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All Star Sprint Feature | Port Royal Speedway 9.10.2020here at the port royal speedway and the,green


Updated on Jan 25,2023

All Star Sprint Feature | Port Royal Speedway 9.10.2020

here at the port royal speedway and the,green flag is out,tony stewart leads the fielder to turn,number one side by side for the fourth,but here comes eliason on the bottom,sunshine comes to life on the high side,look at kyle larson florist,trying to make it side by side for the,fifth spot down the back starts tyler,courtney all,over corey elias and for fourth of july,upside down you have trouble there and,turns number three for james mcfadden,upside down red flag is out,as we are set to go green here we go,folks green flag is out complete restart,underway,stuart drag race flying rod in the turn,number one slide high light take the,lead off the turn number two brownie,darts to the middle it starts to close,back in aaron reitzel pulled a big wheel,stand on the start there if you're,watching on flow you saw it now we're,side by side for the lead turn number,four,trouble and turn number four kyle larson,getting upside down wild flip and turn,number four,you see brock zeraphos spinning out to,get out of the way,red flag is out red flag for larson fuel,cell off of,the 57 of kyle larson hopefully the,third time is the charm,green flag is out and night number one,of the test score of 50 weekend is,underway,third time boy carrie madison right,across the nose,of corey elias in there as we try to go,three wide now battling for the lead,down the back stretch tony stewart leads,him into three and four once again,and battling a guy that has more than,twice that and the amount of wins here,in port royal,here comes blackjack back down to the,inside and turned to its slider,elias and reads it like a punch,right underneath it elias,fastest and qualifying in his group to,win the heat race george ford in a dash,and now going after tony stewart for the,lead hit lap number six elias and has,been an,absolute rocket ship tonight here at,port royal and he'll take the lead at,lexington,gloria number two,getting into the guard world very hard,the yellow flag is,out and tony stewart will re-inherit the,lead,wow because he's beat elias in the line,by,two 100th of a second you see the left,rear down on the casey's general store,number 21 and boy,as you mentioned earl you saw it yeah,smoke gets back on the loud pedal green,flag is out blake here we go back up,away,from the top and here comes carrie,matson and lance louise to like side by,side for third but matson holds them off,yeah eliza of your leader tony stewart,both working the top side and three and,four,that's where stuart slides out he just,can't get through the center three four,there's a license what does he do with,one,corey goes down low he's gonna try to,traffic about a straight away ahead and,here comes,race foreign there goes the hangar real,team number 26 slides up,now doctor stewart's going to try to,return to favor we'll look at the battle,for the lead in the turn number three,elizabeth ripping the left to perfection,off the floor pulling away from the,field,right so going after the 7bc of tyler,courtney rachel down to the inside,battling for a spot at the top five,madsen with the slider on smoke move,carry max into second in the white,flight,tony stewart back down to the inside,reason per second will steward our,stream up the racetrack,meanwhile corey lyson working the top in,turn number four he'll see it,check her flag is out corey license wins,night number one the touch more of 50 on,royal great battle for second carry man,second tony stewart thirteen,of the season

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Sprint Car Flips & Catches Fire at Port Royal Speedway | COMP Cams Top 5 Moments #73

Sprint Car Flips & Catches Fire at Port Royal Speedway | COMP Cams Top 5 Moments #73

watch the number three going for the,lead they're gonna rub off the corner,osman with a big tumble down the front,straight away,hey race fans this is check christopher,with your comp cams top five moments on,flow racing from this past week,all of these cars and they're on your,screen have won a feature so far this,season as we see some contact,oh my goodness goodness,our number five happens at berlin,raceway where i offer you irrefutable,proof that the announcer's curse is real,folks matt mckenzie and blake harms are,on the call and they're singing the,praises and lists of the accolades of,the top five went bam chase roloffs gets,sent hard into the tire barrier where,he's torn asunder i'm not here to,speculate on the cause of the incident i,just know it seems like these things are,most likely to happen when the,announcers are pointing out the,awesomeness of the drivers glad it's not,just me,sambar senior working the bottom very,well watch the number three going for,the lead they're gonna rub off the,corner osman with a big tumble down the,front straight away,red is out it's off to the kingdom of,speed bridgeport motorsports park for,our number four wearing big block heat,race action billy osbourne the third,gets his shorts torqued and a turbulent,tumble down to front stretch in feature,event action hometown hot shoe mike,franz whose family's been racing at,bridgeport for all 50 years of its,existence picked up his first and long,awaited modified feature win in a,dominant fashion nicely done mr friends,donahue on the outside roberts on the,inside drag race off before they touch,oh no,thunder road speed bull hosts are number,three where stephen donahue and chris,roberts are in a side by side tussle,coming to the checkers when they come,together roberts crosses the line first,and donahue gets wadded up in a ball of,fire donahue escaped with only a hand,injury and roberts was penalized to,detail the field by the officials for,questionable driving which awarded the,win to a red-hot donahue,checkered flag is in the air and for the,fifth time the world 100 winner is,superman jonathan davenport a big,weekend at eldora speedways are number,two where unfinished business kicked,things off on wednesday with chris,madden dominating in the dirt late model,dream makeup race when a caution came,out with nine to go much to his chagrin,he had dropped a cylinder in that epic,run and on to restart last year's double,dreams champ brandon overton was quick,to capitalize shooting around madden on,his way to 128 thousand dollar victory,overton looked to do it again on,saturday when he took the lead from,jonathan davenport on lap 28 brandon,would lead all the way up to lap 55,restart when superman strapped on his,cape recaptured p1 and drove off to his,fifth globe now just one shy of billy,moyer's record six,they slide up and close the door and,mark marks,trouble there turns number three and,four,trouble there in three and four car,flipping over red flag is out freddie,ramer dylan cisney and zeb wise all,involved and it's sport royal speedway's,tuscarora 50 for our number one with 21,laps to go heavy contact and turn three,balls up and sets dylan and cisney,aflame with fire and safety focused on,the wreckage logan wagner and danny,dietrich both exit the race cars and,sprint to cisney's aid admittedly that,all sucked for cisney but just two days,after this incident dylan would be,unanimously elected mayor of the borough,of port royal which makes port royal,pennsylvania that much more awesome,congratulations mayor sisney speaking of,mayor sisney in the borough of port,royal dylan took us on a little tour at,one point you can go up to the floor,sports app and do a search for port,royal and check out more of that,beautiful little town on the banks of,the juniata river earlier tonight during,heat race action thursday's winner,anthony macri's battling for a transfer,spot when he touches tires with brian,brown sending him into a 360 spin-off,avoidance that little pirouette gives,him a left rear flat and also sends him,to the tail of the field macri would,eventually end up transferring to the,big dance and start to feature 19. the,concrete kid would then charge a field,running down leader logan wagner with 10,laps to go macri took a peek to the,inside turns 1-2 but then runs it deep,and a three churning and burning around,the top side to steal the win from,wagner sales and charging off to his,first ever tusk grower 50 win,you

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410 Sprint Feature | Port Royal Speedway 9.5.2020

410 Sprint Feature | Port Royal Speedway 9.5.2020

to light the fires and kick the tires,here,at the port royal speedway the green,flag is out,when should widow are side by side and,turn two but luke's closes the handle,and turn one,he saves the car but he's lost two spots,as they head down the back straight away,justin widow's your leader,and watch out ryan smith here comes,brent marks on the low side he's going,to slide up in front of smith,smith can't dive down back though here,comes lance to wease,now smith with the rebel marks they're,side by side in three,marks working the top smith puts a slide,job on him here comes lance to east,working the bottom look how low the 69k,is pulling the right front up,he goes down low three wide in the,middle and turns number one and two,there goes sprint works in five he'll,take that third spot lastly we stop the,four,here comes the 67 of widdle but here,comes fred marks,marks puts a slide job on widow for turn,number four,witter tries to turn the car and he dies,justin what all drives like five what a,run by the 67 to fight him off there,through three,and four marks bounces off the cushion,here comes lentz,here comes anthony macri with the run,down the back stretch here comes brent,marks he's side by side with widow,through three and four he's gonna,squeeze,by him here coming to the fourth they,both slide up the bread marks,your new leader past the flagstand,anthony macri he's up to third now he's,battling for,widow and for the lead a turn number two,tremendous racing here at port royal,speedway brent marks he's going to be,your leader,anthony macri is up the second looking,for more three cars battling for the,lead here on port royal,we have three heavy hitters fighting for,the lead mackery's going to go to the,low side of march,he's going to get by him here can marx,turn the car,mackery your leader they're side by side,dumb has the flag stand,sweet meat pie it doesn't get any better,than this here comes last week,he pulled in the second momentarily now,here comes anthony macri with a run down,the back stretch shot by simon mark,mark shot stuck door on afternoon,backfiring on the bottom but he goes,through the slick,here comes lance so he's working the,bottom marks just trying to hold him on,three-car battle for the lead they're,side by side at one and two,here comes macri marx is bouncing off,the wall three,wide back are your leader here comes,louise marks through the middle push,your leader in three,oh my goodness hang on to your head,folks three cars battle for the lead off,of turn number four,macri he will take the lead but the,yellow flag is,out oh my goodness the yellow flag,coming out here,with just six more laps to go,as marx brings them down here we go,back underway great restart by brett,marks here's lance louise right on the,tail tank,of macri dewees down low shows his nose,to macri,but mccree will rip the lip ball for,turn number two and going back in the,second,brent marks looking good to kick,off the annual juniata county fair,as he will make his way off the ford,checker flag is out,and brent marks will win at port royal

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Final Lap Pass for $50,000 at STSS Speed Showcase | Sweet Mfg. Race of the Week

Final Lap Pass for $50,000 at STSS Speed Showcase | Sweet Mfg. Race of the Week

you have to be watching this is your,race of the week presented by sweet,manufacturing a lot of fights are now,ready to rumble,case is underway here at the Port Royal,Speedway wow where do you watch now,they're almost 40 white going down into,the turn that's Shepard off the pace,that's got a problem we saw this happen,last year,and he draws the caution and now pulls,away he is going to go to the pit area,he was not going too far anywhere they,bring him down to the snow coat restart,Zone green flag is out we're back,underway see what happens,I buy the Haiti now he's looking to go,two for one stewart Friesen is on the,Move Chris more he's up in the second we,thought he wanted the last restart this,one working out even better freezing now,to Second Jimmy Phelps has been the,dominant car friezen's been the hard,charger we'll start we're still 46 laps,from home but the 44 is absolutely on,Rails right now they're going nose to,tail in the turns number three and four,this is a battle for the lead Here Comes,Stewart on the outside he'll run up the,hill try to get a run down the main,straight away,reason couldn't make it happen that time,last time over here one and two had a,good run punched through the middle of,the corner not this time smooth sailing,off the tournament two scoring reason,for the first time in the speed showcase,75,sure it's the 44 of Stuart Frieza Billy,Potts Jr now he's starting to close on,this threesome their internship remember,this is a battle for the third spot and,now your leader Stuart Friesen he's in,heavy heavy lap traffic you caught it,Chris,stuff he's just buying his time and just,hitting his marks and trying to keep,Pace with stew and with the wave,freezing it's really attacking that,cushion it's fast but it might cause a,mistake meanwhile look at this boy oh,right into the wall yeah go down slit up,white didn't know what to do checked up,pushed into the wall now he'll lose,ground go down holds on to Third and one,falls into the clutches of Billy Jr wow,what a battle is Raging there for that,number three spot Borrego back under go,down again meanwhile freezing finding,his way through lap traffic easily,because the lab cars are on the bottom,he's running right up in the bakery Lane,up top he goes around two more last cars,at the turn three now he's going to,bottom Lane and guess who's the only car,above right now both got,going three wide with Larry white and,Ryan go down Shepherd now will work to,the fourth spot,Jankowski to the outside down the back,moving by stangle moving by go down,moving into Larry white Here Comes,Shepard in fourth Matt Shepherd is on,the Move he'll go back up top there and,turns one and two looking to break into,the podium Here Comes Matt,alongside Anthony Perego they drag race,down the back stretch and Hall the,middle to turn three here comes my,shepherd he's gonna break into third,he's not done yet there he is Jimmy,Phelps right in front of him for a,second and the fifty thousand important,Royal and Stewart threesome one both of,them Matt Shepherd was the winner of the,Honda 200 keeps on the outside,will he be able to sweep the two big,paydays Shepard right through the middle,freezing on the inside,looks a lot like that Sportsman feature,the leader around the bottom the whole,way the guy in second banging the boards,in one and two roll in the middle at,three and four can Shepherd do it Kyle,Smith couldn't Shepherd pounds the top,in one and two here he comes down the,back stretch freeze and slams the door,down and turn number three threesome,down low Here Comes Matt Shepherd,Shepard working through the middle he's,right there however he's gonna duck,behind Stewart threesome twin sticks are,in the air two more laps to go we got a,battle for the lead and turn one working,to the top side Shepard bangs the boards,he'll pound the cushion off the corner,freezing you've got company side by side,door to door down the back stretch 50k,on the line here they come freezing on,the bottom and Shepard on the outside,drifting up the hill side by side out of,the turn oh freezes,and blocks him off we're still moving,we're still green Shepherd High freezing,low wheeler wheel come back Shepherd,sweeping around the outside of freezing,to take the lead Bob Hilbert we are not,done yet,turns three and fourth Shepherd he's,gonna take the bottom out but he washes,up the hill Here Comes Stewart Friesen,check your flag is out of winning the,speed showcase is gonna be Superman that,Shepherd

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Macri vs. Wagner | Tezos All Star Circuit of Champions at Port Royal Speedway 4.23.2022

Macri vs. Wagner | Tezos All Star Circuit of Champions at Port Royal Speedway 4.23.2022

it is time to light the fires and kick,the tires here at the port royal,speedway and the keith kaufman classic,is underway,parker price miller by a nose into,turnover one he'll slide up the bank a,little bit logan wagner takes them off,of turn number two but ppm's right there,darting to the back bumper down the back,stretch into three parker price miller,he's gonna dive down low there and turn,number four come up however logan wagner,is there and coming off a four wagger,will lead lap number one,ppm had cut it down to about a second,and a half and wagner's kicked it into,high gear and now pushed that advantage,back over two and a half seconds now,parker price miller has company because,here comes anthony macri macri on the,bottom ppm off the board you can see,parker price miller is already starting,to move his top wing just ever so,slightly and there goes macri he's going,to take that second spot away parker,price mailer looking to turn the car,underneath him can't quite do it,wagner pinned down on the bottom macri,up on the boards having to negotiate,through a little bit of lap traffic,nearly has to come together oh he does,touch the k-33 at dylan cysteine here,goes macria get up on the high side earl,wagner right off the rail battle for the,lead down the front stretch here comes,anthony mcafee he dips down the wagger,steal your leader but no boy oh close,racing narrow for two with the lap card,and your new leader is going to be the,39m of anthony wow anthony macri,threading the needle through lap traffic,earl oh macri way up the track the doors,back hoping for wagner off of turn,number four back right to the back,bumper down out of the inside factory no,wagner leads the lap now here it comes,macri hard slides up there and one here,comes wagner he diamonds car he drives,back by what a race here for the keith,kaufman classic we're not done yet folks,we only have 11 laps to go now wagner,he's blocked he's blocked by the left,core in the bottom here comes factory,with another run he's going to be the,leader mackery leads lap number 19. what,a race here at port royal,mackery tags the wild wagner closes back,in a little bit man every time macri,gets a car a lot oh hard into the wall,there he's able to stay clean and green,but logan wagner's right there on the,backbone for a car leak separates them,at the start finish line nine laps to go,both cars working the top side there in,turn two they diamond the corner just,ever so slightly still macri got into,the wall they're on the back stretch he,should go low here comes the pilot logan,wagner he's gonna go up high he's also,gonna tap the guardrail for it he has a,rental macri down the front stretch,seven to go and macri has company slide,job coming oh my earl these guys getting,after it and somehow wagner left the,door just slightly open just enough for,macri to slip through and they've,swapped lines once again over in three,and four macri now running down to the,bottom and wagner with a big run off of,four remember this is a big big rivalry,between macri and wagner the question is,what does wagner have in the tank he,really went elaine higher than last time,by he's right there battle for the lead,once again the three macri down low here,comes logan wagner once again he's gonna,bang the boards off for turn number four,he has the run he's gonna duck it in,right behind macri,keep in mind macri had to storm from,sixth to the lead so did he have to use,up a lot as wagner went right by it,mackery dies down to the bottom there,side by side got one off the pace could,he get off the racetrack manche takes,the lead right back and now the yellow,ocean flag is out five laps ago the,caution flag will wave here in the keith,kaufman classic anthony macri brings,them down to the cone and blake we are,back underway pwr restart zone brings us,back to green what's mcree do he blocks,the slider a little bit that opens the,door for ryan smith and look who's,lurking lance dewey's trying to make his,way into the podium your leaders are,nose to tail into turn number three my,creek goes down low here comes wagner up,high ryan smith is going to take the,bottom side away from land suites four,laps to go wagner still within striking,distance to one he's gonna roll right,through the middle can he slide up he's,gonna be your leader right now off the,two but there goes macri he drives back,what a race brewing here with coming to,three to go and,logan wagner hanging all over anthony,macri three laps to go and a car link,separate him into turn one that's a,battle for the win now macri he took the,slider line away here comes logan wagner,with a run off the top they haul the,mail down the back stretch where does,macri go he'll work back down low once,again here comes wagner he has a run off,the top there off of turn number four,he's right there battle for the lead he,pulls the trigger wagner down low he's,going to slide up in front of mackery,battery with a little they are still,side by side what a

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Photo Finish & Crash at Port Royal Speedway | COMP Cams Top 5 Moments #72

Photo Finish & Crash at Port Royal Speedway | COMP Cams Top 5 Moments #72

david stremi leads him down as a three,and four here comes jackson he'll,complete the passover fourth but him and,stream and get together here comes off,the belly on the bottom checkered flag,is out who's gonna win it,hey race fans this is check christopher,with your comp cam's top five moments on,flow racing from this past week,was second here in a 360 in april,what a wheel still oh my,paging check chrisner we just found,something to put in the comp cam's top,five,you rang,at number five making his debut with the,tasers all-star circuit of champions,derrick hauck hiked the hoosiers not,once not twice but thrice during his,qualifying run at bloomsburg fair,raceway and it wasn't just the front two,he managed to dangle all four donuts,while delving some dirt with the rear,bumper bang zoom you're going to the,moon that's two classic tv references,for the price of one folks,craig's in the walls number four makes,me want to lay down and cry it's promo,qualifying round three during the,national muscle car association's,all-american nationals at summit raceway,park and craig sullivan unleashes elmer,romero from the line a slip of the grip,just prior to the 3 30 mark and craig is,around and into the wall the heartbreak,is elmer romero is a gorgeous and i do,mean a gorgeous one-off 49 mercury pro,mod i had the opportunity to interview,craig at pri last year you check that,segment out up on your float racing app,and learned that they have what they,need to repair the mark just in case,something like this would happen but man,it still brings a tear to my eye,one lap to go for danny dietrich brent,marks is right there marx will try the,inside he'll drive up in front of,dietrich dietrich will turn the car off,the cushion and come down the back,stretch as they look for a sweep in,tonight's twin twenties dietrich goes to,the bottom marks stumbles on the cushion,that might be all she wrote drag race to,the line,give it to danny dietrich he sweeps the,jack gun memorial twin twenties,it's the jack gun memorial twin twenties,with the taser's all-star circuit of,champions at williams grove speedway for,our number three into heat race number,one and kablam it's a tango a twisted,tin as hunter scherr and bergen zimwize,come together and turn four with wise,upside down and schurenberg lobbed over,the wall in feature event action danny,dietrich would go wire to wire and,feature number one then pull and invert,a six for feature number two in just,five laps double d would track down and,pass lance to wheeze for the lead but he,wasn't out of the woods just yet brent,marks would come to call on the final,lap briefly slipping into the lead in,turn number two but dietrich was able to,rumble back around and complete the,sweep at williams grove,give him some love the madman robert,baloo drives the blue dozer down there,to get his class photo,for our number two it's off to kokomo,speedway and the ellie's custom trailers,and carts sprint car smackdown,thursday's qualifying and scurry texas,runner dalton stevens got off to a rough,start on what was to be a rough weekend,for him when he biked his way into a,vicious cartwheel between turns three,and four and feature event action quick,qualifier cal cummins would have to give,up his sixth starting position with a,flat tire before the feature even began,caution came out on lap one but after,that 20 seconds starting cummins with,georgia field ripping around blue for,second heading towards the final lap cal,would make a heroic run at grant in the,last two corners but would fall just a,bit shy scoring a second place finish to,jg fast forward to saturday where the,blue dozer made its his um their way to,the infield for the pre-race pick well,played to robert smackdown time and cal,cummins took the race thing quite,literally as rolling from the outside of,row one he proceeded to put a clinic on,leading every lap picking up the 15 000,payday and 20 000 in lap leader money,kyle cashed out of kokomo with a cool 35,000 and the biggest win of his career,ripping the lip there off for turn two,but he slipped up here comes hoffman,hoffman with a run they drag race down,in the turns number three four hoffman,has the lead by a nose does he slide up,in front of dawson johnson now he's,going to go to the outside checkered,flag is out they drag right to the line,contact who wins it who wins it looks,like it's going to be the double zero of,ethan dodson,a finish here at port royal and our,number one is a rumble by the river at,port royal speedway where earl pearson,jr snapped an almost two-year winning,drought with the lucas oil dirt late,model series when he held off ricky,thornton jr for the 50 000 win but the,modifieds once again stole the spotlight,on friday with ethan dotson trying to,hold off nick hoffman hoffman would know,his head into three but leave a lane not,much of a lane but a little bit of a,lane on the outside dawson would once,again squeeze the day to steal the win,at the line on saturday david st

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Last Lap Pass For The Win | Short Track Super Series Modifieds at Port Royal Speedway

Last Lap Pass For The Win | Short Track Super Series Modifieds at Port Royal Speedway

watch them now the mighty modifieds are,ready to rumble,the spring speed showcase at the port,royal speedway is green mikey cooler,he's gonna lead to thundering her off,foot turn number two and down the back,stretch as we are two by two by three,charging into the turn cooler's got the,lead and jimmy horton will look to the,outside as they work out of turn number,four lap number one here comes mahini,outside of freezing followed by,williamson and go down freezing will go,to the outside of grueler followed by,mahini,they drag race down to the line and your,new leader is going to be the 44 of,stuart friesen but he pushed high here,comes cooler working down low as they,are two by two up front mahani now goes,back into third gets by the 26 of ryan,go down jared um now we're slowing over,their return three and four,this may bring out a caution it does,yellow is out,with 25 laps to go 15 completed,wow stuart friesen being pushed off the,racetrack while leading,this happened two years ago here in the,spring race he was leading the race and,came to a stop right on the front,stretch almost the same exact spot,25 laps to go here they come,green flag is back out and the spring,speed showcases back underway go down,leads in the one here comes cooler,challenging he takes the lead mike,cooler will lead him off a turn two and,they're three wide further back in the,pack now as porrego goes by danny,johnson,go down will re-pass cooler going down,the back straight away to turn number,three,williamson now battling with mareska,moreska becoming a dark horse now the,battle continues between shepard and,williamson shepard is now ahead of,williamson and cooler is right behind go,down he'll dive to the inside going into,turn number one side by side cooler will,retake the lead down the back,straightaway h.j bunning pulling in will,stay green go down to the inside of,cooler they'll trade a little paint,going into turn number three they're,side by side and go down will regain the,lead on the four unbelievable racing 15,more laps to go here comes cooler he's,gonna squeeze down on the bottom a go,down go down up high cooler slides up,what does god do he's gonna tuck behind,ghouler as they make their way into,three here comes go down he has to,switch lanes riding right through the,middle but he can't quite find the speed,and your new leader once again is gonna,be the 2af mikey cooler how,back out in front and pulls about a five,car length lead ducks in right behind,cooler as we're gonna go double file,here on your screen for everyone tuning,at home on the right side that's the,battle for the lead between mike gooler,and ryan go down then you have a battle,for fifth on the left side between the,35 and mike mahani and the nine of,shepard go down those it's go time now,as he's going after mike cooler down the,back straight away a couple of car lines,separate them cooler running the middle,to the bottom and go down riding the,guardrail out of the turn joe chris two,to go here comes the leaders two more,laps to go cooler go down still breaking,away from the lead here comes goalie he,slides up now go down has a run on him,they haul the male down the back,stretching into three gore he'll go low,here comes ryan go down go down knocking,down the boards here at port royal white,flag waves one lap to go cooler leading,go down again going to the top right by,the guard rail cooling right in the,middle go down sweeping to the top lane,he'll go side by side down the back,straight away go down on the outside,cooler on the inside go down drops to,the bottom he'll take the lead go down,what a movie just put checker flag is,out on making his way off the floor ryan,go down will win the spring speed,showcase here at port royal

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410 Sprint Car Feature | Port Royal Speedway 3.20.2021

410 Sprint Car Feature | Port Royal Speedway 3.20.2021

it is time to light the fires and kick,the tires,here at the port royal speedway the,green flag is out,dylan's sister your early leader early,got a good start logan wagner he's,hopped his way up into third but justin,peck,he's trying to keep dylan's sister with,him army trouble on the back stretch,lance duisa pacquiao get together here,comes the rest of the field,great driving by everyone caution flag,is out they're back on the throttle,we're back underway here we go brad,green flag is out,side by side this time system still with,the edge here as they head into one and,two the pecks got some momentum on the,high side he's going to dip to the,inside of cisney,side by side down the back straight away,peck with the nose,here they go three and four peck slides,up here comes macri on the low side,peck's gonna be your leader at the line,now he's gonna try to split him once,again,lose some momentum because now here,comes the number five of dylan disney,he's gonna bring the 39m,of anthony macri now sissy's gonna have,to,deal with the lap car they're off to,turn up we got cars getting together in,the middle of turns one and two,caution flag is out,peck brings them back down green flag is,out we're back on the right pulling away,from the second place part,of disney here comes anthony macri gonna,dip,down low battle for second down the back,stretch,disney had enough there to hold off,macri on that set of corners but here he,comes again dipping down low,sisney through the top macri going to,try to slide up pinch him,off not it's going to be enough bad,times mackie's moved into second,now disney gonna try to return the favor,can't quite do it anthony macri he's,gonna move from the second,you can see justin peck gonna put a,slide job on the left car,cuts off momentum here comes anthony,macri he has a run down the back stretch,knows the tail as they haul the mill in,a three justin pecks gonna work,up high here comes anthony macri working,through the middle can't quite make that,pass,peg gets another lap car between him and,mackery he's gonna need it macri looks,great off this corner,last time by pex open the lead back out,to six tenths of a second here with a,little bit of clean air between cars,peck knows it matters now he's racing,these lap cars harder than he would for,position back,in the field he goes to the low side of,kendall as wagner tries to slide in on,mac,he can't get it done battle for second,for a moment as macri now tries to reel,back impact here he goes to the low side,inside the pector side by side off the,corner peck holds him on,back he's gonna go through the middle,still you have to think is there rubber,through the middle,and turns three and four macri right,there this time by,one lap to go one more time around here,for mac we peck your leader through one,and two,macri tight up against the boards as we,come down the back straightaway,last chance peck your leader justin beck,got a top 10 finish,last week he's looking to park it in,victory lane his first ever career win,is gonna happen today,justin peck wins at port royal finishing,second is going to be the 39em of,anthony macri finishing third the one of,logan wagner

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