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Twitter's Thermonuclear Musk MELTDOWN - A Rantfriends and fellow bags the mad lad,done done it after

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Updated on Jan 13,2023

Twitter's Thermonuclear Musk MELTDOWN - A Rant

friends and fellow bags the mad lad,done done it after endless speculation,ambivalence and outright acrimony elon,musk makes history by being the first,african-american to own twitter,time to spread the word,and the word is,butt hurt,apparently,for the last time get woke go broke is a,myth,now if you don't mind me i'll be,deleting my twitter account because the,entire platform was bought out in a,hostile takeover hope i see something,about it on cnn plus all right all right,look i've been playing fistradamus long,enough and turnabout frankly is fair,play so here it goes, me i was wrong sort of i didn't,actually predict elon musk would not buy,twitter and actually on a stream the,following day i expressed the opposite,opinion but if we're all being honest,this surprised me every ounce as much as,the most autism tracks of blue check,junction so i suppose it counts go ahead, on me in all honesty however i,should have seen it common elon musk is,at the end of the day a venture,capitalist and venture capitalists have,an eagle eye for impactful but,underperforming acquisitions with a,simple fix in the offing that they can,easily implement and triple the price of,their original purchase and folks let's,be honest stevie wonder could have told,you what twitter had to do to turn the,titanic around stop banning people stop,playing favorites blue check,should not be a learning,disability and hey it's been on,everything from gab together so here's a, thought maybe a timed edit,button i'm not saying let hillary,clinton edit her future president tweet,seven years after the ass fact,but if you notice autocorrect spelled,your with a apostrophe and you,happen to catch it in the first 10,seconds how's about you let us fix it so,we're not slaves to the grammatical,apple eye gods all the same i stand by,my original assertion that surprisingly,little is likely to actually change as a,result of this acquisition elon musk,plans to make money off the ,and honestly there's a good chance he, will but anyone who confuses all,elon spangler with an uncompromising,advocate for free speech,probably hasn't checked his ccp receipts,for tesla as for everything else i said,in my elon musk rant it still very much,applies particularly with regard to the,inbound leftist sphere,ass pain i haven't seen this many,prolapsed since went,under with verge posting an article of,instructions on how to close your,twitter account purveyor of flat comic,art and cringe eric larson quitting,twitter in protest,and even old talcomex himself sean king,deactivating his account much to the,chagrin of in cells and the delight of,brain cells and maybe you can help me,out in the comments section below razer,force is sean king fleeing twitter,because they won't censor people he,doesn't like an example of white,fragility or white flight relax sean,take a powder i haven't seen democrats,this mad about an african-american since,they stopped being allowed to own them i,mean guys guys,hear me out here,it's a private company if you don't like,it just build your own twitter or did i,mention that after five years flagrantly,obstructing trump's attempts to reform,section 230 at a press conference the,very same day jenn saki expressed the,administration's intent to do exactly, that the surgeon general has,said that misinformation about covet,amounts to a public health crisis yeah,i'm wondering regardless of ownership,would the white house be interested in,working with twitter like it has in the,past to continue to combat this kind of,misinformation,or are we in a different part of the,pandemic where that kind of partnership,is,no longer necessary well i think we,engage regularly with all social media,platforms about steps that can be taken,that has continued and i'm sure it will,continue uh but there are also reforms,that we think congress could take um and,we would support taking uh including,reforming section 230 enacting,anti-trust reforms requiring more,transparency and the president is,encouraged by the bipartisan uh support,for or engagement in in those efforts,someone give me a goddamn girdle my,sides are officially rupturing all of it,exposing in the process what those of us,who are paying any kind of attention the,last five years already knew the modern,left are not a party of principles,they're a party of power and,collectivism corralling their adherence,into individual interest groups,organized not around what they believe,or what values they hold but by what,they are and the reason why is simple a,person's reaction to a critique of what,they believe is tied at least in theory,to their rational cognition their,reaction to a critique of what they are,is knee-jerk and explicitly emotional,when you conflate those two it's like,napalm and fertilizer these are,not liberals people not even communists,not really leftists the dnc have birthed,two successive generations of political, reflex machines and as i've said,in the past when you emotionalize your,politics yo

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Make Tweets Mean Again (Razör Rants)

Make Tweets Mean Again (Razör Rants)

Razer Force Elon did it after a day-long,poll with more Bots than Mick Warrior,online musk popped the question and the,answer was clear reinstate Trump's,Twitter account and make tweets mean,again,the reaction was as immediate as it was,insincere palette Vera planetoid Rob,Reiner rolled on in with a world-rending,establishmentarian tech Elon Musk is,letting a man who led a violent,Insurrection to overthrow the U.S,government back on this platform wait he,let Kathy Griffin back on Twitter sweet,sister Cinnabon matters have taken a,turn haven't they which he of course,capped off with letting the lies and,disinformation continue to poison the,American bloodstream and if anyone knows,about poison plasma streams is a man,whose blood type is clam chowder I,haven't seen Rob Reiner this touchy,since the filming of Stand By Me but he,is right about one thing Elon is,allowing disinformation to subsist on,the platform,at least he was until CBS suspended,their own Twitter account in protest of,all that stinky Free Speech they,spent a century pretending to give a,flock of about taking a bold stand,against disinformation,unless of course it's a blatantly fake,George W bush military service story,invented by CBS news anchor Dan blather,then we break out the pom-poms and let,him retire with a full pension,so wait we ditched CBS and welcomed back,the Babylon bee in the same week,see already there's less misinformation,on the platform though I confess I'm,beside myself with the prospect of,losing access to all the valuable,contributions CBS has authored on the,platforms such as,anyways it'll be hard and speaking of,taking it hard Jonathan Greenblatt of,the ADL stated that Elon Musk wouldn't,possibly be serious about safecoating,the platform from hate because he's,reinstating people like Trump after only,a brief Paul wait an election where,anyone can vote Sans identification or,indeed registration up to it including,non-citizens,multiple times,isn't that the dnc's idea of electoral,Utopia you know boy chick time was every,election was supposed to be a brief poll,you know back before election day lasted,longer than Hanukkah questioning the,efficacy of Elon musk's poll what are,you an insurrectionist haven't you heard,that's a threat to democracy tell you,what we'll reconvene the Trump Twitter,vote on one condition we do the same for,the election day vote in fact we'll do,it right the now tonight Sans the,two-year lead time to harvest millions,of mail-in votes from dementia patients,and the deceased copacetic if you,want to ban misinformation ban that dude,who said and I quote you will not get,covered if you get these vaccinations,the was that guy again names on the,tip of my oh that's right Joe ,Biden Trump's Twitter reinstatement,region,reasons for misinformation experts from,The New York Times please have a TOS,that covers the deliberate spreading of,dangerous lies Trump will be off again,within a week straight Sam the Sham,Harris Razor Force,can you taste it,down here salt is a way of life,obviously the environment down here is,all salt the ceiling salt the floor salt,the walls are salt and to an extent the,air is so and you breathe that in and,you can constantly taste the sauce but,it wasn't all socialist sodium mining,many applauded the decision how even,president obredor of Mexico issued a,public statement saying he voted in,favor of Trump's reinstatement adding by,way of rough translation the Statue of,Liberty cannot simply be treated as a,sculpture an apropos observation given,so many of his countrymen are paid to,clean the thing but what am I,saying the Statue of Liberty doesn't,wash she's French folks federales can we,not part with our partisan divide long,enough to admit in unison Twitter,sucked ass through a sour punch straw,without Trump sure you astro turf some, stats about a brief bump in,usership after his band but let's be,real folks that had more robots,than an 80s Chuck E cheese birthday,party engagement was down membership,plummeted it was a callow humorless,dystopia of status narratives,regurgitated by Beijing bot farms and it,was about as comfortable as getting a,prostate exam from Andre the Giant Trump,made Twitter he just did three,years later we're still repeating the, typo he made while sitting on,the gold-plated John and trying to write,the word coffee for sake ah but,that brings us to the query du jour will,he even use it sure we're,sharing this Tabasco hot takes,from that time he dunked on share for,hiring a plastic surgeon to turn her,face into a death mask to as,much batlihood BTF olathon of Rosie,O'Donnell but since lending funding and,support to truth social which I've used,it admittedly isn't bad at all it's been,strongly suggested that there he will,stay some have even claimed he Inked an,exclusivity arrangement with a platform,and in fact can't return to the,twitterverse myself,but I kind of call on that,considering that it is initial response,to the Elon Musk Twitter purchase Trump,went out

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Limited Run Games: A Cautionary Tale

Limited Run Games: A Cautionary Tale

limited run games quick question what,the ,did you not feel your particular,monetary difficulty curve was quite,vertical enough was being one of the,lone purveyors or prohibitively,expensive physical media in an age where,I can download Donkey Kong to the head,of my dick for five bucks in a moon pie,not a forbidding enough handicap for a,video company that you felt the,long-abiding burning need to hurdle,headlong into the Ninth Circle of,culture War Inferno mid ,recession gang I've seen some silly ,in my time hell I've heard Tim Poole try,to sing but this right here Takes,the Cake so hard it's going right to my,thighs so what happened here one of the,piteously few employees of physical game,manufacturer limited run something like,five years ago followed Libs of,tick tock a notorious parody account on,the Twitter that deservedly mocks,hampless Zoomers with halfway politics,none of which would have been the,slightest bit controversial if some dude,would double D's a wig in a five o'clock, Shadow hadn't flipped the ,out that this same employee had,expressed interest get this it in,playing an upcoming Harry Potter game no,you did not miss here a brony and a bad,hairpiece got so seismically ,shook they poured through this chick's,personal social media history and,harassed the merry out of her until,she was canned it's absolute Zenith,culminating in a Twitter hangout hosted,by same that appeared to exist for the,explicit purpose of getting a stranger, fired limited run judicious and,impartial to the last carefully weighed,the available facts launched a tireless,lengthy investigation,and fired the broad in under four, hours I've seen longer,investigations on episodes of Colombo I,mean goddamn if you got my game shipped,out as fast as you investigate and,firefuckers to appease a Pinko mob after,detractors wouldn't even exist to begin,with what detractors you inquire after,all the original Tweet now has replies,disabled a Surefire sign your company,isn't going up like a wicker clown car,in a California brush fire well this is,far from the first offense for limited,run you have to understand this in the,distant land of 2019 many of you are,probably too busy enjoying two dollar a,gallon gas and gainful employment to,take note of repeat customer for the,company being banned and having his,pre-orders canceled over the,unforgivable affront,of posting a meme not that I,can't comprehend limited run taken,umbrage with a meme considering they, R1 and sadly this ratifies my,earlier hypothesis it's not get woke go,broke it's go broke get woke limited run,have been struggling like Biden at a,spelling bee for a minute and,sure enough their first chance to light,that virtue signal in clama to that ESG,money they let that faster than a,spliff in Snoop Dogg's limo I'll level,with you this one stings a smidge,physical Media Matters for the same,reason property rights matter and as,I've been vocally passionate about this,issue since before this company was even, founded I've pre-ordered and,received many a title in limited runs,live hell I'm still waiting on my 200,titty dollar Master edition of,Kotor 2. my Christmas gift that Taran,gel was their VHS steelbook edition of,Kotor one and one of my first purchases,for my Nintendo switch was a limited run,release of an obscure Indie gem by the,name of battle ax but that is coming to,a quicker halt than Princess Di being,chased by the British Secrets uh,Paparazzi I said it so long ago some,members of the Razer Force may not even,remember it but long before you I,was right long before fystradamus finger,flips chair spins and all assorted,memory I was known for another saying,entirely if you want to shut my mouth my,wallet it's along with it,brought from a hole in them and well,from a hull I got no skin in this lady's,employment status is my point but the,only thing in this world worth canceling,is cancel culture you well that my, pre-orders but hey at least now,there's some truth in advertising,because I have a feeling your run is,about to become profoundly ,limited um razor fist God speed,just leave me,there

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Elon Musk Trolls Twitter (Spectacularly!) - A Rant

Elon Musk Trolls Twitter (Spectacularly!) - A Rant

elon,musk the founder of spacex,indirectly responsible for the formation,of paypal not that we should hold that,against him and who could forget,electric car manufacturer comb,underrated hair metal band tesla saving,the environment one depleted rare earth,mineral mine at a time but more,than that he's a demigod status uber,troll whose mastery of the subtle art,form of pissing off the entire,leptosphere in a three-word tweet,matches and perhaps even eclipses even,the almighty commander in cheeto and,speaking of tweets,tonight the richest man in the world is,hunting for more mounting a hostile,takeover bid for twitter with a 43,billion dollar cash offer you,made,an offer to buy twitter,why,how'd you know,oh it's been the talk of the,twitterverse for a fact look,it's no secret twitter is to free,expression what the irs is to free,enterprise but i have to confess first,skepticism then incredulity and finally,an overwhelming urge to flee the,internet in horror at the collective,stupidity of so many who honestly expect,a solitary thing about twitter to change,as a result of this announcement look,i'm not saying it's anything but the,absolute apex of entertainment to watch,the entire mainstream media and the soy,pods in silicon valley spew fountains of, blood from every orifice at the,nearest utterance of elon's name really,it is i assure you i have an erection,you could balance a dinner plate on just,watch in the trump reply bots run,screaming into the beverly hills but,folks i know almost nothing about elon,musk except he smoked pot on rogan and,his name sounds like a shitty cologne,and even i can tell you this is likely,more about the man's stock portfolio,than any principled stand for one thing,calling elon musk a free speech,absolutist is charitable enough for,hunter biden to use it as a tax shelter,i'm not saying he's pro-censorship i'm,willing to banny the benefit of the,doubt but the dude has taken righteous,motherfuckloads of federal cash from,governments that absolutely are,pro-censorship for another let's just,say his personal politics are not what,i'd describe as a blinding beacon of,base look i get that he has to sell,those electric tonka toys but,every time this goldfish face ,starts rapping about environmental,issues he's greta thundberg in a shitty,toupee and speaking of bad haircuts,michael malus can wax hyperbolic about,how he's done more for conservatives,than conservatives have all he likes not,even mitt romney supports a ,carbon tax chief elon musk does and mit,mormo just voted to appoint a pedo,apologist to the highest court in the,land then again his religion was,co-founded by a dude literally named,bring him young who's the next skoda's,nominee phil mccracken or dick goes in,yeah not that i don't sympathize with,the hope of change over the past five,years as i predicted before it even,began twitter had been wielding the ban,hammer like will smith wields an,effeminate backhand but well if you got,an axe to grind with twitter i'm ,gimli i'm on like my 15th big boy,timeout for saying yucky things like,biden winning a higher percentage of the,detroit black vote than obama the first,black president is harder to understand,than lemion novocaine it's no fun but,then neither is twitter since t-rump got,d-platform for telling people to protest,peacefully and like the tangerine in,chief i got more suspension problems,than ted kennedy's oldsmobile which is,why i'm telling you now and for all time,temper your expectations not,because you shouldn't trust elon musk,although you absolutely ,shouldn't but because a basic ,reasons like oh the fact that in a mere,10 of shares elon musk lacks the power,to unilaterally alter twitter policy on,free speech or anything the else,that would require a share of 51 to, more meaning musk will have to,persuade a roomful of his fellow,shareholders most of whom have politics,that make rage against the machine look,like merle haggard to break his way to,the tune of 41 percent or so the,board he just refused to join,and which just rejected his offer to,sell out right might i add and maybe put,those under a microscope,if you find yourself with the time,because if twitter's board had any more,saudis they'd have to hold the next,shareholder meeting in a field in,pennsylvania what can i say democracy,was a mistake which gives it at least,one thing in common with twitter so,while i am indeed laughing my balls,clean off at the marxist meltdown from,the very same who've been,perpetually shrieking the words it's a,private company for the past four years,i'm also aware it's twitter i'm here for,the autism not a miracle,could something improve could this be,more than a mere shuffling a stock for a,quick pump and dump payday sure elon,musk has certainly arisen from south,african obscurity to the wealthiest man,in the world he must have something,resembling a clue disproving in the,process the age-old axiom that africa,doesn't produce great leaders i mean,come on just look at obama i'm

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How to Be Twitter-Banned (In 4 Easy Steps!)

How to Be Twitter-Banned (In 4 Easy Steps!)

you ready bitchin,step one respond to thread about which,heavy metal guitarists you prefer Warren,Demartini of rat or George Lynch of,Dakin step two responds simply Lynch all,day every day,step three and this is key folks don't,be liberal step four well I hope you've,enjoyed my tutorial simply follow those,four simple easy steps and lemme willing,we can all fall prey to the great big,perch apocalypse raging across Twitter,and elsewhere as big tech companies,indulge in infantile Tantrums in the,wake of their sweeping defeat on fake as, Obama not neutrality and make no,mistake folks that's what this is about,not two days after I drop a video that,stirs up a not neutrality hashtag that,winds up unintentionally mind you,cultivating a discernible counter,narrative to the one promulgated ad,astra at an expense of billions of,dollars might I add by Twitter Facebook,Google comcast and Schwartz Silicon,Valley full stop I just happened to be,smacked with the first ever rule,violation of my entire Twitter tenure,and all because I said like a tourist,name it's one a hell of a coinkidink,folks and before Spurlock homes over,there chimes in with where you'll see a,job there's a new algorithm meaning this,is probably just a bug okay sweet rap,with me for a because if that's the case,I don't need exactly two things explain,for me why why two or three other,metalheads in the exact same Twitter,thread gave essentially the exact same,response including one woman who simply,typed and I quote Lynch without finding,themselves within 19 light-years of a,spurious ban until when I then,appealed illustrating that this was all,a silly and all likelihood of,algorithmic misunderstanding why did an,actual employee from Twitter then assess,set appeal see that all I'd done was say,the name of the guitarist I preferred,and uphold the ban the simple,fact is the Twitter perch is in motion,folks I'm not the first I'm not the,20,000th president Trump was not part of,their plan the destruction of not,neutrality wasn't part of the plan the,ascendant alternative media that,facilitated all of the above was most,certainly not part of the plan and with,an upcoming 2018 midterm and Democrats,barely squeaking by a weak-ass,rolling more they buried under 17 metric, loads and misinformation they,know their positions weaker than water,bounds Zima and so the hipster Himmler,over at Twitter HQ we must go the way of,Sony Pictures profitability or for that,matter Twitter's profitability Sinha,this isn't me saying hashtag Razer did,nothing wrong,it's me saying there was never an,offense to blame anyone the for,it's hard to engage in targeted,harassment when the guy you're tweeting,to in this case metal journalist Mitch,lafawn not only doesn't consider it such,but follows me on Twitter and YouTube,and this privately can fight it on,Facebook is a big-ass fan of the,show who the is Twitter to the side,he's being harassed on his ,behalf and here's the up in this,of it all I'm not even kicked off the,site technically not least of which cuz,I didn't do a thing meaning if I,click that start button at the bottom of,the page in a matter of 12 hours I would,once again have access to my Twitter,account what gives me pause is that in,doing so I'd be implicitly admitting to,targeted harassment that I never once,engaged in and I patently refused to do,so if responding to a threat asking who,my favorite guitarist is by stating the,name of said guitarist constitutes,targeted harassment wooden pipe not ,is Keith Olbermann guilty of every time,he calls for the impeachment and even,assassination of the president the,United goddamn states I mean if they in,bulldoze my mouthy ass per merely saying,the name of guitarist George Lynch what,happens the next time a conservative,decides to criticize say Loretta Lynch,this is a joke rather it was a joke,right up until what science would,loosely classify as a human being,actually planted his pot smoked stinking,ass reviewed the appeal and a pint,allowed notice this has the ring of,Justice to it the very last thing we,want is to have people sang the name of,one of the most beloved guitarists in,all of heavy metal which I can,understand when you're a /bt Baddeck, between hacky sack breaks cruising,the quarter a skinny slack selection on,Amazon with 15 windows a Suicide Girls,latch in the background on Twitter's,dime I can't understand what habits,appeal after all the Simpson Silicon,Valley anything without the prerequisite,quantity of whisper sing mandolins and,tunnel reverb isn't even categorized as,goddamn music,slight snag though George Lynch has a,Twitter account when you plan on banning,his spray tan open shirt,for saying his own name exactly,why he's even got a band called a lynch,mob the leathery cheek of it all folks,this is my formal supplication to follow,me on gab gab dot ai slash razor fist,one word no zeros this time and I'll be,linking it in the description below,while it has a bit of a reputation for,being a right-wing hug b

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Twitter HATES The Rittenhouse Verdict - Friday Night Tights #172 w/ RazörFist

Twitter HATES The Rittenhouse Verdict - Friday Night Tights #172 w/ RazörFist

Toby,Toby and the light source is hitting the,right side of his face and I can't,believe I'm about to say this I never,thought I would say this in my entire,online career,but look closely at Tobey Maguire's dick,look closely at Toby,McGuire's stick,foreign,it was at this moment that he knew he, up I'm razor fist God ,speed,oh man,um,that's cool ,I take responsibility,I take responsibility I take,responsibility,uh I'm gay because white guys are bad,and black people are wonderful gay,people are amazing and head shows can,burn in hell,boobies,I apologize,time has come they are finally here,yeah,hey,oh that was too short yeah we got a clap,today boys,yeah take that white pill fellas hell,yeah,oh my God to find out let's go Brandon,uh let's go Kyle Kyle Rittenhouse not,guilty and he shouldn't have been on,trial anyway this is a jam and,I'm glad Justice was done I'm glad some,places in this country you can defend,yourself don't do that here in,California if you want the police to,show up to your house defend yourself,that's the only time they'll ever, show up here in California, Gavin Newsom I already cussed,now it doesn't matter Gavin,Newsom decides to pop off on this too,and it was weird I was looking at my,Twitter feed and I'm like telling him to,go off and go you know stick a dick,up your ass or whatever and then I'd be,like oh here check out my Ghostbusters,review it's really nice,uh welcome to Friday night tights my,name is Gary beakler I come to you from,my mom's vagina and and we,have a uh it's a celebration show today,uh well kind of at least Kyle,Rittenhouse got off but Kathleen Kennedy,got resigned not that we really cared,that much at this point not that we,really ever doubted that would be happy,yeah you know so yeah and yeah there's,that and you know that I'm upset is,either that kind of made us laugh as,well I laughed my ass off I did I did,too it was a chuckle moment it was a,chuckle moment and uh we uh also some of,us saw Ghostbusters and we'll talk about,that in in a little bit we'll have razor,fists on and in a little bit hopefully,the rest of our uh panel will show up,we'll see um um just for the record,today I showed up on time,I was three minutes late because some,dumb doesn't know how to drive,probably a woman flipped her car in,front of me so I was I was late I was,late,around here yeah I was late bringing my,pizza back home so what are you gonna do,that's good well did you have enough,time to put it on the floor before you,ate it yeah it's right here no more,pizza on the floor,of course,and it is you should flap for it because,it's stuffed crust baby oh it's Pizza,Hut too I mean that's like that's not,even cheese that's like processed,product Oh bro stuffed crust pizza what,are you talking about they brought back,the OG stuffed crust which Donald Trump,introduced by the way I got it that's,right against Pizza Hut for the record,Donald Trump also likes well done steak,with ketchup because he's a man of,culture okay he's a man of culture I am,the same I like make my steak burnt it's,got to be dead and burnt yes is that,medium rare buddy medium rare medium,rare yes correct yes the only way to eat,steak correct correct I want my I want,my meat bleeding like my girlfriend's,vagina well I mean we we need to find,out what Kyle Rittenhouse thinks uh and,that'll break the tie right there so,yeah come on the show you're welcome bro,yeah I'm on the show anytime first,question,well done medium rare,he's like he says are you asking how I,like my pizza,well done yep oh boy, yeah I was so I was so relieved,when that came out I was oh,yeah I wasn't really surprised I was so,on edge I was too look at the chat every,time we bring this topic up about steak,it sends the chat into a frenzy it's,good it's the most divisive Topic in our,community right there or our fellowship,right there yeah it's the most investors,I thought that was that was pineapple,and pizza,pineapple on Pizza uh yes yes thank you,my lives matter my British American,brother thank you uh and no the chat,cannot handle a pineapple on pizza and a,well done steak debate so just pick one,okay,it's just not gonna uh congratulations,again to Kyle Rittenhouse the the uh I,guess what what are the kids calling it,now copium the copium on Twitter has,been uh has been glorious and uh I love,it high quality uh hey can we say Kyle,Kyle Rittenhouse uh did nothing wrong,now is it okay to say I think I think we,can okay probably not but uh we're gonna,do it anyway yeah,writtenhouse appropriately defended,himself,the fact that people got suspended off,Facebook I think Gary you got a,suspension on Facebook and they lifted,it like a week later so I don't know,it's just it's just absolutely,ridiculous and and this this whole case,is exposed to a lot of stuff that we've,been talking about for a very long time,a very long time and the fight's not,over because the reason that the the,copium is so real on Twitter is because,so many people still don't

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Razorfist gating bigots from video games causes major outrage on twitter

Razorfist gating bigots from video games causes major outrage on twitter

this has to be the most hilarious thing,that i have ever seen,a couple of weeks ago razer fest makes a,video where he explains why we should,gatekeep now what triggered him seems to,be that two accounts on twitter that are,associated with the bell tech community,preemptively blocked razor fist even,though he never,interacted with these people he was,already blocked and this is because,there are block lists which are being,shared around various communities,and they're very toxic and they're meant,to keep people up,and it's people that have bad opinions,that have absolutely nothing to do with,the game,and because of that razer fist says you,know enough is enough i mean game should,be for everyone this is not okay what's,happened again,we should start gatekeeping these people,just the same way that they're keeping,us,and initially i thought you know,i mean,fine i i suppose you have a point um,like you don't want moral busy bodies to,ruin your game,but like it's not going to be very,effective is it i mean razor fist,doesn't have,power i mean yeah sure he's got a couple,of subscribers probably is considered to,be a moderate channel on youtube,but he doesn't have wealth i mean he's,not a billionaire he doesn't work with,the ceo of battletech right i mean it's,not going to do a lot apparently it,caused a lot of butt hurt on the,internet,a couple of days ago an angry youtuber,launched a harassment campaign targeting,a couple of bell tech fans accounts on,the twitter and call for the gatekeeping,of the battletech hobby,since then several other battle tech,fans particularly lgbtq fans have been,targeted and unfortunately a couple of,battle tech youtubers battle tech meme,pages on facebook and an author have,expressed support for the gatekeeping,campaign some of the harassers are using,the battle tech belongs to everyone,hashtag for their gatekeeping campaign,and trying to claim that people they're,targeting are trying to destroy this,hobby somehow,the reason i find it funny is because,they did exactly the same to arch,warhammer like they were coming out it's,like warhammer is for everyone so we,need to ban arch we need to have,everyone but we need to ban these people,and this is like some tactic that i've,seen time and time again being used by,gatekeepers they say oh we need to be,inclusive it needs to be for everyone,but in reality their gas like what,they're saying is like if you have the,wrong politics you're not welcome in our,knitting community doesn't matter if,you're the best knitter in the world if,you don't think that drum is bad you're,not welcome here so razorfist responds,to this and i think he actually,committed murder no when your pals fail,to cancel one of the most respected,battle tech riders,so take into account talented people,that are legitimately contributing to,the game,and they've made the game what it is,they should be fired,because they're rude people,so,everyone that plays the game and pays,money for it is going to lose because,the good writer isn't there but at least,now that you might have a mediocre or,shitty writer he might be a nice person,so razor fist is pointing out no because,you tried and you failed to cancel the,writer,and then you demanded the graveling,apology from pgi over imaginary,transphobia which they rejected you,started gatekeeping we're just ending it,so they don't like the fact that they,recognize how effective these tactics,are and they don't like that it's being,used against them and they're hiding,under the skirt of the lgbtq community,this has nothing to do with the lgbtq,community by the way i've absolutely no,problem playing with a gay person,playing with a transgender person i have,several transgender people that are,giving me money on subscribe star,because they like my content all right,but this is what the mortal busy body,does he's a coward he hides behind the,skirts of,the lgbtq community because they are,being de-powered the power is now being,taken away from them and they realized,oh my god wow so you're saying that i,can't go on a forum and bully people,around with my ideology anymore i i,can't you know like in real life i don't,have any talent and now you're saying,that when i go online,people want listen to me and they won't,be afraid of me oh boo hoo hoo you're,actually hurting insert vulnerable group,here,and by the way this is a tactic that,communists have perfected over the last,hundred of years,like for example,if you are against lenin if you disagree,with lenin's policies you are against,the working class,if you are against i don't know not even,communist like if you're against obama,like you didn't like the obamacare act,or you didn't like a policy that obama,did,you're a racist,if you are against a policy that hillary,clinton was proposing you are a sexist,now if you're against mortal busy bodies,uh acting like they're big on uh,the the community and they're sharing,block lists and they're deciding which,person should be allowed and which,person

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Razorfist HACKED & Deleted From Youtube & Twitter! Important Lesson For RazörFist or The Rageaholic

Razorfist HACKED & Deleted From Youtube & Twitter! Important Lesson For RazörFist or The Rageaholic

what's going on everyone jeremy here,from the quartering and many of you have,been reaching out today,asking what's gone on with a fellow,youtuber,razorfist and their uh youtube channel,and,twitter being deleted geeded off,the planet earth now based on the topics,that razer fist,covers when i first saw this i thought,oh,another one bites the dust but it,turns out that it was just a good,old-fashioned,fishing scam and i thought i would um,first cover that because people are also,dragging his personal life into it,which is uh just cringe uh,and and bad um,there are people out there that you know,there was a a particular tweet,that was sent out from the razer fist,account,that i don't know,um it didn't look good,it didn't look great um,but i i'm just gonna have to give him,the benefit of the doubt on this one um,use two-factor authentication i don't,care how big or how little,your uh youtube or social media accounts,are it's important to protect them i,wish i had some sort of sponsor for that,but i don't,um and uh razorfist returned to twitter,to say always enable two-factor,authentication people no it was not eve,just a good old-fashioned fishing job i,don't like talking about my private life,even when it happens,to be true so you can imagine how much i,love talking about it when it happens to,be,bs uh and i he shares some,text messages between i don't know um,perhaps is that his girlfriend or,ex-girlfriend i'm not sure exactly who,this,is did you hack razor fist account and,close all his stuff la mao no i don't,have his passwords and then the two,they linked to the tweet wtf lull,obviously this is eve i thought it was,uh you i thought you was kind of,confused nah and razer,wouldn't say something like that to me,that's pathetic,what's going on i don't know however um,wait i don't have a twitter so if this,stuff is still up can you please tell,the people that this is bs um,okay i got you i stay simple for you,even though you're a ghost,on i don't know rw twitter i don't know,exactly what that mean,um yeah so it would appear that,it's bologna sausage and some people,bring up some,uh important points in here that,uh uh i wanna bring up,now i think if he was hacked if i,feel like it was done by somebody who,actually knows him because the the tweet,that was put up,said some pretty heinous and specific,stuff,that like uh would go directly against a,lot of what he talks about i'm not gonna,give that tweet much,mind um or,signal boost it i know there is a video,of an argument that he had with his,girlfriend going on out there,i don't really see anything off about,that i mean yes,arguing with your significant other uh,happens um it's not always pretty,and most of us who are in long-term,relationships have had a few blowouts,here and there,i don't see anything there to uh to,again be signal boosting or going over,there's a stupid argument between two,people,really none of my business none of none,of our business the fact that his,girlfriend or ex-girlfriend posted on,social media,is cringe and wrong but that's really,none of my business,some interesting points in here saying i,work in cyber security fishing and,social engineering engineering have,increased by over 350 percent,since the lockdowns always independently,verify weird messages,always use two-factor authentication and,always use long passwords,random characters don't really matter,use a long,easy to remember phrase someone also,says i've been getting two to three,emails per,day bypassing all the auto filters that,i that used to work,would hate to open the cesspit that is,the junk folder,learned early that if in doubt delete,and check the company directly via,secure login servers,um a few days later i can,say you know with a hundred percent,certainty,that i have seen a massive increase in,uh,attempts to uh um,take control of my youtube channel uh to,take control of my,my social media channels so much so that,i actually changed my passwords again,so they wouldn't be on my assistant's,computer not that,not that um i'm worried about her,logging in and doing something bad,but because it's really really getting,hard to tell the difference between a,legitimate email,uh and one that is complete spam i'm,actually going to show you one,that i just recently got i think if i,saved it,i wasn't i didn't this didn't occur to,me at the time,um to make a video on it i did post,something on,on uh on twitter,but i'm gonna show you what this kind of,stuff looks like,uh right it came from,pandora uh which is a legitimate sponsor,um and it was,i don't know if maybe i can't find it,here i don't know,if it was you know somebody who was,specifically trying to target me,or if it was you know one of these,phishing scams,but it's difficult to tell and i'll show,you you know i know what to look for now,um but ultimately,well i think i deleted them yep i,deleted it uh,the way the message really just went was,it started out saying hey we want to,work with you you know we're a sponsor,um yo

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