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Raven Software: A Forgotten FPS FounderIf you were to reach into a bag full of games I  played as a

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Updated on Jan 15,2023

Raven Software: A Forgotten FPS Founder

If you were to reach into a bag full of games I  played as a kid, you’d more than likely pull out a  ,game by either Pandemic Studios or Raven Software  You might also find a copy Vin Diesel’s Wheelman,  ,but that’s not really relevant. However,  unlike Pandemic, god rest their soul,  ,Raven continues to be a key part of the  industry almost 30 years after their founding,And for a studio that started out  making...apparently really good Doom clones,  ,the way they’ve changed, while somehow also  staying the same is really something I want  ,to give them credit for. However, to do  so i have to investigate further. They're  ,perpetually neither on the top or on the  bottom, frequently just to the side of  ,some of gaming's biggest franchises and  I want to investigate how they did it.  ,because...honestly I just want an excuse to  talk about them. I’ve wanted to for awhile. And  ,maybe that means investigating who I  am as a gamer, but maybe it doesn’t,  ,I really don’t know, I haven’t planned ahead  that far, So the thing, editing goblin.,In the late 1980s a silk screen printer and  a high school art teacher who happened to be  ,brothers began teaching themselves Amiga  art programs to develop a tabletop pen  ,and paper RPG called Black Crypt. These  brothers named Steve and Brian Raffel,  ,with the help of a handful of programming friends  would go on to instead turn the game into a PC RPG  ,similar to a title on the  Atari ST called Dungeon Master.,It was a success for a variety of reasons, not  because it established Raven Software as a gaming  ,company but it also helped them forge an early  alliance with iD software pre-doom. For a short  ,while, their offices were down the street from  each other in Madison Wisconsin, and when you’re  ,down the street from Carmack and Romero, you’re  going to at least try and use that Doom Engine.,And if you’re just a couple of guys trying  to make pen-and-paper RPGs you’re probably  ,going to make something that looks a little  like Hexen and Heretic. These two were the best  ,of the Doom-Clone era, outdone by only maybe  Chex Quest. Both of them featured Romero in a  ,producer position and were published by iD, and  both are extremely well regarded to this day.  ,As far as pure bonafide Doom Clones go,  they’re simultaneously the *most* Doom  ,Clone and the least. The most because it uses  the original tech, changes some assets and if  ,I’d never seen it before I might guess  it was a really impressive fan-wad,  ,and the least because again I imagine most of  the development involved John Romero leaning  ,over programmer’s shoulder’s filling the game  with a buttload of “wouldn’t it be cool ifs.”,That’s all speculation but in a few minutes I’m  going to wax poetic about what games like Marvel  ,Ultimate Alliance and Jedi Outcast meant to me as  a kid, but as a 9 year old clutching my gamecube  ,controller in my parent’s computer room endlessly  wandering through Kejim Outpost lost as shit,  ,understand that I was both unaware and  incapable of understanding how close to  ,the fire Raven was when the hammer of the gods  that was Doom was being forged. They were key  ,in turning “Doom-Clones” into an actual genre.,They were also some of the first people to use  the Quake engine outside of iD with Hexen II,  ,creating, instead of a Quake-clone, a  bonafide fps continuation of the series.  ,you probably already know all of this but I  want to make it clear how important they are  ,to the early FPS genre becoming a thing. When  I eventually title this as “the Rise and Fall  ,of Raven Software” I want *you* to know that  this is the part where the Raven has risen.,That would’ve been a good place to have had a  bird related pun. Something about as the crow  ,flies? No I think raven’s are different. Uh...  A doom clone in the hand is worth 2.99 on steam?  ,That’s a bit of a stretch. uh...The Raven  has entered flight. And that good will  ,would let them soar for at least another  15 or 20 years depending on who you ask.  ,But also, being bought by Activision didn’t hurt.,In a lot of these stories of old  studios, a buyout is one of the  ,worst things that can happen. Watching  what happened to the likes of Rare,  ,Pandemic and to a certain extent Bioware makes  me more than nervous for the future of Obsidian,  ,Bethesda and Double Fine. And while  Activision has a much better record than  ,Microsoft and EA and while it was years before  the majority of those deals would take place  ,I could understand that people would be a tad  concerned about the charm that had developed  ,and the freedom that they had to work with whoever  would go away at the whims of corporate interests.,Most importantly, that included a handful of  developers who worked on Hexen and Heretic,  ,as many of the main team would  spin-off and form Human Head Studios,  ,who would make games like Rune, Brink, and  the original Prey. I wouldn’t call them as  ,successful as Raven but it would be unfair

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yo what is going on everybody it's one,solar here with a squad gaming and,welcome back to the channel thank you so,much for tuning in today guys I hope you,guys are having a great sunday and,today's video we're going to be talking,a little bit about how raven software,over the last few weeks I understand,it's been the holidays and I understand,raven software was kind of like on a,break all the all the employees went,back home to their families and stuff,and spent time with their families but,they've really been dropping the ball,over the last three or four weeks pretty,much ever since they input in the update,that brought the supply drops and all,that stuff they've really been dropping,the ball so basically what I'm talking,about is this has been an it's really,been an impact the entire time this game,modern warfare ii mastered has been out,and that is the server tick rate and,this is basically when i am shooting at,somebody so especially with a sniper,rifle it happens a lot more of the,sniper rifle because obviously a sniper,rifle is a single-shot weapon on my,screen i shoot dead center mass of,someone and then i die and then the kill,cam on his screen i never even shot so,that's some serious lag compensation and,that's one of the things that I think,Infinity Ward Raven Activision they,really need to address with this game,because that shouldn't happen that,that's there shouldn't be that much lag,from Player to Player and especially in,those situations like that it's very,very frustrating to know that you know,especially when you get first shot you,should have killed him but because of,the lag compensation technically you,never even shot so that's probably one,of the biggest issues that's really,hindering modern warfare mastered for,being you know being up to standard with,what everyone wants it to be and,basically this is all kind of coming,from a reddit post that went up the,other day and it was somebody talking,about the fact that in modern warfare ii,mastered in its current state isn't up,to the triple a standard of a game and i,honestly I share this opinion I mean,don't get me wrong it's a good game it's,a lot of fun playing it I'm not really a,big fan of infinite warfare so it's,really been you know,my fallback but with the tick rate of,the server's you know the server lag so,it's there's a lot of lag compensation,so you get into gun fights sometimes,where you for you know you shoot first,many times and you still die which you,know it just doesn't make any sense but,then the other big thing that basically,ever since they updated the game with,the supply drops randomly most of the,time even when you're playing core you,won't get a killcam like kill cams are,bugged so that like I don't get to see,my killcam even when I'm playing regular,you know core you know and one of the,biggest things that I've been saying you,know some of the guys I'm playing with,like seriously if I wanted to not have a, kill cam I would go play,hardcore like there's many times in core,where I die and I want to know where I,died from because it was like completely,crazy like I have no idea where I got,shot from and I don't get a killcam so,raven really needs to get on this,honestly I understand like I said it's,been the holidays but come on it's what,the making of this video it is what,january eight yes january eight sunday,morning January eighth and we still have,no kill cams and core which really blows,my mind I don't know if they're trying,to go for like a little bit of a,nostalgia feel because originally in the,call of duty 4 really didn't have any,killcams towards the start of the game,um or at least grenade killcams excuse,me they did have regular killcams but,they didn't have grenade killcams those,actually came like halfway through the,game but yeah it's just annoying I mean,it's it's 2017 and we have a call of,duty that doesn't have kill cams in,court so it's a bug that really needs,fixed and then just some of the,consistency with the weapons armed with,like the m16 sometimes I'll get like a,crazy hipfire one burst from mad far,away the next guy I shoot I shoot him,square in the chest with to burst he,doesn't die so a little bit of,consistency with the weapons you know a,little bit of fix the server tick rate,you know so we don't get as much lag,compensation would really be nice you,know it's it's it's really really,annoying to have that kind of a lag,compensation in a game you know this,this modern you know it's 2017 we,shouldn't be having that problem so and,with the kill cams,honestly I'm not a developer I'm not a,coder or anything like that I don't know,what it entails to fix that but it,doesn't seem like it could be that hard,but who knows like I said I'm not a,programmer but yeah just it's it's you,know I don't know I honestly I could go,on and on about this game and Raven,you're really kind of dropping the ball,um you know I I don't know I don't know,what else to say honestly you know I'm,kind upset about it but i

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Raven Software Takes to Twitter to Poll Players on the Future of Call of Duty: WARZONE ❎

Raven Software Takes to Twitter to Poll Players on the Future of Call of Duty: WARZONE ❎

youtube what is going on y'all there's a,boy young texas and welcome back to my,youtube channel hope you're all having a,fantastic day today on february 14th of,2022,season two of call of duty vanguard and,warzone began and today is march 17th,2022 meaning that the season began just,over a month ago around this time into,every new call of duty season players,start to expect the season reloaded,update now it is called this because,this is the big update middle of the,season where the developers introduce a,lot of fixes to the game as well as a,lot of new content for that reason a lot,of people tend to get really excited for,these updates because it really adds a,little bit of refresher into the game it,adds some new content which is great for,content creators like me and it,generally improves the smoothness of the,game all of that said though even though,we are at about the time that we should,expect the mid-season update we haven't,actually received any official,correspondence from the developers as,far as when to expect this update to go,live as far as what is going to be,included in the update when it comes to,bug fixes and gameplay mechanics we,don't actually know because we haven't,really been told much from the,developers you can check their trello,boards and things that they have been,updating to kind of get a general idea,of what to expect but on that end we,don't actually know as far as new,content being introduced with these,season 2 reloaded update it's pretty,easy to decipher what we can expect in,the remainder of the season if you take,a look at the season 2 road map,introduced at the start of the new,season by process of elimination you can,check what has already been introduced,and what hasn't yet and the things that,haven't yet are to come in the last bit,of the season other than that though we,haven't actually received any real news,as far as this season 2 reloaded update,goes so for the vast majority of it this,update's a mystery of course it would be,blasphemous at this point to expect the,update to come out this week as we're,already on thursday however it would be,likely that this update might be coming,next week or even the following week so,hopefully within the next two weeks we,do have the season two reloaded update,of course though the season 2 reloaded,update is not the only update we've been,seeing across call of duty vanguard and,war zone we've been seeing some smaller,updates some new fixes some changes to,the game some good some not so good and,of course there have even been some,fixes that were supposed to go live but,didn't and they did say that they would,be introduced with the season two,reloaded update but again we don't,actually know when that's coming yet now,of course it's gonna be just my luck,that when i record this and then when i,post this they're actually going to tell,us when the season 2 reloaded update is,coming,that's just how it is for me i i promise,you guys i i bet by the time i post this,video we're actually going to know and,if that's the case i'm going to make it,the pinned comment on this video as far,as what we do know about the season 2,reloaded update there are plenty of,changes coming to both warzone and,vanguard and of course in vanguard,that's going to be across multiplayer,ranked playing zombies and that includes,new weapons new modes and a lot of more,exciting content however the purpose of,today's video is not exactly to talk,about the lack of correspondence and,what to expect with the season 2,reloaded update per se,but it is a talk about one big thing,that is kind of unprecedented in call of,duty the community has long been asking,to be more involved in the process as,far as making decisions on the game when,it comes to certain changes that players,want to see players want to really feel,their voices be heard and honestly it,looks like the developers are taking,that to a new level raven software took,to twitter to post a poll regarding the,health in the normal battle royale pool,now they are deciding between the normal,100 that it's currently at or increasing,it to 150,like it is in vanguard royale of course,an increase of 50 health would increase,the time to kill meaning that you gotta,place your shots a lot better and those,gun fights are going to be more,meaningful this is really interesting,because never before in the history of,call of duty how the developers posted a,sort of poll that they're looking to see,what the players actually want and that,said it really looks like the developers,are going to listen to what the,community wants so whatever the majority,of the pull is is looking like that's,what we're gonna get now at the time of,recording this video it is about a 73 to,27 split in favor of increasing the,health to 150,so the vast majority of players want to,see that increase so it's gonna be,really interesting to see if the,developers actually listen to the,majority but honestly if they weren't,going to they wouldn't have posted the

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Spectating A Rage Hacker that was trolling Raven Software .

Spectating A Rage Hacker that was trolling Raven Software .

hey what's up youtube welcome back for,another episode with your boy,dj silo today we are going to talk about,a situation that happened last night we,ran into a rage hacker and this rage,hacker,had something to say at the end and on,top of that he was trolling,he was trolling raven software and i'm,gonna show you the proof,what i mean by that i'll tell you this,i'm not big into making these type of,videos and,you know promoting these hackers and all,this stuff,but i think i need to bring this up to,your attention because,the level of disrespect that this hacker,was showing yesterday during our,gameplay was crazy it was mind-blowing,this guy had the raven software,logo as a clan tag,and his name,that's that's mind-blowing like what are,you what are you doing like you're,literally trolling so hard,and putting the raven software,to your clan tag to to show the world,that this game is in shambles that's to,me that's what i'm taking it as,so make sure you guys watch the video to,the end i'm gonna do my best to capture,the sound and what he say at the end,during the comms all right so stay tuned,watch the video,so here i am minding my business coming,out of the goulash i got released for,free,and i immediately started looking for,target for my teammate to shoot at since,i was coming out with no guns,i immediately started descending and,started identifying a target that was,moving close to the tin,i marked it and i started descending,again and i started taking fire from the,beachhead,so when i look,i realized that this guy was rage,hacking had walls and everything and on,top of that,he had the raven software,picture as a clan tag and i'm sitting,here like,like wait a minute how is it possible,for a hacker,to put a raven software picture as a,clan tag,you know the level of disrespect,and the level of trolling this guy is,doing is,it's like at his max like pretty much,same raven software you freaking suck i,could do whatever i can with this game,and i'm gonna put the the raven software,picture as a clan tag,this guy is level 22 and destroying,everybody in the lobby like,clearly you can see he has a wall aimbot,just shooting through walls and,identifying where everybody's sitting at,so,on top of that i'm trying to understand,that you guys might be able to to,enlighten me in this but are the cheap,providers giving these hackers all these,tools where they can actually manipulate,gamer tags and change because i've seen,other hackers they could change the,color of their names,and i'm sitting here like,maybe there's they just started to to,take the different level of trolling,and this guy you could clearly see that,he's trolling because even,he can see that nine people are watching,him he's teabagging on purpose you know,because he's strongly having the time of,his life,but,you know supposedly we got this this,colonel anti-cheat,you know that's supposed to be stopping,this but,obviously it's not stopping these guys,and and now it's getting to the point,that we're loading into a game and we're,running to a hacker,either every other game or every third,game and nothing is being done like i,feel like,we're back in bernards where we started,and and dealing with the amount of,hackers in the game,from from walls to to aimbots to having,everything activated,to to having you know soft aim,the whole nine yard,you could clearly see that this guy,knows exactly,where everybody's at so i need you guys,to you know enlighten me on what's going,on with these with uh cheap providers,you guys might,have a little bit more knowledge,you know about what's going on look he,throws a stun you know there's a guy on,the other side of that wall he,immediately starts shooting through the,wall got no effect with the mp40 takes,out his assault rifle and immediately,start getting white played it hits,and literally destroy this guy,you know maybe you gotta be able to,enlighten me and let me know what really,going on out here because i have no idea,and i thought this guy was gonna get,killed right here because they literally,put a lot of fire on him and almost took,him down but then he panicked he pulled,out the precision air strike,you know because he knew that somebody,was closed and he knew that he couldn't,peek left because he would have got,melted by the guy on on the window seal,so he rotated right,broke that guy's for blue plate down,them,reposition himself so he has a better,angle he don't get shot from the right,and destroy this guy easily,then to put a uh dagger in the wound he,brings out a car 98 to drop the nuke,bomb on this dude's face,and you're about to see when he comes,around the corner and just obliterate,this kid with a nuke in his face so the,other part that got my attention is the,message that he said at the end during,uh,the end game comes,and i don't know if this guy was trying,to break huskers,57 kill game,or he was trying to give us a different,type of message,you guys beat the judge you guys tell me,what he was trying to tell us

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Raven Software... You're Making a Mistake

Raven Software... You're Making a Mistake

i missed a lot of drama this weekend,there was a lot of drama over there on,twitter raven software tweeted this out,and uh it was a reply actually to to a,bigger thread but essentially this is,the tweet that matters here we will be,decreasing base ads speeds across all,titles this will increase time to kill,slightly as ads times should be,considered when calculating practical,ttk values additionally it'll give us,room to emphasize the difference between,weapon classes this,did not bode well,for the,warzone community man you know it's,never a good sign,when you have,this many likes and this many replies,this is a very controversial tweet from,raven software and i kind of want to,talk about it,so i think it's no surprise to people,that play warzone the ttk is out of hand,like you do not have time to respond,half the time when you get shot you die,so quickly and it's been a big a big,complaint of a lot of people that they,need to raise the ttk a little bit,so there's more uh options for outplay,kind of like iron trials i don't know if,anybody played iron trials when it was,out but that is something that a lot of,people enjoyed especially in the content,side of things because if you're a,content creator there's a higher skill,gap and you can get better at the game,instead of feeling like you're getting,cheesed all the time right like it,really feels so much like they just are,like trying,to kill their game but the thing is as i,think,majority of people,that this would please are the ones that,don't speak out on twitter you know it's,just like the the little timmys and,little bobbies who just kind of come and,play warzone for a little bit and have,things that uh make it easier for them,because the real reason i i really think,the real reason that they don't want to,raise your health is because,they like it where it's at because it,means people without a solid skill,developed can have a chance they have a,fighting chance and it really creates,this dynamic of like they just do not,care about the people who really want to,compete in the game which is probably,true because it's a it's a,it's a minority compared to the uh,casual majority i've always thought i,mean i vote and even in call of duty,i've just always preferred higher ttk,titles that's why i like that's why i,like black ops 2 that's why i like a lot,of treyarch games they're they're a lot,higher dtk and i've always liked that i,feel like i can do more you know i mean,i can kind of like compete a little bit,more if i get shot from behind i can,just like i can whip like i can i can,react it's not just like boom hide and,seek you know what i mean that's the,biggest problem with war zones it feels,like hide and seek sometimes especially,when there's overpowered weapons that,make it even worse so i definitely agree,with a lot of the content creators on,this one and that's like not because i'm,a sweat i'm not,i just i mean i've always preferred high,ttk i think,the more ttk there is the more,options for,um outplay there are and i think it,needs to be a very delicate balance,because you you start to pick it up too,much like apex legends where you you,literally use a whole mag and it barely,um gets someone down to zero if you land,all your shots so and i mean apex legend,is designed for that way though like,that makes sense for apex but you,wouldn't want that in something like the,war zone that'd be miserable so there is,a delicate balance but uh i think at the,end of the day i think something needs,to be done like i can't believe that a,all,possible outcomes they're like,the ads time right guys yeah that's a,good idea let's uh increase the ads 10.,the crappy part about this,is all this is going to do is just make,people want to count more because if you,can't get in quick engagements you can't,zoom in quick,you're just gonna be like you're gonna,be zoomed in all the time you're gonna,you're gonna creep around you're gonna,freaking sit there,get in little bushes you know it's gonna,be awful it's gonna be terrible it,doesn't change the ttk at the end of the,day,you you can't react any faster it's it's,more of just like it just takes longer,to zoom in like th what they say here,about,this will increase time to kill slightly,like that's so misleading because yeah i,mean it does it does increase time to,kill,for the person shooting but the person,receiving,this is still the same,time to kill you know what i mean like,you you still die,as quickly when you realize you're,getting shot it's already too late,that's the problem it's,the entire crux of the issue that,they're addressing here so it just seems,it seems disingenuous to like talk about,it like it's,increasing ttk the thing i hate most,about all of this is like it feels like,you can't have a normal conversation,with these developers if you,address that that is,kind of a bad assumption like it will,increase ttk,you're just not you're not going to get,a reply you're not going to reply they,can't,address the core iss

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hi welcome to the cello channel where i,like to um get paid to make other people,look really really good i think that's,um the path i'm taking right now because,i'm going to be thanking another,development team which is amazing i know,i just did um two,thanking development teams in uh one,week or something like that i know i'm a,sellout it's hard to say i am but i'm,coming out to you and i think dramaaler,should totally take the story up alright,because i need the extra,publicity all right so um yeah i'm going,to be thinking raven software now if you,don't know who raven software is it's,probably the best damn car developer,ever okay maybe not the best trek you're,you're right there okay,you're still gonna help me all right so,uh raven entertainment or raven software,sorry not entertainment i was thinking,about respawn entertainment raven,software if you don't know has made cod,4 remastered so essentially the infinity,war just said hey you know what take our,game remaster it and put it with our,infinite warfare okay and uh you know,you'll probably get paid somewhere now,you don't understand,that raven software is saving call of,duty this year like you really don't,understand the amount of negative,reviews for infinite warfare is off the,charts okay if it wasn't for modern,warfare remastered i don't know if i,would have pre-ordered this i probably,would have but the chances would have,been a little bit lower um obviously i,pre-ordered it a long time ago but,i probably would have pre-ordered it,either way but i'm just saying if it,wasn't for modern warfare remastered i,guarantee you a lot of people would not,be pre-ordering this year and the sales,would be down like crazy i mean they're,already down over there at infinity ward,and i bet you this is what was going on,okay they're sitting in the activision,board room or whatever um they're,looking at the development teams they're,like okay infinity ward you need to,figure something out because we all know,this game is gonna flop so they went to,their home home boys down at raven,software and they're like listen,please don't tell anybody,but we need you to save our cheeks okay,we're making a garbage game but we've,already been in,about two years of development,so we need you to remaster one of the,best games of all time so that way,people actually borrow garbage and then,reading the software was like hey,can't i just sell our model for a,remastered um separately you know,that'll be a lot better if people don't,want to buy infinite warfare they don't,have to right and then vinny ward was,like no that's not going to happen i'm,going to sue you an active individual,activision was like well then people,would enjoy that so why would we sell it,if people are going to enjoy it the,raven software was like i'm sorry and,then activision started whipping the,people at raven software and then,infinity ward was like the game is going,great there's a sales i've never seen,before and then yeah i'm pretty sure,that's what happened over at raven,software with the activision infinity,ward but hey i could be wrong,thank you once again raven software for,the amazing remaster the game looks,great i can't wait to play it,oh man the campaign looks amazing i,can't wait to get some of those high,scores and i hope you enjoyed the video,i know it's kind of a weird one,call me uh mr out of ideas okay and i'll,see you later

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This is WILD! Infinity Ward Doesn't Care But Raven Software DOES? (New Leaks & Rumors)

This is WILD! Infinity Ward Doesn't Care But Raven Software DOES? (New Leaks & Rumors)

ladies and gentlemen welcome back to the,channel and today we're going to be,talking about Infinity Ward Activision,as well as Raven software in the double,standard that is happening between those,three Studios you guys know I've been,giving Infinity Ward a lot of since,the beta mostly because they're not,responding to Fan feedback well leaks,and rumors are now suggesting that while,Infinity Ward is just the firmly putting,their heels in the ground and refusing,the budge right now Raven software is,making a bunch of changes to Warzone 2,based on player feedback despite the,fact that the average player hasn't even,been able to play it right they're,making these changes based on the,feedback that we had during cold the,next when a bunch of content creators,were flown out and were able to play the,game early now this information is gonna,be coming in from metaphor he puts out a,really weird cryptic like Emoji tweet I,think he's doing it to protect himself,so he doesn't get in too much trouble,for leaking information but the stuff is,backed up by Henderson you guys know Tom,Henderson's like the most credible,leaker out there so I definitely take,everything that Tom says pretty,seriously and the information is this AI,is only going to be in strongholds now,they're not just gonna be randomly,placed throughout the map we saw AI of,course a lot during the invasion game,mode in Modern Warfare 2's beta and AI,was supposed to be part of war zone 2,but they're going back on that idea now,and now strongholds are just going to be,there previously we learned that,strongholds are going to be the place,you can go to actually get your weapon,load out but apparently that's different,now as well because loadouts and perks,are going to be returning which is,completely against what war zone 2 was,originally going to be like during the,play testing that we saw at Call of Duty,next and my personal opinion feel free,to disagree I know a lot of you will but,I don't like the idea of loadouts and,cod I understand that war zones,slowdowns is kind of like what separates,it from other BR games but I just prefer,more traditional like find your guns,find your attachments find your perks,find your armor find everything on the,map it encourages people to move it,encourages chasing kills like I like,that setup in like a traditional BR,similar to blackout but it looks like in,their current iteration which they're,play testing right now that loadouts and,perks are going to be returning the,Looting UI has been changed and the,final one there is a little bit,confusing but they did mention during,Call of Duty next that there is going to,be a bunch of quests and missions and,things like that for you to do they,specifically said like their words they,want to give you things to do besides,just win the game which is something,I've been advocating forever now man,like going back to blackout you guys,know me I love blackout going for the,number skins you know leveling up in,blackout to get the blackout specific,characters to play as you know going,through and unlocking the blackout,specific characters that you can get for,finding their items on the map like,Dempsey and resnob and things like that,blackout was really fun for me because,every game wasn't just how many kills,can I get and can I win the match,there's also this extra layer of,progression on top of things and it,appears they're reworking whatever they,have planned for Warzone too so that,could be good it could be bad had we,really have no idea but the big takeaway,here is Raven software is making changes,and tweaking war zone 2 based on the,little tiny bit of player feedback that,they got from like a couple hundred,content creators that call over to the,next meanwhile hundreds of thousands,millions potentially of people are out,there yelling at Infinity Ward please,fix your game please fix the mini map,fix that silence fix the footsteps fix,everything and there's like we'll see,what a double standard that is man like,Infinity Ward like I don't want to just,like keep putting like all my videos,about Infinity Ward and just kind of,like always calling them out and trying,to hold their feet to the fire but it's,true man like they really aren't making,changes whereas Raven software is that's,pretty insane to me and we also got some,more leaks coming in today from Tom,Henderson now I'm not sure what all I'm,allowed to even show in the video so,I'll put a link to Tom Henderson's,article down there in the description to,his inside Gaming website we have some,data mine strings for the DMZ game mode,you guys know DMZ is going to be sort of,similar to escape from tarkov but it's,going to be a war zone game mode it's,going to come out the same day war zone,does during season one of Modern Warfare,2 on November 16th and these missions,are going to be like extract x amount of,enemy grunt weapons capture x amount of,Sam sites uh extract a hail storm,whatever that is kill a boss and extract,their weapon case

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everybody in the Call of Duty scene will,know exactly who cream six is this is,somebody who's competed at the highest,level in the CDL that's right cream six,is a professional Call of Duty player,they play multiplayer against each other,at Lan event so he is somebody who has,played the Lan events against other,teams of professionals he is in a war,zone bedroom streamer but one thing's,for sure when it comes to him playing,Warzone he is willing to cut corners and,before we take a look at the clip I've,got today I want you to know that it is,against Activision's team to save us to,decompile or reverse engineer any game,data any user who is found to be,decompiling or reverse engineering game,code or data on dish or in memory is,subject to penalty to decompile or,reverse engineer the software is a,breach of the software license and,service agreement section three seven,you agree that you will not do or allow,any of the following subject to,applicable laws reverse and Engineers,derived source code modify decompile,disassemble or create derivative way of,the software this defense user may be,permanently suspended from playing the,game online have their stat resets and,be blocked permanently from appearing in,leaderboards console users who modify,their Hardware or profile data may also,be reported to console manufacturers PC,users on will be reported to,the enforcement team on Steam,will be reported to valve so with all,that in mind let's take a look now with,a video cream 6 put out when he decided,to change the game's data,what's going on you Mediterranean,aardvarks today we're going to do a mid,live stream video this is about the only,thing that you guys will watch from me,it's a settings video and this right,here this one's on Warzone I can finally,say without a doubt that,what I'm about to show you is absolutely, Godlike,aim boss has got like wall hacks of God,like and the reason for that is because,it gives you so much more of an,advantage against your opponents in the,game it's cheating however what he's,about to show in this video is in fact a,way to change the data of the game to,allow something in the game to change,I'm gonna skip to that part now anyways,that is the stuff that everyone's going,to show you in in a tick tock,and right but right now this is,where you're gonna see,the cool stuff,so,we'll go straight from where you should,be going first thing,documents Call of Duty players,then you're just gonna see all these,right,see if I can want to go to options three,once you go to options three you're,gonna see this notepad this notepad is,all your settings,okay,you can't do much with the audio stuff,but this is where,you can do stuff,I'll zoom in so you guys can see better,okay,so this is going to look like,like oh I'm out of my depth,with this,but don't just follow my lead okay just,follow my lead,so,first thing you're gonna do,you're gonna all this stuff,doesn't really matter you've already,done all this you don't need to worry,about this,gameplay doesn't matter so right here,graphics,all right,most important one,so it says maximum distance at which,clutter models are rendered rendered if,you put it on Long,it will only I think it goes to like,five thousand,or like 7 500 but it doesn't go to 10.,like this is this is says ten thousand,right so all you want to do highlight,this,copy this,put in the parentheses,enable deferred physics,oh ,we are in the Mainframe bro,we're in the Mainframe developer,bro I'm kind of scared dude to go for,that,um,and then where where's this like water,caustics,uh this is where it gets interesting,though,um okay,now this is the sketch part this,is where you guys need to know,what your specs are,okay,so I have the new Intel 13,990 900 I don't know how to get,in that config whatever your processor,is at say you have 12 900 or off bar,but in here you can actually ,change the quality this is it now,changing the wall to Quality what I'm,showing you guys that's how you do it,just like that,so now it should be look even better,um okay,now this is the sketch part this,is where you guys need to know what your,specs are,I mean there's a whole bunch of things,you can tweak in here too,so not only is he actually changing his,own he's teaching his viewers what to do,where to find it and how to do it this,is essentially changing things in the,game that you shouldn't be allowed to,change they are not options in the,built-in in-game settings which means,you are changing the game's data the,game's code how it's meant to be,now a lot of people will sit in and say,well no he's just making his experience,better but it is literally against,Activision security enforcement it's,against their teams of service so they,should enforce their security on people,like crim6 for teaching this stuff right,he literally goes ahead and changes so,many settings one of them being the,clarity of the water allowing you to see,straight through the water like there's,no water there so you'll s

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