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Pat McAfee Reacts LIVE To Elon Musk Officially Buying Twitterwhat we will find out about is what wil

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Updated on Jan 12,2023

Pat McAfee Reacts LIVE To Elon Musk Officially Buying Twitter

what we will find out about is what will,life be like,with twitter being privately owned,by an alien that has come from another,planet,to ours,to change it in every,single way hell yeah breaking news out,of cnbc which i believe is the business,arm of nbc twitter announces it will go,private after agreeing to deal with elon,musk worth 44,billion dollars wow congratulations to,all parties involved,now elon did start twitter fingering his,way into this conversation because of,his lack of trust or respect for the way,that twitter has been operated because,elon uses twitter on a very regular,basis,elon is a very good twitterer and i,think elon has massive amounts of,respect for the platform that is twitter,now whenever he started putting out,polls on whether or not he should, just buy this thing that is when,i really started being enjoyed by the,process of a 44 billion dollar purchase,seeming to have started by a troll and a,troll fashion now happening now it,depends on who you listen to here,because,there were people that were not happy,about the thought of elon musk yes,people were not happy a lot of people,leaving right a lot of people leaving,twitter oh really this is happening well,this always seems to happen every year,they claim they will election year,everybody's always moving if something,happens and yeah somehow our our our,population continues to go up not down i,don't know it's interesting,how's it going to change now how's,twitter going to change well that's the,thing like,he has to put together an entire ,operation because if he is worried that,it is a tainted platform which is why he,wants to purchase it i believe because,he believes that people as free speech,has been hindered by the platform and,the way it operates and then remember it,was like a saudi prince or something,that came or the saudi kingdom came out,and said yeah we're not selling whatever,you think so then elon asks oh so saudi,is actually the ones that get to decide,if twitter sold or not and then it,became an entire thing and then it,seemed like a lot of media people were,not happy about elon buying twitter and,then it felt like a lot of people that,are on twitter a lot kind of happy that,elon was buying twitter so i feel like,just like everything on earth people go,to who they trust to get their opinion,and then they get their marching orders,and they come back and they just yell,and then they just yell against each,other and inevitably it doesn't matter,because things are just going to happen,whether you yell or not so i have no,idea what this means i hope elon makes,it better but there's a lot of people,that are pissed off about it that i did,not see coming out and i i mean i that,really took me by surprise that ewon,buying it a man who's made his home in,america a man who has built like seven,or eight different billion dollar,adventures who has been very successful,who has invested in twitter him run,owning it would be bad i guess they just,think you could control what gets out,there if it's privately owned instead of,publicly owned but hasn't that already,been happening i don't know i'm very,confused by it all aj,yeah i mean i i'm i'm definitely curious,to see how this all plays out but it for,any if we know anything like,free speech is not going to be it's,going to get better with elon there it's,not going to be worse whether whatever,side you're on like it seems,to happen,seems to be pissed that they silence,people well hopefully yeah but that's,what obviously they all had the power to,silence people allegedly the the thing,is now what if he along with the science,field you know like,that's what everybody started thinking i,think yeah is there any right answer no,but it does feel like everything elon's,saying about twitter is exactly what we,would all hope twitter would be which i,would hope twitter would be because then,maybe a little bit more,you know like a football locker room oh,okay everybody gets to learn about,everybody and although you might not,agree you can agree to disagree and move,about and say hey you know what i grew,up in pittsburgh pennsylvania you grew,up in goddamn hawaii we might have a,differing opinion on something but we,can move on and still be able to operate,i think that's elon's goal but boy oh,boy it's going to be difficult i hope,that even my worst critics remain on,twitter because that is what free speech,means elon is championing,championing,championing free speech and i think,the only people that are pissed off,about are the people that are thinking,that oh he won't he won't be true to his,word but all those people are always,true to their word so yeah that is,something that,we should take very seriously you know,what i mean i mean how much does him,buying twitter affect you on a,day-to-day basis well if he changes it,he has an edit button and i get to i,live on twitter so if he gets an edit,button where i could change one or two,characters after something goes and i,accidentally instead of

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hi how's it going welcome to a challenge,that was created because one dudes tweet,we got everything that he has in that,picture three double quarter pounders,with cheese two medium fries a single,quarter pounder with cheese two 10-piece,Nuggets and for soft drinks the only,difference between me in that tweet is,if I finish this in 90 minutes I will,give away $3,500 to the people in the,comment section below when you write,your cash tag or your venmo in the,comment section right meow joining me,alongside this entire ride will be the,incredible ty Schmidt he will be,checking in with me every single 15,minutes you will also start the clock ty,how do you feel about my go at this,particular McDonald's Trey challenge so,I think you have a lot going for you,there but also you know everyone says is,so easy I can do this you put this in,front of you that's a lot of ,food that's a lot of food I was a,buffoon on the internet the other night,when this guy put the tweet out and said, cakewalk cuz okay,I'm from the Rust Belt I've been had,McDonald's but here it's it's in front,of me and I don't know how I'm going to,accomplish it but for $3,500 to the,comment section I will power through my,butthole will hurt and I'm here for you,ain't that right Louie I'm very,interested to see what your strategy,will be in terms of what you attack,first interesting I hadn't really,thought of that until this moment you,think that the cold chicken nuggets will,be harder to eat than the code burgers,get cold they taste like ,so the burger right so you shouldn't,have to worry about that but I think if,those nuggets get cold I mean you might,as well just eat rocks from you know I,mean like it's it's basically the same,thing all right well let's get to those,rocks my friend hold on that doesn't,start until the first bite goes in my,mouth sounds good I am gonna do double,quarter-pounder first just because it's,my favorite and I think honestly I think,the thing about it is,the Nuggets are gonna suck but I got,Nick Mangold sauce to dump all over this,yeah yep 74 sauce or whatever the hell,it is so we'll go with the fries on here,this is a bit I mean this is a half,pound of meat about to put in my face,with some fries hey here's the next 90,minutes ruining my butthole for at least,a week here here let's take on that,guy's tweet let's go I'm like the pizza,that we ate the other day I don't have,to rush through this right I just have,to get them down 90 minutes seems like,an eternity it's a movie but,when you get fool that gonna linger I do,have some vitamins off-camera left,camera right my left social distance but,epic oh I'm a little bit worried about,just now that first couple bites are a,little bit heavier than I thought,they're gonna be but like my dad always,told me don't be a people should,realize McDonald's number one I'll take,some pop they put about 95% ice in there,good margins yeah you don't sell,billions billions of people serve,without really cutting costs and they do,that with the ice in the the sodas soft,drink this is actually kind of enjoyable,I just thought only a minute a half into,we're gonna be done with about quarter,of this three minutes in it so what do,you do for the next hour 27 right we'll,find out,Wow,roses rules rules rules those tween laid,out very specific this entire tray looks,like all of his burgers may have been,playing so he may have been cheating the,system a tad bit not cotton no,countenance no onions no pickles etc etc,I'm an American so I'm definitely gonna,put ketchup on here Heinz ketchup and,the chopped onions on a quarter pounder,favorite vegetable on earth I think I,think that's a real statement I can look,the favorite vegetable is that what,they're called and what is it's not,yellow onions up you know diced yellow,onions that the quarter pounder has the,red onions a bunch of losers on,it these nubs not going to be as good as,those nuts but I think they should be,batch of fries to be honest not from,here do they have my prize no I did not,know we got several or effort true but,we are no they're bum fun wanna make,this yeah spit on my burger everybody,spits on my food I think,all right a little over three and a half,minutes in you've already got a quarter,powder down I feel pretty good what is,your typical McDonald's or core power,juice - four pounds with choosing,McChicken okay and egg McMuffin the,double quarter-pounder might be too much,meat to be on I mean if we're doing a,study is this like a case study for,McDonald's I think we thought through,the double quota product cuz the quarter,pounder might be the best burger out,there like I'm talking everybody who,makes Burgers quarter pounder with,cheese might be the best burger out,there the double Quarter Pounder is too,much meat I need to find my appetite I,don't like that we put the three pickles,on there you know I didn't know those,are gonna be honor that's kind of a,staple kind of a waste but these are,dogs ship fries this was the this is a D,team

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Fake Sports Reporter TRICKED The Pat McAfee Show Live

Fake Sports Reporter TRICKED The Pat McAfee Show Live

uh breaking news pretty big breaking,news well yeah they need WD-40,in Buffalo the Rockets have traded James,Harden to the Nets in exchange for Kyrie,Irving Joe Harris DeAndre Jordan,Brooklyn's 2021 first round pick,Steve Nash in the Nets were just like,Hey listen this guy's doing Zoom calls,10 minutes before our games are kicking,off that he's not playing and strictly,because he doesn't want to okay let's go,ahead and get him is James Harden out,there is he playing he looks like he's,about 2 30. Steve Nash like I can,get him into shape you ever seen my my,Instagram commercials I'm on I'm in,pants yeah but now we can get James,Harden ready to go so now we got James,and Kevin Durant back together in,Brooklyn they got Kyrie Irving which,Stephen A Smith was calling for him to,retire because he didn't like football,amongst other things James Harden about,to shave up the beard oh no what's that,got that oh ,oh my God,we gotta get to a goddamn break,with it,everything I just said was wrong it,would have been cool though,it was at Ultra weed hater,he got a in her what was the dude,on my timeline bro my cockner's just,Juju in them oh you got to get to a,break dude oh damn if you take these,next four minutes and really ,look deep inside yourself,more than that,take the back of the other side,stop the conversation yeah,check into the screen name was that is,that the real screen,bro you stopped the combo hand up oh,yeah cowboy hat on yeah eyes big there's,a look from digs that comes where it's,like all right here we go and then we,cut over,wow man some old white got got at ESPN,the other day and here we are just doing,the same thing anyways James Harden's,still looking to be traded yeah yeah,Kyrie Irving still potentially should,retire everyone in that sweet is going,tone,it's the Batman show we're gonna,regather ourselves we'll be back on the,other side with some more Sports Talk,listeners and Watchers of the Pat McAfee,show,on January 13 2021,2 20 P.M,I relayed information to Matt Pat McPhee,that was not correct,I,during the show scroll to Twitter and I,look for breaking news,and I get excited when there's breaking,news and I normally oh yeah I normally,do double check let them know dicks uh,but on this,in this case on this day January 13 2021,I was got Yeah by by weed killer 69,that's right that's right he reported a,trade as a fake Adrian wojnowski oh the, yeah I did,James Harden had been traded to the New,York Brooklyn Nets that's right,that was a fake fake report oh dang here,at this show we do pride ourselves on,on getting things correct oh yeah,absolutely especially like this in,a basketball world and and Reporting the,facts not just being first yeah because,because as a reporter it's more,important to be true than to be first I,forgot that today yeah I vow to you that,I I will never forget that again,okay I will double check,there wasn't even a there wasn't even a,check mark next to this account not even,close not even not even a seven Emoji,not even a lot of retweets either oh it,wasn't really his best one no not at all,we talked during the break and feel like,it's been decided that the covet Cowboy,is probably gonna have to hang up his,Spurs today,he's gonna have to put his hat on the,wall oh no don't he,just be normal piece of digs for,the rest of 2021 all right,let's pass this moving into to the,Future yeah absolutely way to own that,folks good job Tony hey way to go I mean,I definitely misled people misguided,people,got got but the accountability is,something that nobody else would do,except for you Dave that's right what a,hero bro good job and you have changed,your hat that's all you did was just,change your hat well the cowboy is dead,okay you don't deserve that cowboy hat,oh he's right I wish I could argue,cowboy hat did lead to the Steelers,being one and done oh you getting got on,the Internet is awesome yes yeah that's,one of the you know real Thrills of the,internet it really is a great moment,it's like that's the moment on the,internet that we all share whenever,somebody gets gotten it's like oh gotcha,did you see how excited he was when he,when he thought he had oh man by the way,you can,I was waiting to pitch back to you I,thought you're gonna break out the bat,is AJ still one AJ do you hear that,apology and do you believe it and are,you sold on it and you forgive him I,watched the whole thing uncomfortably it,felt like uh it felt like a Garth Brooks,documentary,I'm Chris Gaines now oh that's Tom,Gaines Chris Gaines had a hell of a run,almost won a Grammy I think the uh,um I don't even know where to go from,there

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Why Has Pat McAfee Been Kicking On Twitter?

Why Has Pat McAfee Been Kicking On Twitter?

so obviously you've been teasing us on,Twitter for the past five days showing,your absolute tannin leg I was wondering,if you were to ever go back to honey in,the NFL if you've thought about it what,would be the future plans for the Pat,magic show great I don't know what I do,my third feared math class then you,should be paying attention in math class,because honestly that's the only class,you're probably taking that'll be worth,a single damn 20 years from now so maybe,just watch a little bit later but we,appreciate you watching for me punting,balls in the backyard I'm not a hundred,percent sure what's gonna happen,honestly I have no idea right now I'm,just trying to see if the legs are okay,I'm feeling much better than I felt a,year ago whenever I was thinking about,doing this the legs feel good the ball,is flying I think mentally I feel better,right now I'm just enjoying getting back,into my sanctuary which is just bombing,balls and I just so happen to be kicking,the living it out of the balls right now,too so that feels good do a couple,places potentially need a partner that I,have friends who are coaching there,maybe Detroit is that the Detroit by the,way is another place a lot of people,popping off from a comments last time,about the Lions needing upon it would be,nice,Pittsburgh needs a partner I mean,there's a lot of places that need to,ponder Ken City Chiefs are currently in,the middle of an open tryout for punter,I don't know if they take me but there's,a lot of places that potentially need a,punter I'm not a hundred percent sure,I'm gonna make a comeback but I'm giving,it a go in the backyard just to see if I,can make it and also I really enjoy,doing it so it's like I would assume,there's people that like to drive golf,balls so they go up and drive a golf,ball with zero and ten if ever become a,professional they just like doing it for,me kicking and punting balls my entire,life has always been like what people,probably feel at the driving range,getting back into that without the fear,of getting hurt has been a lot of fun,I've been enjoying it but the balls are,flying very very high right now very,very high I did not expect it to be,honest I did not expect a consistency,but I think it's because I've had this,idea of like who knows what's gonna,happen let's enjoy this and work on some,stuff I don't know what's gonna happen,to this show will not end I'm having too,much fun with this show right now too,much fun now will that change maybe I'm,having a lot of fun with this show right,now balls are flying and I've had a lot,of people say hey let me come shag balls,free and stuff like that I'm a weirdo,about working out alone I don't work it,I don't like kicking balls in BIOS,because it's like the driving reject I,just wanted yeah yeah you should hear,the G,and I went to work last night the young,jeezy and I want to work last night go,down and a half sesh got a good sweat in,you know what I mean my body was,dripping I had two ABS,yeah yeah yeah it was a big because you,forget whenever you're punting and I,forgot it's a super explosive exercise,the whole body is kind of getting a,workout now granted if I wasn't as fat,as I currently am it'd be much better,cuz my thigh keeps it my gut but it's,been a nice workout it's been a nice,getaway and I've been enjoying it but,I'm not a hundred percent sure what that,was gonna happen was it all you think,your leg feels better this year cuz it's,because it was more used to a punning,form than versus kicking now because I,was planning last year to I think it was,just I did nothing for two years so for,vitamins and hang out and stuff like,that and then this year now it's like,I've gotten back into it a little bit,more before just you know wearing on it,yeah this is last week this is like day,two or whatever I think that's a 500,ball which no big deal it's going to jog,it off and send one the back the other,direction I had some scrub from the CFL,trying to chirp me I don't know I I did,think about it I just I just said back,the way I respect the brand that guy is,a good ball kicker I still kicking balls,or stripes on it for the video also,doesn't do how big your backyards like,when you've been there and seen it my,backyard is 110 yards it was a very very,important reason why I bought the house,and granted the house is so big and I,got it for Sochi P it makes zero sense I,have a cribs house and I'm a partner,should not be living there only used,three three rooms in the whole house you,know so I grew up in a small house I,always wanted a big house I bought the,biggest house than I thought I could,potentially get very cheap I don't use,any of it big waste of space but it,feels good to look at and then when I,saw the back yard and I saw 110 yards,long I was like I'll take it and I,basically just took a briefcase and just,those are good money investments you,know yeah houses are what they say deep,sell it now for more than you bought it,for it was a double or triple yes there

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Tua Calls Out "Twitter Warriors" Criticizing His Arm Strength | Pat McAfee Reacts

Tua Calls Out "Twitter Warriors" Criticizing His Arm Strength | Pat McAfee Reacts

two way to talk about the deep ball just,yesterday an oppressor and uh ann who is,uh miami dolphins pr who was here who,set up the conversation with us with,coach mike mcdaniel shout out to ann uh,she was actually referencing it because,you know it's an interesting thing,because when the miami dolphins post a,video,that's the team being like all right,here's what we have here's what we are,but,like you get a good shot it has slow-mo,on it,but you're immediately just dropping it,right into the oh too it can't throw a, ball far at all,and then it just goes and goes goes and,then you have to answer questions like,this too i actually had to speak about,it yesterday at a press conference in,the middle of otas yeah if you seen the,third to the last play we had,i don't know,if i could throw the ball down the field,still but by my account i think that,might have been a touchdown to tyree,yeah if not then he scored two plays,after that to tyrique so,you know however you want to,write down,any of that to social media or whatever,outlets you guys are with,uh you do so can you talk about your,timing overall with tyrikin is our play,outside of that that stuck out today,that you think you guys are shows your,timing yeah well i mean you know it's,it's pretty cool having a guy like,tyrique but you have other guys that are,you know extremely talented very fast as,well,you know that kind of help out with with,tyrique being open you have wado you,have uh you know kasichy so everyone has,to cover every part of the field and,i mean,you know it should be a lot easier to to,get these guys the ball although you,know playing against our defense,is still good stuff with this team from,him wearing hoodies and sweatshirts and,sweating out here yeah he can mimic that,and then even the music if he lets you,guys pick music by being the you know,the,player of the day let's talk about that,and just being into that yeah swaggy,that's that's what i gotta say about,coach coach mike i call him mystic mac,um just like conor mcgregor this dude,like he loves to predict stuff,so call him mystic mac uh but you know,the,the respect that he has in the locker,room this guy is tremendous,you mentioned earlier about the,narrative about the arm strength what do,you think about that that every time,somebody talks about you it's he can't,throw deep,yeah well like i said all the bad news i,hear from anne um,you know and tells me hey i don't know,if you heard about this but they say,that i'm like and why would you oh why,would you want to bring that up,um but she brings it up just you know,just so i'm aware with the questions,that you guys are going to ask me um you,know for me it's just zone that out i,mean we come out to practice,everyone else twitter warriors you know,keyboard warriors whatever you want to,call them you know they're not out here,practicing with us working hard so,in your mom's i don't know if you guys,reported that last one to tyreek but,now that's your dad,i don't know about you but that looked,like money,i don't know about you but it looked,like money how come they're not posting,that that's the clips that we need to,see posted by the dolphins uh twitter,account i think they are and i think,dolphins understand that and i think the,ravens had a situation with sami watkins,and lamar jackson a similar thing i just,you know and foxy immediately upon this,conversation happening starts shaking,his head because he is a editor and a,camera person everything like that when,they get these jobs it's big jobs teams,need them content is great you have,access that nobody else has but also i,think there has to be a little,self-awareness on what's potentially,being said russell wilson got murdered,for that,let's ride and two it got murdered for,the throw it shouldn't be coming from,your own team i think is what we're all,saying and i think it's just people,fulfilling content like oh i did my job,today i put a video out today and it,makes them look terrible and there's not,even a thought of that aj can we run,this uh russell wilson one just to hear,your full thoughts on it i know 12,people,why do you believe 12 people sent this,video to you you think aj because they,know i like inspirational videos,we're gonna run it,let's ride it,let's ride,let's ride best one there,let's ride that's the one,very impressive but,you're just feeding the fodder of what,russell wilson has talked about by his,haters on the internet shouldn't be,coming from the team i don't think if,somebody else wanted to post that all,good sure but if it's coming from the,team

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Pat McAfee Talks Getting Fined For Tweets While In The NFL

Pat McAfee Talks Getting Fined For Tweets While In The NFL

aj what kind of scumbag things did you,do on the field what did you do that's a,great question nick uh,i don't know i don't think i did a whole,lot just running in the middle just like,football,spit on people you were flipping no i,never spit on anybody i gouge,no no it wasn't a ref it was my buddies,and my coach,flicked off i thought it was the ref it,was a joke to them,that the nfl did not feel it was a joke,and they find me 10 grand but oh,bird one finger and then when you when,you appeal that one you don't have a,whole lot too,around like hey man my argument was i've,done it six other times and never got,picked up on camera,why do i get fined for this one that's,not a valid excuse,so i paid,uh belichick my second year going to,play uh season oprah against the bengals,actually and um,uh and this was kind of when twitter,twit twitter you started,yeah so you spoke your mind a little,more freely so we're going back and,forth,some of you guys are going to double me,i'm like yeah nobody's doubled you in,two three years,this is like probably wednesday or,thursday and belichick waits all the way,to the saturday walk through,kind of pulls me to the side after the,walk through,whips out of paper hey so uh boom boom,fine,detrimental talking about the game plan,oh,oh no conduct detrimental by the way was,added into that cba,and boy i you were on the receiving end,of it just right there,i was on the receiving end of that on a,lot of different occasions yeah,and i was very confused how that was,detrimental to the theme and not,protecting our quarterback wasn't but,there was a lot of i had a lot of,questions you know and i finally uh,one of those meetings by the way is my,like my final like all right i'm,i am this league is not for me anymore,it feels i i feel like people like me,are probably not supposed to be in this,league,how many are those how many rules are,there like that where it's just like oh,connect detrimentally just make them up,well yeah that's what i'm saying like,that all came about,because like the t.o situation and guys,were getting duis and getting arrests,off the field stuff and that's hilarious,that it turned into,oh we're just going to find you guys for,tweets well you're tweeting me instagram,that's not every team i mean that's,not a yeah a lot of teams let him get,away but i'm curious who did belichick,hand you the fine letter do you have,your tweet printed out oh yeah,tweets,so sorry to interrupt if you're a man,watching this you deserve to have,long great,and you can do that now with our friends,at roman right now you go to, you get ten dollars off,and free two day shipping on roman,swipes which are guaranteed,to make you have longer more fulfilling,every time you get in the sack,now let's get back to the fornicating,action bring it to me ernie's everything,that's weird ernie adams is on twitter,oh yeah i highly doubt it so i i found,out that they,i probably had like 14 people probably,following me in the front office there,for a while because i was getting some,steam i was getting some real,options and i wondered fake accounts,i think some people were following me,because they were enjoying it but yeah,they were all faking out,and people have told me since leaving,one of their jobs was to,report what i was tweeting or whatever,and i'm like oh yeah they i think that's,everything everything every team,at this point especially but back then,this was like,2010. this was this guy's specific job,was to follow my twitter,that was his only job no no he was just,scout he was a and,uh you are being tasked with every,single thing that he puts out there,and you know my twitter was much better,back then too and maybe they're the ones,that ruined it for me you know what i,mean it was much much better

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Pat McAfee Talks OJ Simpson's Twitter

Pat McAfee Talks OJ Simpson's Twitter

Oh Jay Simpson JA oh boy no way that,what else get a very weird anytime a,video of the guy,it was definitely real what multiple,videos by the way yeah and that was so,him too he lives in such denial so scary,it was a very eerie he said I got some,getting even to do what go to line god,bless and take care oh yeah well really,take care after hearing a double,murderer say he's got some get me,sleeping better than I show the last,time II need to get even he showed up at,a hotel with guns right the time for,that he heads to getting even he showed,up at a house with knives yeah yeah so,what's he gonna do on Twitter I feel,real good about it it was interesting,his lawyer by the way I at obviously I,checked out who Oh Jay was following his,poor son by the way is a real estate,agent in Florida every tweet that guys,put out for the last month has now just,been bamboozled with people like,yeah your dad's a murderer your dad's a,murder nobody even knew he existed until,OJ decided to follow him so Jay is,ruining his kid's life again somehow a,lot of people think his son was actually,the one who committed the murders so,when it disappeared though it wasn't,this way it's multiple sons I know yeah,he has another son that disappeared,there's an entire theory I looked into,there's another son that went missing,they're saying he's the one that did the,murder and OJ actually told him to get,out of here and kind of drove the other,direction so I have heard that theory,yes in this situation Nick didn't know,that Nick just assumes real estate son,is the one that may be killed because he,followed you only if you have to,certainly he followed the Buffalo Bills,Bills mafias they followed the ESPN I,believe the NFL and then he followed,this lawyer from Las Vegas and the,lawyer was bragging about how many,followers Oh Jay had on his Twitter,accounts so he was like something about,he called people like losers almost like,for OJ dominating Twitter or something I,I think they're pretty confused about,what's happening here,Oh Jay I would assume thinks that he's,doing Twitter right here because he's,probably got like three hundred thousand,four hundred thousand followers now at,this,and all people are doing is we never,really got an opportunity to follow a,murderer before so now we're getting a,chance to really see it real time I did,not choose to follow because I don't,want that in my timeline I don't want,people to see that I follow him I've had,to unfollow other people because I just,don't want to be associated with it but,the 4,000 people that have followed OJ,Simpson,I think oje thinks it's because they're,genuinely interested in him it's just,the fact that murderers are a genuinely,intriguing thing in our world yeah but,that's exactly why he thinks that's,exactly how his brain works he's like oh,don't kill him on Twitter thanks for the,support you know like that no bro we're,just watching for a train wreck so,Twitter takes you off for video oh USGA,how does Twitter say okay we're gonna,let a guy I know what that what the,verdict read I understand it but he did,serve time he is a felon have you say,all that stuff that they can say we're,just not gonna have you on the plan,Cosby's tweeting this weekend to,America's favorite dad yes Cosby oj,these guys had no problems this week on,on twitter me for making it funny for,making a funny this is unbelievable we,live in a wild time here in 2000 the,best reply to that Cosby tweet was the,guy that put the gift of Robin Williams,from Jumanji said what year is it job to,be Bill Cosby social media manager while,he's in prison Bob because they've been,tweeting for a while I look today like,this'll keep saying it sees wife was,just like a bunch of jury decisions the,best thing about OJ too though is he's,using it like it's like the Cameo app,he's not bleeding he's just putting,videos he's trying to get that blue,badge he speaks so I don't know it's,actually it scares me though to watch,him speak it just I get like an eerie,feeling what that says charismatic, dude it's Ted Bundy,yeah maybe put out that video of if I,had done it this is how,have done it that's the scariest thing,I've ever seen in my life also he put,out another video too where he talked,about denying having relations with Kris,Jenner but he never actually said that,he denied romantic interest if they were,interested in each other he never denied,breaking that in a hotel for those,that don't know his words is referring,to an oldest it's not his words it was,an assistance a former assistant of OJ's,word is allegedly his words yes an,assistant of OJ was in a limo with OJ,back in the day in a Jay told the,assistant that he was on a trip with,Nicole the the wife he murdered,eventually and Rob Kardashian and Kris,Jenner kris kardashian at the time,they're on a vacation they were in a hot,tub Robin Nicole both went to bed and,then his exact words to the assistant,were I broke that ,he actually fornicated with Kris Jenner,so hard he broke her

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NFL Social Media Has Started A War With Pat McAfee?!

NFL Social Media Has Started A War With Pat McAfee?!

at nfl social media and i are currently,at a standstill,for those that don't know or follow,along on the internet i understand and,appreciate you uh not wanting that much,of me in your life i wish i could do the,same but this morning i learned that the,nfl had restricted me on their instagram,comments section in their platform i,commented on a matt ryan blue beer pong,buckets challenge type game in which,matt ryan had to answer at the end,against a very game blue the mascot and,really tie it up so that he wouldn't,lose and i wanted to comment about the, dog mentality that matt ryan,showed there and i don't want to,overreact to one video of uh matty,bucket shooting the rock here but,welcome back yeah okay indianapolis mr,lombardi trophy yeah just because of,that i didn't want to overreact so 11,hours later i checked on it and said let,me go see how it's doing not a single,like i'm like all right well maybe,nobody's seen it nobody liked it wasn't,that good a comment i took my time on it,don't comment on instagram ever by the,way never do it not my move you're,supposed to i guess that's how you're,supposed to build and i see people do,that and they flood people's it's,like i guess you're being seen there,whatever the case but i i didn't see it,so then my wife starts scanning through,the uh soon so i know i don't see it on,there either i'm like these, restricted me again this,would be the second time in about six,months that they've done this why is,this and that's what i have to go,through the rolodex oh we buried them,for their little i wanted to see how,long these players would stand here,after telling them i was taking a photo,and it was a video hahahaha video from,the rookie premiere it's and we pointed,out the fact that these rookies who have,had lifelong dreams to make it to the,nfl who have just gotten maybe their,first payday since nioh might happen but,their first real payday they're gonna do,whatever the you want them to do,yeah nfl social media uh 22 year old who,took social media classes and has a,social media degree the nfl players are,gonna do whatever they want let's not,bury nfl players like that maybe okay,these are ,of uh,christmas the future of your league,let's not do that,so,somebody i assume the person that,created that idea and felt really good,about it and got a couple other people,they got him and all that stuff which by,the way happy you got your people i'm,just giving you my perspective as a,former player i assume they went in,there and restricted me because now i'm,getting messages from some people around,nfl headquarters and nfl social media,like uh we are looking into the problem,here to figure this out so i want to let,the nfl social media know the team,that,i will call off,the dogs or whatever,or,i will,i will send a cease-fire okay because,the boys and the ladies that follow,along,were flooding at nfl's comments ready to,go but also just because you get to run,the nfl social media account the nfl,social media account is going to do well,regardless you stink at social media,whoever that was okay your little degree,in your little class that you took to do,that is terrible you're acting,as if you have a fast car because,somebody gave you a ferrari that is,something that is irresponsible you're,with the biggest league on earth there,is no reason to come after a former,player who dedicated eight years of his,life to that league,multiple surgeries can barely walk to,that league and you're gonna ban me from,it what is that all about,that's, that's right dad and it was the,first time these guys had their jerseys,on like it wasn't like these rookies,were yeah you know i've been with the,team for those like okay it's the first,time i get to wear my nfl jersey so i'm,not gonna the last one the last time,they did this to me they restricted me,or whatever they said that if they,didn't restrict me they actually the,word dude was,uh a hidden word so my mess of my,comment got hit or whatever which okay,maybe i bought the debt what in that dog,is that with a d-a-w-g it seems like,every time i call mentor you guys are,married is this because the losers who,stink at social media who are somehow,giving the keys to the nfl social media,account are trying to restrict us,because we point out how bad,they are is that what it is yeah bingo i,don't buy this fugue's that you,know something was hidden in there it,was a textbook blackballing they didn't,like what you you know i said initially,hey i understand that you guys can,bamboozle the old whites that have no,idea what social media is we are also a,social media account so whenever,something's terrible or stupid we feel,obligated to say hey this is terrible or,stupid sorry for making you look bad to,the people that you have lied to to,create these careers so that's on our,fault yeah i guess it's our fault no not,at all is it is it an attack you think,it's an attack yeah it's an attack cyber,warfare my friend somebody had to click,on my profile at pat b

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