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Biggest Ratio in Twitter HistoryI'm usually not one to believe in the,Paranormal however I've recent


Updated on Jan 25,2023

Biggest Ratio in Twitter History

I'm usually not one to believe in the,Paranormal however I've recently been,convinced that there's one man that's,being haunted and possessed by a bad,take demon and if you're a fan of sports,you know exactly who I'm going to talk,about when you hear the word bad take,one image in one name pops into your,head Skip Bayless he's been around for a,long time when I was a huge sports fan I,used to watch him and his shows as well,however I don't much anymore now I just,kind of see the viral clips of his most,awful brain dead opinions that are,usually just Way Off the Mark or him,just cosplaying as LeBron James boxers,so he could hold his meat I can't decide,if he truly believes half the he,talks about because some of it's just,blatantly wrong or just weird so I don't,know if he says it for the sake of shock,and controversy for views or if he,really is just an Android that's powered,by awful Sports takes like he's,algorithmically programmed to deliver,horrible Sports opinions but last night,this reached the boy boiling point when,he dropped this stinker this tweet I,believe is the highest ratio tweet on,the entire site I haven't been able to,find anything that has a stronger fatter,L plus ratio here anywhere now before,diving into what made this tweet so hate,it I'll give context around it in case,you're unfamiliar with the situation,that it's in reference to last night in,the Bills vs Bengals game a player for,the Bills named Demar Hamlin was making,a tackle and he got hit in the chest and,when he got up off of making the tackle,off the ground he collapsed medical,personnel attended to him for about 10,minutes performing CPR before he was,taken away to a hospital his condition,was unknown but it was very scary to see,that most people were afraid they'd just,watched this young man die on the field,from this and it was just a really,horrifying situation all around of,course a ton of people from all over,went on Twitter to talk about it as well,as offer prayers hoping for a full,recovery for tomorrow Hamlin and then,there was Skip Bayless who went on,Twitter with two tweets that weren't,anything bad just kind of talking about,what was happening and like how how,serious it was but then on his third,tweet something went awry some wires got,crossed in the old dusty brain of Skip,Bayless he you know this was not a third,time's the charm situation here he he,let the bad take devil out to play and,that's when he dropped this tweet this,poorly worded Masterpiece is what's,getting dunked on right now no doubt the,NFL is considering postponing the rest,of this game but how this late in the,season a game of this magnitude is,crucial to the regular season outcome,which suddenly seems so irrelevant,now let me break down why this was hated,so widely because when I talked about it,on stream there was a few people that,were confused by it which in turn,confused me at their confusion it just,became this degenerate cycle of,spitting confusion at each other's,mouths like two girls one cup so the,reason why most people including myself,found this to be a dumb tweet is because,of how callous it reads it feels more,like Skip Bayless is focusing on the,importance of the game rather than Demar,Hamlin's Health instead of being,concerned for Demar Hamlin here he's,more concerned about the game and since,it's an important one you know they're,considering postponing it but you know,how that's a tough thing to do which is,not wrong about postponing and,suspending a game is not an easy,decision to make and it is an important,game but that really isn't what's most,important here and when you read this,tweet it feels like he's saying that the,game is what's most important and that,last line where he says which suddenly,seems so irrelevant well that little,Zinger had more interpretations than a,Rorschach painting so some people are,saying this is Skip Bayless saying that,you know the game's important but now,it's not because of Hamlin so he is,putting focus on Hamlin but the majority,of people read that as Skip Bayless,being disappointed that the focus is no,longer the game oh this game is so,important the magnitude it's crucial to,the regular season you know and,postponing it how it's it's such an,important crucial game to be played but,now it just suddenly seems irrelevant,like it sounds like he's disappointed,that the Hamlin injury has taken the,focus off of the game so his tweet is to,put it back on the game it's a poorly,worded jumbled thought here that reads,badly and reads very callous and it,doesn't even like do anything he's just,talking about the difficulty of,rescheduling or postponing a game and,he's not wrong it is hard but what the, is the point here like why even,mention this everyone knows it's not an,easy decision to make on whether or not,to suspend a game in a situation like,this that offered nothing and it just,seemed like you cared more about the,game than Hamlin he did then drop this,apology tweet nothing is more important,th

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let's get started on on uh one of these,uh issues okay one of these issues,that's prescient that we must talk about,of course uh is jordan peterson like the,salvation the the savior of all of the,incels that are probably currently,watching every hot button moment,happening in the amber heard johnny depp,trial you know the people that post,stuff like amber heard was definitely,doing cocaine i know it or the people,who post stuff like yeah actually like,you know they are photoshopping amber,heard's tears in mainstream media these,are the folks that jordan peterson has,been able to uh herd,and push towards a pathway of salvation,but jordan peterson also is a poster and,yesterday he did,he did post okay and and he posted a bit,of a fail yesterday jordan peterson did,the cardinal sin and he was the main,villain of the story of twitter now as,someone who has been the main villain of,twitter multiple times i've been on the,receiving end of a lot of death threats,a lot of kill yourself posts you know a,lot of y'all are getting too comfortable,this man's getting too comfortable posts,often times for really dumb like,nothing that you other,nothing that you would ever consider to,be you know super serious unless you,like already uh hated me for some reason,and jordan peterson did do something,dumb and that was he saw the cover of uh,swimsuit 2022 sports illustrated edition,and he got triggered by it he,said sorry not beautiful and no amount,of authoritarian tolerance is gonna,change that now this is the this is just,like the most jordan peterson post,because like it's just a banal,uh and and really stupid thing,to just post about it's resentful it's,in-cell adjacent it's like straight,insult and but of course he's,trying to intellectualize that by being,like uh i will not jerk off to the to,the thick woman on the cover of swimsuit,2022 sports illustrated edition i will,not god willing i have tried and it's,like you know you go to the store,the convenience store and the magazine,stands have gotten smaller and smaller,because people don't want to read and,and people are always saying don't read,anymore even though the words of the,prophet muhammad the first thing that,allah told him was read that was the,first that was the first word in the,quran mala peterson and now liberals are,saying do not read the post modern,neo-marxists are saying don't read i,will not i will read and i will fap but,the dragon of chaos is overtaken they've,overtaken swimsuit 2022 sports,illustrated this is authoritarian if i,can't fap thick ropes to the swimsuit,edition uh so it's just like it's a,personal preference okay it's a personal,preference uh and beauty is subjective i,think yuminu is attractive i i like she,even if she's not my type like i see,that she's a beautiful person she's a,beautiful woman beautiful lady but,jordan peterson was like no if i can't,jerk off to this it's unacceptable and,she's the type of many people in the,chat but like i said beauty is,subjective okay it's it's such a,personal thing and i covered how like,this is dumb for uh multiple different,reasons but uh you know instead of,giving like uh,good feedback sometimes you gotta give,funny feedback so i just posted a photo,of him looking like dog crying and,said sorry not beautiful and no amount,of authoritarian tolerance is going to,change that and as you can see uh that,was just a pretty ridiculous ratio um,and everybody was eating his ass in the,qrt's everyone was dunking on him for,saying something very stupid you know,what i mean like for putting himself out,there for for putting himself out there,in this like incredibly idiotic capacity,but guess what the ratios it took he,went on a twitter rant a twitter tirade,and he announced that he's departing,from twitter which is like the best it's,the funniest thing you can ever,experience on this website where someone,just will come out say that they don't,they don't want to fap to uh,you know whoever they chose whoever,sports illustrator chose for their cover,and then everybody dunks on you they,ratio you into oblivion and then,you just decide to self-cancel now i'm,gonna put this obviously,it wasn't just this community,that led to this but i want to believe,it is i want to believe that it was what,do i always say about twitter it's a,platform for the mentally ill okay and,whoever has the highest level of mental,illness wins for me,all of the mental illness demonstrated,uh on twitter every time,every single time that uh you,know i i wear a shirt or whatever the,all of the kill yourself qrts made me,more powerful and made this community,more powerful here's competition to be,the most deranged twitch user i mean a,twitter user i mean it's true though,it's true,it is a platform for broken people it is,a platform for like fundamentally broken,people that's that's it and and we,demonstrated every day okay so,because of his like really stupid thing,that he said and the endless flood the,endless flood of vicious insults is,

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Il a RATIO MACRON, Fini Twitter... Qui est Arkunir ?

Il a RATIO MACRON, Fini Twitter... Qui est Arkunir ?

dire jury va nous rassure la gueule ça,va être vraiment magique mais,méritée tu vois faut le mériter parce,que finalement quand tu te fais venir ça,fait aussi parler de toi donc quelque,part il a donné des présidents,salut à toi c'est,bien sûr le plateau durée car on espère,que tu que tu vas bien tu vois ça va et,vous bah ça va bien ça c'est un peu une,une star de twitter puisque tu étais,entend en tout cas la seule personne,follow parle qu'on est ici c'est ça,s'est arrêté hier way finances s'est,terminé,alors on aimerait en savoir un petit peu,plus sur toi du coup parce que on voit,ton comptes publics tu vois sur twitter,où effectivement tu as l'habitude pour,ceux qui ne le connaissent pas de ratio,des gens sur twitter angèle est ce que,tu peux expliquer ce que c'est que ratio,j'aurais assez chaud c'est juste quand,tap-tap tu réponds à quelqu'un et je,fais plus de like lui sur la publication,de base tu ça il faut la paix dans le,mal,c'est que tout le monde s'en bat les,couilles quoi ça c'est un peu l'idée,donc voilà c'est ça l'état quelques,ratios plus famous que d'autres oui on a,tous bahia macron et twitter,sur mac on saisira ouais c'est carrément,fait d'armes exceptionnel est ce qu'on a,le tweet en l'occurrence que j'imagine,mardi matin comme ça t'en rendras,lebastard,que des styles et c'est que c'était sous,mon tweet quoi oui c'est justement si,emmanuel macron répond à ce tweet je,m'engage à faire un stream twitch où je,traverse toute la planète en street view,sur google maps ça prendra 25 à 30 je,suis très sérieux 100 % des revenus du,live seront reversés à une sauce à une,association y répond banco du coup je,suis à fait ce live ouais tu récolté 40,un peu plus tard dans 5000 euros à 47,1500 euros et tholot,j'avais trouvé ça je dis oui c'est vrai,il ya deux jours il ya deux jours je,sais pas ce qu'on me parlait doit,recouvrir du coup qu'ils allaient venir,et je fais à temps mais je crois qu'il,me faut si tu veux je peux livrer un,message du tout et je vois qu'il m'avait,envoyé un message en septembre mois de,salut tu veux participer à mon life,je n'avais pas vu et du coup si on s'est,parlé je vais peut-être pas lui ont rien,et ça,robin mais j'arrive sur ton live des,couples désole la laisser en lui gelé,joli ratio,j'avais juste pas vu du coup je tends,monaco pour dire que j'étais vexé,qui vont être je comprends il comprend,un peu sur twitch aussi sa chute,j'imagine pas continuer à en faire don,vous a déjà quelques-uns mais mes envies,de fait après j'ai juste arrêté c'est,pas ton activité par activité principale,viande mais,c'est pas,genre virevoltent à l'air assez jeune tu,as quel âge et 19 ans,ou,bibi d'antoine de baecque mari quand,elle était au téléphone elle m'a dit que,tu regardé certains d'entre nous déjà à,l'époque des clips sia ouais mais très,vite avec l âge j'avais j'étais moi je,sens que par exemple la matinale que tu,faisais je regarde avant d'aller au,collège quand je commençais à 10h genre,tête quand je devais temps 5e autres,comme sa 4e,alors concernant cette idée de traverser,le monde sur google street view c est,vrai qu en même temps ça arrive en 26e,s'échauffer une mauvaise estime à,jamais coupé le live si j'ai coupé un,moment et c'était parce que mon boss,dans mon entreprise et m'avait dit bon,gars mais peut-être revenir demain,sa cote est en plus ouais du coup alors,je m'étais couchée à 5 heures j'étais,allé travailler à 8h d'accord et après,j'étais revenu j'étais rentré à 18 19,heures et j'ai relancé le live à 20,heures pour le final j'ai tu tapes dans,quoi à côté je suis commission manager,ok ce qui fait pas mal sans ceux du,coutal hurd,les autres une quelconque,mauvaise que ça t'a aidé genre bassesse,de la latin ce genre de truc de ouf et,entre guillemets ce maillot c'est enfin,c'est pas ça sert à pas grand-chose,techniquement mais est-ce que ça t'aide,à je peux avoir des opportunités de soi,des gens qui t'appelle pour bosser avec,toi autant fait pour ça parce qu'en fait,à la base moi j'avais commencé un bts,communication de ce que j'ai fait six,mois en fait au bout si et moyennes,entreprises je dirai pas qui c'est mal,qui m'a appelé pour me dire est ce que,tu veux passer des tests pour travailler,chez nous et où j'ai passé les tests je,les ai réussi du coup après j'ai,déménagé à paris je suis venu travailler,dans ce fait une très belle genre de,tels sites font passer mois l'entreprise,est le plus de like j'échange loire,assure l'entreprise là c'est ma deuxième,entreprise mais du coup la première,c'était le thé c'était un faux pas trop,qui détaille fascine on devine c'est,quoi en gros je devais prendre un,comprimé et faire des blagues sur un,sujet et après ils le regardaient la,baille regardé c'était bien si c'était,drôle et tout ça c'était validé après,l'histoire sexuelle et là bas faire un,test de français c'était catastrophique,il faudra désormais au graff relaté,d'orthographe auquel catastrophique mais,il montre quand même c'est à calais un,courrier ils ont pays des cours de

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I Ratio'ed Ellen DeGeneres on Twitter...

I Ratio'ed Ellen DeGeneres on Twitter...

hello guys and gals me mudahar and i'm,here to pronounce to you my life's,greatest achievement and that is,ratioing good old ellen degeneres now,ellen degeneres is i never expected to,make another video on her again but,ellen degeneres is just one of those,gifts that keeps on giving,and this this whole point leads into a,bigger topic which is why i really,despise most modern day talk shows and,television shows and mainstream media,groups out there,i'm not trying to sound alternate to any,of you or like hey man i was,i'm part of the cool kids now no i just,genuinely don't get these people like,they seem really,goddamn out of touch and it's just like,any time somebody has ever sent me any,video or any media from anybody big,it could be like ellen degeneres or,jimmy fallon or whatever i literally,cannot watch it for the whole reason,that it's just a complete cringe fest,now ellen degeneres god bless her is is,for those of you who don't know,she is in fact a comedian a talk show,host and a nice road trucker and i'm not,questioning ellen degeneres's euro truck,simulator skills,neither am i questioning or talk show,those skills but i'm definitely,questioning the comedian skill,because ellen degeneres decided to tweet,this banger out okay,now if you're looking at the screen i,advise you to look away i'm going to put,some saucy mirrors edge footage,because if you look at this tweet,without eye eye protection you,might be blown away by the ,unfunny so get ready,200 years in the future honey have you,seen my,iphone 378 i need it to pre-order my ps6,now i already like this tweet because it,sort of makes me visualize like brassers,like cuckold vibes without the actual,you know meaty parts of the whole,situation,but let's just go over the scenario, scientifically okay,because even if you look at it from the,most objective standpoint it's,still far funnier than whatever,ellen posted over here,200 years in the future so remember 200,years in the future aliens have attacked,us,we have butt plugs in our that,are detecting all of our movements and,sending it to our cosmic overlords right,that that's a reality cyberpunk future,i'd say,honey have you seen my iphone 378, you expect apple to be,releasing phones like what three goddamn,times a year to match pace,ellen i'm gonna fill you in baby apple's,probably gonna get big enough to stick,microchips right into our ,corneas and send your shitty tweets,right to us,baby you don't have to worry about the,iphone being a smartphone,it's gonna be the iphone literally the, iphone at some point you have to,worry about it,and you know what people will accept it,because it's the cool thing to do,and she's like i needed to pre-order my,ps6 uh yeah if my playstation 5 has a,lifespan of 200 years ellen,you could actually have my ,babies that is god damn impressive i,would hate to be a game developer,making video games for something that's,literally like,like if you relatively look at 200 years,later ellen that's almost the time it,took for the united states to be ,formed,i would hate to be a game,developer programmer then dude,i couldn't program jack gaming,would suck ,now the reason why this tweet's so, hilarious is you know that ellen,degeneres has never touched a,playstation in her life most likely,you know i think when you put an xbox,series x up to ellen she probably looks,at that and thinks,oh is that the louis vuitton,branded amazon alexa that i,bought,i don't know i just i don't get it i,think ellen would confuse a ps5,with a with a router at this point i,mean most gamers do already,ellen definitely would dude i think,ellen might just confuse it with a, smart fridge at this point,but i get it i get the joke she's trying,to feel you know relative to her fan,base she's getting there you know she,she you know she understands the the,youngins these days you know how do you,do fellow kids what are you trying to,get the,the playstation 5 oh let me let me crank,this banger tweet out i mean i get it,you know i'm not gonna falter for it,i know she is a comedian after all she,understands comedy more than anyone,but i love this one the most because i,actually ended up rationing her amongst,other people now if you don't know what,a twitter ratio is it was actually once,talked about during the days of the,bible,when judas had ratioed the out of,jesus's trust and respect,but jesus being the all-around cool guy,kind of didn't care nowadays the,ratio has devolved to the point where,it's basically a smaller account getting,proportionately,more likes than a actual host,main account getting,less likes for one tweet or whatever,right now ellen on this banker got 23,000 likes proving to the world,that twitter is in fact the ,but then again there's your boy modahar,right here,you should ask twitter to add a laugh,track function so it can unmatch so it,can mask the unfunny,which is true i wish twitter actually,did ask the laugh track function because,it would make twitter a much more,funnier place than the

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Twitter Logo - Golden Ratio Tutorial

Twitter Logo - Golden Ratio Tutorial

hey guys what's going on it's me we'll,Patterson again here with another video,and today we're talking more about the,golden ratio and what these circles have,to do with the golden ratio so stick,around and stay tuned because this video,is going to be sick this video is,brought to you by dots face so you may,not know what is going on right here on,my screen but I've got basic got a bunch,of circles but what does tell you that,these circles actually have a lot to do,with an app that you may use a lot or,social media you may have use quite a,lot well if I go ahead and bring this,back you can see that it's a Twitter,bird and you may be like well why have,you created this with a bunch of circles,around it well it's because I'm going to,show you today a practical way of using,the golden ratio on how to practically,use it without making mistakes so you,don't know that the golden ratio looks,kin of something like this and it's,calculated at 1.618 and i can go into,the mathematics of it if I was to look,at the Internet but it is so confusing,that I'm not even going to try and do it,all I know from a design prospect is,that it works and it's just got great,proportions if you don't know the golden,ratio is to keep divine proportions of,things so we basically create this sort,of shape here and all we've done is to,create this is basically go ahead and,made a bunch of squares and we,multiplied each square by 1.618 which is,the golden ratio and to do this you go,ahead and create just normal square like,this maybe make it a bit smaller and we,go ahead and we just make another one,like this and we basically go into our,transform thing here and go times which,is like that little Asterix 1.618 and,when we do that is times do it by 1.618,and then we keep doing this all the way,around and this basically gives us the,golden ratio and what this does is it,allows us to get proper proportions on,our work so to practically get you guys,to understand this this is the Twitter,bird here and it may look like a bunch,of random circles on it but I haven't,what I've done is I've calculated the,biggest circle here which could be used,right here and I know it's not perfect I,need to like spend more time,it to actually get it perfect but,basically I worked out the biggest,circle out of the grouping here and all,I've done is within these squares that,I've created is I made a circle that,went from one corner to the other corner,and it fitted perfectly so I'm gonna,start again was gonna delete that and,we've got a Twitter bird right there so,all I did was I worked out the biggest,circle here worked right where I wanted,it so I'll just go ahead and alt dragged,it down and what I can do actually is,show you because I'm gonna make it a bit,bigger to show you so I've got my whole,section here I'm gonna work out where it,is it's around about there I'm going to,zoom in a little bit and just scale,everything up all the circles up to keep,the proportions of the rest of the,circles now that is exactly or more more,or less the exact proportions of the,work I'm just gonna make it a tiny bit,smaller because we're doing this from an,actual vector standpoint so I'm just,gonna make it a bit bigger again just so,we get it relatively perfect and then,what I'm going to do is we've got to,move all these to the side over here and,keep them there so I can pick up them,which ones I want to use so obviously,the first shape is going to be the,circle here and I'm going to work out,exactly where it goes which is round,about there and I'm gonna be fairly,quick about doing this and you can do,this with all your logos if you want to,if they follow this sort of rule and in,keeping with these circles here and the,size we've got the basically makes your,logo look great because you've got,divine proportions everything is scaled,by 1.618 so we've got that circle there,the next one is going to be the head so,I'm going to try this one right here,that doesn't look correct I'm gonna try,it here try it here no it doesn't look,right I'm gonna go find the next one so,I'm gonna find this one here put it here,at roundabout there and I know this,isn't perfect because I haven't spent,the time setting up the document but I'm,hopefully gonna give you sort of like a,different preview of this then to keep,the divine proportions I'm not going to,change anything else I'm just going to,go find these little feather parts here,work out which one's work best which is,not that one find this one here okay,that's the circle we want to use for the,feathers so I'm going to move this one,here so we're gonna get another circle,over here this one right there for the,fair,down here and there we go we've got this,feather here so we've got three,different circles already one for the,feathers and one that's not for the,feathers so you can see there and I'm,going to copy and paste a circle but,it's alt dragging to find that part here,and we just do the same which is alt,drag find this pattern what we're doing,

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How to manage your twitter follow ratios

How to manage your twitter follow ratios

hi and welcome to this DCP web tutorial,in today's tutorial I'm going to show,you how to manage your Twitter follower,a she owes so I'm going to open up,Firefox and I'm looking at my Twitter,page right now and you can see that I'm,following 9091 people and eight thousand,eight hundred and fifty-six people are,following me now Twitter allows me to,follow up to 1000 more people so I could,follow nine thousand eight hundred and,fifty six in total but as I when I hit,that number,Twitter will stop allowing me to follow,more people so you can normally follow,up to about a thousand more people do,not following you in the first place so,I hope that makes sense,so if I were to follow up to nine,thousand eight hundred and fifty-six,people I would hit a threshold and,Twitter will not allow me to follow any,more people so I need to manage this,somehow so I'm going to go to this,website is called IU and follow com it's,an unfold to at all so I'm going to sign,in here with my Twitter account,and down the side here you can see is,for unfollow non follow back follow back,request whitelist history and VIP so,basically the tool that I use the most,is this non follow back so if I click,here I can see were the people that I,followed at some point and they happen,to be not following me back so in order,to resolve that I can just click this,unfollow button they have to be a bit,careful,it says unfollow people who don't follow,you back be careful twitter does not,allow mass unfollowing then mass,following then unfollowing it's called,follow turn basically you shouldn't,follow loads of people and then unfollow,them and then follow more people you,need to omit you know be a bit sensible,with the amount of people that you're,unfollowing you can normally unfollow,around 200 people but at the same time,when you follow these people you need to,give them time to follow you back as,well it may not happen instantly so it,may take some time for them to see and,to come back around login to their,Twitter account and follow you back in,this case I'm going to unfollow 100,people this is 100 in the list let's,just finish this,that's 100 people follow unfollowed and,normally I'll never unfollow more than,200 people at time so each day Mabel,unfollow 200 people at the most so I'll,go back to my Twitter account we'll see,that this number should drop down now by,a hundred if i refresh we now at eight,thousand nine hundred and ninety they've,dropped down by around 100 now I can go,and follow our new hundred people and,some of them may follow me back and some,may not and that's how you can manage,your Twitter followers using this tool,here so I hope you find that tutorial,useful have an experiment with the other,options here as well and have a little,read about them but I mainly use the non,follow back toward just to manage my,follow Twitter ratios okay look forward,to seeing you on a next DTP web tutorial

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Spamton Gets Ratio'd - Deltarune Animation

Spamton Gets Ratio'd - Deltarune Animation

(creepy/sad music),Okay we got your stupid key.,- OH, DEAR LIGHTNERS!,THAT'S BUT WHAT I MOST RIGHT NOW IS YOUR,[] WEBSITE INFORMATI0N!!,- Uhm, we searched the whole place and didn't find anything like that.,EAHAHAHAHAA!!,NO, YOU I NEED YOUR- I NEED YOUR- I NEED YOUR,MEANWHILE AT THE !,YOU! CAN YOU ME IF [],THERE ARE ANY SIGNS?,- Oh, a puzzle! Okay!,- Pfft- What the hell?! You guys are actually  falling for this dodgy shi-,- DOES THIS LOOK LIKE A [] SIGN TO YOU?!!!,- Oh buddy, I'm gonna stop some signs of life!,-🎵 I ain't 'fraid of no 🎵 ,(battle music),(throat clearing),- Did i detect somebody saying the words  bird and stupendous a few seconds ago?,Don't worry - that was a rhetorical question. My  fantastic listening skills need not be doubted.,Oh, uh actually! Berdly, hey pal, would you be able to put your twitter login info here for us?,- What?! Of course not! somebody with a level of media literacy as high as mine would not give out confidential information so easily!,I mean, you're not even offering me anything in exchange!,- ...Sounds like someone just can't remember their login.,- PASSWORD MANAGER USING !!,- No! I remember it!,- Got any proof of that?,(tense music),- Ugh!!! Fine! Take it! do what you will with  my 168 follower twitter account,(exhales),- REDEMPTION! FINALLY!!,NUMBERS GOING UP UP UP UPUPUPUP,RATIO...,... AVERTED,- That's really all you wanted to do with my twitter?!!!,- Kris... Do you think that falling for  such a simpleton maneuver will cause me to lose respect from my fans?,- Hmm... Can't lose what you don't have.

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Vulcan talks getting COUNTER RATIO'D by Doublelift on Twitter

Vulcan talks getting COUNTER RATIO'D by Doublelift on Twitter

well it's week four of the lcs with,coverage brought to you by alienware's,day two and uh guess what evil geniuses,just beat team liquid and vulcan is here,with me right now to talk about it do,you think this means that you guys are,undisputed the best team in the league,right now,no because i think we're undisputed the,best team in the world right now after,this one yeah okay okay i appreciate,that it's like i thought it was here and,now we're gonna go okay uh no but,like getting back to the lcs,specifically,are there any teams that you think are,competitive with you like do you think,that anybody could take a couple games,off you at least in the best three or,best of five,i think it would be tl i feel like,they're the best team the biggest,contender i do think they haven't been,playing as good as they usually do um,which is nice because we get this win,um,but yeah other than that i feel like i,feel like we kind of have 100 to use,numbers these days and we don't see them,as much as a threat i feel like c9,might be good eventually but they're not,quite there yet and,other than that it's like we usually,consistently beat the other teams so i,feel pretty calm confident staying with,the best yeah was there any concern when,you saw the bjergsen zillion pocket pick,come out,a little bit of concern but we did,practice against it because,um we played that match up in scrims i,was going to say someone's name but i'm,not going to,but we got some practice into that match,up jojo did make a pretty big mistake,early on and died to a gank but,it's something we saw and also i feel,like with our champs i feel like humie's,pretty good in new zealand because,um my ulti's like multi-target we have,the sauna we can go on a lot of people,and same thing for nars so we can have,the team fight like just be wild and,it's kind of hard to play zillion when,there's a lot of things going on at one,time so,um i think our draft was pretty good,into him so it wasn't too much of a,worry,uh i saw a tweet from parth that had,said uh rigby just has the best drafts,in the league over and over and over,again do you think it's true i mean how,much of you guys winning is because of,the players but also how much is because,of the drafts and the coaching staff,yeah i think our draft has been,consistently,better consistently good and i think a,lot of credit goes to him but i also,think,we,well obviously the players need to be,able to pilot the champs that are,drafted so we're always gonna you know,have a little bit more credit than he,does but he's been doing a very good job,um,earl that is and,um yeah i think our drafts are pretty,good i think we're,playing them all and i think we are like,very,um we can do a lot of different,strategies and stuff so it makes earl's,job easier and then he does a good job,of you know,giving us a good situation to play the,game well is there ever any tension in,the like in scrims or whatever in terms,of players not wanting to play certain,champions or,them you know i know coaching staff,being like hey,we really should figure this out because,this is how we're going to win as if you,guys can all play this for a draft i,mean what's the relationship like there,because i feel like there's been a lot,of conversation about that in the past,with previous teams,um,well sometimes like an idea or you saw,something in lpl and lck or luc that,always played and you think it could be,interesting and he's like maybe we,should try this or like yeah why not and,we'll try it out um sometimes i think he,has contacts in the lck and same for,impact so sometimes they get ideas from,there as well and we'll try we'll try,things out um but sometimes we go into,gem select and then,something happens and like the draft,becomes a bit wild and i'm sitting there,in my chair like okay uh we're dodging,this uh we need to figure out what just,happened here because this draft is,unplayable and then we'll dodge and make,the other team angry and have give them,what we call a dodge token where,since we did it they're like allowed,they get to dodge once too so it's fair,enough um i know fans have a very strong,opinion about dodging champs like for,whatever reason and they're like early,remakes too yeah bad team fight you know,yeah because we're not practicing,correctly which is funny because,everyone's like oh eastern asian culture,blah blah and asian teams,when you scrim them at worlds and,something goes wrong they will pause and,say ag which stands for again or i'm not,sure if it's another game or again but,they will pause and say g and leave,instantly they don't care what you think,they'll be out of there so,yeah it's pretty funny okay so it's it's,a global thing not just people should,not just focus in on this um i saw i,think it was during week three,that you led the pregame hype uh for,cloud nine and then they lost and then,they lost yeah was that intentional on,your part did you intentionally try to,overhype them or get them to a bad,mental place i

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