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Reaction to Donald Trump's tweet about Mike Penceit was obvious that the situation at the,capitol wa

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Updated on Jan 27,2023

Reaction to Donald Trump's tweet about Mike Pence

it was obvious that the situation at the,capitol was violent and escalating,quickly and so i thought that the tweet,about the vice president was the last,thing that was needed in that moment,and i,i remember thinking that um this was,going to be bad for him to tweet this,because it was essentially him giving,the green light to these uh people,telling them that what they were doing,at the steps of the capitol and entering,the capitol was okay that they were,justified in their anger and,he shouldn't have been doing that he,should have been telling these people to,go home and to leave and to condemn the,violence that we're seeing and,i'm someone who,has worked with him you know i worked on,the campaign traveled all around the,country going to countless rallies with,him and i've seen the impact that his,words have on his supporters,he,they truly latch on to every word and,every tweet that he says and so i think,that in that moment for him to tweet out,the message about mike pence it was him,pouring gasoline on the fire and making,it much worse,thank you both and let's watch what,others also told us about their,reactions to this tweet,i don't remember when exactly i heard,about that tweet but my reaction to it,is that's a terrible tweet and i,disagreed with the sentiment,and,i thought it was wrong,what was your reaction when you saw that,tweet,extremely unhelpful,why,um,it it wasn't the message that we needed,at at that time,it wasn't going to,um,the the,scenes at the u.s capitol were only,getting worse at that point,this was not going to help that,would concern it worse certainly miss,hutchinson what was your reaction when,you saw this tweet,as a staffer,that worked,to always represent the administration,to the best of my ability,and to showcase the good things that he,had done for the country,i remember feeling,frustrated,disappointed,and,really it felt personal i it was really,sad,as an american,i was disgusted,it was,unpatriotic it was,un-american we were watching the capitol,building get defaced over a lie,as you will see at 2 26,the vice president had to be evacuated,to safety a second time and came within,40 feet of the rioters the attack,escalated quickly right after the tweet,oh

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WATCH: Trump tweet attacking Pence was like ‘pouring gasoline on the fire,’ White House aide says

WATCH: Trump tweet attacking Pence was like ‘pouring gasoline on the fire,’ White House aide says

The rioters breached the,capitol at 2:13 P.M.,>> Go, go, go.,Rep. Aguilar: Let's take a look,at what was going on at the,white house at this time.,We received testimony the chief,of staff, mark meadows, was,notified of the violence at the,capitol by 2:00 P.M., likely,earlier.,Testimony further establishes,that he quickly informed the,president and did so before the,president issued his 2:24 P.M.,Tweet, criticizing Mike pence,for not having "The courage to,do what needed to be done.",Here is what the president wrote,in his 2:24 P.M. Tweet, while,the violence at the capital was,going on.,"And here is what the rioters,thought.",>> He deserve to burn with the,rest of them.,>> It all escalated after pence,-- what happened?,He did not do what we wanted.,>> He voted against trump.,>> That is when it started?,>> That is when we marched on,the capitol.,We have a shot with rubber,bullets, tear gas.,>> We just heard that Mike pence,will not reject any fraudulent,votes.,Boo.,>> Boo!,>> You are a traitor!,>> That is right, you heard it,here first.,Mike pence has betrayed the,United States of America!,>> Boo!,>> Mike pence has betrayed this,president and he has betrayed,the people of the United States.,And we will never ever forget!,>> Yeah!,>> It's real simple, pence,betrayed us.,Which apparently everybody knew,he was going to.,And the president mentioned it,like five times when he talked.,You can go back and watch the,president's video.,>> Be respectful.,There are 4 million people,coming in, so --,>> We love the cops.,>> It is only a matter of time.,Justice is coming.,Rep. Aguilar: Although the,president's chief of staff has,refused to testify before the,committee, his aide, Ben,Williamson, and the white house,press secretary, Sarah Matthews,,testified that Mr. Meadows went,to the dining room to tell the,president about the violence at,the capitol, before his 2:24,P.M. Tweet.,In future hearings, you will,hear more about exactly what was,happening in the white house at,that time, but here is what some,white house staff told the,select committee.,>> Do you know where he went?,>> Yes, I followed him down the,hallway.,And I followed him into that,outer oval core door, which is,the hallway between the oval,office hallway and the outer,global section of the oval,office.,I followed him into that,hallway.,And I saw him walk into outer,oval.,I maybe took a step into outer,oval, then left.,I do not know where he went,after that but it looked like he,was heading in the direction of,the oval office.,>> We had talked about at that,point how it was bad and the,situation was getting out of,hand.,And, I know that Ben Williamson,and I were conferring, and we,thought the president needed to,tweet something, tweet something,immediately.,And I think that when Kaylee,gave us that order of did not,say anything to the media, I,told her I thought the president,needed to tweet something.,And then, I remember getting a,notification on my phone.,And I was sitting in a room with,Ben.,And we all got a notification.,So, we knew it was a tweet from,the president.,And we looked down and it was,,it was a tweet about Mike pence.,>> I believe I had sent him a,text saying we may want to put,out a statement because the,situation was getting Harry over,-- hairy over at the capitol.,It was, that I would see him in,person after I texted him.,>> You went down to speak with,mark meadows, what was that,conversation?,>> Very brief.,I told him the same thing I,texted, that I can recall, and I,do not remember anything that,was said between us other than I,told him that to my recollection,-- and he immediately got up and,left his office.,Rep. Aguilar: Our investigation,found immediately after the 2:24,P.M. Tweet, the crowds outside,of the capitol and inside the,capitol surged.,The crowds inside the capital,were able to overtur law,enforcement and the vice,president was affected to.,-- The vice president was taken,to a secure location within the,complex.,>> By 2:24 P.M., the secret,service had moved to vice,president pence from the senate,chamber to his office across the,hall.,>> The noise became audible.,You could recognize that they,had gotten into the building.,>> Then president trump tweeted,,"Mike pence did not have the,courage to do what should have,been done to protect our country,and constitution, give me,states a chance to certify a,corrected set of facts, not the,fraudulent ones which they were,asked to previously certify.,Usa demands the truth.",>> It was clear that it was,escalating and escalating,quickly.,>> Hang Mike pence!,>> So in that tweet was sent,out, I remember us saying that,that was the last thing that,needed to be tweeted.,The situation was already bad.,So it felt like he was pouring,gasoline on the fire.,>> 30 seconds later, rioters,already in the capital, opened,the east rotunda door just down,the hall.,And 30 seconds after that, the,rioters breached the cryp,T.,Then service Russia vice,president pence down the stairs.,>> They have been try

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Pence: This is why Biden has a 'close eye' on Elon Musk

Pence: This is why Biden has a 'close eye' on Elon Musk

we begin with Elon Musk going up against,some of the most powerful forces in the,country he is now taking on the Democrat,establishment its media enforcers and,Silicon Valley in his fight for free,speech so the White House is now warning,that it's keeping a quote close eye on,Twitter watch,are you concerned Elon Musk says there's,more and more,subscribers,fine are you concerned about that and,what tools do you have who is it at the,White House that is really keeping track,so like this is something that we're,certainly uh keeping an eye on look um,we you know we have always been very,clear,um and that when it comes to social,media platforms it is their,responsibility uh to make sure that um,when it comes to misinformation when we,when it comes to the hate that we're,seeing uh that they they take action,that they continue uh to take action,again we're all keeping a close eye on,this,maybe that's because musk says he will,release Twitter Free Speech suppression,files that include the platform,censorship of the hunter Biden laptop,story tweeting the Twitter files on Free,Speech suppression soon to be published,on Twitter itself the public deserves to,know what really happened musk also says,Stakes are high for the country tweeting,this is a battle for the future of,civilization if free speech is lost even,in America tyranny is all that lies,ahead,Mr Vice President is Elon Musk right,well I think Elon Musk is exactly right,I mean the foundation of America is,freedom and the freedom of speech free,and independent press is a bulwark of uh,of why this nation is extraordinary and,exceptional I just I just have to tell,you I mean to see in the White House,Press Room,the suggestion that uh that the,president of the United States is,keeping a close eye,uh on on any element of of the media is,deeply offensive to me it's it's your,job in the media to keep a close eye on,elected officials I I lived in that,world for 20 years as a congressman as a,governor and as your vice president and,uh but I do think as you suggest I I,think it may well be,because Elon Musk who I came to know,very well during the four years of the,Trump Pence Administration,I I think it's because he is preparing,to release information finally about the,suppression of the hunter Biden story,which as I write about in my,autobiography so help me God was a,disgrace the fact that that a laptop was,discovered in the weeks before the,election that emails were revealed and,that social media platforms including,Twitter actually suppressed access to a,New York Post story is deeply offensive,to me and and Twitter wasn't the only,one but the fact that they're going to,come out with this information I have to,believe some of the people walking,around in the west ring it it's one of,the reasons why they're keeping a close,eye that's that's right and Sir what,role then do you see the government,playing in this if any at all well look,I I think the I think it's important,that we recognize even in a free Society,you're not free to yield fire in a,crowded theater right and so there are,there are basic elements basic,requirements uh of of maintaining the,debate and and Twitter is about that,they've reaffirmed their commitment to,that I have great confidence in that but,we ought to always err on the side of,freedom and freedom of speech I mean for,heaven's sakes right now we're on the,cusp of a heroic person named Jimmy Lai,facing a trial in Hong Kong for standing,for freedom of speech and freedom of the,press we ought to be sending a deafening,message of support for that godly man in,the stand that he's taken and and we,ought to be pushing back on any rhetoric,in a public debate here that would that,would send any message other than we,believe in freedom of speech and the,freedom of the press that's right and,Martha the vice president brings up Hong,Kong territory of China critics argue,that no more entity has been furtherance,of their censorship of a cog in the,wheel or even that actual proxy than,Apple itself and in that showcase,showdown between Apple and Twitter Elon,Musk and Mr cook to the tune of 40,million dollars worth of AD Revenue per,year where do you see that going,well I think I think it's fascinating uh,when you see what's happening right now,in China and you see people standing up,for freedom and and I just want to say,about Elon Musk and I think Mr vice,president first of all it's great to,have you with us today and thank you for,your service to this country over all of,the years that you have served and you,know but Elon Musk is is such a,fascinating character in the history of,this country you know you look at what,he's done with uh Rockets to space with,electric vehicles he's always pushing,the envelope and he's oh he likes,failure he likes it when things don't,work because he talks about what you,learn when you fail over and over again,if you've watched there's a great,documentary about SpaceX which you know,just really shows how dedicated he is so,I

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What A Mike Pence Presidency Would Look Like

What A Mike Pence Presidency Would Look Like

Some have said he would be even more dangerous than President Trump,because he is going to wage a war on women and reproductive rights,What would a Mike Pence presidency look like?,The former governor of Indiana is a heartbeat away from being commander in chief,And according to those close to him, he has long harbored ambitions for the White House,Unlike Trump though, Pence has mainly kept quiet in the administration,So just how different would he be to the current president?,I don't think his policy initiatives would differ that much but in terms of his,presentation he's going to be he would be completely different from Donald Trump,because there are no signs of wanting to grab the limelight of wanting to grab the limelight,huge difference in terms of temperament huge difference in terms of public behavior,We're not going to see a president who uses his Twitter account to communicate,Mike Pence is going to use more traditional perhaps more old fashioned forms of communication,Mike Pence always thinks before he speaks,He is very restrained in what he says publicly,he wants to present himself as a model of humility,He's not going to be boorish or thuggish. He's going to act like a gentleman,We don't see any personal scandals in my Pence's life,An evangelical christian, Pence’s faith informs a lot of his political views,And one he would likely be particularly vocal on is abortion.,Some have said he would be even more dangerous than President Trump,because he is going to wage a war on women and reproductive rights,I don't think he shows a history of trying to,impose his moral World Order on government,But he certainly has chosen some,select issues where his faith takes center stage,He opposes abortion,He has often said he wished Roe v. Wade could be overturned when he was in Congress,He's always opposed government funding of Planned Parenthood because the institution performs abortion,I feel like we would see him very vocal on life issues,but otherwise not imposing his will on the government,While I'm certain he would support a Supreme Court ruling overturning Roe v. Wade,not with the notion of the federal government than suddenly banning abortion,So the United States could conceivably end up with what we had prior to Roe v. Wade,Which is kind of a patchwork of different laws some states where it was fully,legal some where it was partly legal and some where it was was prohibited,There are many areas were Pence's to the right of the Republican Party in particular his fiercely strong,Opposition to the size and power of the federal government,When he was in Congress,he was always fighting for lower taxes and,reducing the budget deficit and spending less government money,often at his own peril within the Republican caucus for example in,2003 when the Republicans were in control and President Bush was wanting to add,a prescription drug entitlement to Medicare,Pence fought tooth and nail and led the caucus members that were fighting it,Ultimately they didn't win but Pence was willing to take,on his own party for that principle of limited government,I think he gets more headlines for his social conservatism,But it's really his fiscal conservatism that has made him so popular in Indiana,So I think that that would be priority one,streamlining the federal government , continuing deregulation,,shrinking government, returning power to the States,But perhaps repents would most differ from Trump is in how he would deal with the Democratic opposition,Despite his right-wing views,History shows he is not against bridging the divide in order to make a deal,He's quoted as saying in my book that if you're not willing to listen to the other side then forget democracy,So I think he would view himself as more of a healer and and more of that olive branch kind of person,similar to John McCain in the sense that,when he was in Congress Pence had good friends on both sides of the aisle,worked well with,representatives from the Democratic Party,one example would be the federal Medicaid program while he didn't like,some of the aspects of President Obama's program,He was able to work with the Obama administration and achieve a waiver,so Indiana could implement a program called hip healthy, Indiana plan 2.0,he negotiated personally with President Obama on the tarmac of,an Indiana Airport to achieve that so he is willing to compromise and,I imagine that that would continue under a pence presidency

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Jan. 6 Photos Show Mike Pence In Hiding | The View

Jan. 6 Photos Show Mike Pence In Hiding | The View

you know yesterday's january 6 committee,hearing focused on the intense pressure,campaign that you know who and his,minions have waged on mike pence to,block election results it featured video,of pence getting rushed to safety from,rioters who breached the capitol and,photos with his concerned family locked,in a room off the,senate floor,some framing him as a hero who rose to,the occasion but i i kind of think he,was actually doing his job his job was,qualify the the election right so,does this really qualify as uh heroic or,i have two minds on this,i agree with you you know doing your job,uh should not label you heroic it should,label you responsible right right okay,he had one job that day to certify the,election right that was it,on the other hand when you take a look,at the pressure campaign that donald,trump engaged in and his minions,for so long against against pence listen,he was putting his,political career and it turns out his,life at risk we didn't know it at the,time he probably didn't know it at the,time and i i don't know what we would,have done,if he had succumbed,if he had said i'm not going to certify,these elections or these elections are,legitimate i don't know what would have,happened that day with that mob out,there already,you know it could have led to terrible,terrible terrible consequences so i i i,do think he needs to be commended yes,for his actions that day yes that does,not erase four years,of complicity exactly these people who,are now all like recovering addicts,recovering addicts in in the in the,trump world that come on even on this,show they come on this show they go on,other shows and they're suddenly turning,on on trump where were you all that time,when he was talking about grabbing women,while they're in nether regions,when they made fun of the war hero john,mccain yeah when he he criticized uh,soldiers as being cowards families the,gold star families i mean come on where,was mike pence when this when trump,called zalensky to ask him to interfere,in the election where was he during the,impeachment process he was not there,they're now all pro ukraine with little,flags of ukraine on their on their,twitter profile exactly after they,allowed the quid pro i mean it's just,disgraceful we're on to all of them,don't don't try and fool us and if he,was just doing his job and he became a,hero then we are heroes because we are,just doing our job well yeah i i have to,agree with that i mean i i think that,after being complicit for four years,um,he doesn't get hero status but but at,this point the bar is pretty low right,uh for for the only hero can,the only hero is really liz cheney to me,and i don't agree with her politics,but to me she is a hero in the sense,that she does not care about her job,more than she cares about the country,yeah she is not going to get re-elected,because of the position she has put,herself in but because of her we are,hearing the truth in an unbiased way she,is a republican after after all that's a,hero i think that's that's i'm not going,to give her hero status either um but he,won't give it to her no i'm not going to,give it to her either but but i i i do,commend her um for for the work that,she's doing i will say this about pence,um i think he has political uh he still,has political aspirations i think he,thinks he,is going to run for for,presidential honey i have i aspire to be,an olympic medalist in the winter,olympia but no,doesn't mean i'm going to get there,either i really think that he is still,trying to preserve the possibility of of,being a,the president and and that scares me,because he was complicit for four years,and if you look at some videos right,after um,this happened he's still he's still,talking about voter fraud the,possibility of a voter fraud um,and so i i just wonder someone that was,that complicit would this country elect,him president the republican base is not,going to elect him the republican,nominee there's no way that he would be,able to beat a ron desantis or a donald,trump he followed the law and,they didn't you know i really think this,point of complicity is one thing,the real heroes,the hero is that young woman that police,officer who testified that she's a hero,yes,those folks had tried to keep people,from breaching those of the those are,the heroes i'm glad mike pence did his,job i'm glad he did what he was supposed,to do because he decided to put,america first really put america first,and go the route we go,in all of these years so i i appreciate,everything you did like i appreciate liz,cheney's well i appreciate what you're,doing because,she's not she grew up in a household,that you know we don't have we don't,agree on hardly anything but it's all,about the country yeah it's not about,the party and that for that i can,cheney has lost her position and,leadership and liz cheney is uh way down,right now over 20 points in the polls uh,for her of a republican primary,and you know this is by choice right she,could have done wh

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Chatting the Pictures: The Pence Jan. 6 Photos and the Hero Narrative

Chatting the Pictures: The Pence Jan. 6 Photos and the Hero Narrative

welcome to chatting the pictures my name,is cara finnegan and i'm a writer,teacher and historian of photography and,i'm michael shaw i'm a writer a,psychologist and also publisher of,reading the pictures,photos unveiled by the january 6th,committee dramatically illustrate the,threat both to vice president pence as,well as america's democracy but when it,came time to certify biden's election,did the pictures reveal pence as a hero,or someone who enabled the crisis by,waiting to the very last minute to defy,donald trump in an image released by the,house committee investigating the,january 6th uprising then vice president,pence watches president trump ask,rioters that stormed the u.s capitol to,leave pence's daughter charlotte stands,beside him pence and his entourage spent,almost five hours secured away in a,capital loading dock after rioters came,within 40 feet of the vice president,while chanting for his death refusing to,leave the building pence reconvened the,senate that evening to finish certifying,the election of joe biden trump had been,publicly pressuring pence to block the,certification not just for weeks but,throughout the day other key photos,released by the committee include one,from about 215 from a room off the,senate floor as karen pence pulls a,curtain to hide the entourage from the,view of the rioters who had just,breached the building there's one more,in the loading dock of pence looking at,his phone it was likely taken around 225,as trump attacked pence on twitter for,failing to stop the certification,process heightening the fury of the mob,the one we're looking at as pence,observes trump's stand down video was,taken at approximately 4 17 in the,afternoon that phone that video as it's,juxtaposed with the orange traffic cone,is really a compelling opposition,traffic cones signal imminent danger,warning lack of safety so there's so,much irony there both raising the,question of pence's safety and one of,the things the january 6 committee,revealed was that pence was very close,to being intercepted by the,insurrectionists after they came into,the capitol but there's also the irony,of trump's absolute lack of interest in,the future of a functioning democracy,it's hard to know if what we're looking,at is an act of heroism where vice,president pence having been urged to,leave the building by the secret service,refuses to go and probably refuses,because he knows that any delay in the,counting of the vote is going to create,a constitutional crisis at the same time,you know pence had weeks and many days,to more publicly stand up to president,trump and reiterate his intention to,certify the vote for joe biden as,president and he really never did,so the question is are we looking at,photographs here of the consequences of,that we see what happens when push comes,to shove literally you know the bodily,energy that's playing out here between,pence and his daughter charlotte it,looks almost as though given that pence,himself is on the phone he has a phone,to his ear in addition to a phone in his,other hand it appears almost as though,his daughter might have just thrust her,phone playing that video of trump into,his hand for him to watch so mike pence,here is essentially doing two things at,once he's watching the twitter video and,he's talking on the phone presumably,trying to get some sort of updates about,the security situation above him and,then we have his daughter's tense jaw,and body language the crossed arms the,pursed lips this gaze at him that's,almost a beseeching gaze that really,highlights not only the tension of the,situation but the tension essentially,between them that's punctuated by that,video of trump she seems to perhaps,channel the anger pence refused to show,publicly toward trump for putting him in,this position and it's ironic because,she also writes for a political website,many of the major figures on that site,promoting the big lie to this day that,line of phones the three phones it,really draws a direct line to trump,doesn't it and so thinking about this,image from the perspective of the,january 6th committee essentially,there's a way to read these photos to,say all of these phones everything,points to trump and that orange traffic,cone really amplifies the committee's,overall argument which is that,everything that happened is trump's,fault and that he committed crimes these,photos were taken before trump lost his,twitter privileges so one thing they,also demonstrate as you point out is the,real toxicity and danger of trump let,loose on social media what you get is a,sense of trump's power and dangerousness,and the sense that you know it's not,over until he says so i think when,history looks at this image one of the,questions that people will ask is in the,context of mike pence at this moment is,this image a picture of a profile and,courage or the result of an inevitable,series of bad choices

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New Details On Why Pence Refused To Get In Secret Service Car On Jan. 6

New Details On Why Pence Refused To Get In Secret Service Car On Jan. 6

but first there's a key story about,january 6 that's been,to a certain degree hiding in plain,sight all this time,and we're learning more about it in ways,that i think suggest something new a,newer dimension,to what happened on that day it's the,story of how tensions rose between,donald trump the president and his vice,president mike pence as trump attempted,to get pence to do his bidding and,overturn the election for him,effectively unilaterally and lawlessly,now we know the basic facts about the,moment when pence's refusal to comply,and subvert the will of the voters came,to a head,but the significance of that scene has,taken a much darker tone as we've,learned more details about it so on the,morning of january 6 right trump made,one last appeal depends uh at the huge,rally the ellipse although it sounded,frankly more like a threat,mike pence i hope you're going to stand,up for the good of our constitution and,for the good of our country and if,you're not i'm going to be very,disappointed in you i will tell you,right now,we then watched as the mob at trump's,urging march to the capitol where they,broke in and ransacked the building,assaulting police officers roaming the,halls chanting kang mike pence hang mike,pence,some of them even erected a gallows with,a noose outside the building and as the,danger became apparent the secret,service evacuated the vice president,from the senate chamber where he was,presiding over the election,certification proceedings as stipulated,in the constitution and american law now,we know thanks to reporting from,washington post journalist carol lennock,and philip rucker that pence first went,to his ceremonial office at the capitol,where he was protected by secret service,agents but vulnerable because the second,floor office had windows and those,windows could be breached and the,intruding thugs had gained control the,building,pence refused two requests from the,agents in charge of his detail to,evacuate the building saying quote i'm,not leaving the capitol as lenig and,rucker wright the last thing the vice,president wanted was the people,attacking the capitol to see his 20-car,motorcade fleeing that would only,vindicate their insurrection,the third time the secret service asked,it was more of an order than a request,they moved pence down a staircase to a,secure subterranean area where his,armored limousine awaited abc news,reporter jonathan carl described the,scene there in that sub training chamber,as he saw it in official white house,photos that pence has not allowed to be,published,he was in a,loading dock in an underground parking,garage uh beneath the capitol uh complex,no place to sit,no uh desk no chairs nothing he was in,this concrete like uh parking garage and,um you know with his family and,i mean this is the vice president united,states and he's like holed up in a,basement one of them is his chief of,staff uh mark short showing him his,phone and it's the tweet of trump saying,mike pence didn't have the courage,this is the guy who like fled the,rioters and trump is hanging out on the,courage and you can see it kind of looks,like pence is grimacing but you can,never really tell,okay now listen to jamie raskin remember,the january 6 committee who's been,investigating this for nine months,describe,what happened next,so when his secret service agents,including one of them who had was,carrying the nuclear football with him,were chased out by,these neo-fascists and they ran down to,some still undisclosed mysterious place,um,in the capital,he uttered what i think are the six most,chilling words of this entire thing i've,seen so far he said i'm not getting in,that car,that's the moment it all came down to,after all the pressure from trump and,his allies to get mike pence to do their,bidding and keep donald trump in office,the insurrectionist mob had breached the,building the secret service hustles,pence down into the underground parking,garage they want to take him away from,the capitol,but he refuses to go,why does he refuse going well,pence's own chief of staff mark short,says the vice president did not want his,evacuation to be the indelible image,sent around the world,he said i'm not leaving,and the reason he said he's not leaving,is because he said,he did not want our adversaries across,the globe to see a 15-car motorcade,fleeing the capital i think he exerted,enormous leadership under enormous,pressure and i think he again,despite efforts to have him evacuate,he's like i don't want that that visual,for the world to see i'm going to stay,here,okay so that's what mark short says,right this is an image he doesn't want,to project to the world and so i'm going,to stay here for symbolic purposes,essentially,but you know pence was not the only one,who did not want to leave the capitol,complex that day despite the terror,unfolding,for example democratic congressman ruben,gallego of arizona described another,immediate tactical reason for staying,put,i saw a bunch of buses pull

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#ICEBae: The Officer That Went Viral from a Photo with Mike Pence

#ICEBae: The Officer That Went Viral from a Photo with Mike Pence

so when all of this happened it was,obviously a big deal and the images just,in to us tonight are rather incredible,they show Mike Pence the vice,president's looking at men inside a,chain-link cage u.s. Border Patrol agent,is going viral with social media dubbing,her ice Bay her name is chiara Cervantes,and a lot of guys obviously they found,her very attractive and so she just,became this phenomenon playful words,like reading all day long there was no,pause in this,it's funny because I just don't see it,and then all these leftists are like,really you're lusting over a Nazi you're,a disgrace to your entire,culture you disgust me if I could go,back and not be there,Papa c1 papa we've been getting better,yeah they're better than us,story of my life my name is chiara,Cervantes I live in the Rado Texas do,you want ketchup ketchup no I'm law,enforcement and if you fall on the,internet know me as ice be well I was on,a temporary assignment the Vice,President was visiting and that was,exciting this is what Vice President,Mike Pence saw Friday on his visit to a,detention facility in McAllen Texas I,felt kind of nervous just because the,amount of people that there were versus,me in the middle only female and it got,crazy,you know everybody stood up everybody is,yelling grabbing onto the chain-link,fence,detainees shouted to the camera that's,obviously a nerve-wracking situation,especially of your law enforcement,I saw the cameras there and I said this,is you know a one-of-a-kind picture the,uniform plus silhouette plus the,controversy right now made ice be she,was still there at the house living with,me she had told me that she was gonna,come on on TV I was jokingly just saying,that I was it was gonna go on the,internet and go viral,I was joking back then I didn't have,Twitter I didn't want Twitter so it was,my family who messaged me and was like,hey you're trending on Twitter and I,started to look at the comments I was,surprised that there was so much,negative things to say about me,and like the whole world has an opinion,except me so I decided to make my,Twitter that was my intent um good,evening you guys um I just kind of,wanted to come on here to say a few,words I still I'm getting used to this I,guess whatever this may be um I kind of,just want something positive to come out,this if anything I got 16,000 likes 8.9,million views five thousand comments,when I saw that number I was like wow,that's pretty insane I think that's been,going on I'm kind of gonna get my,opinion,I really don't care when people hate on,me but when you bully other people that,pisses me off hard day but it's my,Friday a large part of my fans are very,political and then you have the physical,fans hey I know this must be really,frustrating for some people,I don't feel objectified it's just the,Internet I can say I don't have many,female fans the Internet,you know sometimes can be mean and it,could be great you know it just depends,the audience that are out there you know,what they want to say about you and you,know how they want to hurt you or how,they want to motivate you I'm not a nice,officer on the CBP officer if you look,up a CBP officer it's completely,different from what a nice officer does,so I can't really say specifics or,details of what I do I can say that I do,as much as any other law enforcement,official does you know the arresting,detaining the seizing,but I feel like mine is a little bit,more open or have more authority it's,going by a roll and having like,thousands and thousands of people,wanting answers from me just because of,where I work it was overwhelming because,they don't get it I don't think a lot of,people know Lorado is really a small,small town and it's definitely a border,town that father is here Hispanic people,I don't really feel a tie to Mexico or,the need to say on mexican-american just,because I was born here there's a job to,be done there's a lot of things that you,know the public doesn't see that we have,to see what I've seen what I've been,through I'm never a hundred percent off,and no matter how tough you are,or how trained you are you're still just,a regular person and it hits you I can,think about moments that I had three,years ago and they can go back like if,it was just yesterday and I can feel,that like knot in my throat again it's a,great job there's a lot of good to it,there's obviously a lot of questionable,things that people have opinions about,what I do at my job just because of how,big the controversy got it was obviously,a issue being that I'm somewhere that,security is very important,I started to have like really bad,anxiety not sleeping at night I think I,cried sometimes yeah there was,definitely some days that I just,couldn't handle it so I actually saw,this article on Wired the ice beam meme,captures the worst of 2019 so far it's,come to this,hashtag ispai what about your people, as a Hispanic you're a,disgrace to your entire culture you,disgust me,I hope whenever she walks into work she,see

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