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I went WILD on Twitter in front of 5000 followers...i really want to,guys what why does this go,so f


Updated on Jan 13,2023

I went WILD on Twitter in front of 5000 followers...

i really want to,guys what why does this go,so fast there's five retweets i just put,guys,shut up he's gonna make an announcement,hold up hold up hold up i have to make,an announcement i have to make,announcement,guys minecraft period,okay,this is the dumbest thing why does this,have more retweets than this,that would yeah,is what is this,oh okay,please get off of my timeline this is,the sixth window,go to sleep please,why do i get tagged in this by,actually getting am i actually getting,canceled,uh-oh you go funky twitter man to sleep,for the love of god,god i gained 95 followers from today,from doing this dumb stuff,it's literally just gonna be me just,going insane,for for 15 minutes on twitter,so much there's so much clout here,oh wait wait wait let's make a poll,let's make a poll no,you just put jews,this has this has actually nothing to do,with anything,it's just gonna be it's just gonna be,people without knowing what it is okay,30 is 22 look i love being a minecraft,influencer talk to my discord now,get you guys minecraft,i'm going to bed i cannot do this,anymore i'm just going to tweet that i'm,going to sleep

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Streamers React to Ranboo Comes Out As Gay

Streamers React to Ranboo Comes Out As Gay

that you saw that was the only reason,they're pretty i couldn't help it,why,week like and subscribe in the next five,seconds for a week of good luck enjoy,the video,rambuskay,and i'm in big support,i'll admit,my whole bit of last year of being in,love with him,oh,has a you know an element of uh truth,underlying it now doesn't it really,oh,things gonna be awkward with me next,hang out,i support him good good good good,are you trying to tell something no,no,hello brand you pride rambu pride,cried,oh dude chad you see rambo came out yeah,my boy,yeah dude i was so happy i had a double,check with him i was like uh did you,meet the come out on twitter just now,like uh,did you mean to do that,already knew but like i was i was like,ooh,let's keep going is he meaning or is he,did he did he,was he serious,or was he still it was he meaning on,everyone no seriously i'm super proud of,them for coming out that's awesome,don't and don't take that as like oh you,everyone has to come out now,come out when you're ready and when you,figure things out there's no time limit,on this thank you,it's out how's out the bag i knew before,any of you by the way i knew,um i wonder how it feels,to be behind like you all were,and i,and i kept the secret too,no,i just i wonder how it feels to not be,good enough friends that you didn't you,didn't know you know because if you're,years behind,um,i've only got a footing you know i've,already been,uh when you where last night because we,didn't we didn't really know but we were,a long,amount,of good replies we could do and we and,we had to sign through them and i had to,get remembers approval because you know,there was a lot of ways we could take,that and now some might say,it's brilliant it's really brilliant,i i basically as we were walking out,from the play up from the musical today,we saw loads of the cast members and i,was having my inner fanboy moment where,i was like i know who they are and then,ryan was just laughing at me because i,was like freaking out it was just it was,just really funny,no because it was like oh man it was so,funny but like the thing is though you,like you only reacted that way to the to,the heathers that you saw that was the,only reason,like you saw like you saw like the guys,you were just like oh i know i know,they're pretty i couldn't help it,why,i was so happy i had a double check with,him i was like uh did you meet the come,out on twitter just now,i already knew but like i was i was like,ooh,rambu actually like officially came out,because uh now he's just even more of a,role model i think for the lgbtq skittle,squad that's a new member,yeah super proud super proud it's pretty,brilliant isn't it he's a pretty big,role model his old little rambo he's uh,certainly one of mine i think i think,he's is incredible,he's pretty he's just awesome scary,nevertheless he's kind of scary you know,oh,look down my throat i said something,serious,some people see that as a weakness a,terrible spoil and i see that as a,positive i see that as,potential i see that as something,amazing a blank canvas,well as he didn't move whoever said that,but yeah no it's pretty uh it's pretty,awesome i think it's brilliant i think,that was really cool we were all like oh,my you know i mean i just want to build,lego i don't i'm not really invested,here's the thing i've got a little quirk,that all the other white boys don't,don't i i've got a little bit of this,that i've gone to the source that all,the other streamers feel they just don't,quite have,hmm all right i need you to,cause then it goes like this,there we go,okay and then it like shifts mainly to,green here oh my god i didn't realize we,had so many one here that's wild all,right there we go we'll shift it to like,this blue,there we go,i did i did not realize there were so,many that's absolutely wild all right,and what are the uh okay but then they,also have like little circles as well so,i'll just like i'll just do this little,thing there we go,there it is and then you know what we'll,do you know what i'll do you know what,i'll do,we'll do this,there we go,it's on a little guy,here we are it's perfect,it's perfect,i didn't realize there were so many,i didn't realize there were so many,one-year subs that was wild all right,there we are there we are perfect,perfect,there we go perfect i i thought that was,just awesome last night that was,brilliant it was the first time in a,while,not even the first time in a while it,was just a time where i just looked at,our community and i was just like,well done that was just such a brilliant,evening that was a really good evening,to go on twitter and just be like,oh sevens everyone that was a great that,was a great night do we all agree,promise neverland is a good,family-friendly anime you should watch,with your grandmother no it's that's not,true can you don't you should don't lie,it is so wholesome and lovely stop,recommending grandmothers,anyway have your pizza hut,hey hey,i'm just gonna take the worst

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rambu,happy pride month i'm more powerful than,ever now,ranbir in all seriousness i'm very happy,to be able to be public about it it was,scary at first but i'm honestly happier,than ever right now so thank you,tommy in it i wish i could wield the gay,saber it's too heavy for a man like me,you crumple under the power of the gays,i don't think that's normal,crum,renbail we should fight,ooh my bets on rambu,whoa that's gay,alright pipe down fruit by the foot,we know what you are,ted nibison,finally the gay saber,randall after all these years,you just got slayed slayed,omg you're such a strong ally this is,sarcasm just in case,ranbaid yes this was an excuse for me to,show off my lightsaber hey it's a cool,lightsaber i can't blame you,no,run the gays are here,rainbow,slash sirius,technoblade proud of you king,grand bale thanks man means a lot,tommy in it literal king my big gay,friend,rambo thank you and you're welcome for,the permission to tweet this,wilbur sut my man,ranbill yo how did you know,he likes men,carl,ludwig,very proud of you,jack manifold my brother in christ i am,smiling a joyous grin very proud of you,king,foolish gamers rambu you're awesome,jacksepticeye it's a good day and all,shall smile upon you and say let's go,proud of you bud,rambu you're somehow just always so cool,thanks so much man these friendships are,just so wholesome,connor hell yeah brother,shelby nobody loves the gays more than,connor eats pants keep at it fellas,randall with the boyfriend,foolish gamers i'd kick jelly beans ass,carl i don't know if you can but 100,i can,life max,gay ass,i know what you are,rimbey i love the internet,rambo,men,ants frost,hmm randall just a soft launch to test,the waters you know how it is,tommy unit april foul,rainbow huh,pen,i am upset i need men,bilzo tell me about it,rainbow this is my new favorite photo of,me,rambaid forgot to post this one with the,others holy cow this is the best one,look where you came from and look at you,now,i have two moods i'm gonna get myself,and i need to kiss men,ran bait we have made a breakthrough,bilzo,ran bail we have finally figured out you,and i,ran bait i'm so happy right now the,captain finally won,rambo i did the whole costume for fourth,guess i just gotta get more elaborate,i think you should just get the target,pride collection suit for the next mcc,just to make this exact same joke on,stream,slenderman's gay cousin i like mender,man,okay that got me,renbait i think about this donation,daily,dump tsuki donated three dollars what if,you're peeing and you just see your pee,pee disintegrating,what,randu i have a new fear,random thanos snapped but it's,everyone's pee pees no more gender,inequality but also no more bathrooms,team photo,ran bait me and the boys got covered in,color,randall please stop comparing me to the,trees from lorax i do not look like the,tree from lorax,bilzol i am not bart simpson,freddy yeah sure buddy,the married guy,verified fart tweet,rainbow great work man keep it up keep,going yeah keep at it,ran bait why the hell did i naturally,sit like this for almost all of the,shoot,amezi,rambaid it is hot as hell in florida i,may need to turn the jeans into jords if,i don't find any shorts soon god have,mercy on my soul,ran bait,trending i'm gay hashtag rambu,ran bait people correcting others on,what my sexuality is reminding me of my,internal dialogue in eighth grade,amezi did literally everyone struggle,with their sexuality in year eight,the married guy yeah it's called puberty,dork,slime cycle,happy pride month you are more gay than,you realize,randall uh-oh,ted nibison please for the love of god,look at this massive pistachio,ranbill thank you for this i needed this,today,when will rambu's dream,national rambo day stream today,zenith donated three dollars hi ramboo,big fan would love to know what is wrong,with you,rainbow it'll be up in about four hours,i have a lot to set up and clean,the married guy i am going to explode,randall,awesome,when will rambu stream i will stream,tomorrow,tommy in it can you make new accounts,like this when is rainbow hitting when,is rambu crying when is rambu having,intrusive thoughts,rainbow you just described ran mail,freddy thanks for the lift rambu says,stuff,randale anytime homie glad to help you,out on the battlefield,see those are real comrades,ran bait i mean how many clues can i,give,i've had this idea set up for so long,just waiting for the day when something,finally happens,rainbow it's been so long i can finally,rest,congrats ran boogie let's go,not sure if this is what i think it,means but congratulations if it is very,proud of you,randall max literally what else could it,mean,ran bail i found shorts,the married guy why are you wearing a,collared shirt on the beach,rambo fashion is my passion,bilzo is it weird to take your shoes off,on the plane,ran bail please god say yes oh god he's,taking them off as we speak what have,you done oh god,the married guy way ahead of you,let's go this photo looks e

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Ranboo Came Out and People Are Mad...

Ranboo Came Out and People Are Mad...

ranbuu came out as gay on twitter and of,course some people aren't happy about,that keemstar ended up getting,completely demolished by the minecraft,community and elon musk has bought,twitter for like 40 billion dollars so,it's it's been an interesting 24 hours,to say the least so randbu ended up,coming out which to be honest i wasn't,surprised about because a few days,earlier i saw this post where he said,jelly,not the minecraft youtuber was his,boyfriend and i i just kind of thought,it was like a known thing but apparently,not he ended up coming out through a,twitter reply and funnily enough people,were calling him homophobic because of,this twitter reply well seeing as how i,won't be able to give you guys content,for a bit because my sins have finally,caught up with me it's q a time ask me,the deepest thing you've always wanted,me to know do you have a favorite heart,stopper moment the part where it showed,the result of the quiz and then the,single tear fell was comedic and i guess,people thought that that was somehow,homophobic and then he kind of creates,this thread of all the tweets he's made,coming out essentially men good do not,judge me on where i place my attraction,and that is for me to know and for,others to be really confused about and,then he links this resident evil stream,he did called zombie apocalypse hot guy,i mean how many more clues can i give,and then he tweeted out slash sirius and,this is the clip in question that he,mentioned at the start of this threat,thanks man means a lot my man yo,how did you know he likes men ranbu it's,a good day and all shall smile upon you,and say let's go proud of you bud you,are somehow always so cool thanks so,much man and then he tweeted out this yo,just wanted to say thanks for all the,support with everything and tonight lol,have been wanting to do that for a while,and tonight just wind up well and for,those confused basically i guess i'm,technically unlabeled as the way i've,kind of always gone around life just,being attracted to whoever i am,attracted to it just so happens that,most of them line up with a certain type,you could say lol i'm okay with the gay,label thanks for being here everyone i'm,feeling very happy gonna make so much,cool stuff this year and it means a lot,to have you guys be here while i'm doing,it see you when i'm not sick l well woke,up today and just thought dang i really,did that then i got a double nosebleed,and realized the air of my ways yeah a,certain group of people are gonna say,that this is a sign from the heavens but,yeah that right there was ranbus coming,out now like i said in the beginning,some people ended up having a problem,with this and keemstar was one of those,people are there any straight,minecrafters i swear like every single,one of them has come out as lgbtq plus,you can't cancel me for this it's the,truth all the minecrafters keep coming,out of the closet i mean he does have a,point almost everyone who plays,minecraft is kind of gay but i just,wanted to say that keemstar really has,no place to be talking about who people,date or want a date when uh he dates,people half his age i personally think,being gay is better than dating someone,at 30 years younger than you shut the f,up you gnome plus ratio yeah it's super,cool for younger people to have lgbtq,plus ia influencers to look up to let,the minecrafters keep coming out and,providing kids with uplifting diverse,role models so they can maybe feel more,comfortable about their identity is,actually so sick randbu has a better,hairline than you yeah he's like 16,years old nice roast there first off,okay hold on i gotta stop this person,this is ableist because keemstar has,dyslexia and this person is making fun,of keemstar's dyslexia how how shameful,second people keep coming out of the,closet because there's a more safer,place for them and the amount of gay,people are the same people are just more,aware and good for them they're happy,being who they are unlike you who tries,to put others down for attention i know,you're used to making moves on teenagers,but just because he likes men doesn't,mean you have a chance with them these,nuts now there was also a lot of people,who agreed with keemstar and think that,randbu came out as a way to get,attention this might sound wrong but i,think a lot of influencers claim to be,lgbtqia so that they can cater to a,bigger audience is this bad i don't,think that they're doing that i mean,definitely,not randbu like come on you can't tell,me that this guy's straight okay only,the og minecrafters are straight,pedophiles still straight though i uh i,wouldn't be proud of that i do wonder if,he's for real for real or he's just,doing it for his fans like when the,dream stands for stream to wear some pin,or some award show or something like,that but if he is for real for real then,he's valid honestly i find these type of,people to be kind of annoying like,they're questioning if ranbu is actually,gay and they did the same thing to dream

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Ranboo Got Cancelled...

Ranboo Got Cancelled...

rambu has released a lengthy apology,after several members of his community,got mad that he seemingly seemed to,support the british monarchy now i don't,know about you guys but i remember a,time where youtubers were just youtubers,you know they made youtube videos and,they entertained the masses well now it,seems that a lot of the top creators,have this sort of social pressure on,them to support certain causes and to do,good deeds which isn't necessarily a bad,thing and the fact that someone just,playing minecraft can affect the world,positively is a good thing however a,problem starts to arise when you begin,to demand more and even get mad at the,person for not doing enough and it,appears that that's exactly what,happened with randu recently now ranboo,has done several charity streams he's,made several tweets in support of,marginalized communities he's known to,be a pretty generous and good guy right,well recently he faced backlash after he,posted this in his discord server in all,seriousness as well make sure that you,guys are being courteous to the people,who are going to be affected by what,happened today it can be a rough time,for a lot of people considering the big,changes so make sure to keep that in,mind and he's talking about the queen's,death here now after people got mad at,him he would follow it up basically,saying that he doesn't support the,british monarchy whatsoever and was,talking about the fact that since the,queen died there's going to be a lot of,changes to the british economy and a lot,of people are going to be going through,a lot now it was at this point that,several people started calling out rambu,for not supporting people of color and,they said he he supported other causes,like the lgbtq community and british,people but it's not supporting people of,color it's just he didn't really feel,comfortable talking on a community that,he wasn't a part of because he felt like,it wasn't really his place to speak on,at least according to this random,commenter okay i i don't really know if,that's the case but i'm just gonna take,that at face value and so randbu ended,up releasing this apology hello with,today's events i've had some time to,reflect and i wanted to say i'm sorry,the things i said were not well thought,out and would have honestly been better,left unsaid however that's not the main,thing i wanted to talk about today a,couple of months ago i made a statement,that i would do my best to make my,community better as well as myself more,informed on bi poc issues and while my,actions privately have changed in,regards to my support charity wise,publicly not much if anything has,changed which was rightfully brought to,my attention for that i'm sorry there's,genuinely no excuse to the empty promise,i made which is why starting the day the,day before two years of me doing this,job i'm going to try harder i could try,to shift the blame onto something but,that won't help and shouldn't matter all,excuses do and simply give fan bases,words and phrases to spew when someone,tries to genuinely bring up discomfort i,have seen awful things that have been,said by fans of me i could bring up the,oh it's only a small part argument that,doesn't negate the fact that saying,anything would help the behavior of a,community tenfold saying that it is a,byproduct of fame is an excuse and wrong,while i can never and shouldn't be,expected to give an informed statement,about a lot of the different issues i,want you all to know that i'm doing what,i can for the larger picture by,supporting the people who are doing the,work by giving them the funds they need,to do it while i have donated and,supported privately since the last time,i silenced but for the community here,i'm committed to making it the best,place it can be i may not always see or,know about everything but i will do,better to not make people feel like i'm,simply avoiding the subject or ignoring,issues in the community while i've,donated and supported privately since,the last time my silence on be poc,issues was brought up i still kept it to,myself which is still part of the,problem and why i will try to fix it i,want to start the next years correctly i,should have since the beginning if you,are racist you are not welcome in my,community if you use the way someone,naturally is against them in any way for,any reason you're not welcome in my,community and i know you know who you,are now i'm i'm not gonna knock the guy,for supporting good causes i mean at the,end of the day it's a good thing i i,just have a problem with him feeling,like he's pressured into doing this i,just don't like the idea of a bunch of,people getting mad at a guy for not,being charitable enough for not speaking,out enough because it seems like to me,that rambu is doing far more than most,people and honestly it's not his,responsibility it's not his job to do,this he's a youtuber his job is to,entertain people and the fact that he is,helping people is a good thing and the,fact that he's hel

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Ranboo 11/10/21 twitter space

Ranboo 11/10/21 twitter space

the What's Happening Here,however how is how was everyone,huh,um,we doing all right yeah yeah,I'm doing I'm doing pretty well,um,uh,so far I think,uh what else what else is,going on you're a bit right now,is it not is it not using the right,microphone,microphone I don't care though,that's okay,uncover your mic it's hard to hear you,know what yeah,I'll muffle it even more don't test me,don't test me I will do it,I'll muffled even more,yeah I'm gonna pull it even more you,know,you don't even want to know,uh I'm so incredibly well it's just not,working,do I feel like scream in order for it to,work,yeah I don't know if it's working or not,oh well,that's awesome well that's great,well that's that's cool is it better now,I don't know,no idea,but what what's up everyone how is how,is everyone's how is how is,how is everyone's day,what's good so far,um,one second it's fine the next is muffled,oh my I'll just turn off my,what it's something it keeps on muting,me,Twitter is silencing me oh no,all right that should be better I think,I just kept on like it just kept on like,switching for some reason,just it just kept on Switching but hi hi,I'm I'm I'm I'm here,um,oh man,oh your temperature sounds like you're,dipping your phone into water,oh oh silly silly people,I just like I I honestly I still find it,so cool that like it's just a bunch of,little little peop people on my phone,it's really interesting for me,it's like it's the it's the most it's,the most it's the most odd thing for me,still to like,think about like oh when I visualize it,or try to visualize it it's like the,most weird thing for me because it's,like um,like it's just all these people that are,like,I'm just I'm just chilling my chilling,in my bed right now,and then it's just like,as it's wild,it's wild,it's really cool though,I'm I'm very grateful for it,huh,all right,mm-hmm,he's patting the snow oh I see it,well that's great I like that why isn't,it letting me speak what the what the,why isn't it letting me speak like why,does it keep on doing that to me,I don't know what's going on I'm just,gonna like I'm just gonna do this or,something and then just like I'm gonna,speak right up next to the microphone so,that it always picks me up,all right what are the what are the,microphone settings what's going on mic,mode,standard voice isolation or wide,spectrum,let's go wide spectrum on this,yo it was is that better I I couldn't I,couldn't tell because I can't see you,when it's working or not,um,I don't know if it's working or not,whatever,really whatever,um,oh look at the dogs,I'm I'm I'm I'm tired that's what that's,hello I don't know if it's working or,not I can't tell this is great and awful,at the same time because I can't tell if,it's working and I can't tell if it's,not working and then it's just like it,just keeps on doing this stuff to me and,then I'm just having a bet I'm just,having a bad time,just having a having a terrible terrible,time you know,that is it's better now okay,cool sounds good,you're fine thank you thank you Bree,um so,oh my because my Wi-Fi or whatever I,don't know,um oh my phone's getting hot it's,getting nice and toasty,what was that Jesus Christ,oh boy,oh man I'm not oh,do not let me on the internet you can't,you can't take me anywhere,God I am,I don't know what I'm saying anymore,guys I'm gonna be real,I'm gonna be real,no clue,Twitter dead I hope so,ah no I don't hope so,because it's a it's a it's a nice way to,interact sometimes,oh boy all right what's up everyone,uh why do you sound why do you sound old,um it's because I'm speaking slowly and,I'm not in uh I'm not I'm not in stream,mode,yeah,I'm not I mean I'm not in stream mode so,I'm just uh I'm just talking,sorry,there was Bean there was Bean Pizza,someone just sent me a picture of Bean,pizza that's awesome oh there's a lot of,beans here you know I think I'll just,shrivel up like the Wicked Witch of the,West if I see beans no I just don't like,them,foreign,oh man,oh man,I'm just having a great time I'm just,having a good time I like I like this,website it's fun,yeah,yeah,you know as you know it was you know,okay well you know what never mind that,sentence was not gonna get out no matter,what happened so we're switching topics,what's up everyone,um,yeah,what's up what's up everyone,um,um just a picture of just a picture of,John nice John Mulaney there that's,awesome thank you for that,um all right what's been what's been,going on uh I don't know what's been,going on,um I'm filming something for a cool uh,funny video project that I think you,guys will like because it's like it's,gonna be really funny I have a lot of,jokes I have a lot of like jokes written,down for the video that I'm planning,it's gonna be like a commentary video,I'm very excited about it because it's,gonna be actually just the funniest,thing,huh I'm excited to um,to make that video and also and also,um I've decided to do a thing,on um on YouTube at least,um because I really want to hit a,million,uh for chari

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Ranboo 1/22/22 Twitter space

Ranboo 1/22/22 Twitter space

yeah i haven't played the piano in like,i think literal years,so i don't know if you can hear it you,can hear it right,give me a give me a,a thumbs up if you can hear it,give me a thumbs up if you can actually,hear it when i play it like this,is that does that sound all right,give me uh give me something is there a,thumbs up emoji i don't know,is there not a thumbs up,oh there's another thumbs up give me a,peace sign give me a peace sign if you,can hear it a peace sign there's not a,thumbs up my bad,give me a peace sign if what i'm do when,i do this you can actually hear it,did you hear that i can't tell,okay i saw one peace sign among the,people,well i hope that it's working because it,sounds good on my end,hold up okay let me let me check let me,check,is it is it working is it working,can you hear it can you hear that,okay i see a couple of peace signs okay,cool all right cool um okay i'll just,continue then and then if it doesn't,work then i will,um,yeah so these are really just like i,think it's in,it seems to be an e,i think that's e major i don't know e,flat major actually,i haven't,touched like any kind of music and,i think a cut like three four years,so it is it has been a while but i like,just like,i liked,round,wait no,it sounded better when i did it in this,one but yet it's the same okay,i have no idea what i'm doing,oh i have this thing where in my in my,head i know exactly what notes to play,but the problem is is that i have no,idea how to actually play those on piano,oh how much batteries left until my,phone dies uh yeah sweet,are there any songs i remember i'm,trying to think,i'm trying to think there's,wait there's wait,wait,what is that that's oh wait wait wait,this is the song that i've been,listening to for like on repeat for like,the last like three hours wait okay so,it's like,then wait the bottom is like,trying i'm trying to figure it out uh,oh that's it that's it that's the one,and then,yeah um so it's like,uh,yeah there now it's coming back to me,oh shoot it's like,there we are,oh,and it goes but it goes like it does,like,and then it like plays like that but,then i don't,know i'm not sure what about that part,but that's the one that's all i remember,from it's like,yeah this is what i i i'm gonna probably,start playing,uh just piano random times i think a lot,more now now that i actually have a,piano,i had a piano before but i never really,used it because it wasn't really cleared,off too much,it's literally just that,and that's all that changes and then the,rest is just it's just cord,and yeah so it's doing just this which,i'm pretty sure is actually the wait,wait,no it's i don't know what type of chord,that is,i just i just know that it's not a major,one,i have no idea what i'm doing,i actually like that,that's so odd,that's so odd because what i'm doing in,in the left hand is i'm playing a a flat,and an e flat but then in the right hand,i'm playing an e flat a,g,and a,b flat and the weird thing about that is,that if you play in a flat in the g at,the same time at the same on the same on,the same um,the same i don't know what this is,called,this is sounding like i know what i'm,talking about but i assure you that i,don't because i just forgot what this,was called wait it's like,it's not the scale,octave that's the word,um so when you play it when you play,those two notes on the same octave it,sounds like this,doesn't sound good but then when you,play it an octave down or two octaves,down it sounds like,which for some reason sounds a lot,better,see because for some reason that sounds,good,ish even though it's like,i don't know it's i don't know what,that's called but there's there's some,probably musical term for it,i never learned any type of music theory,or chords or whatever,i don't know what i'm doing here,what's up,i'm my sleep schedule is really weird,because i tried to go to sleep for like,30 minutes and then i just woke up or,like stayed awake and then i was just,like at this time of night i just want,to randomly play the piano for some,reason an instrument that i haven't,played in like years so,i don't know,i don't know,hmm yeah once some random thing the,random thing that i like to do whenever,i find a piano to make me seem really,really cool is literally just go,nope,don't do that um,but like i like to just like play like a,random,and then try to figure out like what it,is,i'm trying to figure out a chord that,would work after this one,now,now,would that work,it depends on the third chord because,the third in in most like four chord,songs the third chord is what sets it,apart i've noticed,and then i could either go higher or,lower so it's like,and then,what goes after this,is that the song that's it two chord,song,two chord melody,it's just slowly going to get even worse,i don't know what to do after this,if i go like,wait that sounds really familiar,wait that sounds that sounds really,really familiar for some reason,did i just accidentally rethink the,point,i just accident

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Ranboo Twitter Space 5/3/2022

Ranboo Twitter Space 5/3/2022

you decide for generation loss oh just,you wait,just you wait for um,just you wait for uh,for the next one,just you wait for two,two is gonna blow your mind i hope,two is two is going to actually blow,your mind i think will not really blow,your mind but i think it's just gonna be,cool,you know,i think it's just gonna be cool,so yeah,um,yeah just you guys wait for two oh man,i'm so happy that one's been doing well,you know,i'm really really happy that one's been,doing well,let me see,so currently uh the one video on,generation loss,has um,let's see here,if it'll load on my,slow internet it has,146 000 views which is,crazy,which is absolutely crazy,actually wait actually how many videos,wait,how many views does that have actually,140s yeah 146 000 views,um which is crazy,which is really really cool,so yeah,i'm really i'm really happy with how it,turned out and i think that two,is gonna blow your mind even more,yeah,i think that i think that two is going,to be a real big one i'm really excited,for it,it has had 930 000 impressions that is,crazy,that is so many people,sorry,i appear to be dying,sorry,that's not good is it,that's really,not good,okay no we're okay we're okay,we're okay,jesus christ what's going on,sorry okay i've turned off the music,hi okay,jesus christ what's going on,i'm so sorry i'm trying not to instantly,die,okay,crap,okay,i'm gonna try to talk now and have it,not,cause me to die,okay,okay we're good we're good now,we're good now,someone just gifted you five subs you,should stop hacking up a lung and thank,them,what do you mean oh someone did thank,you,okay,hi,dang what the hell is going on i'm sorry,i'm trying not to die,holy crap,oh jesus,this is so weird that is so weird,whoa,that was weird,we're good okay it's not it's not,covered i have tested,and it was negative i tested again just,in case,and it was negative again,so i'm good,but god that was awful i'm so sorry,about that um,yeah,that was that was weird,are you jealous that tommy the joe,follow,i'd be lying if i said no,i like i'd be lying if i said no,you know,i'd be yeah no i i was,i was i was like,man,man but it's okay it's okay,you can't you can't win them all,all right you can't win them all it's,okay,it's fine no i mean it's okay,no it's fine um,let's see,um,let's see let's see it jesus i'm i'm,sorry me coughing for that long that,hard,really threw me off for some reason,that like that like really threw that,off threw me off,go for the kit follow that's the plan,that's the plan,no i it's not i don't have any plan i,just find it kind of funny when i,interact with people,i like interacting with people that,are like,big deals because it's funny to me,it's really funny but jesus christ,okay i'm gonna,i don't know,maybe jesus,that's so weird i'm so sorry that i'm,like just randomly instantly dying um,that's so odd okay,are we good we're good now okay wow that,was bad all right give me some questions,give me some questions i was in the,middle of watching our soccer that's,good it's a good one i really hope they,go into um the next chapters because it,really does handle a lot of i think,important subjects,you know,i think that it handles a lot of like,really important subjects in the um,later chapters so i really hope that it,gets renewed so that that could be shown,to a lot of people because i think that,it handles it pretty well,you know,and you know handles it pretty durable,give me questions,give me questions you know give me give,me a nice give me a nice question,you know,you know,give me a question,give me a question,let's see,what historical figure would you find at,denny's parking lot um probably like,whoever the first person was,you know,just so i can end it there,um,let's see,uh,let's say oh my gosh i can't like read,for some reason dude i'm getting cursed,i i swear to god i am cursed,like,like it is so like whenever i like recap,like everything that's happened,like i'm just like god,i am cursed,i am so incredibly cursed for some,reason and i don't know what i did,what time is white noise being posted on,thursday,not sure yet depends on currently,um i need to edit it but i also don't,have internet,um,but i think i might be able to get the,file so i will edit it i think i'll be,able to have the edit done today which,that means that we can send it over to,other editor and have that stuff happen,and then have the other stuff happen,um and then we'll be good hopefully,then we'll be good hopefully oh my god,wow,yeah so i hope that i hope that white,noise,i i think it'll get out it'll get out,like in the afternoon i think because,i'll be able to work on it like,throughout the entire day and then,upload it at night so that's good,um let's see let's see,any chance you'd play any pokemon games,i don't know pokemon games are long,that's the only that's the only thing,that's like keeping me from is that,they're really really long,and it would take like a week of streams,to get through,you know,it would take like a really long time,and

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