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what is wrong with radioshack?hello and welcome back to Jarvis Johnson,gold the premium channel that

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Updated on Jan 17,2023

what is wrong with radioshack?

hello and welcome back to Jarvis Johnson,gold the premium channel that is free,um,it is free but if you're watching this,your premium and today it's been a while,since I have talked about brand Twitter,but I have to address,the Radio Shack problem we all remember,Radio Shack,um no one watching this channel,remembers Radio Shack you're all too,young I kind of remember Radio Shack for,when I was a kid kind of it was a store,that was like a shack where you could,buy radios,right but uh in all seriousness it was,like an electronic store you know they,failed to adapt to the rise of the,internet and they went bankrupt,essentially they went bankrupt twice and,then in 2020 they were purchased like,this company that is owned by Tai Lopez,who is one of those like get rich quick,like read a book A Day snake oil,salesman on YouTube he purchased the I,guess dead brand of Radio Shack along,with a bunch of other dead brands that,he owns like Pier One and Stein art or,whatever they pivoted it into a,cryptocurrency so now Radio Shack is,trying to do crypto because I guess,we live in hell but okay so you've got a,new crypto obviously that's gonna go up,and be extremely successful but how are,people gonna know about it well you've,got a tweet and that's what they did and,so for the past I don't know a couple of,months Radio Shack has been acting a,damn fool on Twitter in the most hello,fellow kids way like Radio Shack has,taken to Twitter as if the year is 2014,and we're all laughing at Wendy's ratio,in somebody it's completely out of touch,it's clearly written by a team full of,old people it doesn't work it's like,their strategy is not working or,maybe I'm wrong and uh we'll all be,buying pizza with radio coin in in very,short order you be the judge I don't,know anything so maybe you aren't on, Jarvis always be plugging,like me and you haven't been seeing the,Radio Shack tweets maybe you have a life,is what I'm saying I'm just gonna look,at some Radio Shack tweets that have,been have been archived because they,tweet and delete a lot for obvious,reasons before we get into the actual,Radio Shack tweets I want to give a bit,of a Content warning because the tweets,are all extremely sexual for some reason,or at least a lot of them are and,there's no reason that they should be,but this is the world that we live in so,I feel it's important to let you know,what I'm about to read,um and what I'm about to read is if you,find a squirter merrier,cool this was the Tweet heard around the,world with Radio Shack because everybody,was like why are you why are you,Tweeting that if we put our thinking,caps on we know that the reason is,because everybody's gonna go oh ha ha oh,haha Radio Shack that's a wacky thing to,say for a brand I'm gonna like that,simple as that you can see Radio Shack,has its uh uh deal with it glasses on,it's really like how old does that mean,it's for what 2010 literally,they don't know what they're they this,is the most Boomer in the world,they truly think that they're connecting,with a younger audience with these,tweets and they are but like in the,wrong way like we're laughing at you not,with you are these ridiculous brand,tweets keeping you up at night,thought so well I know one brand that'll,help you sleep today's sponsor Helix,Helix sleep makes premium mattresses and,bedding that are customized to fit your,needs and they're delivered right to,your door sleep and not a lot of people,know this is very near and dear to my,heart I need at least eight hours of,sleep every night or else I don't feel,very good mentally or physically and,then I also spend a lot of the day in,bed as well just hanging out so a good,mattress is a very important thing so,everyone's different and Helix knows,that so they've created a sleep quiz,that'll help you match your unique body,type and sleeping style to the perfect,Helix mattress based on my quiz Helix,match me with the Twilight mattress and,I also got a couple of dream pillows and,a weighted blanket as well you can,personalize your mattress even more with,the glaciotech's cooling cover that will,help you stay cool during these hot,summer months actually I want one and so,I got one as well I've had my Helix,mattress for a couple of weeks now and I,wake up every morning feeling cool and,refreshed when you order your Helix,Sleep mattress you'll get a 100 night,sleep trial along with a 10-year,warranty and there are financing options,and flexible payment plans if needed the,best part of it all is that Helix,delivers your mattress right to your,door for free within the us and it comes,rolled up in a box that's super easy to,set up yourself go to the link on screen,or click it in the description to get,200 off of your Helix mattress and get,two pillows for free thanks to Helix for,sponsoring this video now back to the,shack what else we got here not gonna,lie my boss is kind of thick lol you,know just like things oh so edgy so,inappropriate why why are you saying,that in turn who

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Radio Shack Went Nuts on Twitter

Radio Shack Went Nuts on Twitter

you see tom tim sweeney dunking on the,fortnite cryptocurrency project that,stole their copyright last week no but i,did see radio shack came back from the,dead to promote nfts,they were getting wild on twitter today,they were going in on mudahar this is a,little dangerous to be going on here but,i need to show you this,it's pretty low effort stuff so like,this,if if you want my comeback you'll have,to scrape it off your mom's teeth,like that one's just super old that,one's a little locked back in the like,2010s ish back gears of war,but then they were going a little a,little wacky on coffeezilla though,where's their vibrator tweet,we've got some double a batteries for,your vibrator you ,nice,radioshack is still alive no they don't,have any brick and mortar anymore i,don't think do they let me check wait do,they actually still have these locations,on this map there's no way,no way,can you still like shop at them are,these just abandoned buildings like old,blockbusters,radioshack is now owned by tai lopez the,guy who did the lambo in my garage yeah,i know i know tai lopez's name i didn't,know he owned a radio shack did he bring,it back because all of these were shut,down you like radio shack was dead like,circuit city like you literally couldn't,shop at radio shack for the longest time,did he reopen them,but yeah uh,they really went with the uh hello,fellow kids you like cryptos and wendy's,twitter interactions right,so they've been on a bit of a spree,today,also their crypto is tanking it's like,with every post the radio shack,twitter makes it drops lower and lower,so the strategy is not exactly panning,out super well at the moment but hey,maybe a radio shack's just gearing up,for a big rally,i think they're trying to interact with,younger ages i mean this is very clearly,them trying to like prove hey we're,still,you know viable,we know what's going on in the world,here's,nfts crypto and,uh,dunking on twitter,i'll even mention vibrators and ,they're hacked nope,they're not,this is very clearly corporate,trying to be edgy 100,i work for radio shack this is 100,corporate,what do they employ you as like,a dust manager at their locations like,sweeping as much dust out as possible,how do they employ people still,he keeps the lingering spirits at bay,i mean i don't know what else you'd, do at a radio shack man the only,position at radioshack i guess would be,a social media guy which is already,filled by the 14 year old that's running,this,so i don't know how they're gonna have,multiple employees,or i guess whoever's running their,crypto,people are so quick to say twitter,accounts hacked when they try and do, like this this is this absolutely,screams corporate,absolutely oozes corporate,we can send you some merch,very,low hanging old style dunks,these nuts like,this this is definitely not like hacked,nothing corporate about this a hundred,percent,this is their attempt to be like wendy's,but for teenagers who can buy nfts,it's their appeal to a bit of an older,crowd but not too old,deal with it glasses give this away as,corporate pandering it's not ,rocket science if they were hacked it,would have absolutely devolved into,racism by now,like even when they're being edgy,they're being just calculated enough,edgy where it's not problematic,if they were hacked it would be way over,the line which it's not it's it's just,not rocket science it takes only,a minute like their most savage one,had in it but it's also just,directed as a quote tweet to coffeezilla,who could take something like that so,it's not problematic it's very clearly,like hey guys,we're young too cryptos nfts this one's,for you 18 to 24 year olds,it's it's it's not it's not like super,mysterious here,you spend too much time on twitter what,are you my mom i know,i know,it's embarrassing but i can't,help it,i don't know why it's a problem though,oh it's not hey i didn't say it was a,problem,there's nothing wrong with it,i don't like cryptos or nfts so i don't,really give a but yeah just,something to talk about just an,interesting topic is all,i'm not saying that it's like a big deal,it's like this is terrible how,could a corporation do this,just a little bit of cringe on maine,norm of the north twitter account is,still active and it's almost sad to see,the is norm of the north that,sounds so familiar,i've never seen these movies,18 how the do you make an animated,feature at 18 million wait a minute what,that's my home,so what the is this sequel because,they have four of these,was this straight to,the dvd,i can't believe how many they release of,this,why didn't we get one in 2021 or 2022,what the we need we need more norm,oh this is their lowest rated one yet,the family vacation what's going on,what happened,they're finally man this guy has,reviewed every norm of the north,i'm gonna have to check i'm gonna have,to check this movie out,from a writer of toy story,this was a very honest i've never seen,this from a writer of toy story,usually when they're trying

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How I Became CEO of Radioshack

How I Became CEO of Radioshack

guys i have something to admit i have,something to say i don't want to say it,it's some uh real guys i've been elected,ceo of radio shack,yeah i finally got my swag on it's my,swag is on hey also look at this shirt,eat that up,anyways you might be wondering how did i,become ceo's radio shack i'm now a,multi-millionaire let me get a,recreation after,ta-da,it was like give me your love with me,and then the radio shack was like rocket,right and,that,yeah that's really too that's probably,exactly like,let's get ready to,rumble my first degree as radio sexy yo,i will put oil on my ass and twerk no,this company is under new management my,first decree as new management barack,obama hello,obama is visiting every location for a,limited time,be sure to come in,radio emoji oh my gosh that's crazy,imagine you get radioed by radio you get,radio you get raise your radio by radio,radio shack,ratio shack did we change the whole club,revolution,ratio shack everybody get a ratio bio i,don't know he'll smoke weed,uh our banner let's see here,i do like this one boom that's ceo right,there that's crazy apply y'all smoke,weed ratio shack,uh our website, that's a real website by,the way here look i'm going to show it,to you wow,here's me making a deal with the ceo of,radio shack this is literally like in,the business merger while he was handing,me over the keys to radio shack this is,that's him finn wolfhard,all right let's see here there's,actually no problem way there is way,ratio i mean radio,can i copy this,radiates he's a radiant y'all play,league of legends,y'all still got locations yeah i'm in,your mom's bedroom lying in wait we,getting funky with reverb,obama,all right we gotta we gotta keep the the,people entertained we gotta give them a,meme something funny what the is,this random file on my computer didn't i,just have it you like you lose with the,best memes,yeah there we go,make better technology bruh just bro do,you have any idea radio what we're,working on here the importance if he had,any clue he has no idea,and tweet you fell off we fell oh, and my swag's on we need to,double down in this speaking of,which this shirt one week only to get it,you can get in whatever color you want,link in description please get it thank,you do that it's so cute that your,friends will all think you're so quirky,and funny for the inside meme it's funny,you know it's swag you put your swag on,like i just did now my swag is on it is,on all right we're gaining nothing,i'm ready all right type of punk music,do the cyber folks do something cool,y'all play league of legends hell yeah,blossom get out of here,just explosion,hell yeah,oh look at this no no no no ratio and,cpt theorem screenshot,and,block get the out of here yes i've,been on it a lot recently and that's,grounds for block go to jail yes i do i,enjoy playing recon ziya goodbye no you,ratio me what are you,thinking brother it's a wrap,it's a round boom you don't know wait is,there only one radio shack left yeah and,barack is there with michelle come now,broccoli obama yeah that's that's,exactly what i'm talking about that's,exactly it i have to agree with the,facts he's promoting his wiretap,equipment or kids killing drones both,fifty percent off only for a few seconds,go fast we gotta change our pin tweet,pin that me at radio shack headquarters,just chilling actually,what in the robotic at elon musk,i offer you entirety of radio shack all,of it for one million bull blocks usd do,you accept there you go what the ,what is a dream tommy in it george not,found who the father done dream smp,wilbur soot carl jacobs,y'all smoke weed,don't try me,we need to follow some people following,the most funniest or most horrendous,replies to this tweet go,my grandma gave birth to me do you have,the tape,that guy's funny we follow this guy why,can't jesus eat m eminem's they keep,falling through the holes in his hands,you say,the lord's name in vain,come starting out strong,so when do i get to eat you out can we,follow now circuit city banged your mom,who the is that radio shack more,like ratio,you look like ugly ass,we love trump tweet ha ha brock is,better in fact barack is here right now,at the only radio shack location left in,the bahamas i'm in the bahamas trump,where are you at cardboard box vacuum,man also,you can never top barack obama visiting,radio shack on 7 20 20 22. five public,radios destroyed get out of here and we,mute him,i just want batteries facts bro you're,saying what we're all thinking what's a,word to say i agree in solidarity uh,true,he wants batteries let's give him,batteries,get out of town,are you still alive please come back,circuit city no follow up no hail,they'll up no absolutely not keep,that,outdoors not even outdoors off this blue,ball called the atmosphere get get your,mcchicken and leave radio most tweeters,don't i don't give a ,no just respectfully you know you know,respect,just,what,we're clearly doing a great job here,with radio shack remember wh

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This Twitter Intern is Ridiculous

This Twitter Intern is Ridiculous

i love twitter so much man the era of,zoomer social media intern working for,big professional company has been upon,us for a while but i feel like it just,gets more unhinged as the days go on i,mean it started with wendy's clapping,back at people who roasted their buns,and now it's devolved into radio shack,making these nuts jokes to people on,main trying to be relevant on social,media as a company is hard and i think,honestly the best strategy is to hire,someone who's just gonna meme the,out of your twitter timeline in hopes to,farm some likes and retweets twitter's,always been kind of a wasteland for,content all these brands are getting,into absolute fire meme wars on the,timeline like triscuits and wheat thins,calling their followers crackers,although hassan got banned for the same,thing on twitch not too long ago it's,interesting to see what's going on but,there's one that kind of takes the cake,i came across it the other day when i,was late night scrolling on twitter,because i couldn't fall asleep who,thought radio shack would be relevant in,2022. radio shack seems to have,succumbed to the crypto nft bro side of,the internet and you know what f's in,the chat but their tweets are kind of,funny nonetheless so the one that caught,my eye right off the bat was uh if you,find a squirter,marry her turns out the radio shack in,turn might need a raise because the the,impressions they're farming on twitter,are absolutely insane they went from a,dead twitter page to trending i mean i,don't know if they were actually,trending they're doing well you know it,obviously took them a little bit to find,their groove because we have a lot of,deleted tweets it all starts around here,i think june 21st radio shack started,beef with coffeezilla who is a youtuber,who does kind of business videos ish,talks about crypto scams talks about,investment scams things like that talked,about the save the kids thing a lot when,faze was doing that coffeezilla tweets,the store i used to buy double a,batteries at is trying to start beef,while running a crypto scam 2022 is wild,for real and this is in response to a,deleted tweet from radio shack so maybe,it was a crypto scam who knows but radio,shack responds hi now that we finally,got your attention want to dm us we've,got some double a batteries for your,vibrator you see crying crying laughing,crying laughing crying radio shack,starts quote tweeting keemstar of all,people to try and get in on that,internet beef i haven't been keeping up,with what's actually going on with radio,shack apparently keemstar seems to think,tai lopez is running a crypto scam,through the radio shack name dear tai,lopez the crypto scam that you're,launching under radio shack is not gonna,work tie your tongue around these nuts,know me knowledge really trying to get,any beef that we can on the timeline,trying to pump the adrenaline of likes,and retweets right into radio shack's,veins i get it i completely do bigger,number equals better person i tweet,anything i can to farm some likes and,retweets it is what it is sometimes you,gotta be bold on the timeline hi at,mcdonald's can i order a cream pie it's,just absolutely out of pocket and i'm,kind of living for it but honestly after,figuring out that this might be a crypto,scam it's like yeah do we really want to,support radio shack even if they're,being ridiculous on maine hey kitkat can,you rebrand yourself to kit,whoever put radio shacks twitter in the,hands of a 32 year old who's never had a,conversation with a woman it was the,best business move that they could,possibly make what movie do i watch,tonight give me your number one two,girls one cup another banger from the,radioshack twitter it doesn't get any,better than this hi nasa can we take,uranus off the planet list it smells,kind of funny what a banger you know,maybe i lied maybe it's a middle,schooler running radio shack's twitter,the name radio shack is derived from me,shacking up with your mom and playing,the radio real loud so the neighbors,couldn't hear us playing full contact,rugby in bed old business plan politely,sell hdmi cords to customers new,business plans snapping necks and cash,in checks that's such a,fantastic business model i don't see one,thing wrong with it i had zero idea,radio shack was so savage lol might need,to find one in my area and say hello,pull up you looking like a radio snack,baby girl,it's kind of quirky it's kind of funny,it's just silly it's like you know,posting a little meme on on the timeline,we even got the cool epic sunglasses on,the radio shack logo you know it's it's,the perfect amount of unironically being,ironic that makes these tweets work,every account on the bird app is subject,to catching this mf smoke with the,exception of at hooters because i like,big titties it's that simple it's,absolutely beautiful the amount of time,effort and eloquence that goes into,radioshack's twitter right now it puts a,rotten taste in my mouth if this is,coming from an nft scam here's the

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Addressing The Radioshack Controversy...

Addressing The Radioshack Controversy...

hello guys and gals,i'm so excited for today ladies and,gentlemen yesterday i was having i was,spending time with the family doing some,really serious stuff but in between all,the seriousness i got into a fight with,a radio shack,god dude you know ladies and gentlemen,there's so much depressing stuff going,on in the world so i was so happy to,have some real positive like you know,just just something funny and goofy to,happen to me yesterday that i just,wanted to share it with you today now,for those of you who are like well,what's a radio shack now i'm gonna i'm,gonna teach you young and something back,in the before times before the days of,amazon and buying stuff over the,internet we used to actually go into,stores now radio shack places like,circuit city a lot of these like tech,places back in the day you know there,were stores that you jumped into you,bought cables you bought some batteries,you bought some that's pretty much,how things worked okay now you all got,amazon you click one page on the,internet and you're done okay back in,the day we had to drive down to these,stores now radio shack like most brick,and mortar retail places ended up dying,out because the internet exists okay it,is a sad fact and reality of life now,while i thought radio shack was sharing,the same dialysis machine that,blockbuster was we actually realized,that radioshack does in fact have an old,verified twitter account yes this is the,real radio shack coming in you with the,2015 mlg glasses thug life ready to go,now of course radio shack is a science,and technology company and if you open,up radio shack's own website you're,probably,it's a crypto oh of course it's to be,expected oh it's it's verified oh,like every single one of them wait let,me let me go back to the ac where's the,radio shack website,don't tell me oh no the website's here,oh looking for radio i'm not,looking for the crypto shack is back and,of course it's all crypto and you can,buy stuff like batteries for instance,what can you use the batteries for,ladies and gentlemen well my friend,coffeezilla actually got quipped at by,radio shack and he responded to them to,which radio shack gave him a great,example of what batteries are used for,hey now that we finally got your,attention want to dm us we've got some,double-a batteries for your bike,it just keeps getting better it's like,why dude it's just ages,you ,oh my god,the radio shack beef is real,i'll be real if i got hit like that on,the internet i'd take it i dude i'd,spread my cheeks and call it a day that,was,and they were responding because he,asked about double a batteries that was,good,oh man dude that that is that is enough,to make a boy happy now of course radio,shack's been dropping more bombs for,instance uh you know an author and,artist was like hey any last words,before we close the coffin radio shack,yes a tweet to which radio shack sent,dick rash as a response,quite cheeky indeed,for instance people called out on their,bankruptcy to which radio shack said,bankruptcy my ass dog now i didn't know,that there were that many stores on,radio shack that are open so i actually,remember they were shutting down like,thousands of stores and only had like a,very few amount up actually let's look,into that real quick let's do some fact,checking where's the store map where's,the store map on the website where is,this right here where where do i find it,not the affiliate program i ain't,jumping into the pyramid store locator,there you go oh hell yeah find stores,near me let's do a certified show all,stores just show all stores i don't want,to get doxxed so we got some stores up,in alaska all right but we got a lot in,the united states jesus christ wait let,me let me click on one of these radio,shack express okay so that's like a real,store i think,radio shack,ooh authorized wait a minute oh there's,there's a lot of authorized dealers i,see ooh okay now for those of you who,don't know i actually found a channel,known as antenna man go check him out,he's some solid dude who does uh antenna,related stuff actually found a real,radio shack and this is 2021 and,boy uh,things do not be looking that good if,this is a radio ,oh brick and mortar is gone,now of course even radio shack brings up,some of the oldest memes that i've ever,seen out of the oldest threads on the,old chan boards i just lost the game we,all did we all lost the game thank you,radio shack i really like how radio,shack shits on other crypto accounts uh,other crypto services if you will like,solana for instance where uh they said,definitely sounds like a solana user,which is a reddit post titled i am in a,relationship with my brother who,impregnated me,dude this is what i love about it okay,it's such a low stake like the fact,that a corporate twitter account can,just do this makes me laugh and giggle a,little bit now i even found it even,funnier when radio shack did the old,little racism to be honest where uh you,know once i called them out t

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Trolling a PC Company on Twitter

Trolling a PC Company on Twitter

i present to you the saga of why nzxt,blocked me on twitter,the master bait of their social media,team,well my computer has been taking a ,on itself lately,guess it's time to build the super,computer i always wanted,should i make a video now tsm can,you make me a pc instead i need one,i really need a better pc so i can,stream good bro i need a case and a hard,drive bay for this,any suggestions at nzxts xts 340 elite,we don't make it anymore so get this,instead give me it full,no thank you blue your loss retards,exactly,imagine if a computer freelancing,emoji yeah clearly i'm entitled to a,free pcm serious dude send me,shut the up sub tweeting lil bonky,bin says you'll come to her xbox and you,best walk out the front door with one,hand in the air and the other one up,your bum hole or i'll take you to the,bushes my brother,exactly exactly five thumb drives sold,in the last 24 hours,there's more to life than nzxt you know,but not much more,brigading on reddit i'm taking you to,the bushes at nzxt the floor is yours,now i am still beefing with you so money,circle,oh please sir stop asking for free,computing,at nzxt stop stop tweeting me broder,what we do these four i chance to win,that tp,if i had a dollar for how many times,nzxt cried about free pc tweets it had,twenty five dollars all to spend your,tax,refund now give me free pc what's,good you already know what it,is only reason why you're not blocked is,so we kind of keep soup tweeting you,translation,in my job contract i can't block anyone,who could promote our super cool purple,pc cases per page,ah twitter do your thing attend zxt and,bxt has officially brainwashed an army,of pretentious children,for a challenge on the count of three,pick a pokemon for each letter in your,name,trainers n jigglypuff said,jigglypuff x jiggly you are gay,just hit up at corsair nzxt replies to,everyone but corsair is actually bomb,smiley enough,don't worry he's blocked an awareness to,beg for his free computer elsewhere,nice also been using your cases since,i've started building pcs,they just lost one out of their three,valuable things,the other two being their son twitter,fan counts and their one good cooler l,m f a 0.000 unfortunate,maybe you need to go bother another,company till you find one that will drop,you a free pc your birth was a bother to,your mother's bank account,and that got no pc i tell you that,what the it's not like she was,gonna toss me out cuz i was draining her,money,your mother drained my and balls,jokes on you i have two dads,refer to my original tweet

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The Decline of RadioShack...What Happened?

The Decline of RadioShack...What Happened?

this video is 100% a result of your,requests the first time I saw the topic,it was mentioned in the comments and I,passed over it I figured I would cover,it down the line because there were,other topics I wanted to get to sooner,then the request kept coming in to a,degree where I figured there must be,some things I'm not aware of and there,must be a reason this is so heavily,requested so I decided to investigate,and I'll say right now it's shocking,that this decline didn't Mack them out,faster they're like a boxer that's just,been taking hits from the first round,and oddly enough they're still standing,but the knockout punch can't be far I,was quickly fascinated by their decline,and honestly this was the first time in,my life I'd ever had any interest in the,company known as RadioShack the company,was started all the way back in 1921 by,two brothers in Boston and as the name,implies they sold radio equipment it had,the same name as today but back then,RadioShack was two words today it,officially seems to be one word though,it's still written as to in a lot of,places like if I searched RadioShack and,Google their website result comes up as,two words in 1995 they changed their,logo from two words to one and I suppose,that led to the slight name alteration,of the entire company but it all started,in the early 20s and everything went,well for the next 40 years the company,expanded and built some large store,locations but by the early 1960s,RadioShack was already struggling they,were selling radios just fine but their,costs were outweighing their sales and,they just couldn't make the business,work properly so a man named Charles,Tandy who was strangely the owner of a,leather company bought RadioShack and,started making changes the biggest,change was probably switching to smaller,store locations the thinking behind this,is that they would see which products,they sell best and only sell them the,products that weren't selling as well,we're just taking up space without,bringing them much,benefit and it seemed to be effective,this along with many other changes save,the store and put them in a good,position once again also in the 1970s CB,radios became a big fad and not,surprisingly this was a good thing for,Radio Shack Charles Tandy passed away in,1978 but RadioShack was still owned by,the Tandy company at 10 in the 1990s the,decision was made to focus a little less,on radio and electronic parts and a,little more in popular electronic,products they went pretty heavily into,cell phone sales it was right around the,beginning of the 2000s when RadioShack,started to decline once again and they,never recovered from this one this,decline is the same one that they're,experiencing today which is what's so,shocking they've been on a steady,decline for over 15 years and somehow,still standing have you ever played a,game of Monopoly where it's clear you've,lost but you just refuse to let it end,the opponent has hotels all over the,board and all you have are a few houses,and the two cheap purple properties you,keep landing on bad spots and mortgaging,things to pay it off maybe you get a,good chance card or pass go and get $200,and that keeps you in a little bit,longer you make some crazy trades to pay,off some debts before you know it you've,been playing for half an hour and all,you've been doing is making little moves,just to stay alive you haven't done,anything that would help you come back,and win this is what RadioShack has been,doing they made deals with cell phone,companies set up kiosks and Target,rebranded themselves as the shack they,did so many different things over this,period but none of it was going to turn,things around all it did was benefit,them a little bit immediately but most,of it ended up hurting them in the long,term if you were trying to pinpoint a,year where things went really bad for,them I'd say 2012 is a good place this,is the year they went into negative,profits,72 million dollar profit in 2011 139,million dollar loss in 2012 and a 400,million dollar loss the year after,between then and now,everything spiraled out of control soon,after they were taken off,the New York Stock Exchange because,their stock price went really low less,than a dollar and they weren't trading,enough shares to meet the requirements,to be on the exchange their employees,tried suing them for promoting their,401ks that were tied up in RadioShack,stock the whole thing was a complete,mess here's something else that stands,out I showed you the negative profits,starting in 2012 well negative profits,means they're not making money to run,their business so they have to seek,money from elsewhere commonly alone they,were able to get a loan from a place,called Salas the 250 million dollar loan,but as a condition for this loan,RadioShack agreed that they wouldn't be,allowed to close more than 200 stores in,a single year without Salas approving,well when companies are losing money the,strategy is usually to identify the,stores that are losin

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Radio Shack Twitter vs. The World

Radio Shack Twitter vs. The World

radio shack has turned heel mike do you,know this yes let's i want to tell you,all about it man tell me about this so,radio shack uh the corporation radio,shack has been bought by a,cryptocurrency company which now says,radio radio coins,and uh now they have the official,the official radio shack twitter that,they have taken over,and they're just um,let me just like they're just dropping,crazy here's a here's a tweet from,a radio shack from uh the other day if,you slap someone in the comments,section but no one is there to see it,does it make a sound,um woke up feeling i woke up feeling,rough but i put a stripper's kid through,college last night we all good,what this is radio shy,so yeah right now now radioshack is a,cryptocurrency company,with a crazy twitter,um they have 320 tweets in the last hour,alone yeah,what are they doing,just don't look they just stole some,girls food at chipotle thanks katie,i feel like that is the future right,like if we think about,the dystopian,like uh,post-apocalyptic world in,in all cases where we are now at a point,where i believe,the bot farms will outlive us all and so,eventually every single twitter account,will just be taken over by a bot that is,like an ai that is mimicking the exact,approach that radio shack is taking,right now and they're just gonna be,shouting this gibberish at each,other 300 times an hour forever,it's crazy man like check out the radio,shack twitter it's just posting insane,tweets so yeah an hour ago they posted a,screenshot of their texts and they,someone text him like radio shack i just,found out my girl's been cheating on me,and it said damn bro amy 8 from michigan,yeah how did you know that and then,radio shack said lucky guess,like what kind of is it and then,it's got a picture of,the riddler from the batman said does he,know,what are they doing,this is real,yeah man radio that's it mike this is it,this is the future man she got voldemort,isn't this just,this is like an extension of the fast,food twitters right like the wendy's and,all like these these brands that hire,really young people really inexpensively,and just let them run their social media,accounts and tell them to drive as much,engagement as possible with that that's,what it's all about contextual rules,right,uh,this is just like the next step in that,man now it's just a bunch of crypto bros,on a fading failing economy,uh,trying to,radio shack some ,and they have uh,yeah the shack is back no go follow us,and they're over,they're creeping up at half a million,followers on twitter so it's there i,guess it's working it's just like if you,could buy the radio shack brand what,would you make it,oh,yeah i guess it would be something like,i don't know i just worried that like if,if my grandfather came back and be like,oh i'm working on the radio in the back,i need to go get some resistors you need,to go to radio shack and like no you,can't that's not what they do anymore i,don't know man i think of uh i think i,see a a huge team up a marvel level film,team up between cuba good and junior and,shaquille o'neal,and it's a buddy comedy,radio shack,is is cubic new junior playing rape the,character from radio i mean it would,have to be yeah it's a team up,so so basically radio and shaq are like,you know,they opened an electronics store,equals store and sell transistor radios,they open yes,in the 80s to great success,it's for families,shack you know cuba yeah,i i would probably try to make like i,would,i would make it a bar like a a casual,dining chain where you can charge your,phone,yeah yeah yeah,cover the walls and a bunch of like,antique ,equipment right and like it'd be like an,applebee's but it'd just be a bunch of,like electronic garbage on the walls,and you charge your phone there that's,it my phone's dead i need to go to radio,shack,a gizmo margarita and some ,uh,headphone fries

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