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Top Story with Tom Llamas - Jan. 10 | NBC News NOWtonight California under a state of,emergency and

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Updated on Jan 15,2023

Top Story with Tom Llamas - Jan. 10 | NBC News NOW

tonight California under a state of,emergency and the death toll is climbing,the state battered with a Relentless,string of deadly storms at least 15,people killed a monster sinkhole,swallowing cars hold near Los Angeles a,mother and daughter pulled to safety,tens of thousands forced to evacuate,including celebrities like Ellen,DeGeneres two First Responders will join,us live in just moments to take us,inside the heroine rescues by boat and,by plane pressure mounting on President,Biden after that stunning Revelation,late last night classified documents,from his time as Obama's vice president,found at one of his private offices the,discovery made just one week before the,midterms so the growing question tonight,why is this just coming to light now the,new investigation House Republicans are,preparing to launch border crisis the,president meeting with leaders of Mexico,and Canada to deal with the Staggering,surge of migrants arriving by land and,by sea both Texas and Florida facing a,humanitarian crisis the lawmaker,representing the Florida Keys where,hundreds have been arriving in makeshift,vessels joins top story tonight when,he's calling on President Biden to do,the dramatic video out of Utah's,snowboard were caught in an avalanche,how he lived to tell the tale you'll,hear from him tonight Plus in his own,words Prince Harry's Memoir finally,hitting the shelves the explosive new,details you have not heard including the,first time Harry heard about his family,calling him Williams spare and why Megan,was not allowed by the Queen's side in,her final days and the wild images from,a rock Royal Caribbean cruise ship a,waterfall raining down on the deck with,the cruise line says caused that,spectacle at Sea top story starts right,now,foreign,good evening we begin top story tonight,with that state of emergency in,California listen to this right now 90,percent of that state that's nearly 34,million people are under flash flood,watches at this hour and already 15,people have died because of these storms,the images coming in like something out,of a disaster movie Water rushing,towards and down roads turning them into,rivers and the loss of life and property,has been catastrophic I want to take,show you some of this video here rescue,teams across the state pulling off,dangerous Swift water rescues the Santa,Barbara County Fire Department able to,save the driver of this truck luckily an,overnight a massive sinkhole swallowing,two vehicles in Los Angeles pretty,incredible they are mother and daughter,though pulled from the bottom of the pit,safely and daylight revealing just how,enormous that sinkhole was nearly half,of the road was washed away into the,river and mudslides another huge concern,tonight this one trapping roughly 400,people at an RV Resort outside of Santa,Barbara Crews responding to 9-1-1 calls,around the the clock in a moment a,captain and pilot from the Sacramento,County fire department will join us live,to tell us how they are dealing with the,seemingly endless onslaught of dangerous,storms but we begin with Miguel almaguer,at the scene of that massive sinkhole we,just showed you in Los Angeles Miguel,it's quite a scene there just behind you,I understand emergency crews are still,on the scene,yeah they're still here Tom and the,pictures you have been showing are just,incredible and so is the scene behind me,the storm that slammed into Central and,Southern California was incredibly,violent the road behind me just buckled,open I want to show you some drone video,overhead of this sinkhole there is not,one but two separate cars that have,plummeted 35 feet down incredibly,everyone inside those cars somehow made,it out alive but this has been a very,violent storm and not everyone's been so,lucky,as a new monster storm barrels across,every major city in California again,we're seeing more water rescues flash,flooding and mudslides unfold these,disasters killing at least 17 also,shredding apart new sections of the,state it was like two feet of mud and,water coming down the street in and out,of the houses so it was pretty scary,this time California's historically,Sunny cities Los Angeles Santa Barbara,and Montecito were last with a Biblical,Deluge as mountains crumble toward the,sea,sinkholes opened up in L.A,firefighters lifting car passengers From,The Underground crater,the historic storms washing over cities,from San Francisco to San Diego are,literally redefining the state cracked,and crumbled California's battered,coastline is perhaps as dangerous as it,is beautiful some of the state's most,iconic properties are also some of the,most vulnerable Montecito an enclave to,the Rich and Famous like Ellen DeGeneres,this is crazy is still under Citywide,evacuations as authorities Fear The,Return of deadly mudslides notable,cities since the start of the new year,are all drenched in rainfall running,well over a hundred percent of average,it is right up there with some of the,most extensive rainfall we've seen,definite

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Stachs || RAW Story

Stachs || RAW Story

unmarked and i'm the guitarist for,snacks and i'm maxeen and i'm a singer,and the piano player just starting,pretty much just very musicians trying,to just make videos have fun with it and,hopefully see where it goes at the,moment and we're basically trying to,write an EP yeah and get some very happy,with like five would be great cuz he's,written about well I went home for 3,000,homes and I just never aren't finishing,them so we were like you know what it's,about time yeah I can't imagine going,the day without having music I mean I,work in the gym and there's always music,playing so whether it's songs I like or,not if I had the same thing I open over,again there's always some rhythm or a,beat going so that keeps me going,throughout the hours however the moment,I'm in advertising but its,pharmaceutical and the people are great,and i love it but it's just not you know,we wake up in is if i was no no you just,want it yeah and you'll constantly think,about music saving upon typing away and,everyone's like they've got this game,would that they say at work I always,like we're in the building is Maxine,because she can hear I just think I,can't help it but I think you're out,that time in our lives where you kind of,have to make this is what you want to do,and I'm really try and pursue it yeah,give it our all we've been friends for a,long time yeah year 7 all through school,that we never ever work together there,we didn't foresee me oh yeah I was very,narrow mind of a my music back in the,day that I think it's good a branched,open and I came back from Union I was,like you play I play it's playing and it,happened I have been singing it was like,really small and writing my right I love,writing that's my favorite thing I've,always had music and my family I my,parents have always played music around,me so from the young age I've been,tapping out,rhythms or listening to various artists,so it's kind of just a natural,progression to slide into it and then a,dish decided to really pursue the guitar,and see what that went went to,university studied music there and then,rest is history it's just nice to share,the same passion with someone else who's,also is artistic and creative and people,don't believe it we like the same music,we are after a similar sounds such as I,do feel like if there's a big event in,your life it's so much easier right you,got a lot zone yeah musics a good really,good job then channel yeah it's kind of,a calming South I want to create because,I'm I'm quite an active person so it's,nice listen to stuff that kind can kind,of suit yeah I like simple so I cannot,work for us but we actually we do have a,would like it caution in our song just,something else to give it yeah an extra,element yeah it's quite straight back as,it is I use the loop pedal to build,things up we record piano loops as well,but it'd be nice to yeah something when,it was into at the moment we're gonna,keep pushing it is as long as we still,have a love for it we will find a way to,make happen yeah yeah and I think it's,what I think what we want out of this is,for people to like our music yeah,absolutely simple as that is and how do,you guys if someone if we would have a,gig and actual people turned up that we,didn't know I'm were like right yeah,because we love it is that is amazing,yeah for us to enjoy what we do and,other people appreciate it hi thanks for,watching our story if you want to listen,to our original song quickly cover song

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Gon Should Be Afraid To Fight Killua

Gon Should Be Afraid To Fight Killua

Killua Zoldyck and Gon Freecss are both extremely  capable fighters. But even after so many chapters  ,of the manga, we’ve never seen them face  off, barring one brief training session.  ,And now, with Gon having  lost his ability to use Nen,  ,a sparring match between our leads  is out of the question for now.  ,But that’s what we’ve got theorizing for.  We’ve seen both of these young hunters fight  ,for a while now. We’ll take a look back at  their past, breaking down their movesets, and  ,thinking this through. We’ll be ignoring as many  extrinsic factors as possible: Killua’s weapons,  ,Gon’s mental state, and the specific arena  are all not being considered. On pure skill,  ,who wins? Let’s get to it.  ,The Young Hunter is one of the most dangerous  combatants in the world of Hunter x Hunter. It’s  ,not something you’d expect from him at a glance:  Gon is a friendly kid, and immediately appealing.  ,He’s not some fight-happy type of hero,  endlessly striving to grow stronger and  ,beat up more powerful foes. He just wants to  help his friends and explore the world. But  ,he’s got raw strength to spare, and when it comes  to a fight, you should never underestimate him.  ,Gon is extremely tough: able to take blows head  on if he has to. His sheer endurance borders on  ,ridiculous. Even extremely powerful foes have  found it difficult to inflict serious damage  ,on Gon. He’s managed to stay in the ring for  ten days straight, so wearing him out isn’t an  ,option. He’s also got the raw strength  and power to hit back, enough to knock  ,out a pro hunter without even going all out. But more interesting for our purposes is his  ,intellect. Gon has repeatedly shown himself to be  very insightful and creative: avoiding straight  ,up fights he’s not able to win. He was able to  conceal himself from Hisoka, following behind  ,the murderous hunter even when he was looking for  victims. Gon’s not just a brawler; he’s a Hunter,  ,and he fights with his head. He’s capable  of strategizing against difficult opponents  ,to the point where he can predict their blows  and reinforce his aura at just the right spot.  ,When it comes to a battle, Gon’s perfected  a versatile set of abilities. His   ,provides three potent attacks, a short  ranged blunt force blow with ,  ,a mid range aura-formed slash with , or  a long ranged blast with . The only problem  ,is that it takes him some time to "charge up."  Gon didn’t just name this move for Rock, Paper,  ,Scissors - he has to count down before ‘calling’  his attack. This restriction is what gives  ,Jajanken its power; it’s not some optional bit  of flair he can ignore when it’s not convenient.  ,Gon has managed to throw a second Rock without the  charge, simply calling but it drained  ,his aura much more rapidly. He can’t spam this  move time after time or open with a quick attack.  ,Still, this isn’t even close to Gon’s upper  limit. But before we start talking about that,  ,make sure you’re subscribed to the channel,  have rung the notification button, and hit  ,"like" for your regular dose of Plot Armor. Now,  let’s see what the pinnacle of Nen looks like.  , Gon’s ultimate ability  ,is one we’ve only seen once, and it’s not clear  whether it can be replicated. Using it required  ,a very specific Oath, one Gon only made while  lost in anger and despair due to the loss of  ,Kite. It also came with serious consequences.  After this point, he’s lost all use of Nen,  ,so treating it as a regular ability feels odd.  But we’ve seen situations like this before: such  ,as Uryu over in Bleach. If we’re comparing Gon  and Killua, it would be wrong to leave this out.  ,Full Power Gon is hard to get an objective feel  for. We’ve only seen Gon manifest this ultimate  ,form for one scene after all. We’re going  to have to do some extrapolation here. This  ,is Gon at both his physical and mental peak.  He’s an enhancer with near untapped potential,  ,so that’s very high indeed. It’s boosted  his strength and aura output beyond a doubt.  ,Killua could tell that just by looking at him. One  Jajanken in Full Power is enough to knock a Royal  ,Guard like Neferpitou halfway up a mountain. This  put Gon on one of the highest power levels we’ve  ,ever seen in Hunter x Hunter. He legitimately  seems comparable to Chairman Netero and Meruem.  ,There shouldn’t be anyone who can really  stand up to him in a straight up brawl.  ,However, this isn’t exactly a transformative  ability. While Gon has some skill in Transmutation  ,following his training with Biscuit, his focus  is Enhancement. Full Power allows Gon to unlock  ,the full potential of his aura, bringing all  that potential future development of his life  ,force together for a short time. It's all about  himself and his internal energy suggesting it’s  ,more an outgrowth of that Enhancement focus: Gon’s  speciality. He’s ludicrously strong in this form,  ,and has aura to spare, but that strength  doesn’t come with refinement. This fits  ,with

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Raw Stories™ l A 14-year-old studentpreneur suggests that you let your kids fly and go on exploring

Raw Stories™ l A 14-year-old studentpreneur suggests that you let your kids fly and go on exploring

the color upon stage I would like to,call Miss V hasna begum to please you,know come forward and join us on stage,request all the ladies and gentlemen,give it up one huge round of applause,for this little 14-year girl the stage,is all yours girl so let's pour your Raw,Story let's hear today okay thank you,and uh hi uh salaam alaikum and Namaste,I am hasana and I'm a 14 year old girl,from tunneli in Meena Shankar vidyalaya,and first let me introduce my parents,they are varsha maiden and Sarah Banu,they are like there and my father is a,businessman and my mom is a housewife,you may think like how a 14 year old,could do this Founders and startups,something like that so so first let me,just go around and have a flashback on,Fourth standard like whenever was on,Fourth standard I just got some ideas by,seeing some roadside peoples and also,like an online session and in my old,school when I was studying at the nearly,my old school I just have a foreign,exchange program and I saw so much of,Africa people America people I just saw,them and they just told me like we don't,have so much of Financial and we don't,have so much of educations going apart,there and also that I thought of like,something oh it's okay then I thought,like that when also when I just having a,traveling with my father and my mom in a,car then I saw so much of roadside,children selling toys and selling some,pens like for one to two rupees instead,of studying I just asked them like why,you are not studying then they told like,my mom and my dad didn't give money for,them so then I thought like oh I could,do with it so I thought like okay so why,don't let me just tell and educate them,I just thought that then I was trying to,do I at least educate like four to three,members in at my fourth standard then,then I can't do it because of my studies,so let's come again in the flashback of,sixth grade on the sixth grade like uh I,guess on January 2019 in the middle of,sixth grade to seventh grade,lockdown comes after finishing my annual,exam lockdown came and there was like so,much of online class going on almost,like I was like,um then I went for a research thing,then I searched for competitions going,on like,um why I can't do anything everyone,calls me failure failure hasana because,like I didn't do anything like I got,discriminated from my old friends,bullies like I doesn't know to do,anything I was like a cheater I don't,know to do anything I was like an,average student then like I thought like,why I couldn't do it then I thought like,on a mood of six standard I just go into,some Student Competition I just saw a,research competition a research coach,like a competition then that research,was called as youth research walks which,is from California I thought like just,so this is like a bigger one for,graduates and IIT students something,like that then I just thought like oh in,my random mind I just keep it and put it,I just I mean I feel the form after,filling the form for like two to three,weeks I just saw something in the mail,of mine there was like from youth walks,in California from Joyce coffee mom,she's the chairman when they just saw,like she wrote Hi hasana I was very,impressed on your application form and I,would like to interview with you like,have a meet with you then I just after I,told like I have so much of Works ma'am,so I'll just meet you after a week then,I met her in the meet Google meet then I,just saw that I just spoke to her like,she asked why are you interested to,search I just don't like ma'am there are,so much of roadside people are going,there and I just want to educate them,and also I just saw like so much of,gender discrimination going on in the,tunnel Valley side and also in,thoothukudi side caste system there was,so much of things then Joyce ma'am told,like okay like you could wait for a week,again I waited for a week and she told,like congrats you have selected I didn't,expect that this research competition,was for IIT students and college,graduate,but I was on grade six that was a huge,thing which I didn't expect it then when,I went for you to search walks there was,like an introduction set I mean,introduction session on the introduction,session there was like so much of,college I mean IIT graduates MIT,graduates and college graduate,undergraduate some of them and I was the,only one kid who was like on 10 to 11,years old I guess when I was that I just,saw like so much of members from America,Africa Russia Ukraine there was so much,of them I don't like how to speak,English to them because,um each and every country Anson has a,different thing for example American,speaks American English your United,Kingdom space like there's English for,them Indian speaks like India and,English as I speak Indian English like I,could understand them then like um after,an introduction session I got into three,members into a team there are three,members one is me and another is my best,friend who helped forth to come into,startup,then another is som

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Raw vs Nitro "Reliving The War": Episode 132 - May 4th 1998

Raw vs Nitro "Reliving The War": Episode 132 - May 4th 1998

you won a war,you're gonna get one now get the guns,welcome to the first reliving the war of,2023 we're going back to the 4th of May,1998 this week with Raw coming from,Richmond Virginia and Nitro coming from,Indianapolis Indiana the NBA playoffs,once again affect wcw's Monday night,wrestling show Nigel's been cut down by,60 Minutes this week so we have no,unopposed order look at so let's get,straight into it with head-to-heads,before we do that though here's this,week's jam up guy a big thanks to Austin,and a big thanks to everyone who's,better visit the and,picked up a reliving the war shirt,alright soldiers let's do it this is,reliving the War episode 132.,raw opens up with a recap of the Dude,Love Vince McMahon and Steve Austin,rivalry that's been going on for a few,weeks now all Nigel Tony Giovanni,announces that Kevin Nash versus Lex,Luger main event for tonight and he also,says that Brian Adams has sided with the,NWO Hollywood okay then Mick Foley cuts,a promo on Raw while Nitro starts with a,match Eddie Guerrero versus Scott Norton,so this is another Love Shack promo but,Mick Foley is in Finland tonight there,is no gimmick here Foley's holding his,Dude Love attire and he says he doesn't,know who he is anymore Mick says he beat,Austin and Unforgiven and hides would,fully get rewarded he didn't get a,rematch he didn't get announced as the,number one Contender no that honor went,to gold dust and tonight Foley was,informed that he'll be facing Terry Funk,in the raw man event make thanks Mr,McMahon once fully and Funk to destroy,each other in the ring so Vince won't,have to deal with Foley anymore so Foley,announces he's not going to throw away,his career by continuing to suck up the,Vince McMahon man he's also not gonna,let his wife and kids see him dance on,stage with second Rich strippers during,Love Shack segments and Meg also,announces that dude love is finished,Cactus Jack wants some answers so he,calls out Vince McMahon McMahon walks,out and doodleb says he won't dress and,the Dude Love gear ever again for Vince,McMahon says Foley's got guts were,calling him out and McMahon wants to,know who the hell Mick thinks he is,foley didn't get the job done at,Unforgiven because Stone Cold still WWF,Champion Foley then cried and moaned,when Goldust was named number one,Contender and Vince expected better from,Foley Ollie's just acting like all these,common fans sitting in the arena in,regards the events punishing fully with,a Terry Funk March then says it's a,reward it's an opportunity it fully,beats his friend within an inch of his,life if he rips Terry's heart out then,that's the type of sacrifice it takes,for someone to move forward and beat,Stone Cold Steve Austin for the WWF,Championship McMahon has confidence in,Mick Foley because Mick Foley can do it,he can seize the opportunity and fully,can become the number one Contender then,Stan says fully through Dude Love and,his fears and Vince wants to know how,Foley feels after getting the throw,through on his fears then slaps Meg and,Meg Smiles at his boss and then the,glass shutters and Stone Cold Steve,Austin walks out Austin walks past,mechan he goes right after Vince Vince,runs away the ringside so Stone Cold,kicks inflatable chairs and he uses his,Batu to take down the love shack Austin,goes after Vince Vince grabs his new,weapon of choice the ring bell and,Austin decides to head back up the ramp,to destroy more stage props what we'll,fully do later in the Terry Funk March,well stick with reliving the war and,we'll find out Chavo comes to the ring,with Uncle Eddie and Eddie says he's,gonna set an example for Chavo tonight,he's gonna show him how to be a winner,because not only is he travel's favorite,wrestler but he's our favorite wrestler,too Eddie tells Scott Norton to get,himself down to the ring so flash can,take on the best wrestler in WCW today,and Eddie's pretty confident tonight,he's doing push-ups as Norton gets in,the ring and he's eager to show travel,how to win matches like a true Guerrero,the bell rings and example for his,his nephew oh no Eddie's hurt his knee,and it looks serious Eddie can't compete,in this match so trouble is gonna have,to do it for him per Eddie Guerrero this,is chavo's chance though he gets tossed,in the ring and Eddie's gonna coach from,the outside things don't go too well at,the opening bell and Eddie puts a towel,over his head again Norton goes after,Eddie and chabu takes advantage by,targeting the knee but then he wants his,nephew to stay on his opponent and win,this match double tries his best but,Norton hits him with a par slime and,this gets followed up with Norton's,signature shoulder breaker javu has once,again embarrassed the Guerrero family,but he does get some sympathy from,Ultimo dragon dragon comes down to check,on chavu as daddy tells him to get out,of the ring,foreign,pack promo as mentioned last week,General says that Owen is the joint,leader of the nation along with the rock,it's quite

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The Raw Realities of 'Making It' | HOLLYWOOD LOVE STORY

The Raw Realities of 'Making It' | HOLLYWOOD LOVE STORY

so what made you decide to submit to,lemon lime pretty much just heard that,you guys are,more of a non-traditionally,traditional agency and obviously i'm not,a traditional model whatsoever so right,um i have to be honest so the people,that are getting the most work right now,are just kind of more real very geek,chic very napoleon dynamite very the,office um,natural real people yeah,quirky techie,the it guy,we,never try to ask someone to be who,they're not yeah,we need to give you the reality of how,the industry works,are you open to getting us headshots and,taking commercial workshops i,i think so i don't i obviously would,like need more detail on like how often,i would have to like go to those things,because i don't i don't live here and it,takes me like three and a half hours to,get here,every time that i come to la the thing,is is if you want to make it this,industry like you're going to need to,push a little bit we don't want to hear,like a sob story about driving and or,anything like that yeah,you know the reality is it doesn't,really matter if you have a ton of,instagram followers we need to bring on,people that are going to have consistent,auditions and consistent booking and,your look right now just isn't that too,unique,oh my god i feel like i'm going to freak,the out right now,i feel like a lot of i feel i hear like,i feel like i've heard from other like,models a lot of non like traditional,models that like they feel like they,feel like a lot of agencies that,represent themselves as being,non-traditional,still don't actually care about you they,actually don't they're only tapping into,these markets because they're realizing,that people are demanding it,even closer to la in general it would,give me so many opportunities to just do,so many different,think things not really looking forward,to spending tons of money on rent,and all the other stuff that comes along,with living in l.a,the unite open is on the first floor,this one is one bed one bath,actually that it's a studio,these days i'm seeing a lot of people,move into la,you see a lot of actors actresses,there's just so many opportunities to,really advance in your career,as you can see the bedroom is a little,bit cozy it looks like about,i would say,six by six feet a really basic studio,apartment that you're going to find in,la the going rate is 1400 at the moment,well,um,yeah,i i think that i know that i can't like,afford this place,a lot of people when they move to la,they think that they're gonna become,famous but the reality is it's really, tough so what do you do for work,um i guess i model a little bit and then,i also like my main source of income is,um cam work okay yeah,i know of a girl and she did cam work as,well she also did modeling and she was a,singer actress um every all of the above,whatever required of her she did it,she's doing well now she's famous now,i think so she was actually,she was blowing her landlord,to stay,and he she did that for a whole year you,do what you got to do to,make it work in this city,la it's a land of opportunities and blow,jobs,you

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Raw Stories™ l 27th August 2022, Chennai : Perfect Celluloid Moments

Raw Stories™ l 27th August 2022, Chennai : Perfect Celluloid Moments

foreign,clean around long story platform we are,recognizing and celebrating the life,journey of the self-made and selfless,people who are growing from Ground Zero,from all walks of light the speakers are,here today come from all across the,country and we are eager to your your,Raw Story for today thank you so much,for joining with us,you should also try to motivate Futures,and the future of small kids children's,we should try to help them boost their,make them as forward as possible,foreign,Edition I think a lot of people come out,with great ideas,I always used to say ideas are the,currencies of the 21st Century,we learn from small talks,once I used to wonder how these great,authors make these great books which,used to turn into a huge success and,influences the lives of millions of,people,tell him,always when people you are young right,small small things you will Overlook for,people who want to cut yourself with the,initial investment from my parents,within the one year of starting my,business,foreign,too much of Revenue but it was almost,paying me as much as my salary on job so,I was like why don't I take the risk and,thankfully my mother was very supportive,nobody,was broken into pieces like when I was,on Fourth standard I just got some ideas,by C eat some roadside papers,so I'd like to start with this code that,whatever happens in life is for a good,reason,yes that's true and we have experienced,it is,foreign,I always believed that there is a way,whenever there's a Darkness there is a,light,then I approached PVR Inox I started my,own ticket sales I opened a ticket,booking for my own movies in my own,website so that I get the customer,database but everyone to give yourself a,big round of love this is what the half,trick is all about,foreign

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Lou Foulkes || RAW Story

Lou Foulkes || RAW Story

excuse me mmm I mean I just got a job in,a bar so i'm working there like day to,day so I wake up like like midday like,11-12 ish check my phone some italian,get a brew and then usually i just put,our about for a bit on my computer try,and sort of throw together a few ideas,for music and maybe like if I've got,time sort of try and work on a new cover,or something and on my days off it's,sort of the same just without the home,part yeah sometimes I take my mom to,work in the morning because she starts,early it's after sometimes get open what,is like the middle of the night because,I'll have gotten it like two three in,the morning and then asked to take their,photo 5 to take her to work at eight,seven and then I'll just get like get,get back in bed when I've took her to,work yeah most of my free time spent,doing doing music primarily I'm a singer,but I also play I also play guitar and a,little bit base and a little bit of,cheese and funnily enough I started,playing I started off playing the drums,I also play a bit of ukulele but not I,don't pride myself on it well I don't,mean I do but it's not like I'm not like,I don't burst into rooms and go I'm a,ukulele player and you know so yes in in,like 2011 which is when I started my,degree and obviously music was a very,important part of my life almost one of,the only parts of my life that I,actually cared about my mom is like,incredibly important to me she has been,forever in the like development of my,eye my musical talents and stuff because,she's just supported me with whatever I,wanted to do whenever I wanted to do it,like I used to do like karate lessons,and then like like it for a while when I,was a kid I used to do football and then,like one day and it's really just was,like now I don't want to do it anymore,issues that right fine,and then I did Karate for a beer I,nearly got two black belt bus at it off,before that I choose right I whatever,and then like when I did music she was,really supportive and it's a drama,lesson I did drama for a bit used to,wear to a drama club she she dropped me,off and like pay for my lessons and,stuff and and like and then when they,decided to quit that she was just like,yes fine weather like she's been really,the perfect balance between like pushy,and not pushy when she needed to be I,consider myself so lucky for like,everything that I've got but nothing,more than like my mom cuz she's just the,best and even now I'm still like very,much in the early stages of things,because I'm still not sure like about,what exactly I want to do so that's the,stage i'm at really at the moment you,know then we'll see what happens like,thank you for watching Ross stories with,me Lou folks if you liked this and you,don't know why here you can click on,these links either side of me which one,will take you to the first song i did,for raw pitches and the other will take,you to the second song that I did for,more pictures once a cover was an,original thank you very much at peace,out

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