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How PFT Commenter Met Big Cat - TKCS Clipshow did the the big cat connection come,the uh the how we

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Updated on Jan 19,2023

How PFT Commenter Met Big Cat - TKCS Clips

how did the the big cat connection come,the uh the how we met story yeah it was,probably like 2015 2014 maybe when we,were both you know most of his day was,spent blogging too at the point i was,blogging and people would,accuse us of stealing each other's jokes,and takes that's funny i remember one of,the first times it was ragnar the the,unofficial mascot from the vikings if,you're not familiar with ragnar he used,to drive the motorcycle out into the,field before every game,and he was getting paid like a hundred,bucks a game to drive out there and he,decided that he was going to hold out he,made a crazy demand right i think he,said he wanted like,20 years and 10 million dollars it was,something crazy maybe it was like 2,million over the course of 20 years,which is still yeah,yeah,an unofficial mascot by the way he was,just a fan he was a guy that looked like,a viking that owned a motorcycle and so,he decided he was going to hold out for,a better contract and big cat and i,wrote blogs at the same time for,different websites that were like hey,ragnar pay the manas money like,what do we have to say like,if you don't pay him you can't be cheap,other free agents will see this they'll,take notice right and so people like,tagged us and that was one of the first,times be like yo uh pft big cat stealing,your take oh big cat pft stealing your,take right so we eventually started,following each other and then i was up,in chicago one time for a wedding and i,was like hey man uh if you got a second,grab a beer let's say what's up yeah and,we met up at some bar just talked for a,little bit we both he was like what's a,crazy take that you haven't published,yet because i've got like a million and,i was like caleb and junior did steroids,and he was like yes yes i love it he's,like that's one of mine too,right uh i don't know if that's true or,not i just think that's an awesome take,to just throw out into the universe and,no evidence they're iron man whatsoever,yeah uh sorry josh,we all know the real story about what,cal ripken was really doing with kevin,costner oh yeah that's that's way worse,than the steroids but yeah yeah so like,this we had like a good,lunch meeting or whatever you want to,call it just like two guys getting to,know each other yeah um and we kept in,touch after that and then once he found,out that chernin was starting to,you know show interest in bar stool and,investing,he reached out to me he was like hey,we should do a podcast together like i,feel like this would be good fit so,um that was,that's crazy it always felt like the,most natural fit because i mean that's,how a lot of uh it's like how did you,get this comic on my show or like how,did you link up for this or that a lot,of it is just like internet friends or,internet connection but the fact that,that birthed like the biggest podcast of,all time it's crazy yeah because,you know you i almost expect that,there's something more to it like we we,knew each other since we were since,birth or like we,you know we met here or there where it,was like uh by you know like like it,only could have happened to you but you,know it couldn't have it could have,happened like it was just a dm it could,happen anybody yeah some of the great,duo was like yeah just by chance that we,just clicked yeah i think it was just,like we had similar sensibilities about,sports and sports media in general and,you know we shared a lot of the same,opinions shared a lot of the same sense,of humor yeah so it was just like a,natural fit and i mean you know big cat,he's like,probably the easiest person to like riff,off of he's like a very good co-host to,have and like it was it always to me,felt like something that could have been,uh really uncomfortable,to just like get through like a like two,bugs getting thrown into like a mason,jar together when you're a kid and,you're like okay get along you know yeah,but with him it was always just like an,instant click where we knew that even if,we had like the stupidest takes or ideas,of all time we could still in the moment,like laugh about them and like play them,off and joke and everything just seemed,everything seemed to be comfortable yeah,so uh yeah it was uh it was honestly,like a no-brainer especially when i,didn't have any other options yeah

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Barstool Sports’ Big Cat And PFT Troll Adam Schefter Over Tweets | The Russillo Show | ESPN

Barstool Sports’ Big Cat And PFT Troll Adam Schefter Over Tweets | The Russillo Show | ESPN

all right change of plans we'll get to,Mayweather McGregor this feels a little,bit like Kramer bringing out Jerry's ex,the show but Adam Schefter joins us now,on the shell Pennzoil performance line,um this is not scheduled chapter has,called in to talk to the guys from Jeff,T Shafter what's up hey Kat,PST I just wanted to give you guys a,very warm welcome to the es10,headquarters in Bristol Ryan asked me,because I was going to be there today,I'm sorry I'm not some previously,scheduled meetings and I want to make,sure that I didn't bring any cease and,desist letters to you guys while you're,there and that you guys were comfortable,and happy and that radio space and that,everything went smoothly here today I,appreciate you admitting that you're,dodging us that was nice of you let's uh,which cell phone are you calling in on,one of only two calling it on that,particular number I'm truly sorry that I,wasn't there if you guys had come,yesterday we can read this in person for,three straight hours I would have join,you in studios that it was our time we,would've gotten do that we were gone the,jugs machine going remember that is,handsome Hank with you guys as well yeah,yeah handsome Hank this feels like a,letter looking in person Adam feels a,little stalkerish I'm not gonna lie Adam,I think you've like read all of our,stats and you know everything about us,and you're just letting us it's almost,like a sending a message like hey I know,that you guys are there and I know where,you live who Adam um maybe we can break,a little news on this podcast is adrian,peterson still hoping to play two years,in new orleans engaging Peterson wants,keep going till you said the others age,37 they announced that keep doing this,it chefs it for a long time Adam you,were saying like the back story of this,is that you've been blocking these guys,for years and I don't even where where,do we stand right now no we're on block,no no no no basically I think they and,they have enjoyed coffee actually a,couple of times yes which is fine I got,I got no problem with that and it's been,a situation where the unblocking think,Matthew berry they were kind enough to,make a donation I was oblivious,Mathewson block him I said no problem,we got him unblocked and and that that,basically is the deal but in the interim,during this entire time they have made,the jump they've become,the mainstream media I think we remind,every minute and and well well I've been,basically just a stool you know longer,oh come on now oh we're on your block,okay I see you chef t by the way that,that that donation you speak of I made,it clear to Mathieu Burri that was an,anonymous donation I made I want that,just make sure everyone knows I was,anonymous it was a humble thing but it,was anonymous Adam do you ever do you,ever look at Twitter and get mad if Ian,Rapoport beats you by like five seconds,on a tweet I really try not to pay much,attention that I really just try to do,my job as best I can and let the chips,fall where they will what about that,what about that one free agency year I,think it was like two years ago where I,actually took every Rappaport and,shefter tweet screen grab them and,tweeted at you saying Rappaport keeps,dunking on you did you see that again,I'm very comfortable okay all right,that's fair that's fair I will I will,bring this up in the room we have Adam,Schefter with us the guys from Barstow,clear I got a question,you go go Adam I'm sorry for hosting the,show how tall I'm on the lowest PFT I'm,the exact same height as Danny Woodhead,oh great you know you're I didn't have,five nine oh I'm five eight okay I'm,five and a half no big deal okay you got,me by a system yes that's good for that,master I've stood next to Danny wood,Adam yeah he fought niceties about five,eight but okay you but you've been elite,we have research on it now chef D oh I,wrote a whole I wrote a whole expose I,think that's why it all started but B in,classic private sports fashion we don't,have any of those locks anymore four,three five by the way in the 40s whoa,whoa that's deceptively fast yeah four,three side well is he thing worth very,much effort so hmm you guys enjoy your,data so far we have can I can I ask you,a question chef teah a little NFL real,question here who's on the hot seat,right now you know the funny thing about,hot seats is hot seats change year to,year and just because you think that,there's a coach on the hot seat in June,on June 15th or whatever today is those,things change so quickly that sometimes,I,think it's crazy to speculate on a coach,be on the hot seat now look I think,everybody could look at the Jets and say,well they're gonna have issues there,they're not going to win very many games,by most people's expectations and if,that happens then Ewing think that,there's gonna be some type of change,there at some point in time but I I,really don't like to that so it's always,a you never talked about other man's job,well yeah that it's more it's always a, a big t

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Billy Football Tweets Out PFT Commenters Phone Number

Billy Football Tweets Out PFT Commenters Phone Number

hi I'm Billy football and I'd be some,okay so no so our young internet show a,younger intern Billy football tweeted a,screen grab with my cell phone number on,it those text him earlier to come get my,pitch to check for ketosis we're getting,ready for the show,and I look over at my phone and I've got,million I've already checked like tons,of them and I'm getting face times and,calls non-stop I feel so ,terrible right now,what was going through your head when he,tweeted it well nothing is the answer,because you know he texted me saying,come get my pissed I had those hilarious,you know I didn't realize that it had a,number the problem is you have a ,Android we're an iPhone family we have,group texts and we have to go to green,bubbles for yours your sorry ass that's,a great point and would have shown up if,you had a cell phone for it and I huh,I'm on like I'm on like a tee group,chats too,that's the worst part I have to see all,their shitty names for their group chats,cornerstone crazies it sound like a real,Wild Bunch the Mayo pals pineapples,let's get a better name for your,group trip surf is just like a wave and,a surfer this one keeps calling,me from Columbia Missouri Oh what do you,think would be an appropriate punishment,because I'm not mad I'm just I'm,disappointed in you extremely,disappointed the disappointment is off,the charts I need to eat a dick take no,no,I guess I'm fine no we're not going to,fire you you just tried to resign him we,said you couldn't Liam can you play,football there we go we're set,you're out Billy all right so I got some,face times so Billy's going to answer,them and tell them to stop face time and,atone for his mistakes he's going to,admit were you drunk excuse me did you,please stop calling PFT because I'm,going to get fired,thanks bro,hey can you please stop calling PSD no,this this is Billy I have to answer all,the calls or I get fired,yes can you please just stop falling,asleep,Billy told to stop going hey Julie Julie,hey it's all the conversation hit amen,I please stop calling 405 thank them,please stop calling,TSD what okay,I don't know man that looks like there's,just a shadow of your hand it's,definitely not a shot not a shadow,you're doing here dummy looks like the,tip of my dick it looks like a visitor I,want to delete it,that's definitely your day his you you,do like a motion like look at this,motion that's a that's of my dick top,show emotion like that is that,definitely show my dad is definitely a,dick nice a dick they do that guys like,weakened feature it's not it's not a bad,visual of my dick that 100% your dick,it's just like there's my day,what the that's the typical dick,anything else wants to happen when,you're watching you watch without my,real name my home address so what we,want you to do is know not what we want,if you look your voice what you want to,do is do you know how do you sound,beautiful yeah no that's the lie we know,it I'll rephrase do you know how to,create a create PowerPoint you know how,to look at a bunch of because yeah,so why don't you know if you made a,sideshow on PowerPoint was good close it,about I can't be mad at what you're,going to do is you're going to create a,powerful presentation about the dangers,of social media and you're going to,present it to the company and you're,going to wear suit on Friday you,represent it to the entire company we,want you to use bar stool and you know,our content as examples for the dangers,of social media I want you to like to,select tweets from people and be like,here is a mistake that you made is any,more videos or pictures anything like a,PowerPoint in a PowerPoint it's a,PowerPoint presentation we want you,really going to go on Friday in the,middle of day,you're going to wear soup and you are,going to give a 10 to 15 minute,presentation on the dangers of social,media I also would appreciate if you,plan some kind of snack for the entire,group maybe a cheese tray so maybe some,meat I don't know you have to throw that,out,we're here with Erica nominee CEO of,Arsenal sports just ask her what her,opinions of social media are so what do,you think are the biggest danger,biggest dangers of social media well one,sharing PII,over the Internet will pop yeah that,would be one I would say like tweeting,out your boss number right at the top,also if you were to like put a dick on,Instagram story that would be go to,Mecca Mecca what would you tell a young,person on YouTube has beauty charger so,New Year is at any moment you could you,could put up one through to be change,your life,so any advice your employer on social,media so in turn say an intern on social,media I would just like check before you,post think twice hydrostatically what,would you do about tweeted you number,have you ever been Nigerian prince that,that's the question,yeah or they didn't mean have you ever,been like did you write your own and,you're being groomed by the common,credit groom yes like they cut is so,they feel like they like sex being,re

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PFT Commenter's Scott's Tots Situation

PFT Commenter's Scott's Tots Situation

PFT is a dummy I up your five I,listen my brains are very bad I've never,pretended to be good explain it though,because I actually don't think that your,brain is that bad because it took me a,really long time to figure it out I've,never pretended to be good at math or,mental math or anything like that I took,algebra two three times I think I got a,d-plus in it my third time it's not how,my brain weave we as a podcast we've,said it and this is counting Hank Liam,myself PFT we the four of us I guess,Billy - although Billy's sneaky be like,oh I took all those man Billy is good we,have never ever been even in the same,room as calculus calculus has ever been,in the same room as us not a textbook,not a formula I've never even seen it,when like one class and I walked out yes,we've never been,yeah we're not a map don't ruin it stats,are losers I got a four on AP calc I,know Billy knows and Billy knows how to,enter equations into a calculator yeah,good job babe nice so what happened so,what happened was peloton was putting,together a Ryan's not an A after we in a,word ti-89 Oh Texas Instruments after we,interviewed Berger McFarland on Friday,as part of my take peloton put together,a ride and there was another company,called Axios I believe who said for,everybody that signs up for this ride,that had already taken place but they're,like if you replay this ride at 11 a.m.,on Saturday we will pay $100 to the,n-double-a-cp for every person that's,there I post it because we always do,Saturday right I said let's do this and,it's gonna raise a bunch of money for,charity and then just like on a whim I,did the calculations and I was like well,like you know on a typical Saturday ride,we get anywhere between two and four,hundred people there on a live ride,that's easy to find this is harder to,find you have to go back through the,archives and find it and track it down,so yeah you know what I think that will,probably max out two to four hundred,people there whatever no big deal I'll,match the hundred dollars per Rider of,anyone that's wearing the buns of,anarchy hashtag on the leader board now,in my head I thought that meant I was,going to Oh anywhere between two and,four thousand dollars which is I feel,like a good amount of money right,- yeah times 10 now do you think that,the extra $90 to bridge from 10 to 100,was that your white guilt yes probably,okay I don't care what what it was that,got me there probably a lot a lot of,white guilt yeah,I'm just kidding that's gonna be like,thanks for finally speaking up on this,right and somebody was like to be clear,if I have that hashtag in my leaderboard,tag two hundred dollars total is going,to the n-double-a-cp hundred from Axios,hundred from me right and I was like,yeah hundred is from Axios they're the,company that set it up so if there's 250,people on the leaderboard on the buns of,anarchy leaderboard I'll personally give,$2,500 and then some he replied I think,that math would be $25,000 right and I,said oh okay okay I,said what I said Obama I can't take it,back at that point yeah I get it,you would listen when you tax it it to,us on Friday night I might have I might,have had just had an edible but it did,actually take me like 20 minutes to,fully comprehend your mistakes so I,don't think it was that you don't beat,yourself up I would easily make that,same mistake where I was like what is,why I had this more as like 50 is,freaking out for no reason dude 250,people,that's literally - great I'd rather be,off by a factor of ten then be off by,like a factor of three that just shows I,don't know what I'm doing right at least,I just forgot to move the decimal point,one place that's all I so you you are,you are Michael Scott it is Scott's time,is my Scott to you have you you have I,was guaranteed what's the total I was,what I was I was watching the,leaderboard on Saturday morning and I,was like I hope that nobody finds,this class although it goes to a good,cause I'm still like thinking like I've,committed myself like way way too far,into this that I can't afford and the,numbers just kept going up I think,people were just people that don't even,know me we're adding hashtag bunch of,Anarchy into their profile so that I,would have to pay $100 per person which,is fine and I'm happy to do it and at,11:05 it was forty-four thousand five,hundred dollars okay I was email so I,allowed of money they don't have but,here's a good news I'm gonna pay it well,here's the good news here,goodness we have brought in one of the,greatest minds of our time billy,football who has made a list for you of,things you can do to pay this off okay,now I think have you thought about just,paying it and just being a man well I'm,gonna pay a lot of it for sure okay I'm,gonna pay I'm gonna pay way way more,okay out of my own pocket that I ever,thought that I would next like the fact,is I'm not I'm not rich I don't have,that money so like I could write a check,and it would bounce next question do you,think that have you th

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PFT Commenter Pops Bottles to Celebrate Dan Snyder Selling the Commanders | The Yak 11-02-22

PFT Commenter Pops Bottles to Celebrate Dan Snyder Selling the Commanders | The Yak 11-02-22

PFT is on here popping bottles,congratulations brother congratulations,I am I the the words are not coming to,me right now they should have sent a,poet to sit in the seat at the moment,because I am I've been waiting for this,day for 25 years and that's not an,exaggeration,he has ruined the Washington DC,Community he's driven it into a state,worse than apathy,and more than any politician could have,way more he's been the worst human being,he's been clogging the swamp in the last,30 years and I I said a few things when,I found out about the fact that he was,on the team but I want to take back I I,said that I hope that he died that I,wanted him to die that'd be great if he,died and everybody would be happy if he,died I want him to survive long enough,to see how bad he truly was I want him,to survive and then I want us to win,Super Bowls in his face and then I want,every everybody to be joining hands and,clapping and singing In Harmony and be,like you're the reason why we weren't,able to do this for 30 years you,suck my dick Dan Snyder and uh I'm also,I made a lot of promises I made a lot of,promises I said that I would do a a,parade through DC if he sold the team,yeah the Parade's gonna happen wow we're,gonna do a loop around the Beltway,together in our cars like a funeral,procession yeah like a full lap we're,gonna do a full lap around the,Washington Beltway and it'll be,fantastic um maybe you could sell a,little flags for the for the cars that,you can um Run Red Lights I like that,yes I like if you have your lights on in,the Dan Snyder you parade,you're allowed to break the laws no,speed limits in DC it is a funeral,procession for him I don't know what,that means we just lost all our monitors,and Snyder cutting it out oh my God yeah,the Dan Snyder media there let me get a,swig of that I was there I'm sure,everybody's asked is there anybody worse,that could buy the team don't don't care,I don't think that there is I you can,name anybody name let's have it like a,brain dump no bad ideas Joseph Coney,Alex Jones yes please he would be at,least he would be entertaining and he,would have some very interesting,theories about uh about why our team,would lose his press conferences on,Monday would be just must watch,television yeah Joseph Coney he's good,at getting get younger getting younger,yeah,yeah absolutely recruiter guy harder,mentality there's totally,okay anybody uh Putin yeah Putin could,be sweet I saw you lobbying for Dave,Dave I Dave should buy the team I don't,know if he's got money like that but,um and that's no disrespect to Dave,because I think the team's gonna sell,for like 10 billion dollars yeah uh but,you know what who who knows Kanye yeah,Kanye good good anybody literally,anybody,I'm gonna try to get into the ownership,group I'm I'm working on it me and RG3,have we've had an RG3 do that if he's,with ESPN or whatever though is he,allowed to cover a team that he owns I,guess why wouldn't he are you allowed to,do it with Barstool because you know,we're so yeah I I think journalistic,Integrity went out the window like 10,years ago I think that's when people,stop pretending to care about that sort,of thing Kevin Durant owns part of the,Union he's part of the New Media you,know what I mean that's true there's a,lot of uh pro athletes own pickleball,teams now right yeah a lot that's why I,don't bet on pickleball Braun has yeah,LeBron has a pickleball team he went he,went halves with somebody else,Tom Brady has one Drew Brees has one,yeah what do they own pickleball teams,oh really I should get a pickleball team,we should we should investors how much,are they sounds like a little more I,mean if LeBron has to go in with half,half with somebody else,did you get the first pop on camera we,get a royalty free of celebrate good,times come on,I'm about to go on macro dosing right,now they're probably very angry at me,for being late now today's your day they,can't be mad at you I record this show,for four hours,Kate I I don't mean to steal your,thunder and ruin you as well the,Phillies had,great game last night but I was just,telling Max a second ago,this is better than when we won the,World Series this is today is better,than a World Series really it's not it's,not up there with the Stanley Cup it's a,second place day to the Stanley Cup but,it's um it's better than World Series,what about when he actually sells a team,this is just he has no wait he's just,looking there's there's no way that this,will ever backfire on me yeah out,wow,is your phone in your pocket too oh yeah,my phone's on,very important things in these pants,I can't I gotta riddled with herpes on,my face so are you like yeah I have,another cold sore,everybody's got cool this brings the,mood down,why do I have to get up every time I'm,hashing it if you just borrowed your,Chapstick sound I know you could use the,exercise I didn't even try to stop me,now uh Brandon I hope I hope you don't,mind but I did make the executive,decision for what our walkou

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JSB Drinks with PFTCommenter

JSB Drinks with PFTCommenter

hey guys we made the voyage all the way,over to Brooklyn for this week's episode,of Julia Stewart drinks we're at kick,axe throwing and I've employed PFT to,come along for the ride it's actually,really good acts whether outdoors today,this is if I'm gonna be thrown axes I,wanted to feel like I'm like trapped in,the Canadian wilderness where you were,born with all the moose and all the like,weirdos what do you have up there,Wolverines running around and elk,yeah yes sounds fun so I'm actually just,more looking forward to getting drunk do,stews and smirnoff ice this is good this,is good axe throwing alcohol right here,yeah that's right you guys have an axe,catching range I can throw the axe I,just want to see if I can catch it kind,of an ideas guy guys usually over-rotate,women usually under-rotate so it's not,unusual to have guys this thing dudes,try and do too much work when all those,things just hit the right spot so you,guys do like birthday parties here right,of course you do bris is just like put,the baby there not yes but you know,we're always open to suggestions all,right well a lot of money to be made,there,Jordan shrug skillshots kill shot skill,shot does she have to say it's a skill,shot top left this time confirmed head,yeah just pretend that that's Francis's,face on the wall once this videos just,gonna be Julie missing than me making,the jim halpert face at the camera can I,give you a suggestion yes you're in your,own head a little bit I know you need to,think you need to think of something,else while you're throwing to distract,me from from that so like what's your,favorite song here's what you say the,time warp,from Rocky Horror Picture that's your,favorite song yeah okay,try try singing the lyrics backwards to,Time Warp in your head as you're,throwing it it's a little trick from,major league to where they catch a,curtain so back picture and unless he,was thinking about porn oh yeah oh just,think about porn,all right time warp and point basically,the rock you are base basically what's,going on in your head all the time,it's accommodation Darren Ravel is for,you that's your face I probably,shouldn't threaten a man's life on,camera it's a bull's-eye that's Darren,Ravel's face turn Ravel's face right,there and it's not filing I'm just I,just want to kill him because he sucks,on Twitter you know when um when axe,season really starts I'm gonna get some,tiny tiny beers okay like tiny how tiny,make regular-sized beers yeah okay yeah,we'll do regular size always treat every,acts like it's loaded that's what my,gosh yeah don't try this at home,try it at an axe range ooh here we go,to kick axe on,the great job Julie thank you all right,guys so we just had an amazing time,throwing axes a little bit of sauce and,PFT what did you think I had a great,time I backed that acts up I was Axl,Rose out there,I was acting all the right questions no,accidents that's all I got I love this,place obviously reminds me of the good,old Canadian nor white North it's,amazing I'm gonna give this place for an,A+ and not just because the guy that,taught about the throw axis is standing,right beside us like a plus like,Canadian like eh plus it gets an A for,the second half berth goes like oh my,god yeah

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Is PFT Commenter a Cool Hat Guy?

Is PFT Commenter a Cool Hat Guy?

he's a very he's a very cool hat guy yes,i'm talking like,flat brim looks he's like a charlie,whitehurst yes,if charlie whitehurst had like decided,to not pursue an nfl career that's,exactly what he would look like,and uh i actually over the weekend i,started watching yellowstone big cat i,don't know if you've watched it yet,um really good show but there are hats,everywhere and i,i got i bought my cowboys,i thought we need a cowboy hat guy in,the office,hank's saying yes oh my god like i don't,know i put it on i watched two,burgers are a hat guy by the way yeah,but but he's not a cowboy hat guy,all right dude getting old too yeah,oh yeah yeah pft's a lot younger i wore,i wore it for two episodes of yellow so,i just put a cowboy hat on and watched,yellowstone,and i felt good and i was like this is,dangerous pft you're getting,you're getting dangerously close to,start walking around with a belt buckle,and calling yourself big country again,uh i don't know i might have to be,talked out of it yeah i don't think do,it,don't whatever fine do whatever you want,i just think that there's,the weird hat guy is definitely it's a,hard thing to pull off and i don't know,i don't think any of us have that it's,not weird it's big hat,no i i get that but i'm saying there's,certain types of people like,charlie whitehurst he can wear a cool,hat yeah,pft not charlie whitehurst uh,do you think you're that cool no big cat,you're you're mistaking a cool hat for a,cowboy hat,no no but totally different no charlie,whitehurst hat is not a cowboy hat,no i get that i'll put it on i'll put it,on hat guys,in general like if you're gonna go weird,hat you've gotta,i mean this is by the way pft's got a,browser's,password or a browser's background and,when when billy when he logged in billy,was like oh,dude browsers see i told you,well we can't see it because you got,your browser's background so here you go,cowboy hat guy that's like a that's like,a corporate one though you gotta get uh,you gotta get him yeah,i don't know yeah that one doesn't,that's the one we got from the,from jess lockwood my cousin yeah but i,can't i can't wear like an actual worn,in cowboy hat because then,everyone's like oh all hat no cattle,this one i'm saying like i'm admitting,to you,yeah i don't own a cow what do i,look like i'm a podcaster who wears a,cool cowboy hat sometimes,i mean give it a try i just you you,would agree right like when you try to,wear,a cowboy hat or a weird hat there's a,fine line between,like regular look and trying way too,hard yeah,i don't think i'm trying that hard if,i'm wearing a cowboy hat but the cat you,also are the one who tells me like,if i wear a collared shirt you tell me,i'm trying too hard no i say you're,i always been holding him oh yeah he is,i am i'm feeling very lucky hold on when,you wear a collared shirt i say,who died because i thought you were,going to a funeral yeah because you,don't you usually wear,like whatever shirts you get given for,free in sweatpants like,is that correct crazy to say that's,wrong yeah so when you wear,when you wear a collared shirt i'm,worried that you're going to a funeral,and i ask you who died,i think that's totally normal i kind of,like the cowboy hat look,okay i mean do whatever what do you say,billy,i'm literally wearing cowboy boots right,now so i i can't,and we clown you for those i know but,they're very practical if you have a,practical,thing to back it up like oh they you,have a farm no you don't have a,practical thing every time,the snow's deep and they're high so the,snow doesn't get into my boots,as opposed to tim's uh one other note,about,no i want keep it on pft no i can't,because i can't fit the headphones on,okay and i've got the cowboy hat i'm not,i'm not deter i i think you should give,it a shot,i'm just let i'm warning you that,there's definitely you know that fine,line,i think i'm being a good friend by,saying there is a fine line,i'm i'm gonna i'm gonna um if you start,wearing a cowboy hat i'm gonna give it a,solid,two weeks and i'll give you my natural,reaction i don't i don't want two weeks,i think that if it takes two weeks to,get a reaction i think,we can all make that that judgment call,within like 24 hours all right,that's fine but i i think that like all,this is a very relatable thing like all,friend groups have that one guy who's,like hey i'm gonna try this,wild new look and it's up to everyone,else to be like,that doesn't work or it does because,otherwise then you end up,with hat guy who just walking around,thinking he's john mayer all the time,well,okay so this definitely needs to be like,a clear line of delineation here i'm not,trying to be a cool hat guy i am not a,cool hacker i can't pull off like the,felt,not brim i wish john mayer i can't pull,off the jason mraz he's a hat guy though,one of the fedora,one feather yeah one peacock feather,coming out it's the coolest look there,is,none of us are cool enough to pull off a,jason whitlock look maybe jake,maybe jak

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PFT Commenter reveals his origin story | Pro Football Talk | NBC Sports

PFT Commenter reveals his origin story | Pro Football Talk | NBC Sports

how about eric and teddy with a question,to open up the pft mailbag explain the,background of the pft,big cat pft commenter thing i must have,missed all it how it all came about now,i know from the account this is our,friend,pauline in the uk and,apparently i don't pronounce her name,the way that they do in the uk it's,something like pauline or poorly i don't,know but it's not pauline they think,it's funny how how we say pauline,regardless,give us the background of how you,ended up creating the pft commenter,character let's start there there's more,pieces to the story there's more,chapters of the book but how did it come,to be that you created this persona,okay i'll walk you through the the short,version of the long story i've been,actually thinking about i've been,watching myself on television what do,you think about the kenny albert hand,tint i think i might start doing this,for the rest of the show i think that's,a very nice way of presenting myself uh,pauline it's a good,good question i i started a twitter,account back in 2012 i believe because i,really appreciated the art that went,into the comments section on mike's,website pro football talk,especially as the league cba was being,ratified as over the negotiations i,really liked all the people in the,comments section that were really going,out on a limb standing up for roger,goodell people that uh it seemed like,had created brand new accounts people,forget that mike's website was the,original,russian troll bot farm hotbed,back in 2011 2012.,and uh i absolutely love the comment,section i would scroll right past the,article and start reading the comments,because i thought you know that's where,the real takes are that's that's where,you get the pure,uncut peruvian snowflake takes so i i,scrolled down there i really enjoyed,what they were saying and i decided to,create a twitter account that was,essentially if you just wrapped up the,entire comment section to one voice and,i started tweeting he started replying,to a lot of mike's tweets and to mike's,credit he probably could have shut this,whole operation down you guys at home,probably be a lot happier if back in,2012 mike had just blocked my twitter,account in that first week that i,started it,but you know hindsight's 2020 he didn't,do that and people started following me,and they started asking me to write,blogs and and to expand and do some long,form stuff so i started writing a little,bit uh met up with big cat back in 2015,and we decided that it would be fun to,work together at some point in the,future fast fast forward to 2016,big cat is like hey guess what,i think we're getting some investment,here at barstool it'd be great if you,came and did a podcast with me and at,the time i didn't have a full-time job,didn't have healthcare uh something i'm,sure you probably can't relate to over,in the united kingdom poorly and i was,like you know what i would really like,to have a full-time job with benefits at,this point doing a podcast with big cat,sounds like a lot of fun so we teamed up,with hank started part of my take,and then the rest is kind of taken off,from there and i remember the first time,that big cat and i went to visit mike in,west virginia i don't think big cat knew,much about you at the time but i was,like this is my internet dad he's cool,he's just he's dad cool you know so,you can you can feel free to speak your,mind around him but just know he's,mike's you know he's a nice italian,father so uh we we ended up having a,good meeting that weekend i think we,drank some some red wine we stayed above,your garage in a cubby hole that you,hollowed out for us and uh yeah just,kind of kept in touch since then and,i know big cat's a frequent guest on pft,live here on fridays uh and i always,enjoy watching even if big cat's not on,the show i'm actually a big sims guy uh,so i more frequently watch when sims is,on uh but when big on i'll i'll watch,i'll dvr uh i'll watch a little bit,later as a little treat for myself going,into the weekend but it's been it's been,fun getting to meet mike and watching,him come out of his shell a little bit i,gave him mad dog 2020 back in 2015,and i've always said that's like when,when uh,the beatles,were hanging out with bob dylan and bob,dylan got him high for the first time,all of a sudden their minds just,expanded,giving mike that mad dog 2020,really gave you a nice window into his,soul that i don't know would have been,there if if it wasn't for me stopping by,and bringing it out but no seriously,mike's been a very uh very nice person,to me personally and on a professional,level and so i'll always be thankful for,that,when did you realize,when was your holy,s-t moment where,this has gone from something that's just,me screwing around,to something that actually you know is,going to finance a different lifestyle,now that you make an 82 000,net per episode pardon my take when did,you when did you have that that epiphany,that you're like,i i i can't believe this how in the

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