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Mom Gets Trained While Son is Home... 🤦🏿‍♂️😂 (Gloccky Twitter)your son said he loved me,the 13 year


Updated on Jan 16,2023

Mom Gets Trained While Son is Home... 🤦🏿‍♂️😂 (Gloccky Twitter)

your son said he loved me,the 13 year old look he's really hot,he's really mean Waco,mama house,I am going to kermitsui,police,hey man leave a like in the next five,seconds to be rich and successful later,in life I would not risk and don't,forget to click the sub button if you're,new and make sure you get that Bell a,ding ding to never miss a upload thank,you guys so much on to the video,foreign so I've been on the internet for,a while now uh I've been on the internet,before phase before all of that I've,been on the internet when Fred was the,number one thing on YouTube back in like,2009 so I've been on the internet for a,while and I can say with absolute,certainty this might actually be the,worst video I've ever seen in my life,like literally like that hasn't have to,do with someone dying or like one of,those type videos like someone getting,killed this might actually be the worst,video I've ever seen like if I was in,this dude's shoes I might have to end it,all like nah like I could not live with,myself if this happened to me now before,I get into this video because this is,gonna be a long one the only thing I'm,asking before we get into this video is,if you're new please click the Subscribe,button and join the family of moms who,don't get trained but if your mom gets,trained on a daily basis like a little,bro like right here I mean I guess you,can go ahead and skip that but hey uh,people who are subscribed to this,channel don't their moms don't be,getting clapped like that and also a lot,of y'all are asking about how y'all can,get in touch with me and bruh it's,literally at the bottom of the screen,y'all can hit me up on all of those,links I always respond y'all can hit me,up on my snap my insta my my Twitter my,everything I always respond to my,subscribers and with that being said,let's get into this horrible video let's,go ahead and just get straight into it,bro so I'm gonna show you all the video,right now and before y'all watch this,video I just want to caution you okay,bro,put yourself in his shoes do not get to,just making fun of him and doing all,this crazy stuff because this is low-key,traumatic bro I'm gonna show y'all this,video and before y'all comment or do,anything start start putting spamming uh,crying emojis crying laughing emojis,just put yourself in his shoes okay,here's the video Sun here and like I,Uber everywhere still got no job look at,you got no job no look on my track who,do you work for my kids how do you get,your money,go away go away,your son said he loved me,he's really hot Keegan,you know he's too young now there's a,lot to unpack obviously from that video,but that's not even the worst part if,y'all are crying and doing all that,crazy stuff about that I didn't I,literally had I can't show the worst,part about this video because I would,get immediately banned from YouTube okay,literally right after the video y'all,just saw she literally got uh how should,I I don't even know how to phrase this,like literally right after that video,that was already horrible she literally,got turned into a toaster strudel she,got the icing put on her if y'all know,what I mean and I know y'all know what I,mean and let me just say y'all it was a,heavy coat,it was a real heavy coat like this was,it was horrible,so this mother is claiming that she has,no job and she clashes flights and she,thinks she's fooling anybody like where,did she really think she was fooling any,dude in that bed in the video the dude,is asking her where she works and then,she says why why does it matter I,literally I catch flights all the time,trying to act like she got money or,something and then the dude has to say,why my guy sitting comfortable then you,see there's four Dudes sitting in the,same bed oh I wonder where your money's,coming from genius like who do you,you're lying to like oh my God this is,shake and then I literally counted at,least four people and then there's,somebody recording that's five like,there's four Dudes in the room with this,woman and the sad part is you find out,why at the end and she acted like she,had she has a job but she really works,the meat she works meat and she's a meat,specialist she really enjoys getting the,juices out of sad Meats I don't know why,women like this lie you are a meat,specialist you're you're a wiener,Enthusiast that's it you are you're a,Glizzy gobbler,a Glizzy Handler,like that's all you are,and did I mention she likes her meat,dark,like oh my God not one white dude in,there like you knew what they were there,for it was a it was a straight,interracial like it was crazy then after,all of that lying she did one of the,dudes who was finna train her went into,her son's room which is just already it,that just shows disrespect if you're,hitting your side piece and she has a,kid me personally I wouldn't want to,disrespect her or make the kill like,make the kid feel bad because it's like,why am I even getting the kid involved,in me and your mom stuff and then why,would I want to

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Asking 100 girls for head on Tinder (Chad Edition) | Tinder Experiment

Asking 100 girls for head on Tinder (Chad Edition) | Tinder Experiment

in the past,i've said that i bang a lot,that i'm some sort of a king or prince,of poon i'm no stranger to ,in fact you could say it's one of my,favorite pastimes just running around,and i have a pretty detailed,history of sucking and,i'm known around town as a bit of a dog,if i had a piece of bread for every,woman that i've been then the entire,continent of africa would be fed,but that was a lie,i'm a fake and a fraud,i don't know how to i don't bang,and i never have,the last time i got laid,my uncle was babysitting me i'm sorry,all these years i've been charging men,thousands of dollars for my pickup,courses,when the truth of the matter is i have,zero hoes,and i have no i i have not the slightest,idea of how to acquire them but you know,what that's gonna change today because,i'm gonna use the internet to get some,using my method the research team has,dubbed the head method or a variation of,it the head method is where you message,head to every match you get i'm not,going to be doing that exactly but i'm,pretty much going to be asking for some,sort of intercourse within the first two,messages,be very direct so you just get it out on,the table you're not on here to dilly,dally you're on here to take out your,willy and get it done here is the first,profile i am testing out the head method,on these are pictures,of yours truly daddy the bio reads 18,years young 18 centimeters hung,nefarious critter,heterotwink 511 i am not 5 11 i'm 5 10.,i'm scamming these what i'm,gonna do after is create an account,using images from the internet that is a,chad someone much more attractive than i,am and use the head method on that,account and see how the results vary but,before you run an experiment it's,important to set a hypothesis because,that's the scientific method and i am a,man of science my hypothesis here,is that,now i can't see into the future or,anything,but my hypothesis here is,that i will get more matches if i am,attractive,yeah obviously right but i would predict,that the difference would be large,enough to say that,tinder is pretty much a search algorithm,for the top 10 percent of men which i am,not one of after 24 hours gerbert got,about 10 likes and 9 matches,which is very average from what i'm,looking at it without using tinder gold,or anything like that and the trend,continued after three days i got just,over 30 matches along with 14 likes but,let's see i did in the messages,wanna splunk left unread,can i politely extend the invitation for,you to on my chest,left on red,oh a dog is cooking,left on red head yes please that's one w,are you down to boink left on red,head,left on red,a soulja boy wanna ,yeah,do you have feet,left on red,holy i'm about to expunge,ha ha what does that mean okay we have,some unfinished business here,uh it means it means i'm feeling the,thunder,in,my,tinders,that's a good word head no head,a real disappointment head maybe if you,ask nice,may i please have some head,no response head,why hi mommy do you have any toes,no response,would you be willing to hazard a guess,as to why they call me the master,blaster,no response head,maybe hello mommy may i politely extend,the invitation to nibble your toes,i'm going to kill myself but you know in,general gerber didn't do a great job,i'm just the average guy,i tinker with my creature every once in,a while i in the bathtub but what,would happen if i was a,what's up is the professor back,again the results are in,i use this account roy he's quite the,chad his real name is gino palinci or,some like that but he's foreign,he's a model but he has a lot of,pictures that that uh you know don't,look all uh fake and like like a,professional photo shoot so it's a,pretty realistic account i even put a,random ass dog at the end i made it very,real and it worked,this guy got,like four times or probably five times,the results i got,in half the time it's been like one day,bro and just,take a gander at the abundance of hoes,this man was able to pull and when i was,swiping it was just like hit after hit,after hit like very rarely would it not,be a match and i'm not really mad about,it or anything i feel like i did pretty,decent but with this with this guy it's,just a whole different ball game and a,lot of the girls messaged first with roy,that happened to me like once but with,him it happened quite a bit,and you know i use the head method here,what's up you want to boink it's not,going to have a 100 hit rate even an,absolute chad can't just go around,wobbly dabbly expecting 100 results,especially when the matches are also,high quality like some of them were,actually on his level step on me mommy,you know it's not always gonna work i,also made an effort to make some of the,messages like weird and creepy and also,direct so if this guy didn't look like,this it wouldn't work but there there,they respond back,i'm gonna cream,look at you though like,bro if i said that forget about if i,said that i'm like a five or a six if a,three said that,banned immediately with th

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Gemstar Wiki, Height, Age, Boyfriend, Net Worth

Gemstar Wiki, Height, Age, Boyfriend, Net Worth

gemstar was born in england and moved to,new york u.s at the age of 20 along with,her parents and siblings,having been passionate about modeling,fashion and glamour ever since a child,while completing graduation she decided,to make a career in modeling,she gained initial fame as a model on,instagram for sharing her sizzling and,curvaceous photos of her and,subsequently signed by various modeling,agencies of new york,gemstar is a british-born and american,raised fashion model instagram star and,social media celebrity,she gained popularity on instagram,sharing her sizzling curvaceous fashion,and modeling photos and videos,with increasing popularity as a model,and social media celebrity gemstar has,posed and been the face of various,lingerie swimwear sports and apparel,brands including live fabulously fashion,nova curve and more,in addition to this various digital,magazines and newspapers have featured,her on their cover of her,name gem star,nickname gemma,birthplace england,date of birth april 22nd 1988,age as of 2021 33 years,zodiac sign taurus,nationality british and american,profession fashion model gemstar's age,is 33 years as of 2021,she is 5 foot 7 tall and her weight is,approximately 64 kilograms,parents and siblings,germstar has not disclosed much,information about her parents of her,she has a younger sister named susie,fax,gemstar hails from england,she is a pet lover and has a pet dog,mexico is her favorite holiday,destination for her brown and green are,her favorite colors of hers,gemstar likes to play basketball and,table tennis,net worth,germ stores net worth as of now in 2021,is expected to be more than five hundred,thousand dollars,ella sources of her earnings are,modeling commercials and brand,promotions,you

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PAWG #10.2 | Looking Deep Within Ourselves & What Happened To Twitter?

PAWG #10.2 | Looking Deep Within Ourselves & What Happened To Twitter?

yeah nobody wants to agree with anybody,there's a lot of you know there's a lot,of negativity a lot especially on,Twitter which is why I don't it's really,just social media because imagine like,we don't really even experience,negativity in our real life like,everyday I mean we'll come across like,an here and there but we don't,come across people that we see on,Twitter in real life so imagine if,there's no social media no because on,Twitter when you say on Twitter,it's like saying something just somebody,like on the road so like you don't I,mean like if you're driving somebody,cuts you off you're like you, punch and then you know,but if you won't window down what makes,that person you're just like yeah that's,exactly how if you're not gonna say that,to somebody if you're standing in line,maybe somebody cuts you of mine or you,can go you in there is no but since,you have that barrier there's no,repercussions that's the problem if we,Witter yeah it's it's the same exact,thing you have barrier you have a,barrier of your profile and the screen,that you're giving lock them if they,threaten you it's it's like a false,sense of security,false sense of truth it's so up I,think so it is which is why I don't I,haven't been on Twitter for a year I,haven't been on Facebook for two or,three and it feels great it's weird,because I I like noticed it early on,because I remember when Twitter was like,just fun everything was funny there's,like everybody between each other and,just like laughs and then I don't know,what exactly it was I can't pinpoint it,but I just noticed a transition I was,like guys were polarized yeah I was,like this place,it got super polarized because all,sudden there was a group of people who,had really strong beliefs on one idea,and then there were people who saw that,and they went oh then we're gonna,have the opposite idea just to spite,them and then the same thing happens,there's like this negative feedback loop,and they start growing yeah now it's at,point where that they won't they don't,want to respect them and then this these,trolls over here are trolling this so,you don't even know who is even like,believes what they're saying right,everybody just wants to be bobbin,they're doing it just a fight yeah,they're literally doing it just a fight,it's a toxic circle mm-hmm,it doesn't it's Twitter is horrible,place there's a lot of good in it like,it's funny news and yeah,goddamn it's so talk I saw a with my,nephew and my dad to see that Ralph,breaks the internet and they when I go,into the internet where they see Twitter,and it's a big tree and there's,a bunch of birds in it and one of the,birds like tweets and it shows like a,cat picture and then all the other birds,look at it and then they tweet the same,cat picture,you know what I mean like they literally,physically like chirp and the like the,text bubble comes out and I was like man,I wish that's what Twitter is lucky I,wish that picture was like yeah just cat,pictures and funny and memes that it was,though usually the ruined it but,now if that was accurate the birds will,be angry at each other and,fighting and like pecking each other's,faces off there'd be somebody saying,that's not a cat it's not a cat,dare you take a picture of that cat it,looks mashed,did you ask permission to take picture,that cat that cat has rights yeah that's,nothing like you're not even a joke you,- that's real evidence you find somebody,who would actually say Peter would, end up tweeting something about,it so yeah I don't know it's just it's,it's the US I think it's the u.s. I,think it's a here it's a problem that we,hear mostly here,I mean Twitter is a worldwide thing,that lack of sense of purpose or like,meaning it's because of how much,materialistic that were fed you,know you are the car you drive you are,the laptop you know we talked about this,before Dave there was a rapper I forget,who exactly it was I want to say it was,like future or Meek Mill or something,they went to a different country and,once they went there they realized that,like all the cars and money,the followers in May absolutely nothing,yeah like nothing at all he said he,whoever was they said they felt they,felt not worthless but they felt like a,human basically my favorite there he go,wasn't being stroked or anything yeah,you're not here no longer the things,that you own but you're you you know if,you go different country if you leave,everything you know you start over,you're just you just you know which is,weird because like you know do you think,of certain people you know maybe you,think of the car that they drive you,think of where they live or you think of,the clothes that they wear you don't,necessarily think of who they really are,besides you do that with you but I think,of you I think of who you are not,necessarily how you dress or what you're,you know what you're driving or where,you live but more of like your ideas I,asked myself that this morning when I,was pumping gas like the scenery like I

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It's Getting Hot in Here | Hannah Stocking, Lele Pons & Anwar Jibawi

It's Getting Hot in Here | Hannah Stocking, Lele Pons & Anwar Jibawi

,كم تعتقدون درجة الحرارة بالخارج,130 درجة,ساشغل المكيف,لا لا,لا يمكننا تحمل الفاتورة,لدينا مروحة هنا,لا تشغليه,لا,ماذا نفعل الان ؟ لا اعرف "ليلي" هذة المروحة كل ما نملك, ,يجب ان نتصلح بمصلح المكيفات,ساتصل به, ,نريد ان نصلح المكيف, ,هل يمكنك ان تأتي خلال خمسة دقائق ؟, , ,سيكون هنا بعد ثلث ساعة,سأذهب لاتمشى,لا اعتقد ان الجو جميل بالخارج,انه ليس كذلك,-هل الجو حار بالخارج ؟ -اها,حقاً,ما رأيك بيتر ؟,هل الكنبة بيتر ؟,!انظرو,اعتقد انه ابن الحرارة,لديها نوبة حرارة,!بيتر يجب ان تكون كوميدياً,اعتقد ان حرارتها فوق 140 درجة,وان وضعنا الماء,والثلج على جسمها,سيخفف الحرارة,ساحضر الثلج, , ,اين نحن ؟,!آناا,آناا, ,الى هناااا,نعم استمري,النجدة,حصلت على الثلج,الماء,لقد تبخر الماء للتو,!لم اجد اي ماء !الثلج تبخر,!بيتر,صديقي,من هو بيتر ؟ !انه هناك, ,ما الذي تتكلمين عنه ؟,!المكيف لا يعمل, ,تم تصليح المكيف,!للمرة الاخيرة اسمي اسيوس,وليس بيتر,!واو ! لقد تصلح نعم,يا الهي,المكيف يعمل ! هل انت بخير, ,شكراً لك,شكراً,اشعر بالانتعاش,رائع,هل يعلم احدكم كيف نطفئ الكيف ؟,! لقد حاولت,ترجمة "محمد منصور",مراجعة الترجمة /سعد ال سنيدان,

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10 Fascinantes Artistas NSFW #4 | EL GATO L-15

10 Fascinantes Artistas NSFW #4 | EL GATO L-15

bueno,hola a todos bienvenidos sean el gato,minecraft y y después de haberme,escapado a ratos de mi asquerosa vida,actual hoy os traigo el top número 4 de,artistas no safe for work una forma,elegante y monetizables decir por esta,ocasión es especial porque no les traigo,cinco ni seis ni siete ni hay aquí lo,digo si ya lo mencionan en el título,bueno esta vez les traigo 10 grandiosos,artistas no safe for work y todo gracias,a ustedes porque el vídeo anterior fue,el segundo más apoyado de esta categoría,entonces tenía que cumplir mi palabra de,aumentar el número de artistas,dependiendo el apoyo así que si esto,sigue funcionando es por ustedes yo digo,que se puede seguir así no saben que les,beneficia aunque la verdad también me,sentí mal por estar ausente tanto tiempo,y no quería un regreso seco o aburrido,igual estaban pidiendo otra parte de,esto así que por eso no regrese con un,vídeo normal pero eso no significa que,no vaya así que relájense sin embargo se,apoya en el canal en general estaría,abierto a hacer más vídeos la cosa está,así apoya en el canal sigo con el simple,ya saben que hay que seguir el protocolo,para andar seguros esta lista es,subjetiva por lo que es normal y,respetable que no todos estén de acuerdo,con las posiciones que elegí algo muy,importante que quiero dejar en claro es,que no elijo artistas por ideologías,número de seguidores lugar de origen ni,preferencias sexuales aquí sólo juzgo la,calidad de su arte y tampoco pretendo,ser dogmático tengo respeto por la,opinión de los demás y espero que los,demás tengan respeto por la mía y al,final el propósito de todo esto es,compartir gustos siguiente punto los,links que dejé en la descripción pueden,llevar a las redes sociales o sitios,donde pueden saber más de la artista,ahora youtube y su personal puse una,advertencia al inicio del vídeo por lo,tanto quien sigue aquí está bajo su,responsabilidad aunque este vídeo ni,siquiera es tan explícito como otros,vídeos que sí deberían tener restricción,de edad pero no queremos profundizar más,en ese terreno verdad muy bien si ya no,hay nada más que decir aquí vamos,ah,número 10 y pau arranquemos con un,artista que hace como es gente con un,buen estilo a mi parecer en su mayoría,de animes por ejemplo dragon ball naruto,wampis y otros animes más que no conozco,este artista tiene ox con sus propios,diseños y también sabe realizar,animaciones que están de 10 tiene varias,redes sociales entre estas un twitter,donde muestra avances de su trabajo o,hace cosas interesantes con sus colegas,como por ejemplo rica artista que ya ha,sido puesto en alguno de estos así que,si les gustan las cosas que hace les,estaré dejando en la descripción un,enlace a su perfil de twitter y si les,gustó mucho su trabajo pueden apoyarlo,por byron y obtener algunos beneficios,que él ofrece la verdad del estilo que,usa me gusta pero no sé cómo definirlo,diría que lo que destaca es su iluminado,y de alguna manera se siente realista la,anatomía que presenta bueno ese fue mi,intento de explicación no pincha 0,concluyendo con el puesto de verdad se,nota el esmero en su trabajo así que yo,creo que se lo merece este arte fue,sugerido por este usuario cuyo nombre es,incomprensible para mí pero se le,agradece mucho la aportación así que,bueno creo que ya es todo ping bout,número 2,número 9 a la 15 88 mil 588 es un,artista por hobby que hace arte de,varias cosas videojuegos series animes,incluso ha hecho algo de alma pero en su,mayoría arte sobre dragon ball con un,estilo muy bueno en veces incluso sube,algo de ella hoy por si acaso eres de,los que les gusta también tengo,entendido que ha hecho mercancía con su,arte como pegatinas de aquí ma curas y,otras cosas y me pareció ver pura y que,también un artbook en twitter sube,varias cosas entre ellas sus avances de,arte actualmente no sé cómo funciona su,trabajo respecto al dinero pero creo que,sólo usa coffee que es como pay creo que,sólo sirve para donaciones voluntarias,por cierto yo también tengo en la,descripción les dejaré su twitter por si,quieren seguir la más de cerca,personalmente me gusta mucho su arte,aunque a veces es difícil ignorar las,fallas en la anatomía pero yo que voy a,juzgar si hasta los estigmas me,salen mal sin embargo me gusta mucho,cómo experimenta con las posturas,posiciones ropas y más con su estilo tan,seductor así que por eso le quise poner,en un todo y pues hasta aquí ya saben,artista mala número 9,número 8 lucifer cómic estoy orgulloso,de presentar a esta artista ya que era,mágico compadre tiene un estilo tan,cautivador que se presenta en todo lo,que hace comics imágenes y fine arts de,animes entre otras cosas personalmente,me encanta como hace a las car the way,es increíble como le puede dar,diferentes estilos solo miren bien en la,variedad incluso un amigo porque físico,lo aprueba también tiene buenos shocks,cómics muy ingeniosos y mucho más,contenido variado en fin echar un,vistazo a su trabajo es un deleite tiene,un twitter donde sube sus avances y,demás aun

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HasanAbi reacts to "Leaked" Phone Call between Tory Lanez and Kelsey

HasanAbi reacts to "Leaked" Phone Call between Tory Lanez and Kelsey

there was a leaked phone call from Tory,Lanez to Kelsey,on the hospital,you're listening to streets I said,making this in the hospital still I'm um,I'm outside the hospital waiting well,Hospital,I don't know,um,let me see,theater something like that Peter,but,I just want you to know bro,I was just so drunk I,didn't even know what the was going,on bro,I didn't even know what the was,going on bro like that ass I'd,never do some like that,just a it's so drunk ,I just didn't even understand what the, was going on bro like,what do you think he's talking about,here it could be anything right I mean,according to academics it could be,anything right like DJ acrobatics,I mean it could be anything right like,wow even the chat going he snitched on,himself this video got to be cap,able,like that Bradley,I haven't moved like that at all right,on top I think he just apologizes for,the situation in general just like the,way the vibe was yeah dude that I would,be that apologetic in a situation like,that yeah he's talking about Kylie,Jenner probably yeah and Megan also uh,Megan kuniff said I can easily confirm,that the audio floating around a Tory,lanez's jail call to Kelsey the gunshots,Kelsey's interview with prosecutors Etc,are authentic Court can release exhibits,after trials and that's what happened,here I don't have my own copies yet but,will soon I met YouTuber Nick at night,in court and really admired her gumption,she has the audio on her Channel,including this of Tori's jail called,Kelsey this is what I always saw as,being pretty bad evidence for Tori that,his lawyer didn't address much I should,add that I of course have not listened,to every single recording that's out,there so there could be edits and stuff,taken out but everything I've heard,sounds authentic,here's the full recording of Kelsey's,September interview with prosecutors,which remember never would have come,into evidence if Tori's lawyer hadn't,pressed their own cross about,prosecutors supposedly pressuring her,during it keep in mind when listening to,Tori's jail call to Kelsey that his,lawyer's explanation for it to the,jurors who convicted Tori on all three,counts is he's not apologizing for,firing the gun he's apologizing for,causing the jealous fight between Kelsey,and Megan the stallion That's What DJ,academics said was going on,that's what,DJ academics inferred was going on,that's what fresh and fit inferred was,going on that's what they said in this,circumstance I just want to point this,out one more time it seems like I'm,doing a celebratory lap here but,uh this should be a teachable moment for,every single party involved in this to,not get your news from,incredibly biased uh one-sided,perspectives because you will be caught,with your pants down,like,I know,so late,so crazy but,in this state like what happened,happened already but I can't take it,back right so I'm just telling you I'm,sorry but I like you're listening to,Street TV,you know what I'm saying when I got to,when I got to the house well you're,incredibly biased of the left-leaning,well at least I admit what my biases are,and I usually will literally tell you if,I'm speculating on an issue and I might,even be biased about my speculation I,will always tell you that I literally,always tell you that I'm like I might be,biased here I might I and I'm,speculating on this there are facts,material facts okay that I will clearly,tell you are just material facts but,what I'm speculating on said facts I,will tell you that I'm speculating on it,he apologizes for smashing Kelsey and,Meg that's what his mod is spamming I'm,sure he's like all top they gave,me like five shots like off the door,like for me I was out of there like wait,what industry TV,you know what I'm saying when I got to,when I got to that house uh I'm sure he,like all top they gave me like,five shots like off the door like you,feel me so I was out of there like when,being there with like are you,talking about taking shots past that,time I was I wasn't there with ,like brown even though I don't even,remember what we was even arguing about,very like,wait he doesn't remember what they were,arguing about so why is he apologizing,about causing the argument if that's,what it is yeah no I don't I don't um,I didn't even I was already up by,the time you got there so I don't I,don't know how much like you know but,tell me tell me what um,you're listening to Street TV uh Cedar,rap making it their goal leaked,documents reveals totally Tory Lanez was,found not guilty breaking Romania,officials have confirmed that Andrew,Tate wasn't arrested on human,trafficking charges however he's being,questioned for money laundering this is,also false and the unfortunate problem,is that like people keep ,repeating these falsehoods okay I don't,know what to do about this like I mean I,thought that rap TV was like mostly just,a meme but obviously people's,biases are so powerful that like if they,want to believe that Andrew Tate is like,not doing sex trafficki

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y entonces mi inicio yo creo que fue,twitter,qué hacías vos en ese momento en twitter,en twitter donde donde la faraona podía,nadar que en aguas tranquilas entendés,hacer mucho tiempo se puede decir,cualquier cosa obvia juicio no había,vida no había nadie no hay de hecho como,dice un poco martín sirio había un,aplauso al que más a la se iba,car la lógica era el derrape o sea,aceptara en ella base pero la faraona es,de esa época también la faraona no es y,yo insisto desde ahora pero sus tweets,por los que lo mataron eran de un,twitter donde es verdad que en esa época,se podía decir lo que quieras después,bueno así que eres vengamos hoy en día a,ver con qué jodida cada uno y por qué,jodida con eso aunque se valía con,todo pero bueno si me dice que época era,yo en twitter de esa época en la que se,podía decir todo lo estaba,dai la vida virtual,sino la idea de una minoría pero me,heredó dos tweets que decía el portavoz,nombra porque acá los van a conocer ya,veces van a nacer como él llama está que,escribía mal en esa jugada le queda una,escritora muy famosa que a propósito,escribía mal,en la batida cuando ésta salga o por el,jugado en algún momento la chica sabrina,las manos en deshace épocas muy gracioso,ya la lógica a bordo de la lógica era,una cosa medio insidiosa diego se hace,como ilógica ir al absurdo era para mi,twitter era eso ir al absurdo total,opinar de lo que quieras cosa que,extraño muchísimo extrañas mal como,estos chistes sin costo él sigue aparte,a hablar con libertad de la coyuntura,de lo que pasó ahora entendés y yo hoy,no puedo hablar de lo que pase ahora sin,bueno ciertas consecuencias o sea si,algún famoso es una pelotudez yo no,puedo sacarme de risa y no puedo ni,mejores amigos ya una de sus mejores,amigos como para calmarme risa un famoso,que para mí era medio gil me habla el,tipo,que,habla de la libertad y la libertad y no,me respetas a mí y yo no pero quién te,con todo,este pago plata porque la gente contó,así que ya no en ese momento uno puede,opinar de lo que se acabase de risa de,lo que sea por ejemplo,o sea hay una tragedia ubicadas por,ejemplo si hubiese una tragedia hay todo,un grupo de gente que se puede reír de,la tragedia con total soltura decir lo,que quieran y bueno yo ya no vos tampoco,pero en su momento en el total anonimato,el algunos decía lo que se hace en el,uso de la función es decir cómo,años yo tardé en entender que hay,alguien del otro lado mal mucho tiempo,es que eso a veces no sé sí,no sé si twitter cambio o si uno va,cambiando pues un nivel de profundidad,hablando de twitter pero,creo que si vos pensás hoy bueno recién,lo dijiste el uso que hacen hoy algunas,personas de twitter lo asocio más a,sectores,políticamente ahora en los auge más,liberales libertario todo eso eso muchos,de esos chicos más chicos que buscan el,derrape que generan la profunda,indignación de adultos tuiteros que ya,hay adultos tuyos hay señores tuiteros,que tienen 15 años twitteando debate,claro y lo que a diego que es esto,entonces claro y lo que yo veo en eso es,que obviamente de persona animal adda lo,que está diciendo el en ellos,veo lo mismo pero cuando yo asocio o me,pongo en el lugar desde donde lo está,diciendo entiendo que hay una completa,de esa asociación de consecuencias de,posibles actos porque partido también,uno siempre cree cuando no agarra el,tweet viral el tweet consumado uno es,como que agarra el fenómeno con el,diario el lunes entonces dice como,alguien va a escribir semejante,barbaridad que va a tener 50.000 likes,todo esto le vaya a la persona va a,destruir una familia, es claro el tema que cuando lo,tuyo esa persona que tiene 16 años 7,seguidores y estaba tratando de llamar,la atención quiero el tren de,pensamiento no es eso me parece que la,exposición lo que te da es ponerte,inmediatamente al lado de las,consecuencias de ese chiste que se,materializan o que si el tipo te escribe,te dice porque me va a,quedar bien pero no como si existiese,uno lo usa como hablar en un uno se,junta con amigos obvio y habla de gente,lo que sea igual sabe que no está,diciéndoles cosas personales se ahorran,esos cuidados esa cosa que también es,humana también es social es difícil y,tiene que con era también o sea hace,diez años teníamos otra edad nos,importaban menos las consecuencias pero,aparte entendíamos menos de las cosas,éramos mucho más bueno yo creo que mucha,gente mucho más arrogante entonces crees,que entender es todo porque tienes como,ya puedes hacer dos comparaciones entre,tu barrio y el de al lado se cree que,entendés todo y tiras tipos en twitter,conclusiones pesadas,recargadas de un montón de cosas que no,te importan porque esos porque,crees que sabes de verdad o sea si,encima te lo valida a la gente tienes,público tenes aplausos ya él,evidentemente soy un campeón total o yo,y aparte lo que tiene hoy en día y,siempre twitter la red social este lo va,a validar alguien de tu edad y alguien,más grande y además chico de todas las,edades alguien le va a parecer que está,bien lo

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