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Why contract extension wasn't enough to protect Kliff Kingsbury | Pro Football Talk | NFL on NBCthis


Updated on Jan 22,2023

Why contract extension wasn't enough to protect Kliff Kingsbury | Pro Football Talk | NFL on NBC

this was expected the only reason that I,didn't expect it I made this point,Sunday Night Football night in America,when we flagged the two jobs that,ultimately opened up yesterday because,every once in a while a blind squirrel,does chew on an acorn Cliff Kingsbury's,contract and I I kept hearing it,yesterday and everybody's caught up in,he's signed through 2027 he signed,through 2027 2027 is an option year but,it's still four years yes three four,five six four years that Michael Bidwell,is gonna have to pay this guy the net,between whatever he makes elsewhere and,what he would have made with the,Cardinals and there was a thought that,maybe Bidwell wouldn't do it well given,where the team currently is and he,thought about doing it last year instead,he did these contracts both for,Kingsbury and time and then signed Kyler,Murray and it's all been a mess and we,we heard what Bidwell had to say at the,top bottom line is he's holding everyone,accountable Steve Kime out Cliff,Kingsbury out he's gonna have to dig,deep to pay those guys and now Chris,what's he gonna have to do to get a good,coach yeah and a good team he's gonna,have to dig even deeper yeah yeah no I I,know Mike that was the big thing right I,think you and I we hit on it a lot over,the last few weeks we thought that there,would be a change made you didn't know,exactly what the guarantees were you,know and I think the thing that you know,I saw some of the stuff you were talking,about yesterday on TV too where you know,some people get uh you know mixed up or,don't quite understand just because you,have let's say a five-year contract for,20 million dollars just to make it a,round number that does not mean just,because you get fired after year one,right that you're gonna see the rest of,that money in full there's plenty of,coaches within the NFL where they're,making this money but if they get fired,it becomes lesser amount right Mike like,what hey I'm making 10 million a year,but if I got fired they're gonna have to,pay me a guarantee of six million a year,or five million a year right so that's,where we don't know the language of that,either and I would think that's where,the Cardinals protected themselves a,little bit here in this scenario in case,this scenario how happen they had to see,the writing on the wall we were talking,about it last offseason before the,extension and all that anyways just,about man the bad finishes by Cliff,Kingsbury how the team has looked you,know at the end of seasons and every,year he's coached there so I I don't,think we're shocked to see this happen,it's an offensive coach where the,offense was you know the the problem,with the football team and I I'm I,wasn't surprised to see Cliff Kingsbury,go yesterday,well as we've said time again it's a,college offensive that's right he was,tied to a system not the realities of,game planning and adjusting exactly,creating plays and coming up with new,wrinkles and thinking about the defense,you're going to face and trying to stay,a step ahead of them while they're,trying to crack the code on what you do,and shut it down because at the college,level it works because the great,offenses have Superior Talent right to,the defenses that they're facing and,they can come up to the line of,scrimmage and say Here's what we're,going to do go ahead and try to stop us,it's a different game at the NFL because,the talent is so compressed together and,as it relates to the contracts remember,when this all happened I just you know,it was the the pasta and meatballs just,kind of it's like there was a there was,a sense that things were going sideways,in Arizona right,and then all of a sudden all of a sudden,out of the blue common Kingsbury have,contract extensions through 2027 with no,further details announced or reported so,there was nothing for anyone to brag,about we don't know how much no that was,explaining right we don't know how much,of it's guaranteed we don't know how,much he's going to walk away with and,the other reality to it I don't know,that this is going to happen,but,NFL owners have the ultimate Hammer if,they want to use it,if they just want to fire you for cause,now look that can create issues when,you're trying to hire coaches in the,future but if they want,to say you're fired for cause because,you did X Y or Z that we may not know,about,where where does it get resolved not in,court,not in court it gets resolved by the guy,who's been hired by the owners right it,gets hot it gets resolved by Roger,Goodell they all sign off on that,provision in their contract that's,something that we're seeing Brian Flores,fight Jon Gruden fight the idea that,this secret rig Kangaroo Court you know,it's the off season when we start using,that term again but it's not going to be,used in a way that is unfair to the,coaches and that's the other Hammer so,for all we know for all we know Michael,Bidwell has negotiated or is negotiating,some sort of a resolution where these,guys take even less than what they we

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NFL playoffs: Which teams are the best bets to win the Super Bowl? | Pro Football Talk | NFL on NBC

NFL playoffs: Which teams are the best bets to win the Super Bowl? | Pro Football Talk | NFL on NBC

foreign,as the playoffs approach today's draft,the teams we would pick to win the Super,Bowl if we were selecting from the odds,listed below from the Chiefs at plus 325,all the way down to the Seahawks at plus,eight thousand eighty to one shot to win,it all look at the Vikings at 30 to 1. I,think that's probably a little higher,than it should be quite frankly all,right Chris let's do that we're gonna,work through all of them we're gonna go,this is gonna go the full all the way,through seven rounds up first all right,well I mean you're gonna go with the,chalk are you gonna are you gonna are,you gonna are you gonna go for Value,well I'm gonna go with chalk I mean I,mean again if you just want to win money,I mean again I'm not looking for the,best value or that but right off the bat,I mean you know if I just had a bet to,win the Super Bowl yeah I'm taking the,Kansas City Chiefs number one I I just,again they're just too special They,thrive in big moments you know they love,big plays big moments they're players,and I just still look at them as to be I,gotta see it to believe it so yeah if,you make me pick one team I'm picking,the Kansas City Chiefs,I would have taken the bills if you'd,give me the first pick okay because I,feel like the bills will not be denied,it made the point last week when when,Hank Gathers died during a basketball,conference tournament yeah and they made,it all the way to the final eight they,went farther than the talent was ever,going to take them with that inspiration,and obviously Demar handling is going to,be fine but I feel like that lifts them,even more they already were good enough,to win it all without that thrown on top,of it give me the bills yeah I uh I I,understand that I do,um I guess I'm again they're right up,there it's just I worry about a little,bit what we've always worried about uh,that that it's just it's it's a little,too Centric on the one guy a little just,like we saw a little last I mean again,the game was a great story the other day,but I do worry that they just rely on,him to make magic Josh Allen and that's,that's where I get a little scared for,him go ahead Chris maybe they'll work,nahim heims into the office now right 11,touches in nine games offensively maybe,though maybe they'll put them in space,and let him do what he did a couple of,times on Sunday yeah maybe he could be,another element or at least another guy,that they can you know create a few,little wrinkles for or whatever just to,change some looks on the offense I hear,you there all right well,the next one I'm uh I don't know who I,want to pick right here I have well I'm,I'm you know in between here I'm gonna,go with the Eagles I'll go with the,Eagles next I will I yeah I know I know,I I don't know if I necessarily believe,that for the 49ers right well I know you,would I just I don't know if I,necessarily believe it I thought about,taking him first I I get you I get you I,I guess the Eagles it's it's a little,bit of a weird feel because yeah the,injury to Jalen hurts they didn't finish,the season that strong uh it was a,little bit of a lackluster performance,in week 18 the other day against the,Giants backups right uh but they got,they jumped out to a 19 nothing lead and,kind of took their foot off the gas,pedal I still look at them as to be one,of the most you know Flawless teams in,the sport there's really no glaring area,of weakness there at all and uh yeah I'd,be I'd be shocked if they're not playing,on at least Championship Sunday,I just feel like with the Eagles that,that kid that's figured out how to ride,the bike and they're riding it really,well and everything's fine and all of a,sudden it's starting to walk yeah I got,you that's the way it's gone I know I I,just I feel like the wobble has,introduced itself to the Eagles I'm,scared about this at the worst possible,stage yes they're they're it's kind of,like they're hitting a slump just at the,moment where they need to be really,stepping up they may have peaked too,soon that's why I got 49ers I I think,the 49ers keep their key players healthy,I think they're going to win it all,Chris Berman predicted Bill's 49ers,every year from I believe 1990 through,1999 as the Super Bowl participants in,it never happened I have a feeling this,year it's going to be Bill's Niners I I,you know not crazy I picked Chiefs 49ers,before the year uh I think if you made,me pick right now I'd pick it to be that,again I guess what I looked at as far as,favor in this draft is yeah they gotta,win three games to get there it still is,a rookie quarterback uh that I guess I,worry about to a degree but I think if,if we were gonna have the conversation,for like,team that's playing the best right now,in football,it's it's it's the San Francisco 49ers,and in a lot of ways I think them you,know their defense getting torn apart by,the Raiders a few weeks ago was probably,a good thing kind of a refocus wake up,slapping the face moment of like hey,wait we got some things to clean up

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Packers need Aaron Rodgers fully engaged in offseason if he returns | Pro Football Talk | NFL on NBC

Packers need Aaron Rodgers fully engaged in offseason if he returns | Pro Football Talk | NFL on NBC

Aaron Rodgers the Enigma,for the NFL as we try to figure out what,he's going to do for 2023 just like we,figured out what he was going to do for,2021 and what he's gonna do for 2022. he,did say though he's not going to hold,the team hostage I think he makes a,decision,like last year Chris before the the new,league year begins in the middle of,March yeah yeah I mean I I think so too,again I I don't think he's trying that's,where I've heard a few people you know,lately like oh like Brett Favre you know,I know we've done this this is not like,Brett Favre it's not fair to do to Aaron,Rodgers listen there's there's a lot of,things we can be annoyed with and talk,about Aaron Rodgers it's not the same,this is again we got to remind everybody,Green Bay made this bed this is Green,Bay,they are the ones that drafted Jordan,love and started this whole charade here,right so that's where everybody's got to,remember that but nonetheless has he had,a little bit of a pain in the butt at,time sure of course and I don't know,where this is gonna go I'm I'm expecting,him to come back one more year I guess,that's what I feel here but you know I,think there's you know some the play was,not great this year,um I think you can question even his,attitude and Leadership to a degree a,little bit at least the way it looked,the Optics of it at times and,um yeah they gotta figure out where,they're going as a whole here as an,organization he's got to talk to,gutencus and leflore and they got to,figure out what their off-season plan of,attack is if he is going to come back,and all of those type of things um but I,don't think he's gonna like hold them,hostage or or Draw this out for a long,time,and to the extent that anyone out there,is saying wait a minute the Packers,drafted Aaron Rodgers in round one while,Brett Favre still had three years left,they drafted Rogers because Brian thank,you for cleaning was doing the annual,when am I gonna go when am I gonna stay,we better be prepared for this guy to,walk away because we don't know when,he's going to walk away right and then,after three years of Aaron Rodgers on,the bench they decided to to encourage,Farm to leave so they could pivot to the,guy that they had drafted Rogers had,settled along he wants to spend his,whole career exactly with Green Bay,wants to play into his 40s and spend his,whole career with Green Bay and then out,of the blue they draft Jordan love,that's what started this whole mess in,April of 2020 which has resonated now,for nearly three years here's Matt,leflore coach the Packers for Monday,talking about whether he has spoken to,Aaron Rodgers about his future,how much will you be communicating with,Aaron Rodgers these next few weeks and,Bob's on the hospital with that he might,have played his class in a package,uniform yeah I I really don't want to,get into,um in terms of that thought right now,until I sat down with him and had a,conversation so I talked to him briefly,after the game last night or we're going,to plan on getting together sometime,this week and sit down and,um you know just you guys talked to him,last night so you said that you want,Aaron back I'm just about any way you,look at it he had his least productive,season of his career he also turned 40,next year what have you seen to want him,back and inspired belief that that he,can't lead this team to where he want to,go yeah I think well I think there are a,lot of variables in play this year I,really do and um,sure are there some things that he could,have done better absolutely just like,there's some things that I know I could,have done better and,you can go right down the line to every,coach to every player and,um,you know there was there were a lot of,New pieces in there and it sometimes it,takes a little bit longer than others,and certainly we got to have some great,conversations in regards to where we go,with our scheme and and what it is we're,going to do,at one point during the season Peter,King and I squabbled over the question,of whether or not Aaron Rodgers should,have been there for the off-season,program and my relationship with Peter,is a lot like my relationship with you,we rarely argue that when we do,it it it uh it gets spirited yeah we had,a spirited conversation Peter and I did,on one Friday because Peter's like ah it,doesn't matter it doesn't matter it,doesn't matter and then as the Packers,bottomed out Peter came around and said,you know what you know what,if he comes back for 2023 the Packers,need to say to him we need you to be all,in we need you to be here we need you to,make the full and complete and total,commitment and I think that's the,message the Packers need to send to the,extent that Aaron Rodgers truly regards,it as a mutual decision and it isn't,because he holds all the cards 60,million dollars fully guaranteed for,next year all he's got to do is say I'll,be there and I don't have to come to the,off season program the voluntary portion,of it I can skip the mandatory mini camp,if

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Damar Hamlin's remarkable recovery reaches a new milestone | Pro Football Talk | NFL on NBC

Damar Hamlin's remarkable recovery reaches a new milestone | Pro Football Talk | NFL on NBC

heading home to Buffalo with a lot of,love on my heart watching the world come,together around me on Sunday it was,truly an amazing feeling the same love,you all have shown me is the same love,that I plan to put back into the world,and more bigger than football he is back,in Buffalo now he still needs look he's,got a long way to go just the idea that,he could leave the hospital a week after,see,health conditions happen to the rest of,us and it's a huge deal when it happens,to an elite finely tuned athlete,they tend to deal with a little bit,better than the rest of us they tend to,recover more quickly than the rest of,it's one of the benefits of not eating,potato chips it's one of the benefits of,regular exercise at a very high level,where you're pushing your body to,perform at maximum limits when something,happens to that person,that would otherwise happen to me that,person rebounds from it a lot faster and,it's just great it's great to see that,Demar Hamlin a week after,we didn't know whether he would live or,die,that he's out of the hospital and he's,back in Buffalo yeah it's amazing it's,it's it's uh it's just it makes me feel,so good especially after where we were,last week where it was just gloomy and,you felt like it was a double whammy and,it felt like a loved one had died that's,what it felt like man you know and uh a,a player in the NFL I an ex-player you,know we all watch football we all love,the game that was just it's just it's,been a great few days because of that,one I think we all needed football to,get back going to help the healing,process we needed Damar Hamlin to have,some success at the end of last week and,he did that and ever since then it seems,like hey we've gotten life somewhat here,back to normal as far as the football,world is concerned and uh it just it's,it's amazing how how quickly it's all,come together and the turnaround and the,love and support and all of it and I'm,just uh couldn't be happier to hear,Demar Hamlin back home and and feeling,better,and let me just say this now that we're,a week removed from it and everything is,pointing in a very positive direction,for tomorrow handling one of the things,that I have heard this week whether from,family members or whether from emails,I've gotten there's been some pushback,like why are you making such a big deal,about this people have jobs where they,get injured and they die all the time,what about the woman that got shot in a,classroom by a six-year-old last week,why isn't that as big of a deal well,here's why here's the easy answer folks,for anybody who's confused about why,this was a big deal for all these other,tragedies and they happen everywhere,they happen all the time it's a cruel,world with crazy stuff that goes down I,know but 25 million people were watching,what happened it was a collective trauma,that we all shared and experienced,surrounding the biggest sport in our,country 25 million people saw it happen,in real time 25 million people were,transfixed by the developments over the,course of the next hour that's why it's,a big deal these other tragedies that,happen throughout the country are tragic,and they're horrible and they're awful,but 25 million people don't witness them,that's why it resonated it's a shared,experience that we all felt it's a,shared trauma that we all endured and,Demar Hammond is the guy who just,happens to be at the focal point of it,yeah and it's it's all a shared love of,a game that we love to tune on tune in,and Escape some of the real life,realities and then yet that got thrown,in our face all at once in a moment of,the game where we went man this is,exciting and awesome so there was a lot,of things there yes it's it's uh we know,there's tragedies that go on and we're,sensitive that and we feel for that but,this was definitely different as far as,the big life aspect here and and again,the the attention to football and all,the that yeah so it Garners more,attention I get that it's the,entertainment business we don't expect,to turn on entertainment business and,see wait somebody might be dying here so,that's shocking to anybody that has to,see that you're not expecting that I'm,expecting to see lasers from burrow and,Josh Allen not somebody have to get CPR,to save their life on the football field,uh so that is a shocking moment for all,of us,um but but either way I just the way,this weekend played out how can you not,think of you know again Angels Karma God,football Gods whatever just the the way,that that shook out there in Buffalo the,K you know the kick returns uh some of,the magical moments there just truly,special and it makes you think there's a,a higher power out there that's for sure,and I'm just so happy that things are,continuing to go in the right direction,well first of all I don't need that to,make me think there's a higher power and,second there is a balance there to,strike because,science the fact that Demar Hamlin was,in peak in Supreme physical condition,that the quick speed w

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NFL, Dolphins can't afford to risk Tua Tagovailoa's health | Pro Football Talk | NFL on NBC

NFL, Dolphins can't afford to risk Tua Tagovailoa's health | Pro Football Talk | NFL on NBC

I'm pessimistic to a tank of all I was,going to play this weekend when the,Dolphins take on the Buffalo Bills,here's Mike McDaniel talking about the,question of whether or not his starting,quarterback has indeed been cleared to,play this weekend against Buffalo,has not been cleared for that level yet,I'm hoping to with uh all three active,roster quarterbacks,um they all have injury related,concerns I'm hoping to have some clarity,on Wednesday,but as of right now it's literally the,same,if not more vague than when I just saw,you guys last,saw most of you guys last again the,primary concern is that we lean on,medical professionals for this uh these,medical opinions and I don't want to,influence by over asking or trying to,micromanage what what the process is,when he's ready to when he's medically,cleared to practice he'll practice until,then I'm not doing anything,okay,to first point first point it may be,Mike Glennon this weekend let's not,gloss over that,McDaniel said he's got injury concerns,for all three quarterbacks on the roster,and Skylar Thompson got banged up,on Sunday against the Jets so there's a,chance no Tua no Teddy no Skyler hello,Mike Glennon the guy who's only on the,team because he's got the same first,name as the head coach I mean McDaniel,said that joking last week but that,that's an alarm if I'm a dolphins fan it,may not even be can the rookie beat the,bills it may be can Mike Lennon score I,don't know three points in Buffalo I I I,hope that's not the case I don't really,want to see that for playoff football,but it is something we got to be,prepared for uh I you know again I don't,know the extent of Kyle Schuyler,Thompson's injury he is Young you know,he did finish the game there the other,day right so I'm hopeful he can go Teddy,Bridgewater it's a finger issue which is,never good as far as a quarterback and,it's on his throwing hand but you know,hopefully he can maybe throw the ball,well enough to where he can play,um you know again they they have Teddy,Bridgewater out there you know I'm not,even I don't know if I'd you know pick,them to win the football game but I,think they can they can make things,interesting that's for sure I mean we,saw them beat Buffalo they went,toe-to-toe with them up in Buffalo just,a few weeks ago so they just they don't,need incredible quarterback play I think,they match up with them pretty well but,man this is,for a team that's been on a losing,streak barely got in you know dealing,with the concussion talk of two uh the,teddy injury I mean man they've been,dealing with a lot here and now they're,preparing to get into a a playoff,matchup against a team that's going to,be refocused and you know feeling good,and have a real week of practice uh yeah,they need to have some answers to this,quickly so they can get their their game,plan formulated the right way,well the scholar Thompson situation,caught my eye when he mentioned he's got,injury issues with all three,quarterbacks because Matt Casey in the,viewing room on Sunday made that point,with Scarlett Thompson even though he,came back maybe one of those things when,he wakes up Monday morning yeah,you know he's he's having issues he's,having trouble the adrenaline wears off,and maybe he is banged up and Chris look,I I don't have in front of me a list of,all the available quarterbacks out there,but it really is odd that Mike Glennon,would end up being a quarterback of that,team given the kind of offense that Mike,McDaniel runs I'd like to think no no,disrespect intended to Mike Glennon,specifically I'd like to think they have,a better option than Mike Glennon if it,comes down to it maybe they just don't,no I don't think they do that's that's I,think they're telling you that yeah he,doesn't fit their system but you know as,far as guys that have played and have a,little experience and are not going to,just totally crumble under the situation,you know those guys are limited out,there and that's where Mike Glennon,comes into play here you know they got,they gotta they can't just go oh wait,this guy's athletic and he fits our,offense more but he's never played,that's when you're just asking yourself,for a disaster so they can manage the,situation in the game with a little bit,of Mike Glennon they know he's going,know how to read defenses get into,certain plays and checks and if a guy's,open he'll hit him but yeah it's it's,not it's not a perfect scenario that's,for sure and you know again it's it's,where it's crazy we're talking about the,Dolphins the fall of this football team,and some of the issues over the last,month it's pretty incredible,how I'd call Drew Brees before I'd call,Mike Glennon at this point to come in,and save me for one game Run that,offense hand the ball off throw quick,passes I've I say that half jokingly but,also have seriously uh here's something,that that I firmly believe about Tua,I don't think he's getting cleared and I,think this is one that goes beyond the,protocol I just don't think that tha

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Could 'tension' be brewing between Bill Belichick and Robert Kraft? | Pro Football Talk | NFL on NBC

Could 'tension' be brewing between Bill Belichick and Robert Kraft? | Pro Football Talk | NFL on NBC

what I wonder is,does his opinions his conclusions his,beliefs as to what it takes to improve,the team mesh with whatever ownership,may be thinking because I suspect we're,moving toward a point where there could,be a disagreement between what the guy,who has created this mess thinks is the,best way to clean it up and the people,who have just watched the mess be,created they may have different ideas on,where the mop needs to go and what needs,to be cleaned up and how it needs to be,cleaned up and that's where even though,he said he's coming back,until we know that Belichick and,ownership are on the same page about,what needs to be done,I'm not 100 sure this is all going to,work out as smoothly as we assume well I,I certainly expect there to be some yeah,some real very candid conversations,behind the scenes between Mr craft and,and Bill Belichick and I think that's,what's made them great there I mean one,Belichick is the kind of guy that's,going to self-reflect and evaluate,everything he's done and what the,organization did football wise Mr Kraft,is one of those owners that we have,talked about where he's around his,presence is known he does not you know,stick his nose into things or get,involved into it to a point where you go,wait that's not your area he just got a,feel for the organization and the,overall look and things of that nature,so I I would expect there's going to be,you know some some conversations here,and and I'm sure Mr Kraft's not happy,right now he may be known a little bit,last year in the owners meeting right,saying he wasn't happy that they hadn't,won a playoff game in a few years and,the way this year looked and then I,think it's fair that this is a year,where you can certainly,blame some of the struggles on yes the,coaching decisions sure yeah Bill,Belichick the offensive coordinator,thing I mean that's directly on Bill,Belichick there's no doubt about that,let alone hey they they faltered in some,areas on the field this year that we're,not used to seeing they were up there,and the league leaders as penalties we,saw them mess up some big you know,moments in situational football that,were not accustomed to seeing so I'm,with you I expect them to be back but,I'm I'm with you in the fact that I I,wouldn't be shocked there's a little,tension there this off season between Mr,Kraft and Bill Belichick,you know you've heard for weeks and,others have talked about Bill O'Brien,coming back that would seem to be the,obvious solution here assuming ownership,is on board with it but they have to do,something to make the offense better and,the other thing that was significant,from what Belichick said yesterday he,was asked about Mac Jones being the,starting quarterback for 2023 miles,Simmons and I addressed this yesterday,right after it happened he didn't say,yes and and you know anytime there's any,equivocation with the starting,quarterback the New England Patriots I,think what would Bill have said if he'd,been asked the same question about Tom,Brady in his prime and that's what you,compare it to he would have rolled his,eyes and said next question he wouldn't,have even dignified it with a response,for him to not make it clear that Mac is,their guy tells me they're thinking,about what to do next and there's been,tension there all year there have been,issues behind the scenes all your Mac,has been pissed about the change from,Josh McDaniels to a couple of guys who,weren't offensive coaches that much less,offensive genius definitely and then you,throw in the Bailey zappy thing right,and he was pissed and at the end of the,year what do we see temper tantrums,every week and I don't care what Bill,Belichick says or doesn't say about the,dirty play against Eli Apple that was a,dirty ass play by Mac Jones and somebody,in that organization may have seen that,and been turned off to Mac Jones as a,member of that team going forward,they're not going to come out and say it,they'll just move on at the right time,they'll trade into Josh McDaniels at the,appropriate moment there's no reason to,trash the guy on his way out the door,but it sure seems like he's going to be,on his way out the door it does seem,like it's a possibility shockingly,enough and I mean I'm with you and that,I do think that was a dirty play I don't,think that's the part in the fact that's,gonna you know change the Outlook of him,overall I do think what you said,originally but it could be it can be,that to be the last straw tiebreaker if,you're already thinking about it right,exactly yeah I hear you there I hear you,there I do think everything you laid out,as a is an issue and it seems like it's,an issue and it seems like it's almost a,little,you know again I don't know if it is it,just seems like it is almost a little,personal as far as what's gone on there,you explained it the right way Mac Jones,wasn't happy he was telling people he,wasn't happy he was calling people about,hey can you help us with ideas and do,stuff like that right from my,und

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Are the Cardinals a perfect landing spot for Sean Payton's return? | Pro Football Talk | NFL on NBC

Are the Cardinals a perfect landing spot for Sean Payton's return? | Pro Football Talk | NFL on NBC

who are the Cardinals going to pursue,we don't know who's going to want that,job we don't know I will say this though,Saturday when the news came out that,Sean Payton and the Broncos have mutual,interest and the Broncos are going to,interview him,made a phone call or two and was told,that the Saints fully expect to hear,from the Cardinals and that was when we,were not quite sure what Michael Bidwell,was going to do at least publicly we,weren't sure what he was going to do the,Saints as of Saturday night had an,anticipation they were going to hear,from the Cardinals about talking to Sean,Payton make sense so that gets,interesting that gets interesting and,that's the guy that's the guy that we're,talking about take Kyler Murray right,that and and and you know because he's,the guy who will take,supremely talented athlete and craft,an offense one week at a time one game,at a time whatever plays he'll have the,Playbook available but he'll pick,based upon what he will expect to be,facing defensively the plays that will,work and he'll come up with new ones the,day of the game walk through in the,ballroom at the hotel he'll come up with,a new play and install it then that's,why you got to have the commitment you,got to keep up with Sean Payton if Kyler,Murray doesn't make the commitment he's,never going to keep up with Sean Payton,but it'll be very interesting if they,get into that mix and Chris your buddy,Jim Harbaugh it fascinates me just that,he would be back potentially in the NFC,West seriously facing Pete Carroll and,the Seahawks facing the 49ers twice a,year but it all comes down to how much,power,and Authority Michael Bidwell is willing,to hand,to his coach slash GM and he said,yesterday ideally hired the GM first,then the coach but not necessarily and,that gives us a good sense of what that,model is going to be is it the coach and,the GM beneath the coach setting the,table or is it the GM you know the the,Giants model the way it was for years,the GM is fully in charge and the coach,works for him is it,equal that that's part of what Bidwell,has to figure out a lot of it depends,upon who he wants and what that person,is going to require by way of head coach,yeah well I think that's you know that's,a whole nother conversation when you,talk about you know Sean Payton and Jim,Harbaugh and yeah you're gonna have to,figure out who they're gonna be,comfortable with and that that's going,to be you know a team collaborative type,of thing there as well uh because you,know like you've talked about you don't,want to throw those two guys with just,anybody uh they're powerful people as,far as personalities are concerned Sean,Payton I would think is going to want,some say in roster moves and stuff like,that as well so those are the things,that have to be ironed out and then go,of course to your point too those are,two coaches that Michael Bidwell,certainly is not going to have a lot of,say with you know not that they can't be,diplomatic and hear what he has to say,but you know those are the sheriffs,there they're they're gonna call the,shots but but I you know again I think,with you know some bit of a young team a,Young quarterback that's swear I kind of,lean too as far as you know that type of,guy a guy that's you know again like,we've talked about with Denver that's,been there done that understands good,culture and to bring that you know in,the right place you know just the last,few years it was fun you know but it had,a little bit of a feel of the Wild Wild,West to it and you know the first year,we saw a play is great second year oh,great there was some improvement but we,fell apart towards the end of the year,and then there was that you know third,year I gotta prove ourselves that we're,really worth it and they made a push but,then they fell apart at the end of the,year and it just never turned back,around and,um you know hopefully they can be a,little more consistent as far as a team,with their next head coach,one last point before we move on to,because the question will come up as,Payton is linked to the Broncos what,about the quarterback situation there,Peyton if he gets linked to the,Cardinals what about the quarterback,situation there long term you've got a,quarterback with a torn ACL you don't,know when he's going to be back who's,going to take over in the interim Peyton,made it clear when he talked about it on,Fox on Sunday morning and this is,something I believe Jim Harbaugh also,accepts ownership and front office are,the key a good coach will work with,anything else yeah Peyton made the point,of saying now it was it was his,opportunity to say I think Russell,Wilson's perfectly fine and I would love,to to coach him he didn't he said hey,when we went to New Orleans we didn't,have a quarterback,you know they try to get Tony Romo yeah,when Sean Payton went to New Orleans in,2006 before anybody knew who Romo was,Peyton did because he was with the,Cowboys he tried to get Romo Parcells,told him go to hell and he got

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The Lions' SNF win could mark 'changing of the guard' in NFC North | Pro Football Talk | NFL on NBC

The Lions' SNF win could mark 'changing of the guard' in NFC North | Pro Football Talk | NFL on NBC

we will start as we often do with Sunday,Night Football we're not going to give,short shrift to Detroit Lions you know,miles I thought of this this morning,the one thing about college football,that that I like and there isn't much,about college football that I like,anymore because I feel like the players,should get a paycheck for every game,that they play just like professional,players do because of the amount of,money that they generate for the sport,and it's I'm not going to get up on my,soapbox my point is,I've I've become disillusioned with,college football the more and more I see,all the money all the revenue and the,players,yeah at least they get something now but,not what they should my point is this at,the end of a college football season,there are,multiple teams that are happy,because they went to a bowl game and,they won it and it doesn't matter if,they didn't win the championship and it,doesn't matter if they don't finish in,the top ten they had a good enough,season they went to a bowl game and they,won it and I thought of that because in,the NFL that's not the case there's only,one team that's happy about winning its,final game of the season the Super Bowl,champion that said,the Detroit Lions won a bowl game last,night,and you know all the talk lives and,there was all the hand ringing and the,gnashing of teeth by the Seahawks all,the games not being played at the same,time the Lions the lions are going to,have the same motivation and and I was,on radio on KJR last week and I tried to,tell them look there's two very,important things about this number one,they'll at least know when the game,starts where they stand because if you,play the game at the same time they're,going to be watching the scoreboard now,that game yesterday was close and I,thought it was going to be but if the,Seahawks were destroying the Rams and,the Lions figured out at halftime you go,into the game thinking you have a chance,at halftime you don't that's too,complicated for a football player or,anybody like me that thinks in very,linear fashion I want to know what my,marching orders are the Lions knew their,marching orders and their marching,orders was go out and stomp the Packers,and keep them out of the playoffs okay,we no longer can get in fun we know what,we're here to do we're in the last game,of the regular season that's a big spot,for any team especially the Detroit,Lions downtrodden,by their own mismanagement and,ineptitude for 60 years but regardless,downtrodden rising up they qualify for,the final game of the season and they go,out there and they knock Aaron Rodgers,and the despised Green Bay Packers from,the perspective of lions fans out of the,playoffs when the Lions historically,have not been able to win at Lambeau,Field it was amazing to see what the,Lions did last night in that spot,knowing that there's no reward Beyond,last night other than satisfaction for a,job well done,well that was the thing that I was,thinking about the entire week with Dan,Campbell is that it's a pretty big,coaching job right how do you,necessarily motivate your team when,there's no playoffs potentially on the,line and basically the marching orders,were well if we're not going to the,dance neither are you and for whatever,reason that totally galvanized the,Detroit Lions and they felt like they,had a spotlight game they were able to,go in there and show what it was that,they could do who it is that they are,you know Dan Campbell's saying after the,game that these aren't your same old,Detroit Lions man I feel like that's,true because they were aggressive you,know they had nothing to lose and they,played like it and it was just one of,those games where you know what it may,effectively be a sort of Changing of the,Guard in the NFC North even though yeah,I know the Vikings happened to win that,Division and they're going to be playing,the Giants next week but if you look at,where the Detroit Lions are what they,have in terms of drought Capital because,of what the Los Angeles Rams did this,year this is obviously a team that is,ascending and they've got some really,good vibes heading into the off season,yeah they finished the year nine and,eight after starting one and six barely,missing the Playoffs vaulting the,Seahawks into the seventh seed knocking,out the Packers in the process the Lions,finish winning eight of their final 10,games and Hey look,the losses early in a year,they're not indicative of who a team is,going to be but those losses can keep,you from achieving your ultimate goals,and in the Lion's case it was one loss,too many and no playoffs for them but,they have nothing to be ashamed of and,they do have a team that feels like it,is ascending and Jared Goff who when,they traded for him,two years ago this month,it felt like a short-term,will tolerate this guy's salary we're,doing it for the extra first round draft,pick we got two ones and a three for the,Stafford golf flip-flop and now golf,based on two seasons and particularly,this s

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