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Does Bill Belichick feel urgency to upgrade his Patriots staff? | Patriots Talkforeign,Hello friends

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Updated on Jan 25,2023

Does Bill Belichick feel urgency to upgrade his Patriots staff? | Patriots Talk

foreign,Hello friends welcome into time currents,Patriots Talk podcast we'll have Phil,Perry in in just a second and as we,continue to kick around the rubble of,the Patriots 2022 season whoop for the,black box and listen to it,we heard from Bill Belichick on Monday,and obviously things are going to move,quickly bottom line though is this as we,look at the Patriots they're out of the,playoffs and the offense is the reason,secondarily though it's situational,football,third down Red Zone turnovers penalties,clock management,and you could say eight and nine is not,that bad,but you know and I know and Bill knows,and the crafts know the product has,declined,is that because of the players who've,gone,so Brady's the edelmans the James whites,the chungs and the gronkowskis mentioned,him already the high Towers,is it the coaches,McDaniels scar Ivan fears Ernie Adams,Even Brian Flores,honestly it's probably both,but that does doesn't even really in my,mind begin to explain how a team's,Collective IQ,and attention to detail,can slip so profoundly,to get there you not only have to lose,the players and the coaches,you also have to pick the wrong guys in,both instances to succeed the players,and the coaches,only then can you get to a point,where the attention to detail,the pride of workmanship,slips to a point where it's one of the,dumbest teams in football,you have to lose contact with that,previous culture,and the Patriots aren't bad,we all know that eight nine is not bad,having a shot at the playoffs and,playing okay in the last week of the,season on the road against an emotional,opponent that's that's okay that's what,you're looking for,we would have been really happy with,that a while ago,but after a period of time and when the,which the Patriots were not like,everyone else we're actually the gold,standard for two decades,in terms of workmanship and quality,control,to see them,pretty much being just as capable of,putting out bad football as any team in,the league,that's,jarring,and nobody nobody had that as a,possibility,as long as Bill Belichick was in charge,of this franchise,so we tried to get to the why of it,Monday before Bill disappears for the,off season into its fighter hole,and uh here's some of the questions we,posed John Henry hit it well you'll get,a drink of water,decisions that you made uh in the off,season including the coaching staff some,of the Personnel decisions do you think,now that the season is over that you put,your offense in the best position to,succeed this year,yeah well every decision that that we've,made has always been with the intent to,do the best thing for the football team,that's the way it always will be that's,what it's been that's what it'll be,going forward uh at different decision,points do you have different,opportunities and and uh as those,go along or come along,um you know we'll continue to evaluate,them and always do what we feel is best,for the team how has your Viewpoint,changed,um if at all on the importance of having,coaches with more extensive past,background,specifically on offense in leading roles,yeah really it's pretty much the same,question that you know I think Greg just,asked and,um and always do what's best for the,football team and at different decision,points we'll always do what's best for,the football team so,that's that's what we've done that's,what we'll continue to do well he said I,think different decision points I'm,guessing that must mean timing,um and if that is the case,are you saying basically the timing,wasn't,Exquisite to find someone with more,experience for the offense and I just,squinted off a follow too on that yeah,I'm not that that isn't what I said I'm,saying each time you get a decision,point you look at your options and you,make the best decision that you can for,the team whatever that is whether that's,fourth and one or,third round of the draft or whatever it,is so,when those now as that changes like,where we are today is different than,where we were,six months ago 12 months ago 18 months,ago those things are all different so,going forward,is going forward and well whatever we,did in the past in any area whether it's,play calls coaches players,whatever at that time was what we,thought was best and we looked at our,options and thought we picked the best,one,some worked out some didn't that's,some were good decisions some were in,retrospect,maybe not good decisions but at the time,they were always what we thought was the,best in every area that's the way it'll,always be and going forward we'll always,do what we feel is best for the team,that's what I'll do that's my commitment,I always do it I feel it's best for the,team so,yeah have I made mistakes yeah sure,plenty of them,and that's just to establish them that,what's best for the team so many of us,on the outside deferring obviously to,your expertise resume experience and,everything said well obviously he knows,better than we do,but it did seem a dubious choice,in hindsight,did we have

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"He's not being coached" | Phil Perry shares what NFL execs have told him is wrong with Mac Jones

"He's not being coached" | Phil Perry shares what NFL execs have told him is wrong with Mac Jones

the question there was is Matt going to,start the last three games,Bill answers what the plan is to try it,beat Cincinnati,which to me,was a pass on the question of I'm not,playing this game today I'm going to,give you the same answer I gave you how,many years ago,when you asked me if Tom was going to,get benched Bingo and I and Bert Breer,was it Giardia,no no no so it was giardi after the,Kansas City game are you going to,evaluate the quarterback position right,after the game in Kansas City,it was Albert who followed up prior to,the Bengals game right okay and he said,we're on to on to Cincinnati OH,Cincinnati there you go so was Breer in,that midweek one I knew giardi had been,involved as well so,um plan is to beat Cincinnati I felt it,was the same thing as it was that,however many years ago that is now is,that 14,yes yes eight years ago man a long time,ago,that's how I read that I did not read,that as him,trying to leave it open-ended that Mac,may not start the rest of the way,although Phil I think that's possible,but I don't think that's what was being,conveyed there I don't think so either,this is sort of how he's handled these,questions this year right,go back to the Chicago week or just,after the Chicago week asked him about,it all the time,and I'm not sure we ever got a Max our,quarterback Mack will start for us Etc a,kind of answer the same way we got,during the Cam Newton year for instance,when we got that quite frequently so,that's a discussion that that we have,had we've we've had it for weeks this,year so I just think this was sort of a,continuation of that now you could sit,here and say well isn't that significant,then and we could debate that and bat,that around,is he in love with the quarterback right,now,I don't know he just went 13 for 31 or,whatever it was and had probably his,worst game of the year,so I don't think Bailey Savvy is going,to be starting this year I also don't,think Bill Belichick's answered the way,he answered that is really telling us,one way or the other I had the same,reaction you did there's a there's a,funny little audio not audio hiccup but,it's just the way Bill answers questions,it does sound like right before he says,the plan is to try to beat Cincinnati or,the plan is to beat Cincinnati whatever,he says there's a yeah or there's a yeah,there's a there's a something there's a,verbal tick,and so maybe people latch on to that and,say he said yeah you asked me if he was,going to start he said yeah let's try to,be Cincinnati did you hear that yeah,yeah it's but it wasn't it wasn't,affirming,it wasn't answering the question it was,just a,yeah I heard your question,the plan is to beat Cincinnati you know,something like that yeah he doesn't want,to engage on a quarterback debate is,what he's doing there,that's what he's doing he's avoiding it,agreed Mac Jones will start Saturday if,Mac Jones plays,you know mediocre to well anywhere in,there he'll start again,it would take him playing poorly now,this is my question what if he plays the,same way he did against the Raiders oh,in this first half against Cincinnati,natives will get Restless,yes,because here's the thing now you are,arguably talking about,saving the season right I mean this is,now three playoff games in a row against,three playoff teams to try and keep the,hopes alive but getting in,you yeah I don't I don't foresee it,happening I really don't I think they,made their decision after that Chicago,game and they were gonna try to let it,roll I mean if it's if it's that bad I I,honestly and I said this at the time I,think the only thing that gets them out,are turnovers okay that's what it is,sure which he didn't do the other day he,did not yeah just see I think it could,make a throw it felt like I think it's,Sneaky three big games sneakier than,people think like big games these next,three not for obvious reasons for,playoffs but for big picture if you're,not in a playoffs big picture like do,you really want a three-game skid and,bad play by the quarterback going into,this off season because it will be the,topic so it's three games meaning what I,think he needs to play well and,whatever's playing well is protect the,football,hit around 70 percent sixty five seventy,percent two touchdowns no picks again,what are the states what are the stakes,if he doesn't what then what if he,doesn't then there's talk of next year's,year three and you know you need to make,a decision on the quarterback we might,have to start making it now do they,start Explorer,exploring other things as a result of it,when they shut that door and they get in,their season wrap-up meeting and they,start going over each individual,position,damn there's that one game where yeah we,were in it if you'd have just made one,play in that fourth quarter One play out,is final two you know there's gonna be,moments like that they're going to,reflect on,that's not good enough,I'm not saying that in hell like in real,time I'm just saying if it goes wrong if,it goes p

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Phil Perry & Alexandre Bugnon - Call Me. Montreux Jazz Festival. 1990 | Reaction

Phil Perry & Alexandre Bugnon - Call Me. Montreux Jazz Festival. 1990 | Reaction

foreign,ER reaction is coming to y'all,special patreon requests I've been gone,for a little bit uh this is my Todd B,shout out to you Ty B appreciate you,came back again,um so this is one of your requests by,Phil Perry who Phil Perry,um and Alexandre,bug none,bugnon,or it's not sure but it's called me call,me,this is the,I think it's that called me by Al Green,but anyway we're gonna jump into this um,like I said I've been gone for a few,days it's been so a while busy batch of,a week basically a very very busy week,um with Thanksgiving my dad not being,eager just everything so um but we're,back into the swing of it and yes I'm,gonna try to keep it pushing a lot more,so um yeah we're gonna jump into this,shout out to you Ty B,um don't forget my patreon is in the,description we get exclusive access,early content special requests PayPal,cash app is closed right now for the new,request but there's a PO Box feel free,to send me whatever it is you want to,send me also on my second YouTube,channel it's called hear me out click on,my home page and you can actually see it,at the bottom so check that out too so,here we go,tell me,all right Phil,I got something to say,I love you,baby will you tell me,he is one of the most underrated vocal,male vocalists in history Phil Perry can,sing any single thing,and a shame on me for never ever,mentioning him when it comes to the,greatest male vocalist sometimes like I,said it's so many out there you forget,foreign,foreign,foreign,man,cause you're taking me with you,hello,I will break something,the moment,the vocal choices that he's using is,just not him like it's for a male,singer like he is so talented it's scary,he's a cover God,take your time,the moment you get there,little sucks right now,oh yeah,oh so good baby back ribs over here,puppy,baby,come on man,baby,together,foreign,these are guards here with vocalists,never got the proper recognition that he,deserved,never never ever got the prop proper,recognition he deserved,yeah that was Phil Perry man,he's amazing thank y'all so much for,watching comment like subscribe follow,me on my social media platforms,everything is in the description to the,next video

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Phil Perry and Ted Johnson react to another devastating loss for the Patriots | The Breakdown

Phil Perry and Ted Johnson react to another devastating loss for the Patriots | The Breakdown

welcome into the breakdown it's a,holiday edition of the breakdown Phil,Perry here Ted Johnson Ted Patriots fans,looking for a little bit of an early,Christmas gift on Christmas Eve instead,Cole oh they're absolutely disappointed,in that game let's face it I mean the,Patriots didn't even come out ready to,play Phil and they made it close at the,end but the end of the day what they,were you know the the their inability to,really do much offensively and the the,holes they had on defense in that first,half really really put them in a hole,that they couldn't come out of in that,first half was a mess it looked like the,Patriots might have gotten into the,eggnog a little early in that first half,on Saturday at halftime their offense,had more punts than first downs and just,70 total yards being over four on third,down of course didn't help no Belichick,was asked earlier today about the,Patriots very first third down attempt,of the game,it seemed like,multiple players were further down the,field maybe with ramandre the only one,sort of near the sticks I'm just curious,how you viewed that play,yeah we had a couple mistakes on the,play,it's not not the way we were trying to,run,it's time now for board games brought to,you by Jon Stewart drain cleaning the,name to know when the drains don't flow,Ted let's take a look at the very first,Patriots third down of their Christmas,Eve contest here this was a mess first,third down of the game Ted you should be,really focused on this should be one of,your best plays and instead you have two,very expensive tight ends smashing into,each other one of them getting hurt,you're right Phil so we got this play,called uh no options right here so,basically Mac Jones didn't have a lot of,options here on this play third down and,four okay they got to get four yards but,the play designed two problems with this,play not only the play call I would say,uh it was an issue but also the route,running and we'll show you but they,needed four yards but the play call was,to have plays in which the routes were,deeper all right you have you have a,trips right over here uh to this side,um you have basically John who Smith,supposed to be running a clear out he,doesn't he doesn't uh do it exactly like,he's supposed to and you'll see what,happens here you have Jacob be Myers,doing kind of like a wheel route here's,the DB these guys are playing man-to-man,this DB has Jacoby Myers right here he's,at so much depth that he's able to match,this really easy if the DB was up here,then maybe that Crossing route gets,confusion and then maybe you get a guy,open I think maybe that's what they're,trying to think but this DB is aligned,so deep that these guys at the snap of,the ball they run their scissors route,and both of these DBS cover it perfectly,so that's not an option here's the thing,you have on this side John who Smith,who's supposed to run what we think is a,clear out route he's supposed to go in,like almost straight down the middle of,the field and instead at the snap of the,ball he comes up and does an end cut the,only problem by throwing an in-cut is on,the back side you have Hunter Henry,running an end cut he Johnny Smith is,supposed to be running this angle to,take the safety up so there's space here,for Hunter Henry to work he doesn't do,that he cuts it off so that brings the,safety down and what happened here you,have Johnny Smith and Hunter Henry,hitting right here and Hunter Henry,getting hurt so it's a mess the point is,it's covered over here these guys are,running into each other here it's it's,five rushers for five blockers so it,gets leaky on the offensive line Phil,the quarterback's got a scramble right,here because he has nowhere to go with,the football you need four yards they're,running routes that are 10 15 20 yards,deep and you don't have a lot of time to,get the ball out you got to get more,plays that there's option routes there's,crossers uh there's dump offs and the,Patriots didn't do that and Matt gets,sacked over here linebacker makes a good,play on the ball the point is these,third down and fours a lot of these,third down plays the play call is,questionable the route running is,questionable the decision making by the,quarterback is questionable but on this,plate it was a bad play call considering,it was third and four you didn't need to,run routes that deep and also the route,running by the two tight ends was end up,being disastrous because Hunter Henry,gets hurt and it's just it's just gonna,Comedy of Errors right now Phil the,spacing seems to have been an issue,really all year when it comes to this,Patriots passing game even if these guys,are able to clear each other Ted you can,essentially In This Moment cover both,with one guy as Mac Jones Is Watching,down the field things unfold spacing was,an issue later in the game when Johnny,Smith got hurt so as Ted mentioned the,errors are consistent and they continue,into week 17 here,okay you know who was consistently good,at least in the

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In-depth reaction as a disappointing Patriots season comes to an end | The Breakdown Full Episode

In-depth reaction as a disappointing Patriots season comes to an end | The Breakdown Full Episode

welcome into the breakdown we've got one,more in us this is our final edition of,the breakdown for the Patriots 2022,campaign Phil Perry here Ted Johnson,there Ted Robert Kraft told us all the,way back in March not only did he want,to make the postseason he wanted to win,a postseason game he felt badly that his,team hadn't been able to do that for,three seasons make it four how do you,think ownership is reacting today after,losing yesterday look Robert Kraft he's,a good man but he is a killer a killer,and he has high expectations for this,football team and he's a very,competitive uh man I know that and so,he's very disappointed like a lot of,other fans he's very disappointed he's,probably confused and he probably wants,answers like a lot of people do and I,don't think he's going to be satisfied,until he gets those so it's going to be,a very very interesting off season did,you feel as though the emotions of the,day yesterday in Buffalo we understand,everything surrounding that game with,the Demar Hamlin situation,the atmosphere was electric Ted did you,think the emotions got the best of the,Patriots early on in this one all right,early on clearly by that kickoff return,clearly they but then they were able to,I think kind of you know settle things,down and actually make it a competitive,game it was great to see how they played,maybe the best offensive performance,they've had in the first half of any,half in this this season so that was,good to see nightmares start obviously,when Naim Heinz Returns the opening,kickoff for a touchdown he had two of,those which means the Patriots allowed,exactly half of the kick returns for,touchdowns all season in the NFL an,unprecedented breakdown by a Bill,Belichick coach team for the year Pro,Football Focus creating Patriots special,teams 27 in the league in the last 10,years they had never been lower than,13th Matthew Slater after the game said,he was shell shocked,it's hard to process,been playing this game a long time and,you 've never been a part of anything,like that so,it's obviously very very disappointing,he's a captain in that unit I feel like,we cost a team the game so to break down,two breakdown for the player to chaos,both,yeah we'll just leave it at that,my report card is presented by the,Massachusetts school of law it's our,final report card of the season and,despite the loss it's actually mostly,pretty good except for one glaring,exception special teams a big old red f,usually is how I think of it it's yellow,there but you have to go with an f after,Sunday's disaster in Buffalo which,brings us to technique which is,presented by Shaw's perfecting the art,of fresh and our friend trenny Casey is,out here with us to help us illustrate,Ted what might have happened early in,that game and then a little bit later,where it just looked as though you maybe,had some patriots trying to do a little,bit too much maybe trying to counteract,all that emotion that they were feeling,from the Buffalo Crowd by making a big,play themselves and quieting them down,but in the process of trying to do that,end up running into some mistakes that's,exactly right and that's what a lot of,players do they want to make a play they,want to you know put their name on an,imprint on the game and they try to do,too much and there's here's a case of,doing of doing that on the kickoff team,the Patriots kick off to the Buffalo,Bills to start the game all right you're,going down on kickoff team you have a,lane that you've got to fill all right,you have that lane you do not leave that,lane everyone's staying in their lanes,because you're trying to build this cup,and try to contain that returner and,when you come up to your Defender as,you're running down here on kickoff,you're supposed to take them head on so,that you can go to the right side of,that player and to the left you have,this side and that side you do not take,sides and this is what happened on the,kickoff okay I'm Pierre strong I'm,kicking off to Heinz right there who's,Trinny right there she's uh phenomenal,uh I've already seen electric return and,Phil's going to be the the blocker they,do man blocking now for they have for a,while on kickoff returns so it's man on,man blocking I'm running down and say,hike I'm running down I'm Pierre strong,all right I see this blocker coming,you're supposed to take him head on he,does it he gets old there's the runner I,want to go get him he gets a Tyson and,he takes the inside and then he gets,washed down way out of the plate and,there's a huge cutback Lane for the,running back and Hines hits his head on,the goal post you have to be disciplined,on kickoff as you're running down to,take that Blocker on head on so that you,can go to the right side and to the left,side don't do more than you're supposed,to don't you see an alley that to maybe,you know to maybe take a risk don't do,that because there's someone there to do,that job that wasn't your job now,staying with that theme you noticed,maybe something s

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Phil Perry exclusive 1-on-1 interview with Patriots QB Mac Jones

Phil Perry exclusive 1-on-1 interview with Patriots QB Mac Jones

all right here right now patriots,quarterback mack jones mac we are at,beautiful hood park here in charlestown,why are we here tell us why we're here,tell us why there's an ice cream truck,behind us well the whole point is to eat,a bunch of good ice cream right so,we're out here just enjoying the weather,and there's a bunch of great fans and,we're just trying to come together as a,community and,enjoy you know a nice day in boston and,this is a beautiful you know area and,then i'm excited to pass out the mac,attack flavor there you go so you will,be handing out some mac attack ice cream,to some patriots fans that have been,here waiting in line under the sun for a,little while here,so ice cream for you,is on the approved mac jones off season,diet because you've gone viral as,looking on social media like a guy who's,traded in the ice cream for the skinless,chicken breast and broccoli there you go,yeah i mean i've definitely improved my,diet but you know after you work really,hard it's not bad to just sit down and,eat some ice cream so every once in a,while it's like a little cheap meal but,um i got it from my dad he eats ice,cream all the time so i always have a,little bit of ice ice cream flavor that,i want to get and,you know it's just all fun and games so,i'm just happy to be here,hopefully i'll try my flavor make sure,it's up to par and then hand it out to,everybody else we'll have to get uh ted,harper patriots nutritionist on the,phone make sure everything is on the up,and up there but i remember talking to,you during super bowl week and you did,talk about how you wanted to make,changes to your body and you felt like,that was something that was important,why did you feel like that was important,mac because you had a year last year you,make the pro bowl as a rookie you have,one of the best statistical rookie,seasons the nfl's seen in recent history,here so why was it important for you to,make those physical changes that you,made this offseason yeah i think it's,important to assess everything and that,was one of the things i wanted to,improve and i made significant strides,in that area fixing my body and feeling,comfortable and feeling healthier and,better,but you know it's at the end of the day,you're you're still a human and you want,to you know eat what you want to eat but,you have to be disciplined as best you,can and ice cream hood ice cream is one,way to do it so that's what i do for my,for my my late night dessert,have you seen those changes that you've,made translate already obviously you've,done some spring practices with the team,but we've seen you working out with,teammates and you've been on top of it,as far as that goes have you noticed,changes are you feeling it for your arm,that was another thing we spoke about,months ago you're talking about arm,strength that's something i want to,improve is that something that you felt,so far this offseason yeah i think it's,all it all goes back into just trying to,become a better player in person and,that was my goal this offseason and i,feel better i feel confident and that's,what's important and i'm just going to,try and go in there and do my thing and,lead everybody and help us come together,as a unit so that's kind of what it's,all about and,the off scene is a great time to sit,back you know relax a little bit but,also try and make strides and where you,want to make strides so i feel like i've,done that,you're about to hand some ice cream out,to some new friends here yeah,you have the logs some miles my friend,based on what we've seen on social media,not to do the social media reporting,thing which is part of life i guess,right now but it looks like you've been,all over the country to meet up with,teammates and make sure that you're,spending time with those friends before,you head into year two why was that so,important to you to spend as much time,as it appears you have with those guys,yeah i think it's important to you know,be with your teammates and build that,relationship and build the camaraderie,for your team so we have a great group,of guys,um you know they're all good dudes and,we're just excited to get back to work,uh we've we've put in a lot of work and,now it's time to go so we're really,excited for the season it's such a,different spot for you now versus this,time last year obviously you've grown a,lot in,a 12-month span here yeah how much,ownership do you feel like you have,of the offense and of what you guys are,doing on that side of the ball because,again last year you're you're fighting,for a job you're competing for a job and,now you're the guy who looks like is,organizing these workouts and making,sure that everybody's sort of on the,same page going into training camp here,yeah every every year is a new year and,um you know this year is different i am,it's my second year so it's a lot of,other guys second years and some guys,have been in the league for five plus,years so everyone's in a different boat,but we're all working towards the

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George Duke And Phill Perry | Forever | Reaction

George Duke And Phill Perry | Forever | Reaction

what's going on youtube it's your boy,that's in reactions to y'all this is a,special patreon,request by t-berry women,teaberry3267,um this is phil perry's forever,um oh george duke and phil perry rescue,peace to,one of the great jazz um pioneers,george duke um but we're gonna jump into,this don't forget my patreons in the,description we get exclusive access,early content and special requests,um you can also do paypal you can do,cash app any of those subscribe for,requests as well,so i'm in my p.o box is in the,description so feel free to send me,whatever you want,send away it is ready all right phil,phil can sing because i remember his,version of call me,and who,all right phil let's go brother,start is right now,oh wait a minute hey wait a minute,i feel very insane,for real let's go back,cheese forever,no one could love you,more,whatever your mind may say,i'm sure can you help me out,come on bro,it's gonna,you must be old school and you must know,vocalists cause man listen to this,it's,like this,we will simply call,i'm,hey,phil perry is a singer singer singer,singer,no no no he's a singer singer,let's,come on mate,jesus,is,man,jesus,rashad,foreign,you can't believe,i said i would,is,it's the transitions that he's doing i,don't even,forever,phil perry is crazy he made me and,shout out to george duke but he made me,forget george duke was playing,i mean,jesus i mean we talking about a powerful,vocal let me tell you something phil,perry,could have could have murdered so many,of them them 80s and 90s r b,singers that's a different conversation,but thank y'all so much for watching man,comment like subscribe follow me on my,social media platforms,to the next video i love you peace

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Celebrities Read Mean Tweets #10

Celebrities Read Mean Tweets #10

,Watching Hugh Grant and his,Stuttering pathetic charm is as,Appealing to me as closing my,Scrotum in a DVD case.,Are these real or do you,Make them up to be especially nasty?, ,Kate Hudson is a dead-eyed,Trash bag that smells like low tide., , ,Greg Kinnear,Stars in holy who,Gives a coming soon.,Chris Evans is a stupid,Bearded sweater wearing dumb,Dork.,Melissa McCarthy is the Medea,of white people.,Jane Lynch had bigger, than Ultimate Warrior.,Norman Reedus, I can fit two,Firsts and a leg in my .,Hit me up.,Okay.,I'll do it.,Tongue punch in the fart box,is a neglected phrase.,Use it today.,Example: Margot Robbie deserves,a tongue punch in the fart box.,Wow.,Anthony Mackie is probably.,Angry that he looks like a, Aardvark.,Judd Apatow has completely,ruined manhood.,Olivia Wilde's forehead is,the same size as my left ass,cheek.,and I weigh 250 pounds.,So I'll let you imagine just how,big that must be.,Paul Rudd is the most boring.,vanilla dude.,You know he just sits at home,with his wife having a bland,spaghetti dinner, talking about,his day.,That's pretty funny.,Why does Ryan Gosling always,Look like he's trying to squeeze,a fart out without making any,noise?,Has Zac Efron ever been in a,Film where he didn't play a,total douche?,I've never seen one of his,Films, I'm just judging by his,face.,How how I loathe Nickelback.,P.S. you Wanda,Sykes.,Russell Crowe is delightfully,paradoxical in that he is a huge, with a small penis.,Bryan Cranston looks like Jim,Carrey impersonating Matthew,McConaughey.,All right, all right,,ALRIGHTY THEN!,I keep forgetting that Kiefer,Sutherland isn't dead.,Well, whoever wrote this, if it,makes you feel better, it's not,for a lack of trying.,Oh, yeah, and you.

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