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Randy Gets Approached By a Wild Lady! | NoPixel RP | GTA | CGcan you help me what's up oh hey um,wha


Updated on Jan 22,2023

Randy Gets Approached By a Wild Lady! | NoPixel RP | GTA | CG

can you help me what's up oh hey um,what's your name what's up bro my name,is,looking for friends yeah,you can be your friend,um,do you by any chance know where I can,get a card,come to the Cubby hold on grab street,team blocks yeah this guy,there he has strong friends,list actually yeah you will you be my,friend then my friend listens,for drugs,if you want,I'm gonna show you things you've never,seen before,like what,um,I'll show you heroin,heroin you have heroin What,you don't have that America now I'm,getting distracted hands up yeah,I'm getting tempted Freddy what do I do,we're gangsters,bye hey,hands up,hands up hey hands up right now,put your hands up don't ,move,who's this,he came over she even went somewhere for,drugs too why are you on drugs so bad,huh,I'm just trying to experience things I,told you I'm new looking for friends,looking for friends okay what's your,name,Paris plum,Paris has nothing on her I got those,plums,what oh the ,okay okay,yeah well you don't come down to this,block and ask for drugs right,okay sorry I won't do it again,undercover agent but but does that mean,you'll be my friend right no no this guy,can ask Bobby over there,Bobby will you be my friend,she has no text nothing,let's go do the same I love a good time,oh you were tweaker,the ,okay Bobby this is Paris Plum uh Paris,Bobby he's looking to be a friend as,well you know what I'm saying you know,he got all that you know what I mean,yeah we can be best friends,you know what I'm saying I'm saying oh,he eat his bread right now because,that's all he gets and you know,what I'm saying,I got you Bobby I got you I need my damn,chips are horny in peace,got 12 boyfriends,went to Paris once and it smelled like,piss,very sexy oh funny okay,guys I like the shot guys,Donald Trump oh no God Donald Trump mess,no God that's how it works bro and they,already got the girlfriend called the,French wait that's weird iris is in,France oh my God,yeah I'm International I'm Francis,you know she foreign,please

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Randy Sacrifice's Himself For The Birth of The New Dragon! | NoPixel RP | GTA | CG

Randy Sacrifice's Himself For The Birth of The New Dragon! | NoPixel RP | GTA | CG

foreign,oh it's glowing oh,now if you turn your heads around and,what back,packs oh,I have no idea,so that's what it says,Jesus Christ we all know that that's how,Greek sounds Normandy it is not,oh,we're ready,what the ,I need sacrifice I'm sorry,also one of one,maybe shoot the head like the Scout oh,dude,oh,that's why he goes ready no I'm not, up but that's fire you don't say,for yourself,man that's it you do it you do it,shoot it I love you man,okay,oh ,oh , are you next taco you next,he wants to eat more I think,okay,oh so he just needed more sacrifice, boys I'm coming man,shooting bomb,oh please pop,that didn't work,okay,so three people sacrificed and it's,still not working we need to figure out,something different,you're right back maybe it's four all,right do it Bob,don't do it,don't do it Bob,died,they sick,okay,be careful oh ,oh no no man

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Silent on being Harassed by Weirdo Twitter Stans over Bananabrea | GTA RP NoPixel 3.0

Silent on being Harassed by Weirdo Twitter Stans over Bananabrea | GTA RP NoPixel 3.0

uh imagine falling in love with a stream,is so bad that you have to,creep them out every day bro,crazy,make it counts like a loser,it's crazy to me man,so in love with a streamer that they're,like, jealous at their friends,it's crazy loser,oh,you know what is crazy chop,like you know how they spent me on,Twitter all the time,some guy was like dming me like talking,about like the um you know the same ,weird I actually responded him I,responded to them,yeah, loser literally admits that he,literally makes multiple accounts,because he doesn't want to get banned on,his main account because he's a ,little loser who just probably sits,there and waits every single day it's,crazy to me man,can you guys hear me yeah,yeah it's crazy,literally just,you know that's what worse man that's,the worst part it's like these people,that are like these stalkers and, sit there and spam all day are,the people who like,are actual Chatters who sit there and,type to your chat every day,overly invested losers man,who would be obsessed with you though I,know you're saying that as a joke but,it's not even meme,honestly I think they're just in,love with banana,millionaire I don't need you to tell me,what I should or shouldn't do to be,honest with you man,you say they want that bro but,maybe you know what I honestly believe,maybe like responding to it might like,give them something like a laugh a,little bit or something I don't know,what it is but,this has been happening for like six,plus months and no one's given them any,attention,crazy,uh you can do it for so long and like,it has nothing to do that they want,attention it's just them just being,losers honestly,I I don't think it has anything to do,with them wanting it,two years no I'm talking about the,specifically like I mean it's pretty,much when I clippy started to be honest,it's like bad bad bro I'm talking about,like,bro they make literally,like they literally buy or make Twitter,accounts and they just Spam me like I'm,talking about like 100 times a day,sometimes,but you know thankfully,um,I actually don't even see him anymore I,might feed for some reason I don't even,know why to be honest but,I don't even see him on my feet do they,follow you bro some of them follow me I,ain't gonna lie I didn't I ain't gonna,lie I have got some follows out,of it,I'll take that I'll I will take,it bro,how am I calling your house,they're gonna make new accounts every,single time they attack me,oh my God it's a real Alexa okay,father and girls don't know yeah I know,Banana's been getting it like,for years but I'm just talking about,just some of my experience in general,you wanna know how bad it is like how,like,rain,like how bad it is,um,when I was banned,um,what happened,oh yeah oh yeah I went like when like,banana or Claire was farming that like I,wasn't there or whatever for like,her birthday and stuff and then you know,how they um,they they went to the bank account they,took money from the counter or something,like that,like I wasn't even watching I didn't,know anything about it but I saw the,clip so I know full context,um she said like oh my God I'm getting,emoted I think or something like that,like jokingly like this shouldn't want,to do it or whatever,bro I'm not even kidding within seconds,they tuned at me haha blah blah like I,can't believe like you're like I think,he was like oh see in love like like,you're controlling your blah blah or,something I don't remember what it said,but something about like like you can't,like you're not even letting her do,things in character when you're not even,around and I'm like and then I I dm'd,her I'm like what am I supposed to be,mad about again,I'm just like what the is going on,bro like it's crazy man,little immune yeah I mean,listen like I always tell people I mean,more than anybody you were no kill and,you would know more than me,bro just having to hey what's up,um,like,CS Go Lounge days man holy ,I remember literally getting my life,threatened and they would take a,screenshot or even show and they lost,like 50 cents,like two three dollars,oh my god,like see us when CS Go Lounge was at his,prime,csgo Lounge would try to have every,single game you played whether it was,small or big it didn't matter how,important it really was but they were,making millions of dollars obviously so,they would put every game on there,bro we would have,like so when you play pro right,obviously like there's some leagues in,tournaments that like you just don't,really care about that much right like,there's tournaments where you you won't,ever use your shots because you don't,want to like use your shots for when,it's a irrelevant League,you'll save them for important,tournaments so obviously naturally you,lose the teams that like aren't better,than you or even some straight dog ,teams because like that's just how it is,when you're a doctor team and you're,playing against a pro team or someone,you look up to bro you sit there you,sweat you try your ass off,and,you end up upset

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Ramee Reacts to Summit's Tweet about Goofy and Kebun's & Rated's Reply | GTA RP NoPixel 3.0

Ramee Reacts to Summit's Tweet about Goofy and Kebun's & Rated's Reply | GTA RP NoPixel 3.0

I know for a fact the loudest people who,complain they have a they have a,controller they choose not to use it,or should I say they they don't want to,put in the effort,it's so much better but then they try it,and they can't,can't do anything with it yeah,this is the Alice oh uh common,l-nutrient take at this point,all you have to do is actually just,practice for a week or two someone,getting chased Ultra common Neutron,amount of time will make you enjoy this,game much further into the future than,if you just keep playing,it's just not,it's clunky it just feels clunky to,drive like this,I can do it the same do you ever pick,Ultra common neutral,I'll see on the track bro,I say we take nurses to the dogs looks,level,you know what I'm gonna do,is everybody,yo does anybody have a Summits uh,uh I mean I need some it's like uh,hold on,foreign,there we go,hahaha,oh ,yo what what did Newton say here her,kids,want to put in the effort,yo man,yo man honestly this is on you,you have this and you don't want to put,in the effort,SMH,I see where they're coming from to be,honest,yo man this is,to be honest man,yo man I don't see this is on you you,have this and you don't want to put in,the effort SMH I see where they're,coming from man to be honest man,y'all imagine if he started using this, for the racing scene,oh my God bro,oh ,oh man,oh,dude this can this this picture has me,dying bro,this is disgusting,I'll see you on the track bro,oh ,oh dude,yeah yeah,that should happen that funny as,I I'm not gonna lie actually funny as,hell,oh man

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Blau's Reaction to How RatedEpicz Started Streaming

Blau's Reaction to How RatedEpicz Started Streaming

what made you press start your streaming,for the first time,that's a great question me uh I got,forced to do it to be honest really not,forced but um,I used to play GT a lot well I used to,play FIFA a lot and I used to be part of,like the FIFA Community right and then,one of them showed me GTA role play and,then I went into the server and I got,banned oh yeah,oh yeah like instantly RDM I got banned,off no pixel for like a day oh no a day,like what changed I'm kidding I'm,kidding rated I'm kidding,I'm sorry right I went on to another,seven I got banned off that why are you,getting banned so much I thought it was,just GTA online and then so I was like, it bro what changed,I'm so I'm kidding I'm kidding I'm,kidding I love you rated I'll try to,take you properly and you know I went,into GTA or no pixel again yeah uh uh,and I was just rolling with like by,myself and in another crew then I met Mr,K or Mr Chang yeah,then we started rolling together he used,to stream a lot like he would just,stream to like two people or like three,people yeah and I didn't really I used,to go uni a lot so I had to do uni work,and I could only play like an hour or,two and then I'd get off and eventually,like three more and all these people,would like spam me and be like stream,stream like Michigan Discord and I was,like I'm not doing that oh,it's actually a wholesome story that was,just one day where it was a Saturday so,I didn't have uni or anything I didn't,have anything to do so I was like you,know what it I thought my three mid,jewelry store and I was like I think 10,people and I was like what the and,people were typing,and they someone dropped like 20 Subs I,was like what the are you doing,dropping 20 Subs are you okay wait there,was already gifted Subs when you started,yeah if this Subs oh okay wow that's,okay like three years ago three years,ago four years ago whoa okay three three,right,and then so someone dropped 20 Subs what,the is going on that's crazy your,first stream and you get 20 Subs would,be crazy,kept doing it doing it doing it slowly,slowly some people stream a year without,seeing 20 Subs it was fun for like an,hour or two and then I'd get like bored,and just get off and then,so I stream like I don't know like four,times a month,and then eventually summer came onto the,server and he joined our gang and I was,like you know what it I'm telling,my stream when I tie my stream on and,then me and him saw a uh an undercover,car like a cop car yeah we went around,just with people and then he,raided me and then I was like holy ,what is going on I don't know what to do,and then,have streaming from then,damn,wow it was like one big mistake you know,one big mistake no I mean nah Raiden,popped off man he popped off on Twitch,got the bag like,this is dope lore no like no I'm saying,like I like I started streaming like it,wasn't like intended or intentional like,I didn't go into it trying to become a,streamer you know what I mean and I,don't mean like it's a mistake,I might just like I,like I probably wouldn't have been,streaming if no one asked me to or like,I didn't wanna you know people just,stream to become stream yeah a streamer,the accident yeah,it's like it wasn't yeah honestly I feel,like that's when you become the like,that's when streaming is actually like,the best,is when it's like a naturally yeah you,know you're just doing it for fun I love,that story kind of work it out but it's,never like pretty much yeah

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Chang Gang Awards 2022

Chang Gang Awards 2022

I'll be with the killer so you know I,put him on a t-shirt for my walls,pluck me out of town for the law,in these hitters ain't the same and they,know if you try to,oh can you see all the dogs,farewell soldiers they lied to,me man I order Mass execution oh I want,all gang support I want all cops masks,games,he's doing it now,there's a dog hands up oh move,bruh,yo yo I had the guy hang up and I'm,dropping the money Banks,did you not even 10 seconds they they,said they're waiting for,somebody's black twice,hey Grace you're the judge right indeed,if I were to get my record expunged I,won't I need to wait two weeks right 30,days total without a crime but from the,start of the expungement it's 14 days,right so I gotta wait 45 days to do no,crime chat two weeks no crime okay,that's actually doable bro another month,is not doable,blue,oh,my God how did the doors,you step on your own,I set up basically your store like I,said that guy behind the counter the,thing in the desk the deal and all that,all those things are like classified as,like bro look at this guy Garrett dude,this guy this guy Carrick goes in the PD,chat can we get some backup on the,server for a holdout Against Romney,Curtis I'm trying to get him to play,violent with me so if everyone can go on,duty and the whole that'll make me,trust me,thank you,that's me your honor that's me,this guy is shoving ,he's choking you can hear me,so they lock me well connect to demand,and me,foreign,I got you bro,film The Prisoner City you stuck like,rice ain't made in a minute,busy I got killers that go silly we,could him off from here be hands up,did both of them Miss,if you were to find my tax out of Puerto,Rican mommy one time and sex some ,I need whole facts if they call tell,them funny,yeah,Let's Dance,we'll be going to jail,right back,what the is wrong with you I was,hitting y'all up on the radio nine times,what you mean 17 times to be exactly,yeah we counted it was 17. you know I,wasn't saying where y'all was at we,literally told you a hundred times and,you go missing,for my walls pluck me out of town for,the law,this ,first order of business is uh,uh I mean we got we did it boys we, did him the war is over boys,finally got it shout out coil game,warden Clarkson about time I,think the first order in business is we,talk to the Troopers and then we get,some command members that are in the,trooper division,for your crew,do it over do it,Nova do it OG orders OG orders if he was, Tyrone you would have done it in,two seconds,no way no way she legit did it no, way did that just happen,okay and we are supposed to do Prem on,these boxes specifically numbered to,know that the equations are then one one,four and then you're supposed to break,down four equations that I haven't done,since Middle School for the guys,to then put them in the opposite order,that you give them to them in now that,is a up situation,so that Bishop ,join this High School,sorry,cure for jewelry oh I just Auto claimed,jewelry oh no you didn't bro don't,say that bro Bobby why the would,you claim Jeweler you could have claimed,why did you claim jewelry store bro, idiot bro,dumb what I'm done with this mom,out,I'm jumping,over it no,my heads,oh my God you turn,around,do your thing baby talk your ,I came on here today and then I I,honestly could not have fathom this much,love from this community I just wanted,to help my family in in some in some way,anyway that I could but you guys have,helped the entirety of my family in ways,you could not imagine,I know I know you're not miss you dumb, you can't just,you can't just spray or tag all over I, hood and think I'm not gonna,beat your ass,I didn't personally I didn't do it,you just say a words you, ,CG,CG

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Randy Is Disappointed After Meeting CG For The First Time in NoPixel Spain! | NoPixel RP | GTA | CG

Randy Is Disappointed After Meeting CG For The First Time in NoPixel Spain! | NoPixel RP | GTA | CG

you,there is no way you are CG,yeah I'm sushi,what,hello hello Emma Emma from Seattle,yeah,you're in Chang gang yeah yeah how old,are you little man this is changing,how old are you little boy,no no no I know a little boy I have,um,30 years old yeah,you're 70 years old what's your name,what's your name nombre nombre Chanel,is the media,your name is Chanel no no my name is,Lara Lara I'm this guy,is Japanese oh hello,we never we never reached that place,yeah I can see why,you guys doing,I don't know which,what's going on brother what the ,this is the leader no no the leader's,name is Ryu but he's he's stuck in his,apartment like nothing,what happened to his eye,yeah,you lost it,yeah,members out again oh hi my name is Randy,Billet hello,nice to meet you Randy Randy just so you,know you know the,the girl in the pink here is in love,with you bro all right,in love with you,Randy we need your help we need to take,our leadership,you want to go take over a little soul,yeah,I'm down we take it back my, face is like a little sore,yeah the mural,well what kind of space you guys got,we kill a lot of the people in there and,they have the same spray as you guys,have you have sprays,yeah,what's happening,I am,they place the flag in there so we we,can take it he's who's freaking,yeah,this guy will kill everyone yeah yeah,yeah,listen listen Randy needs a gun guys,Randy needs a gun okay okay,yeah,I get the number one sweetness let me,tell you let me tell you what happened,let me I heard that CG and they almost,moved to where Royal Mafia is you know,Royal Mafia yeah they were almost gonna,move there but they chose this spot,instead we want leadership but it was,taken our home but I built a foundation,of little soul yeah I know but they,don't,where's the rest of the guy,and,I think this is a race but they're,coming I said and what's your name,missing the pink,Emma oh there you go Emma Lauren Mr,Michelle right

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Rated Epicz Talks About A Face Reveal

Rated Epicz Talks About A Face Reveal

and yo again I'm not I'm not I'm you,know we're an hour deep you know I don't,want to keep you too long last the last,question I want to ask you right so you,know a lot of people talk about it,uh you know what's your what is your,whole view on like face reveal and is it,something you plan on doing or is it,something that you don't plan on doing,all right so,that's a good one now I guess you I'll,go into this why I don't show my face so,why I didn't as I said I was in uni a,lot when I first started streaming,but I didn't know nothing about FaceTime,I didn't couldn't be bothered to any of,that like I didn't really look into it I,just put my stream over so I was,streaming and it kept going and gone,and,the thing is it just kept doing that,like like I just kept doing that I,didn't care about like Base Cam or like,improving,like I don't know I just want to benefit,to adding a face cam and I never did I,was always Anonymous in terms of just,online Because the Internet is just a, place right so,even when I was like on the FIFA,Community I was just like chilling,playing and dipping chilling playing and,dipping same like Vibe on,GTA I was just gotta get on chilling and,dipping and then focusing on uni IRL,stuff just going out like it wasn't that,serious thing where I had to like show,my face and be all out and try and like,be like yo look at me guys yeah yeah it,was just never like my thing I was just,on chilling dipping literally that's,just how I would live and I'd stream and,stream was just on and I was still doing,the same things getting on playing and,dipping and then the numbers would grow,and I still don't have a face coming I,didn't and then eventually,it like I grew so big to the point was,like,now you're like oh okay yeah yeah,yeah yeah and I get a lot of DMS from,streaming streamers you won't even think,about,DM me saying like no Pro I wish I could,be at that level and Anonymous I could,be so good like privacy wise and,if like,one day something happens and my face,goes out there I couldn't give a ,like at the end of the day is what it is,if I I ain't too worried,about my identity because I know who I,am I know I'm a good person my,personality everything is the same I'm,the same where I am online,in real person like I'm so outgoing I'm,so fun and I don't know where my,streaming career will take me and hey,maybe times from a streaming career like,you said to a rap career or a YouTube,career or like I don't know where it's,gonna take me but if a puff comes down,to it,and I have to like show my face and it,comes out like and I have to do all of,that just like with everything else,when it comes it comes if it doesn't it,doesn't I'm not going to force it I'm,not going to try and do some big face,reveal because I know if a face reveal,does happen it's just gonna be like a,little like tweet hello what's good and,that's it it's not gonna be like a on,this day 23rd of October,9 p.m I'm gonna release my face be there,you know it's not like if it happens,it's out there if it doesn't hey then it,wasn't meant to be it there's nothing,like I've got nothing to hide like I'm I,like I like that I like what you said if,it ain't broke don't fix it and and like,I I totally understand what you're,saying like bro like,bro if like three like some streamers,that get of sometimes you go on stream,you don't even want to show your face,bro so like if you don't have to like,like yeah sometimes I'm like shirt off, chilling like I don't want to be,like oh you know and you got a, big light that makes you sweat,yeah so but yeah I like that analogy,yeah exactly and I think also like the,you know like the thrill of like not,knowing is it kills people it's like no,I need to know and then you know they'll,they'll you know what I mean but again,like but on that note I'm just gonna,leave it at least like,don't expect like some like,David Beckham that'll come,out and look like a God you know,what I'm saying,what if people what if you do look like,David Beckham no,yo the God ever hit you up already bro,just from The Voice,I just around but I mean

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