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Top10 Twitter Prnstars Accounts to Follow 2022 | Part1 | Wtf Clubhello guys,welcome to our youtube c

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Updated on Jan 23,2023

Top10 Twitter Prnstars Accounts to Follow 2022 | Part1 | Wtf Club

hello guys,welcome to our youtube channel in this,video you will see top 10 stars whose,official twitter accounts you should,follow in instagram as well,sophie is an american film actress known,for her acting in the av industry,although sophie started her career as a,model but in january 2005 she entered an,av industry as in 2022 her age is 38,years old,if you aren't into politics and just,want pure adult content,brie is not one of the accounts to,follow the recent tweets are all about, that does not matter,born on the 7th of october 1986 in texas,united states in november 2006 she,started her career in entertainment,industry,kendra lust was born on the 18th of,september 1978 in michigan,usa she completed his degree in nursing,from the university of usa she worked as,a nurse for seven years after that she,made her debut in ave industry,sarah j is an american actress and model,born on the 14th of november 1977 in,cincinnati,ohio united states in 2001.,she started her career in the av,industry with the film studio armageddon,entertainment,lisa ann is an american film actress,born on the 9th of may 1972 in easton,pennsylvania,united states in 1994.,she started her career in the,entertainment industry with the film,studio nepali video,lana rhodes is an american film actress,born on the 6th of september 1996 in,chicago illinois united states loner,rhode's boyfriend is mike magelac mike,is a writer,known for his book the fifth vital as in,2022 her age is 26 years old,abel a danger was born on the 19th of,november 1995 in miami,florida,usa she is an american actress,model and instagram celebrity most,recently she appeared and she and him,directed by little son and bella son,riley reed is an american film actress,born on the 9th of july 1991 in miami,beach florida,united states in 2011 she started her,cara in ave industry,as in 2022 her age is 31 years old,the amalcova is an american film actress,born on the first of july 1992 in palm,springs,california united states in 2012 she,started her career in the entertainment,industry with the film studio fm concept,sunny leone is an indian film actress,and a former adult films actress leon,was born on wednesday,the 13th of may 1981 in sarnia ontario,canada as in 2022 her age 40 years old,thanks for watching,if you liked the video please subscribe,to my youtube channel and press the bell,icon for more update

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Zias Puts Adin on a Date with a ‘Ghetto Girl'

Zias Puts Adin on a Date with a ‘Ghetto Girl'

I like your watch appreciate it oh baby,period,already,on Burberry,it's uh it's a pleasure to meet you Miss,Dead Homie well that's just what I say,it's a pleasure to meet you I love your,nails wow thank you magnificent what uh,uh what kind of uh nails are those,they're blue well I know that but I'm,single kind of like fresh tip French tip,gel you know what they say about women,with French tip,she go with the tip,exactly,exactly so what do you what are you,drinking,stuff what you got in that cup a little,bit of vodka a little bit I gotta not,open up because I'm not wearing no,straws hold on sorry sorry,not like my not all over Twitter but,um,what's up how you doing all right I'm,doing myself,oh he's like no oh I'll leave this one,huh what does the AR stand for Aiden,Ross oh okay okay I'm leaving myself you,know what I mean why you gotta do rival,huh you get waves wave check let me see,what it's not that bad all right,boneless power bulb is power okay let me,explain I love that ball too but like,damn your balls like that yeah,yeah that's a wait that's a weave it's a,wig no way,I've never built a girl with the weed,before oh yeah you can like call my ,I could Palm yours we could Palm it,together that's crazy,take the grill out bro you're like a,young Paul Wall,oh oh my God that sounds like Invisalign,myself you know what I mean so,um what's it called straight up like,something about yourself like I like to,suck dick,wow well have you ever been like in a,gangbang or a DP you ever in a train nah,I'm actually not I'm walking to Thomas,huh I'm more it's like the one-on-one,um,missionary yeah you are like you like,you a little cholo well I've killed a,couple people a Volo a white cholo oh no,but I you know I've well not killed a,couple people but I've had my you know,my favorite Call of Duty type stuff yeah,yeah like in games and you know,what I'm saying yeah yeah I get a lot of,kills in uh the video games and stuff um,so we um I'm gonna ask you straight up,um where are you from my mother's vagina,I know me too but I'm saying like where,are you located where were you born at,North Carolina I was born in Stanford,North Carolina oh wow good for you and,then um you just don't give a you,say oh I'll go for you,go ahead I care I barely,um when did you move to L.A,2017,2017. yeah,okay yeah okay,um you good you straight yeah bro I'm,good bro all right,um why are you turning red huh I'm not,turning red at all bro all right I'm,just gonna give it a buck you know what,I'm um the reason why I did this is is,it's not,I don't know how to put this the right,way I'm not I don't want to go on a date,with you no no listen I I'm celibate I'm,um currently not around I'm,about to be my gym journey and um going,to the gym every day I gotta workout,after this really yeah oh good for you,no so like real like I'm not I'm,not I'm not I'm not doing this to be on,a date right I really just did this,because I just wanted to I've never done,this before so I want to like just see,what it was like,you've never done a blind date e-day,whatever you've never been with a black,girl oh Zeus take a step back for a,second that's what this is no I'm just,I'm just saying like what what,let me explain a bit he ain't never been,on a date with a hood Beach that's,basically what he's saying,let me let me explain it in the more,so he like the Suburban girls let me,whitewash it a little bit he hasn't been,with a,um,while you go up that hard you shaking,your legs bro,so I'm Hood I'm ghetto this is you spicy,no I'll use spices how many bodies you,got like before more than a cemetery,what's that how many bottles you got a,lot how many a lot how many,how many years,a lot no you don't okay 15 15.,how many you got through you can't count,your hands how many you got a lot how,many is alive,yeah like quadruple I don't know the,exact number,because I had a lot of orgies a lot of,games you like gangbangs gang bangs,orgies like what like guys and girls I,had an orgy for my 22nd birthday it was,like 25 to 30 people in there that's,like a lot of bodies in one setting,that is her wrong I don't know,what that means what does that mean,people have said that but on to me,all right listen so again I'm not I'm,not doing this for me I'm more just,doing this because I want to understand,and I want to just connect I I love,people I love everybody I want everybody,to just be on this love train I want,everyone just be like on some like not,like that on this list no okay look I I,wasn't even thinking like that but since,you say that no no no it would be open,no you'd be the first person no no,okay all right Haram listen I'm really,just here because I want to just,understand,foreign,I just want to understand because Zeke,and me were supposed to do this long,overview I'm Gonna Keep it a buck we've,been talking about versus I've been,single but I'm not on this wave anymore,so you're probably gonna be able to,honestly you're gonna be the last female,I probably have on stream for a very,lo

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yourself,you gotta X that one out all right we,got we got Leah Hadid in the, cut man what's up man,the last time we spoke you supposed to,make a debut on like my only fans or,something but like I'm a virgin yeah it,was only gonna be a gang bang,they all you,I can handle that,you got enough dick with that,I know,but uh man so you know I talk you know I,told Aiden you know,that's that little white boy huh yeah,you know he he he's found some he's,found new interest in black women oh so,we're a fetish,I don't know if it's so much a fetish,but like he wants to try something new,you know what I'm saying he's tired of,the girls on his side oh he's tired of,the unseasoned he wants some he wants,some flavor,so I told her I'm not just gonna get him,any black girl right right right you,guys gotta Slap Yo Mama,you know spicy you know spicy you fit,that description you real spicy,thank you,finger licking it troll them a little,bit like get aggressive with them I'll,get it,see no check his temperature,dude,okay,well I mean you can ask him that so just,get extra sexual with them get extra,sexual actual like do I when do I pull,his dick out do I wink and then,I say Val hello,foreign,you know,yeah,you put the grill in too,acted different he put the grill in okay,I with it I with it he was,ready,I'm obviously ready hold on let me put,it because I'm not wearing no drawers,okay I'll just block it up oh,I like that,love a pinky Daddy I got places to be in,Dix to see so I got chargers okay okay,um,yeah so,are we ready we're going yeah,thank you you're such a sense to me I,loved it I love this sport bow hello,hello where are we going you going that,way that way,I like your watch,baby here period,y'all already matching yeah very very on,Burberry,it's uh it's a pleasure to meet you Miss,bad homie homie well that's just what I,say it's a pleasure to meet you I love,them Hills wow,I'll be myself bro this ,no oh,the AR stand for a loss uh okay I'm,gonna be myself you know what I mean why,you gotta do rival huh you get waves,wave check let me see,what it's not that bad all right,boneless power bulb is power okay let me,explain I'm that ball too but like damn,you're bald like that yeah,yeah that's it wait that's a weave it's,a wig no way I've never built a girl,with the weave oh yeah you can like call,my I could Palm yours we could Palm,it together that's crazy what's it,called straight up like something about,yourself like I like to suck dick,wow well have you ever been like in a,gang bang or a DP you ever in a train,nah I'm actually not I'm going to Thomas,huh,I'm more it's like the one-on-one um,like intimate missionary yeah you are,like you like you a little cholo well,I've killed a couple people a bolo a,white cholo oh no but I you know I've,well not killed a couple people but I've,had my you know my favorite Call of Duty,type stuff yeah yeah like in games and, you know what I'm saying yeah yeah,I get a lot of kills in uh the video,games and stuff um so wait um I'm gonna,ask you straight up um where are you,from my mother's vagina,I know me too but I'm saying like where,are you located where were you born at,North Carolina I was born in Stanford,North Carolina oh wow good for you and,then um you just don't give a you,say a lot good for you,go ahead I care I barely um when did you,move that way,2017,. the reason why I did this is is it's,not,I don't put this the right way I'm not I,don't want to go on a date with you no,no listen I I'm celibate I'm um,currently not around I'm about,to be my gym journey and um going to the,gym every day I gotta work out after,this really yeah oh good for you no so,like real like I'm not I'm not I'm,not I'm not doing this to be on a date,right I really just did this because I,just wanted to I've never done this,before so I want to like just see what,it was like all right how many bodies,you got more than a cemetery,how many bodies you got a lot how many a,lot how many,how many yeah a lot no you don't have,like 15 15.,how many you got through you can't count,your hands how many you got a lot how,many is alive,quadruple I don't know the exact number,was,like because I had a lot of origin,Ally,gang bangs orgies like what like guys,and girls I had an orgy for my 22nd,birthday it was like 25 to 30 people in,there just like a lot of bodies in one,setting,that is her wrong I don't know,what that means what does that mean,s,I have your what's the longest you ever,have without having sex,I mean like when I was born to like,losing my virginity 17 years okay so,after I'm saying after you watch,Virginia what's the longest river,without having sex,wow,insane wow that insane I mean that's a,release it's a workout that's true you,enjoy it and I'm not gonna judge you for,that so you're judging me do you have do,you have no I'm not I'm not judging you,at all you're here for a reason I think,we need to we need to talk about what's,going on so I feel like you're,counseling me go ahead tell me though,good good so in uh i

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18+Twitter Par Milegi (गन्दी Videos)?

18+Twitter Par Milegi (गन्दी Videos)?


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SK Khoza is officially a pornstar // twitter trending video explained // Random Rantz

SK Khoza is officially a pornstar // twitter trending video explained // Random Rantz

whoa whoa so quick recap sk cause i,posted a video of him eating out,somebody's daughter and he was going in,i bet somebody got away from that or,somebody's,you must be nice i am so not jealous,then the usual happened twitter went,crazy chris excel said some stupid ,as usual,my guy,why are you always power tweeting,nonsense,why,don't you have like a a job you know,it's just you always it's just you,just you,anyway after twitter went tits up about,this video he officially announced on,his instagram that he would be joining,the most exclusive,raunchy get down,dirty,social media platform,only, fans,yup,yeah,i'm not making this up your boy shout,out from the queen is officially a porn,star and he's gonna create adult content,congratulations to him because he's sk,and i know for a fact,the working mommies with surplus income,and a bunch of wet toys in some drawers,gonna subscribe for 5.99 yo girl,subscribe to my only fans account of,course daddy i kid guys it's a joke i'll,just make it a little funny it's,actually going to be five dollars which,is 84 rands in,brands so of course it's a bargain and,let's not lie to ourselves,this man you see this man right here you,see this mom behind me this man is a,chick magnet,and girls want to him so i think,this is perfect you know this is a,perfect career move for him,i hope the industry doesn't blackball,him,and exclude him from acting in various,stuff i personally enjoy his work i,found out about him from way back when,in the show called,that's a tv show that was done dirty by,the way just saying we needed a season,two it was a good show and whoever,decided to cancel it,you know you man,so with that being said remember to call,your girlfriend and tell her to,subscribe to my channel and your friends,your family your crush your high school,teacher your doctor your fave youtuber,your instagram crush your transport,driver your weed guy your gaming buddies,your booty car in fact slide my link,into a group chat or else,imma find you,and imma make you laugh,till you can't breathe,and that hurts

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The dirty truth behind Mia Khalifa's big mistake...

The dirty truth behind Mia Khalifa's big mistake...

mia,khalifa,i know you've heard that name and maybe,you've even seen the horrible thing she,did at 21. you were wearing the islamic,headscarf often known as hijab and of,course then it developed into a,scene you must have known how,provocative that was,mia agreed to wear the islamic symbol of,modesty while carrying out some of the,most immodest acts in a porn video there,is absolutely no question that what she,did was absolutely unacceptable and,disrespectful but before we decide if we,should all hate her i need you to hear,the full story behind all of this and,only then i want to know your answer,should mia khalifa be forever defined,by her past mistakes,this is how she looked like before all,of this but everyone knows her as the,famous porn star who once ranked number,one in the world and is still one of the,most searched actresses on adult sites,but what most people don't know is that,she was only in the industry for three,months and that even though there are,thousands of adult videos of her online,she only acted in 11 of them so how did,this all happen,it's tough to tell just by looking at,her but when mia was approached to do,porn she was at a very vulnerable point,in her life hated myself i couldn't i,there wasn't a version of me that i,could see in the mirror and be okay with,i didn't feel as pretty as i was so,whenever i got attention from men i felt,like i need to hold on to this i might,not ever get it again i need to hold on,to this and do,whatever i can to make them happy so,that i can keep getting this since her,self-worth depended so much on outside,validation especially from men you can,imagine how she felt walking down the,street one day,literally stops dead on its tracks,and rolls the window down and they're,like you are so gorgeous would you like,to model for me like can i give you my,card,and,i'm like me are you serious really,the man was from a porn agency and two,weeks later desperate for more,validation mia signed a contract to star,in adult movies,the reason,i thought it was okay for me to,do porn was because i thought no one,would ever find out about it and when,men laughed at her for not wanting to,wear a hijab on set she gave in thinking,no one would find out when there's four,white male producers in the room and you,say something like that to them and they,all just laugh it's kind of devastating,and it makes you not want to speak up,and say anything again and as soon as,that video was released mia khalifa's,dirty little secret turned into,international outrage in a matter of,days her whole world shattered her,family disowned her she received death,threats her address was leaked and,shared all over the internet and even,when she quit and tried to lead a normal,life her mistakes followed her,everywhere,the stairs i get i feel like people can,see through my clothes and it brings me,deep shame to make her karma even worse,mia made no money from the billions of,views all while the real masterminds,behind her offensive video made millions,of her content today anyone can,repurpose her old videos into,compilations and mia can do nothing,about it at the beginning of this video,i asked you should mia khalifa be,forever defined by her past mistakes,to fairly answer that question you have,to know the woman she is today mia has,rebranded herself as a sports,commentator a chef and most importantly,an activist she is doing everything she,can to make sure no young girl makes her,mistakes now she teaches girls the,importance of self-love and respect she,has inspired many women who could relate,to her past insecurities don't rely on,men or anybody else for your happiness,mia khalifa fully understands the,consequences of her actions and wants no,one else to go through them there's not,a day that goes by where i don't think,about what my future child is going to,be put through i'm not looking forward,to the day where i have to sit them down,and tell them what their mother did at,21 years old,night farm truth is all of us make,mistakes,but most of us are lucky that the whole,world doesn't have to witness them and,enjoy seeing them over and over again we,are all a product of our experiences,that have shamed but also shaped and,molded us and as i end this video for,the last time i want to ask having her,whole story in mind should mia khalifa,be forever defined,by her past,mistakes,you

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Adult Stars Read Mean Comments #3

Adult Stars Read Mean Comments #3

hey what's going on guys it's Jane trade,here from for y'all entertainment and,we're back again with some special yep,once again we've teamed up with our,childhood heroes browsers at pornhub to,bring you something special just in time,for the holidays,browsers porn stars reading mean,comments on pornhub part 3 almost broke,my speakers shut the up,she sounds like a horny cats in the,alley way at least cheesy porn music,drowns out her annoying voice more like,abigail whack am i right her facial,expressions look as if she's constipated,sometimes fat mole on her stomach has,got to go Bella Belle's sitting on your,face must be what it feels like to look,at my clips why does she sound like,she's dying,who the uses Janice as a porn star,name all I can think of is my childhood,best friend's mom not hot sorry my name,is not like candy star or something my,name white as AB again it doesn't,get any whiter than that my parents I,used to work with this girl talked about,we were 16 nice to see her all grown up,I do say I have seen gooder I give this,a 6 out of 10 because the beginning was,good and Dan about to halfway when it,kind of fakes so yeah it could have been,done good her her tooth gap was bigger,than the hole in her pants the girl,talks way too much man get on with it,nice body nice face but can't stand,hearing her talk she looks like one of,those stupid Jersey Shore girls from the,show her ass looks like two Spalding,basketballs really anyone else find it,hard to use because she she's make it so,obvious she's faking everything like I,know it's porn and everyone fakes but,she seems like she was over doing it,hard to use use use I don't sorry he,this girl looks like a gorilla,Xander corpus could use some sex classes,get rid of the Bush Bush is dead what's,wrong with her voice what's wrong with,your ears yeah the girl is okay I guess,I think hey but who's the guy,Xander Cortez is the ultimate skater,trash I've never been called before,that's cool suck all disease so she,stops talking I'm leaving

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you shower after you have sex every time,every time every time I notice it,some people don't I shower before and,after happens that's one of the biggest,reasons I want to make more ,money so I get a shower on my plane so I,can bang on there and shower do,you not do not sometimes because,you can't wash off yeah it's definitely,better to determine a little shower with,your hair too yeah like a full yeah like,the ppjs they have them no I'm saying,like usually when you shower it's like,you're getting your hair wet or is it,just a body shower a body shower ah you,know this is really weird because I do,it every time and it's just the dick I,go and I wash my day off I have,to be honest I have to be honest with,him I do the same thing but but here's,my questions you guys are great,no because you're done hold on some guys,don't don't do that I think it was Nikki,Six and uh who was it Nikki Sixx and,Tommy Lee they win a month and saw who,could the most girls and neither of,them were allowed to shower,that's gross but I also want to know who,won,yeah I think it's in the book The the,dirt like you have to understand that he,knows this because he's you know old,enough like myself to remember these,guys or or to have looked up to these,guys in some ways but like there are,people that quite literally still make,his sexcapades look minute and that's, crazy that's crazy to imagine,like these dudes were Psychopaths,yeah I don't know I've I mean or is that,not true I don't know,I nine times in one day like,there is definitely some that's that's,so that's insane but like how does it,mean that's not her I'm a young boy how,is your sex drive that high like I'm a,young man I got mate I got maybe three,in a day max four Max well there's,there's different factors I mean there's,you know there's the Cialis obviously,the testosterone the stem cells I mean,those three are pretty powerful combo,but then also it's kind of like,I don't know man it's like that,deep-seated feeling that there's like a,lack like when I was growing up I didn't,feel like I got enough and I,always wanted more so it's like in my,mind it's kind of like weed like I've,got obviously enough money to buy weed,like a 50 bag of weed is not gonna, bust me but I don't spill it,like I don't want any of that wheat to,spill on the floor like I will pick it,up off the carpet you know,because this is ingrained in me and I,think like the sex thing also is like,that where if I see a hot girl that,wants to me I just feel like a,obligation as a man to her you know,I just do even if I don't want to I've,like you know just in my mind,I'm like here we go again you , just get it done you don't know,what are you not gonna this girl I,don't know it's I mean probably not,healthy but I just always had to do it,but it's God's work but I felt like I,was doing the right thing you know the,one with the nine times was that a,specific girl no no this was multiple,yeah,um maybe,I've nine girls in a day and then,I've also had sex nine times two but,like okay so one time I had a I had a,tentsome and I six of the girls,so that was six right there but I only,got off like twice right you know what,I'm saying but then there was times that,I nine actual full times in a day,so how do you remember all this,um well because because like some like,nine when it's like a record or it's,like a high yeah you're like okay we're,gonna the one more time that's,gonna get us there I remember when like,seven was the record and I like really,didn't want to but I was like okay,we're gonna like you know get around get,the seven right we have the my knee,touched your elbow story I'll for me,that's a that was a big situation you,know what I'm saying do you ever play in,the porn star pool at all or was you or,were you uh kind of out of it I a,few porn stars,um but not too many you know I uh I,definitely have and then sometimes I've,found out later that a chick was a porn,star,um I bet you're like ah that makes sense,uh yeah so I mean sometimes sometimes,sometimes the porn chicks weren't like,that crazy some of the chicks that,were like Square girls that me,like real nuts you know,um so I think some of the porn girls are,probably just like tired of all that, and they're just like okay let's,just get some missionary and ,kissing down you know we'd never get,this I don't know

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