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Does Bill Belichick feel urgency to upgrade his Patriots staff? | Patriots Talkforeign,Hello friends

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Updated on Jan 23,2023

Does Bill Belichick feel urgency to upgrade his Patriots staff? | Patriots Talk

foreign,Hello friends welcome into time currents,Patriots Talk podcast we'll have Phil,Perry in in just a second and as we,continue to kick around the rubble of,the Patriots 2022 season whoop for the,black box and listen to it,we heard from Bill Belichick on Monday,and obviously things are going to move,quickly bottom line though is this as we,look at the Patriots they're out of the,playoffs and the offense is the reason,secondarily though it's situational,football,third down Red Zone turnovers penalties,clock management,and you could say eight and nine is not,that bad,but you know and I know and Bill knows,and the crafts know the product has,declined,is that because of the players who've,gone,so Brady's the edelmans the James whites,the chungs and the gronkowskis mentioned,him already the high Towers,is it the coaches,McDaniels scar Ivan fears Ernie Adams,Even Brian Flores,honestly it's probably both,but that does doesn't even really in my,mind begin to explain how a team's,Collective IQ,and attention to detail,can slip so profoundly,to get there you not only have to lose,the players and the coaches,you also have to pick the wrong guys in,both instances to succeed the players,and the coaches,only then can you get to a point,where the attention to detail,the pride of workmanship,slips to a point where it's one of the,dumbest teams in football,you have to lose contact with that,previous culture,and the Patriots aren't bad,we all know that eight nine is not bad,having a shot at the playoffs and,playing okay in the last week of the,season on the road against an emotional,opponent that's that's okay that's what,you're looking for,we would have been really happy with,that a while ago,but after a period of time and when the,which the Patriots were not like,everyone else we're actually the gold,standard for two decades,in terms of workmanship and quality,control,to see them,pretty much being just as capable of,putting out bad football as any team in,the league,that's,jarring,and nobody nobody had that as a,possibility,as long as Bill Belichick was in charge,of this franchise,so we tried to get to the why of it,Monday before Bill disappears for the,off season into its fighter hole,and uh here's some of the questions we,posed John Henry hit it well you'll get,a drink of water,decisions that you made uh in the off,season including the coaching staff some,of the Personnel decisions do you think,now that the season is over that you put,your offense in the best position to,succeed this year,yeah well every decision that that we've,made has always been with the intent to,do the best thing for the football team,that's the way it always will be that's,what it's been that's what it'll be,going forward uh at different decision,points do you have different,opportunities and and uh as those,go along or come along,um you know we'll continue to evaluate,them and always do what we feel is best,for the team how has your Viewpoint,changed,um if at all on the importance of having,coaches with more extensive past,background,specifically on offense in leading roles,yeah really it's pretty much the same,question that you know I think Greg just,asked and,um and always do what's best for the,football team and at different decision,points we'll always do what's best for,the football team so,that's that's what we've done that's,what we'll continue to do well he said I,think different decision points I'm,guessing that must mean timing,um and if that is the case,are you saying basically the timing,wasn't,Exquisite to find someone with more,experience for the offense and I just,squinted off a follow too on that yeah,I'm not that that isn't what I said I'm,saying each time you get a decision,point you look at your options and you,make the best decision that you can for,the team whatever that is whether that's,fourth and one or,third round of the draft or whatever it,is so,when those now as that changes like,where we are today is different than,where we were,six months ago 12 months ago 18 months,ago those things are all different so,going forward,is going forward and well whatever we,did in the past in any area whether it's,play calls coaches players,whatever at that time was what we,thought was best and we looked at our,options and thought we picked the best,one,some worked out some didn't that's,some were good decisions some were in,retrospect,maybe not good decisions but at the time,they were always what we thought was the,best in every area that's the way it'll,always be and going forward we'll always,do what we feel is best for the team,that's what I'll do that's my commitment,I always do it I feel it's best for the,team so,yeah have I made mistakes yeah sure,plenty of them,and that's just to establish them that,what's best for the team so many of us,on the outside deferring obviously to,your expertise resume experience and,everything said well obviously he knows,better than we do,but it did seem a dubious choice,in hindsight,did we have

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Twitter Finally SURRENDERS To Elon Musk as Patriots TAKE OVER Social Media!!!

Twitter Finally SURRENDERS To Elon Musk as Patriots TAKE OVER Social Media!!!

it's happening the deal of the century,Elon musk's buyout of Twitter is being,completed as we speak and it's not just,Elon Musk Free Speech Patriots are,taking over the whole of social media,like never before make no mistake,Everything Changes now and you're about,to find out why the world will never be,the same it's being widely reported that,after months of stonewalling and,resistance against musk's hostile,takeover offer back in March the woke,left us in charge of Twitter are indeed,officially surrendering the world's most,popular social media messaging platform,Bloomberg is reporting that Twitter has,taken action to freeze share trading for,its employees in anticipation of closing,the deal with musk once and for all it,is a clear sign that the last hurdle is,being conquered as we speak in that,Twitter staff will not be able to access,or trade shares of the company until the,deal is complete which should be any,time now musk did not waste time in,gloating over the deal he tweeted this,out the other day it's a great picture,of him and president Trump who of course,launched true social and yay the new,name for Kanye West who's in the process,of purchasing parlor and then with the,inscription above in retrospect it was,inevitable now he's since deleted the,tweet no doubt due to the risk adverse,advice of his lawyers but it clearly,signals that musk knows this deal is,done he will own Twitter and as a result,the single most popular instant,messaging platform on the planet will,now belong to an anti-woke Republican,supporting Free Speech champion,now the significance of this acquisition,is astronomical in fact it would be hard,to exaggerate the political,ramifications of what's happening right,before our very eyes Tucker Carlson,weighed in on precisely that last night,on a show Elon Musk purchasing Twitter,is more than just a potential change the,media landscape,it is a true existential threat to the,hegemony of the people currently in,charge allowing freedom of speech means,the possibility of a revolution from,below against the forces destroying this,country and the West,so everything rides on this they know it,you may not but they do yeah I think I,think Tucker's channeling his inner,Jordan Peterson there right remember,Peterson has long argued that there's,essentially no difference between speech,and thought,if we're going to be free to think we,must be free to speak precisely because,so much of our thought is organized,verbally and this is so profound because,it's not merely the notion that what we,think is expressed in words,Peterson argues that so much of what we,think is in terms of words words,constitute our thoughts we ask ourselves,questions all the time and we do so to,actually get answers from our own,conscience,and so if that's true what will cancel,cultures actually been trying to do in,the Relentless stifling of our free,speech is they're actually trying to,stifle our free thought,if we're going to be free thinkers we,must be free to speak and as we speak,that freedom is being restored and,restored in ways that are in many,respects unimaginable I mean think about,it Twitter the single largest speech,platform in the planet can no longer be,used as an instrument of woke cancer,culture but it gets even better,it's not just Twitter Twitter in many,respects is just the beginning Free,Speech Patriots are indeed taking over,the whole of social media like never,before and gang if you can believe it,this is just a small part of what,Patriots are doing to fight back and,defend the culture of faith family and,freedom that we all love and I am so,excited to gift each and every one of,you with resources that will help you,stay informed with real news as we,approach the midterms make sure you,click on that link in my description box,below because I've got the most,incredible free gift ever for you a free,guide that will dive deeper on how to,stay up to date with my go-to news,sources that would become your antidote,to fake news this season I've compiled,several of my simple blueprints that,will help you destroy liberal culture in,your daily life and they're yours,absolutely free my gift to you simply by,clicking on the link below or going to,Dr Steve,here's one of my favorite Twitter feeds,from cat turd who sees what's really,happening with all this dear liberals,hope you enjoyed 2023 meet your new,owners Twitter Elon Musk true social,president Trump parlor Kanye West I,can't stop laughing and we can't stop,either cat turd caught it he sees what's,really happening here it's not just a,matter of the people rising up and,taking over one of the most important,social media messaging platforms on the,planet,it's the fact that the people are now,beginning to take over social media,itself,you see with President Trump's true,social Kanye West taking over parlor,we're seeing a growing number of what,are called Civic entrepreneurs who are,together building nothing less than a,whole new Society what's of

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How much blame does coaching staff deserve for Mac Jones's down year? - with Greg Bedard

How much blame does coaching staff deserve for Mac Jones's down year? - with Greg Bedard

Greg Bedard Boston Sports Journal Mack,has the ability to play quarterback in,this league what did that answer tell,you it was just more a bill sort of,passing the buck as to you know he,didn't take much of the blame or any of,the blame there was a lot of lip service,about accountability and starts with me,and this and that and it was a bunch of,bullcrap it was basically Bill Belichick,had a press conference where he told,everybody even though all of this was,his own doing because he has ultimate,say in everything none of it was his,fault but why not more support for Mac,Jones or why not simply say yeah he's,our guy,I mean because this is just the way he,does things and especially you know,right now I mean I I just it was it the,real answer should have been I mean he,didn't say that before the year before,and I'm going to say like before the,season he was glowing about Mac Jones,and about how much improvement he had,made and all this stuff and now he's,tepid I wonder what's changed in the,interim I mean it's obvious Bill,Belichick should have gone on there and,said look we didn't put a bunch of guys,in a good position on offense that's my,fault we're going to get it corrected,and I don't think that Max should be,judged on on a lot of things that went,on this season along with a lot of guys,on the offense because everybody,underperformed it wasn't just Mac,everybody across the board on offense,underperformed from talking to players,around the team over the past week uh,you know there's a lot of players that,first of all they're not very happy with,how Mac Jones was treated this year and,this is further Bill not being,accountable to the rest of the team the,rest of the team knows what the pro,problem was and if Bill's not going to,come out and say what it was and put it,on Mac Jones who all the players know he,was put in a crappy position by the head,coach and the more it hopefully Bill is,doing it in private if he's not he's,going to lose more players he lost,players on offense they were,disillusioned this year on offense,that's a fact and people were mad about,how things went down how Mack was,treated this year the whole Bailey zappy,stuff and you know players want,accountability and Bill again didn't do,it hopefully he's doing it in private or,else he's going to have further issues,going down the line well Matt Jones was,also asked to assess his season here's,his response it's presented by your,local Hyundai dealers it's your journey,on every Mile in a brand new Hyundai,like I said the guys in the room we,fought through a lot this year a lot up,and downs and,um learned a lot about each other,learned a lot about football,um,and just not good enough today starts,with me as a quarterback and,definitely left everything out there for,the Patriot on our Jersey and the names,on our back so that's all you can really,do you talked a lot about the players in,the locker room talk again name on the,front name on the back nowhere in there,was it the coaches he never mentioned,the coach is that telling to you oh of,course I mean he looked miserable he,looked like a hostage at the end of a,standoff like he couldn't wait to go,home and be done with this and all of,his comments were about how much we,learned I never thought that I'd learned,more than I did this season and he was a,rookie the year before and learned a lot,he learned even more in year two why,because it was a complete disaster uh,what what went on on offense and you,know what he had to go through and what,Bill Belichick put him through and so,absolutely I thought I thought Mac,Jones's press conference was one of his,best and sort of Max speak where he got,out a message then said some nice things,then got his message out the message was,the players were put in a terrible,position we know it we all know it and,things better change all right and so,guys we know things have to change from,the from the coordinator position right,you know you have to move on I didn't,know what was gonna what it was going to,be with Matt Patricia and Joe judge,we've seen it uh the results are in it's,not good enough you got to move on so,that that's fair but when it comes to,accountability do you guys think that uh,they got to change the way they do,business they got to come into like the,2020s and that I understand and you guys,understand why Bill Belichick you know,didn't name Patricia's office of,coordinator and and why he says it's,collaborative because it's a money it's,a money-saving thing but in the locker,room it doesn't play well if I want to,complain about two kickoff returns I,know who the special teams coach is if I,want to complain about the wide,receivers I know Troy Brown has wide,receivers you know who the quarterback,is the Boss by the head coach I'm sorry,and from the top down I think Robert,crash should be on board with this Bill,Belichick and the new coordinator should,say damn it name me a coordinate I'm I,will I will be accountable I'm the,offensive coordinato

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Twitter Files w/Matt Taibbi, Lab Leak Whistleblower Dr. Andrew Huff

Twitter Files w/Matt Taibbi, Lab Leak Whistleblower Dr. Andrew Huff

one since the Twitter files have begun,being released there have been numerous,Revelations about how government,agencies like the FBI and CIA use their,platform for political purposes,including censoring information and,collecting personal data from users the,FBI even paid Twitter for information,this corruption between Twitter,Executives many of whom are former FBI,agents and intelligence agencies has,been widely documented in the numerous,releases award-winning journalist and,author Matt taibi who was selected to,help curate the release of the Twitter,files and it was taken a lot of heat for,it is here with us now Matt welcome to,the show thanks for being here,so,uh first of all I think inquiring minds,want to know how much more first is,there to the Twitter files like how many,more threads can we expect because what,number are we on right now,are we are we just 10 in or halfway in,Are we almost to the end,well I can I can tell you that I think,we've only looked at an infinitesimal,portion of the data uh so even though we,have an overwhelming amount and could,probably I was joking with one of the,reporters I could spend the rest of my,life writing about the stuff we have,just have now,um but we've only seen a handful of,accounts,um and there's a lot more to search a,lot more to look through uh it's a,little bit of an open question about how,much how much longer the Project's going,to go on but,um I I've had no indication that it's,going to stop anytime soon so we're,still going,so how did you even get involved first,um just did Elon call you up and say hey,Matt you know come take a look at my,files or how did this whole thing come,about,yeah I'm not sure how much I can reveal,about that because I think I made a the,two conditions that I agreed to on this,one were that everything would come out,on Twitter and that the attribution,would just be sources at Twitter so,um at some point I'm going to be able to,talk about the the backstory which is,actually quite amusing and and uh funny,in some ways but,um what I can tell you is that,all of us uh were brought in and,basically told we could look at anything,we wanted to including the current,company,um that nothing was off limits and and,that uh if we were we found wrongdoing,now in in addition to wrongdoing in the,past we were free to write about that,um but most of us have been focused on,on the documents,yeah you've actually taken a lot of heat,for this and even for that the two,conditions I saw that when you when you,mentioned at one point that there were,these conditions people came at you and,was like oh uh so you did it for these,you know you were cow Towing to the,richest man on earth or you're doing PR,for the richest man on earth,um I mean what do you say to that like,to all these the accusations that you're,just running PR for a wealthy,billionaire,I mean any working journalist and those,that's complete nonsense there are,negotiations that go on in every single,literally every single reported piece,that involves a source uh there are,conditions that are attached people when,you get information information from,anybody,um you're always basically haggling with,the source to try to get the best,possible terms for your readers,um in this case I had to make you know,one pretty dramatic uh concession which,was that it couldn't come out uh on my,site first that had to come out on,Twitter first and I felt I had to say,something because I have subscribers who,pay for for my content and I I thought,they would be offended,um if they if they saw a story of this,magnitude come out somewhere else and so,I felt I had a responsibility to say,something I probably should have worded,it better but,um but that was the deal but but really,I mean any journalist knows that you you,you're always making,um you know making arrangements with,your sources and also uh this whole,thing about doing PR for the richest man,on earth it's absurd like people are,saying well what about his motives it's,irrelevant what his motives are I know,what my motives are my motives are that,I'm interested in the history of Twitter,and what its relationship is to the,government and all those things,and we never care as journalists where,stuff comes from it's an element of a,story but as long as it's true like it,doesn't matter,so I definitely want to get into you,know the the biggest findings that you,you know there's been so many releases,and there's been a lot of information,there and I think a lot of it for many,of us it has been,um you know I know a lot of a lot of,establishment media especially are just,like oh not even covering it or they,don't care they don't think it's a,bombshell I think a lot of it has been,verifying what many of us have suspected,but one big question so I know that,there was a delay in one of the releases,was it the second release where there,was a big delay and it was because you,guys discovered that Jim Baker who was,one of the top FBI guys was working at,Twitter and ac

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Patriots Fall to Buffalo Bills in Final Game of 2022 NFL Season | Sights & Sounds

Patriots Fall to Buffalo Bills in Final Game of 2022 NFL Season | Sights & Sounds

foreign,thank you,it is full who does the kickoff honors,with nahim Heinz the former goal and the,kick is Aloft left to right and it's,short to the forehead of Virginia hiding,straight ahead to the 20-yard line he,bounces it right outside to the 30. he's,chased by Mac Wilson to the 45-50 look,at Pursuit for the 45,he is gone to the Enzo what a start for,buffalo,right,second of goal to go from the two of the,staff to Jones play fake he looks left,he throws back at the end zone for Myers,Jacoby reaches up to make the grab but,was he shoved out of bounds you the,officers will confer without a signal,yet,two minutes,give the single theory he runs it to the,right he spotted up he nuts back to the,inside,ball is out,and it's the scrum ensues,Patriots have it they do it that's a big,one bud,the ball was right here we just kept,going after you had it,oh my God,now the vehicle try for 24 to high snap,belardi gets it down the kick by four is,good and the Patriots Take the Lead,and now it's 706 to go here in the third,the Pats again with their first lead of,the day as Polk delivers the kickoff,left to right it gets to the end zone,two yards out from the left side it's,Hines across 20 to the 30. hides his hip,and he breaks away to The Far Side 50 to,the 40 to the 30 to the 20. nahim hives,is good and again High stepping into the,end zone,touchdown Buffalo,the Patriots for the most part put up a,great fight today against the Buffalo,Bills but betrayed by their special,teams unit once again and then,ultimately,Josh Allen of the bills do what they do,best

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What were the circumstances of the Jake Bailey & Jack Jones suspensions by the Patriots?

What were the circumstances of the Jake Bailey & Jack Jones suspensions by the Patriots?

this is a fascinating story I'm,fascinated to see this uh kind of play,through and learn more about this,because you know Bill's suspended him,for something other than I mean we don't,know why he's suspended him and and it's,it interesting because if if he you know,if he doesn't get paid his last two,games which being suspended you don't,get paid your last two game checks then,his 2013 Jake Bailey's two thousand,excuse me 2023 contract which was fully,guaranteed becomes totally voided and so,bill has a financial kind of uh you know,uh uh you know motivation to not have,him play the last two games so that next,year's uh contract he's trying to avoid,he's trying to weasel out of the car,that's what it sounds like like that's,that's unbelievable to me okay but,you're seeing these little brush fires,in Albert last night there's 100 a,disconnect between the coaches in the,locker room right now and something,they've got to address in the off season,I mean the Jack Jones thing my,understanding of the way that went he,was late to rehab sessions he missed,rehab sessions and I think he even,talked back to Bill a little bit about,it to the point where Bill felt like he,had to address it in a team meeting two,Fridays ago that's amazing Mike the the,ecosystem is so different now I'm sorry,bird no but that's an amazing story to,me so you're a rookie and you're you're,like you're you're you're and you're,amazing your agent is putting out a,statement like would that have happened,when you were covering the team uh I,don't remember I mean I don't remember,rookies doing that I'll tell you that,much that's for sure so he's just lost,some of his cachet it feels like I mean,players they don't respect them the way,they used to and for rookies to be,challenging Bill like that in in an open,kind of uh in front of everybody is,unbelievable to me because let's face it,for 20 years it was never like that and,now it seems like players they just,don't they they don't look at Bill the,same way that we used to I've been,talking about the Hawaii thing all year,and I think the one thing the why thing,like like why are we doing things this,way why did we hire a defensive,coordinator to call plays on on offense,why is the special teams coach coaching,the quarterbacks like I think there's a,lot of why going on in the building,right now when it comes to the players,and it's all well and good to say,because I said so when you're 14 and 3,and going to the AFC Championship game,every year it doesn't fly the same way,when you're 8-9 so call me crazy and I'm,you know a lot of you might disagree,with me I think these are the big issues,on the team we've got a segment here,about the pending free agents in the,roster look it's not a great roster size,championship roster,it's better than eight wins it it's a,better roster than they had last year I,agree when they put up 10 wins okay so,their issues are coaching culture,something you know buy-in something that,went wrong with Mac Jones the roster's,better than it was last year and I think,their roster is okay I don't think it's,great but I think there is a half dozen,young players here both sides of the,ball that you can start to see is the,next wave I think those free agents last,year they aren't all word great,obviously John who Smith is useless but,I think there was enough there I think,Devonte Parker you saw today has,something in other words I think the,talent is there for them to be better,than they are their issues all all this,other crap that we're talking about,which is a real shame because the roster,should be the hardest part

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2023 NFL Mock Draft with Trades | Bears get the #1 Overall Pick!

2023 NFL Mock Draft with Trades | Bears get the #1 Overall Pick!


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Elon Musk Gives BRUTALLY Honest Answer About Running Twitter

Elon Musk Gives BRUTALLY Honest Answer About Running Twitter

y'all I didn't know till today but Elon,Musk is a straight up Savage hey uh,somebody who's here oh look who it is oh,is it the proprietor the proprietor the,owner to her customer support At Your,Service yeah to actually spent a lot of,the last 15 minutes selling your new,features uh yeah on the podcast pretty,exciting well the the like the views are,like incredible yeah I mean and I saw,Dave Rubin already made an observation,that if you look at New York Times their,views are maybe one tenth Like My Views,just me as a lone Tweeter and he said,that their followers are inflated by,just basically buying a bunch of,follower accounts yeah the abuse thing,is huge that's why I I pushed the views,which is like actually a lot harder,feature to implement than you'd think,because the sheer number of uh,transactions uh per second like uh it's,I think it sort of requires system-wide,on the order of of three three million,transactions a second to actually,calculate the view to you know calculate,and display the view count FYI for,Twitter Twitter Global so it's like wow,three million per second,it's a lot for those of you listening uh,Elon Musk has had joined the Pod Elon,how's uh how's the first six weeks been,generally speaking of owning Twitter,well it's been quite a roller coaster,which uh obviously you've um I'd say but,witnessed and been on the roller coaster,as well yes the Dramamine I've taken the,Dramamine it's it's quite up yeah I mean,it's exciting uh but I think it's sort,of,has its highs and lows to say the least,um but overall that seems to be going in,a good direction and um you know we've,got the the expenses reasonably under,control so the company's not like,on the in the fast lane of bankruptcy,anymore well that's good and we're,releasing features uh faster than,Twitter's history at the same time as,having contained the costs and and uh,reduced the cost structure by a factor,of three maybe maybe four so,you know the the verified uh is,obviously that's that's that's huge it's,a revenue stream as well as,um uh a means of,identifying of like knowing that it's a,real person and not a bot or a trial,situation,the having the affiliation organization,affiliation which I suspect you talked,about that was a an idea of David's that,was great,um to uh you know have organizational,affiliation so you can know that,somebody is,um an actual professor at Stanford or uh,that this particular handle is actually,Disney not someone simply putting I work,at Disney in my in their bio,so um I think that's going to be really,helpful it they're just really just,having um detailed and uh nuanced,verification so of all the various,things that you say you are are these,things validated by other people and,organizations I love how he jumped on,and he was like customer support here,that'll be the wealthiest customer,support agent we ever witnessed on this,planet y'all and he was just trolling,but this man and his team has done more,positive things for Twitter than the,previous folks could do in years in just,a matter of weeks mind you and again,whether they refuse to were paid off,committed crimes all the above it don't,really matter not this dude it doesn't,seem like at this point he knows how to,run a business plain and simple from,Tesla to SpaceX to now implementing all,the new features with verification so,you can be authentic so people know when,they go to your page you have that blue,check mark it's hopefully you and it's,more likely that a bot is just going to,pop up when an account is free When,anybody can make a Twitter then paying,eight to ten dollars just for that blue,check mark it's crazy to me that he he,came in dumped five thousand ten,thousand employees dumped a whole lot of,snakes in the grass added features and,then the people on the left oh Twitter's,disasters continue Twitter it just,continues to go down downhill and ruin,the Earth and that's not the case at all,they keep painting this false narrative,but he has saved the platform now I,believe at the time I'm recording this,video we're up to episode 12 or 12,releases of the Twitter files which,included things like the suppression of,the hunter Biden laptop story that the,previous owners of Twitter failed to you,know put out in the public because the,big guy Grandpa Joe Biden in office and,they didn't want his son painting him in,a bad light although he does that all,the while himself every single day the,removal of Donald Trump was completely,inappropriate just like the relationship,with the FBI their bias handling of that,that c-19 thing c19 thing that if you,mention it you know you get you get,basically demonetized on YouTube so I,won't actually say it but y'all know,what I'm referring to I'm sure,throughout these Twitter files I don't,know how many there's going to be but,there's infinite amount of info that,we'll probably never know about and,that's okay because at least we're,getting some of it now and we can push,on in a positive direction and then the,direct

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