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BREAKING: White House UNLEASHES epic Twitter thread exposing Republican Hypocritesthis is ben micell


Updated on Jan 16,2023

BREAKING: White House UNLEASHES epic Twitter thread exposing Republican Hypocrites

this is ben micellas from the midas,touch network the white house digital,and social media team just did an epic,tweet thread that i have to read for you,just totally humiliating and,embarrassing the radical right,extremists like marjorie taylor green,and the other radical right extremist,republicans who have been going on their,radical extreme media or writing their,own tweets whining about how biden's,plan would forgive debt of individuals,making less than one hundred and twenty,five thousand dollars would forgive ten,thousand dollars of their student loan,debt so people like marjorie taylor,green have been going on tv and saying,oh it's completely unfair for the,government just to say okay your debt is,completely forgiven but first these,radical right republicans routinely,forgive the debt of billions and,billions and billions of dollars of,billionaires and corporations run by,billionaires that's who they focus on,helping not,average working class americans like,biden's plan but guess what,it gets deeper,these radical right republicans all took,out ppp loans themselves to the tune of,hundreds of thousands and in some cases,millions of dollars that the government,forgave,they had the government forgive their,own debt for millions of dollars and,they're out here complaining about,forgiving ten thousand dollars of,student loan debts for people making,less than 125 000 so in the first tweet,the white house focuses on marjorie,taylor green and they quote tweet a,video of marjorie taylor green going on,a radical right extremist network saying,oh it's just completely unfair for our,government to say okay your debt's,completely forgiven play this clip but,for for our government just to say you,know okay well your debt is completely,forgiven obviously they have an agenda,for that they need votes in november so,the timing is a pure coincidence there,as well but it's completely unfair and,taxpayers all over the country taxpayers,that never took out a student loan,taxpayers that pay their bills and and,and you know maybe even never went to,college or just hard-working people they,shouldn't have to pay off the great big,student loan debt for for some college,student that piled up massive debt going,to some ivy league school that's not,fair yeah the white house points out,congresswoman marjorie taylor green had,183,504 dollars in ppp loans forgiven next,the white house talks about radical,republican congressman vern buchanan and,this is what vern buchanan's tweet was,as a blue-collar kid who worked his way,through college i know firsthand the,sacrifices people make to receive an,education biden's reckless unilateral,student loan giveaway is unfair to the,87 percent of americans now this is what,the white house says congressman vern,buchanan had over 2.3,million dollars,million dollars in ppp loans forgiven,next the white house focuses on a tweet,by mark wayne mullen mark wayne mullen,goes we do not need farmers and ranchers,and small business owners and teachers,in oklahoma paying the debts of ivy,league lawyers and doctors across the,united states which is a false,representation of what,biden's plan is but the white house,points out congresswoman mark wayne,mullen had over 1.4,million dollars in ppp loans forgiven,really,really next they focus on kevin harn,kevin haarn tweets to recap in the last,two weeks the party of the people has,supercharged the irs to go after,working-class americans that's been,totally false and totally debunked but,that's their,big boogeyman that they try to do so,that these billionaires don't get,audited and they can become tax cheats,but that's what they say then he goes,it's entirely and totally unfair well,guess what the white house points out,congressman kevin hearn had over 1,million dollars in ppp loans forgiven,and the white house continues mike kelly,987 000 in ppp loans forgiven,congressman matt gates 482 321 in pp,forgiven really all of you are,complaining that people who,truly are,deserving,of having the amount of loans forgiven,that the biden plan encompasses you,radical right extremists are criticizing,biden when you're out there taking out,millions of dollars in ppp loans,while you're members of congress,while you are members and getting that,forgiven it's unbelievable it's beyond,hypocritical but we should expect,nothing less from the radical right,republicans they don't really have any,philosophy other than their extremism,other than what their dear leader cult,leader donald trump tells them and,you know just beyond hypocritical this,has been myself from the minus touch,network hit the subscribe button right,here great job to the white great job,for the white house team hit the,subscribe button this november is,rovember midas touch just released its,brand new collection of road member,t-shirts and pins to let the country,know what's at stake this upcoming,midterm election go to, to grab yours,that's

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well it finally happened Twitter has,censored Trump and this is just the,beginning I'm afraid,stay with me folks and we'll talk about,it in a minute,hey everybody this is Deb with truth,vacation Chronicles and we're gonna,start with a few political articles just,to kind of set the stage for you know,what's coming so let's start with this,one the general election scenario that,Democrats are dreading what do you think,it is well the sad thing is when you,read through this what they're dreading,is that our economy will recover oh you,got to be frustrated at people like this,that really wish to see our country fail,because they hate our president so much,just boggles my mind you can see the,line under the title it says we are,about to see the best economic data,we've seen in the history of this,country says a top former economic,adviser to Obama that's a bad thing,that's what they're dreading because,they know they can't fight Trump on the,economy because he's doing great,and a lot of them are starting to say,this and I don't know somewhere along,the line Politico has this like,fascination with Harvard because it,seems like every article the only,authorities that they're quoting are,people from Harvard and that they make a,point of saying this Harvard person and,yeah so I think they have this love,affair going on with Harvard kind of,interesting on that but anyway so yeah,this is Jason Furman a top economist in,the Obama administration and now a,professor at Harvard well so was the guy,that got arrested for taking money from,China was speaking via zoom to a large,bipartisan group of top officials from,both parties the economy had just been,shut down unemployment was spiking in,some policymakers were predicting an era,worse than the Great Depression the,economic carnage seemed likely to doom,President Donald Trump's chances at,re-election Furman tapped to give the,opening presentation looked into a,screen of poorly lit boxes of frightened,wonks and made a startling claim we are,about to see the best economic data,we've seen in the history of this,country and I think he's right actually,I,think things are going to start taking,off obviously there are going to be some,companies some businesses especially,small ones that have gone under there's,some bigger ones that are going under,too because you know you can't be shut,for two months and not have it affect,your business so that is a problem but,this was kind of an artificial shutdown,so I do foresee people getting back into,their jobs and I don't know what it's,like where you live but we've opened up,pretty much I'm not completely but,almost all and really things are,starting to buzz I mean people you can,just see people are getting back to of a,type of normal there's still some,oddities left out there and again it's,going to get better as it goes you know,more will be opening up but you know I,can tell from people getting out there,and doing things and just being glad to,be outside everybody you talk to that's,how they're feeling anyway I wanted to,show you this Furman's counterintuitive,pitch has caused some Democrats,especially Obama alumni around,Washington to panic this is my big worry,set a former Obama White House official,who is still close to the former,president asked about the level of,concern among top party officials he,said it's high high high high high well,why is this a big worry our economy is,gonna recover oh my goodness that's a,worry,well it's worried for them because,that's going to lose them the election,and they're pretty sure that if that,happens that's what's going to be so,they're not real happy with this Furman,guy I just thought it was kind of a,funny article there because oh the,Democrats are so worried and then you,know Politico just interesting when you,go there and see some of the articles,they put up by the way a couple of these,that one and another one I'm going to,show you later,we're a couple that Rush Limbaugh talked,about on his show today and that's where,I kind of thought yeah let's go see what,politico's got to say Trump ordered,States to,open churches can he do that well of,course in this article they say oh no he,can't do that he can't overstep the,bounds he can't tell States what to do,no can't do that of course you know,Obama signed that whole dreamer thing,that was telling States what to do,wasn't it yeah Obama did a lot of stuff,and told States what to do but hey,nobody seemed to have a problem with it,then right,but with this they're saying no Trump,can't,however he has taken an oath to uphold,the Constitution and he is pretty much,the top law enforcement officer in our,country I mean that's what the executive,branch does it sees that the laws that,Congress makes are upheld and our,Constitution is upheld and when these,different regulations are put out and,they contradict our Constitution then,yeah I think he does have a power that,he can start addressing that and so of,course you know political likes to make,him loo

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CJ Pearson's POTUS Twitter screen shot: Photoshopped?

CJ Pearson's POTUS Twitter screen shot: Photoshopped?

as I'm sure most of you have heard in,the news recently uh well maybe you have,maybe haven't this kid CJ Pearson,conservative teenager who posted a video,pretty much berating the President on,the clock Muslim situation that the,exact name of that other student eludes,me at the moment but I'm sure you've,heard about the story and now all of a,sudden he's claiming that the president,or somebody on the president's staff has,blocked him from viewing the Twitter,account and the White House is of course,saying that they never block anybody,which I don't understand why the White,House would block anybody but that's,besides the point the point I'm trying,to make right now is that I think that,CJ or somebody working with CJ has,performed a little photoshop magic here,with this screenshot that he shared now,I have not altered this screenshot in,any way you can go on to his his,facebook account his Twitter account you,can download the screenshot for yourself,and compare it I have not altered this,in any way that what else I've done is I,went online and I found for other,screenshots that are of the same format,of his of other people who have posted,screenshots of them being blocked from,other accounts and I did that because,again this looked a little suspect to me,so let me take the first block that I,found and overlay it on top of CJ's and,you notice an immediate difference now,first I've lined up the letters here in,the sentence you are blocked from but,notice the gear it's moved up as has the,name and the the twitter handle has,moved up as well I'll add the second one,that I found you'll notice that it lines,up with the previous one the gears in,the same spot the name the twitter,handle the letters it all lines up on,the third one the gear lines up the name,lines up the twitter handle lines up and,on the fourth one the gear lines up name,lines up twitter handle lines up all the,letters are,right now and I haven't altered these,ones in any way at all either you can,search online for them yourself and find,them in fact if I can I may even post,the PSD file and you can download this,for yourself and check it out on your,own if I can if I can do that but just,look at the difference between the POTUS,screenshot and the rest of them,something just it just doesn't line up,for some reason now I'll also take this,even a step further if you notice the,POTUS tweet this POTUS screenshot you'll,see that the learn more link for some,reason is down here at the bottom when,there's still all this extra room left,now when we look at the other ones,you'll see that it goes all the way to,the gear on every one of these it goes,all the way out to the gear and then,creates a new line whereas on the POTUS,one you can see that it stops here and,moves the link down to the bottom for,some unknown reason now let's go even a,step further let's zoom in take a look,at the Y perfectly aligned with the l,now let me overlay one of the blocks,that I found you'll notice that the L,does not line up with the Y and let me,find the other one ah another one this L,does not line up with the Y and take,down to the color to look at the look at,the color on the the POTUS link it's a,very darkish greenish blue whereas these,ones are very bright blue now I don't,know if perhaps I know that when you,click on a hyperlink the the link will,change color I mean that's entirely,possible but there is a huge color,difference,between the potus one and the other ones,that I found online so when you compare,all the information together it just,seems to me that this was photoshopped,what do you think

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Classified Files Found in Biden's Former Office, Trump Calls for FBI to Raid White House

Classified Files Found in Biden's Former Office, Trump Calls for FBI to Raid White House

Welcome, welcome, welcome to "The Tonight Show," everybody., You're here.,It seems like there's so much going on right now.,Prince Harry's new book came out today.,The horror movie "M3GAN" is a hit at the box office.,Tonight's Mega Millions jackpot was over $1.1 billion.,And Papa John's just unveiled,these new doughy snack balls called Papa Bites.,There's a lot to go over, so let's just jump in,and cover it all at once. It's time for a "News Smash.",♪♪,First up, Prince Harry.,Today, his new book called "SPARE" hit shelves,,and it's full of details about his life, his relationships,,and his exit from the royal family.,Long story short, everything changed when he married...,"M3GAN.",The --,The horror movie is doing great at the box office,,bringing in over $30 million.,It's made so much money,,the producers feel like they won...,the lottery.,Tonight's Mega Millions jackpot,was one of the biggest of all time, over $1.1 billion.,Wow. That's a lot of...,dough.,Papa John's uses it to make their new snack,called Papa Bites,,but don't eat too many -- you only have one heart.,You don't have a..."SPARE.",The book talks about how Harry didn't get along,with his brother, his stepmother, or his...,Papa.,Seriously, don't overdo it on those little bites.,They're so high in calories, they could....,kill you.,"M3GAN" is a terrifying doll, kinda like Annabelle,or even Chucky, the...,redhead.,Harry didn't have just one reason to leave England.,It was more like...a billion.,And that's -- that's enough money to live like a...,prince.,Harry is speaking out against his powerful family.,And you've got to admit, that takes...,balls.,These treats might be too much for some people,,but stoners are looking at them like...,jackpot!,In conclusion...,so much to tell...,Will it sell?,What's that smell?,Run like hell.,This has been a "News Smash.",♪♪,Oh, my goodness.,Thank you, everybody. Everyone is talking about this.,President Biden's lawyers,were cleaning out one of his old offices,from before he was president.,And you're not gonna believe this,,but they found that Biden had 10 classified documents.,The documents found were from Biden's time as vice president.,Today, Obama was like, "Nothing to worry about.,If Joe had access, it wasn't important.,Don't worry about it.",Yep, Biden was shocked and said,he had no idea how the documents got there.,Then Hunter Biden was like, "Okay, so don't get mad...",Of course, former President Trump,wasted no time weighing in.,He got on his social-media platform and posted,,"When is the FBI going to raid the many homes of Joe Biden,,perhaps even the White House?",Good point.,It -- It would be suspicious if classified documents,were found at the White House.,Speaking of the White House, the Biden administration,is considering a nationwide ban on gas stoves,,which has been linked to health problems.,Today, Americans were like,,"Better play it safe and order a Baconator from Door Dash.",Yep, gas stoves could be banned soon.,The best way to heat something up will be to open three apps,on your iPhone at once then use it as a hot plate.,Tssss! Get that sear you want.,That's right -- gas stoves are a problem,,but somehow deep-frying a turkey is still perfectly legal.,I don't know. And on your back porch, no less.,Guys, the horror movie "M3GAN",is the biggest new movie out in theaters.,In fact, it's such a huge hit,,they're already working on a sequel.,Yeah. Take a look at the trailer I just saw.,-The surprise hit of the year is "M3GAN.",And coming next year, be sure to catch the heart-stopping sequel,,"M2GAN" -- or "M3GAN 2.",Or is it "M23GAN"?,"M32-GAN." "M2G3N." "2GM3N.",Eh, screw it! Go see "Murder Doll 2.",COM1N9...,Oh, come on!,-Interesting.,Well, switching gears, I read that Babies "R" Us,,which went out of business in 2018,,is opening a new flagship mall store,,which is crazy, because the mall,didn't even know it was expecting a Babies "R" Us.,Classic story.,You think your family is done having Babies "R" Us,,and then a few years later, you're ready to try for more.,Well, listen to this. A new study found that,eating healthier can increase your chances of living longer.,That's not all they figured out, though.,Check out some of these other new scientific findings.,First up, fire hot.,Next, if you stay underwater for too long, you could "drown.",And, finally...,Meanwhile, I saw a new study that said noise from a ship,can disrupt crabs while they're trying to mate.,Or, as crabs call it, getting yacht blocked.,Apparently, all sea life is knocking on the bottom of boats,like, "Hey, we're trying to make caviar here!",Yeah, it's things like this that can make a sea creature's,sex life flounder, you know?,-More? -One more.,-Okay. One more.,-Of course, when crabs do mate, the most embarrassing part is,the next day when they have to do the sideways walk of shame.,That's it. Come on. I had to do that one.,-Come on.,-That's never... -No, yeah.,-Get this.,In London, for the first time since the pandemic,,dozens of

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How the White House has responded to Biden documents controversy

How the White House has responded to Biden documents controversy

joining us now for more is CBS News,chief White House correspondent Nancy,Cordes Nancy you heard what Congressman,Isa had to say uh what is the White,House saying in response,well what they're saying uh via the,White House council's office is that as,soon as these classified documents were,discovered,that the effort to pack up this office,stopped immediately that the National,Archives were alerted after the White,House counsel's Office was alerted and,that they essentially did the right,thing in their view which was to let the,National Archives know that these,classified documents somewhere in the,realm of about 10 documents or so were,there they probably weren't supposed to,be there and then the national archives,in turn went ahead and alerted the,justice department so the White House,council's office is essentially arguing,that they that they did this by the book,now there are still obviously many,questions that we've asked the White,House that we haven't gotten an answer,to including,um uh what was what what did these,documents show what was their,classification are we talking about out,confidential documents are we talking,about top secret,what did these documents pertain to,essentially how radioactive is this and,then beyond that why is the public only,finding out about it now a couple of,months after it happened yeah and all of,that Nancy seems to suggest the,president has a problem on his hands now,President Biden's on record saying that,the presence of materials marked,classified at Mar-A-Lago were quote,irresponsible that was a main Narrative,of Democrats in general at the end of,last summer and you just heard Daryl Isa,there say we need to investigate this we,need to look into it,um and you you pose some unanswered,questions that we still have at CBS news,right now how will this or might this,hurt President Biden as he considers his,second term well there's the political,issue and then there's the justice,department issue and let's separate,those for a second I mean first of all I,think there's no question uh based,especially on what you heard there from,Daryl Isa and what we've heard from uh,members of the House oversight committee,that this is going to be something that,they're going to want to investigate,themselves they're going to want to find,out more they're going to want to keep,this in the spotlight especially because,they've had so many questions about the,way that the uh that the Trump,classified documents have been handled,when it comes to any potential justice,department or legal problem for the,president of the United States I think,we just have to wait and see it is not,in and of itself a crime or,you know something that would would draw,a lengthy criminal investigation,when you have possession of classified,documents outside of a designated,government area it's against the a,statute but as we saw in the case of,Hillary Clinton for example who ended up,having classified documents in thousands,of emails that that she had kept after,her time as Secretary of State on her,private server at the end of the day,what the FBI determined was that it was,really sloppiness that was to blame and,that there wasn't some kind of,intentional desire to hold on to secret,information so that's a very important,distinction in this case I think you,can't argue that it appears that the,documents were turned over as soon as,they were discovered so the question is,going to be what happened in the Years,between the time that they were moved,from then Vice President Biden's office,at the White House to the Penn Biden,Center and again what was in those,documents yeah still a lot of questions,I imagine that's going to be a major,Focus as you anchor red and blue today,tell us what all you have cooking that's,right so we will be talking about all of,that we'll be speaking with James Comer,of Kentucky he is the new Republican,chair of the house oversight committee,so uh you know he's already on record,saying that he thinks that there's a,two-tiered system here a difference in,the way that the Trump documents were,handled and how this situation is being,handled so we'll talk to him more about,that the president himself has not,weighed in on the issue yet we'll see if,he does he's in Mexico today meeting,with the leaders of Mexico and Canada,and they are set to hold a press,conference this afternoon so we'll be on,top of that and of course bring you all,the rest of the day's political news all,right a nice busy evening brewing for,the red and blue team Nancy Curtis thank,you very much you're welcome a quick,reminder you can stream red and blue on,CBS News Mondays Thursdays at 5 6 and 9,pm Eastern

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President Museveni apologises to Kenyans and Ugandans over Muhoozi's tweets

President Museveni apologises to Kenyans and Ugandans over Muhoozi's tweets

on Monday 5 October 2022 then commander,of the apdf land forces Lieutenant,General Jose nerogaba posted were later,turned into a series of controversial,comments on Twitter which attracted an,opera from Kenyans,in the First Street General mahozzi,posted that it would take him not more,than two weeks to capture Kenya's,Capital Nairobi,a day later president museveni who is,also the commander-in-chief of the Armed,Forces cracked the Whip and dropped,General Mojo's as Commander land forces,replacing him with Major General kayanji,mohanga who he promoted to Lieutenant,General,and a few hours later the president,released this statement apologizing to,Kenyans and ugandans for General Jose's,behavior of interfering in the internal,affairs of another country in the,statement president museveni said and I,quote,it's not correct for public officers be,very civilian or military to commit or,interfere in the internal affairs of,broader countries the only available,mechanism is the peer review mechanism,of the African Union not public comments,I I think that the bigger problem,is how our own institutions are,incapable,of dealing with the person who is son of,a president,museveni also explained why he dropped,mojosi as land forces Chief but promoted,him to Foster General,he said and I quote this mistake is one,aspect where he has acted negatively as,a public officer they are however many,other positive contributions the general,has made and can still make,because this is a guy who had spent,almost more than a week or so rambling,on social media talking about countries,in their region,I don't understand how that earns you a,promotion many many soldiers retired,recently and the fact that they retired,it means there's a lot of space up there,and now is the full Journal so it means,you can sit on the table of the generals,and make a decision as well I mean and,deliberate on National issues and,security issues so for me I think he has,rather than the motion he has been,promoted and I think you'll you'll be,seeing him very soon which playing,another position,the Minister of Foreign Affairs also,released the statement distancing,government from General Mojo's comments,some analysts say the apology is part of,the damage control to maintain good,diplomatic relations between Kenya and,Uganda I don't want to read so much in,the trade because it is even impossible,for,Uganda to to invade another country,especially Kenya,that will be a suicide political Society,so in this particular case I would not,even call it a diplomatic crisis I'm not,even a major crisis I said this is a,matter that was resolved within 24 hours,the Kenyans have clearly understood the,position of government of Uganda,vis-a-vis our continued historical,relationship with them and I'm confident,that as wake up this morning we are back,to business as usual,if General Moses was not on Seventh Son,most likely he would either be in jail,or he would be yeah he would be,somewhere either in jail or under house,arrest because we have had those guesses,of General uh sejusa,uh General to mukunde,Festival,defense minister on updf spokesperson,also said that under no circumstances,can Uganda attack Kenya,no,can be clear,except the head of state,and the Parliament NTV

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WATCH: Trump tweet attacking Pence was like ‘pouring gasoline on the fire,’ White House aide says

WATCH: Trump tweet attacking Pence was like ‘pouring gasoline on the fire,’ White House aide says

The rioters breached the,capitol at 2:13 P.M.,>> Go, go, go.,Rep. Aguilar: Let's take a look,at what was going on at the,white house at this time.,We received testimony the chief,of staff, mark meadows, was,notified of the violence at the,capitol by 2:00 P.M., likely,earlier.,Testimony further establishes,that he quickly informed the,president and did so before the,president issued his 2:24 P.M.,Tweet, criticizing Mike pence,for not having "The courage to,do what needed to be done.",Here is what the president wrote,in his 2:24 P.M. Tweet, while,the violence at the capital was,going on.,"And here is what the rioters,thought.",>> He deserve to burn with the,rest of them.,>> It all escalated after pence,-- what happened?,He did not do what we wanted.,>> He voted against trump.,>> That is when it started?,>> That is when we marched on,the capitol.,We have a shot with rubber,bullets, tear gas.,>> We just heard that Mike pence,will not reject any fraudulent,votes.,Boo.,>> Boo!,>> You are a traitor!,>> That is right, you heard it,here first.,Mike pence has betrayed the,United States of America!,>> Boo!,>> Mike pence has betrayed this,president and he has betrayed,the people of the United States.,And we will never ever forget!,>> Yeah!,>> It's real simple, pence,betrayed us.,Which apparently everybody knew,he was going to.,And the president mentioned it,like five times when he talked.,You can go back and watch the,president's video.,>> Be respectful.,There are 4 million people,coming in, so --,>> We love the cops.,>> It is only a matter of time.,Justice is coming.,Rep. Aguilar: Although the,president's chief of staff has,refused to testify before the,committee, his aide, Ben,Williamson, and the white house,press secretary, Sarah Matthews,,testified that Mr. Meadows went,to the dining room to tell the,president about the violence at,the capitol, before his 2:24,P.M. Tweet.,In future hearings, you will,hear more about exactly what was,happening in the white house at,that time, but here is what some,white house staff told the,select committee.,>> Do you know where he went?,>> Yes, I followed him down the,hallway.,And I followed him into that,outer oval core door, which is,the hallway between the oval,office hallway and the outer,global section of the oval,office.,I followed him into that,hallway.,And I saw him walk into outer,oval.,I maybe took a step into outer,oval, then left.,I do not know where he went,after that but it looked like he,was heading in the direction of,the oval office.,>> We had talked about at that,point how it was bad and the,situation was getting out of,hand.,And, I know that Ben Williamson,and I were conferring, and we,thought the president needed to,tweet something, tweet something,immediately.,And I think that when Kaylee,gave us that order of did not,say anything to the media, I,told her I thought the president,needed to tweet something.,And then, I remember getting a,notification on my phone.,And I was sitting in a room with,Ben.,And we all got a notification.,So, we knew it was a tweet from,the president.,And we looked down and it was,,it was a tweet about Mike pence.,>> I believe I had sent him a,text saying we may want to put,out a statement because the,situation was getting Harry over,-- hairy over at the capitol.,It was, that I would see him in,person after I texted him.,>> You went down to speak with,mark meadows, what was that,conversation?,>> Very brief.,I told him the same thing I,texted, that I can recall, and I,do not remember anything that,was said between us other than I,told him that to my recollection,-- and he immediately got up and,left his office.,Rep. Aguilar: Our investigation,found immediately after the 2:24,P.M. Tweet, the crowds outside,of the capitol and inside the,capitol surged.,The crowds inside the capital,were able to overtur law,enforcement and the vice,president was affected to.,-- The vice president was taken,to a secure location within the,complex.,>> By 2:24 P.M., the secret,service had moved to vice,president pence from the senate,chamber to his office across the,hall.,>> The noise became audible.,You could recognize that they,had gotten into the building.,>> Then president trump tweeted,,"Mike pence did not have the,courage to do what should have,been done to protect our country,and constitution, give me,states a chance to certify a,corrected set of facts, not the,fraudulent ones which they were,asked to previously certify.,Usa demands the truth.",>> It was clear that it was,escalating and escalating,quickly.,>> Hang Mike pence!,>> So in that tweet was sent,out, I remember us saying that,that was the last thing that,needed to be tweeted.,The situation was already bad.,So it felt like he was pouring,gasoline on the fire.,>> 30 seconds later, rioters,already in the capital, opened,the east rotunda door just down,the hall.,And 30 seconds after that, the,rioters breached the cryp,T.,Then service Russia vice,president pence down the stairs.,>> They have been try

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Alec Baldwin on His Epic Twitter Feud with President Trump

Alec Baldwin on His Epic Twitter Feud with President Trump

-I gotta say, you playing Trump on "Saturday Night Live,",we've all loved it. ,-Byu-ugh! -It is fantastic.,And you won an Emmy -- well-deserved Emmy for it.,-Pbht! -But in some article --,I think it was "Vanity Fair," maybe, you said, like,,"It's like agony." -It's not like agony.,It is agony. -Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.,-But you do that -- like, everybody knows --,I mean, my friends know. Not everybody knows.,That he came to me, Lorne, and said, "Do the Trump thing.",And we thought we're gonna do it for three shows in the Fall.,There was no way he was gonna win.,And then he won, and I remember laying in bed,,going, "Oh, no." ,'Cause knowing Lorne -- -"I got a gig now," yeah.,-I got with Lorne, he'd be like, "Hello?",So I mean, I do the whole thing for the whole season, mostly.,I missed just a couple. We do the whole season.,Then we do a few of them this year.,And it's -- You know, it's, uh...,-Yeah. -I don't need to tell you.,It gets exhausting after a while.,-Well, the President himself said...,-Exhibit A. ,-"Alec Baldwin, whose dying, mediocre career,was saved by his terrible impersonation of me on 'SNL,',now says playing me was agony.,Alec, it was agony for those who were forced to watch.",-Right. ,Well, the interesting thing is, nobody --,The interesting thing is,,nobody's actually forced to watch., I found that out.,We don't force anyone to watch. -You're choosing to watch, yeah.,-Yeah, Trump forces people to listen to him.,I guess we call them government employees.,But anyway, the, uh -- ,We call them the Cabinet. -But you tweeted back,,"Agony though it may be, I'd like to hang in there,at least or the impeachment hearings,,the resignation speech, the farewell helicopter ride,to Mar-A-Lago -- You know, the good stuff.",-The good stuff. ,-That was good comeback, dude.,-Oh, gosh. -That was a good comeback.,-It is kind of surreal, though.,You know, the President of the United States --,I said to somebody, "Does he have, like, alerts,,or does he sequester himself for just a period of tweeting?",Like, is he there, as they say,,watching "Fox & Friends" in the morning?,He's got, like, this triple order of bacon.,He likes bacon.,Apparently, he eats like a lot of bacon.,-He loves bacon? -He loves bacon.,Lots of bacon. And he's got his phone,,and he's watching the news, and he's in his --,you know, in his boxers and his bathrobe,,and he's, like, "Tweeting, tweeting.", Or does he get, like, alerts?,Like, is he in the middle of a session,with North Korean diplomats,,and they're talking about nuclear weapons,,and he's like, "Hold on a moment, please!,Alec Baldwin, loser. Loser.",-"Alec Baldwin has a new movie out.",-"Really, a horrible movie. Mediocre career.",-Does he, like, tweet throughout the day?,Or is it, like, a big binge thing?,He's like a camel. -Yeah, I don't know.,-It's like an oasis.,He drinks a big long drink in the morning, and he goes on.,-No one can tell what this man is doing.,-No one can tell.,-I can't even really tell what --,speaking of segues -- what you're doing.,Because you do this, you do "Match Game,",which is super fun. -We have a ball.,-Dude, you do -- -That's so much --,Wen they came to me and said,,"Do you want to do the game show?",I thought, "Well, I'll do it the one time,",'cause I give the money to my charity.,Then they came back and said, "Oh, the numbers were good.,Do you want to do it again?",And I thought, "Why not? We have a ball.",I have more fun with those people than you can imagine.,-It's super fun. Then you do "SNL.",And then you do -- -My talk show.,-You do a movie.,You do, like, Tom Cruise, "Mission Impossible.",-I did the movie. -Then, you do a talk show.,Then, you do -- you're doing a movie here in Brooklyn, right?,-I did the movie "Motherless Brooklyn,",I just finished, that Edward Norton,directed and he stars in.,It has Bruce Willis, Gugu Mbatha-Raw,,is the young actress' name who is in there,,Willem Dafoe, Cannavale, Cherry Jones.,I mean, all these people -- I was so honored to be asked.,Truly. I mean, people don't realize,like, the people you really admire,,like, the really great, great people,call you and ask you to come work with them,,it's always very touching.,Like "Looming Tower." -Yeah.,-Alex Gibney produced that and directed, I think,,one of the episodes.,And the --,You know, Jeff Daniels plays the lead.,I've always admired Jeff and his career.,Larry Wright -- Lawrence Wright wrote the book, "Looming Tower,",which I love Larry Wright's writing.,He's one of my favorite writers.,Writes these beautiful essays,and long-form pieces in "The New Yorker.",And Michael Stuhlbarg was in that.,And, you know, a bunch of fantastic actors.,Sarsgaard was in it.,I think we have a -- Do you have a clip?,-Yeah. What is it about, "Looming Tower?",- I don't really know., My Johnny Depp., "I don't really know.",-Don't really know, yeah. -"I suppose we'll find out."

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