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I Paid For "Ash Kaashh" OnlyFans So You Don’t Have To...six,yo first of all before the video even,be


Updated on Jan 19,2023

I Paid For "Ash Kaashh" OnlyFans So You Don’t Have To...

six,yo first of all before the video even,begins bro,y'all it's 5 25,hey look when i seen her back angle i,kind of got lost in her eyes but i know,y'all got lost too,i seen the video of her you feel me like,yo,but y'all know what i'm talking about,baby i don't know bruh there's no,she pretty much got exposed okay look,she got like curly hair,she light skin she's got green knives,she,got lost her eyes and i even watched the,video and got lost her eyes bro,i'm here she got to own these fans bro,never,owning friends this is my first time,even being on the app bro i mean the,website will never look i never even,been on i kept hearing about my ain't,like yo i don't really care for that you,feel me yeah we about to purchase,her only fans i'm about to purchase her,only fan so you won't have to purchase,no more bro before the video even begins,make sure you smash that like button,right now but no capri smash that like,button,i might do another video like this but,look bro don't do too much talking bra,we finna purchase our own friends hold,on bro let me turn my screen recorder a,little cat a little awesome,hey look we don't ask only fans bro hold,on bro this thing say,49 hey look her only friends is,50 dollars bro 60 dollars my ,bro,it was at this moment that he knew he, up,transactions cannot be processed at this,time,but it took the bread out my cash out,bro what,my card is not declining bro it took the,money out so yeah i'm getting,situated and i'm gonna hit y'all back up,maybe but i don't know that's what's up,right hopefully i did not get scammed,but yeah all right charlie look man i'm,back right look bruh,got everything situated but look i,almost thought i got scared and bruh,from,i got everything situated hopefully bro,i got everything everything is good now,you know how to,call them and tell them,yes this is could you please just pay me,and look the screen point is already in,place look bruh this is ash,account like i said bro hold on she,verified,that 3.7 k likes and her username say,just a secret so yeah i ain't gonna lie,like i said,make sure y'all smash that like button, okay approved hey look,that fifty dollars dude brett hey,yo,yo that better be working baby,scroll down right now but hold up,i could see this at the beach you,feel me next day oh she got 34,posts,yo what the is this bro the first,post,she had on the business too all right,you feel me i see the nipples poking out,oh you gay,still got my clothes bro what's up ass,what's up i still got clothes on bruh,that's it are you scared,this on instagram right for me but,that's the that fifty dollars yo,what the look what time it,a is four second long video what i'm,gonna do with that,huh my ass look y'all eight hold on my,bad guy,yo i'm talking to y'all like y'all ass,but look bruh ash are you watching this,what am i gonna do with a four second,video let me know right now,oh come,hey hold,hey look up hopefully the next one is,way better than this bro,okay oh,this is like just talking,see what what are you talking about no,late night conversations brother how did,late night,just talking to them bro everybody knows,what happens at nighttime,now,you

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