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Toronto Blue Jays News & Rumours: Pirates Trade Relief Pitcher To The Blue Jays & Sign Brandon Belts

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Updated on Feb 24,2023

Toronto Blue Jays News & Rumours: Pirates Trade Relief Pitcher To The Blue Jays & Sign Brandon Belt

so I just wanted to make a quick MLB,news and rumors video for you guys,talking about the Toronto Blue Jays in,particular and going over some of the,latest Toronto Blue Jays news and rumors,uh that has happened these last couple,days uh the Blue Jays have actually made,two uh I would say fairly significant,moves these last couple days that I want,to go over in this video so if you're,interested in that let's get right into,it so the first item of note for the,Toronto Blue Jays is in regards to free,agency and them going out and signing,former San Francisco Giant Brandon Belt,so uh Caitlin McGrath on Twitter tweeted,out Blue Jays officially announced that,they've signed Brandon belts to a,one-year 9.3 million dollar deal to make,room on the roster Julian Mayweather has,been df8 so uh Julian maywether I just,want to touch on that quickly,um when he did play which was a couple,years ago he was a fairly you know,fascinating pitcher you could throw like,north of 100 miles an hour he was one of,the best closers in baseball when he was,healthy but just the reality is he's not,healthy and not the player that he once,was so uh by dfaing him they make room,for Brandon Belt on their roster,which is actually a sneaky good signing,in my opinion um not like the Blue Jays,you need to really make another signing,in my opinion for Brandon Belt um,they've already had a pretty active,off-season so far uh signing guys like,Kevin Kiermaier for example uh the,Dalton vars show trade with the,Diamondbacks uh but now the Blue Jays,adding another left-handed bat to their,lineup and get Brandon Bell to of course,is a two-time World Series champion a,pretty low risk move financially also uh,you are paying 9.3 million dollars which,is a little bit High I guess but uh it's,only for one year so if it doesn't work,out at the end of this season uh it'll,be able to move off of it if he doesn't,do well and you want to trade him at the,deadline you can also do that probably,as well I would assume so uh brand of,bell to the Blue Jays on a one-year,contract for 9.3 million dollars so,Brandon builds stats over the last,couple years,um in 2022 they weren't great he wasn't,healthy but prior to that um he actually,was a pretty tremendous player but uh,yeah in 2022 Brandon Belt uh only had a,war of 0.3 and 254 at bats he only had,54 hits eight home runs a you know,disappointing 213 average a 25 runs,scored 23 RBIs just one stolen base uh,not a terrible on base percentage though,of 326 but that is well below his career,average and an Ops plus of 92. so uh,Brandon Belton 2022 wasn't exactly the,player that we were accustomed to seeing,I'm over the duration of his career with,the Giants uh prior to that Brandon,built was a tremendous player but just,had a pretty hard time staying healthy,all these last couple years and that's,just kind of a factor when you get a,little bit older,injuries are are a problem and Brandon,Bell's house dealt with that firsthand,so if Brandon Belt is able to stay,healthy in 2023 and get back to his,former self uh prior to 2022 uh the,booties are actually getting a pretty,solid player on just a one-year contract,for 9.3 million dollars so it's one of,those moves where in my opinion pretty,low risk but a lot of high upside in my,opinion as well and if it doesn't work,out it's only a one-year commitment not,the end of the world but you know by,bringing on Brandon Belt who is a,two-time World Series champion with the,San Francisco Giants,um adding that to a team that's looking,to get there in the very near future,could pay dividends very soon and could,be a valuable thing for players like,Paul buchette players like Vladimir,Guerrero Jr Alejandro Kirk Dalton varsho,you name it um this blue jays team has a,fairly young roster for the most part uh,but you know by adding another veteran,like Brandon Belt uh to join a guy like,Kevin Kiermaier with mayor field uh,George Springer it's a pretty nice blend,of Youth um and Veterans and I think,Brandon build will fit in perfectly in,Toronto so now after the addition of,Brandon Belt uh to the team for the 2023,season uh this is what the projected,2023 lineup looks like for the Toronto,Blue Jays so uh this is according to, so feel free to visit that,website if you want to a link will be,down below in the description of this,video uh but they have George Springer,as the starting right fielder a boba,shed at shortstop Vladimir Guerrero Jr,at first Alejandro Kirk at catcher uh,Dalton fire Show recently acquired at,left field uh Matt Chapman and third uh,their DH now is Brandon Belt uh what,Maryfield at second and Kevin kieremeyer,in Center so a bit of a new look,offensively for the Blue Jays uh getting,players like Dalton vars show Brandon,built uh with Merrifield Kevin,kieremeyer they are adding some,left-handed bats to their lineup which,is what Toronto desperately lacked in,2022 and they're also getting a player,with World Series experience which is,also you know awesome ad and t

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MLB News & Rumors: AWESOME Blue Jays/Pirates Trade, Carlos Correa To Twins, Blue Jays Sign Belt

MLB News & Rumors: AWESOME Blue Jays/Pirates Trade, Carlos Correa To Twins, Blue Jays Sign Belt

so just wanted to make another MLB news,and rumors video for you guys talking,about all things MLB uh some it will be,free agency news and will be free agency,rumors MLB trade news and will be,trading rumors basically anything that,involves the MLB I'm going to be going,over in this video I am recording this,on January 10th uh there was actually,quite a bit that happened uh from the,9th to the 10th so I'm gonna go over,that in this video so the biggest news,of the day and news that is a little bit,surprising but also not really at the,same time and that is the Minnesota,Twins signing Carlos Correa now uh,Carlos Correa is interesting because,he's obviously had a very turbulent uh,off season so far signing that massive,contract with the Giants failing that,physical uh they going to New York,signing that contract feeling that,physical and now it's sort of you know,Gone full circle and he's returning to,the Minnesota Twins signing a six-year,contract for 200 million dollars so uh,Jeff pass and tweeted out breaking,shortstop Carlos Correa and the,Minnesota Twins are finalizing a,six-year 200 million dollar contract,sources tell ESPN the deal has a vesting,option that can max out at 270 million,it is pending physical,so a ginormous move here for the,Minnesota Twins assuming that he does,pass this physical third time's got to,be the charm right but regardless Carlos,Correa uh entered the offseason as one,of the most uh you know touted free,agents available uh he you know went to,the Giants went to the Mets now he's,back with the twins and hopefully he,stays here because I think at this point,all of us MLB fans are sort of tired of,hearing about the Carlos Correa Saga but,it seems like at this point he's signing,a pretty big contract with the twins a,little bit shorter term though six years,compared to you know the 11 12-year,contract he signed uh with the Giants,and the Mets so a little bit of a,shorter term contract but with more,money uh per annual value so,overall a pretty good contract for,Carlos Correa he is returning to the,Twin Cities where hopefully he can stay,healthy hopefully can stay productive uh,and the Minnesota Twins get their guy,you know it wasn't you know the easiest,way to get him but at the end of the day,they do get one of the biggest free,agents available on the market and they,do retain Carlos Correa for another six,years at 200 million dollars so next,item of note for today is a smaller,signing but a signing nonetheless the,Los Angeles Angels announced that they,did sign Brett Phillips to a one-year,contract also John Hayman tweeted out,Brett Phillips to Angels 1.2 million,dollar MLB deal uh Brett Phillips is,nothing spectacular uh he will be 29,years old by the time the 2023 season,rolls around,um it can be a you know a very decent,player uh that can play in the outfield,for,um the angels in 2023,be a good utility guy I don't see this,guy being a full-time starter in my,opinion but I think that he can be a,pretty valuable player to the angels,that have actually had a pretty solid,offseason this year in my opinion adding,some more players adding some more,talent to their roster now uh Brett,Phillips in 2022 not the greatest year,uh we can probably just say that,objectively speaking uh minus point one,more uh just 201 at bats 29 hits only at,five home runs and a 144 batting average,overall not a fantastic season for Brett,Phillips,um and it just wasn't pretty all around,having an Ops plus of just 36 so uh,Brett Phillips though uh could be a,valuable player you know to kind of play,in the Outfield from time to time uh be,a good utility player I guess for the,angels in 2023 and hopefully have a,bounce back here but regardless it's a,pretty small commitment financially,just a one-year contract 1.2 million,dollar deal uh for Brett Phillips,signing with the Los Angeles Angels so,next item of note I'm going north of the,border for this uh the Toronto Blue Jays,actually made a pretty solid signing,signing Brandon Beltway one-year,contract uh so Caitlin McGrath on,Twitter tweeted out Blue Jays agree to,terms with Brandon belt on a one year,9.3 million dollar Dia uh a deal via the,Athletics so uh Brandon Belt is an,interesting player because of his time,with the Giants and just the fact that,he has had a pretty solid career in the,Bay Area to dates now he's a little bit,up there in age he is uh you know 34,years old at the time of this recording,I will be 35 years old,by the time uh the 2023 season rolls,around so they're getting a veteran,player someone that has experience,playing in the infield playing in the,Outfield can just basically be a nice,bench player a nice utility player that,can fill in for any injuries or fill in,for guys on their days off,um you know for the Blue Jays next year,so uh you know he spent a whole career,so far with the Giants which is,um been a pretty good career so far,um you can't really make an argument,there he's not the player that he once,was though and his games pl

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DK’s Daily Shot of Pirates: That insulting offer

DK’s Daily Shot of Pirates: That insulting offer

the report on Brian Reynolds being,undercut is as accurate and reliable as,it gets and that's because it didn't,really come from a reporter it came from,inside the industry I'll explain good,morning to you good Monday morning I'm,Dan kovachovich of DK Pittsburgh sports,this is daily shot of pirates it comes,your way bright and early every weekday,if you're into football and or hockey I,also happen to offer daily shots of,Steelers and Penguins,by no small coincidence hope you'll,check those out as well John Heyman is a,reporter John Heyman,a long time ago became embedded with,Scott Boris and the Boris corporation,which is actually what the agency is,called it's called the Boris Corporation,talk about self-importance,Haman and Boris have been,joined at the hip for the better part of,two decades and if that sounds unethical,yeah it kind of is,but because Haman is close to Boris and,because Boris and his Corporation do a,lot of their own investigating including,into other people's deals and other,people's discussions,Haman can have the occasional,significant exclusive and as a result,nobody really cares about his ethics or,anything else,so when Haman reported heading into this,past weekend,that the Pirates offer for Brian,Reynolds the extension offer the one,that was shot right into the sun,was for six years and 75 million,it was to be taken seriously obviously,not because I have any respect for Haman,but because I know how the Boris,Corporation works I've dealt with them,myself,though hardly in any uh uncomfortable,you scratch my back I'll scratch your,back way,so it's accurate and that's what matters,here six years and 75 million was the,offer,and since we finally have that figure,the only thing I'd been told about it,beforehand was that the total number of,dollars exceeded the 70 million that,kibrian Hayes got,and the total number of years was lower,than the eight years,that Hayes got,so here we are,just a little bit over what Hayes got,and just a little bit under his year,account,and not at all in sync with where the,overall Market is for a player of,Reynolds pedigree,and yes I understand that I'm going to,push a hot button here or there when I,discuss Reynolds pedigree he is not one,of the 10 best players in the majors,he might not be one of the 10 best,outfielders in the majors though he's,been that at different points in his,time in Pittsburgh,but he is worth more than six years and,75 million there's no one anywhere,outside of Bob nutting Travis Williams,and Ben cherrington who would suggest,otherwise and if this was an entry point,if it was nothing more than an entry,point to an honest negotiation then the,Pirates were completely tone deaf,in starting this obscenely low,this portion of daily shot of pirates is,brought to you by our friends at North,Shore Tavern that's directly across,Federal Street from PNC Park it's home,of steak on a stone an eating experience,underscoring the word experience,the stake is brought to you partially,cooked on an 800 degree Stone and,you do the rest,it's a ton of fun it's a great meal and,it's a baseball atmosphere like no other,in Pittsburgh North Shore Tavern right,across Federal Street from PNC Park,and that's really the issue here it's,that the first offer came in so low,that,if Reynolds or his representation at CAA,engages from that starting point they're,operating at a huge disadvantage then,they've got almost no choice I think I,think based on my knowledge of how these,things go back and forth,then to concede a much much lower top,end that's just bad negotiating it's,arguably bad faith negotiating on the,Pirates part because they know they know,that he wouldn't take anything remotely,in the solar system of 6 and 75.,so this also ultimately answers the,question as to why Reynolds who,legitimately wants to stay in Pittsburgh,I can't stress that strongly or often,enough he really really wants to stay,how you could get Reynolds to agree to,go public,with the trade request,because from there CAA has a very easy,time selling Reynolds on the idea that,they don't actually want you,they don't actually want you to stay,they're doing this for show for you to,turn it down so that they can justify,moving you for more prospects easiest,easiest easiest sell,they probably got that done in about,five minutes,you can picture that behind closed doors,hey Brian do you really think you're,just about as good as to Brian Hayes and,I'm sure behind a closed door you know,you can say anything right no heck no I,mean I'm I'm more available I'm more,productive I'm more everything sure you,are sure you are so what are they doing,offering you this,boom there it goes,but I'm gonna say this too and I'm going,to add this in because this also was in,haman's report,that the Pirates remain,very very much interested in keeping,Reynolds for the long term,because that matches what I've heard and,by the way what I continue to hear even,after this doesn't mean they've got,other talks planned or anything

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Penguins 24/7: Did not see that coming! (at first)

Penguins 24/7: Did not see that coming! (at first)

well hello and welcome to PPG Paints,Arena she's Taylor Haas I'm Daniel,Kovach which we're from DK Pittsburgh,sports and what does it say,s five to four penguins and I to see,this coming the first period,um I don't know Taylor I mean I I kind,of that team is not good defensively the,first seven minutes yeah it was pretty,rough yeah yeah especially on Casey,dismissed do you look at that more as a,to Smith issue three goals on seven,shots than it or how the Penguins came,out or a little bit of both it's a,little bit of both I mean the whole team,looked pretty flat those first seven,minutes or so Tracy's also allowed to,make a save,some of the goals he led in were pretty,soft especially the one that got him,pulled the last one yeah the third one I,mean you can argue there's a there's a,tip and there's some traffic but at the,same time you've already given up two,You Know You've Lost That license you,know and and he did and I'll tell you,what I give Mike Sullivan credit,for making that move right away because,you and I have covered enough playoff,games with that head coach where he will,let that wilkesbury dude rot at the end,of you know what I'm talking about who,was on the folding chair you'd remember,the name,like how does she remember this stuff,yeah but yeah no hesitation as soon as,that goal went in you saw Sullivan point,to uh Dustin gagarsky and I mean Dustin,sakarski definitely an upgrade as a,number three goaltender over Louis,domingue you feel that way absolutely,he's one of the best goalies in the AHL,this season okay I mean Louis had his,moments we had his moments but just I,mean I've watched both in the AHL,doesn't cost you miles above uh Louis,domingue with the guys and wilkesbury,always talk about is just,um takarsity's columnist and how he,feathers breeds calmness throughout the,lineup uh but yeah he was he was great,in this game the the big one was the toe,save on Patterson but hang on you got it,you've got it before we get to that you,got to share with them what you told me,in the Press Box about about tokarski,and his personality because calmness,comes with an irony doesn't it yeah he's,he's also a very vocal guy,um very outspoken I guess so he's,someone that does chirp uh opponents uh,on the ice and maybe sometimes his own,guys yeah yeah he's intense is where,we're heading here he'll run you know,his mouth a little in practice too uh,can kind of maybe maybe not rub the,young guys the wrong way but I guess,intimidate them sometimes but,um yeah I mean I he's a strong,personality well you want goaltender,who's taking charge yeah and if I'm,running a developmental team which is,what wilkesbury Scranton is always,I like having someone like that back,there because I want someone yelling at,Ty Smith dude no yeah you know Mike,valuccino knows him very well too the,two won a Calder Cup together in,Charlotte in 1819 and then 1920 when,valucci came over to coach wilkesberry,that's when takarski followed him over,to karski action people don't remember,this to Carson signed an AHL deal that,year yeah um because the thought was,remember at the time we thought Casey,was gonna be lost to waivers and then,the time was then to Carson he was going,to get his NHL deal be the number three,Casey ended up clearing waivers made it,down takar ski never you know got that,deal he ended up going to Buffalo for,two years where he actually got you know,significant playing time because the,Buffalo Sabers are essentially an AHL,team well they were they were let's be,nice to them now,um but then he took big strides out of,the 17 saves that that he made,uh tokarski one of them was just a puck,that hit his chest however,in that sequence he had lost his,catching glove and this fool had the,hand open he was ready to make the save,he was and and I asked him about that,afterward and including pretty much,calling him a fool and here was his,response,I don't know what happened there I was,scrambling until it fell off and you,know like there was one shot that hit me,in the right side blocked her arm so I,was uh I was lucky there but that's also,that minor league mentality to you come,up you've got a chance I'm gonna do,anything I have to to stop that talk,yeah it's uh and we were just talking,about this in the Press Box do you think,he we had he kind of has to start,against Winnipeg Unless jari's somehow,ready to go I don't think he will be uh,I'm starting him I I am I I just not you,know I understand that Casey de Smith,was good in in Arizona okay and he was,and he comes here and he wasn't good and,I I don't care it's the next game I,don't feel like the Penguins owe,anything to their backup goaltender I,don't believe in a hierarchy once you,get past your starter does that make,sense yeah and I mean it's it's a back,to back both of them are gonna get,it but uh,uh I'd ride the hot hand well it's also,a back to back for Winnipeg because,they're in Buffalo the previous night,and if they use Conor hellebuck against,the Sabers they migh

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DK’s Daily Shot of Steelers: The value of swagger

DK’s Daily Shot of Steelers: The value of swagger

I mean I'd love to talk about Matt,Canada,I welcome talking about the future of,Devin Bush and other players who are,right on the precipice and,I'm not ready to let this go yet good,morning to you good Tuesday morning I'm,dayon kovachovich of DK Pittsburgh,sports this is daily shot of Steelers it,comes your way bright and early every,weekday if you're into,hockey and or baseball I also offer,daily shots of penguins and Pirates,where you found this,what I'm not ready to let go of is that,trajectory,that was experienced at the end of the,2022 season winning four in a row,winning six of seven winning seven of,nine,after the two and six start winning way,more often than they lost,with Kenny Pickett as the rookie,quarterback with George Pickens getting,well nowhere near the targets he should,be but certainly more than he had been,early on,and also winning,winning winning,yeah difference in caliber of,competition the schedule got infinitely,lighter in the second half I really,don't care when you're two and six,and you've just changed quarterbacks and,you've got a lobotomized coordinator,and an offensive line that's still,working itself out,if you found a way to win,in that second half without,just throwing all the young guys out to,pasture and saying listen we're just,going to put a bunch of veterans in and,we're going to make this work out just,to try to build up some credibility to,our record or you know extend the,non-streak,of Mike tomlin's,then you'd have achieved next to nothing,it wouldn't have been nothing but next,to nothing you would have maintained to,some extent the Steelers brand the,toughness the resilience but you'd have,done it with the biggest of asterisks,because you'd have achieved so very,little toward improving the team,toward 2023,and that was always going to matter more,than anything else in an obvious,transition year,and the way this team did it,by writing those kids by writing them,out whenever they would struggle,by sticking by them by supporting them,and then eventually for that script to,flip into the other direction where,you saw the Steelers leaning,on Kenny Pickett on Naji Harris on,George Pickens to win them games when,you saw them forming their identity,off of that young slash inexperienced,slash incohesive offensive line,you saw the payback you saw the,beginning of the next chapter,of this team,and you also saw them smiling and,feeling good about themselves,what can you expect at Point Park,University in downtown Pittsburgh,respect rigor relevance that's the point,Park pledge you'll be treated with,respect while being challenged and,supported academically to graduate with,career-ready relevant skills visit, to learn more,not all of the reaction,to my talking about this back when the,Steelers were two and six or three and,seven was all that well received but I,really believed it I believe that a,this team was gonna make something out,of this schedule I just hoped again that,it'd be the right thing,that it'd be built on Kenny on Naji on,George on Kevin Dotson,and did those guys,individually and collectively would feel,good about themselves,and that they'd feel good about,themselves with cause because they,believed that they were the better,football team that they believed that,they not only could but should win any,game in which they participated,by doing this,by winning at the rate that I already,ran through here,what they brought back or depending on,your perspective never allowed to fully,die off was that Swagger was that,Swagger associated with being the,Steelers that feeling that when you,enter a stadium,to an extent because you're the Steelers,you have a perceived upper hand meaning,perceived by the opponent,and you can roll your eyes at that if,you choose because you know and I know,that these things are tough and that,they're won and lost on the football,field but,you also will recall,that even when the Steelers were losing,and losing regularly and had that four,game losing streak early on the other,side would still speak of facing the,Steelers yeah but it's still the,Steelers,and these guys by having the finish that,they had get to skip past that step,as they prepare for 2023 they don't have,to rebuild,um I I as a brand they don't have to,rebuild the brand not for anybody else,and not for themselves they're the,Steelers,this was some of what Alex High Smith,had to say on that subject yesterday on,the south side so I think it's just so,important to carry that moment of it to,next year we've got a big co-recorder,with young guys you know just I love,seeing how kitty and the offense just,started to to jail towards you know the,year just seeing his growth and what,type of leader he is I'm I'm excited for,him he has to be our quarterback,into the future for us he's such a,competitor I can tell that coming in,done,um you know into training camps is how,much the competitor he was just before,we can kept going and getting better and,so um just so I know they'll contin

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Scout's Eye with Matt Williamson: Final snaps count for the season

Scout's Eye with Matt Williamson: Final snaps count for the season

well hello I am Matt Williamson this,episode is brought to you by Live casino,and I want to carry over some things we,talked about yesterday as well as wrap,up Steelers Browns folks football season,is here and live casino is where FanDuel,Sportsbook America's number one sports,betting app comes to life step up and,place your bets at our self-service,kiosks or with a Sportsbook,representative then cheer on your team,and catch every heart pounding moment of,action on our huge 40-foot video wall,bet Watch and Win at Live casino,Pittsburgh Route 30 at the Westmoreland,Mall gambling problem call 1-800 Gambler,um I talked a lot yesterday about,Steelers EPA rankings,um and I wanted to dig into dvoa as well,and see if they correlated I'm a big EPA,fan expected points added they factor in,who you play against all those good,things and I want to weigh it against,dvoa which football Outsiders does,and I'll be quick about that I'm not,going to nerd out too much on that but,just to show where this team was by some,metrics that I really trust EPA and dvoa,and again I thought EPA was a little,rough on the Steelers d by passing the,eyeball you know the eyeball test that I,had seen obviously and was a little kind,to the offense and I'm kind of agreeing,with dvoa a little bit more so let's,just dig in so,their final ranks for the Steelers for,the entire season,where the 14th best team in the league I,mean that's start to finish 17 games the,Steelers finished in football Outsiders,dvoa 14th overall,pretty good all in all especially,considering the first half of the year,was a disaster they ended up with the,18th overall offense,that weighs that adds up to me a little,bit as well and again that's for the,whole year the 12th best defense again I,think that's about where they were start,to finish they had some low moments of,course and this is an area concerned too,and just to pull back the curtain when,it comes to special teams ranks or,preview and games throughout the year I,basically just go to football Outsiders,and look at their special teams ranks,I'm not going to watch the Browns the,long Snappers and whatnot and you know,their whole special teams and their,Gunners so I just trust them but the,Steelers came in this year as the 27th,ranked special teams I went back and,looked over the last five six years,where they've been and they've won down,year they had one good year but mostly,the Steelers are somewhere from like 13,to 16 in final special teams rankings on,dvoa it's not great uh boss missing,kicks didn't help they allowed some more,returns than you'd like Harvin was up,and down I trust Boz to get it right,but this is more telling to me and this,is what we did with EPA yesterday as,well is I sorted it I filtered it just,by post by so I took week 10 until week,18. again that's nine games and saw,where the Steelers stacked up against,the rest of the league in the final half,of the season,they were the seventh best team in the,league,in dvoa in from 10 from week 10 on,Seventh best team in the league this,team's doing good things people 10th,best offense you'll take that fourth,best defense,that added up to me I mean I think that,that was pretty spot on and they also,account for opponents so it's not just,why they didn't play anybody,so seventh best team from week 10 on in,the whole league 10th best offense,fourth best defense again special teams,remained a problem just isolating the,second half of the year in fact it was,worse 29th overall,so,I also some of you are new to my work,I've been doing this a long time but,when the off season rolls around uh some,of the people I work with like to make,fun of me that Williamson starts,whipping out the spreadsheets well I did,my first spreadsheet of the year last,night and it really centered around the,Steelers but I use it for the entire,league of course and what I wanted to,find out because if you ask me right now,what needs change the most on the field,for the Steelers next year is they need,more explosive plays on offense and,I like most of the league,Define explosive plays as running plays,of 10 or more yards pass plays of 20 or,more yards so those are the parameters,we're going off of and to be honest,that's a little bit kind to the Steelers,because they'll do their share of,10-yard runs and 20 yard receptions they,don't have their share of 20 yard runs,or 40 yard receptions or you know game,flipping plays so these numbers are,kinder to the Steelers because of the,parameters that most people use for,quote explosive plays and maybe I'll go,back and filter it again and look at,20 yard runs 40 yard receptions because,I bet the Steelers will be last and,frankly I thought the Steelers were,going to be worse in these I thought,they would be the bottom three in the,league in explosives and they weren't so,maybe it was a little better than the,eyeball test the tape watching,you know displayed to me but I still,think explosive plays are a huge problem,with this offense and you know n

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Rookies Break Franchise Record for Most HR in a Season | Pittsburgh Pirates

Rookies Break Franchise Record for Most HR in a Season | Pittsburgh Pirates

from other guys yeah you can tell inside,that's line to right center field look,at this laser oh my,season for O'Neal Cruz wow,they are stunned,a two-iron,ment over the right center field wall,a hundred,and hits this hard to right center field,O'Neill Cruz look at this ball go oh,another cruise missile clearing the deck,into the landing another line drive and,it's two to nothing,his second it's no doubters isn't he,he hit his first no doubter on Monday in,Nationals Park,hardened hit balls,wow,wow wow wow,he is gorgeous isn't he,what a wonderful player he's gonna be,and already is starting to be right,before our eyes O'Neill Cruz,yep that's what it's all about for the,fans to be able to see it they've waited,long enough and,wow he sends this one out to right field,O'Neal Cruz has left,wow how does he do that,it's time for O'Neill Cruz,gives the Pirates the lead two home runs,in this inning,the heaters diving a little bit to you,know maybe a wave oh wow that's a good,one that's not coming back oh baby oh,Neil Cruz,sends one in,winning oh baby,every time baby every time we get a,picture on it we get a home run you,notice that oh yeah yeah we need to keep,doing that yeah yeah we had uh we had,better off,and this ball hammered to center field,Ortega back to the track approaching the,wall another Cruise,has done it again,wind or no wind,O'Neill Cruz makes it a one-run game his,sixth he sends a cruise missile,over the center field wall at Wrigley,a hundred,says this one a long way to Center,Taylor back to the track and it is gone,clear the deck for the cruise missile,Cannonball to tie it how do you like,that three ribbies we were talking,earlier about how he's becoming you know,an RBI guy on this team,yeah mark up three more,against O'Neill Cruz,and a drive to right center field look,at the cruise missile baby,wow he's done it again,a two-run missile to Right Center,7-4,yeah Greg are just about to say before,the pitch was thrown that they just,won't let him,Cruise out to Center,Mullins running out of room and he hit,one out of here,O'Neill Cruz home run number nine,and they cash in that lead off double a,two-run shot,game changing power I was walking around,through the club section during that,rain delay,High Fly ball to right field watch this,thing go towering Drive clear the deck,with a cruise Cannonball,that's his tenth it's two to one,what,a tremendous Blast by Cruz High,303-1 you want something you can,hit 113 miles an hour how about a line,drive Crow's missile just like that oh,Madness,he pinning the ball,hamdeed,salute laser into the second deck,O'Neill Cruise,11th home run gives the Pirates the lead,teachers to have every single pitch,matter to the nth degree and,that ball smoked to left Center by Cruz,and Merrifield can only look up as it,flies that ball was a laser for O'Neill,cruise,is unbelievable,is,like I said he's unique,opposite Gap,means the bat's staying through the zone,Cruz lines it out of PNC Park,another two strike two-run home run and,the Bucks blowing out the Mets,that is just,and a Fly ball to right field how about,the cruise missile well a call from caps,he gives the Bucks the lead,number 14 off the Lefty,well what a great adjustment by O'Neil,Cruz,talking about him staying back and,staying through the off-speed pitches,and,well he's,hits this one hard to left going back is,friedel to the wall and it's an opposite,field,touch it's number 15.,a two-run Oppo cruise missile,6-2 Buckle lead tried to run the,fastball by him make a little uh,let them do it again,on a Fly ball to center field sending,Nimble back to the wall looking up,it's another cruise missile,to dead Central,O'Neill Cruz,hits his 16th,yep check the time,they tried to sneak another one in on,him didn't work this time,and a line drive to right center field,hit pretty deep to the wall and it's a,special a live drive three Run game time,home run of Jacob negram number 17.,another laser for Cruz,stunning this crowd here in New York for,the ready,another left-handed at bat oh ribbon,Jake,back and Jack has done it for the first,time Jack sawitski with his first home,run,and the Pirates are beating the Dodgers,five nothing,nothing,that was for the guy that's going to,come in that doesn't have good numbers,hard to find,and soinski out to right,and there it goes,Jack sawinski with his second home run,and the Pirates take the lead into sixth,inning,rookie Jack,payoff,and it's drilled carrying deep Center,towards the wall and,sawenski goes long with his parents here,his whole family here that's gotta feel,special,something here I think the base hit the,Ben meter hit was a slider there's one,oh there it is,there's the curveball right center field,and oh Bader just couldn't make the,catch he wanted to take it for Molina,instead it's up and out of here and,sawinski goes deep and a little one has,a prize,that's awesome right there look at that,smile,got his home run ball so cool,Runners on the move again,soinski out to right this one is deep

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Every Bryan Reynolds Home Run from 2022 | Pittsburgh Pirates

Every Bryan Reynolds Home Run from 2022 | Pittsburgh Pirates

drives this deep to right center field,and Brian Reynolds has,cleared the deck with a cannonball and,he anchors down here to make it a 2-1,game,that's exactly what you're looking for,out of Reynolds in that situation Marte,was banged up pretty good Gonzalez broke,collarbone he was out for a couple,months and that one has hit a couple of,months way back and gone Brian Reynolds,shot off the power well chipper used to,hit him oh yeah he has just tied this,game,second home run for Brian Reynolds,it's a pretty good exit velocity right,there 106.,their base is loaded no outs in the,eighth inning you got to find a way to,put the ball in play,hit hard the other way sending fam back,to the track and approaching the wall,and it is gone opposite field home run,clear the deck for Brian Reynolds who's,just now being told it's a home run,that's a good sign right there going the,other way and going the other way with,authority,that ball was hit really well more of a,line drive not a high towering Fly ball,and,hit the top guys just being comfortable,in their roles,oh driven deep to right field and,a home run for Brian Reynolds had to,wait to see if it would stay fair and it,did Reynolds hits his fourth he is now,homered in back-to-back games and it's a,5-3 contest that's number four for,Reynolds on the year,good to see him start getting hot this,could be a great sign for this,Pittsburgh Pirates ball club and,the offense in particular Wainwright,speaks,you listen,and a drive to left field headed back as,Dickerson off the top of the wall this,could be inside the park yes it could be,into left center field it's going to be,an easy inside the park home run,stand-up variety for Brian Reynolds and,it's five to four it didn't clear the,deck but it did the trick,and a high fly ball to left field profar,is back and you can clear the deck a,cannonball coming an anchor down while,we're at it number six for Reynolds one,nothing Pirates,well Greg as I was talking earlier this,could be a wild one here tonight,you never know right,well let's hope on the visitor side this,trend continues trees have been pressed,into duty emergency Duty really more,than anything and now Brian Reynolds is,he going to anchor down against his,former teammate at Vandy,yes he does,clears the deck,the deck seventh and he watched it and,you don't see that too often in this,ballpark Dodger Stadium,wow another bomb right there,absolutely Brian Reynolds all over that,pitch super aggressive out over the,plate he leaned into that one as well,High Fly ball to deep right field bets,is back and clear the deck Cannonball,coming anchor down says Brian Reynolds,that's number eight the Pirates have the,lead,it is three to one Bucks,he shared this road trip Ryan Reynolds,continue to start you know swinging that,back from that left side we shared about,June coming and those those long balls,start coming for those home run hitters,around this time of the season and oh,yeah that sort of thing 3-2 count,has hit well toward Right Center back is,Harris and to the wall and clear the,deck with a cannonball,you're down for Brian Reynolds one,nothing Pittsburgh well that must have,some great backspin that ball just kept,going and going and going,you know off the bat,it kind of looked like okay it's going,to be a,and a Fly ball to right deep is it fair,it is fair clearing the deck,with a cannonball and anchor down as one,Bandy product delivers against another,and it's a one-run game that's number 10,for Reynolds he is sizzling in June,good point,Runner goes in a high fly ball to right,field and clear the deck Cannonball,coming,Brian Reynolds anchors down and gives,the Pirates back the lead it's five to,three,there's your guy right there brownie,Brian Reynolds coming through getting,ready for his bobble head night here in,a couple of days worked again Capper,sure did says four ball game we'll cut,her bearing down in the righties and,makes it a slider High Fly ball to,center field deep and clear the deck,Cannonball coming,anchor down says Brian Reynolds his 12th,one-nothing Pirates,what a June well I'd say there's no,better time of day if,it's this a long way deep to left center,field approaching the wall and off that,wall and that's gone Ryan Reynolds,clears the deck with a cannon ball and,puts the anchor down and gives the,Pirates a two-nothing lead with his 13th,home run,that guy was going to be a home run no,matter what they were going to get to,that ball throw it they cost him a run,there by going back and tagging up and,oh look at here Brian Reynolds out of,here go baby we have his second home run,of the game and that's a no doubter hits,the facade of the second deck we talk,about clearing the deck,this game has been rapid fire from the,very yeah don't blink,it's like,constant stuff Happening by the way Carl,Edwards Jr is the new pitcher,gotta cash in,Fly ball left center field Hernandez,back to the wall it's a three Homer game,for Brian Reynolds,three home runs,15 on the year,have

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