor didn't like you who,cares right because they're they don't,really have your heart but when when,someone that you love that you thought,would never walk out on you and it,happens it happens a lot of times with a,lot of people right it's not just one,person it's like they uh somebody that,you didn't know would leave you and then,all of a sudden several other people,leave as well and and it hurts so I want,to talk to you today when you are,feeling betrayed,um someone you care about perhaps even,love has broken the bonds of trust and,done something that cuts deep in your,heart what do you do what do you do how,can you get past this betrayal how can,you get past this and heal right will,you ever be able to forgive them for,what they have done,right yo I I get emails daily from,people that are like I absolutely cannot,let this go right especially if it was a,spouse and say they uh had an affair and,then left and you're just like I just,need to know what what I did you know,what what could I have done differently,what if I just

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Kim Kardashian Says “Go to Work” Comment Was Taken Out of Context

Kim Kardashian Says “Go to Work” Comment Was Taken Out of Context

kim k is setting the record straight,about a controversial comment she made,to variety in the viral clip kim says,women need to get off their butts if,they want to succeed the advice was not,well received among working women and,many pointed out that kim grew up,privileged which made her success much,more entertained much more attainable,now kim has opened up to abc's robin,roberts and says her comment was taken,out of context and she apologizes for,the way her advice was received what's,your thoughts on this ladies,i think that,if you're an attorney which you are now,you have to be really scrutinizing about,the things that you say you can't make,general statements especially when,you've lived a very not average life,today as an attorney,kim just has to be more choice about,words i don't hear the question though,yeah because it wasn't a general,question,i'm not saying it was a general question,i'm saying her answer was a general,statement it wasn't a general statement,it was a very specific question question,to women who are entrepreneurs who want,to get into business specifically it was,specific to women and i know a lot of,women who are entrepreneurs trying to,get up in business who work,i can i don't know how much kim works,better work their butts off oh and i've,almost worked themselves out of the,house that they used to live in and,still have not made it to where they can,pay for themselves and are getting,themselves broke going into loans i,don't think she's saying that this is,how you become successful i'm just,saying she's saying no you're getting,started that's what she's saying that,wasn't the question you have to get up,and work but that wasn't the last,statement no i'm talking about just her,answer her answer i know but,the answer has to go with the question,do you get what i'm saying the question,was specific to women in business what,would you say to women in business or,women who want to become entrepreneurs,like what would you say like get up and,like just go i know but i i think it,could lands as a general statement i,think it would have helped if she said,for me how i built my success this is,what i remember doing this is what i,sacrificed this is what i did and this,is what worked for me and that we can,see by evidence that she's a successful,person and we can nobody can negate what,worked for her but when you put out,there that that you're not working,enough if you're not successful yet,see that's that's not at all what i got,from it but you know what did you guys,i'm curious yeah yeah i got from it that,i think there were a lot of women that,heard that statement and were like yes,that's exactly what i'm doing instead of,being offended by it they were like yes,i'm out here just killing it i'm out,here working my ass off i'm out here,going for it i don't i i actually have,spoken to so many people i'm like were,you offended by this they're like no i,get up and i work my ass off every day,like that's literally she's saying,exactly what i do well i think so i i,found it strange the defense of like,i i don't are you saying that i don't,work my ass off well i'm curious where,that happened i do think that there is a,possibility to hear that if you are not,successful yet that means you have not,worked hard enough see i didn't hear,that you are not successful but could,you see how that could be possible to,say to anybody who is trying to start up,a business and they're like dang it's,been five years or ten years and yeah i,still haven't made it or at least i'm,paying my own bills i'm still trying to,work off these loans yeah maybe i,wouldn't hear that and go i still gotta,go at it still get up and go sure that's,how i would hear it i wouldn't hear it,as you're a loser you haven't done it,you're not successful i would hear it as,yes like just keep going keep working,your ass off you will get the payoff and,most people have said comments like that,that are like listen if you get up and,you do the work,like just keep on grinding keep on put,how many times have we heard that's not,promised for everybody though even then,if you keep working that doesn't always,mean you'll land a success i agree with,that that doesn't mean that that's her,fault or that her statement is saying,that that isn't the answer i think she i,don't think her statement is landing and,saying and that's why you're not i don't,see men well but you know how you say,something you like just go kill them,just go get them yeah,hold on,let me let me let me let me get ready,cause i'm gonna let these know,and then you say it and it's the wrong,sound,all the time exactly but i don't think,the intent is to say and that's why your,ass ain't successful i definitely don't,think her attention was ever too late,exact quote because i remember her,saying something that people don't want,to work,and i think that triggered a lot of,people you got to understand the timing,of it i think it was a sound bite and,this is why you have to sometimes you,have

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