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MAJOR Raiders Rumors On Josh Jacobs, Tom Brady, Jimmy Garoppolo + Raiders Reserve/ Future Contractsf

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Updated on Jan 18,2023

MAJOR Raiders Rumors On Josh Jacobs, Tom Brady, Jimmy Garoppolo + Raiders Reserve/ Future Contracts

foreign,ation what's going on you're watching,the Raiders report and Today's Show is,presented by Panda Subs Jeremy chuggs,and I if you're watching this live are,attempting to do a competitive taco,eating contest so I figured what better,sponsor could I do than Panda sucks to,help me get all this crap out of my,system and get into better shape but we,do have a special offer and it's only,going to be available for this week if,you go to use code Jacobs,for 28 off I think we all know why it's,28 off so coming up here on today's show,we're going to talk about the latest,going on around the Raider store running,back number 28. he's talked about,staying McDaniels talked about him what,about Tom Brady is he coming to the,Raiders interest in Jimmy Garoppolo and,I'm going to tell you all the players,that the Raiders signed to reserve slash,future contracts so let's talk about,Josh is he returning to the silver and,black I wish I could give more of an,update on this topic but unfortunately,generally this Still Remains as only two,just win babies does Josh want to play,for the Raiders yes he does does he want,to get paid yeah absolutely he does so,he's going to be a free agent in 2023,he's going to be one of the top free,agents out there he's no doubt the,number one running back out there but to,me,maybe he holds a little bit of Grudge,the fact that the Raiders chose to,decline his fifth year option if you,were to franchise tag him it's somewhere,around 12.7 million if you would have,just kept the fifth year option though,that would have been I believe 8.6,million dollars so what I'm going to try,to do here today is I'm going to walk,you through what I believe a Josh Jacobs,contract extension would look like but,before I get into that let's talk about,Jacobs and this is what he had to say,this week specifically on Monday honor,returning to the Raiders for me it's got,to make sense but this is obviously,where I want to be coming in I remember,sitting down with Max Crosby and all,these guys and talking about the Raiders,organization and the culture and wanting,to be a part of the change I still feel,that way so hopefully I'll be back I,will always admit when I see a quote,like that you know he's saying the right,things he's got to say the all those,type of things to make media members,happy or coaching staff happy your fan,base happy but I really do believe deep,down in my heart that Jacobs does one,remain a Raider so what do you guys,think will Josh Jacobs be on the team,next year put a bet on this is Las Vegas,after all make a bet right now is it,going to be a why for yes or do you,think it's going to be an end for now,will Jacobs suit up with the silver in,Black we're gonna make this the pin,comment on today's show that's why,you're gonna hold that YouTube ad break,scrolling down let me know,I'm gonna say I think Jacobs does want,to be a Raider and because he wants to,be a Raider I'm hoping that that's going,to be enough of a conversation to make,it happen I also know deep down that,yeah we can talk about McDaniel's job,being safe this and that he knows after,the year that they had at six on eleven,you got to go out this year and you,gotta win Jacobs didn't get a tattoo on,his arm for nothing the fact that he's,wrapping the shield which you can see,it's at this part of his arm that tells,you a lot to me like I would never get a,tattoo of something that I didn't care,about yes it's the organization that,gave him a chance that made him a,millionaire all those things but I know,people close to that organization that,say Jacobs does really want to be on,this team however though money talks and,like he said if he doesn't get the right,amount of money then he's going to move,on Jacob so also had this to say about,our current coaching staff which I know,a lot of people are going to find,interesting obviously gruda is a great,football mind but these guys man take it,to another level just wait when it comes,to the way they explain things and the,way they utilize certain guys so just,learning their offensive Playbook,learning the terminology and then taking,it and putting my own little spin on it,it's definitely been fun the way we go,about working,definitely the best working group that,I've been around since being in the NFL,it's just about putting the little,pieces together right now and,identifying what those little pieces are,identifying each player's role and just,trying to execute that to the fullest so,again whether Josh is just saying that,to say it I mean you don't say something,like that though if you don't want to,remain on the team right like nobody,would say that if you're like no I don't,want to be around here I know when Josh,was upset a few weeks ago which he,should have been but they were,interviewing him basically right after a,game there's going to be a lot of,emotions so to me Jacobs,I do think signs with the team that pays,them the most like we could talk all we,want Raiders Raiders Raiders

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Josh Jacobs Wins the Rushing Crown, 2022 Season Takeaways, Plus Early 2023 Draft Talk | Raiders

Josh Jacobs Wins the Rushing Crown, 2022 Season Takeaways, Plus Early 2023 Draft Talk | Raiders

welcome to Raiders round table presented,by America First Credit Union that's Q,Myers I'm JT Lincoln Kennedy will join,us coming up next as we recap the Kansas,City loss at Allegiant Stadium we look,ahead into the off season and we'll have,a Frank discussion cue about what,happened this year as the Raiders didn't,make the playoffs and losing that last,game to Kansas City 31-13 was a,disappointment because coming off the,performance against the 49ers the week,before I really thought the Raiders had,a lot to play for and they'd have a,better performance I did too I thought,that they had an opportunity to spoil,what the chiefs were playing for which,was the number one seed and I'll tell,you man we did the pregame show both me,and you uh right there at the torch on,Sunday on Saturday excuse me and I I,felt like the buzz and the energy in,Legion stadium was just different yeah I,told you and I just felt like it was,different so I thought you know what the,Raiders are going to build off of what,they did against the 49ers and they're,going to go out there and stidham's,going to go out there and make the case,for being a starting quarterback and and,the Raiders are going to finish this,season on a high note and it just,obviously didn't shake out that way the,Raiders lose 31-13 but man it just felt,different when we were sitting there at,the torch yeah what disappointed me is I,thought the only chance the Raiders had,in the game is they had to keep it close,yeah at the half they were outscored 17,to nothing in the second quarter Kansas,City scored real quickly as we'll see,and the game got taken away right out of,the gate so when we look at what,happened here first off Demar Hamlin the,tributes by Raider fans who were there,wearing three jerseys and three shirts I,thought that was really important it was,great to see the players out there,warming up with those shirts right and,that was the very first game following,what happened with Lamar Hamilton on,yeah the very first game and so I wanted,to see what that was going to be like,from The Player's point of view because,I mean it puts everything in perspective,when that kind of thing situation,happens and then we found out about Josh,Jacobs as well as his father you know,had a heart surgery and throughout the,course of the week and didn't know if he,was going to play so it all really,brought it full circle well as you just,saw on the opening drive they just went,right down right down the field then the,Raider defense gave up one huge play in,Kansas City got a quick touchdown and,that took the air out of the building it,got the Kansas City fans going who are,in attendance and the Raiders had their,back up against the wall early in the,game I thought Stidham as you're seeing,here is mobility in the pocket was the,key we're going to talk about when,Lincoln what he put up on tape but what,he put up on tape for me we know he,could make every throw he's an NFL,quarterback but his mobility and making,plays outside the pockets very important,right and he doesn't hesitate to take,off you know if he sees it it's not,there and there's an opening and the,protection's breaking down he's going to,go he has the willingness you know not,only the ability but the willingness to,go and take off and and create a little,something and make something out of,nothing and so that's something that,he's able to bring to the table I,believe he had 50 yards rushing he did,seven carries so uh that's that was that,was important and that's something that,the Raiders whoever the quarterback is,in the future is going to need to do,what was very disappointing for me about,this loss is the fact Kansas City is,going to score they're going to put up,30 plus points we know that going in but,I thought that the Raiders offensive,line didn't have a good game no they,didn't come to play at the level of,intensity that I thought they would,Kansas City's defense is good but better,than they are statistically they got,some Playmakers there but they were,pushing around the Raiders at the point,of attack and that can't happen,especially home at Allegiant Stadium no,they had their way with the Raiders,offensive line and you know they've done,pretty well and they turned out the,number one rusher in the league right so,you know that at moments they've been,really good but that pass protection was,not there on Saturday at all and Jared,Stidham as I mentioned was ready for his,life Kelsey didn't have a touchdown,again so if you look at Kelsey he was,five games coming into that he didn't,have a touchdown but again Kelsey's the,type of player that he'll get big third,Downs big plays Mahomes just spread it,out to everybody in the game he was able,to run the ball he did the flip pass for,the touchdown we'll get to the play that,is driving people nuts to snow globe,play The Ring Around the Rosie yeah,which was a slap in the face to the,Raiders and the Raiders will remember,that they will remember that going,forward I just thou

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Las Vegas Raiders' Alpha Dog speaks on what the team needs and what he is looking for this offseason

Las Vegas Raiders' Alpha Dog speaks on what the team needs and what he is looking for this offseason

coming up on today's edition of the,lockdown Raiders podcast the season has,come to end we'll talk about some,off-season awards that were handed out,on Monday plus players signed the,Futures and Reserve deals and we'll have,the latest from the Raiders locker room,close out the show with your calls and,texts it's all coming up on Tuesday's,edition of the lockdown Raiders podcast,January 10th 2023,one,hey welcome in Raider Nation to another,edition of the locked operators podcast,thank you so much for making the show,your first listen each and every day,remember you can find the locked on,Raider podcast free and available on all,platforms including YouTube My Man Ari's,been doing a fantastic job we definitely,appreciate everyone that's checked out,the show for one minute or 20 minutes it,doesn't matter whatever the case may be,we definitely appreciate you subscribing,to the show and also checking it out you,can find Ari on Twitter at Ari produces,of course you can find me on Twitter as,well at your boy,q254 today's edition of the lockdown,Raiders podcast presented by prize picks,prize picks is daily Fantasy Made Easy,you pick two to five players if they,score more or less in their prize picks,projection you can win up to 10 times,your money on your entry first time,users can receive 100 instant deposit,match up to 100 with promo code locked,on that's promo code locked,on got a lot to get to on today's show,very excited about it and I know this,off season is going to be a whole lot of,fun and it was busy and I say it fun in,a busy type of way right I mean you,don't want to have off season is boring,where there's nothing to talk about,there'll be plenty to talk about so,that's where I say it's going to be fun,there's a lot of uncertainty going into,the Raiders offseason but still it's,going to be a lot to cover there'll be a,lot of content here on the lockdown,Raiders podcast excited about that on,Monday I talked about the Raiders,opponents in 2023 and I was a little,unsure of myself wasn't 100 as a matter,of fact of exactly who was going to be,playing the Raiders I had most of the,teams but I had a question about the,Steelers or the the Browns so here it is,I got it official now like a referees,whistle all the home games for the,Raiders of 2023 of course the division,games the Broncos Chiefs and Chargers,but out of division the Packers the,Vikings the Patriots the Giants the Jets,and the Steelers those are all fantastic,games those are all games that won I,expect a lot of the uh away team fans to,be there but those are games that are,all been a real deal the Packers the,Vikings the Patriots the Giants Jets,they're even on the come up and of,course the Steelers they travel well,that's going to be some games right,there at Allegiant stadium in 2023 don't,know the order don't know when they're,going to be played but those are some,games that'll be played at Allegiant,Stadium as far as away games of course,you got the the uh the conference games,the division games with the Broncos,Chiefs and Chargers but you also have,the bills the Bears the Lions the Colts,and the Dolphins so I look at the bills,that's a hell of a game the Bears who,knows what they'll be looking like they,got the number one overall pick right,now the Lions they're obviously a lot,better the Colts who knows maybe Derek,Carr is the quarterback there we don't,know and then the Dolphins they got a,lot of Firepower so man the Raiders have,some tough teams in 2023 of course you,know we could talk about them right now,but teams are never the same from what,they are one year to the other so we'll,look at it right now say man that's a,gauntlet for a schedule and then maybe,something will happen and some teams,won't be as good as they are maybe some,teams will be better than they were uh,this past year so they've got some teams,on their schedule in 2023 those are the,home away ones uh on Monday talked a lot,about Josh Jacobson the fact that he won,the rushing title that was fantastic we,got an opportunity to talk to him on,Monday day at the Intermountain,Healthcare performance center after Josh,McDaniels talked we got about 45 minutes,to an hour inside the Raiders locker,room and there was only about a handful,of guys but Josh Jacobs is one of them,and Josh Jacobs is always one of them,he's been one of them all year long,regardless if it was win or lose Josh,Jacobs has been that guy for for that he,won the Craig long award I'm sure you're,saying what is the Craig long award well,it's chosen by a select group of local,media I was included in that facilitated,by the Raiders media relations the Craig,long award is presented annually to the,player who best exemplifies,professionalism in collaboration with,the media at Large,that has been Josh Jacobs to a t does,not matter if the game has been a bad,game if they lost to the last minute uh,you know he's aired his frustrations,after the Pittsburgh Steelers loss on,Christmas Eve uh he's just been that

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Sights and Sounds from Week 18 | Chiefs vs. Raiders

Sights and Sounds from Week 18 | Chiefs vs. Raiders

I can still hear Marty's focus and,finish ringing my ears and Al Davis most,famous phrase just when baby is the best,advice for the 63rd edition of the,Kansas City team,what better way to throw a party than,right here in Vegas man we in the city,have never sleep study we're about to,turn the hell up man it's never how you,started how you finish man we dominate,The Trenches and we held the business,and get out of here,it also with that no contest declared on,Monday night has set up a very,complicated Matrix but here's what's,simple for the Chiefs Chiefs win this,game they will be the one seed in the,AFC and will have a bye week next week,that is enough motivation for the entire,Chief's Kingdom to put everything into,this game and as I mentioned Dana as we,await the captains to walk on the field,it feels like the playoffs are already,starting today,Crosby lined up on the outside shoulder,of Kelsey's play action fig Crosby,coming from the outside the homes with,time guns at long left,the home slips that way now moves to his,left holds the ball holds it now he's,going to shovel it late he's got,McKinnon touchdown kids oh City four,seconds on the play clock takes the snap,at the near hash Under Pressure he's,hitting Zach at the 35-yard line,Chris Jones continues his amazing season,they fake a counter Here Comes The Blitz,instead of goes down at the nine Justin,Reed on a well-time safety Blitz get him,at his own goal line to throw unloads it,with the right arm one-on-one play Far,said intercepted that's a 45-yard line,coming over the top of the football one,Thornhill playing center field and gets,the pick against Stidham,no hey wait it's not just one guy it's,what we owe you know TV let's go,Donald Jones II is in the backfield they,have McKinnon there he goes in motion to,a tight Wing right Ronald Jones the,second flash behind,the city the secret weapon we just been,waiting to use him the Raiders will go,for it on fourth down and go to go at,the two-yard line instead I'm looking,right now being chased pit fires it late,for the End Zone it's in truck lead no,flags on the play Jalen Watson then the,cheats hold on down,and yeah I know what they're going to do,here this is going to be a direct snap,out of a they do a spinning pedal second,down and three they're gonna run it on,an option pitch to Tony and then they,come back to Tony rather on a throw for,McKinnon Tony breaks the tackle near,side five down Kansas City but a penalty,flag thrown,and a penalty is going to wipe out the,touchdown under centers Mahomes they,come in a Jet Sweep to Tony at the 10 on,the angle breaks a tackle inside the,five near front pylon touchdown Kansas,City it just took one more play takes,the snap retreating at the Raider logo,sack at that Raider logo right on the,sword third and 27 here to the Raiders,38-yard line play might be,up it's picked up by Kansas City at the,30. yeah George,five seconds left to go second quarter,pounds and places it down Buckner's kick,a spinning kick that is up and it is,good,and Kansas City leads at halftime,24-3 third down goal to go with the one,hand off Pacheco flash into the end zone,touchdown fourth and 21 for the Raiders,going for a throne 43 trying to buy time,is Stidham he's got no time Chris Jones,his second sack of the game 15 on the,season as the Chiefs hold on downs and,the Kansas City Chiefs are gonna go to,14-3 on the regular season the Kansas,City Chiefs are the one seed of the AFC,playoffs by virtue of this victory over,the Raiders 31-13

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Jon Gruden Resigned As Raiders Head Coach - See How Raider Nation, Twitter, Keyshawn Johnson Reacted

Jon Gruden Resigned As Raiders Head Coach - See How Raider Nation, Twitter, Keyshawn Johnson Reacted

raider nation what's going on you guys,are watching the raiders board coming up,here on today's show i'm gonna give you,a reaction from nfl media from people,players literally everyone all over the,internet when they heard that john,gruden was stepping down from the las,vegas raiders now i wouldn't be able to,do today's show if it wasn't for our,awesome sponsor magic spoon if you guys,haven't tried this cereal yet i don't,know what the hell you're waiting for 13,grams of protein 4 grams of net carbs 0,grams of sugar how do you get the hookup,,raiders take advantage of this deal,because who knows it might not last,forever if you guys like stuff that,tastes like cake batter guess what the,frosted it's really really good so what,we're gonna see here guys i got a whole,bunch of tweets a whole bunch of,pictures so i want you to stick with me,it's gonna be a little bit different of,a show and i forgot to say this i also,have reactions from some of the youtube,commenters as well so here was the new,york times's tweet,that went out on october 11th at 9 20.,john gruden resigned as the coach of the,las vegas raiders on monday he had,denounced the emergence of women as,referees the drafting of a gay player,and the tolerance of players protesting,during the national anthem a review of,his emails showed so as soon as this,happened right his reaction was hey man,originally on friday it was there was,only one email i didn't know what,happened and he lied about it the fact,that he lied and that he lost the locker,room is why i am okay sitting up here,saying the raiders made the right,decision by moving on from john gruden,does it suck i liked gruden i literally,had a show that had chucky heads,obviously i was rooting for the guy,however when all this extra stuff came,out when the fact that he also lied and,to the people out there like oh his,emails 10 10 years ago,it wasn't it was less than it was 2018,when he was a member with the raiders so,like it was much more frequently but,overall it was a very very bad look now,again we found some more reactions to,when john gruden was let go here is,cornerback marlon humphrey bruh john,gruden resigned what yeah i mean i,couldn't believe it either i was,literally getting ready to make dinner,and i get a message from our boss and,our team here and said hey you might,want to come into the studio we think,john gruden's about to get fired and i,was like i don't think he's going to,happen and then i saw the story and i,was like oh crap i'm going to have to,come in here and make a video so i went,ahead made the video if you guys didn't,see it that means you're not subscribed,so make sure you hit that big red button,that says sub but to some of the people,that were watching i said hey give me a,one word reaction now what i did is i,started combing through some of the,youtube comments and here were five,answers that i saw when i when i asked,what's your one-word reaction to john,gruden being fired if you guys want to,give me your one-word reaction please go,ahead and do so but no bless rizzali,said i understand which i understand dr,matt king said bye wade cook was sad,dude it's danny nyw said depressing and,then yoshi mitsu said a relief so what,do you guys think here let me know from,a scale from one to ten how shocked were,you when you found out that john gruden,stepped down or that he was fired from,the las vegas raiders and i want you to,scale from one,to ten one being you weren't surprised,at all you knew it was gonna come 10,being oh my goodness,drop everything that you're doing and,get your butt to the studio because,that's where i'm at i am at a big fat 10,because how quickly this story started,to roll and how quickly it started to,seem like okay somebody's definitely on,a witch hunt after john gruden i was,like all right,this is getting pretty pretty crazy so,you know what man yes absolutely i was,shocked i'm still shocked which you guys,can probably tell by my overall just,appearance and just wait i'm talking,about this stuff now if you're looking,for more news rumors and literally,anything that involves the silver and,black i want you to hit that big red,button right now that says subscribe,underneath your show i was actually on,bbc world news today why because they,said that raiders report is the number,one most watched raider show and they,wanted to get me on so i have to say,thank you to you but also,i want to continue to grow this thing i,want to get to a hundred thousand,subscribers by the end of the year and,we're getting pretty damn close so if,you could hit that sub button it's also,free all right let's go to the next,thing coming down here is from willy,sneed when you don't live right it's,hard to do right i'm not saying that,this is around john gruden but what i,tried to do is i tried to scrub and i,tried to find the most recent social,media tweets stuff on instagram from,current raiders players and so far i've,only found three the next one,basically righ

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The Raiders Are Threatening FANS WHO SUPPORT CARR

The Raiders Are Threatening FANS WHO SUPPORT CARR

long story short security said it came,from the top of the top to sign how to,get put away or I was getting removed,from the state as a sports fan you,praise the team when things are going,great and when you're happy but when,you're unhappy and when the team is,doing poorly you have the right to,criticize your team but one fan this,past weekend of the Raiders did not have,that right to criticize his team he had,a sign that expressed criticism of Josh,McDaniels a very popular opinion if you,just scour articles around the internet,tons of fans do not like Josh McDaniels,this year but Raiders security,approached this van making interesting,threats saying that they came all the,way from the top so we are here with,brynden Right Here Right Now who is at,Allegiant stadium with a great sign a,great sign that had no profanity on it,at all right and it just said it said,fire McDaniels keep cards all this sign,simply said great design on the sign by,the way so thank you what happened,afterwards you have this sign here great,sign no prepare take us through what,happened so God early went down to watch,warm-ups hung it down on the sign in the,black hole standing by the goal sign,tons of pictures were getting taken,people walking by on the field NFL,Network ESPN everybody down their camera,tons of pictures everybody laughing,smiling tons of Thumbs Up none of the,players the players got us filing and,walking by well when it started getting,busier and busier security came over and,I got a video sent to me from a friend,over in the VIP on the Raider side and,you can see it Wednesday where I was at,well Mark Davis was over there long,story short security said it came from,the top of the top the sign had to get,put away or I was getting removed from,the stadium whoa okay okay so wait what,do you what do you think they meant by,top of the top you you believe Mark,Davis is the one who who there was,another guy next to me that asked what,was it for Mark and the security guy,just hurried nodded his head yeah he,seen it he was not happy does not want,it in the stadium okay so here's the,thing well part of being an NFL fan we,see signs all the time we we've seen so,many you know signs over the years we've,seen signs that just say F you're a team,signs with profanity that have been,allowed at Allegiant Stadium at other,stadiums as well even earlier this year,we saw a fire at McDaniels sign during,the Colts game at Allegiant stadium so,what do you think was different why did,they censor your sign today rather than,any other day I honestly think it was,because of all the controversy with car,I mean right but what happened to Port,Derek the guy just got hamstrung left,out to dry and there was a lot of heart,heart broke people over you know it was,upsetting and did you see other people,were other people having you know fire,McDaniels keep car signs or something,similar and were were they asked I put,them away not the I didn't see anybody,else get asked to put things away I was,the only one down on the front that I,noticed but I know there were people,tons of pictures getting taken like I,said uh people with t-shirts on and I,couldn't even tell you how many pictures,I took and I know they weren't allowed,to post them they weren't allowed to put,me on the screen I know uh one of the,Raiders photographers took my name game,and information down because he was,going to send me stuff and I've never,got anything,well that's what's so odd about this,because like I said earlier we see signs,all the time and and I guess you know as,a Raiders fan you paid good money for,these tickets you know I don't know how,many games you've gone to this year but,you've obviously supported your team a,lot both financially and morally how,does it make you feel that you know the,owner of your favorite team is not,allowing fans to criticize the coach it,seems like you know I it really kind of,upsets me I've been to every game since,the Denver game of last year I've got,season tickets I've got been to every,game this year tailgate have not missed,one in fact I'm even coming back this,next week I'll be there again with it,we'll see what they say but wow you know,I can't I can't hate the Raiders but I,don't I just don't agree with it I think,he needs to let the fans read their mind,people aren't happy right and and you,know what I mean that's part of being a,fan you criticize your team you know,things that you don't like and then you,cheer things you do like well hopefully,more people join you you're gonna bring,the sign again to Allegiant Stadium,Saturday against the Chiefs hopefully,more people to join you and we'll see,what happens be looking out for Brendan,here out there when you're watching the,game on television we'll be on the black,hole side guys we'll see you there hell,yeah peace out Brayden appreciate you,yeah buddy nice talking and keep in mind,Raiders fans pay the most expensive,tickets in the NFL for their home games,and after the historic losses this,

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49ers Rumors Are HOT: Jimmy Garoppolo To Raiders? Trey Lance Injury Update + 49ers vs. Seahawks News

49ers Rumors Are HOT: Jimmy Garoppolo To Raiders? Trey Lance Injury Update + 49ers vs. Seahawks News

foreign,ERS report live here on chat sports,Chase senior here with you another,Loaded show coming your way and it's all,presented by true classic tees I've been,able to add to my wardrobe but true,classic over the last several months,since they became a sponsor here at chat,sports you can add to your wardrobe as,well all thanks to that link, chat promo code chat,for 25 off your order we'll tell you,more about them coming up here in just a,bit as for what we're discussing on,today's show Kyle Shanahan was asked,whether or not it's going to be,difficult to beat Seattle three times in,one season and yes it looks as though,weather is going to play a role in this,football game on Saturday a lot of,rumors about Jimmy Garoppolo maybe being,targeted by the Las Vegas Raiders with a,Josh McDaniels reunion in 2023 NFL free,agency and we also have an update on,Trey Lance's surgically repaired ankle,first though make sure you subscribe all,throughout this playoff run we're going,to be covering this team every day but,even if the Niners get ousted still,going to be here to provide you with the,best coverage on the daily basis year,round so subscribe and don't forget to,lock Us in for our watch party on,Saturday our pregame show it is going to,be an absolute blast and the big looming,question here for San Francisco can the,49ers is 10 and a half Point favorites,going home to Levi's Stadium beat the,Seahawks for a third time this year,oftentimes it's really difficult to beat,one opponent three times in one year,it's even difficult to beat a divisional,opponent twice bring out the brooms and,pull out the sweep but from my,perspective there's really no excuse for,San Francisco to lose this game they're,the far better football team I,understand that weather could play a,role with showers expected all,throughout the afternoon in Northern,California but the 49ers are more,talented deeper and they're the hotter,football team than Seattle and when,they've played so far this year San,Francisco has thoroughly outplayed the,sea chickens and you look back to that,week two game when Trey Lance got,injured Jimmy Garoppolo came in this is,really where the Niners started to find,a little bit of a groove it looked like,and then they lose that game the,following week to the Denver Broncos and,you're like okay what's happening here,they start the year three and four then,they end with 10 straight wins but going,back to week two I thought they played,good football against Seattle and things,were looking up and then the following,week is a disaster in the mile high city,but during this game and really you have,to focus on the matchup here between,these two divisional foes 25 first downs,to 14 and Jimmy G played well in this,game 70 plays to 47 373 yards to 216.,Niners ran for 189 rushing yards to 36,for Seattle,27-7 was the final score and the only,time the Seahawks got on the board was,with a block field goal that went back,for a touchdown and in week 15 when the,Nationals clinched the NFC West at Lumen,field in Seattle the final score was,21-13 but the 49ers thought also,outplayed and dominated Seattle and it,looked to be two teams on two different,Playing Fields here first Down's pretty,even 15-16 plays directly even at 61 a,piece yards 381 to 270 as I thought,Purdy played really well in this game,George Kittle had two touchdowns 170,rushing yards to 70. San Francisco,compared to Seattle and 21-13 was the,final score and if weather is a factor,on Saturday what was the consistent,theme in week two and week 15. San,Francisco running the football really,well being dominant in that fashion but,also stopping the run and if it's wet if,it's sloppy if it's a monsoon the Niners,are going to have to run the football a,lot they're running offense is good the,rushing defense is good Advantage San,Francisco and then you look at how these,two teams ended the season Seattle was,one of the surprise teams in the,National Football League to start the,year as Gino Smith was playing really,well Pete Carroll was really maximizing,the roster and then they started to do,to struggle a little bit three and five,back half of the year in their last,eight games and as we just talked about,San Francisco won 10 games in a row to,round out the regular season we'll get,to Jimmy Garoppolo in an update on Trey,Lance coming up around the corner first,though Today's Show presented by true,classic 25 off if you use the promo code,chat at chat,everybody out there men of all shapes,and sizes dad bods true classic Cassie,covered rip odds you know it your,average Joe yes sir get 25 off using,that promo code chat and free shipping,included on purchases over 100 new year,new me new you new tease thanks to True,classic tees and the old year with a new,you and close that'll give you the,confidence to tackle those 2023,resolutions thanks to our sponsor true,classic you'll have everything you need,to hit the gym take it slow or treat,yourself to

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Cowboys (-3) favored over Bucs, Raiders looking into Tom Brady & Jimmy G | NFL | FIRST THINGS FIRST

Cowboys (-3) favored over Bucs, Raiders looking into Tom Brady & Jimmy G | NFL | FIRST THINGS FIRST

12 win Cowboys at the eight win bucks,Brady undefeated versus the Cowboys I,don't know how relevant that is to be,honest and honest with you Dallas a,three-point favorite for the Monday,night matchup bro,does Dallas deserve to be a three-point,favorite,I think I'm on the record as saying,Tampa Bay is going to win this game,right so obviously I don't think they,should be favorite I do get why Vegas,might favor them they've won 12 games,Tampa's won eight Tampa didn't even have,a winning record I get all that all,right but I am basing my prediction that,Tampa will win off intuition,intangibles Instinct okay gut you know,all right sounds like yeah,okay but yeah I can back it up and,nickel like this because I'm guessing,he's picking Tampa Bay,um yeah they they're I can back it up on,paper too sure they beat Dallas 19-3 in,the first game of season and Dallas that,played all but what the last six minutes,and Dallas was Pro I would say in a,better frame of mind then than they are,now they came in thinking we're gonna,win the Super Bowl and I'm sure they,still think that but they've got a lot,of things mental blocks to overcome okay,Dak just played a horrible game last,year the way the playoffs ended not good,for Dak Brady just beat him 19-3 when,Tampa's not even that good this season,so I think there's that the weakness of,Tampa Bay way they can't run the ball,well it might not be a weakness against,Dallas because they can't really stop,the run they run for 150 yards against,Dallas in the opening week and obviously,I'm taking Tom Brady over Dak Prescott,in a big game so Nick I mean I feel very,comfortable saying Tampa Bay should win,but I do get why they might favor Dallas,well listen Dallas has to be the,favorites even though I you know much,like you I'm leaning towards picking,Tampa in this game uh I think this line,was going to be six if Dallas didn't,look the way they did against Washington,I think that the Cowboys seemingly,having their worst performance at the,worst possible moment actually made this,line as short as it is and here's my,level of concerns or my different,concerns for Dallas I want to show you,guys something that I think could bite,them come the playoff game against Tom,Brady so can we put up a handful of,quarterbacks so I mean these what what,oh the crown I didn't even notice okay,what do those seven quarterbacks have in,common,those are a lot that good correct except,for Trevor,those are the last seven now we can,reveal it please,that's all of the quarterbacks this,Dallas team has faced since Thanksgiving,now Trevor's excellent but they scored,40 points in that game right so the,Cowboys defense which statistically has,been backsliding has been backsliding,without playing the best quarterbacks in,football and I think going we saw this,last year with Philadelphia I when they,were going into the playoffs I think one,of the most important things when you're,determining how real of a threat a team,is is when you start looking at okay,when they played the other best teams in,football did they play the other best,teams in football was their defense,tested by the best quarterbacks and then,I'm gonna say something here before I,give it back to you that I don't think's,ever been said on television,Jason Garrett made a great Point Sunday,night and that uh he pointed out this,grass versus Turf discrepancy for the,Cowboys and it's jarring on both sides,of the ball Wilds they're 11-1 playing,on artificial surface scoring almost 30,points a game allowing fewer than 18. on,grass they're taught their own scoring,goes down a touchdown and they allow 10,more points per game,and so his point was they're a team that,pass rush has built on speed that,offense is built on timing and on grass,it gets disrupted a bit well Tampa's a,grass field if they get past them,Philly's a grass field and San,Francisco's a grass field those things,plus the fact that Tom Brady is in a,different caliber of quarterback than,all those guys we've just shown except,for of course the Prince I I if you're a,Cowboys fan I think should be greatly,concerning for you go ahead bro all of,those are reasons why I wrote them off,two months ago okay all of that you must,have been looking in the grass and the,two things,and two months ago they hadn't played,these quarterbacks yet here here this is,true though those were great points,they're four and four on the road too,all right they're great at home four and,four in a row and wild yeah their,vaunted run game I love Tony Paul yeah,but I already hadn't been the tiger,lately all right they've averaged 3.2,yards,3.2 yards that just came out 3.2 yards,of carry over their last four games sure,over 17 games that would be worse than,the league yeah,but I'm saying they are not they are not,running the ball well lately Dallas and,if they're not running the ball that,means they put it on DAC and that means,a few interceptions yeah that's what's,happening to Tom Brady the Bucks have,the worst run defense in t

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