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These 3 Upsets Just SHOOK the Rankings! (College Wrestling Headlines)another weekend another upset a

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Updated on Jan 27,2023

These 3 Upsets Just SHOOK the Rankings! (College Wrestling Headlines)

another weekend another upset and if,this photo doesn't perfectly Encompass,everything that this past weekend and,honestly this season has been so far,then I don't know what does not only did,Spencer Lee nearly lose no he wasn't,upset but Iowa almost lost as well we'll,be talking about that the Iowa State,versus Arizona State dual meet that,nearly went down to the wire and a few,upsets that majorly affected the,rankings in this week's wrestling,headlines let's stop stalling and start,talking about that first wrestling,headlines which is that there were two,major upsets as far as teams and,individuals were concerned yeah there,were a couple others that really,affected the field now the first team,that we had to talk about is Cornell who,had an impressive weekend a top 15,ranked and maybe you thought they were a,little bit low in the rankings and this,weekend proved it they ended up beating,not only Arizona State a top three,ranked Arizona State but also Virginia,Tech a top 10 ranked team now in this,Arizona State doing there's not a ton of,craziness to talk about it was mostly a,ton of decisions some good wins here was,from Vito Rouge out 133 over Mikhail,McGee a top five ranked guy in the,country and Yani D got a decision over,Kyle Parker who wrestled tough we'll be,hearing a little bit more about both of,those guys because they had uh yeah they,had quite the weekend,now the other thing that happened here,is that Cornell beat Virginia Tech and,this is where things got super super,juicy why well because of what happened,at 133 with Sam Latona beating Vito,aruja I'll give you some of my thoughts,on Sam Latona in the my take Section but,holy cow Sam Letona was relentless in,this dual me he scored a late takedown,at the end of the first period and with,a couple of escapes the final score,ended up three to two with Sam Latona,winning this is the first time he's beat,Vito rougeau in his career the last time,they wrestled aruja beat him 12-2 this,is coming from the fan car wrestling,newsletter at the Collegiate wrestling,duels in 2021 and then at the 2022 Cliff,Keane he beat him six to one and finally,lutona was able to turn that match,around and pick a big win up over Sam,Latona or excuse me over Vito or Russia,and the other thing that happened major,upset that you had to have heard of,happened at the Backyard Brawl the Dual,meat was backed between West Virginia,and Pitt and fans were super psyched but,they weren't just psyched because the,duel me was back they were psyched,because of the results at least if,you're a West Virginia Mountaineer,because Pitt ended up losing that dual,meat by a pretty significant margin 24,to 11. not what I thought was going to,happen Maryland was the other team to,beat Pitt this season who was also,unranked and we're showing Pitt has a,full Squad right they have Mickey,Philippi they have Nina Von of course,they have the hellers wrestling but,they've just been struggling a bit this,year mostly based on matchups West,Virginia came in swinging but most,importantly the guy who came in swinging,was Jordan Titus at 141 who defeated the,number one ranked guy in the country,Cole Matthews yes it says number two,right there he's the number one ranked,guy in the country,and you may be wondering yes Cole,Matthews does have a loss to Andrew,Alvarez from earlier in the year but,because it was at the All-Star classic,those matches don't count against your,ranking and against your record,Jordan Titus,an unranked wrestler from West Virginia,and you may be wondering like who the,heck is Jordan Titus well he's a,multiple time New York state champion,and he is a red shirt freshman out of,the state of New York at 141 pounds and,yeah he just took the World by storm by,defeating Cole Matthews and a he scored,a late takedown essentially to beat,Matthews and I guess he's going to be a,guy to watch out for for the rest of the,season as well as the rest of the,craziness that's happening at 141 now,Titus uh yes he was a top 10 ranked,wrestler coming out of high school at,times by flow wrestling at his weight,class so he's not like just out of the,blue nowhere but he honestly kind of is,and some of the other guys I want to,mention here at the weight with Andrew,Alvarez Beau Bartlett is a top guy real,woods these guys are all undefeated and,now we just have a pretty open field,where I honestly think any one of these,guys can win it's not necessarily as,crazy as 149 but it's still pretty crazy,the other cool thing that happened,during this dual meet was coach Flynn,earned his 250th career Victory and what,better way to do it for West Virginia,than overpaid my take on this whole,situation is that the season continues,to be crazy as far as Latona yeah he had,kind of a disappointing season last year,at 125 but up a weight at 133 he seems,to be doing way better especially with,his win over vidao and as I said got to,be watching out for Titus as that moves,us on to our second wrestling headline,which is Iowa State and

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Is Penn State Freshman Levi Haines A Title Contender At 157 Pounds?

Is Penn State Freshman Levi Haines A Title Contender At 157 Pounds?

look Levi Haynes is a title Contender at,157. all right it's here I'm he's not my,pick but he's 100 in the conversation,when you say guys like Peyton Rob Jared,frantic Kendall Coleman,you have to mention,Levi Haynes at this point in my opinion,wow,I'm not I'm not even opposed I'm just,surprised these are leaps uh you guys,are taking why I don't think you've ever,said have we ever said anything uh in,the opposition to this,no I just think they're uh I might have,so did a bit after I lost to Colbert,Munson no he killed Corbin no he killed,Corbin no I mean that was one of the,months have been,um he was 2-1 over bear claw I mean I I,think this is a team yeah that was that,was one that made me worse,when uh when he killed Corbin Monson,Corbin Munson's like he's a solid guy,he's wrestled other guys tough,um he just beat him so bad I was like oh,my goodness so core month beat Ed Scott,yeah he did it looked like you could,give him a thousand tries against saying,that it ain't ever going to be,competitive yeah yeah,I mean I just that coming into this year,I don't think that was on our radar that,this would be a possibility with,um Levi this year I think we thought he,will be their best option,and that he could maybe place this year,I think that was probably on the high,end of expectations for Levi so I mean,the other thing here Christian is that,um teamers out and Mondays up which,though to me those would be two tough,matches for them and then it just adds,to the depth of the weight class,really is not performing this year we,just saw him lose again it's a trembling,solid he was my like I said Brayden Lee,was my pre-season pick and I'm,I wasn't hitting panic button earlier in,the season but should be,um yeah you're really not feeling good I,don't think it's gonna happen this year,I wouldn't rule it out I don't know I,don't think this is last year but,regardless I it doesn't look like and we,haven't seen Bryce antonian except for,one match,um yeah at the All-Star word at this,point we'll try to get some confirming,they got NC State coming up this weekend,he better be back for that,yeah a week from,well I thought it was this coming,weekend no it's the 20th,January 20th okay,um so,at this point you've got to be thinking,they're considering not wrestling Bryce,at all this year get a medical,well he has a regular,I'm pretty sure you've never registered,it well might as well use your medical,if you're not going to wrestle for a,medical reason this year and then you,got that rich or later you can't have,too many shirts,oh my goodness,um yeah uh just to update you on that,tournament situation so Jack was the,only one who forfeited in the blood,round but then both the next round and,the round out of that all matches were,no contests,strange so stupid what in the world yeah,that's not ideal,I mean because open tournaments are a,way to actually play suits it's a way,for wrestlers to get matches so who,cares oh my God who cares if uh that as,long as,some guys get their six matches in yeah,that's the point of open tournaments,that's how College,tournaments especially on the back side,reasonable brackets it'll be much better,yeah I think that's just your OCD,kicking in needing to finish a bracket,it's that big it would seem like some of,the some of the championship matches,would maybe even have to be no so um,round of 64 is sticks to a title okay,got it yeah,mm-hmm,okay some big brackets all right let's,keep it moving anything else so Levi,Haynes title Contender says you guys,maybe you didn't deny it I didn't deny,it yeah,I'm not denying it I'm not I'm not,yeah that the construction of the weight,is a thing if you told me he lost to,let's say,um on the front side he lost a frantic,on the back side he lost Ed Scott and he,was rounded 12.,that that's within the realm of,possibilities also like there's a lot of,good dudes in here I just don't think,any of them are that much better than he,is like I don't think Peyton Rob's that,much better than anything he's probably,better number three Colonel Coleman,barely beat wrath gen on Sunday yeah 100,yeah he's I I think he's close I think,he's there I think he's personally a,no-brainer to use this year regardless,of and for the for I think the reasons,we've said but,he's and kale even said this that he's,not long for 57. um yes I'm pretty sure,he's quoted as saying that in La the,last week which is something we've known,for a while is that he's big and you,it's pretty evident too so this is maybe,one he's got one or two years he could,be a 57 power before he moves up and,then you get into Log Jam City because,fukundo's a freshman stirachi's,um staying at 174 so there's not a lot,of movement that can happen so you,wrestling this year you could still,Redshirt him next year or figure things,out with bacundo and he's gonna keep,getting better his his Improvement this,year is going to be continue to,accelerate yeah I did not jump to that,conclusion,um until just just recently,yeah it's just uh,a

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Rapid Reaction | 5 Penn State wrestlers advance to NCAA finals, team moves into 1st overall

Rapid Reaction | 5 Penn State wrestlers advance to NCAA finals, team moves into 1st overall

what's up everyone we're coming to you,from little caesars arena in detroit,after day two of the ncaa wrestling,championships today went pretty much,about as well as penn state could have,asked for as far as things go they're up,big in the team score right now and have,a number of guys in the in the finals,tomorrow afternoon tomorrow night so,what do you guys think of today so far i,mean the number one thing that comes to,mind is roman bravo young and dayton fix,they get a rematch of last year's ncaa,finals and dayton fix in the press,conference post match,when he found out roman bravo young won,he was basically just like,i've been waiting for this for a year,this is what i've been training for so,he's been looking forward to this for a,while and roman on the other hand he,obviously wants to be a repeat national,champion at 133 pounds,um and they they both have respect for,each other so it should be a great match,no roman's done when he did what he's,done all season right he's taking care,of business um he had a huge win over,austin to santo i think it's his fifth,straight win over over the hawkeye so he,really took care of business and he's,gonna get another crack at at a dayton,fix tomorrow night yeah i think looking,at 141 the next weight class after that,that's a really interesting matchup and,that nick lee obviously has been a,favorite all year long but he's gonna,get kijon clark who is a really really,low seat in the tournament pulled off a,couple upsets beat i was jaden ironman,so he's a real surprise to be in the,finals i think that's going to be an,interesting match he's obviously highly,motivated didn't expect to be there in,the final but nick is a guy he's been,dominant all year long i expect him to,come away with the title but i mean,that's why they wrestle so i think,personally though i'm most looking,forward to the aaron brooks versus miles,and me rematch i think they're two of,the best wrestlers obviously ncaa but,the entire world in my opinion i think,amin already has his medal brooks i,predict in the future is also going to,be a medalist at some point in the,olympics and i'm just really excited for,that match,i mean the team score implications,aren't as big now it looks like penn,state is going to be in a real favorable,position heading into the third day at,ncaa's but it's gonna be important,yeah i agree i mean,brooks beat them in the first match,against the two and the mean beat them,in the big tens so a trilogy,in detroit with team race implications,potential team race implications i think,couldn't ask for much more right there,i'd say,yeah no coming into this event this was,the match that i wanted to see the most,right the pencil these two guys i had,two great head-to-head matches i mean,obviously got the best of them the last,time um but this is going to be a great,match right i'm talking aaron brooks,after after his his win here he said,that miles mean brings out the best of,them and obviously i mean reciprocated,that said the same thing about brook so,this is going to be a great matchup both,guys are ready and both guys have been,looking ahead to this one for a while,now i think for sure i think looking at,penn state's other finalists you got,carter sriracha who's going to take on,makai lewis you know there's been a lot,of buzz about makai lewis around he's,obviously a very very talented wrestler,took an olympic red shirt year he even,mentioned i think you tweeted out here,his press conference that he even,considered quitting wrestling at one,point but he's obviously a talented guy,he's going to give starachi a run for,his money so that's going to be one of,the premier matches to watch i think,tomorrow and on the other hand starachi,all season has been probably the most,confident wrestler in the ncaa it's just,been line him up every time we talked to,him and when i talked to him after about,the finals again it was the same,mentality same confidence,yeah i've never met an athlete more,confident than carter sarajee but that's,why he's a reigning national champion um,he had a really dominant performance i,felt like tonight and he's a tough guy,to score on so makai lewis a really,talented wrestler he's going to have his,work cut out same for toronto it's going,to be a heck of a matchup tomorrow,exactly and then looking in penn state's,last wrestler in the finals you got max,dean he really had a dominant display in,his semi-final match he was facing off,against ohio state's hoffman and he,really just wrote him out for i think,over three minutes just really,impressive work on top from dean i mean,that's been his strength all season long,so he gets a rematch against i was jacob,warner and that created a quite infamous,photo that many penn state fans know,when dean had him in a bow and arrow at,the dual meet at carver hawkeye so i,think penn state fans will obviously be,cheering for that to happen again we'll,see if dean can get it done he's going,to be favored that's a tough match for,him,a

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Select Matches: Penn State at Wisconsin | Big Ten Wrestling | Jan. 6, 2023

Select Matches: Penn State at Wisconsin | Big Ten Wrestling | Jan. 6, 2023

two-time reigning National Champion,Roman Bravo young he's won 42 straight,matches,and he'll wrestle Taylor Lamont for,Wisconsin Lamont in his seventh year,spent six years with Utah Valley,7-6 record for the badger lamonts,and with Roman Bravo young Jim,fantastic on his feet,this season in dual meets he scored 47,takedowns,he's only given up one and he's flashy,but you've seen him evolve I really have,you know remember when Roman Bravo young,everybody was the internet sensation you,know when he hit that uh you know,basically backflip off of the single leg,counter against the Lehigh opponent and,and everybody kind of went crazy about,it and his athletic ability is something,that just on display all the time but,you know how we've seen him involved and,how he's won really tight matches in the,NCAA tournament and in the NCAA finals,he's really actually you know gotten,more basic you know and he's actually I,think he's become tougher and tougher,and tougher so the evolution of his,style was more acrobatic in the in the,beginning and now it's just really he's,got all that in his back pocket if he,wants to go to it but he's also got that,great ability to to with counter shots,and guys never get to his legs and if,they do get to their legs they get stuck,they get stopped it's just like he's a,handle in his rear and he just,immediately stops and we saw that a lot,of times when he's he's uh matches last,year with Austin Gomez where he Gomez,would get in but he couldn't do anything,further so it really kind of got a,little bit more basic in his style and,we certainly saw it in the NCAA finals,with the rides some quick escapes here,with David fix with solid single Lakes,his last dual meat loss came in this,building,February 7th of 2020 that was a 6'5,match I remember when he walked back to,the center he was showing that one inch,on this close on this close looked him,right in the eye but you know fingers,thumb and forefinger one inch away from,each other and go this this close and,all he's done since then,para National titles world-class Russell,and Dayton fix,30 seconds of riding time for Roman,Bravo Young,out of Tucson Arizona was a four-time,state champion at Sunnyside High School,182-0,he has done a lot of winning,on a wrestling man inside of a minute,first period,right there he's got the cross wrist,right now underneath so let's see how,he's pushing the elbow down there I was,trying to work back in to get to two on,one,doesn't really have it there the reason,that goal you just basically following,you know one of the things that,good job of competing there on Lamont,Oman is no sloucher this is guys an,All-American into the NCAA semifinals he,was fifth down at 125 in 2021,was a big 12 finalist that year lost to,Brody teskey then of,Northern Iowa of course teskey now when,Iowa City speaking of the Hawkeyes,they're in a battle with the fighting,Illini in Iowa City Edmund Ruth beating,Nelson brands at 16-16 in Carver Hawkeye,to 184.,we saw Illinois last week and we'll see,them on the network on Sunday as they'll,wrestle these Wisconsin Badgers but Mike,poetta doing a nice job there in,Champaign much improved team and the,balance team getting more more hammers,in there,rby will go on bottom here in the second,period,that's out of Mapleton Utah four-time,state champion at Maple Mountain High,School and a ton of accolades in Greco,yeah he's pretty tough in the top,position it's going to be tough to hold,rby if he goes ahead and covers see how,he's covering the fingers there on the,left hand side I just love that,technique you know because a guy can,come you come through your feet too,quickly and your guy locks his hands and,you got to be looking for a safe place,to land on the way up when the guy can't,lock the hands if you can cover fingers,then just you know then cover the other,set of fingers get your feet moving got,a great shot and getting out and we're,really seeing a lot of the Nittany lines,go to that type of technique to get out,in tough situations,rby 86 and 9 for his career,by two three to one Wisconsin leading at,five nothing Eric Barnett with a Tech,fall for Wisconsin at 125. Shane Sparks,Jim Gibbons here inside the UW Fields,house in Madison here's rby single leg,he is so efficient Jim yeah really nice,job of keeping his head up in the ribs,in that situation and coming to his feet,from the quick finish and basically,Lamont had to bail out of it,all right,I did her position a couple of takedowns,for rby gives him 49 on the season,Lamont there trying to Jack him up a,little bit and that would be Wildlife,count on the edge,Rick Piezo will be talking about that,highlight perhaps tonight that was sweet,they're basically you know Lamont had an,advantage in that situation there with,the underhook right and he was able to,kind of just work around to the other,side and get to that leg once you,cleared the other,let's take a look at both these take,down Shane I'm looking at the first one,right here let's take a look

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184 LBS: #1 Bo Nickal (Penn State) vs. #2 Myles Martin (Ohio State) | Big Ten Wrestling

184 LBS: #1 Bo Nickal (Penn State) vs. #2 Myles Martin (Ohio State) | Big Ten Wrestling

incredible electric atmosphere at rec,hall and they're ready for the two,national champions the 184 pound match,Myles Martin national champion two years,ago at 170 for bone nickel last year's,national champion at this weight here,they go they've got a history and Myles,Martin is the only wrestler to ever beat,bowed nickel multiple times but he's,never beaten him in the regular season,so here we go the dual meets have,belonged to bo nickel everybody's,talking about this is turning into the,one of the biggest rivalries in artuz in,the sport of college wrestling here,these two national champions going at it,in their junior year and what Martin,when he's had success he's he's been,precise in his technique and he doesn't,do anything crazy were Bo Nichols hips,are involved doesn't get into wild,scrambles he'll actually duck away or,move away and not really attack the hips,and critical situations where he knows,that Nichols hasn't nickel has an,advantage I'd like to roll with him,two on one action off the shot there by,Myles Martin Martin out of pens Grove,New Jersey McDonough school and bow,nickel from Allen Texas and what's fun,about these matches as you know both,these guys are gonna wrestle it's like a,heavyweight prizefight you're never safe,in that circle these guys let it fly,well we know one guy does for sure,that's that's bone ickle he just will go,dump double overs set this before it,would impress me about last year in the,national finals was his ability to go,ahead and attack below the knee against,the little solid Rustler gave Dean you,know he asked the hey a package that I,think I know he treats the fans a lot,with the big moves I saw this play the,last year against Iowa and like said he,does a lot of stuff over the double,overs but this has been the one guy he's,had a difficult time you know doing all,that to and I think it's just a tribute,to the techniques that that Martin has,he likes to attack Wolsey as well and,but you saw a word in that last sequence,there he had a chance to go around the,waist and said nah no dice right 42 and,oh that's the cumulative record of these,two 22 and Oh Myles Martin 20 oh no bone,ickle no losses between them something's,gotta give tonight and I think 37 of,those wins bonus points,Martin has 20 of his 22 wins this season,bonus points,right there he's coming around the waist,though we'll stret by bow,nice little point Seattle and that's why,you see that that's that that's how that,tended me an advantage situation for,nipple instead of staying down low below,the waist he got to the waist,Nicholas run,I challenge their of course on this,couch came before actually the action at,the edge it was they thought maybe that,nickel maybe weight on the hands for a,takedown bite and now they didn't think,the two should have been given because,the score so cable you see Jay Jagger's,there's one that's actually talking to,the referee me Tom is in an emotional,state right now you mentioned it before,shade the density that he showed up at,the rec hall with but Jagger's little,cooler right now being able to,communicate,get another look at it here,oh and so they did that earlier at 1:25,and Thomas ellos heel broke it and they,gave the two there,just really blows my mind how nickel is,able to see now to take a look at the,six seats list right here see how he,comes up around the waist and that's,right if you see Nick no panic on a,nickel breeches for the double over goes,right into the roll all right,did they go off the mat at this point no,sort,and I think with the Ohio State guys are,saying that out of that toll might be,Hank down came B but he hit that he hit,the scoreboard first it looked like - so,it's a judgment call and we have the,challenges for a takedown first by Ohio,State,yeah Hill reaction time right side Smith,in Arad and Strobel is gonna be looking,at great Roble is the video replay the,replay person it won't be John nap,the official so Strobel will look at,that the challenge is did Martin have,the takedown no reaction time and not be,called yes Craig Strobel Greg is a,spurious hand and First National,Wrestling Hall of Famer let's take a,look at see what there's a knee,no reaction time on the takedown but I'm,not seeing a takedown yet,alright there's no weight on the hands,right did he have control there yes,probably make a case for that,so Gregg's Drobo former head coach at,Lehigh,the video replay man and taking a look,at it he'll make the decision on whether,Ohio State's challenge is will overturn,the non call the officials did not call,the takedown and I know how state is,challenging on Myles Martin should have,had a takedown with no reaction time it,goes without saying this a critical call,because it's late in the first period as,well so give somebody a situation the,minutes take down any ride out take it,to nothing we to the second period,Gregg Strobel's done this a few times,now but keep this right in the middle of,it right now,take a look at this a little bit better,

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How BAD Will Penn State Dominate 2023?

How BAD Will Penn State Dominate 2023?

will the nittany lions dominate 2023,after their performance at last year's,nationals it only makes sense but there,are still a few questions up in the air,for example who are they losing well a,few studs in that does hurt two-time,national champion nick lee is gone and,so is all-american drew hildebrand,midway's brady burghy and creighton,edsel are gone plus a few transfers who,are in the portal hurt the overall depth,another question that's been on,wrestling fans minds is whether rby will,return the two-time national champion,he's a career in mma but we can,definitively answer that rby will return,to the mat as a nittany lion you guys,get me some deals do some companies i'll,come back no doubt you know money talks,we always want to get paid and live a,good life but how does the rest of the,lineup look less up stalling and start,talking wrestling,what's going on fanco fanatics my name,is josiah and welcome to fanco wrestling,your source for college wrestling news,and discussion and i'm on a mission to,pass flow wrestling in subscribers all,you have to do to help is click that,subscribe button if you want to see,fanco on the same level as flow now,let's head over to the whiteboard to,discuss this lineup so let's be real the,biggest changes in penn state's lineup,are from 125 to 157 and there is some,interesting funny business maybe going,on at 157 i'm going to get to that in a,bit but first let's talk about these,guys 65 to 285 the meat of penn state's,lineup the unbeatables,or,are they going to be unbeatable now at,174 you got sriracha and nice thing for,penn state as they look to dominate 2023,is that 174 is losing some tough guys in,michael kemmer in hayden heidi sauraji,is not going to just run away with the,weight because he has mikai lewis there,to give him some competition again at,184 aaron brooks is back and better than,ever it's nice that he's losing out on,miles amin leaving no more eligibility,left now there's still trent hyde lee,and parker keck eyes and that can give,him some competition but we could be,seeing aaron brooks becoming penn,state's first four-timer along with,potentially carter sriracha looking for,their third titles a piece this year at,197 dean he got the job done last year,but ag ferrari is back in the fold and,he is hungrier than ever for another,title those two are going to go,head-to-head and dean got it done last,year but even if he makes the national,finals that's going to give penn state,some impressive points and at 285,kirkfleet is coming into the season as,the number two ranked guy only behind,last year's national finals colton,schultz of arizona state could this be,kirk fleet's here to finally get things,done now that gable steveson is out of,the way but don't forget about this guy,at 165. alex fakundo the number two,recruit of 2021 the four-time michigan,state champion could maybe get some,momentum kicked off here we'll see how,he comes into his first season as a,nittany lion and that moves us into the,lightweights at 125 here we could see,robbie howard return he was not,wrestling last season with drew hillary,in the lineup but howard back or gary,steen the two-time pennsylvania state,champion could be at that weight because,we know now at 133 that rby is back,super exciting news for penn state fans,as he seeks his third title as he seeks,to put dayton fix out again in the,national finals is dayton fix going to,be able to find a way to get it done or,is rvy just have his number at 141 we're,gonna see a little bit of a switcheroo,here because nick lee of course national,champion wrestled at 41 last year,bartlett was wrestling up a weight but,now if he's able to drop back down to,141 we could see some even more,impressive matches from beau bartlett as,well as shane van nessie number eight,recruit of 2021 out of blair academy,multiple time national preps champ but,we're still not sure just how good van,ness will be on the college scene and,then at 157 what the heck is going on at,157 because tony negron is in the,transfer portal we don't have brady,berkey back well this is what's,happening so what the heck am i talking,about at this weight class well because,negroni is in the transfer portal barrow,claw will likely get the start here at,157 but there's another factor that you,may not have thought about yet that's,the fact that kale isn't afraid to throw,out true freshmen i got a name for you,levi haynes haynes was the number two,recruit in the class of 2022 and he,actually beat out the number one recruit,in the class before that but i'll get to,that in a second haynes actually for,went his senior year in order to wrestle,in college opens yeah he already won a,few state titles but national titles and,perhaps even more are on his mind,someday uh,i'd like to be competing in the olympics,he's seeking out the best of the best,competition that's why he wrestled ohio,state's paddy gallagher last year and,actually beat him and if you ask me that,bodes well for penn state's line

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After Starting 0-3 vs Cassioppi, Kerkvliet Gets Revenge

After Starting 0-3 vs Cassioppi, Kerkvliet Gets Revenge

they've met three times,cassiope leads the series 3-0,well every time the score's gotten,closer will this be the time,correctly to be able to,flip the script and it looked like added,to Big tens he got the takedown was,riding and he got reversed late to send,it into overtime and give it the,takedown in sudden victory,to give cassiope the third win in the,Rivalry for Kirkley,he's attacking from space it's where,he's most dangerous fires off doubles,doubled the single from space he's got,great speed to the leg and he's a strong,finisher,cassiope wants his hands on you wants to,move you around he's got a really nice,high crotch,finishes uh a pretty high percentage,when he pulls the trigger,Cassiopeia out of Illinois correctly,from Minnesota,both guys put on some,good size in the off season too,we turned a lot of heads last year when,he really slimmed down considerably,keep those hands clean,so far Cassie will be able to get to the,ties a little more consistently in the,tie up you'll see,uh carefully does a good job of,controlling wrists,a little stutter it's interesting,rivalry with these big tin heavy weights,Kirk fleets I've been able to have a,hedge against Mason Paris Mason Paris,The Edge over Cassiopeia and Cassiopeia,over Kirk Fleet an interesting triangle,there and I'm curious we'll see any,changes in that route those rivalries in,this upcoming season we'll learn a lot,tonight there's a double from space,great finish great really smooth,takedown from Greg Kirk work on the edge,Russell on the air he's so good from,space and he gets in so deep such force,not a lot of opportunity for his,opponents to defend but this is not,uncharted waters for for Kirkley,remember the Dual Carver Hawkeye,currently stung him with his leg attack,similarly it was it was perfect with a,takedown advantage of big tens cassiope,was able to find a way to win so,carefully knows it that's it he can't,rest on his Laurels after getting one,takedown,okay,five Prime the left turn on that side,okay scoots off just a little bit or,scoots off falls off whatever you want,to say Cassie hope he catches that,hit but Kirkwood kind of anchors himself,back up on top catches the far ankle and,this is different improved good spot,here,good pressure too he's got the he's got,the leg and he's controlling the far,ankle probably looking for cassiope to,step that foot up cassiope's no fool,that foot goes up,could be a Far Side cradle,good job by cassiopei up and out yes,riding time hits exactly one minute,so two won the lead for Kirkley,so in the duel it was Cassiopeia was,able to ride well with that double thigh,probably big tens it was a great little,elbow roll off the thigh Pride I was,able to get the reversal with Kirk Fleet,you see the hot bottom tactics great as,we head into the second period frankly's,choice he's going to go under,I can't accept,so here's a big catch for Kirk Fleet,back to the thigh pry,for cassiopei trying to build his Kirk,Fleet,Step Up is,Cassie over through Vegas,it doesn't well,doing a good job though Kirkley,looked like he was almost out of his,feet now and is out yeah nice nice work,from,Kirkland getting up and out,3-1 now the score currently in the lead,keep those hands clean,there's gonna be a stall warning,hey I guess Kirkland cassiope,we got in pretty decent on the leg with,good shot sprawling and off the second,effort as well and Kirkley comes with a,shot,and immediately is going to score the,takedown with a minute to go here in the,second he goes out in a 5-1,right back in again yeah,there's a legging on the left side and,he's in a decent spot has that right,hand on the ankle anchors himself back,in,on the top position okay swims through,reversal here if I could step over but,his leg's stuck,but he may this is close this is not a,great position for Kirkland I don't,think it's where he wanted to be,scooting well though,gosh yeah he's actually okay he's got,his legs locked green,Cassiopeia seems so close but so far,away in that position,I feel like you're right there and now,he's gonna try to go the other direction,on top he's in trouble big reversal,there five three riding time at 122 for,kirkswagen now coming down with the last,five seconds yeah big the second period,big reverse will get that late under 10,seconds to go those are big points,cassiope's choice,no wonder you gotta figure,and is that boot coming back in,because if he he gets reversed again,reversal,ride out at the right time could send,this into a sudden Victory yet again,if you're currently you've had the,advantage from your feet,but the stall-called Vader is looming,large,they get back onto neutral he's got to,stay engaged and wrestle now be careful,rolling around there if you're,Cassiopeia,I thought maybe one count was common,wasn't quite long enough,Kirkley,holds on her wrist and a waist right,here,pulling that wrist looking head lever,a la Spencer Lee,he's sitting on that ankle,now riding time approaching two minutes,now,gas up cast up,fighting and

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Aaron Brooks Looked DOMINANT Against The #2 Wrestler In The Country Parker Keckeisen

Aaron Brooks Looked DOMINANT Against The #2 Wrestler In The Country Parker Keckeisen

to get over the hump against Aaron,Brooks and we are underway 184 pounds,number one Aaron Brooks from Penn State,taking on number two Parker Keck Eisen,of Northern Iowa,high output is uh how I would describe,Parker Keck is in style a lot of attacks,from a lot of angles as you see Brooks,looking for an angle well defended at,that point for Parker kekai's news,driving him out of bounds,now you see Brooks getting to his trusty,left side underhook he is so good from,this position moves guys around really,well,there's that collar and Ankle beautiful,attack and the quick finish there's no,opportunity for defense there for Parker,cat guys and Aaron Brooks jumping out to,a 2-0 lead,and right away cat Kaiser makes his way,up to his feet,earns the Escape cuts that lead in half,2-1 just over two minutes to go big,snaps there for Brooks he's the elbow,man you don't know where he's coming or,going all over him in this first minute,here yeah what direction is he is he at,coming from,fighting hard so far,okay guys I'm from Wisconsin,cornerback Coach Lee Roper right now,who's still in this sweaty workout gear,like a beast coach kale Sanderson Casey,Cunningham in the corner for Aaron,Brooks,who pulls a two on one there's a shot,man there's a lot of things here,Beautiful re-attacked by Aaron Brooks,building up look for the Finish Oh I,thought he had it for a moment not quite,now he's got the edge to navigate good,position here for Aaron Brooks yeah Keck,is not out of trouble yet,the other takedown for Aaron Brooks my,goodness four to one great start,for the Penn State sort of senior sort,of Junior he's got a year left after,this eligibility is just kind of out the,window with with the I don't know where,everybody is,I don't know what year it actually is,Peter,1987. yes,so 104 to go in the first period,kakizen underneath,encouraging clap from from coach,Sanderson is catechizing gets set,underneath,Brooks lining up on that left side,and whistle start back underway here in,this first period is Keck is looking for,hands trying to,come up and now get another Escape keep,himself in this match good pressure on,top there from Brooks and he's got that,wrist,yeah for a second I thought I was locked,hands but really no he's holding on to,cat guys's hand it really looked like it,was yeah there's the rep not see this oh,wait I'm an idiot,be nice to my friend Vader all right,sorry,I Quick Escape there for Keck Eisen,makes it 4-2,00 back to that collar and Ankle for,for Aaron Brooks and,he's been hitting that since high school,and I'm sure it's only gotten better,since getting to the Penn State room,where they've got a couple legendary,ankle Pickers,including that guy in the corner coach,kale Sanderson there's Keck is in firing,off another attack,four three,two,one so time runs out in the first a pair,of takedowns,by Aaron brookson he looks sharp early,on so I set kind of a furious Pace kind,of,I'm not sure that's even tenable,that level of output,Kai's gonna go underneath,Kaizen set as he goes underneath,lines up he's got 50 seconds of riding,time to his credit but Keck is in,another Quick Escape making it 4-3 on,the scoreboard it's only one point about,but he's gonna need gotta figure at,least one takedown to get himself back,in this match man you notice cat guys,has got a is that his writer okay the,right eye I think has his left eye has a,black guy yeah he's been around for the,last two days I don't think I saw that,no it's new fresh,Pawn at that head is Brooks always,so quick pause to one side change his,level darts in and,converts it to a takedown now 6-3 riding,time up over a minute about a minute 20,left here in the second,performance so far for Brooks,dropped in on the ankle so well and,really no opportunity to defend,and really these two you know they had,some,they rusted a bunch Brooks has won every,one there were some some close ones some,blowouts when they were younger but both,of them in college have been nail biters,and this one yeah oh that's a two-point,match it's you know three takedowns to,none,folk style scoring can do that sometimes,especially if you're not right now,looking re-attacks just to go behind,there,hands touch my goodness Aaron Brooks,looking fantastic,and it's great as he's been his entire,collegiate career this is close to like,a signature performance for Aaron in,terms of dominance he's won a lot of,matches,you know his match against Mouse meeting,the finals was really impressive because,he had lost that match 10 days,prior but may have four takedowns to get,someone like Parker keckeyes definitely,sticks out,approaching the ride down two minutes of,riding time coming for Brooks,an escape Keck Eisen is not going to,stop wrestling,oh did they,are we neutral I guess one second to go,8-5 on the scoreboard,Brook's gonna go underneath,so great to have the All-Star classic,backbaiter got to give a shout out to,Aaron Brooks father Johnny,put a lot of work in to help put this,together give me shade that is Aaron's

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