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Dave Portnoy Owns Conservative Shock Jocks On Twitterdave portnoy el presidente,is a fraud he has no

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Updated on Jan 17,2023

Dave Portnoy Owns Conservative Shock Jocks On Twitter

dave portnoy el presidente,is a fraud he has no core values no,defined set of beliefs the blaze is host,jason whitlock has mastered the art of,projection he has no redeeming qualities,other than his wealth,remove his money and he wouldn't have a,friend in this world,if we weren't living in an era,completely hostile to masculinity,portnoy would be broken boston,delivering pizza you know the whole,reason whitlock is going after portnoy,do you know aoc my favorite big booty,latina i love you aoc you're my favorite,you look very beautiful in that dress,you look very sexy look at that booty on,aoc that's my favorite big booty latina,look how sexy she looks in that dress,i love it aoc,hot like a tamale a desperate misogynist,a doofus whose name is alex stein,happens to be employed at the blaze,which makes him a co-worker of jason,whitlocks uh for you today alex stein,prime time 99 always on the grind,it's gonna be in his house cringe,as for stein,very cringe q anon conspiracy troll and,used car salesman alex stein sexually,harassed representative aoc on the steps,of the capitol he comes from a wealthy,part of dallas texas called highland,park where most of stein's high school,classmates found him annoying immature,and you guessed it desperate for,attention the main reason that stein has,become well known is thanks to texas,house bill 2840 which requires,governmental bodies to give time to,public speakers and as a result stein,has exploited this rule to spread,misinformation conspiracy theories and,transphobia and because of those stunts,his videos have gone viral and he has,been welcomed on right-wing shows like,alex jones and tucker carlson which,helped build his platform as a troll,alex stein was also a former contestant,on different reality tv shows dope not,that anyone would even notice since each,of his appearances were very short-lived,in 2012 stein was a contestant on the,reality tv show the glass house at the,end of the day i'm a good guy it should,come as no surprise that stein also,sexually harassed a female contestant,while he was on the show and by the end,of the first episode almost every,contestant voted him off the show it,certainly does seem like jason whitlock,and alex stein are birds of a feather,after all whitlock had this to say,of the goat serena williams with the,reduction in glut,a little less butt and a smidge and more,guts serena williams would easily be as,big as michael jackson dwarf tiger woods,and take a run at rosa parks then he,would wrongfully critique serena further,she'd rather eat half-ass her way,through non-major tournaments and,complain she's not getting the respect,her at the time 11 major championships,demand she complains about being ranked,number two in the world at the time when,she's not bitching on twitter on her,blog about new rules that forbid,wimbledon players from eating in the,locker room seriously how else can,serena fill out her size 16 shorts,without grazing at her stall between,matches he went after maria taylor,saying she owed her standing at espn to,physical beauty then he attacked katie,nolan quote for also benefiting from,physical beauty saying that it,transformed nolan from bartender to,seven figure personality emmy award,winner and the darling of aroused,bloggers and tv critics willing to,ignore her pedestrian humor and,inability to execute live television he,also went after longtime nfl reporter,alex flanagan saying she has no clue,what she just watched nbc knows that,they pay a producer to explain to her,producers should be fired period plus he,added fire alex flanagan's sideline,producer sidelined barbie didn't ask,hasselbeck or carol about the whole team,going downfield to block on hit and run,he also had a video on his facebook that,he and his team titled emotional,entitled women are ruling america,once again i reiterate stein and,whitlock birds of a feather,but with portnoy,here's the story and the beef between,them barstool sports port noise company,put up then deleted a video of stein,trolling localities in vegas,the company had to take it down and,stein claimed they were afraid to keep,my content up so port and i tweeted stfu,we are owned by a gambling company we've,had roughly 9 000 training sessions not,to post stuff like this because,regulators don't like it go back to,whatever hole you crawled out of he then,featured another insane clip of stein,trolling protesters with this tweet this,guy,anybody who does this is a pos i don't,care what side of any issue you're on if,this is how you conduct yourself you're,a pos i already apologize slightly to,stool sales guy for not researching him,before responding so whitlock wrote a,piece to defend his co-worker writing,dave portnoy is a fraud he has no core,values no defined set of beliefs he has,no redeeming qualities other than his,wealth remove his money and he wouldn't,have a friend in this world portnoy,responded with two words that were foul,easily could have come up with something,better,frankly

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Portnoy on Parler, Twitter takeovers: 'It's a slippery slope'

Portnoy on Parler, Twitter takeovers: 'It's a slippery slope'

bostal guy Portnoy is calling on Elon,Musk to get rid of bots if and when he,finally take by his Twitter Elon Musk,replied he says I have a plan Dave,portnoy's With Me Now Dave do you know,anything about this plan to get rid of,bots by uh Elon Musk anything about it,no no idea good luck to him because,Twitter is becoming unusable it's just,like you you write anything you get 9,000 Bots replying underneath it is that,what's happened to you because you say,you've been bothered to death,yeah again party to death Stuart I'm,getting party to death if you if you say,anything on Twitter it's not just me a,lot of people and to be honest that was,sort of what Elon started pulling back,when he agreed to buy it he said well I,want to see how many fake users and how,many thoughts you have and uh that led,to the whole two to do on whether it was,going to buy it but yeah Twitter is,becoming unusable anybody's been using,it recently it's just filled with Spam,Bots it's a debacle do you have any idea,how you could get rid of bots,no I can barely turn on my computer like,I'm not really a technical guy you and I,are rather simmer in this I don't even,understand what the I don't get bots I,don't even understand what the like I,don't even understand how the Bots,benefit from being Bots I I don't get it,neither do I believe me we're both,Flying Blind on this one yay West is,buying Paula Trump's got a truth social,musk will probably take over Twitter,what's the where's Free Speech headed in,America these days,well I guess you can look at either way,I mean they're all buying it because for,the different platforms because they,think they got regulated a little bit on,it,um and I don't think that's a bad thing,I you know who it's always a Fine Line,in the Sand with any of that stuff who,gets to decide what's over the line you,know Twitter has plenty of examples of,really bad people who don't get banned,and then they'll kick Trump off and I,don't care who you feel on either of,them but who gets to make that decision,and the truth of the matter is you know,technology is now like freedom in the,Press but they're privately owned so,it's it's a slippery slope yes it's a,slippery slope my colleague Susan Lee is,sitting with me and during the,commercial break we were figuring out,what are we going to ask uh day Portnoy,and Susan said let's ask fortnite what,kind of guy Elon Musk is and what you,think of Elon from Mogul to Mogul,exactly Mogul to Mogul we just promoted,you Dave you're a mogul,I like that I'll put that on my resume,uh I don't know I've gone back and forth,on Elon I you know he's certainly an,interesting guy I don't know over the,past year year and a half two years it,seems like he's gone from running Tesla,to really loving being a celebrity he's,turned more into a celebrity mogler,embracing that and also I don't know how,it is time to reply on Twitter to,everything he's he's,I find them a little bit insufferable,lately wow it's obviously brilliant okay,he's definitely brilliant but if I was,like a Tesla shareholder I'd be like why,don't you concentrate on Tesla rather,than all this other stuff you're doing,and I honestly don't think he wanted to,buy Twitter I think he pigeonholed,himself okay well you just met a couple,of headlines right there Dave thank you,very much indeed uh moving on we know,you made a lot of money in your life,you're a wealthy guy tell us what are,you buying what investments are you,making,can you see this sign behind me,can you read it tax Haven Miami you,you're living in Florida yeah so I moved,yeah I moved down Miami uh to save some,money and bought some real estate and,still stock market but you know I'm,still working and trying to figure out,the best way to keep my money okay,okay but you know the tax guys will come,after you know that don't you you can't,just go to the fight,listen when I have to fly into New York,I land in New Jersey EWR I stay in the,Hoboken yeah I don't go across the river,so I'm counting my days so I I got it up,here I'm no dummy I was thinking about,doing exactly the same thing but you,know I didn't make it uh quick question,you raised a hundred thousand bucks to,help the families of two Fallen police,officers shot and killed in Bristol,Connecticut last week give us the story,and tell us how we can contribute,yeah absolutely a tragedy all these,stories two officers three actually one,was wounded and is in the hospital still,responding to a domestic uh disturbance,in sounds like they were open fired on,just a tragedy all these stories tragedy,and really I think a lot of times in,this country especially lately yeah sure,there's bad cops but most of them are,risking their lives every day you don't,know what the day is going to bring when,you wake up and something like this can,happen,um so we're selling merch which we do,when there's tragedies and we can reach,out and help 100 of the net proceeds go,to the families of these officers and,you know money doesn't do anything I,mean

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Joe Rogan: REAL Reason Elon Musk Bought Twitter?! GOOD or BAD?!

Joe Rogan: REAL Reason Elon Musk Bought Twitter?! GOOD or BAD?!

they he tried to withdraw from buying,Twitter and the CEO or whatever stuck,him to the price because it made money,and they got a great price so they got a,ridiculous price ridiculous he gave them,way more what it's worth and he had a,mindset of going into it there was two,things going on one he believed that,it's it's very bad for democracy in,general when you have suppression of,free speech and I agree with that he,really means that and he sees it,happening to him right and so he sees it,happening to people that he knows and,people whose voices he's respected and,he saw that like uh The Babylon B got,banned which is crazy which is crazy,crazy for calling Rachel Levine The Man,of the Year yes a biological male,calling him the male of the year like,crazy that's that's crazy yeah that's so,offensive The Babylon B getting kicked,off crazy yes yeah so he was like well,that's enough and then the reason why he,tried to pull out of it he's like,they're not giving me data on the actual,amount of fake accounts correct there,was an a former FBI guy pull up that,story Jamie this former FBI guy,estimated the actual amount of fake,accounts on Twitter and he was like it,could be as high as 80 percent so if,you're buying something and they say,well it's 95 people it's five percent,possible we're trying to figure that out,and he's like how are you trying to,figure that out show me and they won't,show him and he's like show me your data,that shows you and they show them 100,accounts they went over 100 accounts uh,over 80 percent of Twitter accounts are,likely Bots former FBI security,specialist which is wild so if,that's like 20 of the people on Twitter,are actual humans and 80 of it is,propaganda either by publicity firms or,super Pacs or whoever the is trying,to manipulate narratives and one of the,things you saw with Elon was like,there's a bunch of tweets that people,retweeted they're from wildly different,accounts that were all the exact same,tweet and he's like these are Bots like,these are there's a thousand percent,boss yeah I mean I want your face like,you I couldn't even if I posted,something it was all Bots 100 so I don't,just there's a million percent Bots they,probably weren't giving the right,information but he did want to pull out,well I think if they found out that,information this Twitter would be worth,substantially less right and that's also,what he was trying to do he was I think,he's trying to probably talk them into a,better price because if you if you find,out that a company is 95 horseshit right,or 80 horseshit and 20 what they say it,is like if that gets out but he also,devastating to the company 100 he also,has such you money though he was,upset about the suppressing and I'd,probably be the same way if I had that,type of money so I'm just gonna ,buy you like and that's essentially what,he did and I do think like you said the,Bots and going back and forth he wanted,to get out that's the one thing though,the Twitter Pro to everyone's like I'm,gonna get off my my dad was one of those,guys I'm leaving Twitter's like what are,you talking about that why is he leaving,Twitter because Elon my dad my soul my,dad which people my dad is like a a very,liberal guy like hated Trump hates him,hated him before he became president,just hate him so I interviewed Trump and,I FaceTime my dad I tried to keep it a,secret and I like facetimed him when I,was doing it just to see my Dad's,reaction he turtled my dad turtled one,so I was like oh why but I mean he he,hates him hates him but he's one of,those guys in my dad's one of those guys,so it's been interesting with my dad,because I have been,relentlessly attacked by the left and he,is a left guy so we getting these little,things I'm like do you still think the,New York Times is like unbiased,and and he can't answer he's like well,do you think Fox News is on by something,no definitely not but do you think the,New York Times he has a very hard time,bringing himself to it but it is,eye-opening for him I think I think it's,eye-opening for a lot of people but for,a lot of people for a long time that,infinite that information never got to,them they didn't really know that's one,of the most substantial and significant,aspects of Elon buying Twitter is these,files being released where you're,getting to see the actual involvement of,intelligence agencies the actual like,banned lists and blocked lists and,Shadow band and how they're suppressing,people's signals it's pretty ,wild and it's almost entirely done,to people that are on the right yeah,this and then the people that are on the,left that are dissenters right the,people that uh went along with the Great,Barrington declaration and didn't think,that we should shut the country down,during the pandemic and the Great,Barrington declaration I have no idea,what that is legitimate scientists like,top of the food chain,epidemiologists virologists who said,that we are handling the pandemic,absolutely wrong and then there is,interna

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Editor Of Toronto Blog That Tried To Cancel Dave Portnoy Leaves Him Speechless

Editor Of Toronto Blog That Tried To Cancel Dave Portnoy Leaves Him Speechless

um but we have to take another pause,from the list because i believe the,author of the uh article is here it's,not the author,no it's not the okay it's the editor the,editor okay,yes,later on hello can you guys hear me,yes yeah hi how are you,good how are you i'm good thank you so,much for having me,okay lauren o'neil right,that's me,so,we went back and forth first of all so i,look for the background we talked about,a little bit i'm in toronto for the week,uh,promoting the score and eating pizza,because i eat pizza everywhere i go so i,have a laundry list of places that have,reached out i've asked for,recommendations and i started eating the,pizza so i'm on my way i do my two pizza,reviews and then i start getting,forwarded an article from um blogtio and,it's basically like controversial figure,dave portnoy coming to to,toronto to eat pizza fine i can live,with that but,what seemingly had happened,is,blogto had started calling,local pizza places and being like,what you pizza place that have reached,out like the ones i weren't even aware,of that were mentioned but had reached,out somehow being like hey dave come eat,pizza here,and then somebody called and was like,are you aware of these got this guy's,like,controversies allegations do you still,want him to come eat pizza two of which,were like well we didn't know that we no,longer extend our invite one of which,since has been like that's not what we,said that's been taken out of context um,they did the an instagram post being,like we love you dave this is we've been,wildly misrepresented so i went on a,blog war back and forth and to your,credit because most of the times these,things happen nobody's willing to go on,and talk about it so you were the editor,who assigned the story,yeah so i'm the senior news editor of,blogtio and what we do is essentially,cover the city everything that's going,on in the city and a huge focus of ours,is the food scene so,i i mean we saw that you were in town,seeing different restaurants reach out,and it's like wow dave portnoy is here,for the red sox game and he's a huge,pizza influencer,you know and an influential media figure,we should write something about this so,um i assigned the story to one of our,writers who actually specializes in food,writing and um restaurant reviews and,stuff like that and i think they were,just trying to do their due diligence,and reaching out to restaurants and,being like hey we want comment are you,aware of this um i think in the course,of her research she kind of saw that,there were some pretty serious,allegations not proven in court or,anything but so she wanted to um,raise that to them and just kind of get,their take on it and you know to be fair,some of the restaurants were like we,don't care we like his pizza reviews,like one of them even said he's like,we'll leave that for court to decide so,we had no intention of just like doing a,hit piece on you it was more of like a,wow big time pizza guy is in toronto,restaurants are thirsty for this,american celebrity to try their pie um,and i think,when it came out uh the way that your,audience your very very loyal audience,members took it to be a little like we,were doing just a slam piece and and,they've since kind of come at us which,is fine we're used to it like this stuff,happens but i just wanted to set the,record straight and be like she was just,doing her job um in writing that story,it wasn't like a personal vendetta or,anything like that i mean it was,literally just doing research and,reporting on what she found,but i guess my question is if you're a,like,first of all people can say anything,about anybody right so there are serious,allegations i feel like i've done a very,good job of proving that not to be true,and i'm actually suing business insider,because they're just not they're,patently faults but,from a reporter angle if you pick up the,phone and somebody's like,so i saw you reaching out dave portoi do,you know this this this this this about,him all serious like you're kind of,putting,in my mind that local pizzeria in a box,like what are they what are they,supposed i assume they're totally caught,off guard like what are they supposed to,say and for the most part my pizza,reviews can change,the trajectory if i like it,and so most of the time if i don't like,it it helps but can literally change the,course for a small business,what is the advantage of like if someone,called me out of the blue and like hey,do you know the devil's coming to your,pizza restaurant you really want them,like what did you that's why i do think,it's a hippies what what kind of angle,were you expecting or what's the answer,that you're hoping to get from these,people,so i'm not really sure what answer the,reporter was expecting i just know that,she was kind of doing her journalistic,due diligence and just raising it and be,like listen you're publicly supporting,this person who has these unproven,allegations and we did mention in the,story that you've defended them

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YIKES: Alex Stein Triggers Dave Portnoy On Twitter

YIKES: Alex Stein Triggers Dave Portnoy On Twitter

all right we got a late upload today i,apologize,i tried to get this video out earlier,today but you guys the king of barstool,sports dave portnoy goes after alex,stein yesterday on twitter basically,just firing shot after shot against alex,stein alex stein remains trending on,twitter for like the you know i don't,know every single week of this entire,year this is truly the year of alex,stein if you don't know who that is,alexstein is a troll that goes around to,city council meetings and brings up you,know pretty like current issues at the,city council meeting to draw attention,to that issue but does it through,trolling the city council uh,and it's very funny it's it's it's,oftentimes hilarious he does other forms,of trolling and whatnot but that's,primarily what he's known for so,let's,let's jump into what started everything,actually before we do welcome back to,the in studio segment um i knew i i know,i said i was gonna be doing this every,tuesday and i haven't basically since i,said that maybe a month ago or so,um we're gonna be picking back up on,these,probably gonna be doing it every tuesday,and thursday and then man on the streets,on wednesday and sunday that's gonna be,starting next week,hold me to that you guys if you guys,enjoyed these videos let me know you,know down in the comment section below,also hit that like button subscribe make,sure to do all that fun stuff if you,want to support us financially head on,over to,members and become a monthly member,today that greatly helps me create all,this content all right so let's jump on,in it all started right here,alex stein number 99 posting,this video 1.1 million views,we'll watch a bit of this video here in,a minute um it's four minutes we're not,gonna watch the whole thing but i do,wanna show you guys some of it,and it says las vegas nevada is taking,advantage of vulnerable tourists like,myself please send help,um,and this is where it all started so,barstool sports retweeted it,saying,this is every man who spent a weekend in,vegas and he's complaining about,gambling and all that stuff and they,ended up deleting this tweet,and alex stein alexstein number 99 did,not like that they did that so,and i'm just kind of putting this,together,i uh i figured out kind of a timeline of,what exactly happens here so i'm just,gonna give it to you guys and you know,you can let me know what you think about,it in the comment section below but alex,says it's so cute that barstool is owned,by,stool presidente who is accused of the,most heinous things,but they are too afraid to keep my,content up now i know a lot of you guys,probably love dave portnoy,and um,i i don't exactly know what heinous,things,alex is talking about here but there's a,couple things right there's this uh new,york,what is it new york post article dave,portnoy accused of sexual misconduct by,three more women uh,and dave's vowing to sue them,i'm not sure if these,you know,accusations held much water,so uh,yeah alex went for the personal job,there bold play alex but,you do you man,um,dave portnow was not happy about this,personal job though right,um,de pornoy then said buddy shut the f up,we are owned by a gambling company we've,had roughly 9 000 training sessions not,to post crap like this because,regulators don't like it stool sales guy,was too busy chewing gum and posted it,without watching it go back to whatever,hole you crawled out of let's watch this,video,that dave portnoy's bar stool sports,removed and that dave portnoy is,defending the removal of which,for business reasons seems somewhat,reasonable let's check it out um you,know after hearing that testimony it,just shows me that you know las vegas is,really not heading in a good direction,because after my experience a couple,nights ago i had a very terrible,experience where,um i think these casinos take advantage,of people by giving people free dreams,excuse me true,you said your name was alex stein yes,okay thank you,she's,he's done so many of these that that was,definitely a oh crap what's your name,again,what i'm saying is these casinos give,people free drinks and then they become,vulnerable and end up gambling more,money than they have and i was a victim,of that and i lost a lot of money and,i'm facing a lot of issues right now my,wife's boyfriend recently got her,pregnant and i'm here,the fact that he sang this with a,straight face for a church event um,speaking for i'm a member of the church,of scientology and i don't normally,drink but i'm very vulnerable i'm in a,position now where i don't know what i'm,going to do because financially i'm,going to have to take care of this baby,potentially because he's out,on look at this guy in the background,i don't know what he's doing in the back,but it maybe he's waiting to go up next,but just imagine being this guy for a,second,roll right now and he has an upcoming,case where he could be facing a long,time in jail so potentially i'm gonna,have to financially support this baby,and i

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Dave Portnoy Interviews President Trump (July 23, 2020)

Dave Portnoy Interviews President Trump (July 23, 2020)

many presidents have stuck behind this,disc,good stuff right we're just saying all,right,nothing like the white house you know,the whole it's the whole deal right,how are you good to meet you okay,all right so we good to go over here,frankie shall wait for you,your son's a big fan of our website he's,a big fan of you yeah i've tried to get,even before this start i was trying to,get a retweet out of him for about six,months i will do that he kept well you,got me he want one but he'd dm me i'd be,like,get the old man to get a retweet get the,numbers up we'll talk business well,you're doing pretty well,yeah yeah so well so are you here we are,so i consider myself believe it or not,apolitical i don't care it's just myself,wildly republican democrat can't town in,the middle fact is my first interview,i've ever done so i started at the top,you started very well and i was going to,give you the heads up i don't know if,you're going to remember this you once,were on holly g's show,and you were the only one that sniffed,out that was a fake interview and the,whole thing i don't know if you remember,that,i thought maybe you'd be like oh this,guy's a fake and then were you were you,involved with that show and so no not at,all i just watched it on tv you're right,i was the only one,30 seconds,and everyone else sits there for six,hours i know i'm the only one that's,ever given me credit for it that was a,very sharp move because he's,he's pretty good at that he gets,everybody now i like this interview no,matter what he does i like this,interview now,marianna that's right i said what the,what's going on with this guy,and i just felt it was a phony deal yeah,and nobody else did it nobody else,nobody else smelled it he said he was,some british broadcasting corporation,they called up with everything,beautiful the voice this is british,broadcast and then this guy shows up and,i said this is uh,but within a very like immediately,and thank you very much you gave me,because i never give credit for her i'm,pretty good that's what i'm saying,pretty good and here's,and here's part of it which in i hate,politics my dad loves politics,the thing that drives me nuts is i feel,like for us which is good they're like,hey dave you're a snowflake hey dave,you're a conservative like crazy person,and almost on each side you can predict,what somebody's going to say which,drives me nuts it's like you put it in a,box,so one of the things that i've been,thinking about and for all the people,like me which is i think a good amount,of the country is still like which way,am i going to vote,one of the things that i have a question,for and,again i think it matters i'm very,curious on the answer so when the,kaepernick thing started i was critical,of it and as it's continued baseball,players now i heard you say,if they kneel you'll turn the game off,yeah and we got the black lives matter,protests so for me it's like,how does somebody who's dissatisfied in,your in your world what's the way for,them to show it because we don't want,them,looting and doing all the stuff they're,doing to me that's like a silent protest,that is far better than you know going,on the streets and create,uh crime so i'm curious what what would,you do,if you had an issue with the country or,something to show your displeasure,well i mean you can always say you run,for office right you become successful,you can run for a lower office you can,do things but there are ways you get,groups together,and they can be very friendly ways of,doing it very successful i mean you're,going to have,rebounds negative rebounds if it keeps,up the way it is like as an example,portland this is crazy 51 days you know,we sent in,very powerful not military but very,strong people the police are good but,they were told not to do anything you,know by the,radical left mayor no you have to go out,and you have to say,and speak your mind is good i think,speaking your mind is good but you have,to do it fairly,we are for justice but we're for law and,order it's got to be law and order and,there is law and order,i put something out when they were,starting to rip down statues,i went out i found an old law an old,bill you couldn't get it passed today,you get 10 years in jail 10 years and no,games and we have a lot of people in,jail right now,if you rip down a statue a federal,statute because the states have to take,care of their own unfortunately because,i do that too,but you rip down a federal statute you,get 10 years in jail,10 years no you know three months and,nothing's happened since then it was,amazing i signed it i had a news,conference i said if you do it and we,were supposed to have thousands of,people,march on washington that day nobody,showed up,how do we close the divide like at my,age it's like it just seems,half the country hates the other half,and no matter what you say you can't get,along,so and you're the lightning rod there's,no doubt about that in my mind do you,agree with that that you're like,lightni

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Portnoy on Musk: Twitter needs to be 'even playing field', end censorship

Portnoy on Musk: Twitter needs to be 'even playing field', end censorship

so elon musk has bitten off a lot here,he's famously smart he probably,understands that but what is it like to,run,a digital media property that's maybe,out of step,with the hurt well dave portnoy's been,doing that for a long time he funded,barstool sports and we thought it'd be,worth asking him what it's like so dave,portney you don't run a political site,but you you know you don't want to be,controlled they've gone after your,personal life they really like actually,tried to destroy you for real,what do you think elon musk is in for,well he has one big advantage over me he,controls now twitter and he's the,ultimate say yeah you know elon said,something that,uh wrong true to me he said if you're,running this correctly the 10 on each,side are going to hate you and that's,the thing about this whole elon musk,buying twitter,and i i even when i come on the show you,know tucker i always say people think,i'm political but all the complaining is,from one side it's all from one size not,from the other you just want an even,playing field if somebody says something,about you you want the ability to,respond what i find happens you know,there's people i'll make up a name julia,hack,there's people like this they'll should,throw shots at you and when you respond,on twitter they have an army of bots,people who say harassment harassment,harassment and they get you banned so,they throw all the arrows and if you,respond in kind once or defend yourself,you get banned or you get in trouble i,think that is essentially what spurred,this on for elon because he got muted,and he's just saying hey let's open the,playing field exchange of ideas i don't,think anybody's saying somebody should,run around be like i want to kill your,mom i want to kill your mom i want to,kill your mom no but if you have an idea,a thought you criticize the other side,is allowed to respond,but the good news is he's the ultimate,guy he's the ultimate gangster i've said,a million times i wish i could be him if,you don't like me you don't like what's,going on i'm just going to buy you up,and let it run and he said something,very key in a piece you played earlier,it's not about economics so i i mean how,much of that's true i'm not sure because,everything he touches is gold but the,the major thing whenever you look why is,one side all complaining and the other,side isn't that to me tells everything,every give people a level playing field,that's all anybody wants the ability to,speak back and debate points,but why is that i mean what you've said,is the definition of fairness it's how,we conduct sports,and business at its best why is that,such a threat when it takes place in the,media,yeah and i don't i don't think there's,there's an illusion of fairness but,there is no fairness going around you,know there's that account defiant l's,business insider they had a tweet that,said you know how great it was that jeff,bezos was buying the washington post you,know now they had a tweet that said this,is the end of civilization because elon,musk is buying twitter it just depends,what you're looking for but the key,thing is,there is no fairness anybody who's,paying attention there's nothing fair,there's the illusion of fairness and woe,is me we're trying to be fair but,anybody who's paid an ounce of attention,knows each platform specifically leans,certain ways and you know what the,craziest thing is i like instagram or or,the facebook or zuckerberg i feel like,they censor 10x what twitter does they,all do it and they all lean certain ways,but there's nothing wrong with fairness,but you're an idiot if you think these,are neutral platforms any more so than,certain newspapers lean certain ways or,even fox news or cnn if you think those,two are looking at every subject down,the middle well your head is in the sand,and it's the same with twitter,right all you can ask for,is clarity,and,giving other people the opportunity to,respond and that's what he's promising,and,literally listen to anything elon has,said i don't know why anybody on either,side would have a problem with it he's,literally saying he wants to play dead,down the middle and wants 10 on both,sides to be like this is wrong that's,how he knows he's been doing right i've,never heard anything political about,elon i think it boils down you know what,as simple as it is as stupid as it is,he's gonna bring back trump i think that,like that's a lot of what people are,freaking out about no that's i think,you're totally you're absolutely right,dave portland great to see you tonight,thank you so much for that subscribe to,the fox news youtube channel to catch,our nightly opens stories that are,changing the world and changing your,life from tucker carlson tonight

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Dave Portnoy Weighs In On Barstool's Twitter Armies | Barstool Rundown - December 19, 2022

Dave Portnoy Weighs In On Barstool's Twitter Armies | Barstool Rundown - December 19, 2022

foreign,it is December uh,December well 25th so 18 25th so 19th,yeah yeah that's some math,um it's brought you by High Noon High,Noon Hearts Ultra real vodka real juice,sparkling water made with real vodka not,like malt like the other guys which I,got,our guy Dan Ravel to admit I duped him,into doing an ad,um real vodka real juice for real fans,just like us head over to local liquor,store get some today check out the,limited edition tailgating pact running,out of tailgate season a little bit uh,with new flavors pear and cranberry,um again head over here local liquor,store and get some today High Noon real,vodka real juice all right,um we'll start obviously with the World,Cup,a lot of people saying the game yeah,I've become like a legit soccer fan,through the Tottenham stuff and just,kind of watching the World Cup the US,that's as good as it can get obviously,two nothing looks like it's gonna be,kind of like a boring game uh and then,the late two goals and all hell breaks,those,there's a couple things and I've I,thought I was Universal in this I,tweeted out and I I'm sure a lot of,people tweeted out like ending these,games on penalty kicks to me is bananas,a lot of Europeans,seem to be in favor of this they're like,yeah that's great,I love it that's crazy as a casual fan I,love it because it's like the you know,you're you're you finally see ,goals scored in like a lot of action but,if I was a die-hard fan and like you,play 90 minutes and extra overtime and,then we just go to the contest like that,make a baseball game on a home run derby,like I mean right but you these guys,can't play forever but that but doesn't,but don't you find out who the the why,can't they play forever I don't get that,well because it becomes sloppy it,becomes like they're they're not like,it's like watching it's like like when,you get to like a sloppy is like you,know listen if they did Golden Goal I,guess that would be a better way to end,it you mean you just score and it ends,yeah yeah that's fine but I think should,be,but that doesn't really eliminate,anything because I feel like most of the,time in the extra time there's no goals,anyways you go to the overview there,happen to be by the way how's Revel not,know the rules,yeah he got duped again I just think,it's it's the most compelling way like,obviously I get it it's not like the the,actual Spirit of the game it's just so, like the nerves the moment,Everything is Awesome theater,it was like uh the hockey Olympics with,Russia like eight years ago whatever,where they just kept going and going and,TJ Oshie became like a hero like it has,its own level of the theater,I played for 120 minutes but but yeah,because I see like 100,if you're worried about that start,taking guys off the pitch as they call,with that and then it opens it up I,believe the hockey Oshi thing if I'm not,mistaken that wasn't an elimination,round I don't think I think in yeah it,was,wasn't it I I think I think it might I,think in like the goal I don't think,they go to slap penalty shots in in,Olympic hockey or world cup hockey I,don't think so I think they play,overtime I think yeah I think that,Russia game may have been,to get in no like in the round robin,stage I think I could be wrong,either way I I hate it I'm surprised Dan,I'm disappointed in you frankly I'm,disappointed in you why you play like,the reason why because let's let's let's,actually talk about the real reason why,you don't like it because you're ,goalie and Tottenham is a joke Messi,made him look like a joke he,made him look foolish Messi's the goat,and that's why you don't like PKS,because you're a little goalie look like,a bum out there for France no I,asked yeah that's absolutely not the,reason I mean what was your goalie yeah,of course I knew it was my goalie Hugo,embarrassed you think I don't know my,guys I'm disappointed again for the,second all right the same message the,greatest player of all time he's the,second best player in the field but,that's a different story for a different,day I mean he's won everything he is,literally the best well Pele has three I,mean really never played in Europe well,I mean now whose fault is that he has,three three Golden Globes,both of these guys yeah that's what I,said and Bobby is the better yeah he's,next up he's got to do he's obviously,got a lot long career in front of him,having a I don't by the way I've been,losing well I I gotta be honest as a guy,who doesn't like all the rule I I,like penalty shots are are just two,they're too important yeah like I don't,know,it should be if you save if a goalie,saves it should be a goal yes yes yeah,that's good I like that because we've,talked about that oh it's so so hard yes,it's like so hard to score and then a,guy bumps into a guy in The Penalty Box,it's a thing or it should be a half a,goal it's just too much so this is also,the most American yeah breakdown of one,of the greatest soccer games of all time,we're just like change,you know what they should do no yo

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