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Black Twitter goes in on Plies for getting BODY SLAMMED off his own stagehey you guys it's your girl

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Updated on Jan 24,2023

Black Twitter goes in on Plies for getting BODY SLAMMED off his own stage

hey you guys it's your girl t so,everybody wants to know my opinion on,the whole ply situation so unless you've,been living under a rock i'm sure you,guys have all seen this video of flies,getting slammed by this random dude on,stage it happened on saturday flies was,in ratchet ass tallahassee florida at,the coliseum and he's basically doing,this um club event called sweet ,saturdays and so during the event you,know some guys started getting rowdy in,the crowd and security want to throw him,out but plays decide to be gangster and,invite the dude on stage so while pleiss,has him on stage plaza is cracking a lot,of jokes he's kind of embarrassing the,dude the guy was a fan of plies implies,they want to shake his hand and plays,was just kind of coming off kind of,disrespectful so the dude said it,he picked up plies and he basically body,slammed him in the crowd and then once,this went down security jumped in they,started beating up the guy this whole,situation is a mess i want you guys to,check out the video of ply's getting,slammed and i want you guys to check out,the video the guy who did the slamming,he gets on camera after being beat up,and bruised and he explains the,situation check this out and i'm going,to come back with the rest of my,comments,hey bro,we too close to be too dangerous we,can't be that close though,but let's go,color money,we too close to be two we can't,be there close now,but let's go,color money,all right y'all this big bae on the,scene with my my bro moody green,this is the that boom plies,on the stage,more to talk to these let them,know what happened like i told the south,side i'm like hey man,i'ma try to this hand bruh,when i was in high school hit manager, with me,so i made my way to the front and ,so when i got close security moved me,back flight called me back to the stage,and so i'm like hey flies man,what's up bro i don't want to shake your,hand but i see my cousin in the head,fishing with you and bro i ,with you bro you're one of my top five,favorite artists,that start talking that ,so i'll drop this ass on any real ,do like you bruh,because you don't with me what the, i'mma with you bro i don't,give a damn what your record is how real,you is bro that part and they're like,hey man why still to this day bruh you,don't got no understanding get the ,off that liquor bruh,because and what you got to say to,applause hey all right i got to say the,flies hey man,i still with your music but how you,trying me tonight bro,i don't with that bro i don't think,no other gonna with that,right,so no matter how much blood i got on me, i'm banging when i walk when,i when i don't get going fighting more,brother that's when i feel when i,fight your ass it's all about my heart,of mine my so with the ,you will come timeout because i'm gonna,stand up for myself ,so i just know that man i'm still ,with your music and what the hell are,you about,but you're like you as a person don't,let your character get avoid yourself, you fall boosted everybody,no booster real bro you man,but a still with you cuz you,try to be on that real but don't,get that twisted my ,security i'm about tired of you, it's the third time this,week i didn't got slammed at the club, slamming my neck,knock my fiddy cap off,knock my spinal cord out,of place if i get paralyzed they gonna,call me paralyzed plasma i'm sick you,gotta just watch all those videos and,plus she saw plaza's response as well i,mean the whole situation to me is crazy,there's a lot of blame to go around with,this first vomiting plies to stop acting,gangster and just do him we all remember,that video of jamie foxx going in on,flies for running in l.a when those real,gangsters came to confront him on a,video shoot and he literally left jamie,foxx right there to basically have to,defuse the situation so we all know,applies is not really about that life,and that's okay you know what i'm saying,he messed up by inviting the dude on,stage had the dude been causing such a,ruckus and clash of just allowed,security to kick him out he shouldn't,bottom on stage in hopes of trying to,embarrass him in hopes of trying to get,a laugh you can crack all those jokes on,instagram but in real life everybody,does not have that same temperament some,folks you can disrespect them they won't,do anything other folks will fly off the,handle that's what this young man did,another thing that i find really strange,that his security allows this to happen,you know it's really sad it's a sad day,and age when the people that you're,paying to protect you literally stand,there they watch this whole scenario,take place i feel like the security,guard secretly want implies to get his,ass booked that's why they weren't,pulling the dude back that's why they,weren't trying to stop anything and,that's why they reacted afterwards if,you guys have not seen the video of,riffraff and his security guards having,riffraff's back i'ma go ahead and show,you guys this clip real quick check this,out,you guys just saw

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Plies ft Xtra - YAY [Official Video]

Plies ft Xtra - YAY [Official Video]

thằng chơi chắc như partan nên phải hay,thẩm giáo bảo và trả lời sàn miền than,taxi

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Plies - Feed My Family (Official Music Video)

Plies - Feed My Family (Official Music Video)

foreign,thank you,Hey listen Hey listen y'all make sure,y'all split this now,hey big dog come on jump in you go with,me come on,what's happening TT,now they're trying to stream a fan why I,might have taken change now I'm born,with a silver spoon I wasn't giving no,Advance I'm just trying to feed my,family why I might have taken chance now,I'm born with a silver spawn how I'm,giving no Advance just trying to get, life Julie trying to set me dead,of ice pray that God don't have the,butter jelly ran off I did it twice,she got shaked I had to sacrifice I'm,still trying to up the score she wanna, I told her Let It Go selling peace,trying to make some memes in this water,you're gonna snack or Swim you think we,cool but don't fall with him he been,soft I grew up with him I ain't a rat,but Imma find a cheese before you,Blossom you gotta plan to see you can,tell the crackers they can keep it,Grammy I'm inside of trying to feed my,family I'm just trying to feed my family,why am I to take a chance I was born,with a silver spoon I ain't giving no,Advance trying to feed my fam why I,might have taken a chance I was born,with a silver spoon I wasn't giving no,Advance if your team ain't even right,you ain't a boss you learn from it that,it ain't,my family,how I'm giving no advance

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Plies - Comin 2 Eazy [Ain't No Mixtape Bih 3]

Plies - Comin 2 Eazy [Ain't No Mixtape Bih 3]


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Plies - Obama Forward (Prod. by @FilthyBeatz)

Plies - Obama Forward (Prod. by @FilthyBeatz)

you gave hope to the black man brought,peace to the homeland whether you was,white or black you made us feel like,that we can you blew life into the,middle class never made the bone feel,bad only thing that we asking you is you,forget about us that's all we ask trying,to please the world that's a,our future but yeah understand they,treat them like a news we need more,opportunity less institution we still,ain't protected by the constitution the,hood i still write my arms around them,so many people trying to steal dramas we,just like everybody else but that's,trying to survive they're not surrounded,a lot of steel come from broken home a,lot of us raised without pops gold i,double saluci still pushing on got a,hard time that's what champions if they,fell down brush his cell phone and come,back stronger than he's here before if i,learn one thing from obama that's the,infernal little question on the wrong,one built in today,one build in a day,one built in a day one building today,one built in today,you said it's gonna take time we're,gonna believe whatever you say you say,we gon ride for you you just ride fuzzy,you just make sure we straight we,straight right now we ain't celebrating,this still issues we still fail the best,man he did win and that was clear in,this case we ain't bragging we just,rejoicing to all of us that feel great,cause right now we're in a different,space without you we were the lost race,high look we own pace i see god that's,what i agree probably something that we,can't escape make mistakes so we,i know we pray for him every day we pray,to god that he keep them safe i hope,none of them lose faith cause we all,know it's gonna be brighter days all the,soldiers that we did lose i know god got,em in a better place your heart and your,courage that something can never be,replaced wrong one built in the day,one built in a,today,straight

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Plies Discusses his "On Trial" Mixtape

Plies Discusses his "On Trial" Mixtape

yo what's happening broski when you lay,out right not man,oh she working on his own tribe mixtape,just settle it right before Purple Heart,but just kind of really wanted to,explain everybody man why the end,up going with the home try name for the,mixtape you know lot going on in ,life right now man and they feel like,honestly that most decide here,for real you know like zone try,here D I think a can never escape,they pass for real and that's not we're,talking to my brother about man I think,I ain't never trying to get away from,that for real like the past father you,felt a lot of mistakes that made,man that you know learn from a lot,of things they did anything ain't proud,of but ain't trying to run from me,prize neither so you know whether you in,court for real only tryout for real you,know your past is always gonna father a, but they love what they stand for,oh I think this mixtape is so different,for me because I was able to allow,myself to go back and really pull my,heart for the first time in a long time,about that I felt like was,important and that I feel like,important so people that really ,with a for real,oh just had another situation and they,was dealing weird that was eye-opening,experience for me Oh being on trial for,real oh I'm a touch on certain aspects,that I feel like allowed you to really,understand a hard thing for real for me,man being a Street that come from,40 miles in you know never had for,real but also they've been blessed to,play with financial means that a ,never thought oh I've dreamed of,oh I think that's important for me with,this project because I want to open up,man and do I ain't never did before,like always been a laid-back in,regards to keeping out of certain,paws in my world and for me it's just as,I needed came up like we never let, know we stayed that for real like,we understood our creep was for,real we'd understand how long was gonna,be with the news that at the time,was calling the real oh but me I,think I'm trying to let go all that ,for real and brag 1000 per,sentence in my world for real,and I think this only tried mixtape oh,gonna probably be the first time ,know for real,what the I'm thinking how I feel,for real probably that I will ,with it for real oh I think I'm a real,event on his mixtape and I think early,on when I was making music when I first,got in the game and then take this ,serious,I was I was venting a lot and ,really know how I felt and I was getting, my emotions on records and I,ain't really trying to go back to that,I'm just trying to do more de and I,think his own tribe big statements it's,gonna separate all that because, gonna walk away from this mixtape,knowing about how I feel about,everything,you know I mean I think he's away from,me attended see I'm getting all the way,out there on this mixtape you know I,mean so stick around for the date but I,only tried mixtape because that ,lied would be dropping in a minute Oh,finished up some in the studio,right now,I know extra finger come through he got,a mixtape that's for the drop Oh y'all,finally hunting that some extra you get,all this information later got another,ticket about to drop follow that this is,Lady for that information,so right now man you know your life is,always trying mixtape,separate a lot of Russell first,time ever my and I bring you into,my world for real,no bear there's no boundaries I'm,telling the I really feel it bruh,for me to you man,stick around home dropping this, real rissalah got the date,coming for you real wrists on only try,to mixtape on the way I with a home,Purple Heart right around the corner,broski,you

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Plies - Who Hotter Than Me (Explicit)

Plies - Who Hotter Than Me (Explicit)


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Lil Murda Goes Off On Plies For Disrespecting His P Valley Role

Lil Murda Goes Off On Plies For Disrespecting His P Valley Role

what's up this is david banner and you,are looking at all urban central well,i'm really sitting here traumatized i,really promise more i think about it,but i was saying this all on social,media hashtag p-valley and all this,so i kept saying that so i,mean,so they said man this is a show by,goddamn,strip club so me being a strip club,i said when i get some time bomb watch,that so other day i'm sitting in my bed,i'm just flipping through the channel,and boom i see,people i said oh,show right now so i see stay in the,strip club you know buff had ain't got a,shirt on nothing he performed i it's,it's never murder,so i go to the,bathroom and come by,and i see,seven,oh,so much,be valid then i see goddamn little,murder coming in the club,and i see goddamn uncle clifford sin and,looking at him like he a little t-bone,steak or something,and i think her name,mercedes she see a club they're staying,at it so she won't go to cleveland on,clifford,that's you and,tell her i'm in the bike he take about,that spirit of me,uncle clifford trying to tell him to get,on the bus and go to work,but he didn't sit there crying like baby,because all he want to do is just stay,there run up,yo take your hand to work all you want,to do is sit here run up at me,p valley i wish y'all know what she said,black power but boy i can't watch the,water um even with like we let's,talk about it's just it doesn't happen,today in the past 24 hours this video,applies it's going viral yes that's why,i was kind of talking about he was,traumatized from the uh from the show,and it's interesting,because he knew every character's name,he knew exactly what they said,and so you wonder it's like are people,traumatized are you,are you confused or are you just scared,to kind of accept maybe who you are or,accept those who around you are you know,like where does that fear come from,where does the confusion come from,you know and so that's kind of,i'm glad that these settings have,started that conversation you know and,those are the things that we didn't,prepare for you know you don't know,what your work is going to do for people,um but the confusion the complexity of,it all the conversation that's been,started even the ignorance,at times that people may have around it,is uh,i'm glad that it's happening you know,anything like that i will say no uh i,will say this publicly though i do think,it's very unkind to talk about people's,appearance and weight and like if you,have something harsh to say like uh he,kind of like the 300 pounds a pressure,joke uh,niko honor is my good brother i love,that brother and i i wouldn't let anyone,disrespect him and into his face nor,through the internet i know i don't say,a lot about that but uh yeah talk about,your own worry about your own weight dog,worry about your own height you know all,that type of stuff like what about your,own what you got going on and don't try,to play it off to the side as if you're,not truly interested in what these,stories have been the conversations that,have been started you know so yeah i,understand that people don't want to,watch you know if it's poor folly,you

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