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Media Share #31two years baby let's go,you suck,foreign,foreign,thank you,I'm gonna Brown,guys I'm a

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Updated on Jan 24,2023

Media Share #31

two years baby let's go,you suck,foreign,foreign,thank you,I'm gonna Brown,guys I'm a little drunk and I'm I'm a,little drunk and I'm trying to type a,message to Nile red and I I feel like,I'm I'm coming off,weird I feel like I'm coming off,aggressive,he messaged me he said he said oh God I,need to run just by somebody and I'm,live and I just I said he said hello Mr,money that's what he said to me,and then I said Mr red and then I said,my call to the wind has been answered,and then he said haha yes it apparently,worked and so then I told him,I don't know if you heard,but I would want to do a video where,you're in my newest video,and I said if this I haven't hit send,yet I need to know if this,I don't know I'm sorry why am I this,strong stream has even started listen,listen I I don't want to hit send until,chats is okay I'm like hey,I don't know what you heard but I want,you to be like a cameo on my newest,video because it's just so absurd,because we're from two totally different,like streaming or YouTube uh Channel,types and then I said if you're not,either way I'm a huge fan of your work,and one day I hope you can pull the,impurities out of me if you know what,I'm saying and I said a winky face is,that too far,foreign,I don't want to scare him off,who is this for this is to Nile red,fuck okay I'm getting so many,conflicting answers I need I need a call,I just have to call uh hold on I'm gonna,call who can I trust here,I'm just gonna call the boys I'm gonna,call the boys hey bud maybe don't,what do you mean I'm just gonna call,Peanut,I know Peanut's here,peanut what did you hear my potential,message to to Nile,to pull the impurities out of you that's,not all I said that's not all I said I,said like I don't know what you've heard,but I want you to you know cameo in my,video yeah I think it'd be really funny,if not like I'm a fan of your work and,and then right at the end there I say,and I hope one day you can pull the,impurities out of me if you know what I,mean,um,huh,and then there's a winky fit or actually,blushing I've changed it to a blushing,face,you know the blushing kind of sells it,for me too,tell me to send it and it's sent,um I feel like you can work I've been,binging his shit too I feel like you're,working something with like the inverted,like,flask or whatever the one what's the one,name of the one flask that he like he,turns the knob on it to let it like,siphon out because I want you to,graduate my cylinder,oh that's fucking good,yes dude yeah yes okay peanut I'm in,thank you all right I'm sending it I'm,sending it I'm sending it,and when I am okay all right it's sent,it's sent it's sent all right,favorite 20 you can't unsend a tweet,DM it's too late I have Soju,boys if we got far enough to him dming,me I think we're in I think we're in oh,he blocked me,thank you,what is this have we already started,Media Share,oh my God a bit of a spoiler,Jesus what was that dude hello everybody,oh my God a lot of Subs coming in thank,you for the subs everybody yes yes yes,to to not this stream is only for now,red yes yes I have a supportive,community that could be yours if you,collab with me yes yes yes thank you big,old slang and schlong Rizzoli Pete thank,you guys baywatcher Bob with the 20 and,so many Subs pre-stream hello wish pause,music hello how's everybody doing,happy Sunday this is uh this is a I'm,gonna be is Carlos alive Carlos is alive,he is okay uh,I had a great stream on Friday I'll be,honest with you guys,fantastic kickoff to the new year uh we,had that the the laugh you lose on,Wednesday and The Game Show game show on,Friday and I love,it's I think our third or fourth episode,of Game Show game show the audio's off,shut the fuck up I love that that's our,fourth episode or third or whatever and,people are like I love that people like,this is my my favorite one by far by far,my favorite one so that means a lot that,shows me we're improving and more,importantly hopefully it will be the,last show it from my house because we,are working on getting a a studio for,bigger game shows I'm not I'm still,gonna stream from here but as far as,like game shows and shit we want a,dedicated set so uh all y'all support of,it makes it easy to make that decision,too and we'll probably film the podcast,out of there as well anyway hello,everybody Welcome to stream uh today,we're doing uh media share and I'm gonna,be honest with you chat this is go and,maybe I say dumb shit like this every,time but this Media Share is so I I have,a theory,I personally believe oh did I hit the PO,was I supposed to say the podcast,whatever uh Perry stink God about five,I'm gonna be I shouldn't have sent that,text before going live to Nile because,now I'm gonna just be checking my phone,the entire stream but you know it adds a,nice Arc if we get a response from now,red,drew the dude with 50 Subs what is this,shit thank you guys God damn and the you,know what the real ones the subgifters,pre-stream I saw you guys and the,subgifters during

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PaymoneyWubby 2022

PaymoneyWubby 2022

foreign,this is the final video I'll be,submitting I have cancer yes he's,claiming dominance he's a master of his,domain I just myself first 10,seconds of stream,there is no way able to sports,well booty has been going around the,world he has been stickering everything,Australia Chicago uh well New York uh,Vegas and on the cold one set,are you offering me the ganja,I did not touch the meat it smells like,pancakes in the kitchen whose bulge is,this oranga like an orangutan no these,things are looking,God God if one of these hits you you're,just dead,we spent three hours going with the, rules and you don't know what,you're doing pick up the car,probably transitioning it used to sound,a bit more like this oh that was,legendary thank you for that yo thanks,my man I appreciate it,I don't laugh at farts anymore oh God,that's terrible did you put beans in my,shot glass what's he saying what does,that mean it's Obama That's Kanye West,what do you think about Roe v Wade,I'm gonna be your pimp we are going to,make millions we have a Japanese viewer,stop chat,you want to talk to cool weather yo yo,what's happening what the ,I'm sorry does that say God,what are you,talking about,sitting there under the tree was a,present from my lovely cat HP,I'm very confident I will not lose I,might not question punched a little,Weasley face how much is Jerry's job,worth you you sold Facebook what is a, these people they don't,deserve to share my air oh my God guys,you're so poor sometimes racism is the,answer,last time,the first thing I'm gonna do is I'm,going to donate half of it to Cherry and,that charity being me,and the other half's going to meet,that was actually so dangerous,foreign,one of you has to put milk in your mouth,ew the other one has to pour cereal at,the end of this challenge they both must,be combined into one Mouse,you can decide whose mouth it goes into,get a shot of the goggles Adrian that's,where we want to be right what's up yeah,we love God,yes please,oh oh sorry sorry babe got a little,excited okay so we gotta make out you,don't have to make out by the way,please,specific,hey guys what about that challenge so,one melt you just gotta spit it in her,mouth you don't gotta lay off lips oh,okay now so two,kill them kill them,go,I love this oh,no she does not what's good okay all,right I'll clap for that,Alex it's your turn now I want to see it,on your finger before you eat it though,no I'll put it into her mouth,no no no no oh you're spit it out spit,it out spit it on the floor there's a,drain thanks oh my God you're gonna be a,things are so hot yeah I know,them now yeah,it's really hot,booty I feel like I'm gonna shoot my,hands I feel like,booty,nobody's puking nobody's puking it's,milk,nobody's puking,I'm fine I'm fine thank you,I'm fine,all right Alex here's what I'm gonna,I might have to end I don't know what's,happening I'm seriously we have the,hiccups oh hold on I'm getting a knock,at the door,oh I think hold on I think cool love,he's here,it's cool Bobby wow hey yo today's her,story yeah this is a battle of the sexes,Chad is gonna divide by men and women,look at me it's the cool lovey thing is,the bit working here you keep going like,in and out of the bit a lot so you're,not really sticking with it so it's kind,of confusing,all right let's just play how about that,I'll see you later take it easy all,right take it easy,why does today's stream feel like a,fever dream it just don't look don't,look,is there a cool Alex Alex is there cool,Alex Oh wait actually,I still like jokes for nine-year-olds we,gotta stop like seriously people are,gonna think that like this is a bit I,thought of let me put you on to,something new here whenever we want to,show you something close and personal,and peanut and Carlos whoever edits this,you can have fun figuring out the color,grading because I'm not gonna do,that look at the close-up yeah hey baby,look at this,from,oh no it's been so long from amaranth,she said this I'm gonna smell her too oh,no I can't believe this dude hey wubby,we're so happy to be able to share with,you the Cutie Patootie scent jars and,hot tub bath water I got water too whoa,okay here is the jar you can see I don't,know if you can tell her hair is in,there,she there's definitely a single amaranth,hair in there yeah and then here is uh,uh,oh I don't think it's gonna smell I saw,H3 do it and it did not smell all right,amaran's fart 19 out of thousand I know,we're late but here it is three two one,go,oh it kind of smells like a fart oh,oh it smelled real that smelled real I,need to like I'm trying to,what,wow don't make any noise I need a second,here,I smell like a fart wow that was,disgusting that did not smell like,sulfur they smelled like a human fart,you know what the way I felt like it was,it felt like the faintest, yeah it smells like it smelled,like a fart,God damn what do you think this smells,like you want to smell it I don't I,don't know I I'll be honest the fact,that it's blue,they add slight col

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Wubby Streams - Voicemails and Monkey Ball

Wubby Streams - Voicemails and Monkey Ball

let's see they're so sick that scene is,so sick,thank you,thank you,foreign,thank you,foreign,why can't I hear resubs or anything,what's hap hold on,what's happening,I hear nothing,I hear nothing,do you guys hear anything did he say,anything,hello,did did twitch is doxing us I can't it,is are these people just not putting in,resub messages,I don't know is everyone not putting in,resub messages,chained waxer did you put a resub,message okay hold on hold on hold on hon,what's happening,what's happening turn off reap oh fuck,off I can't believe I fell for it okay,what what do I do I don't know what to,do,what is it normally what does it,normally do oh it's oh my God where is,that oh here it is oh my god oh,well hopefully it works now,oh no I don't know I don't know what to,do,oh no I guess I'll just restart,everything dude what a good way to start,the stream by just eating everything,hold on Eric nobody move nobody move,everybody stay still every shut the fuck,up,nobody move,what the fuck,okay what the fuck,what's happening what's happening dude,what's happening right now this is,fucking I haven't done anything I,haven't had anything fucking started,I don't know what to do I I guess we'll,just leave it I don't know I don't know,I don't know they just you suck fuck you,bitch restart session session recession,restarted subscriptions here we go,subscription is enabled Prime Subs,enabled,show resub messages show,font size large open reset message text,speech enabled voice jarana,work,all right whatever I give up you know,what,foreign,something important we do have to talk,about,um today marks a very sad day for all of,us,um,no no no no no no no no no,God what was our last funeral Jesus,Christ uh,um,ladies and gentlemen today marks a very,sad day and hit in YouTube history,or should I say today marks the,beginning of the end of YouTube history,we have a lot to talk about we have a,lot to get through and not a lot of time,to do so,ladies and gentlemen it was on today,December 11th and you know what I think,it's more fitting,to just title it this,you like that that was Creative Ladies,and Gentlemen it was on today,December 11th this is the worst thing to,ever happen on an 11th day,worst thing to ever happen on an 11th,day,ladies and gentlemen,YouTube,has changed,and enforced,a new policy,and bullshit,wording,YouTube has the ability to eat a channel,that they feel is eatable,YouTubers everywhere,are losing videos left and right we're,gonna go through the policy on stream,content cop is down,and it's only a matter of time,before they come for your boy,ladies and gentlemen put your 07s in,chat,we are Holding On by a thread,I went through my videos and there's not,a single one that I couldn't see them,just to finally justifiably taking down,that's true I guarantee every single,YouTuber you like could justifiably take,be taken off the platform,single YouTuber,you need to care,what is that why is that so broken thank,you Knox for the 10 gifted Subs by the,way I saw that can't slip by me I,appreciate it thank you for the 40,things have you check out this real life,alien,my name is Nancy I'm 17 years old I'm,from Cypress Texas and I'm six nine,thank you,by seventh grade I was six foot seven I,don't even realize that I'm growing,since my first day of freshman year I,wasn't looking forward to high school,because of my height my skull is 3 200,kids in there and at least even if they,stared at me or not I knew I was gonna,get asked how tall,is it bad that how old is she,there's a joke I want to make but,yeah okay number 17. hey God bless her,God bless her but who cares giant German,just gifted 100 Subs like it all been,taking a stand voice we're not safe,anywhere though twitch don't,don't like me where do we go boys where,do we fucking go giant German,she's 17.,miss me with that mixer mixer,coming on,thank you giant German for the 100 Subs,this is for you,it's called wubby,can I do this on stream,everybody,amen,thank you,it's a dog toy and I'm on my period,Jesus fucking Christ dude unbelievable,thank you giant German for the 100 thank,you ryzen for the 10. welcome everybody,to the Webby stream what's the name of,that very valid you always play Domino,there you go dude,thank you for the scuffed stream on our,anniversary of course I'm glad you care,as much about our relationship as I is,to another 11 months of mediocrity daddy,chatty 69. thank you can we get some,giant German hype in chat please,Jesus Christ,I also think okay I kind of want to do,an an auction a a charity auction for,Dominique would anybody in chat bid on,her,if I put her up for Ebay would anybody,in chat bid on her,I kind of want to do a charity auction,all the money that we make of her goes,to charity,is she used lightly lightly lightly used,I did not fuck her no okay I'll be,honest with you guys I did not,everything I did with her was filmed in,that video I did not fuck her I did not,my penis made no oh my God YouTube,account,we'll talk about all that I didn't

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Mystery Meat: A Search for the Truth

Mystery Meat: A Search for the Truth

trust me I wouldn't come back unless I,had something important to talk about,and boy do I this photo this single,disgusting photo of a kebab has haunted,my friend group my thoughts my emotions,for nearly two years and in this video,I'm going to be taking you on a journey,of where we started and where we are,today let's start from the beginning,Wednesday December 16 2020.,YouTuber Justin Wang tweets out a photo,of a kebab that looks an awful lot like, I'm not sure if this is a turd or,some kind of actual food I haven't seen,yet bro that's definitely a turd man's,laid some boo-boo across a few veggies,people were confused people were,offended it reminded me of the blue,dress photo that went around the,internet for a while the longer I stared,at it the more it would become something,else at first glance it kind of looks,like but when you really start,staring at it I've seen Kebab that looks,like that this photo became a bit of a,joke amongst my friends where we would,share it occasionally a small argument,would break out and then it wouldn't go,anywhere I think our autism came,together and we collectively decided we,need to know once and for all if it's,actually poo or if it's a kebab starting,from the first place that I saw the,photo was Justin Wang's Twitter but it,wasn't his photo he was retweeting,somebody else named cray cray tweeted,the photo originally in response to a,post that read what's the worst Food,you've had at a football match I paired,with a photo of a really long sausage,cray responded to the Tweet with a photo,of the turd kebab and replied Steve,evenage away all I had to do was get in,contact with cray ask him if he took the,photo if he knew who took the photo if,it was his and lucky for us crazed,DMS were open so I dm'd him right away,if cray were to respond I'm sure that,would be the end of it but unfortunately,for us he didn't so let me explain,something important here when we find,this photo reposted online it's,important to look at the date the,earlier the date the more likely it's,the original poster so at this point we,have Justin Wang's tweet on December,16th and craze tweet from earlier that,day both of these were in December but,we knew we had to find something older,and that's when we found the nine gag,post,the post was titled name that Kebab,Cambodian Cuisine the photo we found on,9gag was a big deal if we could get in,contact with the person who made the,nine gag post we wouldn't need cray at,all let me explain an unfortunate Quirk,of 9gag when someone posts to 9GAG the,username is hidden which can lead to,some strange and weird posts one user,remarked on the issue it used to list,the op under the post but they removed,it a while ago it seems so although we,found this post without a username it,was a dead end,so we went deeper We Believe to have,found the first ever sighting of the,turd Kebab on the internet Turkish kebab,house a small unassuming Kebab shop,located in Blackpool United Kingdom the,first internet post of the turt Kebab as,far as we can tell appears to be on a,Google review under the photo section of,said Turkish kebab house we don't know,the exact date it was posted but we do,know it was in March 2020 according to,the review which was two full months,before the 9GAG post and nearly a year,before craze whoever took this photo,knew what the photo was,Lee R we assume it's a he based on the,name and the profile photo is like a,Sheba doge meme we don't know much of,anything about liar Google reviews keeps,their accounts and their users pretty,Anonymous for the most part the only,thing that we can see about liar are his,other reviews that he's left and he's,left a lot of reviews Prestige carpet,and upholstery fast and efficient big,Woody skateboard shop great shop great,selection ramp City skate park awesome,indoor skate park my son loves it London,gents Barber always do a good job of me,and my son's hair this guy from what I,can tell seems like a normal family man,not the kind of guy who would upload a,giant turd and post it a kebab shop it,seems vindictive it seems crazy it's it,doesn't seem like the kind of guy who,would take his kid to get a nice haircut,and then go to the family-friendly skate,park after maybe you could justify him,doing it if he uploaded it from a,different account but this was posted,from the same account he reviewed a,child's haircut from it just just not,adding up the way I look at it there's,two options here either liar uploaded a,picture of his for some crazy,reason or Turkish kebab house is serving,kebabs that looks like actual human,feces there doesn't appear to be any way,to contact liar from his Google review,the only other option at this point was,to get somebody to order a kebab from,the shop and compare it to the photo and,during the midst of a global pandemic,that seemed impossible so I put out a,tweet asking for anyone in the Blackpool,area willing to help us with a project,and we got so many responses and I just,want to say thank y

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are you ready chat you have 30 seconds,to make us laugh a counter uh no kickbot,is uh the the kickbot that we've,programmed here who's in the call with,us kickbot has actually program is,programmed to kick them after the 30,seconds is up regardless kickbot uh,please run command have a timer on your,desk uh and kick them after the 30,seconds um but please kickbot be uh uh,malleable and and able to change on the,fly if they're doing a really good job,and we're smoking to give you guys a,little bit of an edge because you need,it this stream is sponsored by adam and,eve when you go to adam and even use,code wubby at checkout you'll get 50 off,your item plus free shipping guys make,sure you do it support the sponsors that,support me let's make it happen you,ready let's make it happen all right,let's bring,i'm so nervous if this oh look me in the,eyes right now if this goes bad i'm just,ending stream ready go let's go,quick,all right let's try that again off to a,good start huh great start hey what's,your name,hey it's uh mabambo thumb thumb,uh my video's not on for some reason no,it's on,oh okay,it's uh rob,that's nice,oh am i on am i on live i can't see,you guys,oh,i'm way too high,me,i don't know why but his cough just,almost made me ,you don't got me,am i on god i'm too high for this,he's like wait a minute i'm live i don't,see you guys okay,so he wins hey what's your name,hey wubby hey chad my name's sean,give me five seconds,so,if you were with the uh,hourglass woman figure you mentioned,earlier and you were uh,as you suggested a little a little too,rough with her,in uh,intimate ways do you think it would be,like,no the balloon's fighting me,oh i'm laughing,i'm so,activated,um hi what's your name chris fireball,hi chris fireball and um,i'm gonna be,performing part of tom holland,no way home,oh,i'm so mad at you for that one that's,fair okay,hey uh yeah i'm uh,lost the crust in chat you can call me,lust um before i get started i just,gotta i just gotta finish up on dinner,real quick,he's making fun of me i know,i'm sorry i can't do it,we're gonna lose so much money i gotta,slow what is he getting so,get him out of here please booty or kick,butt get him,he kind of looks like that that actor he,kind of looks like uh andrew garfield in,the social network specifically,you sold facebook or what did he what's,he saying at the end of the day,i'm going i'm going you ever seen that,uh security i'm going,i'm gonna pull up,you sold facebook,my shares went to zero,security,i'm going i'm going,do you have no clue what i'm talking,about i do i just didn't know that the,other characters all right all right all,right hey laggy joe what's your name hey,uh uh i'm joe hey uh have you forgotten,uh talk about the boys and then you went,home and played wii sports,getting,do you know why i laughed because i saw,your stupid face over here no bs go,hey,fart chamber,oh,hello,hello you're live oh ,hello,is he okay,the first four came at us like a like a,like you know no life come after,no hold on we're not hold on hold on,what's up mommy oh i am sorry for,laughing at you,because this is,hi what's your name uh,i'm little doinker all right little,doinker let's see let's hear it i don't,really prep a whole lot,um it fart noise,that almost got me it did i heard it,almost i was so annoyed with him at,first i'm like really coming onto my,stream and making a mockery of this and,then when he said it,when he said it fart noise,what's that noise,hello hello hi what's your name oh hi hi,uh i'm elderborne,i get a mutual dream really quick uh,all right well uh,i,uh, freezing up here,you know i just completely forgot my,script to be honest,why did you laugh you ,alex come on man,come on,uh,you suck did you see his stare into just,nothing a bit,all right here we go next one hey what's,up what's your name,hi hi how are you can you can you hear,me okay i can yes,hi hi how are you can you keep your,vehicle you suck,holy that's a lot of hella fresh i,just want to say that,wobby you've been an inspiration to me,these years uh especially with your,weight loss journey,it's it's really just,made this so much better for me,i'm leaving i'm sorry,the real panics is what,kill me,what the is this,what state are you in right now,hey what's up man what's your name,what's going on it's buzz lightbeer so i,just wanted to um,go over something that happened the,other day i finally got to sleep with my,first asian,she was you know fresh off the boat so,don't you dare laugh,i just love that,i'm laughing that that kickbot detected,racism and said no no what's up man,what's your name,oh we just got out of focus,oh what's up hi i'm elsa or alice i'm,just going to make some uh,a cheese sandwich,there you have it mills on wheels,okay okay that was very good,that was very good,hey what's up all right so what will be,alex i need some help i've been,reflecting on an event that happened in,my past that i'm really trying to wrap,my head around figure out like who i,really am um s

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Wubby Streams -, the Other, Other TLC

Wubby Streams -, the Other, Other TLC

hey give it up for Slammy Sammy love you,give it up first can I get a kiss for,one of the hypest raids in recent memory,thank you for the five gifted Subs,welcome hope you had fun uh,one more month till the day comes what,shall we name it,holy freaking crap one year boy happy,holidays bun neck Wild,it all started with a gifted sub from,saying your stink Fist and now a year,later I'm trying to learn how to twerk,and chasing my husband around screaming,would you sniff me thanks for bringing,us awesome content adheres to another,great year Paige,hell yeah brother,eight months La may surprise from your,boy dips,thanks for all the great content I was,missing out love from Germany less than,three,what should I name my child I'm eight,months Breakers,happy anniversary boo Mary B,uses your wifey,PLS keep up the great content you are,doing file a Mario 36.,eight months time flies,eight months love you wubby satx Martin,how do I cancel my subscription I still,can't find it,then I want to chat I want to throw them,away,anyone in chat want to take this one,the sub baby has finally arrived what,shall we name this ugly piece of garbage,that has recently evacuated my stink,hole scanner wubby put your toe away I,am becoming uncontrollably aroused,just started watching you and you are,very entertaining keep it up,hey Weber eight months can you PM me,that you be right back pic that you're,using every time I see it I imagine the,smell and it turns me on the way your,toe pokes out I want to taste it thanks,rise in,let's see,thank you,six months since you cornered me at that,party and forced me to Bear your,disgrace in my belly,you got a pretty mouth,a whole year of your sweet face hugs and,tugs thank you to mark for buying a,sweater exclamation point Merchant chat,uh a very important topic that I was,honestly afraid of talking about I,didn't want to bring it up on stream,it's I don't want to cause more drama I,don't want to cause more issues for me,and my community but I will say this and,then we'll start the stream I saw it,being discussed in in early chat Earl,chat as they sometimes like to be,referred to as and it was brought up and,I just want to squash all rumors right,now it's not something I wanted to bring,up but I will have it because I have to,hold on turn this a little bit,okay,um but yes I know people have been,thrown around and I haven't written down,my notes here just so I don't miss quote,I uh will take a shit,damn it I will take a shit on the center,of my floor for 10K single Dono that is,the truth it's not a pool you can't pull,your credits into it there's no uh,anything like that there is a 10K single,Dono I will take a shit in the center of,my floor I know a lot there's been a lot,of rumors oh can we work together nope I,don't care if you donate 99999 it has to,be 10K single Dono take a shit in the,center of my floor so again,um how much shit are we talking,all I'm saying is that's the thing I,just wanted to squash this because I,know people like to run away with these,theories and I really didn't want to be,that guy,um while we watch it so here's the thing,there are some contingency rules,obviously I might put up like some up,let's just say this you'll you're not,going to get your money's worth but it's,still gonna happen anyway I just wanted,to I 10K for risk of permaban,how much for someone else to shit on,your floor so that's actually another,thing so 5K for someone else to shit on,my floor and what we could do to avoid,the TOs is we can fake a homeless person,breaking in and then they'll just shit,and they'll run away and I'll be like oh,my God someone broke in and shit on my,floor or even better I can break into my,own how why is my camera so I can break,into my own house,wait hold on I just thought of hold on I,thought of a really good idea I can,break into my own house while someone,else is on screen take a shit to,What's Happening Here What's Happening,Here There we go I can take a shit on my,own house but why,I don't know how to respond to that what,do you mean but why,I don't even know how to,but why I don't know,but why,is it not obvious yeah I mean come on,also hi guys welcome to Sunday stream,five students together what do we have,now,well nothing I don't have anything I'm,having a little I'm a little there we go,autism stream over and over again in,2019. guys we have nothing planned today,you wouldn't download we have some cute,toes not gonna lie,here's the thing as I always say this,as I get more busy thank you comp for,the 20 gifted Subs by the way don't let,that be forgotten check give comp some,love as as as I get more busy with other,things the stream thought process gets,put on hold and it's always it's a,roller coaster let me show you for the,retarded people in chat this is what I,mean by that okay it's like this right,and usually Sundays we have big streams,planned but not this Sunday you wanna,know why you wanna know yeah today's,gonna be shit talk Sunday here's why,I'll have a lot I

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Single Mothers are Ruining Father's Day

Single Mothers are Ruining Father's Day

what's this all right let's put the old,cans on my father passed away when I was,three Oh No there was four of us kids,within five years so my mom had to raise,four kids by herself,my mom was a single mother so she raised,both of us completely by herself um,which is I don't know how she raised,three boys on her own with such grace,she did it all as though she was two,people I love you from the bottom of my,heart and I'm thankful for everything,you've done for me happy Father's Day,mom,huh what happy Father's Day mom,happy Father's Day huh what I was I was,perusing the web's as they say alright,and this propaganda popped up on,my newsfeed first of all how dare you,YouTube recommend this kind of Filth to,me you don't recommend my to people,but then you'll send me this happy,Father's Day mom,excuse me this is a video about single,mothers being recognized on Father's Day,and I'm here to say that's the dumbest,goddamn thing I've ever heard in my,whole goddamn life,sorry but you already got a day,it's called Mother's Day as the V City,is gonna have quite the dislikes quit,trying to take our day we get one for, sake all right could you let us,have it so this is the case right that,means every time Mother's Day rolls,around I should give my dad a call and,wish him happy Mother's Day,hey Dad happy Mother's Day just because,you're a single mother does not make you,a father it's funny because this video,it in no way touches on like a like a,transgender woman who now says she is,she's male and is assuming the role of a,father no this is talking about single, getting recognition on Father's,Day no she did all of it and she did it,all as though she was two people she's,not a father though but she was stuff,huh she was not a joke say our car broke,down oh well that's the alternator is,this commercial implying because your,mother portrayed stereotypical roles of,a male that she is now a father to be,recognized on Father's Day doesn't that,defeat the entire purpose of your whole, campaign of the gender roles,are just socially created then why are,we saying because a mother assumes some,standard gender roles of a father she,should now be considered a father,she was like when you punch she said you,put your knuckle out and you just go for,it,your mom had no idea how to,fight your mom sucked as a dad I mean I,don't even know if that's a thing it's,not your mom so dumb even like upper,cioth,off of her toughness it was something,very fragile you know yeah anything that,needs help a person a thing an animal,she will find it and she will nurse it,back to mom was always bringing home,dead birds and she was more of a,cat than anything else she really is,like the most amazing mother but she was,really an incredible father but every,day she had to be both no she didn't she,was a mother and a damn good one,but she wasn't a father cuz that doesn't,make any goddamn sense happy Father's,Day mom doesn't that just make your like,your clench when you hear that I,bet if a single mother sees this video,they're gonna take it offensively don't,I'm all for you getting a a separate day,single Mother's Day we'll call it that I,mean not that Mother's Day is exclusive,but fine it have a separate day I'm,all for you deserve more credit but to,take away from Father's Day bye slap,just kind of shoehorning in single,mothers i think that's stupid at,the end of the day you can't tell me,that isn't the dumbest thing you've ever,heard happy Father's Day mom oh my god,this whole time it was an angel soft,commercial a commercial for toilet paper,I feel like it's fitting okay cuz this,whole video was but wait guys wait,you thought you could escape after just,one well I got some bad news for you it,keeps on giving,making fun of a little kid is kind of, up but I feel like it wouldn't be,in the pay money will be way to not,point out that she just said her name,was a maybe she would have done,better on the inside,I love playing my name is Sam Rita I,want a bigger fashion I don't know what,she's saying I've know why I'm listening,honestly why is she in this commercial,she's so loud it is my passion yes it is,also very popular with the girls,nine walks what didn't is all is all,good you know my dad is my fashion guru,fish shop till we drop the other day I,was trying to shave my beard for the,first time disaster my dad has the best,heels because my dad mostly wears heels,only until I walked in and said relax,I've been shaving my legs moreover I,take it now you want to meet my dad you,wanna meet my dad meet my god no see I,thought we all do shave,I guarantee I know these are actors they,have there's no way they're not if I,started calling my mom dad she would,smack the mix out of me okay,there's no way and how do you think,these beauties beautiful young Indian,woman who clearly clearly is appearing,feminine dressing feminine do you think,she wants to be called dad or,father what is this y'all y'all,just looking for another goddamn day for,us to suck your single dick is

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Will Smith's Apology Sucks and What We're All Missing...

Will Smith's Apology Sucks and What We're All Missing...

my notes have it written down as the,slap heard round the world the only way,i think you don't know what the slap is,is this you have no friend group you,don't work in a setting where you,interact with customers or uh your old,your senile you're delusional how can,you not know what the slap is right now,so let me show you what you missed if,you missed it,jada i love you g.i jane 2 can't wait to,see it all right,it's javazone that was a nice one okay,i'm out here oh,richard,oh,wow wow,nice hey good timing boys hey good,timing on that,will smith just smacked the out of,me you know what you can tell i'm gonna,point i'm gonna point something out to,you guys watch audience thinks it's a,bit,until right now when will starts,screaming the pause in will's sentence,you will hear the whole audience go oh,listen for it that's my favorite part of,this whole thing,wow dude,yeah it was a gi jane jump keep my white,name out your mouth i'm going to,okay,okay,i love chris rock dude chris you,should have done it you should have done,it chris in this moment you should have,annihilated his whole stupid pointless,career chris you should have done it in,that moment dude look at that moment,where chris is like bro i could ruin,your whole life right now right,here watch,no one's talking about that but they,should be oh he could have done it,that was uh look at him look at he's by,the way he's looking he's looking left,looking right,do i keep going with the nominations,hello,greatest night in the history of,television okay,okay,so then he keeps going he reads the,award whatever gets off stage and that's,it later in the show,actually let's before i give my opinion,let's watch will smith's acceptance,speech,so you know i can't help myself i'm,sorry y'all i can't help myself why the, are people standing up clapping,this man should not be allowed in the,theater i can't help it i i'm sorry guys,i'm not gonna shy away this is the most,brain wrought i mean hey shouts out to,ethan and hassan because i'm now saying,it this is the most brain wrought dumb, why is anyone in this room standing,i've i told alex i'm like god forbid,somehow i fall up and end up at the,oscars i would have stood up and booed,till i got pulled out of the ,theater,oh man,i slapped the out of someone let's,see what he has to say his first chance,after the video i just showed you this,is his first chance to have a message to,send a message after doing what he just,did richard williams,was a fierce,defender of his family,what an absolutely disgusting parallel,you're trying to make here you ,fruit loop dingus i swear to god i swear,to god chris rock should run up on stage,right now and just slap the out of,him you played a character in a,movie and you're now somehow trying to,tie that in,i'm opening sentence i'm taking that as,i'm justifying it because i've protected,my family i am,overwhelmed by what god is calling on me,to do,well,slap the out of chris,lose control will,so oscar's had a nip slip during this,speech uh so now i'm being very careful,to show it what kind of world am i,living in where if i show the oscars i,could get banned because it's against,tos think about that for a second,i'm being called on,in my life,to love people,i too love with the palm of my hand in,this business you gotta be able to have,people disrespecting you and you gotta,smile and you gotta pretend like that's,okay,so do you think it was like,disrespectful when you got up on stage,and and hit another human being and then,walked off and screamed at him and just,left him up there to flounder do you,think that's a sign of disrespect,because i do i think that chris rock,could have got up there and said the,most horrible he could have even,thought of about your wife i mean,targeted harassment about your wife,and i still don't think you had a right,to get up on stage and hit the man every,single idiot on twitter who's,defending this i hope to god you never,disrespect someone because you're giving,them the door to absolutely beat the, out of you and by the way,disrespect is is a very uh loose term,offense is a loose term because you,could be offended at anything so maybe,you'll say something weird or off and,someone gets really offended well by,your logic,their personal feelings of offense gives,them the open door to do whatever the, they want to you right i don't live,in that world that's the world these,people live in i live in it's very clear,and cut for me you don't hit someone,based on what they said you don't it's,actually really cut and dry so that way,there's no confusion that way no one can,ever argue oh it was too offensive it,was not offensive enough because,offensiveness is subjective but hitting,someone in the face there's no,subjectivity on that you either hit him,or you didn't i don't know how this is,hard for people to understand it is,in the loving words of of ethan and,hassan it is brain rocked to the max it,is,oh it's not even that big of a deal i i,think it's becoming a big dea

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