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PHIL KERPEN: Biden's War On Energyjoining me now phil kerpin is president,of american commitment and

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Updated on Jan 15,2023

PHIL KERPEN: Biden's War On Energy

joining me now phil kerpin is president,of american commitment and the and,president of the committee to unleash,prosperity he has a very interesting uh,editorial out about all of this phil,it's it's good to see you the thing that,really got my attention and you were,citing the wall street journal in this,is that you have um and going into what,she said because they're they're going,back and forth over who's drilling what,how and and one of the reasons why it,seems that the administration is at war,with oil and gas is because they say,well it's not clean we all have to go to,electric oil and gas without really any,intervention a lot of federal,intervention they've been using fairly,from what i understand clean extraction,methods etc and really been pioneering,this which is why to your piece it kind,of surprised me to see that they have,this big oil industry trade group and,they're urging congress to adopt a,carbon they want to get taxed carbon tax,for doing what they're already doing,explain this to me because this is i'm,trying to write my head around this,yeah i mean i can tell you what they're,doing i can't fully explain why because,it's almost incomprehensible uh but it,turns out that the lobbying group of the,american petroleum institute the,lobbying group for the big integrated so,exxon bp shell,not the small guys but the great guys uh,they have been shopping a slide deck,around town in washington calling for a,tax on carbon dioxide so essentially,attacks on fossil fuel energy uh this is,you remember in the first obama term he,did his cap and trade thing that passed,the house narrowly crashed and burned in,the center one of the major reasons,democrats got wiped out uh in 2010 i,think along with obamacare and the,spending and everything else uh but most,of us thought this idea was kind of dead,or at least that,republicans and industry would all be,against it so unless there were big,democratic majorities again it would be,dead,but it turns out that the industry,itself is lobbying for it which makes me,pretty nervous because,uh when you have a bunch of big,companies saying oh please tax us tax,our customers that's the kind of thing,that leads to you know bipartisan,consensus and bad ideas actually being,enacted into law and i think,uh that they would do it now when gas,prices are up more than 50 in the past,year people are getting absolutely,hammered um just really shows that you,know the idea that you know uh big oil,is so powerful and that's why we stay on,fossil fuels i mean it's completely,not true and we really need to represent,our own interests in all of these policy,fights and not assume that corporate,america is going to do it because,they've gone so woke across the board,that you know the oil and gas companies,now apparently are so worried about,climate change that they want to tax,their own customers that's that's just,wild to me uh and we're talking with,phil kerpin uh with american commitment,on this he's got a a piece out on their,website because,they've been and you made a good point,out of all of the times that they could,have done this i mean they could have,been doing this you know if they really,wanted to a couple of years ago i mean,they could have pushed because i don't,remember them really going out and,really pushing for cap and trade but,that was also incredibly punitive way,more than what they're kind of proposing,now but still that would obviously mean,higher costs for consumers i'm just i've,never seen such weird strategy before do,you think that they're actually going to,be successful in urging members of,congress to do this because if,especially some of the maybe more,moderates and people on the left they'll,think oh this is great we're having some,we're gaining some ground where it,concerns uh green energy because they're,they're acknowledging it and they said,yes tax is more as a consequence like a,syntax but at the same time they usually,don't put two and two together and,realize this means higher prices at the,pump so do you think that they'll,actually be successful in getting these,congress congressmen and women to adopt,this,well i hope not it's interesting you,raise the syntax because i always tell,people the reason that governments will,never ban cigarettes is they you know,they make more money,yeah because of all the taxes and that,might be part of the strategy here as,well if we get them on the hook taxing,us then they won't actually uh get rid,of us and so maybe they think they're,buying their future existence with this,i don't know i mean i think the uh the,danger as i said is that it becomes,bipartisan otherwise i don't think it,can pass yeah uh but you know,i don't think we can assume that won't,happen in fact there are a number of,senate republicans that are now talking,about doing a carbon tax specifically on,imports so a carbon tariff uh senators,like bill cassidy from louisiana mitt,romney are talking about that they're in,this workin

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Phil Kerpen on all things COVID-19

Phil Kerpen on all things COVID-19

crack that whip yeah you are so,distracted,you're like that dog squirrel anytime,there's music you just lose your total,train of thought lamp,carpet hi good morning amy jacobson here,with sean from elmwood park shawn,thompson,in for dan prof today thank you you're,in our matrix home solutions,studio by the way i was noticing,something different yes,yeah got a new look changed the curtains,although i'm a new sponsor,distracted by the face of lori lightfoot,which looks a lot like that geico guy,all right so uh virtual learning we've,been doing it since the beginning of,time no we've been doing it since last,march,yeah and uh jake tapper put out a tweet,which i loved even,jake tapper acknowledged health experts,are saying the schools should be open,now,not within 100 days from january 20th,because,biden said you know in the first 100,days he wants all schools to reopen by,the end,of the first 100 days are you kidding me,there's no science and data,to prove that that group can't survive,they have a 99.997,survival rate yeah and there is not one,reported,case of student-to-teacher transmission,in any chicago school in the catholic,schools and the private schools,there is no reason and cps janice,jackson who by the way just got a forty,thousand dollar raise,yeah yesterday forty thousand dollar,raise uh-huh um,they even is one over you know the the,sanitation that they're gonna be doing,your temperature checks on the way in,these,stupid plexiglass things masks and all,that but they,they change the hepa air filtration,system in every single chicago public,school,that's that's huge that's the same,filtration system that they have in,hospitals airplane correct yes,yeah the nine million dollar contract,who got it those type of filters they're,expensive,they're from china they're a bunch of,paper pushed together i think they run,at least,38 000 a filter,wow and they're still it's not good,enough it's not good enough for the ctu,yeah and teachers by the way are third,in line to get the vaccine because,they're essential workers,up there with firefighters and but,you're replacing and restaurants,filters for buildings that are vacant,that's my favorite part of the store oh,i know isn't it great yeah,uh with more on this and all things,coveted let's welcome back to the,program,phil kerpin you can find him at kerpin,k-e-r-p-e-n on twitter,uh president of american commitment and,chairman of the internet freedom,coalition good morning phil how are you,hey,good morning i'm good good so you have,been i'll follow you on twitter,you're amazing and you're talking about,dc,and how many deaths have they had total,in the month of december,uh 40. so it's uh it's more than it's,been the last few months it's not like,april and may when it was 220 230,um but you know what they call it they,call that winter so,you know no it's true because it's an,optical,alarm well in chicago i mean before,covet happened,every day in illinois 300 about 300,people would die every day,from the flu or hypertension or a heart,attack or car accidents cancer,and now there seems to be no flu,everything is covered so for the past 10,days,we've had more than 100 deaths for the,past 10 days and i just,i don't trust those numbers because they,consider,you know dying from kovid or because of,kovid,and that's the thing because we had a,friend of the show who was 80,86 years old and she had hypertension,and joe should um,congenital heart failure they tested her,all the time for covid because she was,in the hospital and always came back,negative yet on the death certificate,they put down that it was a coveted,death and the hospital got 38 000,yeah illinois is very very aggressive,with the coating uh,you know even more so than most of these,other states and you know we,we have data uh for illinois that we,don't have in place is because we have,that cook county uh,the uh register that actually shows the,cause of death and we can see that a,huge number of the,uh the so-called cova deaths there are,things like gunshot wounds and,drug overdoses and all this kind so you,clearly,are being very aggressive in terms of,anyone who tests positive and then dies,of anything,they put it in the count and you know,you want to say oh they're cheating,they're blowing up except that the cdc,said they can do it,so i mean we've got a lot of places that,are using that that method of counting,anyone who ever tested positive,essentially,uh new york city their official,definition on their website is anyone,who ever tested positive and died of any,cause of death within 60 days,that's their official that's how they're,doing it it's not a you know they're not,they're not cheating they're not,pretending,that's just how they're doing it yeah,they put down two suicides as covid,yeah i mean there was just a story in,colorado there's a county in colorado,and,like a rural county that only has five,total cover deaths but two of them were,gunshot wounds,so you know this is uh this is happening,everywhere a

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MASKING KIDS: Phil Kerpen On The Actual COVID Data/Science; How Politics Plays a BIG Role

MASKING KIDS: Phil Kerpen On The Actual COVID Data/Science; How Politics Plays a BIG Role

joining me on this and a million other,things as it relates to vaccines and,coronavirus uh we always enjoy talking,to phil kerpin about this because he is,a repository of information and uh we,are and he's dedicated to it we,appreciate he's president of american,commitment and the committee to unleash,prosperity phil always good to see you,thanks so much what is that though why,why is it if we are following the,science,why,is why does the science then lead one,country to have a different conclusion,regarding masking kids in schools while,the united states thinks oh we have to,do that here even though numerous,studies shows show that they it doesn't,actually reduce the the transmission,well the us is a really extreme outlier,on the masking of children,no other country,uh,maybe,maybe japan um but i'd have to check on,that but certainly no country in europe,uh masks down to age two like the united,states does the youngest,children that get masked in europe uh,are from age six and that's only in,three countries that's italy spain and,france the rest of europe either masks,not at all or they mask from age twelve,and actually if you look at the world,health organization recommendations they,say do not mask under age six,and you know consider it under age 12,but there are other considerations and,you might not want to they have a very,sort of mixed recommendation,and what we saw in the united kingdom uh,they know where they have never masked,under age 12 and they got rid of even,masking over age 12,in may they actually had lower school,cases in their delta wave and they had a,very large delta wave while schools were,in session uh you know the largest in,the world they actually had lower school,cases during their delta wave with no,masks than they had in the winter with,the alpha wave and so uh there's just no,good evidence supporting masking school,children certainly not younger school,children but i i don't really think the,evidence is very strong for the older,kids and yet we have it in this country,and the only answer is politics and in,particular uh we found out yesterday,probably not surprising to you or your,audience that the day before the current,mask all the kids guidance came out of,cdc uh the cdc director was asked by the,white house director of union engagement,to talk to the heads of the two largest,teachers unions in the country becky,pringle and randy weingarten and she,talked to both of them on the phone and,then the next day put out that guidance,now they didn't put it in writing this,time like they did with when they were,dictating the previous round back in,february they did it over the phone but,it's pretty clear uh that this was not a,science-based guidance it was something,that came from the teachers unions yeah,and and that's and again that's not,that's political as you said that's not,science that's that's politics and it's,just odd that that's i it's weird to me,that we have such a conversation about,uh about how the unvaccinated should be,treated in terms of civility when it's,very difficult to trust some of these,agencies that are giving us this,information when so clearly politics,weighs so heavy into the decision-making,process you had also you had something,very interesting too i ahead of biden's,remarks which everyone's anticipating he,said uh,i think jen saki and others with the,white house have said it's going to be a,discussion on coronavirus and covet,vaccine and where maybe we'll find out,if there's mandates i know they were,talking about a third dose and you had,said that it was interesting that that's,something that the president is is,pushing considering the fda just had two,resignations in protest over having a,third vaccine tell us a little bit more,about this,yeah this happened last week uh and you,know if this had happened during a,republican administration you wouldn't,have seen anything else for the last,week except you know what a scandal it,is and maybe you should be impeached,over it and what have you uh but it was,a one-day story at best uh if even that,in fact the network news i don't think,even mentioned it at all uh but,basically look biden uh the the white,house people said we're gonna start,doing third doses uh september 20th i,think was the date they set,and the top two officials at the fda who,work on vaccines including the top,official who'd been there i think 35,years or so,quit basically they didn't publicly say,the reason but they went to reporters,and unnamed sources explained their,reasoning it was probably the people,themselves her deputy quit as well and,basically the unnamed source explained,the you know you can't conduct science,at an agency when the outcome's already,been determined by political people in,the white house and that's essentially,what the biden administration did is,they said we're going to do these third,doses and the fda is going to come back,and tell us that it's safe and effective,and it's a good idea well if you're the,vaccine di

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PHIL KERPEN: Dems Raiding Medicare To Pay For Obamacare

PHIL KERPEN: Dems Raiding Medicare To Pay For Obamacare

joining us right now to talk about that,he's he's followed this relentlessly,Phil carpin president of American,commitment and the committee to unleash,Prosperity he's got a great piece about,this that gets into how Democrats are,raiding Medicare once again to pay for,ObamaCare again Phil thanks for joining,us I mean this is this is like Obama,Biden 2.0 I mean this is just a,continuation of what they what we've,debated this and they're doing this just,wild talk to us about this because this,is I mean this is billions of dollars,yeah it's pretty remarkable because I,looked for a little while like this was,going to be the entirety of the,reconciliation Bill and then of course,Mansion cut his deal and they brought,back all of the green energy and the,electric car stuff and and that sort of,overshadowed the Obamacare spending,which is still in the bill but became,you know much smaller as a portion of,the hole and therefore got a lot less,attention but really the uh the,extension of the supersized Obamacare,subsidies is a really bad policy they've,essentially taken the roof off the lid,off of who qualifies for ObamaCare,subsidies it was originally only up to,400 percent of the federal poverty level,they've now made it uh they've now,eliminated income qualification and so,if premiums are very high in your area,and you can cap out as you can get up to,nine percent of your income uh in,taxpayers pick up the rest no matter how,much money you make and so in some,expensive areas high cost areas with,high premiums you can get people who,have five six hundred percent of the,federal poverty level who are getting,subsidies even higher than that,potentially and so it's an enormous,expenditure of money and what we've seen,over the last couple of years is a lot,of employers are dropping their coverage,and of course we saw this in the first,round of Obamacare but a lot of,employers are dropping their coverage,because they say look you can get,subsidized coverage from Obamacare it's,going to be better for you it's going to,be cheaper for everyone and so millions,of people have moved off private you,know private employer provided coverage,into the Obamacare exchanges into the,expanded medicaid roles and so as a,consequence of that we're spending just,a massive amount of money for very small,gains in coverage most of the people,we're now paying for are people who,previously had coverage who've lost it,and so I mean it ends up being over,forty thousand dollars that taxpayers,are spending for each newly insured,person just a completely insane amount,of money and then you know kind of the,emergency was it was only supposed to be,for two years and of course now they've,extended it for three more years and the,insurance companies I don't know how,they've got total ownership of the,democratic party but it's pretty,remarkable to me because they have very,low claims for the last couple of years,people were not going to the hospital,they were not going to Doc doctors they,either were scared of covet or they,didn't want to deal with the mask the,visitor restrictions or whatever the,reason was we had record low utilization,so premium should have come down instead,they stayed about even and then as,utilization started to come up and we we,still haven't reached 2019 Levels by the,way but as utilization started to come,up the insurance company said oh my God,people are coming back to health care,settings we're gonna have to Jack,premiums up through the roof Congress,you better expand subsidies or you're,going to get blamed for it and it's,going to be and instead of doing,oversight and holding them accountable,to figuring out why they were having,these massive premium increase they said,great we'll extend them taxpayers will,pick up all the costs and so how do they,pay for that how do they pay for that,and the green energy stuff and all the,rest of this bill well they've got three,basic ways they've got this new,Financial uh statement income tax on,large publicly traded companies that's,got a lot of attention though probably,not as much as it deserves there's the,IRS expansion doubling the size of the,IRS that's got most of the attention and,it probably deserves it because it's a,disaster but then the third way is that,they raid Medicare uh they raid Medicare,by imposing inflation caps on existing,drugs and for for and starting in 2026,they've got this process where the,Secretary of HHS will,fully set the price they call it a,negotiation because that word pulls very,well but this negotiation goes like this,the secretary tells you what the price,is the manufacturer can agree or,disagree and negotiate but at the end of,the day if they don't take the,secretary's price they get taxed 95 of,their total sales of that product uh,which the estimated revenue from that is,zero because they don't believe any,company would ever be able to say no to,the government price under that,circumstance so it's price setting it's,price fixing and they figure through,

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American Commitment's Phil Kerpen on the debate of returning children to school

American Commitment's Phil Kerpen on the debate of returning children to school

that's traffic i'm chiptalavanti on am,560 the answer,chicago's morning answer continues next,in our am 560 weather center morning,shower or thunderstorm,is possible less humid this afternoon a,high 85,clear in 67 overnight 76 at o'hare next,news at 7,chicago's morning answer with dan and,amy continues next,on am 560 the answer,this hourly segment is brought to you by,in the know,with wealth management group hosted by,craig bolanos,heard sunday mornings at 10.,let freedom ring this afternoon at two,with sean,hannity on am 560 the answer,good morning dan and amy and i want to,continue our discussion about,uh getting the kids back to school i,know that's a preeminent concern,to anybody who has school-aged children,as well as frankly,anybody who cares about the future of,america and getting children educated so,it should include all of us do you know,how many people i spoke with over the,weekend that are so,fearful they are not sending their kids,back to school even if there is,in-person learning,i i was hard-pressed to find somebody,who agrees or thinks,like-minded like myself who wants to,find have their kids go back to school,it's unbelievable to me well but before,we get to that,and in more depth i want to get steve,mnuchin in here because he was on chris,wallace on sunday,and uh i'll tell you what i i will,repeat,it is not draining the swamp when you,have a goldman sachs guy,as your point person for fiscal policy,including phase four coveted relief,minutian has been wholly unimpressive,this surrender on payroll tax cut,as well as on unemployment insurance to,some extent,is painful to watch and even more,painful,to hear explained by minutiae and here's,the um,the technical fix as he describes paying,people more to stay home,than to work to uh unemployment,insurance going forward,uh where they're settling at least with,respect to the proposal,to be unveiled today what we've seen is,now that we want to have the technical,correction,and we want to have something which pays,people about 70,wage replacement which i think is a very,fair level,so it's not a fixed number it's,something that pays you a percentage,of your wages that are lost and on,explaining the uh,about face on the payroll tax cut well,in our conversations with pelosi and,schumer it was very clear,that the democrats were not going to,give us a payroll tax cut,so that's something the president will,come back and look at later in the year,but the money goes if if if i may if i,may just briefly,it wasn't just democrats there were a,number of republicans who rejected this,uh,i want to put them up on the screen some,of the top republican leaders in the,senate john,thune john cornyn chuck grassley the,head of sonnet finance they all said,they had no interest in that and well so,you got you got blow back not just from,democrats but from some top republicans,as well,there were other republicans that,supported it and and let me just say,again we know we need bipartisan support,we have tax credits that we've put in,here to incentivize people to get back,to work and,in small businesses to hire people we,have the direct payments,and as you know the direct payments are,a much quicker way of effectively giving,everybody a tax cut,and it's much quicker than the payroll,tax cut spoken like a true keynesian,hack,to suggest that a government check is,the same thing as,government restraint on taking from a,business which is,what a payroll tax is,are the same things they're not the same,things,one is a transfer payment one is,deepening debt the other,is removing government,from the marketplace even temporarily,as a growth mechanism transfer payments,not pro-growth,removing taxes which are,right penalties on work right that's,pro-growth,and for him to conflate the two is,either,wildly ignorant or wildly disingenuous,he can pick,for more on all these matters coveted,related we're pleased to be joined again,by phil kerpin president of the american,commitment,and chairman of the internet freedom,coalition phil thanks for joining us,appreciate it,my pleasure thanks for having me uh all,right i don't know what your view is but,i know you're a free-market,conservative type of guy and so um on,the administration's performance and,minutians as its,face on this with respect to phase four,relief,uh catastrophically bad i mean look i,mean they were basically,they haven't even started negotiating,with nancy pelosi yet this is just,republicans negotiating with themselves,and they've given up almost everything,uh so look i mean if their position is,you know,we we want unemployment to be really,really really,uh high we want to we want to elevate,unemployment keep lots of people out of,work ahead of the election then this is,a great policy let's have enhanced,unemployment benefits,uh you know as far as the eye can see,but uh that's,really dumb economics and really dumb,politics it makes no sense and this idea,that,well you know we're gonna extend you,know,300 a week or 200 a week,on

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American Commitment’s Phil Kerpen reacts to the ‘all-or-nothing’ nature of the spending bill

American Commitment’s Phil Kerpen reacts to the ‘all-or-nothing’ nature of the spending bill

from the matrix home solutions studios,this is chicago's morning answer on am,560 the answer,listen to am 560 the answer online at,560v on the am560 mobile app,on your alexa powered smart speaker and,on tune in i heart and on odyssey,only the biggest stories only the,biggest guests and only the biggest,opinions this is am 560 the answer,top of the morning dan and amy uh,congresswoman pramila jayapal is a uh,chairman of the,marxist caucus in the house i i think,they call themselves progressive,she's uh sort of a,gorgon according to a buzzfeed piece on,what she's like to work for,uh man there were some staffers and,former staffers that had some very,interesting things to say about this,socialist spice girl really,representative j pal yeah,uh but she was on uh cnn talking to you,know one of those fungible,dum-dums,about this um,quid pro quo that uh the socialists have,set up amongst themselves,the senate has to give us 3.5 billion,dollars over in the house before we'll,release the 1.2 trillion dollar,infrastructure spend that's passed the,senate and is in the house,and that has to happen by september 27th,which is you know next week,because that was the date that was set,and if it doesn't happen,perhaps nothing would happen wouldn't,wouldn't be that be a happy occurrence,uh here's what she had to say about um,how this plays out and,how willing she is to on behalf of her,94 members,how willing she is to deal on,the deal that was struck we've got to be,able to say to the american people that,we are not going to wait on child care,we're not going to wait on paid leave,we're not going to wait on health care,it isn't enough just to do this much,smaller roads and bridges bill we've got,to get the other pieces done as well,that are so urgent so we've already told,the speaker that over half of our caucus,has,said that they would not be able to vote,for one bill without the other and so we,are doing everything we can to get the,work done,before this deadline which i just want,to say was imposed by uh conservative,democrats who wanted to see uh the,bipartisan bill come up first and so,they put this deadline on of september,27th that is we said at the time that,that deadline was made that that's great,but if we don't have the reconciliation,bill we will not be able to vote for the,infrastructure bill,your statement is both bills to the,president so you're saying you're,willing to take nothing,because it may come to that well i i'm,i'm actually saying that other people,are willing to crash the entire,democratic agenda by refusing to come,together on the reconciliation bill,which was the promise that was made,and among those other people she's,referring to are 11 senate democrat,socialists from your corey bookers and,ed markeys to your,pocahontases and,sheldon uh,white people only house um so uh,what,what what what will come of this,let's discuss this with our next guest,he's phil kerpin president of the,american commitment chairman of the,internet freedom coalition as well phil,thanks for joining us appreciate it,hey great to be with you,um so boy uh you know such luminaries as,uh sheldon white's only and pocahontas,on one side and,aoc and,jayapal and,rashida talib and ill and omar on the,other side what is a socialist to do in,these times,yeah it's interesting right uh look i,don't want to get my hopes up that it'll,all collapse uh by the way isn't it,funny that she called the uh,so-called infrastructure bill the rhodes,and bridges bill which is like right i,don't know 15 of the bill or something,like that well she also i also like to i,that's that's one good point the other,thing about that a much smaller i,remember when one point two trillion,dollars was a lot of government spending,but that's not that's probably the 1.99,they spent a couple months ago right,right,it's uh it's an incredible situation,frankly because i'm against both of,these bills they're both massive corrupt,spending bills that we don't need that,are going to reignite inflation,uh,and yet they they're having this bizarre,fight over you know do we take the 1.2,trillion now or do we wait until we,compare it up with the other three and a,half and you know they use gimmicks so,it won't really be three and a half,it'll be five but they'll say it's three,and a half and uh,you know it it's uh it's remarkable to,see them struggle the way they are uh if,we're lucky it'll all sort of collapse,of its own weight i suspect at the end,of the day they agree on something you,know they'd steer more money to west,virginia and mention says okay now i'm,good with it and they,managed to move it all through but at,the moment they're in disarray and it's,it's pretty it's pretty uh enjoyable to,watch,and uh there's another piece of this too,we were talking about a little bit,yesterday with uh indiana senator mike,braun,i wonder if this factors in what you,know,so they're they've done a paired down,federal takeover of election,administration in this country,and to

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President of American Commitment Phil Kerpen on disaster of democrat covid policies

President of American Commitment Phil Kerpen on disaster of democrat covid policies

don't show you the actual chart they,give you a headline hospitals,overwhelming you look up the numbers,it's like lower than normal like what,are you guys talking about so I just,tried to kind of follow what's actually,happening,it's amazing too because the reason that,that's so important is sort of the,gaslighting that we see how people try,to rewrite history so one of the things,you've commented on is continuing to,hold people to the things they said for,example regarding locking down of,schools the science was pretty evident,on this from the get-go that this was a,disaster and was going to have,predictable harms and now when that,comes to fruition some of the people,most responsible for cheering for those,lockdowns are now acting like they never,did it can you give us some examples of,like sort of some of the things you've,seen people Democrats making arguments,that uh we didn't really call for these,lockdowns,well you know they always use kind of,weasel wording you know from kind of,fouchy on down what they what they,always said and they did this you know,for the year or so that schools were,closed in most of the US they would say,things like oh I definitely think,schools should be open you know if you,can do it safely and if the case numbers,are low and so they would say they,wouldn't say I think schools should be,closed they would say I think schools,should be open but then they would their,next two or three sentences would,actually result in keeping schools,closed and so now that what they want to,do is come back and you know dig up,these quotes and just use the first,sentence I see I said to open them and,like we're not going to remember that,you know they said that you know sort of,as a faint and then said all the reasons,that actually they wanted them closed,and you know fauci was obviously the,worst example of this but you know the,teachers unions picked up this tactic,and therefore you know all the places,that they had a lot of influence they,had much longer closures and all the,places where Democrats were in control,they had much longer closures other than,the places uh where republics were in,control and if you look at the data on,this it's really pretty Stark I mean,you've got States like you know you've,got States like Wyoming and Iowa and,Florida that were pretty much completely,open the whole time and then you know at,the other end of the uh of the of the,scale you got kind of California that,was close forever and you know Maryland,which I guess is technically a,republican Governor but we know you know,he really went along with whatever the,Democrats wanted so uh there was a very,Stark uh partisan Gap and of course you,know we see the same thing on the local,level I mean there were a lot of school,districts even in liberal states that,were pretty pretty much open,and then of course you know you got,crazy liberal school districts even in,Republican states that were pretty much,closed with the exception of the places,where the governors kind of overruled,them and you know of course you know one,of the things that made Florida so,incredible is it's not like they don't,have liberal cities in Florida it's that,the governor overruled them he requires,them to open they sued him and he won in,court and so when you see people like,what Gretchen Whitman was trying to do,you know she had this hilarious line in,their debate there in Michigan she said,you know I only closed the schools for,three months I I didn't and you know and,then everyone tried to like back her up,and they're like yeah she only closed it,for the three months at the end of the,you know 2019-2020 school year was a,local decision after that and it's like,okay but if you make it a local decision,that's going to mean tons of closures I,mean you know you have to exercise,leadership if you want to actually get a,good outcome yeah it's amazing and it's,like one of the things I was saying from,the get-go is,when this all shakes out we're going to,want to look and say well who was right,what were the best decisions you know,listen I think that we never expect any,leader to be 100 perfect on situations,particularly situations that have,drastic ramifications like this but I,usually approach things from a liberty,and individual mindset first and for me,the known evil of lockdowns and harming,kids and harming the economy and things,like that far outweighed the unknown of,what would the pandemic do and I think,that that's our fruit,it's very interesting you know when you,go back to like March and April of of,2020 and,we had all these people uh that were,saying you know what it can't hurt to,try hydroxychloroquine it's a very safe,drug we ought to try it you know there's,not much downside to trying it and the,whole pushback against that was oh my,God you can't try that there might be,some unforeseen harm it's uh and and,then you have the exact opposite,mentality when it came to things like,the school closures where you knew there,was going to be

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American Commitment's Phil Kerpen on all things COVID-19

American Commitment's Phil Kerpen on all things COVID-19

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