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Sean McVay wants no part of a Los Angeles Rams rebuild - Florio | Pro Football Talk | NFL on NBChe g


Updated on Jan 20,2023

Sean McVay wants no part of a Los Angeles Rams rebuild - Florio | Pro Football Talk | NFL on NBC

he gets asked about the possibility of,leaving for TV and he tiptoes around it,and then after Sunday's game it becomes,clear something's up and now Monday,let's hear from McVay it's now obvious,that he is thinking about leaving and,he's engaged in a very public and open,conversation about whether or not he's,going to come back here's McVeigh on,making his decision about what he's,going to do in 2023.,I'm gonna take the next couple days to,really be able to kind of reflect,obviously a lot of conversations with,various people that will dictate and,determine the decision that's best for,me my family the Rams and a lot of,people and that's kind of where we're at,with that this has been years this isn't,like uh this isn't a new thing,um this is uh this has been something,that I think has gone on for those of,you guys that know me for a handful of,years but it's a beautiful challenge I,wouldn't change this for the world I,this needed to occur this was a,necessary part of the growth in the,development,um you know for me to be the person that,I need to be instead of worrying about,some things that maybe you worried about,before that you wouldn't have realized,had you not gone through this experience,and being around the players and the,coaches and the way that they've handled,that and so for that I am grateful and,that's where you just figure out all,right what is the best way to continue,to move forward in the right way to be,the best coach that you can possibly be,because I don't get the sense in the,least bit I'm done coaching right it's,just a matter of what does that look,like as it relates to the immediate,future is more about you know what,you're really working through right now,all right let me just say this Sean,mcvay's 36 I got a nephew just about his,age and I would say,to Sean if he were my nephew and it's,God it makes me feel freaking old to say,this what up old-timer old man foreo,listen go ahead and go ahead and play,the piano is the background music while,I say this but I would say no don't I,want to show my nephew Sean right Sean,you're already done Sean Sean you're the,last one to figure it out I mean you're,Bruce Wilson,right for you to be talking about it,like that yeah it's over and there's a,point where you're going to piss a lot,of people off by engaging in this public,Soliloquy about what you're thinking,Sean Payton just left Sean Payton didn't,feel the need to wallow publicly in what,am I going to do he just left it was,gone now we know what he was trying to,do he was trying to get to Miami but,that's fine whatever it is that Sean,McVeigh is trying to do just do it you,don't have to talk about it because you,know what Sean if you wake up this,morning and you decide like George,Bailey at the end of It's a Wonderful,Life I want to coach again you've had a,vision of what the NFL would have looked,like if you'd never existed or whatever,the three Christmas ghosts came to you,whatever it is that caused you to have,an epiphany that you're going to stay,man that's a lot of toothpaste to put,back in the tube now that you've sprayed,it all over the place you never should,have done that and sometimes I think,that people do that,to make it easier for them to do the,thing they're thinking about doing sure,that once you stand up there right and,just spew all this stuff that makes it,clear that you're thinking about leaving,100 makes it easier to walk out the door,because you can't come back now right I,I think that's what it's doing that's,what he's doing he's tactically laying,down the groundwork he was letting he,basically just gave us a conversation to,lead us down the road that you know he's,exhausted from coaching and that's not,going to happen he just he might need a,break you know here in the immediate,future or something I mean that he's he,is that's all Patrick Mahomes was his,quarterback if Patrick Mahomes was his,quarterback he wouldn't need a break,well I think it's and I'm not this isn't,again a Matthew Stafford thing this is,just the situation in the Rams they sold,their soul that's the common theme I'm,hearing from folks around the league,these people who've been resentful and,angry about how F them picks is effing,up their ability to do their job because,their owners say why don't we do what,the Rams are doing here's why we're not,doing it because they went all in they,won this Super Bowl and now it's all,crumbling and mcveigh's running out the,door before it does that's how people,are reacting to all of this around the,league and if he had a deck that was,stacked in his favor if he was heading,to a second straight Super Bowl,appearance he wouldn't be having these,thoughts 5 and 12 is what's causing him,to have these thoughts,agreed I mean there's no doubt about,that that's where it is very much like,Sean Payton I think he's looking at the,writing on the wall a little bit about,the team and going wait things aren't,going in the right direction I'm not,sure I want to be here you know for

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Rob Parker - Sean McVay Retiring Would Leave LA Rams Holding the Bag with a Hole In it

Rob Parker - Sean McVay Retiring Would Leave LA Rams Holding the Bag with a Hole In it

all right well Rob um you trash Robert,Sala the coach of the New York Jets,seems like you want to trash another,head coach the coach of the Los Angeles,Rams although maybe not for long John,McVeigh Super Bowl winning coach is Rob,said to be which I'm sure is true,reportedly mulling,his uh future and does he want to stay,with the Rams Beyond this past season,remember last year he almost left after,the Super Bowl came back and they went,five and 12 Rob the future that looked,at right there and now the talk is that,he may leave not necessarily for an,immediate job he'll certainly be,coaching elsewhere probably in the next,year or two or three but um probably,would go into the broadcast Booth but,but anyway rob you don't like the fact,that McVeigh Mike Bolt yeah it's not,that he can't leave Chris it's what they,did to make him a winner like the Rams,win I know the organization won to win,he was the youngest coach hired that he,was the Wonder Boy they were gonna prove,like how what a Football Genius he was,and and they just decided we're all in,after picks a terrible trade with the,Lions gave up way too much they got what,they wanted which was a Super Bowl but I,just feel like now he's going like the,cupboards bear like like Ephraim and I,playing around with him but uh you know,like they don't have anything Chris like,for the next couple years like this is,going to be bad especially if Stafford,isn't healthy and does Aaron Donald,still want to play you know like when,the wheels start to fall off he's he's,got his Super Bowl he got his money he,might be like I don't want to be a part,of this this is going to be ugly the,other way when you realize there aren't,reinforcements and that's what I think,because,I want to see if he's really that Wonder,Boy head coach and I use that term you,know what I mean affectionately not not,demeaningly you know that right,um,I want to see if he can rebuild the team,or rebuild it up again and then win do,you know what I mean like what what can,he do he did stuff when he got there,right with Jared Goff who couldn't do,anything other Jeff Fisher Chris so I,give him credit for some of that but,let's see what he can do now that you,have to restart this engine but there,are no reinforcements coming so the,quick and easy thing is to bail and,leave the Rams holding the bag that has,a hole in the bottom because that's,really what it's going to be and if I'm,the Rams I feel a little like uh like,wow okay as soon as it uh things got,tough he said I'm out of Dodge when we,were willing to give up everything spend,money on everybody pay a ridiculous,contract to Stafford got after the Super,Bowl they paid everybody Chris but they,have no leverage no room now and I think,this is going to be ugly for a few years,and I think that's why he wants out,because he doesn't want to have to deal,with the aftermath,I couldn't disagree more uh first of all,he almost left after the Super Bowl,so they were at the top of the mountain,and he was willing to leave unless you,think that was just one big charade but,I I don't I think he seriously was,considering leaving so I don't think,it's just because they had a bad year,and the future looks bleak and all that,that's number one,number two I don't need to see anything,else from Sean McVay Sean McVay is a Top,Flight coach he proved it you said it,Rob you alluded to it he proved it when,he got there,the Rams hadn't made the playoffs in 12,years,when he got there they won four games,the year before he got there,and he immediately Todd Gurley was there,Todd Gurley wasn't new he had been there,under Jeff Fisher,and and Sean McVay like you said with,Jared Goff at quarterback who's this,oh pretty good quarterback but not great,he turned him into a juggernaut,11 and 5 from 4 and 12 to 11 and 5 and,in the next year the sixth second year,as a coach he's in the Super Bowl,and then three three years later they,win the Super Bowl,so Sean McVeigh is a made man and if he,wants to leave even if it was because he,sees that the future is Bleak I don't,think it is but even if it were,I wouldn't be mad at him because they,wouldn't have a problem firing him if,they felt like doing it,and so if he wants to go to a better,position and let's not act like they did,all that for Sean McVay they the,organization wanted the Super Bowl no,it's not just that Super Bowl they had,to also they also had to justify his,hire and they were going to do whatever,they could testify it yes whatever they,could to me it didn't justify it no,whatever ball whatever they could do for,him to win and Chris he didn't leave,because he didn't get the TV offer that,he wanted he if he would have got a TV,offer to get out of there he knows deep,down that you can't run a football,friend long term and have success so,it's better for him to get out now where,people feel good about him what did you,say you can't run,what a football team long term and have,success no no no not not like that not,like the way that they've do

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Sean McVay Addresses The Media After Rams vs. Seahawks Week 18 Matchup

Sean McVay Addresses The Media After Rams vs. Seahawks Week 18 Matchup

injury-wise Rush yeast had a pulmonary,contusion he's in stable condition,they're going to keep him overnight but,um you know we'll pray for him but but I,think he's going to be uh he's going to,be okay,um have gotten good news on what we know,is not something that you take lightly,tough game today I thought the guys,battled there was a lot of really good,bright spots a lot of chances for us to,be able to come away with the result,that we were hunting up but we just came,up short but really grateful for you,know the resilience of this group the,way they continue to battle we lost a,lot of guys in this in this game again,on both sides but you know guys that,maybe have never been in positions,they've been in before got opportunities,to be able to play and,um you know there's some things that,that you look at and you can't help but,be grateful congratulations to coach,Carroll and the Seahawks for finding a,way to be able to get it done we'll look,back on this film and and wish we had,you know a couple chances to be able to,make some plays that I believe our guys,are capable of but we just came up short,and I'm very appreciative of this group,yes yeah,Sean um will you be coaching the Rams,yeah I'm not thinking about that right,now nothing's changed from kind of where,we left things off on Friday,that I'm right here right now and we'll,deal with that stuff at a later time,yeah I'll talk about stuff for as it,relates to the game anything as it,relates to you know what what is going,to happen with me um like I said I'm not,thinking about that right now I'm,appreciative of the way these guys,finished up this season and so,um any question of that nature I'm not,going to answer,have a particular message to this team,that it's the end of the season yeah,just appreciative of them Kurt I'm,grateful for the way that they continue,to battle it's one of those years that,has been uh you know so many different,challenges unique experiences but guys,kept swinging they kept battling and uh,wanted that for them to be able to,finish up on the right note but they can,hold their heads high with the way that,they battled well,you'll have to talk you know those are,those are things that we haven't even,had a chance I mean we just finished up,the season so we'll work through all,that kind of stuff and you'll have,Clarity on that sooner than later I'm,sure,talk about it too much though was there,a point where you thought this could be,your last play it lasts anything today,no,okay thanks guys,yep,artists do you want to be able to,articulate I mean I kind of just found,out but I mean he's in he's in stable,condition you know everything it's it's,something that you don't take lightly,they'll keep him overnight but the the,sense that I got from Reggie was that a,something that you you take very,seriously but he's going to be okay I,think it's probably just based on,getting uh on a flight so quickly,afterwards is why they want to just keep,him here,tomorrow but what's your process,um you know really just kind of standard,where we'll have our exit physicals,tomorrow talk to the players and the,coaches and and then keep it moving from,there,I'm not sure I'm not sure exactly what,occurred there,I I don't I don't right now,okay thank you guys

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Rob Parker Disputes Ephraim Salaam Saying Sean Payton Would Consider LA Rams Coaching Gig

Rob Parker Disputes Ephraim Salaam Saying Sean Payton Would Consider LA Rams Coaching Gig

yeah boy you know what time it is when,you hear the Funky Music he's a former,NFL offensive lineman now a Fox Sports,Radio weekend Superstar our man Eve from,salaam what up bro what's happening,Brothers how y'all doing good man good,to have you on all right let's get to,some college football before we get to,the NFL Ephraim I saw TCU beat Michigan,I think Michigan you know blew it but,still they won Ohio State almost beats,Georgia which had lost to Michigan right,how does something like last night,happen,um reality sets in,when you have a team,like Kirby Smart has Georgia the level,of of of of athletes that they have and,there's no question I mean we saw how,they dominated the draft especially on,the defensive side of the ball last year,but how do you replace all those guys,with top geared Juniors and sophomores,and you just re-up they've consistently,had the number one defense in college,football for the last few years,and when you come,close to a field goal kicker missing the,field goal to not not you know defend,his champions,that's a reality check so that,conversation after that Ohio State game,was a real conversation with Kirby Smart,and his team and and the results of that,conversation and practice was was what,we saw last night,was it delay off you know you go you,used to playing every week you have a,big layoff,between you know the last game of the,season and then playing in the playoff,could that have been it against Ohio,State you know what I mean well you're,Rusty well I I don't think they took,Ohio State serious,I really don't I think they thought they,could show up,and and and it was just going to go like,it's been going all year and that wasn't,the case and it happens it happens to,really good teams he's somebody is it's,more on the line of somebody else wanted,more and they step up and and they take,it from you and I'm telling you if that,kicker didn't bring in 2023 with a shank,up a field goal we'd be having a,different conversation right now we rob,and I differ on this I want I like the,12 team playoff Rob doesn't he thinks,they should keep it at four and he,thinks last night was just an example of,how we're just gonna see a ton of,blowouts I think we'll see some good,exciting games leading up to the,championship I just can't maybe a good,championship game where do you thought,what are your thoughts I I don't think,it is not 12 teams deserving of of,competing for a national championship,when you start to get to teams with,three and four losses what are we doing,right like not what it's just a money,grab Ephraim you know that's exactly,right and so because of the greed you,started to chip away at the Integrity uh,and and the accomplishment of being one,of the top teams one two losses right,give me eight all right give me a give,me six,right but 12 I I can't see if you look,at the top 12 right now after ages 12,USC is 12. yeah I gave up 50 points a,game they couldn't stop anybody what are,we doing right like so now we're just,adding more money we're adding more,games to these young men uh careers,right are we cutting back on the regular,season are we going to limit the regular,season to 10 games get rid of some of,those uh no the paydays they're not,getting ready you know exactly but so,this is what I'm saying if you want if,you're willing to make 12 teams continue,to play after that means certain teams,are going to have what 15 16 games,that's the NFL season,the games are increasing um all right,let's get to the NFL you mentioned it uh,Dallas,tried to play their best players and got,destroyed by a Washington team that,didn't even you know they sat several of,their top guys I just think Dallas uh,Ephraim is so inconsistent I think,there's it's an immature silly franchise,because of Jerry Jones and I think,they're going to go to Tampa and get,beat not that they're not better than,Tampa but I just think that they're,liable to lay an egg and so what are,your thoughts on uh Dallas they're,they're 100 a better team than the Tampa,Bay Buccaneers across the board right,but I'm with you I don't think the,Dallas Cowboys will go to Tampa and beat,a Tom brady-led Buccaneers team and I'm,not saying Tom Brady LED Buccaneers team,in the fact that you know Tom Brady had,an outstanding year I mean we watched,Tom Brady just meddling along through,the regular season and finally the last,few games he found some type of synergy,with throwing the ball down the field I,mean it's been awful watching between,him and Aaron Rodgers and Russell Wilson,I I want to throw my TV out of the,windows but what I'll tell you this and,we all know this and we've seen it for,20 years,the second season Tom Brady is not the,first season Tom Brady his second season,meaning the playoffs I can't see the,Cowboys losing to them I'm going to be,on the record here I I Tampa Bay I I get,it you're looking at the history and I,give all all the stuff you're talking,about history wise is correct,if the Dallas Cowboys with the talent,they have l

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Sean McVay Gives His Final Thoughts On The 2022 Season

Sean McVay Gives His Final Thoughts On The 2022 Season

people that it does affect that I don't,take lightly and want to be mindful of,and so I'm going to take the next couple,days to really be able to kind of,reflect obviously a lot of conversations,with various people that will dictate,and determine the decision that's best,for me my family the Rams and a lot of,people and that's kind of where we're at,with that,um you know my wife my my parents you,know and then I'll continue to lean on I,got so many you know fortunate people,that I can lean on Jordan whether that,be within the Rams organization or even,the platform that this provides for,people that are in similar situations,can have some perspective but I I feel,very fortunate to have a great you know,group of people in that inner circle to,be able to help you know measure and,weigh the different dynamics that are,involved to ultimately make the best,decision you know for a lot of people,but for myself and for our family,um,you know there's a lot of layers to it I,think um you know what I would say is I,really have been trying to focus on,which easier said than done,um you know finishing out this season,the right way being focused on these,players these coaches continuing to try,to compete to the best of our ability,and then now that you've gotten through,that there's a lot of different Dynamics,and there's a lot of emotion involved,and so I would say once there's Clarity,on whichever direction I'll be able to,provide that Insight but I think as it,relates to just processing and digesting,all of it I want to be able to do that,as you guys that know me know I'm a very,impulsive person and patience is not,something that that I do have and so,probably want to uh adjust the the,approach that I'm typically accustomed,to taking especially as it relates to a,decision of this magnitude and all the,different layers that are involved,the amount of people that are affected,um you know and then just being able to,identify the things,um that will give you that Clarity and,that peace,while also continuing to acknowledge you,know the things that need to be,addressed as you're trying to become a,better and more complete person,awareness or start to develop that the,awareness that you,well I don't know that it's not that I'm,okay I think it's it's it's more about,just you know how can you be at your,best,um this has been years this isn't like,uh this isn't a new thing,um this is uh this has been something,that I think has gone on for those of,you guys that know me for a handful of,years but it's a beautiful challenge,like I I don't look it's it's one of,those things about I wouldn't change any,part of this and and I know this too A,lot of the reflection is a based on the,culmination of years you know because I,mean for this to have come up even last,year you know we can there's a,convenient narrative on some other,options different things like that but,you know the ultimate thing is is you,want to make sure that you make a,decision that is in the best interest of,everybody that this platform that it,provides and that you're so fortunate to,be able to have a positive influence on,the amount of people that you're capable,of doing it at the level that that you,want to and and that's really as as,simple as it gets but I think the I,think in terms of just some of the,different dynamics of making sure that,this Joy this zest this ability to be,able to do the things at the level that,you know you're capable of you know how,do you not let the challenges and the,grind and the competitor in you how do,you not let that change the dynamic of,who you want to be as a leader and those,types of things and that's kind of where,I'm at,I think a lot of it probably would be,worrying too much about that stuff you,know that I never thought I cared about,Bill I think I think really the the,tough part about the decision is making,sure that you're actually secure enough,to acknowledge the people that you care,about that you know to be unconditional,and then being able to look within,yourself and say how can I be at my best,and not let some of the blessings that,are so volatile that have come with this,job not really affect your ability to,make the right decisions for all parties,involved moving forward and how can that,be reflected in you being the best,version of yourself and do I love,coaching hell yeah have there been a lot,of things that have you know made it a,challenge and a strain because of my own,self-inflicted things no question about,it and I think it's measuring that,Dynamic of understanding that these are,things that have helped you as a,competitor the the drive and the pursuit,of trying to do some things and then how,do you balance that in a better way to,be able to you know manage the Ebbs and,flows of so many things that occur in,this role that are out of your control,but the answer I think would be if I'm,if I get to the place that I know that I,want to be Bill the answer would be no,you don't let that affect it and you,trust that

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MMQB’s Albert Breer McVay’s Rams Future and Playoff Coaches on the Hot Seat | The Rich Eisen Show

MMQB’s Albert Breer McVay’s Rams Future and Playoff Coaches on the Hot Seat | The Rich Eisen Show

let's hit some jobs that aren't open,that might be is anybody in your,estimation coaching for his job in the,playoffs yeah you know what's weird,about this rich is like the the the,expansion of the field I think has sort,of changed the dynamic here you know,where now you've got 14 teams going in,so there are more teams that are sort of,I said I guess quote unquote middling,that are making it through,um you know the three that were sort of,you know floated to me over the last,week you know and kind of gathering,information ahead of Black Monday,um were Dallas the Chargers and Tampa,and uh you know I I don't think anything,I don't think any of those guys deserve,to get fired but there was just three,that were put on my radar over the last,couple of weeks,um you know with Dallas I just think,McCarthy's done a really good job this,year for all the the hits that he's,taken you look at it and it's like you,know like they lose the left tackle they,replace them with a with a rookie who'd,been playing Garden camp and the road he,does great they do an awesome job you,know with Cooper Russian there's a,starting quarterback for for for five,weeks,um you know he was responsible for,bringing in Dan Quinn so I just I don't,think he deserves it Jerry shot it down,um and this morning on Dallas radio said,no uh but I don't think that one's going,but that one just hasn't seemed to go,away with the Chargers I think it,relates directly to to Shantae you know,and and whether or not like the the,Spanos family would do something bold,again I don't think Brandon Staley,deserves to to be walked out on the,plank after two years as a head coach,but maybe the Spano says look at this is,a unique opportunity with their Young,quarterback to go and get somebody like,Sean Payton and maybe they are willing,to spend in an area where they haven't,been willing to spend in the past I,don't think so but maybe,um and then you know like the third one,Tampa,um you know I I just think so much of,this depends on what Tom Brady is going,to do after the year and you know like I,I think regardless of what happens,they're probably going to be some,changes made to the offensive staff if,Brady's gone you wonder if you know,maybe the way that the Glazer family,looks at the organization is more you,know sort of in a total sense like,looking at the organization from a total,view rather than looking to make tweaks,further down the line what about the,Rams Albert you were the one who came on,this show a few months ago and let's,like you know keep an eye on Sean McVay,who you know had some ideas to maybe,join a broadcasting uh in a booth those,opportunities are are not there uh right,now unless that another bold move is,made you want to talk about bold moves,by a television executive but,um and then we're here and he wants to,take time away or he's going to take,time away I got Andrew Whitworth in hour,three I'll ask him about that but what,what's the latest on that what's your,reporting there yeah I mean it's a long,year for Sean I would say that like I,think you know,between everything you know he's the,real life stuff like you know losing his,grandfather and going through,um you know going through things with,his wife and you know for those who,don't know I know you know this rich but,those who don't know his wife's,Ukrainian,um you know and then obviously going,through the season that they went,through,um yeah I think it was a lot you know I,think it was a lot and so you know I I,know and I've made the commentee I've,been pretty consistent in saying this,um going back to the summer,um that Sean has one to five years left,well that one was always in play and I,think it's sort of always been based on,where he was and how he felt at the end,of the year and I think it also ties,again to those four players,um that are that serve as the core of,the team Matthew Stafford Cooper cup,Jalen Ramsey and Aaron Donald and where,are those guys at and are those guys,locked in for 2023 and you heard Aaron,Donald come out and say it like you know,I'm here as long as Sean is you know so,I think you know all those things are in,play as Sean sort of you know unplugs,over the next couple of days and gives,this some thought,um you know but I I certainly think it's,something that he's very seriously,thought about and I also know that you,know he I think he thinks I I my feeling,is he he thinks is that it'd be a bad a,bad move to make a decision the Sunday,or Monday after I think he knows himself,well enough he's self-aware enough to,know like he's gonna need a little time,to get away from it to under to to to to,to to to be able to make the right,decision not only for him but for,everybody around him and you know guys,who are on that staff guys who played,for him,um I think he knows how it affects all,of them too,before I would say this one one other,thing on this too like I do think like,you know you look at the Rams I look,like I think if Shawna walked away last,year where he more

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Rams vs. Seahawks Post-Game Locker Room Interviews: Baker Mayfield, Bobby Wagner & Quentin Lake

Rams vs. Seahawks Post-Game Locker Room Interviews: Baker Mayfield, Bobby Wagner & Quentin Lake

everybody talks about it relates to life,so you know perspective is one thing,that we can take away from this and all,the ups and downs staying consistent,through the Ebbs and flows is uh one of,the one of the things we need to be able,to take away from,when he came in to see us I mean it's,written all over his face all year kind,of what this was and I know you came in,late in the year but when you see,um and hear from,him and your teammates what's what are,you what's your perspective of like the,magnitude of what this team went through,this season,um,injury was you know just looking at the,roster and you know how depleted it's,been unlike anything I've ever been a,part of or seen so I can only imagine,going from being on the top of the,mountain and winning the Super Bowl to,then you know going through a ton of,struggles and so none of that's very,easy but you know if you keep the,perspective what we can learn from this,and it's going to make us stronger in,the long run and a lot of the things,that happened this year were out of,their control,but just control what you can and move,forward I think you're a starting,quarterback what's your kind of and you,prove that here obviously which kind of,your plan moving forward how much evils,you get away for a little while what,will you do,um to be honest with you last month and,a half's been so damn crazy for me so I,miss my wife I miss my puppy and take,some time just to decompress a little,bit,um I mean,gonna take some time away you know I,thankful for my time here this place has,been unbelievable for me I think I'm,going to look back and be really really,grateful for this short time period and,the things I learned so we'll see what,happens I have no idea luckily got a few,months for that but uh yeah I'm gonna,take some time just decompress we know,they like you you like them you guys,have all enjoyed working together but,Matthew being qb1 here have you sort of,thought about in terms of after you take,time away what your process is going to,be and will you be looking to be a,starter somewhere yeah I mean,it's got to be the best opportunity you,know I'm not going to get to go chase,chase a check to go start and play after,seeing uh you know a place that makes me,have fun playing football again it's,going to be hard to to try something,else new but obviously it's going to be,a,a big time decision so there's going to,be a lot of thought put into it and you,know there's going to be a lot of,changes off season all around the league,so there's nothing I can say right now,that I think would you know be the true,thing at the moment so we're just going,to see what happens and roll with the,punches you've played well enough to be,a starting quarterback uh I know I'm,good enough to be a starting quarterback,I have no doubt about that but it's you,know today I'm not real happy with how I,played uh you know I'm gonna kick myself,over and over for not putting that ball,on the sideline for Van on that last,play but no I know I'm starting,quarterback I'm confident in that and,we'll just see what happens besides that,enjoyment you you mentioned just a,minute ago what what else or what else,did you get or take away from you know,this past month and experience and what,you get out of it personally,um or what do you feel like you gained,yeah I I think stepping into a new,situation with the team that had been,you know kind of been low for a little,bit just realizing that you know the,best version of me is somebody that,comes in and just elevates everybody,else and just to bring that same energy,every day and try and Lead everybody as,best I can and control that and that's,that's what I'm I'm very good at I know,that that's what's gotten me this far so,it's brought the uh you know back to,square one mentality for me and I'm very,being thankful for that last one you met,Sean a long time ago but you learned him,now this this through this period as a,person what what can you tell us about,who he is,um I mean he is so truly invested in,everything he has into this game,um everything he thinks about is about,football and so that's what that's why,you know you see the toll that it takes,on him but I just I've had so much joy,in being around him and his staff that's,been around him for a little bit longer,than me obviously and just to see how,they operate and the detail that goes,into it and how sean leads and really,brings the best out of people it truly,is special there's no doubt about why,they've had success here since it's been,here and uh and his leadership qualities,all set thanks guys,what are the emotions going through your,head right now,um you know that's when I'm playing that,Stadium you know we have a lot of a lot,of great years,um grateful for the fans I'm grateful,for the love they showed,and um yeah I'm grateful there was a lot,of love shown to you with signs and fans,and just any of those jump out at you or,any moment jump out at you today,um there was a young lady that uh,I t

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Rams Round Table With The Titans Of Rams Twitter

Rams Round Table With The Titans Of Rams Twitter

with usc great and nfl stunned,frosty rucker the trojans back in front,and lafb founder ryan zyrud,on the believe podcast network and,,this is your destination for los angeles,football,los angeles what's going on good morning,good afternoon good evening wherever,you listen and thank you for tuning in,to,the la football podcast here on the,believe podcast network,always on lafp your,destination for all your favorite,los angeles football teams got a great,show for you today,my man my friend frosty rucker is,traveling,so i'm doing this one solo dolo um but,not really solo rams fans get excited we,have a rams,round table to talk about you know the,matt stafford trade,the cap issue in each other trade,scenarios we could see,um get into it all that's been going on,i know it's been talked about a lot but,i wanted to bring all these great people,in together you know bloggers,podcasters there's gonna be like five of,us on the call,great time i'll intro all of them um,here in a minute,but uh it's just gonna be a blast so uh,rams fans i hope,you enjoy uh as always the believe in,life football podcast is brought to you,by,bet online dot a g super bowl,is coming up probably the most,bet on not not probably it is the most,bet on sporting event,maybe just event in the world every year,a lot of money thrown around and you can,go to bed if you haven't,signed up today there are tons,of sign up bonuses i did earlier,you don't have to you can just use your,bank account but earlier i actually used,bitcoin you you purchase bitcoin you,immediately transfer it over so it's not,like you're,you don't have to worry about investing,or anything like that buy bitcoin,use that bitcoin to deposit into bed,online they do a hundred percent bonus,so deposit 50 bucks you get a you get 50,more,you're starting with 100 can't be that's,free money so bet,i know i like the prop bets i always,take the over on the touchdowns i think,these offenses are going to be,electric with mahomes with brady um,i don't know off top my head what the,over on the touchdowns but whatever it,is i'm taking the over,um that's my like guaranteed prop bet,but hey you get the coin flip,orange gatorade i think it's gonna be,orange gatorade uh this year,um how long the national anthem is uh,tad,desai for the la football network he,actually wrote a betting article head to, to check that out um he,puts the,national anthem over two minutes so the,over under is two minutes he goes over,start out there it's so,head to bed online at ag,today sign up get those bets hopefully,win,yourself some money heading in to the,off,season all right without further ado,let's go ahead and jump into this,uh i'm going to be joined by sosa,cremendes who does the lockdown rams pod,um alexis kraft and jake ellenbogen who,do the downtown,rams podcast and brad mater who formerly,was on the locked on rams,um now he kind of does his own thing,outside of the rams world,ram's twitter um but still a great guy,super knowledgeable obviously follows,the team so,so you know the five of us just have a,lot of fun talking about this you know i,interact with them all the time on,twitter they're just great people and uh,so it's it's good to get their insight,and input and uh go back and forth on,some stuff so,hopefully you guys enjoy it hopefully i,bring some insight to you on more of,this knowledge if you haven't already,heard enough of it,maybe you're bored of it but i think it,provides a little more in one avenue so,without further ado,enjoy uh this great ransom conversation,all right rams fans got uh a fun panel,the titans of ram's twitter joining me,here,uh to talk uh what's been going on this,offseason what's uh,transpired since the rams were,unfortunately knocked out of the,playoffs by the packers a lot of big,news,uh it's been talked about a lot but i,fear to be a blast to get all of us,together,and uh you know join forces and just,discuss,what the present looks like and what the,future may,possibly hold so let me uh welcome into,the la football podcast let's start my,man sosa cremendez,does locked on rams podcast does some,stuff for pff uh,does a lot of other stuff he i feel like,he lives on twitter so so what's up man,how you doing,i'm good man how are you great brother,good i'm glad to have you here,and uh pick your brain a little bit and,talk i know we had a little back and,forth on twitter too so we'll get into,that which will be fun,uh next welcome in the former of,lockedon rams,uh my man brad motter what's up dude how,you doing hey we're doing good man,lockdown's well,represented here today i i love that,there you go the former and the present,uh and then uh the two from the downtown,rams let's start with jake ellenbogen my,man how you doing,i'm good man how are you great dude,you've been killing it with uh streaming,and stuff too so congrats on all that,and keep up the good work,appreciate it my man yeah and then uh,supe

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