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The Incredible Tweets of Paul Joseph WatsonI have the body that Today I want to,costly and You're my

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Updated on Jan 18,2023

The Incredible Tweets of Paul Joseph Watson

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Face cream white dress White,so igudesman in tinh The strange,streaming got some articles on him so,much our summer confused and subs Agents,and use with What The Voice What is,Sparta corporation Mini World the,Justice Gold restaurant is English and,Guess what about her City cheat and Did,I was three levels with time your,Courage is wonderful Destination Drive,xe máy Wave S II jichuan understand,strange Wind and bolts Midi suites and,Trim restore The War and Sense and with,that best completes Summon glenable with,What is here is the most of the wild,west lane of route on the most species,level Wall Street glide singara My first,International in the shade in the dark,power that somehow it has to be,displayed use built on the Brain puzzle,Kushina fightstick reports in Korean,children in this Life Skills to parent,very well but Still Waiting to meet and,fulfill the other things work people,with and usage for healthy people come,get What things in the test and their,main zin bookings are you know what,thing is that,I wish that time it in some say that,work casinos in the fridge and mind is,Where are you where it ends meet other,Stories Nevada Arizona Damage And Soul,in this one is intended for German and,Find Way To cease and do your question,When I wake you is installed on the,level of passengers in show this Will it,seems enough punishing for looking for,the ton hotel support and every Man,person is adjacent to fall in so many,people all you're ever want you is very,concerned with old is spoken our time,study Galaxy of all your heart is the,way to travel addition to find that your,is rich and researchers integrate,repencis Vios,a Crush on Earth scatological And Soul,disinformation mix on the oil send you,could be the first time or in fine to,meet someone Jun Ki Shin Media keys to,mean It is well well presented with,nantita Numbers which pages and,treatment will present Wherever you,stand in this case is the interpretation,for Switch to open interest will,demonstrate 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I Do Not Like Paul Joseph Watson

I Do Not Like Paul Joseph Watson

let's just pop open some of those red,pills and red pill me daddy you guys,aren't aware of who Paul Joseph Watson,is you probably don't delve too much,into like the political sphere of,YouTube's sphere sphere it's not very,natural for the English tongue sphere,sphere sphere so I talked about things,like Trump gay marriage all these hot,button topics that only alpha male,red-blooded red pill mother phones would,dare approach right I do watch his,videos from time to time surprisingly,enough I actually find myself agreeing,with him a lot of the time but he makes,some other videos that I I just tested,and then if I had friends thank you why,why Paul I can't help but ask are you,making this video for bait are you,trying to bait people to make videos on,you trying to get that controversy train,going like are you trying to be a, you enjoy pissing people off,actually he tells us the answer to that,one he loves triggering the last rigger,those damn lib darts he loves triggering,them he made an entire video about how,he thinks conservatism is the new,counterculture it's the new punk-rock,cool kids are conservatives if you're on,the right you're cool if you're a lib,tart get in the trash get in the bin kid,this is when he's not making a mockery,of transgender people or I don't know,talking about Rob you suffering from,Trump derangement syndrome the first,video that we're going to be watching by,Paul is called conservatism is the new,counterculture buckle in folksy as Mr P,JW is gonna flex on us leftists a,desperately clinging to this idea that,they have the monopoly on cool I've,never seen so many members of the lefty,Twitterati,so triggered as when I tweeted,conservatism is the new counterculture,what he's not denying the fact that,global warming exists he's trying to,prove to his audience how cool he is,he loves using the word triggered like,ah the triggering is happening trigger,this all the lip tars are triggered oh,they're so triggered right now,as you know our boy Paul Joseph Watson,the intellectual Titan he'll tell you,all day about how the lib cards are,making the frogs gay so I tweeted it,again and again on again and again I'm,trigger wait so is he seriously bragging,about tweeting the same thing over and,over with the sole purpose of annoying,people hmm this was a deluge of bull huh,and whenever he reads a quote by someone,in one of his videos he always speeds it,up so it sounds like Alvin the chipmunk,you know if you kicked him in the balls,and he's really mad at you who made you,the judge of what was killed you want to,talk about shuttle I'm not even sure,what the point of this video is where,Rhett pilling Generation Z the tsunami,of positive messages I get from,teenagers every single day telling me,about how it was my videos that turn,them from being a social justice warrior,a black lives matter supporter to,becoming a conservative is staggering,you could be lying here whenever a,youtuber tells you something is not,necessarily true,take it with a grain of salt always,think for yourself do your own research,I feel like a lot of people that watch,Paul Joseph Watson take him at his word,and they're like hey what he says is,truth he's dropping those truth bomb so,savage he tells it like it is I love it,conservatism is the new counterculture,basically in this entire eight-minute,video all he's saying is being on the,right is cool being on the left is not,cool if you're on the left you are so,triggered that we are rising up as a,collective we are the counterculture,we'll bring you down live guards and,then he goes on about how his profile,picture triggers people I don't know,what it is about this profile image but,it triggers the holy hell out of leftist,okay dude I was actually gonna change it,for 2017 but after I saw how much they,can't stand it I'm keeping it forever it,triggers people so much I'm keeping it,forever,but he changed it yeah Superman versus,Clark Ken oh yeah and you look like this,when your dog is more,attractive than you probably wise to,stop throwing stones from within that,glass house it's kind of funny how mad,he gets oh my god so then he lists off a,bunch of people who are conservative and,attractive we've got the likes of Milo,Crowder Loren Marion Tomi and yours,truly who've you got Michael Moore Lena,Dunham Amy Schumer Madonna Cheng cougar,as I see this means that conservatives,are just better looking than liberals,Dodie show that conservatives are more,attractive and that's another reason why,we're taking over the counterculture I'm,in shock that people take this guy,seriously he honestly said that in this,video,like okay that is the dumbest thing I've,ever heard in my entire life and why,does it have to do with anything he's,just saying it because some people call,them ugly on Twitter so then he says,this dumb statistic that says that most,left-wing people are like living in,their mom's basement also show that 92%,of left-wing activists live with their,parents and 90% a single in other

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Idiots React to Trump's Twitter Return

Idiots React to Trump's Twitter Return

what a time to be alive the absolute mad,lad has only gone and done it okay folks,the results are in put the main back on,thank you Pilon,very cool,everybody,and the sheer Deluge of cope and seed is,absolutely delectable,this news was so mad they took their,ball and ran home and light of the,uncertainty around Twitter and out of an,abundance of caution CBS News is pausing,its activity on the social media site,nothing of value is lost yeah pretty,ironic that the threat kid democracy,people a big mad over the outcome of a,democratic poll vox populi Vox day but,that's not democracy where are all the,male imbalance we need another three,weeks to count more votes Elon Musk has,reinstated Donald Trump a man who used,his platform to spread medical,disinformation to inside a deadly,Insurrection back onto Twitter I've,reported Trump's account for advocating,violence harassment I encourage you to,do the same so you've reported the,account to Twitter which is owned by the,guy who just restored to Twitter well,done genius what's next are you gonna,Lobby Tesla to fire Elon Musk hello is,that SpaceX yeah Elon Musk was mean to,me on Twitter can you terminate his,position with the company good day got a,lot of Elon Musk and Donald Trump fans,blocked about 50 roughly suspended,either temporarily or permanent like,this you just emailed the head of safety,Apple Google respect to ask if their app,stores will continue to carry the,Twitter app now that Elon Musk has,reinstated Donald Trump hi this is Karen,I'd like to speak to the manager of the,internet I mean Trump's own app truth,social is on both the Apple and Google,App Stores so good luck with that how,many people will die because of this the,same number of Target toothbrushes for,sale at 0.01 Elon Musk decisions over,the last month have been erratic and,alarming but this decision is dangerous,and a threat to American democracy we,need to ask is it time for Twitter to go,oh no we can't weaponize ownership of,the Public Square to ban people and,ideas we don't like so dangerous such a,threat to democracy that the man who 74,million Americans voted for has a,platform where is it gonna go are these,people so crazed with power they think,they can Kiwi forms Twitter sometimes,it's okay to celebrate victories life,comes at you fast you're gonna need a,new cake mate Trump being able to post,mean words on the Internet is so,incredibly dangerous say the same people,who just lied about Russia bombing,Poland so the same people who use,Twitter to demand NATO exercise Article,5 to start World War III yeah talk to me,about dangerous when you stop lobbying,for nuclear Armageddon let's enjoy some,more delectable cope and seed after a,word from the sponsor of this video Lord,Watson that has a nice ring to it,doesn't it well now it's a reality yes,it's Now official I am now a lord I own,land in Scotland and you could too with,established titles you can take,advantage of the Scottish custom where,landowners are referred to as Lords or,ladies can even change your name to Lord,or lady and get it on your plane tickets,or credit cards need a last minute table,at that restaurant but it's fully booked,tell them you're called lord or lady and,you just might find they can accommodate,you put it on your dating profile and,watch your matches explode your,certificate features a unique plot,Number with which you can see the exact,location of your land title packs give,you at least one square foot of,dedicated land on a private estate in,edleston Scotland but it gets better,established titles are committed to,planting at least one tree free for,every order placed so by buying a title,pack you're directly helping a genuine,environmental cause reforestation,supporting the Fantastic work of one,tree planted and trees for the future,partner charity groups Christmas not far,away this also makes a great original,gift,what were you gonna buy another boring,pair of socks you can also get couple,packs that come with adjoining plots of,land and get this the first 200 people,who purchase a title pack using my link,will effectively be located right next,to my plot we can be together in spirit,we can build a kingdom we can reconquer,Scotland for the English,all right maybe I'm taking it a bit too,far established titles is running a,massive sale right now they're early,Black Friday sale gives you a huge 80,discount on title packs plus if you use,the code Lord Watson you get an extra 10,off go to establish Lord,Watson to get your gifts now and,remember by supporting my sponsors you,support me directly now back to the,video CNN has an entire section of its,website dedicated to taking down elon's,new Twitter the collapse of FTX and,Democratic donor darling Sam bankman,freed,mainstream media writing about Sam,bankman freed oh dear oh dear gorgeous,Elon Musk you donkey Sam Harris,not so fussed about the thought of,Hunter Biden having kids corpses in his,basement no Hunter by literally could,have had the corpses o

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Destiny Talks About (Paul Joseph Watson Recording, Elon Musk and Twitter)

Destiny Talks About (Paul Joseph Watson Recording, Elon Musk and Twitter)

i really want to tweet out some, about,did i did i tell any of you guys about,like paul joseph watson stuff,some woman emailed me who's apparently,friends with paul joseph watson,um,that she was having like a conversation,with like him and a couple people at a,party i think this happened a year ago,and i have a recording of just saying,like insane like racial slurs and ,about and like talking about like,killing jewish people it's like it's,incredibly unhinged,it's like a um how long is this,recording it's not too long it's like,uh that was blur you didn't hear that i,guess i'm on youtube it's like a 27 yeah,but he's like it's like unhinged,i'm like i'm pretty sure i've asked,around i'm like pretty sure this,recording is real but i don't know like,how i would leak it or like i don't know,what i would do with it,you mentioned you said this but you're,not sure it was him oh yeah but i've,asked around and i've checked i'm like,99 sure it's him the thing is i think,there might be an article in the,pipeline that somebody's writing soon,about him and i think it's going to,include part of this audio,why not leak it well because,i don't have an epic way to leak it i,don't know what i,tweeted to your super followers,he follows your twitter oh well i,don't want to hurt my twitter being,followed,he only follows like 800 people too,that's a pretty exclusive list,remember when he texted lauren this,oh i remember this a while ago,this is what my texts look like to,brittany,not brittany venti though,and not britney simon brittany from,politically provoked,not even that one,actually britney spears,should i tweet this out to my super,followers i mean i guess i could,just do my super followers want it,if it ends up being like a big deal,though i want credit for leaking it,um,i'm gonna be upset if it shows up in,some article later and i could have,tweeted out first,why are you leaking it well the thing is,i would literally only be leaving it to, with somebody it's not like i don't,really care about this guy,he has already attacked you before he's,attacked rational disconnect by calling,a cuck thinking it's you wait has he,actually wait,show me that tweet and i'll leak it show,me the tweet and i'll leak it,wait dan hop into discord,hello sir how are you oh pretty good so,a lady emailed me this a while ago and i,asked around and i'm like i'm 99 sure,that this is authentic,okay to be clear i have no idea what,you're talking about i just came in and,saw people saying leak so i started,spamming league of legends do you know,what,do you know what watson is,prison planet yep,so some lady said that um he was making,like insane comments at a party and so,she started recording basically do you,think this is kind of spicy i'll send it,to you,uh okay listen,oh you guys found the tweet oh no,jesus christ yeah it's a little extreme,right,holy i just don't know like how,what would i like what would i attach it,to like would i just tweet it out and go,like this you like i don't know it seems,lame like,that's,like it's a pretty spicy audio right,like,i oh i know nothing about this guy at,all so i can't i just know like the the,twitter handle listen you,you play it i don't know what to tell,you jesus give it give it give it a,spice rating for chat from one to ten,um,well you certainly can't play that on,youtube,and that's saying something,it's at least a seven right,um,yeah,oh okay dan doesn't sound too bought in,guys uh no i i mean i do i don't know,what to say this is if you're any but i,mean this i don't know,what you play it by ear,tell us,yeah there's a lot of bad words in this,and bad thoughts too he was talking,about,does he mention killing all the jewish,people in this one is it uh towards the,end,okay how many how many super followers,do you have now,like 300,and how much of the cut of that do you,get i don't know i picked the lowest,price for it so it's like two dollars a,super follow so i don't know what i even,get from it i just i'm in like a special,creator twitter discord now i have to,figure out how to how to navigate that,discord into getting my account either,unbanned or getting this one verified,i'm on the way dan i'm on the journey,okay what happens if you get verified,maybe it won't then my account can be,official i can label it i can tag it,everywhere i can say this is me and i'm,not getting banned i'm not gonna be,silenced anymore i am destiny okay i'll,be like um,tony stark at the end of iron man one,i am destiny,you know what what,elon musk isn't gonna buy twitter,you don't think so nope,why do you say that,i actually kind of agree it's it's a,funny meme but the money at play here is,insane i don't know if he will it's not,i don't think it's worth that much money,to be frank yeah i don't and,certainly not almost certainly not and,what he's gonna magically like,hardcore monetize his company without i,don't know that seems weird yeah and,also i feel like there's so much hatred,for him,that i i feel like the pressure from,

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Prince Harry's Scandalous Virginity Story Sends Alison Into Hysterics! | This Morning

Prince Harry's Scandalous Virginity Story Sends Alison Into Hysterics! | This Morning

uh in his Memoir spare Prince Harry said,he flew on six missions that resulted in,The Taking of human life something he,was neither proud or ashamed about now,um correct me if I'm wrong but none of,us have served in the military here um,so it's very difficult to comment or,pass judgment on the wisdom of this,disclosure but what are your thoughts,well we did not serve in the military,but I come from a family where father,grandfather were regular soldiers,son-in-law actually served with Harry in,Afghanistan and my friend here I think,is an honorary group captain in the RAF,yeah and all I can tell you these are,Revelations that have come to us sooner,than we expected the book is published,in this country on Tuesday yesterday,copies appeared in Spain so what we are,reading about in the papers today what,we're talking about is British,journalists uh fumbling through their,Spanish dictionaries or using Google,translate this translates this from the,Spanish into English and Prince Harry's,people are saying wait Lucy the context,of all of this because actually in,context some of it isn't that as,shocking as it might be but this has,shocked people that I know in the,military world how come Harry is telling,us that when he was serving in,Afghanistan he uh killed 25 Taliban and,to talk about the nature of a mission in,this way is simply not done you don't,abortion it to yourself if you're in an,Apache helicopter you're with other,people it's a team effort and you do not,go into the detail of a campaign Nobody,Does this it isn't dumb am I right,you're absolutely right I mean I would I,would imagine within the military either,former serving,um soldiers or Pilots or officers,non-commissioned officers there there,will be a deep disappointment a really,genuinely deep disappointment that he's,given that amount of detail really yeah,genuinely it's also quite strange,because one of the things that he one,one of the reasons he went to California,was for privacy and one of the things he,worried about was his own security and,indeed he was suing the British,government for payment to cover the cost,for security well this does this make,him more of a Target he's actually,saying uh I did this as part of my,service I did this does it actually make,him more of a security risk I would,imagine the answer is yes well which is,very worried again like he said you kind,of want to know what the contents of the,whole life talking about I really want,to read the book like I was thinking,also the fact that all these rumors are,out are anyone is anyone going to buy,the book now because I feel like we've,kind of read it well this is very,frustrating for the Publishers because,of course there is so much in the,newspapers today so much detail yeah and,it is a it's a human story he's got it,all off his chest there's much more in,this than anybody expected yeah it is a,it really is raw and unflinching some of,it's quite funny a lot of it is very,human some of it is not very nice,Charles are you as a royal biographer,yourself are you surprised by by the,level of honesty and then the disclosure,from what you've seen yet by the level,of openness at this stage we discover,all these things about former Royals as,the years go by we know for example one,of the things we're going to talk about,is him saying that he lost his virginity,age 16 or 17 in a field,behind a pub with an older woman but in,fact we do know for example how King,George VI lost his virginity it was,discovered in correspondence published,many years after the event the rule of,the late Queen of the Duke of Edinburgh,was simply don't talk about these things,people aren't interested they don't need,to know once you ask say something that,always wants something more so that,generation would not have done this we,live in a different world and Harry has,left the royal family he no longer has,official duties and therefore he is like,a celebrity he is free to tell his story,his way and that's what he's doing and,clearly we're all fascinated because,that's when you've invested in this boy,since he was allowed we might be asking,about reconciliation and so like do you,do either of you think that's,it's certainly not possible in the short,term do you think it's possible at all,it can't make it any easier can it I,mean if you just accept that they're,Brothers any family you know their every,family has a lot of bouts of Rifts that,go on for a year or more or less and,then they come together and you come,together at Christmas and then there,might be another one and it's the swings,and roundabouts of family life but I,think when you put it out in public a,lot of people who are merely celebrities,will have that do you put it out in,public because once it's out there it's,out there you cannot pull it back in and,I think that's the great danger with,this I mean,how does Prince William and uh okay how,are they meant to react to this yeah and,if they're allowed to or not it's what,happens next and it said af

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Paul Joseph Watson is Wrong about Pewdiepie

Paul Joseph Watson is Wrong about Pewdiepie

Oh Joseph Watson Paul Joseph Watson the,editor and large and Infowars I was,watching his video recently on why the,media hates PewDiePie and I felt like I,could offer an alternative perspective,to his or a rebuttal to some of his,thesis as I feel like I'm in a unique,point of view sitting here in the middle,of New York City media having worked at,half of these media companies he quotes,and you know I also have tweets from,PewDiePie to buddy,he gave me a kissy face but the first,question I really have you know for Paul,Joseph Watson is is he sincere that's,what I really wonder when I was watching,the video what I wondered most was is,what are you saying is he sincere about,or is he saying it because he knows,he'll get traffic and views is he,pandering so if you're watching this,Paul Joseph Watson are you sincere to,quote the great philosopher Matthew,Healy sincerity is scary but so why do,they hate PewDiePie right why do they,hate PewDiePie but so why do they hate,beautify why do they hate PewDiePie well,first who is they to quote another great,philosopher John Green the truth resists,simplicity and there is no vey really,you know I know the people advice and,other people at BuzzFeed I know the,people with having a pose and other,people are now this there's no great,ball of liberalism sitting there,thinking about how they can crush you,know alternative media or bring down,PewDiePie or how they're sitting there,scared that PewDiePie who is a massive,creator and reaches a wide audience and,somehow offering alternative viewpoints,that they don't like just not going on,nobody's thinking about that the people,of these companies are thinking about,how the heck do we monetize our content,how the heck do we make profitability,how the heck do we make you know the,venture-backed capital that we've raised,go further that's what they're thinking,about they're not thinking about,PewDiePie,now individual journalists may enter in,and have their opinions I'm Katie pie,but I also think a lot of it is that,because PewDiePie is such a big creator,he's just going to generate traffic and,for the individual journalist that wants,to generate traffic for their articles,if he devises anything remotely,controversial they're going to try to,hop on,and because most journalists I can just,tell you their media consumption habits,are not from YouTube,they don't understand YouTube very well,they haven't watched that many PewDiePie,videos so if this is something,controversial to pick up on that and,then they'll look through back a bunch,of videos and try to find a narrative,and then quickly write the post um,that's about it and then they'll get a,bunch of traffic and feel good about it,for the week and their boss will pat,them on back like heck yeah you brought,in a lot of traffic that's basically,what goes on it's not as dark and,cynical and nefarious as Paul Joseph,Watson makes it out to be it's just not,there's not some cabal there so I think,we can just dismiss the day it's kind of,a straw man now I grant you sometimes,you know digital media can seem like a,monolithic entity and that they can kind,of seem like they're all promoting the,same viewpoints but I think it's unfair,to you know lump in perhaps Mike which,is now bankrupt and now this news with,Mother Jones and the Atlantic right or,Axios these are vastly different digital,media companies and within these digital,media companies every media company has,vastly different journalists operating,within it some with you know,conservative viewpoints and some of the,liberal viewpoints now does the media,digital media tend to skew liberal yes,but that's just because the general,makeup of the employees are liberal not,because it's top-down so no the media,doesn't hate PewDiePie the media sees,PewDiePie is a good source of traffic,for their own sites and in fact a,PewDiePie were to go away they're loose,traffic in some ways digital media,companies have an economic incentive for,PewDiePie to ran on top so they can,continue to write articles about him,that'll gain traction in traffic and,bring in money right it's not always the,political lens you know to quote another,great philosopher John Green the truth,resists simplicity and often life is,multifactorial there are political,lenses but also economic lenses and,cultural lenses that everything filters,through and to divide you know the,reason why they dislike PewDiePie is,because he's some sort of alternative,viewpoints I just don't see it in my day,to day now that's anecdotal of course,but I sit here in New York and I know,most of the people at these media,companies,the second half of this video addresses,why mainstream media communities are,failing and while they're laying off,journalists because they've leaned into,liberal media and this is a niche,audience and now you know they're,failing because they're fake news I,don't think that's true I think what,they've leaned into is hiring a lot of,journalists that are interested in niche,things

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Paul Joseph Watson HATES the Booty | TWITTER TRASH

Paul Joseph Watson HATES the Booty | TWITTER TRASH

hey guys before we get started I just,wanted to say that the video that got,taken down on my black metal channel is,back up it's been restored and I wanted,to thank you guys sincerely for tagging,nuclear blast and letting them know that,we don't do false DMCA's so they finally,listened and I'm very happy that I don't,have to move forward with any legal,pursuits or anything like that would,have been crazy stressful and I don't,have time for that because I'm I'm,trying to run three channels right now,and on that same subject if you guys,wouldn't mind checking out my my metal,cover of lovely by Billy Eilish I put it,on my black metal Channel,I'd appreciate that and if you guys are,interested and if you got show enough,interest I'll actually go to a legit,studio I have it recorded professionally,and I'll have a shot professionally but,although at this point it's just for you,know for fun so I'm not putting out some,fantastic quality or anything like that,but I just want to throw it out there I,appreciate you guys thank you so much in,onto the video hey everyone welcome back,to twitter trash got a new angle felt,like i needed a little bit of funk shui,my life I'm really digging this and I,had to scrap my other Twitter trash so I,have a lot of stuff compiled and if you,guys ever want to contribute to the show,you can hit me up on Twitter at some,black gee I'd appreciate it but without,further ado let's get into the first bit,of trash from your boy Paul Joseph,conservatism is the new counterculture,Watson a lot of girls signed up and,wanted to twerk to have a little bit of,a workout and have a little bit of fun,and obviously the vast majority of,people don't have a problem with this,most men including myself love this and,of course I responded the only problem I,had with this clip is that it's only 25,seconds how could you have an issue with,lady booties jiggling you know I saw a,guy that said something along the lines,of I'm a nice man but I think twerking,is the worst or something like that I'm,like you sir are not an ass man as a,self-proclaimed ass man booties jiggling,twerking is very satisfactory hopefully,your wife wasn't there yet filthy G,generates cool jokes on you Paul I don't,have a wife and I couldn't be any more,single,our little back-and-forth continued but,let me tell you it doesn't surprise me,Paul and I have had little bit of spats,every once in a while no any time he,mentions tattoos and he's trying to talk,trash in them you know I'll put him on,blast and be like you don't know what,you're talking about just shut up you,know what I mean what about just to each,their own like why are you always trying,to be in other people's business like,that you know but hey that that happens,a lot of times it's like hey I don't,like this so you shouldn't do it and,other things you know like I recently,put him on blast for him talking ,about emojis 20 emoji so Paul Joseph,Watson's always been somewhat of a prude,but it just seems like he's reaching his,final form like everything is just,really offending him to the maximum,degree I imagine dude wants to return to,the days of Plymouth Rock dude probably,wants to be the modern-day Abigail,Williams and get all of those twerking,women burn at the stake dude probably,jerks in the pictures the King movie and,cries dance fold as he finishes but on,the rail I'm pretty sure it comes down,to Paul is either ultra gay which is,totally fine or he had his heart smashed,into a million pieces by a woman and now,he just hates them he's got that big tau,energy now I wouldn't say insel even,though a lot of hen cells follow him I,would say it's make time because dudes a,pretty good-looking cat I'm pretty sure,he can get women if he desired but it,just seems like maybe he's not down for,that which comes down to you know,the previous options I put out there but,hey I'm not one to judge I'm just saying,decided to try cleaning all the dead,roaches out of my ps4 Sony please design,smaller vent holes next time imagine,being an epic gamer you have your,Mountain Dew when you spill it on your,ps4 and then you have the audacity to,tag so when you're like hey, I shorted out my ps4,because I spilled my Mountain Dew on,this you guys need to design Mountain,Dew proof consoles not dude you need to,call an exterminator you need to fix,that issue you need to get those roaches,out of your house and if you're,connected to an apartment or anything,and if it's the other people then you,need to just leave bro like that's just,some crazy man I'm telling you I,don't put up with that I remember I,was fooling around with a girl I think,in 2010 or something like that and I saw,a couple of roaches on her coffee table,and I was like oh it's disgusting,whatever probably just a one-off thing I,saw her again and I saw more roaches and,house and was like I am good I,remember seeing that girl's insanely hot,sister and I actually thought about it,for a minute like maybe have to stick,around and see like I'll go with

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What happened to masculinity?

What happened to masculinity?

male role models ain't what they used to,be J and B blended Scotch whiskey,this commercial is going to be quite,manly surely it's whiskey,may be the face I can't forget,okay maybe not then maybe the beauty or,the Beast,still not grasping in any way how this,is connected to Whiskey,dreams Behold our newest ad campaign and,you're sure this will help us sell more,whiskey whiskey turns out the old man,was practicing so he'd know how to put,makeup on his transgender grandson,a heartwarming traditional Christmas,family story If Ever I saw one and again,what has any of this got to do with,whiskey your guess is as good as mine,whiskey brought to you by J B Scott,you're gonna need it I think Dolce and,Gabbana tried to make the dude in their,new ad look hyper masculine,but their interpretation of hyper,masculine seems to be a bit different,from mine,Virgin Airlines managed to take a lot of,boxes in their latest dad,okay looks like we've covered everyone,else can we get a straight white man,flying the plane,oh oh you thought diversity and,inclusivity included you think again I'm,afraid that box is going to remain,unticked look at the male role models,the regime promotes Harry Prince of,simps he's literally turning into the,physical embodiment of that soy face,wool Jack,the answer just texted him,when Beyonce texted you and you gasp,we're really being starved of strong,male role models a sports professionals,spend half their time genufacting,kneeling to and whining over cringe,nonsense take the knee as they continue,in face of hostility to ask for equality,for all Races throwing hissy pits,because they're not allowed to wear,rainbow armbands dressing up like school,girls for front page magazine shoots it,even extends to the geopolitical level,they get Putin,we get zelenski,what the Deep State sees when confronted,with zelenski's images versus what the,American people see support you crane by,turning off your Christmas lights for an,hour all right okay that's guaranteed to,Vanquish the Kremlin war machine to take,that Putin just thank God for the US,military Pearl Harbor 1941 Pearl Harbor,2022 masculinity is under assault from,every perceivable angle but one of the,solutions arrives in the form of today's,video sponsor turkestarone our,environment is polluted with all kinds,of crap that's turning men feminine,estrogenic chemicals in Plastics,bisphenol AIDS testosterone rates have,been declining at a rate of one percent,every single year sperm counts are,decreasing exponentially studies show,that in the last 50 years there's been,an overall 32.5 decrease in mean sperm,concentration despite our modern gym,culture men are measurably weaker than,they were just a generation ago,researchers measured grip strength how,strongly you can squeeze something and,pinch strength how strongly you can,pinch something between two fingers of,237 healthy full-time students aged 20,to 34 in universities in North Carolina,and especially among males the reduction,in strength compared to 30 years ago was,striking they want you demoralized they,want you weak they want you low T,Solutions high quality sleep regular,weightlifting good diet good mindset and,crucially turkesterone FDA approved 95,ultra high Purity I've been taking,turkestone for about two months now and,I've had noticeably great results more,energy especially in the mornings,improved stamina less stress and fatigue,better focus and concentration overall,it helps you become the best and most,masculine version of yourself it also,works for women because it's,non-hormonal but hey don't take my word,for it Go and read the reviews from,other customers 98 of them are five star,you can try it risk-free with their,30-day money-back guarantee if you want,improved muscle strength and libido all,in one pill boom check out her casterone,via the link below and use the disc,discount Paul that's me for 10 off and,remember by supporting my sponsors you,support me directly while regime,brainwashing elevates models and modes,of masculinity that are the polar,opposite of it they continue to vilify,and demonize normal expressions of,manhood as toxic masculinity my monster,Andrew Tate into near Oblivion because,oh God forbid he told young men to be,confident then they ring fence,acceptable expressions of masculinity,all of wittery the totally pathetic or,completely self-destructive when they,say transhumanist they don't mean,turning you into Superman they mean,modifying you into a castrated ,which is incapable of rebellion oh my,God thank you for giving me a,personality I'm literally just a,disgusting beer,this is the only six-pack you should be,working on I have no clue why I'm,depressed must be genetic report,overweight men last longer in bed than,skinny men last longer at what stuff in,their face with potato chips not an,eating competition is it,ah Deutsche Bank says we need an Eco,dictatorship to force people to stop,eating meat to save the planet hey are,you aware that vegan diets like vitamins,a

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