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#BehindTheTweets with Patrick Mahomes | Twitterhey this is Petra mahomes at Patrick,mahomes five fol


Updated on Jan 21,2023

#BehindTheTweets with Patrick Mahomes | Twitter

hey this is Petra mahomes at Patrick,mahomes five follow me on twitter i'm,here with twitter sports and we're going,to go behind the tweets crazy thinking,two months I'll be gone and away from,White House with my life lifelong,friends growing up,yeah I'm a genuine guy you know I,thought my best friend still still in a,group group chat with him I was a little,a little sad that I was leaving on my,best friend's life I don't know tell,y'all so many hard decisions in making,life as you get older I like to think of,myself as a philosophical guy and so uh,you know just just looking at looking at,like it's tough and you get older did a,lot of hard decisions you have to make,don't know what decision I was making at,this time in 2014 when I was a senior in,high school but uh I don't know I must,have been in the Christmas time of my,life,maybe Yahoo Sports Page yeah so just,playing starting to play football got,down on the Texas prep athlete having a,year for the ages Yahoo Sports fades I,thought it was really cool you know tech,high school takes time Texas high school,football is pretty important and being,on Yahoo it was a major step in my life,sports I love since I was a baby,50 Happy Days day six so when I got to,college we had a thing and one of my,classes where he had to put a date 50,days of like something makes you happy,and so this was baseball I grew up my,dad was a professional baseball player I,loved the sport this is one of my,proudest moments an area code which is,like an all-star baseball thing in high,school and so one of the things that was,crucial in my life,all right yesterday I played for tonight,for the first time in a while someone,killed me with my Jersey on don't know,how I feel about that so if y'all played,for tonight you know that they start,doing the jerseys so I of course the,jerseys come out I got my 15 on I go,play for nine I've been playing all,season long and i go to i go to see,someone i've seen with my jersey i'm,trying to be cool with them they kill me,like i mean come on man but i mean,whoever is really liked shout me out on,twitter or something like that because I,wrote the talk man you can't just kill,me if you have my jersey on the comments,I'm getting back about the jorts have me,crying emoji crying,yeah so uh the jorts I went to a NASCAR,race with my boy Anthony Sherman my,full-back he told me I couldn't wear the,regular clothes I have Matt how to blend,in and so I threw the jorts on I was it,was I thought it was a pretty good hit I,mean everybody loved him but I I was,getting a little bit of hate a little,bit of love but it was all fun and games,I mean everything was funny and George,will come out soon don't worry don't,worry they'll come back Oh,this right here is sweet man so yeah so,focus off football the next several,weeks but excited to join the hunt,Sketch up family more to come in the,offseason so when I was a little kid,I've always loved ketchup no one knows I,usually ketchup sandwiches literally,just ketchup and bread very I mean very,very real of you if you believe me but,I've always loved ketchup kind of went,away from the ketchup sandwiches just,now focusing on my steak and mac and,cheese that's where it goes best I like,the mix with a lot of things so like,I'll get the mac and cheese and the,mashed potatoes and the ketchup and the,steak and kind of just like mix it all,together I know that sounds pretty,disgusting to some people I love it,don't judge me but you know just just,mix it all together and I'll go same,place Thank You cheese Kingdom this,hurts now but we'll be back love y'all,if y'all support yeah so towards,everybody knows we lost an AFC,championship game,it hurt I mean we were this close to be,playing in the Super Bowl but our cheese,Kingdom was out there proud every single,game is so I want to thank them first,off and then know that we bring a lot of,these guys back we're gonna learn from,this experience and I will be back,you'll be in the Super Bowl next time,thank you all for joining

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TE Travis Kelce on Chiefs, Bills, Bengals, Patrick Mahomes, Super Bowl, Family & Dating | The Pivot

TE Travis Kelce on Chiefs, Bills, Bengals, Patrick Mahomes, Super Bowl, Family & Dating | The Pivot

all right,all right cool,one touchdown one cut back,living man I appreciate you guys coming,out here tonight we appreciate you man,we know I'm doing this it's a beautiful,city yeah all you see is salt on the,ground at this point it was so it was so,cold and so icy this past week man you,guys caught it on a good day finally got,up above 50. that's right what was it at,game time game time was like 10. we're,lucky it was sunny though it was sunny,so it got up to like 20 by the time it,was like mid game Miami the Dolphins,caught their uh second goal this game uh,game in team history it's like what 45,yeah there had to have been some records,this weekend this this past weekend was,wild it was miserable before I couldn't,even get back bro 45 though they,shutting schools down in Miami at 45.,that's crazy so it was 20 at the crib,Louisiana yeah and I played in that code,I was terrible your ass don't look no,different man I love it I agree I grew,up playing hockey man so it's like I'm,I'm used to sweating in the cold being,just I don't know it's kind of like my,comfort zone when it's when it's over,like 85 90. now that's when you say I'm,a different player,whole body drenched I'm going through,like six different pairs of gloves yeah,so he don't want week one in Miami then,oh no no keep me out of Florida we were,in Jacksonville one year for week one,and it was above 100 and I remember that,oh man I was lucky Sammy Watkins went,off yeah,Limitless,man welcome to the pivot man it's a it's,an honor man no for it we talked about,this year we saw you in Vegas oh yeah uh,probably around the Pro Bowl so this is,something we've been wanting to do uh so,on behalf of Channing Freddie T me man,we really appreciate you understand how,time is during the season and we know,how precious is it it is for you guys,because y'all always chasing chips right,it's other teams that start training,camp ah they ain't really chasing chips,like they understand okay are we gonna,tank to get the number one pick or we,gonna work real hard to get four you,know for you guys it's been consistently,in the AFC Championship the last four,years uh two Super Bowl appearances a,Super Bowl ring you're on the list now,man with names Tony Gonzalez Jason,Whitney crazy Antonio Gates but you know,in in learning a little bit about Travis,Kelsey man I saw your uh,your Cincinnati pitcher you know I mean,the fade wasn't as tight you know what,I'm saying the beard the beard was grown,in but it wasn't edged up you know you,couldn't get the Right Barber yet but I,want to know a little bit about uh,Cleveland Heights QB oh yeah Travis,Kelsey and and what made that kid at,least at that point special enough to,now be one of the greatest tight ends,ever played the game man I appreciate,all that too and uh definitely uh I,wasn't getting the fade as as often as I,was and as I am now that's for damn sure,but it's been a it's been a growing,process and and and throughout my life,I've really had to kind of mold myself,uh along the way and I feel like that's,uh that's been the biggest thing is um,growing up in Cleveland Heights you got,such a Melting Pot of people that I got,a very good understanding a lot of,different walks of life both social,class racial it's helped me relate to a,lot of people so I always have fun man,when I tell you I'm in I'm I'm always,trying to have fun always trying to you,know brighten the room that I'm in and,uh,when I was younger,I was a competitor on the field but I,wasn't fueling my profession or my,career I was just out there just winging,it and having fun and you know as the,ball came my way or if I was a,quarterback and I was I had to ball in,my hands I was having a blast you know,whatever I was doing it wasn't until,college that I really you know I got,caught up in uh having too much fun off,the field and it took me out of school,it took me off the team for a year and I,kind of realized all right if I really,want to do something in this world and,Athletics with my life my family my,mother my father they they fueled me,gave me everything possible to enjoy,sports and I'm so thankful for that and,obviously I have an older brother Jason,who plays in the league and he was a,huge part of my competitiveness and my,ability to you know have to do more than,just have to think more you know what I,mean because going up against a guy,bigger stronger faster you got to figure,something else out yeah you know what I,mean so that's where you kind of I,always mess around with him he always,calls me a flanker I'm always trying to,figure out this the you know I mean the,the small things that uh that I can,trick you with but but yeah growing up,and finding and finding that mold of,professionalism on top of having fun,um I wouldn't change the journey uh not,a single part of it man and it's uh it's,been awesome but uh definitely that cute,that QB World helped me figure out you,know what that pocket feels like for a,guy and you see it in the way you play,though the way

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Patrick Mahomes on Kansas City, Bachelor Party & Crazy Fans

Patrick Mahomes on Kansas City, Bachelor Party & Crazy Fans

JIMMY KIMMEL: Well, it's good to have you here.,When did you get in?,Did you feel the earthquake? PATRICK MAHOMES: I did not.,Luckily.,Hopefully I don't have to feel it until the ESPYs.,JIMMY KIMMEL: Yeah, hopefully.,PATRICK MAHOMES: Hopefully can get past that.,But I got in today.,So I flew in this morning, and got here, no earthquakes,,so going good so far.,JIMMY KIMMEL: You were at a bachelor party in Nashville,this weekend?,PATRICK MAHOMES: Yeah, a bachelor party in Nashville.,The voice, which is already kind of hoarse,,is kind of going back and forth with me, so--,JIMMY KIMMEL: OK.,PATRICK MAHOMES: It was one of my buddies from back home,,and we went to Nashville.,And I had the cowboy hat on.,JIMMY KIMMEL: Oh, you did?,PATRICK MAHOMES: And I was kind of just,walking down the street, no one was even noticing it was me.,JIMMY KIMMEL: That disguised you, with the cowboy hat.,Now with your old friends, if you go to a bachelor party,,you know, whatever, are you--,does everyone have to behave themselves,because you're there now?,PATRICK MAHOMES: I mean, they're supposed to.,JIMMY KIMMEL: They're supposed to, but they don't?,PATRICK MAHOMES: It doesn't happen all the time, no.,JIMMY KIMMEL: Do you have to pay for everything,,since you are the NFL player?,PATRICK MAHOMES: I do sometimes, but they try--,like, they always get real mad if I do.,JIMMY KIMMEL: Oh, they do?,PATRICK MAHOMES: They're cool like that.,They don't want to seem like they're trying to use me,now, now that I'm in the NFL.,They want to kind of treat me exactly the same,as they did when we were back in middle school together.,JIMMY KIMMEL: Is the wedding going,to be during the football season,,or will you be able to attend?,PATRICK MAHOMES: Yeah, this year--,I'm not going to make this one.,So he's having it in August.,I told him, I'm in the middle of training camp.,And he was like, yeah, but you have off days.,I was like, yeah, but I'm not going,to fly to Texas on my off day to go to a wedding.,So it's definitely-- it's in August so I'm not,going to get to make it, but I was glad I,got to make the bachelor party.,JIMMY KIMMEL: Well, I'm glad you did, too.,You had some season last-- you deserve a bachelor party.,I mean, really.,An unbelievable season .,And you are-- you have a very powerful arm.,Are both your arms powerful, or just the one?,PATRICK MAHOMES: I think both my arms, and both my legs, too.,JIMMY KIMMEL: Your dad is a former major league,baseball player, which has got to be the greatest.,PATRICK MAHOMES: Yeah.,JIMMY KIMMEL: Is it great to have a dad who played baseball?,PATRICK MAHOMES: Yeah. It was awesome.,And I grew--,I played baseball growing up my entire life, and so--,JIMMY KIMMEL: You were drafted by, what, the Tigers, right?,PATRICK MAHOMES: Yeah.,Very late, but I was drafted.,And I remember, they actually called me and they said,,we know you're not coming. We'll see you in three years.,And that's all they said on the phone.,I said, all right.,And I went to college.,JIMMY KIMMEL: Was your dad disappointed that you,chose football over baseball?,PATRICK MAHOMES: My dad and mom, neither one were disappointed.,They always told me whatever I do, just be the best you can,,and do the best you can at it.,And so whenever I was choosing football and baseball, which,one I was going with, they told me to make my decision,and run with it.,When I was younger, my dad wanted me to be,a baseball player for sure.,But as I got older, I knew he felt how much I loved football,,and how much I wanted to follow that dream.,JIMMY KIMMEL: We have some video which is pretty unbelievable.,You're eight years old.,Let's roll that video.,You're playing basketball.,And there you are, and you--,Now, that-- that tied the game, that shot?,PATRICK MAHOMES: Yeah.,JIMMY KIMMEL: So it's--,that's unbelievable.,PATRICK MAHOMES: It's a real funny story.,We were in a basketball camp, and I was kind of playing up,with the older kids.,And since it was, like, camp, and we were, like,,eight, nine years old, they'd said,there was no three pointers.,So I thought when I hit it I won that game, because we,were down two points.,But we actually went to overtime after that.,JIMMY KIMMEL: You got cheated out of the point.,PATRICK MAHOMES: That's what I said.,I mean--,JIMMY KIMMEL: Who won the game in overtime?,PATRICK MAHOMES: They did, of course.,Like, we already had celebrated.,It was all over after that.,JIMMY KIMMEL: So you're living in Kansas City now.,Do you love Kansas City? PATRICK MAHOMES: I love it.,I honestly do.,I mean, look, we got the Chiefs fans--,Chiefs Kingdom right here.,JIMMY KIMMEL: Yeah.,One of these guys came out from--,are you both-- by the way--,I don't want to alarm you, but I learned a bit-- a tidbit,about the gentleman in the--,actually, well, I know a lot about both of these guys,,but a little more about the guy in the red shirt.,Stand up-- would you mind showing us,what you have emblazoned on your body?,This is the kind of loyalty that you've already

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Patrick Mahomes Replies to Fans on the Internet | Actually Me | GQ Sports

Patrick Mahomes Replies to Fans on the Internet | Actually Me | GQ Sports

this is Patrick Holmes and I'm going,undercover on the Internet,this is actually me first up let's look,at Twitter if you could throw it to one,Hall of Fame receiver who would it be in,why it would probably be Randy Moss just,because I have that size that speed that,athleticism probably just throw it as,far as I could kind of like I do with,Tyreke a little bit and you can go get,it,next it's petrol hose wins one more,Super Bowl in his career does that put,him up Aaron Rodgers for all time,so I don't know if a lot of people,remember the beginning of Aaron Rodgers,career but I mean he went to the Super,Bowl and made a lot of the same and more,throws that I made were the best,all-time he's someone that I take a lot,of stuff from so to me I'm just trying,to get somewhere close by the end of my,career where he is to be around that by,the end of my career that that would be,the goal has Brittany Lynn a wore you,out with all those workouts a 100% she's,she's she's killed me with the workouts,especially at the beginning here let me,show you how I've been working out the,amount of reps like it's unreal like I,have to stop doing all the reps,sometimes resistance bands kettlebells,dumbbells just getting after it and,she's used to working out at home but,definitely not me because Patrick,mahomes have played basketball at K you,the real answer is absolutely not but in,my mind I think I could have maybe walk,on and be a bench or something did,Patrick mahomes break the Madden curse,apparently there's a curse if you're on,the cover of Madden that you get injured,or something happens to you that next,season I don't know if I'm broken I mean,but I definitely battled it for a little,bit of time there and they came out on,top so I looked attach them true but I,did get hurt came back from and got the,win the Super Bowl so I mean at least,got through it and be there at the end,what is penchant of the homes throwing,the release time I have zero idea as,long as it's fast enough to not get,intercepted I'll take that why can't,Patrick Bahamas play pick-up basketball,anymore so I was playing pick-up,basketball got posted,I got a call from my GM Brett beets and,it wasn't like you can't play but it was,like I would really not like you to play,so I when it comes from that guy that's,almost like yeah you can't play I knew,when they posted the video I was going,to get in trouble as they attacked me to,report it was fun while it lasted,next in NFL commercial patch of moms,puts ketchup on a steak is that really,something people do I don't know if it's,really something that people do but that,is really something that I do like 100%,at steak last night and I put ketchup on,it it was like a ribeye like expensive,steak and then it made it even better,cut through a little bit of ketchup on,the side so if you haven't tried it I,would try it because it is delicious,will patrocle Holmes become the goat,it's pretty early,pretty early on in my career to me to be,saying anything like that,obviously I've had a good start to the,career but to be the goat you have to be,consistent through your entire career,plan at a high level and there's some,guys in the NFL and and all those sports,that have done it so I have a very long,ways to go it's actually me what,throwing mechanics did you learn from,your father applied to your game playing,baseball you see the sidearm you see all,the different type of stuff where I'm,like talking different arm angles long,toss with my dad,duck arm strength and it taught me that,you can always throw from the perfect,platform and you have to still be,accurate so I definitely applies to my,football game what video games we like,the most and are you into streaming or,watching streamers um so my favorite,video game is call of duty,I've been be gonna call it any since,like I was in high school like freshman,or high school eighth grade even maybe,I'm always gonna call it anything I,playing bad obviously I play 2k I play a,lot of sports games and to answer your,second question,I don't stream just because I feel like,I'm good but not that good,and so I don't stream but I'll watch,streamers every once well but I can't,sit there for more than like five to ten,minutes watch them like I don't see how,people can sit for like hours and watch,i watch people just like Gilliam's mixed,how's your knee doing you're looking,great man so my knees been doing awesome,obviously I've been,working with it all offseason that like,I did during this season but I'll,actually feel like all the work that,I've put into for injury prevention on,money that I've actually probably,stronger that it was before as far as my,quad and hip flexor and everything like,that that holds that kneecap in place,and I think I do so much extra work on,that stuff just to obviously with the,injury that I had that I feel like I'm,stronger than ever with uh with those,muscles yeah so the specific exercises,that I do are like a lot of like single,leg squats single leg raises a lot of,

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Mahomes Got Married & The Comments Are BAD… 🍿

Mahomes Got Married & The Comments Are BAD… 🍿

patrick mahomes and britney matthews got,officially married on saturday they're,saying that the the comments on the,nfl's instagram of them getting married,are so funny it's on nfl should see if,you can find like where those two got,married oh there it is holy okay,okay so,the the mahomes i guess so she's,brittany mahomes now i kind of thought,they were already married i guess i,don't know why i didn't know this these,have got to be,brutal oh my god can you zoom in on the,right so we can see those uh dockery,start praying for you yeah dude almost,60k likes on a comment oh that's,definitely you know you know mahomes,sees this there's just no way you,don't see this like you have to see this,you're a human especially who has,instagram when it's the nfl that it's,posted with look at these likes dude, he's crying right now free him,no literally just no with 15 000 likes,it is uncommon at this point i'm coming,to my home as hell nfl knew what the,comments would look like before making,this for real i'm so surprised because,you can just turn off comments i'm so,surprised,they posted it yeah it is well here you,know what's funny this is like an,insider story i'll tell you guys i,worked with those guys over at nrg last,year i was on a big contract with nrg,the gaming company to play like you know,madden against nfl players this was last,year the two guys who i worked with used,to run the nfl's instagram no way it's,it's not this big corporate thing,everybody thinks you know there's like,all these people at the nfl really,thinking hard about it that's literally,two 22 year olds yeah like the people,who run the nfl's instagrams two 22 year,olds they really don't have that much,oversight because you got to thank all,the guys who are really high up in the,nfl,they don't even know what's going on,that reminds me of uh h h o h th that,instagram oh absolutely that's right,house highlights is different yeah,because house of highlights is for,teenagers right right so it's just that,is weird that nfl is random right but,like the nfl you think it's so corporate,no dude i think it's 22 23 year olds and,they're impression farming they're doing,this i mean because i mean you know,that's going to blow up this is one of,their biggest posts but i mean yeah it,makes sense so you got to have someone,around our age that knows how to use,social media you're not going to have,some 50 year old dude yeah make an,instagram post and it's not like they,have to say hey can we post this can we,post this every time they got a post, on the right fly so no they,were just saying that is really it is,really impression farming because why,would you ever post this on this is what,adam schefter does he'll post out like d,virgin son you know cut from the,practice squad he's just impression for,me hey she is she's a small she's pretty,hot she's got some money they have a,child i guess so i don't i don't know,why am i learning so much is that his i,it looks a little white that's that's,what i'm saying it's got a lot of grit,in there it has a lot of very high motor,i see a future super bowl mvp,at five foot eleven 215 pounds oh let's,let's oh here's we're going to play a,game we're going to scroll until we find,a positive comment okay that's what,we're going to do well this is pretty,positive i mean josh,it's positive you know they're saying,josh positive say him josh allen's a,good qb,until we find a positive comment for,mahomes okay should be fine i'm gonna,pray for him i don't know dude i can't,believe because you know like you know,like kansas city chiefs fans there's a,lot of them did they do a tick tock,dance as the first dance this is the,situation where you run and pass feel,bad for mahomes biggest mistake in his,career big l he did it to himself rip,poor guy trap for life ll tore my acl,running to the comments,worst decision ever made she got a ring,before dak all right that sucks lol down,vote imagine getting sacked all day and,you have to come over to that good luck,to everyone in the chief stands next,season poor guy blink twice if you need,help oh my god they are ruthless i can't,believe the nfl's getting i,literally have not she secured the bag,do we count that as a positive comment i,think we might have to because i don't,see anything coming 100 will regret this,turn off the comments danny really did,it you had your chance to get out of it,hey oh,there we go she looks beautiful looks,beautiful by the way she does she's,beautiful she sure is she's so gorgeous,so gorgeous i wonder if she knows what,the word papa,what is it help me out here oh position,position these nuts in your mouth,nice,well i hope,mahomes i hope you pop off this season,because you're gonna be getting looked,at dude i gotta say like my closing,statement with this is it is so insane,how impactful social media can be on,your reputation as a player yeah it is,insane how impactful it can be on your,reputation,whether you want it to be or not he,quite literally patrick mahomes h

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Patrick Mahomes says it's surreal to fulfill ‘going to Disney World’ tweet | SportsCenter

Patrick Mahomes says it's surreal to fulfill ‘going to Disney World’ tweet | SportsCenter

and take a look at this back in 2013,this is what Patrick when Holmes tweeted,I bet it feels amazing to be the,quarterback who says I'm going to Disney,World after winning the Super Bowl and,how about that seven years later almost,to the day touch murmur Holmes joins us,live from Disney World that's the MVP of,Super Bowl 50 for Patrick Wow who knew,right a couple years later I assume,you've been to Disney World before how's,it going it's a real it really is it's,an awesome feeling I couldn't even,imagine this whenever I sent that tweet,out and so be able to be a Super Bowl,champion at Disney World,it's one of the best feelings of my,entire life seven years ago see we're,like 17 years old just a kid first,question how much sleep did you get last,night any I got a little power nap in,I'll just say that celebrated with other,guys and then had a early press,conference and now I'm at Disney World,but it's been a it's been a lot of fun,I'm enjoying it yeah you're still,smiling good here's the thing a year ago,you fell won games I had to watch the,Super Bowl just like the rest of us so,take us through what your last year has,been like did you make any changes,professionally or personally yeah I mean,I just learned I learned more so I,learned so much in that first year of,being a starter of obviously stuff on,the football field it's tough as a as a,player and as a professional and so I,just try to do what I can to take it one,day at a time,maximize every single day you have it's,a long process and it's a lot of hard,work but we found a way to get to the,Super Bowl and found a way to win it I,mean you probably know the numbers,better than any of us but you've had,five double-digit comebacks just this,season Patrick how do you just flip that,switch and get it done yeah I think it's,good credit to the teammates and the,guys I have around me they never give up,they fight until the very the very end,of when it says zero zero zero on the,clock and we just compete and I think,coach Rita instills that in us and the,beginning of the training camp and OTAs,and then we have that mindset going,throughout the whole season but last,night was different because none of,those four previous double-digit,comebacks came as late in the game as it,did last night and of course that's the,Super Bowl your entire offense struggled,but specifically for you Patrick why do,you think he struggled so much those,first three plus quarters,yeah I mean obviously I wasn't playing,to the best of my ability and and doing,the things that I usually do but at the,same time that is a great defense so one,of the best defenses I've faced and in,in my entire career and so those guys,were we're making plays and then the,whole game and then we just we just,found a way to make some at the NA and,get the win yeah I think everybody,agrees the turning point was down 2010,midway through the fourth quarter it's,that third and 15 and you launched the,ball to Tyree kill Andy Reed Patrick,said that you call it wass two three jet,chip wasp amine literally he said you,put the stinger on him but I hear you,called that play Patrick is that true,and why why then whenever they were,doing reviewing the the catch before,that being a incompletion toko tree we,needed to ask so I said let's go to this,play we had ran one that's very similar,in the first half and that covered it,well but how they covered it we had this,one that kind of went off of it and it,got Tyreke one-on-one with a safety and,so we went with it we we called the play,the office line blocked a long time a,long long time saying guy who gave me,enough time to get the ball out there,and Tariq to make the play and when he,made that play on the other end what,went through your mind yeah once we got,that completion I knew we were gonna get,rolling and we gotten to gotten to that,two-minute mode got down there got it,the first touchdown and then I got the,ball back with the defense with three,now and went down there scored again,what will you remember most from this,season about your head coach Andy Reid,who was the sentimental favorite for so,many because of his history because the,Philadelphia he'd never gotten the big,one what do you remember the most yeah I,mean I just remember his work I think,every single day I mean it's something,that it's it's great I mean its,greatness the amount of passion and love,he has to this game and he deserved that,a Super Bowl trophy more than anybody,alright last thing one of the things,people love about you Patrick is you're,easy go lucky attitude you always seem,happy and you're so humble now you're at,the top of the world so when you think,back on Pat mahomes the little kid with,the dream setting that tweet about,Disneyworld what goes through your mind,today yeah I mean it's it's crazy it,honestly is think back when I was in,high school playing quarterback first,year starting to now,it's been a lot of growth and I'm just,glad I got to do it here with all the,guys I have around me w

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Wiley & Acho react to Mahomes clapping back at Tom Brady on Twitter | NFL | SPEAK FOR YOURSELF

Wiley & Acho react to Mahomes clapping back at Tom Brady on Twitter | NFL | SPEAK FOR YOURSELF

i guess we will see in 20 years spicy,chicken nuggets,acho you like patrick mahoney's popping,back at tom brady,uh so i love it because it's so rare,that we see authenticity from athletes,y'all don't take that for granted,it might just be twitter but y'all,please don't take that for granted,so my brother once told me he was,talking to somebody in college my,brother was a standout in college uh,defensive player of the year in the,conference whatever and he was talking,to somebody bro and,they said and said hey man sam macho we,love you you're such an amazing player,he's like i mean no i appreciate it you,know it's not really all that but you,know sam you're great great and he's,like no i mean really it's not that big,a deal and they said to him they said,this,don't be so humble you're not that good,bro he told me that story maybe 10 years,ago it stuck with me since,athletes fall into that category of like,fake humility,ah fake uh meekness and it's like hey,don't be so humble you're not that good,damn,i love that patrick mahomes wasn't,trying to be politically correct finally,oh,he wasn't trying to be uh some sort of,fake humility where he was hiding his,ego,he called it like it was he was like hey,tom brady we gonna see in 20 years big,dog,and how do i know that this wasn't some,sort of like oh fake tweet in jest,because tom brady was talking about the,present it is about actions we just beat,you in the super bowl,patrick mahomes was talking about the,future when it's all said and done,who's going to be the best that's why i,packed my homes and say we'll see next,season,he said we'll see in 20 years when when,i'm done playing,and when you're done playing that's when,we're really going to lay us all out and,see,who was the greater quarterback of all,time or maybe even,who was the greatest quarterback of all,time so we rarely,get true authenticity from our athletes,i used to love the ochocincos of the,world y'all remember,he was sending pepto-bismol to defensive,backs the week before the game and the,week of the game,because he would say y'all gonna get,sick of covering me so you gonna need,this,i used to lie down we don't get that,anymore because,everybody just wants to be pc they don't,want to,say anything that might get them,criticized later on might get them,criticized later in life,patrick mahomes said nah nah i'm about,it and yes tom brady you are the goat as,it stands by,actions but everybody knows i'm coming,and i might not be there just yet okay,and i'm gonna get there before it's all,said and,uh you changed my mind because i was,gonna say no i don't like you i actually,love it i just don't like it coming from,patrick from home okay,oh do not bark up that tree because that,tree may fall,on you shout out to jay-z saw jay-z,yesterday i'll tell you about the,conversation letter you ain't the only,one see famous people too and they walk,up to you say hey,all right anyway oh,man you just gave me so much let me,start here,um you you're speaking out of turn,patrick mahomes in any,barbershop argument which is basically,what this was this is a twitter beef and,they,they both getting their hair cut at the,same time and tom brady like oh oh,i'm talking about right now and patreon,holds like,in 20 years let's check this out and,brady like you might not even have hair,in 20 years we might not even come to,the barber shop in 20 years like i don't,want to hear,anybody in any argument ever say well,let's check on this in 20 years you lost,argument already patch of my homes,you ain't ready for this one it comes,off a little cloudy,no one asked patrick holmes anything,about this situation,it was tom brady responding to a bet,loss about tom brady it's a b,conversation see your ass about it here,if you're patrick mahomes,but you know why he wanted to put,himself in there because on the field he,can't put himself,in there in the same conversation with,tom brady let's talk about patrick,mahone's,versus tom brady just that can you stay,focused in this vacuum,patrick mahomes versus tom brady you,want to hear some ugly numbers,here they come he's owen too versus tom,brady,but against all other quarterbacks in,the postseason he's undefeated,tom brady's sitting there giggling like,you really want to be for me,you averaged 20 points a game against me,tom brady,34.7 against every other quarterback tom,freddy said they're giggling,okay 20 years let's check this out 52,completion percentage everything is,horrible 77,passerby but 109 against everybody else,top ready like okay 20 years from now so,here's the thing,patrick mahomes superman doesn't talk,trash to kryptonite he just stays away,from it because he knows it's going to,make him weak,and if you patch my holes watch your,mouth cause you're barking up a tree,that just might fall on ya,you said superman don't talk trash to,kryptonite he just stays away from,that's a bar here's a problem with you,marcellus you don't like you don't even,notice your best bars,it disgusts me you dro

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Skip & Shannon react to Tom Brady & Mahomes' twitter jabs over GOAT status | NFL | UNDISPUTED

Skip & Shannon react to Tom Brady & Mahomes' twitter jabs over GOAT status | NFL | UNDISPUTED

i think actions speak louder than words,leading mahomes himself to reply less,than an hour later,i guess we'll see in 20 years so shannon,did you have a problem with,brady's response no and i'm finally,i'm finally glad brady is letting his,hair down skip i told you there was more,to brady than was meeting the eye,i told you there was a side of him that,people didn't know,and he kept bottled up and i think a lot,of that had to do with as we say,the patriot way he suppressed all these,things,for 20 years and the first chance he got,it was him he's like hey,i'm let my hair down i'm going to show,the real tom brady,i'm going to tweet what i want i'm going,to let people know,i'm tom brady i'm great i'm transcendent,i'm historically great i've accomplished,all this and i'm getting i'm letting no,flights,pass by on social media if i see it oh,you best believe i'm gonna call it did,you do it and i love patrick mahomes,like hey bro,we going to see it 20 years hey you in,the room you're in the cat bird seat,right now,in 2021 you in the cat bird seat but,check back with your boy in 2040.,and see let's see if we can still have,this same discussion skip i love it,i love it it just lets you know that tom,brady is ultra competitive,because for the longest time skip you,know what tom wouldn't say this and he,won't respond he's just going to go,um tom brady said no i ain't letting i,let no slights i let no discs,get past me on social media i'll let,y'all know i'm go brady,and y'all need to recognize me who i am,so shannon sharp,says he loves this i love it cause,this is this is really not like this is,not that like that,corny that old god that dry humor this,is real,i mean you thought oh he just no no tom,brady ain't playing with this,tom brady has not played with this he's,like i'm tired of y'all tarnishing me,i'm tired of y'all talking about this,guy plays better he can throw harder he,can do all this,i can speak a lot of the word i can't do,another thing that these guys can do,but can none of them put the hardware up,that i can yep,so finally we just got,a flash a blast,of the real tom brady yes we get,a lot of tom brady on a daily basis in,in my point of view,a little too much social media brady,because that brady,is that goofy nerdy corny dad next door,right who's funny ha ha but it's not all,that funny honey yeah we've been sitting,on these tweets for 20 years for 15,years so what you expect them to do,they're just flowing out and again i'm,convinced,he's hired somebody to do this on a,daily basis so,whoever this kid is who's doing it for,him right probably a kid,you know it's like how about this how,about this guy he's he's full-time,and every day he's saying hey tom how,about this one he probably,it will skip i mean to have somebody,like that you got to be there around him,so it's not like they're in one location,he's in another they're probably that's,a full-time job,full-time job but this didn't come from,his social media,director this wasn't a suggestion this,is brady saying,what watch this,beneath lurking beneath that facade,of goofy corny nerdy tom brady,i've told you from the start is a flat,out cold-blooded football,killer you have to have it in you to do,what you did at the highest level,you've got to have something you could,you can call it one loose screw if you,want to,but you better have it or you're not,going to last right and you're,definitely not going to,survive and thrive the way he has,because he's got,more hardware than anybody's ever had so,deep down tom brady thinks that in two,playoff meetings,he has kicked that little,whippersnapper's butt that's what he,thinks he did,to patrick mahler he got him in his,house in kansas city in overtime,obviously they don't play,head to head against each other but he,won the game yeah my team is a two and,one against yours bro yeah,okay but he doesn't count the one the,one was in the regular season right no,no that's what i'm saying that way,they're two and two in the red cousin,two because he beat him twice in the,regular season being once but,in the post so,there's this guy there's this alter ego,that i have always called psycho tom,and it's it's almost scary to me how,people can't,see what they see because they get this,this impression of tom brady off the,field,and it's hard to reconcile the guy who,loses it on the field with the guy who's,on social media off the field,but we saw him lose it on the biggest,stage the super bowl stage,when he and honey badger got into it if,we could see that,you remember yeah did this not get a,little ugly,did this not go a little out of bounds,because tom wouldn't let it go,right tell me who you talking to who are,you talking to me,all right get back here hey don't let me,hey,no it's this way tom said he,kicked me off and then there was some,i don't know some speculation that got a,little racist or racial or something and,then michael irvin who was,privy to the actual audio right on his,show that he does,for uh is that nfl i

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