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Lamar Jackson, Mark Andrews, Ravens Play Who Tweeted This? | Ravens Superlativesi'm gonna assume tha

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Updated on Jan 17,2023

Lamar Jackson, Mark Andrews, Ravens Play Who Tweeted This? | Ravens Superlatives

i'm gonna assume that this was,marlon that's marlon marlow it's,probably but yeah i feel like he,would say all of this,your forehead bigger than the pacific,ocean,i have no idea what they were telling me,who would say something like this i,don't know who would have said that,marlon marlon would say that so i'm,gonna go with marlin,marlin,pq,patrick queen this is definitely a,defensive guy,no,is it really you're,your forehead,pacific ocean,that would be your boy wow this is mark,this is crazy,wow mark,mars,mark,what,why would margaret that um i think i was,just roasting somebody when i was in,middle school or something oh my god and,you got the receipts oh snap ketchup,should never be refrigerated,hmm,i probably didn't say it there because i,definitely believe this you should never,refrigerate ketchup i really like pq or,something i'm right,it's cool that's patrick queen patrick,queen gotta be pq patrick queen oh,that's a pq tweet you know he's got some,uh pretty,yeah good and bad food takes on twitter,that had to be me,that had to be me,yeah,pq,what hot ketchup,yeah that's disgusting lol so tired of,the iphone 10 it's low-key poo cheese,who says poo cheese,cheese poochies,poo cheese oh jeez low-key poochie,marlon,gotta be marlo come on,sounds like a marlin too,this is tony yes,i think i'm the only one that says,poochies tony jefferson tony jefferson,tony jefferson tony,bro it's ridiculous he do v2 again i,can't wait for college hashtag omg,i don't know that one that that one's,tough who could that be,so gonna go with power card power card,ever card i'm gonna go with gino stone,on this one you know he's a big iowa guy,it's a little weird how much he brings,it up y'all might want to help me with,this one because i'm not sure,definitely nobody like lamar or somebody,i can't lamar you serious no mo,i can't wait for college oh my god,wait did ricky,he's a vet,who is this who's,me,i said this i was hype i was like,now i can't wait for 2022 season,drake is the greatest artist of all time,regardless of genre ignoring all other,opinions have a good day,oh man have a good day i think i saw,kyle hamilton say that i did not say,this i wish i did say this because it is,fact probably like a crochet of somebody,i could see him saying something like,that crochet man james bill jay crochet,james crochet,james,how did i know that was james,james bro,yeah dude loves drake fangirl regardless,of genre this is me i don't know if i,tweeted but this is me whoever if it's,not me i agree with you,this is me yeah okay yeah this is me,drake's the goat by the way why do girls,all,why do girls always have to write a,three three-page mla sighted paper for a,birthday shout out,oh my gosh who would even tweet this,to someone who,doesn't have a girl,i would have to say marlin for this,gonna probably say marlin,marla,marla huffer well these are gotta be,marlin for real merlin,no,rookie,gosh kyle hamilton,kyle hamilton there you go kyle says,something like this,who even comes up with these ideas this,has got to be like a 2012 tweet right,here too,i think that was me in like 2012.,it's facts though that's facts though,it's facts 11 year old kyle cheese,noodles will never be elite marlin,cheese noodles,y'all even got to read it you know,that's marlon marlon humphrey that's,marlon humphrey marlon said that yup,marlon humphrey marlon,marlon,idiot

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Roquan Smith, Ravens agree to 5-year, $100M DEAL | CBS Sports HQ

Roquan Smith, Ravens agree to 5-year, $100M DEAL | CBS Sports HQ

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How should Ravens handle the ongoing Lamar Jackson situation? | NFL | SPEAK

How should Ravens handle the ongoing Lamar Jackson situation? | NFL | SPEAK

remember Lamar Jackson has a PCL injury,in Shady All Things Considered Lamar's,earned the franchise tag period all that,pay him the money all that show him the,money all of that good stuff has,amounted now in Lamar earning himself a,franchise tag Ravens fans have to be,frustrated I know head coach John,Harbaugh is frustrated I know the,entirety of that organization is,frustrated because of Sean McCoy he has,missed 10 games in the last two seasons,that's more than Kyler Murray that's,more than Dak Prescott that's more than,Josh Allen Justin Herbert Patrick,Mahomes that is more than any top 10,quarterback Lamar Jackson has missed the,most 10 games in the last two seasons,the best ability America it is,availability and Lamar Jackson has for,whatever reason been unavailable for,that's the first reason he's earned the,franchise tag second reason he's earned,the franchise tag is the Ravens have,been Super Bowl contenders the last,three seasons three years ago they lose,by 14 points in the playoffs to the,Buffalo Bills Lamar Jackson throws a,pick six that was a 14-point swing they,lost by 14 points last year they were on,track to be the number one seed in their,division win the division Lamar Jackson,gets hurt they missed the playoffs this,year they were going to win the division,once again Lamar Jackson gets hurt now,they have to play a role-play off game,how can you commit long-term money to a,person who you don't know if he's going,to be there long term the last note I,will make is this 2-5 I get it Lamar,saved Harbaugh's job but how long are,you going to hold that over,horror boss had like you saved this job,four years ago but I hate the person who,does a favor for you and then,consistently reminds you four and five,years later hey but remember when I,loaned you a hundred dollars way back,when don't keep holding that over my,head you did me that favor that debt is,now cleared Lamar Jackson franchise,tagged him but I don't think you can pay,him long time it helps you out okay so,I'm gonna go in a different direction,here is it my girl no are you,said something like you know his super,Super Bowl window is why he's still yes,sir always open so why not that's not,saying for Lamar Jackson it's the same,it's the franchise quarterback Joe got,hurt that was a super error I forgot,about that,Lamar Jackson has been hurt can't deny,that that's the proof in it yep but the,thing is when he's there you have that,window of a Super Bowl chances,right with you you okay all right I'm,allergic to what you're saying well,Lamar Jackson have a chance to win the,Super Bowl do you yeah yes based on what,have a chance based on what burrow,opened the window didn't he 2-5 he went,to a Super Bowl last year so when Burl,says the Super Bowl window's open he,we've seen it open before in the,division too listen listen listen this,I'm gonna tell you again all right I'm,listening Lamar Jackson is a different,type of player so I look at Josh Allen's,Patrick Mahomes Lamar Jackson's them,guys are up there right I think the,young guys coming up bro Hertz Herbert,yup some guys are coming Lamar's in that,class that you get the Super Bowl you,have a chance all you have to do is win,your division which they showing it they,can do that and get to the playoffs so,when I look at contracts first of all,with this team y'all not the same team,without Lamar Jackson not at all we've,seen what that team looks like without,Lamar Jackson okay so when you get Lamar,Jackson you sign them up for Ford fire,do whatever it may be you know in that,five years it's a great possibility that,you can get a championship and that's,all you can ask for this NFL league Joy,where are you staying on all of this,what should the Ravens do with Lamar how,should they handle the situation it has,been chaotic oh,I mean you gotta make the best of it and,hope Lamar is available what's the,alternative,what's what's what's on the other side,of life there you go,that's what I'm wondering,it's Bleak that's why they keep bringing,up that Lamar helps keep John Harbaugh's,job because how is how does it look,without him it's a new NFL you can talk,all you want about winning with defense,do that then because really the team,that we have right now in this playoffs,that's going to win with defense is the,San Francisco 49ers,and they still got a lot of pieces on,the offensive side of the ball that are,quite good they have Christian McCaffrey,either gonna get a Debo back right now,George Kittle,they got a few pieces on the offensive,side so it's very easy to argue it's a,quite balanced team talk to him so this,is a new NFL you have to have a,quarterback and particularly in this,division look Mike Tomlin got a winning,record again,Kenny pick it's going to get better and,better Joe Burrow's not going anywhere,we don't know what the Sean Watson the,Browns gonna be next year you want a,life without Lamar Jackson,do you honey I wouldn't do that I,wouldn't do that but don't you think,they already have life

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Joe Burrow on Bills-Bengals, Damar Hamlin injury, Ravens coin flip | Colin Cowherd Podcast

Joe Burrow on Bills-Bengals, Damar Hamlin injury, Ravens coin flip | Colin Cowherd Podcast

long time no talk a lot of people bailed,on Joe burrow not this host,I remember that second half against,Dallas and I said I saw it they're gonna,be fine,um,I mean you let's take the regular season,take a deep breath,um,when did you because you you won a lot,of games in a row now was there a a one,or a two game,or one or two half Moment For You Joe,that you said okay boom we're clicking,we're all good this is a good team,not really you know we we had moments of,that early in the year and it really,just came down to,being more consistent as a team and as,an offense you know I wouldn't say there,was one or two games that,you point to them do like that's that's,the turning point it's just kind of,progression of the Season you get better,throughout the season you have more,practice time together you have more,reps accumulated and you just get better,as the season goes,I'm not a huge fan of playing a team a,third time that's why I'm not a fan of,you know Miami Buffalo a third time,Seattle San Francisco I don't like it I,think it's hard I mean let's be honest,Buffalo is hard to beat once yeah I mean,do you look at it and think,all right they know my Tendencies how do,you view it,yeah that's why division games are are,always harder because you've you play,each other twice a year you know,how the other unit operates,uh you know the guys you know the scheme,they know what you're trying to do you,know what they're trying to do so you,you know it's always harder in those,division games and that's why they're,always so tight,do you feel more responsibility it's,very easy for a team that just beat a,team to be flat the next week that's the,history of the league you beat a team,then you have to Rally the guys and say,yes we got to play with our hair on fire,we can't beat them do you feel a little,bit Joe like this is really where,leadership comes in,urgency go this is everything,no because our guys know how hard it was,to beat those guys last week and they're,going to be healthier and we know what,happened early in the year so,you know like I said you got to take all,these division games,as seriously as possible because you we,we know what Baltimore has on the,defensive side of the football and we,know that they have on the offensive,side of the football they're a really,really good football team that,you know wins a lot of football games,and so it's going to be a tough,challenge for us Brian dabel Giants,coach who's got actually a lot of rings,as an assistant or a coordinator said,playoff experience is overrated now I,look at you last year you didn't have,any and you went on the road I think two,out of three weekends,um,where is it a little overrated and where,is their value in your experience,yeah that's that's tough to say because,we're really once you get into the game,every game is is the same and I think,that's that's how you have to handle it,so I I,obviously I would say the more reps you,have accumulated of something the the,better you're gonna perform but also,once you get in it's it's just another,game,it doesn't feel on the field like a,playoff game to you,no you know the fans are it's a little,more energetic in the crowd in the,atmosphere is always better but,you know once you're out there on the,field you're blocking all that out,anyway,when you look at this season where,you're at I think situationally you're a,better quarterback than a year ago,that's what it feels like to me I,thought your first two years they were,rare but you'd have an occasional,meltdown the game's fast did you do you,sense like you can sense okay this this,could be one of these moments do you in,real time ever feel like man a year ago,I could have melted down there,no I don't really feel like that I do,feel like I've I've drastically improved,my play this season from from last year,just in the totality and so I'm I'm,happy with that but there's also a lot,of of room to improve as well and so you,know I like where we're at as a team and,as an offense and as defense and,honestly as an as a locker room as well,we have one of the tightest locker rooms,I've ever been a part of and I really,think that's ends up being the key to,winning,How concerned are you with your,offensive line injuries,you know we have guys that we really,believe in that have played a lot of,football uh guys like Max and and Hakeem,that you know have stepped in these last,couple weeks you know Hakeem was our,starting right guard for the majority of,the season last year and Max has told a,lot of football in this league and so we,have we got faith in both those guys to,go out and do their jobs,you know when you're,I could argue that your college team LSU,is sort of sort of iconic Louisiana High,School football in Ohio State,that your college programs were much,more Marquee than your NFL team I think,it's funny,that you're considered the first or,second best quarterback in this league,by like people I respect and yet Buffalo,and Kansas City I mean Philadelphia it's,like in

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BREAKING: Roquan Smith Signs MASSIVE Contract Extension With Ravens | Details, Analysis, Ravens News

BREAKING: Roquan Smith Signs MASSIVE Contract Extension With Ravens | Details, Analysis, Ravens News

foreign,you breaking news on the Ravens rundown,as the Baltimore Ravens have agreed in,principle to extend linebacker roquan,Smith to a historic five-year 100,million dollar contract welcome in Tyler,Jones here with you happy to have you,with us on this giant news day for your,Baltimore Ravens Ian Rappaport with the,update moments ago tweets out per St,Omni the Ravens agree in principle with,all pro linebacker roquan Smith now the,highest paid at his position in NFL,history with a five-year 100 million,dollar deal 45 million fully guaranteed,in 60 million in total guarantees huge,the first off-ball linebacker to get 20,million per year rokuan represented,himself now simply put roquan Smith has,earned this based on what he's done not,only for his entire career so far to,this point but also what he's been able,to do for this Baltimore Ravens team,since the trade was made he has been,spectacular in the Ravens defense has,gone up several notches since he joined,the squad we'll bring you these,statistics coming up later but here's,the deal this was the inevitable right,if you're the Baltimore Ravens you don't,make a deal where you train for roquan,Smith unless you were going to extend,him when that deal went down at the,trade deadline all of us I think were,saying to ourselves this is not a matter,of if they'll extend roquad Smith but,when they'll get it done and now you,have this taken care of you didn't have,to give up a whole lot for about the,time remember it was just a second round,pick and a fifth round pick in this,upcoming NFL draft I think we're going,to look back years from now of saying,that you grabbed one of the best,linebackers in the National a football,league and you gave up two picks and it,wasn't even a first round pick this was,highway robbery that the Ravens pulled,off here yeah you had to pay him a lot,of money but at the end of the day this,was a home run deal for the Ravens you,knew you were gonna have to pay him and,you only gave up two picks to do it I,love it this worked out beautifully for,the Ravens now what does it mean for,this team also Lamar Jackson and all of,that we'll get into here in just a,second but here's your chance to weigh,in on the show what's your one word,reaction to the roquan Smith extension,I'll give you my one word here in a,moment but I want to hear from you first,give me your one word reaction to the,Ravens extending roquon Smith and,keeping him in Baltimore for a very long,time folks this is why you subscribe to,the channel as we bring you breaking,Baltimore Ravens news I was just getting,ready to do another video and we said no,no no we got get to this right here,right now on roquan Smith a huge deal,and we're covering this team like no one,else is here on the internet with daily,Baltimore Ravens news and rumors got a,watch party coming up on Sunday night,for the Ravens and the Bengals game post,game recaps game previews and more it's,all in one place you ain't alive if you,ain't subscribed to the Ravens rundown,subscribe now for free here today,now my one word reaction is simply put,I'm just going to use three letters big,this is a big deal it's a big contract,it's a big win for the Baltimore Ravens,to be able to lock down roquan Smith and,not to mention negotiating with himself,he was representing himself did not have,an agent and they get this done during,the season with a playoff game coming in,just a few days this is a big deal folks,and you look at what the Ravens bring to,the table with Roque Juan Smith here's,the side-by-side statistics for you the,first eight weeks and we told you on,this show we were very critical of the,Ravens defense at the beginning portion,of this season I think everybody kind of,points to what happened of that debacle,against the Miami Dolphins earlier in,the year but since rokuan Smith joined,this team things have went from zero to,100 real quick for this group points per,game they went from 23 points per game,given up now down to about 15. yardage,per game went from,364.3 to about 289. passing yards went,from about 267 to 201 rush yards went,from about 4.4 yards per rush to 3.5,yards per rush in Red Zone percentage,went from 61.3 all the way down to 28.,now that's not all because of Rogue one,but a big part of it is because of Rogue,one Smith the grades according to pro,football Focus for roquan Smith give him,an overall grade about,69.9 and the rush defense grade is about,a 77. pass rush grade 61.6 coverage,grade,59.0 I like Pro Football Focus but I,don't think these numbers do quite the,Justice of the job that roquan Smith has,done in 2022. so with all that being,said of knowing what Roque Juan Smith,brings to the table for this Baltimore,Ravens team the contract it is a lot of,money for roquan Smith how would you,grade the contract a b c d r f let me,know in the comments section below what,you think of that contract was that a,good deal for the Ravens was it too much,money was it not enough whatever it may,be grade the cont

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Rich Eisen’s Advice to Lamar Jackson after the Ravens QB’s Recent Twitter Outburst | Rich Eisen Show

Rich Eisen’s Advice to Lamar Jackson after the Ravens QB’s Recent Twitter Outburst | Rich Eisen Show

Lamar Jackson spoke today and he was,asked about his,um highly,um,blue tweet that he sent back clapping,back at a somebody who criticized him,after the loss in Jacksonville here was,his response after the game,and when I got on social media that was,the first thing I seen,and I just busted my behind my whole,team did coaches did and that's what I,seen and,I just reacted to it,my bad my bad or were you concerned,though the perception and the response,to that as a reflection on you and the,organization,no not really you know I was like I said,you know I was just reacting at the time,I was I was mad you know I wasn't,thinking about actions you know it was,like bitter I was bitter I feel like you,should be bitter at the loss though like,no Smiles in fact the fans should be mad,we lost two but not mad at us like we,try you know but it happened I apologize,you know if I heard feelings out there,so two uh pieces of unsolicited advice,to Lamar Jackson,I would after a loss not touch my phone,for hours,and the number two this is advice I give,to everybody unsolicited,hover don't press,right when your thumb if you're angry,type it out if it helps you type it out,and read it and then hit delete hit,delete yeah hover over that send button,and don't press it hover don't press,that's it,that could be like a t-shirt a bumper,sticker it makes you feel better better,to write it out write it out get it out,of your system yes just don't hit send,correct you could tell anybody to eat,whatever you want absolutely but don't,hit send I mean some people need to be,told that they can but it doesn't matter,you're punching down that person just,wants to see that they've been heard and,and seen it doesn't respond it doesn't,work it doesn't matter it doesn't help,ever ever back here on the Rich Eisen,show talking about Lamar Jackson's tweet,that he sent on our we're talking uh now,on our our radio show to our radio,audience it's just you don't ever have,to anytime you respond to a troll,anytime you respond to anybody who's,critical of you Keith olberman taught me,this a long time ago he's like anybody,that criticizes you on the Air does not,about what you do on the year or,whatever does not have your best,interest in mind just doesn't doesn't,have a personal stake in anything just,maybe have something personal against,you pay it no mind you might take it the,criticism and internalize it to get,better,so Lamar it's just like it doesn't,you're giving this person your platform,when you're responding,I've told you that all the time don't,don't read the YouTube comments look man,but some people like every now and then,you're gonna respond oh and I totally,understand his response is I'm a human I,got upset you know and I know it sounds,great to like just internalize it but,not everybody can do that all the time,he's got to well I mean certainly if,you're a face front quarterback in the,National foreign,like you say you're you've got you're,multiversity even on Twitter nobody you,know no I'm just I can't tell nobody to,go and eat it makes no sense,for him to tell this guy off you're,right you're right you just saw that,there's no upside yeah when you hit send,it's just like I told that one fan,that's sitting there that doesn't,clearly have my best interest in heart,my personal best interest,you know,because I busted my butt and next time,when I score a touchdown that guy's,gonna love me again it's just it's,fanatic has the word fan at the very,base that's it just think about that and,hover don't don't don't hit send,catch the Rich Eisen show every single,day on the Roku Channel 12 to 3 Eastern,for free

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UNDISPUTED - QB Lamar Jackson blasts fan on Twitter after Ravens stumble - Skip & Shannon detabe

UNDISPUTED - QB Lamar Jackson blasts fan on Twitter after Ravens stumble - Skip & Shannon detabe

Ravens falling to the Jaguars yesterday,28-27 one point game after the contest,Lamar responded to a fan on Twitter who,says the Ravens should spend their money,on a well-rounded team instead of giving,Jackson a big contract in a now deleted,tweet Lamar responded telling the fan to,quote shut the f up he also called him,an effer who doesn't know football,Shannon is this a bad look and if so how,bad of a look is it for Lamar what is a,bad look is a headache that he created,that they didn't need to have,um and this would I would I would tell,because I don't like to speak to Lamar,because Lamar take offense and thank you,trying to tell him something so I'm,gonna let him continue to listen to all,those people to say let Lamar live his,life but I'm talking to the guys that,want to listen and have and and stay out,of Harm's Way skip give yourself social,media give yourself a 24-hour break,especially if you lose a game because,skip you know they used to tell us all,the time give yourself a 30 minute cool,down period before you speak to the,media take 30 minutes to cool down,gather your thoughts to make sure you,don't say something that you're going to,later regret I would tell anybody that,plays a professional sport stay off of,social media especially if you you lose,the game especially if you play bad,because they're going to be somebody out,there looking to Gold you and to say,something that you might regret now he's,taking that he's deleted this post which,lets you know that he knew he was wrong,and he shouldn't have done it but the,guy and look the fact of the matter the,kicker Justin Tucker is the best kicker,you can make a case the greatest kick of,all time and the game unfortunately will,come down Tom Brady won a lot of Super,Bowls because the kickers were clutch,he's won a lot of playoff games so to,say the game shouldn't come down the,game comes down to how it comes down it,is nice to have a Justin Tucker that you,can Trot on the field,had the field goal attempt been 65 yards,I believe it would have been good but it,was 67. I don't think he caught it flush,he hit it pretty good skip he got it no,no he got all that 175 highly capable of,making that but still I mean but you,have to understand that that 66 that he,hit it was indoors I got it now so,you're Outdoors the element maybe a,little slight breeze or anything so,that's I mean for him to know this thing,if that's below sea level at,Jacksonville yeah but that being said,skip he was already agitated because,remember he cursed at a reporter in his,press conference Camp when they asked,him that the last time he came to,Jacksonville he lost his last bowl game,so he's already agitated he's always,he's already feeling some type of way,and then somebody he that has 153,followers looking to get the reaction,that he got I can't believe he has 153,because he got he's looking to get a,reaction out of Lamar and Lamar fell,into it Skip and that's what I what I've,tried to tell and I've tried to like,relate to Lamar bro I understand that,you're a young guy skip March of 2019,he's in his vehicle showing his bracelet,but he show on the speedometer he's,going 105 miles an hour I'm saying come,on Lamar he's playing Beach football he,trips over the jet ski his heads for I'm,saying come on Lamar you got so much to,lose and all these people Lamar let me,explain something to you bro and Skip,I'm gonna turn over to you all these,people that's telling you to let you,live your life yeah they don't have,anything to lose Lamar you got 300,million dollars right there waiting,right there just hey you you didn't have,to do this Lamar just let discretion be,The Bella part about it chalk this up as,a lesson learned you hopefully you don't,have to learn too many lessons like this,but give yourself 24 hours from the,social media when you lose a ball game,or you don't play particularly well,because that way you don't get you don't,get into your feelings because when you,put the kind of time that he's put into,it it hurts when you lose,okay so what happened in the game Lamar,was extraordinary down the stretch of,this game if we could see real quick,what he just what he did you know the,throat or DeSean he's such a big one to,start it off with this is 63 yards to,guess who he told you DJ can still run,still run catch still run past people,yeah here comes Lamar again with the,touchdown pass to Oliver and they go for,two,and it's Lamar to guess who his father,Mark Andrews who bullies it in and here,we go and you think 27-20 that should do,it right right but Trevor Lawrence had,other ideas and here he comes and there,they went and then they go for two and I,I admire Dougie P it seems like,everybody's going for two these days you,saw the charges go for two yesterday,against uh Arizona and Trevor Lawrence,threw an absolute laser,to uh what's his name Christian Kirk or,Marvin Jones no it's uh Shea they don't,say Jones yeah hit him right on the,hands on the button with the two-point,shot and that

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fans of course we get emotionally,invested to these football games I mean,we're cheering for our favorite teams,our favorite players and we're hoping,that they have success,um but as players it's a lot different,because these players are actually right,there in the thick of things they're the,ones on the field they're the ones that,practice all week got to go over the,game plan and whatnot with the coaches,and the teammates as well and they're,the ones that have to execute when,they're In the Heat of the Moment,um and today was just one of those games,where it didn't work out for the,Baltimore Ravens uh and Twitter social,media just in general has given a lot of,people a voice,but at the same time it's also given a,lot of people a voice,and it's given you access to be able to,talk to reach out to maybe celebrities,people that you may never be able to,speak to in real life you may not even,run into them but at the same time it's,giving you access to be able to reach,out and speak to celebrities and people,that you would probably never meet in,real life and you would never talk to,them and it was no different today,because there was a fan,uh who called out Lamar on his game he,said when someone is asking for over 250,meal guaranteed like Lamar Jackson games,like this should not come to Justin,Tucker let Lamar walk and spend that,money on a well-rounded team see I feel,for football players man because,literally their entire jobs are put on,Front Street 24 7.,their their pay is put on Front Street,their performance is put on Front Street,because it's all public it's all public,people literally watch you at your job,literally every single day every single,day analyze you they criticize you they,do all this stuff and all that,um and hey you did get into this job,this position this career so I mean the,good comes with the bad which I get just,like with any position of Korea,um but it's tough because these football,players while this is their profession,they are still human so they have,emotions they have feelings,and if somebody is talking about this,not about just a player but about the,play about the player's money you just,came off of a tough loss you may feel,like you want to respond and that's,exactly what Lamar Jackson did and I'll,read you the team keep it clean version,he said boy shut up y'all be capping too,much on this app and y'all never even,smelt the football field and never did,anything,so Lamar responded to him and again,that's the team keep it clean version,heavily edited,um,so he since I just got to respond,but at the same time it's so tough and I,feel for him because once it's on the,internet even if Lamar deletes it it's,on there forever but,stuff like this is going to be used,against him and it is tough to take the,high road it is so tough,oh it's tough,because if somebody started talking,about you recklessly you want to respond,and especially if they talking about you,and they are not in the position that,you're in or that you they saying,something that you just know is dead,wrong you want a response so bad but,with all the public your your career,being on public display oh that's tough,that's tough to not respond but you just,know that this is what Lamar put they,gonna use it against him now I was,already that I was already somebody that,doesn't feel like the Ravens are gonna,sign Lamar long term that was not,because of this game because that wasn't,because of last game but I felt like,this for a long time simply because I do,not feel like they are invested in him,nor do they want to invest in him by the,way that they've moved over the course,of his professional career,but,people may think that something like,this is little,but the team they will look for any and,every single possible advantage that,they can try to take,over you especially when it comes to,them contract talks or they can use,stuff like this,and try to use it as PR to be like hey,see this is one of the reasons right,here,because they'll say something like oh,he's not mature,that's not a franchise quarterback,that's not what we want our franchise,quarterback to be doing,and it is such a tough road to walk on,for them because it's tough because,again you don't just want people talking,Reckless,but at the same time you gotta do this,that and a third to really keep you cool,because stuff like that,is is gonna be used against you in a bad,way,and I mean it is it's definitely not the,best look in the world it's definitely,not a good look in my opinion because,it's like again you you you as the,professional,you you gotta ignore stuff like that but,then you as a human,you're like oh it's driving you crazy,because you don't like people talking,Reckless tell you all about you so I,trust me I know it's a struggle,and I ain't perfect I'm sure my response,would have been like that but oh,it's so tough but he's got to be,extremely careful with how he moves even,with something like that because the,media already already has how they feel,ab

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