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Packers Unscripted: Frustrating finalitythank you,hi everybody welcome to another edition,of Packers

Green Bay Packers

Updated on Jan 18,2023

Packers Unscripted: Frustrating finality

thank you,hi everybody welcome to another edition,of Packers unscripted from I,am Mike spoffer joined as always by my,trusted colleague Weston hodkowitz we're,coming to you here from our Studios at,Lambeau Field unfortunately to talk,about the end of the Green Bay Packers,season 20 to 16 a loss to the Detroit,Lions as we talked about all last week,West the Packers were right where they,wanted to be the best position they,could have been in all things considered,when to get into the playoffs and,instead it's a loss to go home and uh,and the season is over and the Packers,will not be in the playoffs for the,first time in Matt leflore's Four,Seasons as head coach yeah and the other,thing is too we found out hours before,the game minutes for the game really,that the Detroit Lions weren't going to,be in the playoffs either as by the,Seattle Seahawks winning that game,against the Los Angeles Rams a lot of,mixed emotions with this,um you know there was a line and I'm not,gonna be able to like repeat it verbatim,but it was something that,Alan Lazard said in locker room that,really hit home with me after the game,and that was basically there were a lot,of parallels in his mind between that,game against the Lions and what happened,to the Packers a year ago against the,San Francisco 49ers um it just,offensively there just wasn't a lot to,to push with and I think the Packers for,the most part stuck to the game plan in,the first half the one that I was,calling for which was run it down the,Lion's throats I mean this is a team,that again gave up more than 300 rushing,yards to Carolina,uh and also both you know I had 200 yard,backs in that game Green Bay just could,not,run the ball well enough against that,defensive front from Minnesota they,turned over the ball a couple times and,they just didn't have the moments where,they needed to execute in all three,phases a lot of good complimentary,football during the four-game win streak,for Green Bay and unfortunately none of,that was there for them when they needed,it against the Lions yeah I think the,biggest thing that I that I lament as,far as uh this opportunity getting away,from the Packers,boils down to the fact that,there had been so much that went Green,Bay's way over the previous month not,just winning the games obviously that,they needed to win but the Packers could,have won those games,and still headed into week 18 with,nothing at stake because other things,could have happened that the playoff,field could have filled up there were a,number of things that happened if it,felt like a gift from the football gods,that the Packers were in the position,they were in because of all the other,help that they had gotten along the way,and look what happened to the Lions,right up to the very end a crazy game,between Seattle and the Rams back and,forth and goes to overtime and their,playoff hopes end with Seattle you know,kicking in an overtime field goal and,the Packers got an opportunity dropped,into their lap,um by a lot of happenstance quite,frankly and to let that get away is is,really the most disappointing thing,because there could be some other years,here coming up whether it's next year or,further down the road where you might be,fighting for a you know a 10-7 record,maybe even an 11-6 record and you need,some help to get where you need to go,and you don't know if that help is going,to come and the Packers got all the help,that they could have asked for and yet,the opportunity was squandered that's,the hardest part I think for uh um for,me to swallow because you just don't,know if the fates are going to smile on,you that much when you're in that,situation ever again yeah people forget,when they talked about run the table the,Packers didn't run the table to get a,wild card spot they ran the table to win,the division yeah they actually that was,a Division champion for you know that,title this one for them to do it as the,seven seed with the wild card on the,line was pretty remarkable for the for,the table to be set the way it was for,Green Bay going into this one and you,know and I don't mean to be flip it and,I don't mean to be crass but it just it,looked like Green Bay just didn't quite,have it together and the Detroit Lions,were the team that was playing to to get,in the postseason I mean,there was that quote after the game and,people laughed about it and they kind of,you know I think bar still put up as,like the most epic post game ever but,like look at that post-game interview,with Jamal Williams where he he's crying,about his you know losing his,grandfather dedicating the game to him,but then just completely being revved up,you know saying that people counted us,out we weren't going to get counted out,you know I think it just shows you the,energy and the aggression in a team much,like last year when the Packers played,them in the finale that isn't going to,to be told that they can't win or they,can't make the playoffs and I just,thought Detroit played with

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Packers eliminated from playoff contention by Lions, Rodgers hints at retirement | NFL | UNDISPUTED

Packers eliminated from playoff contention by Lions, Rodgers hints at retirement | NFL | UNDISPUTED

what's the biggest reason that Aaron,Rodgers and the Packers lost this one,the line just flat out I played him skip,the Lions desired to keep them out of,the playoff with greater than the,Packers desire to get into the playoffs,and you heard them talk about it skip,that we couldn't go it's not any fun if,we can't have none well we can't go to,the playoffs okay Green Bay you're not,going either we don't want you to say,when we get good next year with because,this is something to build on skip I,think they want like 10 straight 8 9 10,straight ball games with that being said,I didn't want the package to say you,know when you guys got a head start in,the off season because y'all didn't make,the playoffs guess what we gonna start,our off-season at the exact same time we,both getting good trash bag to clean up,our lockers and start the vacation at,the exact same time one feeling real,good about themselves and one not the,Detroit should feel really good about,themselves really good the first to skip,the play second and 17. he throws a,jailbreak screen uh Saint Brown and,guess what he ladder to swim I know it,was a great great plate your best plan,to win it was,I hadn't seen that play run that way,before no I I haven't saw that skip on,fourth down bigger kick a field goal go,up Seven nah Dan Campbell said uh uh,we've been driving down liquor right now,good night Green Bay it's over,Green Bay made enough mistake skip I,don't understand what Quay Walker's,thinking medical medical uh Detroit,Medical is coming out there trying to,get him out the way you shot the man,really and then you go off the field,crying this thing it's not like what,happened bro why would you why would you,show up A team's medical personnel what,is he gonna do that's what they normally,do they want you to get back so they can,tend to the player you standing around,and then 95 wire walks up behind the,medical personnel involves him again,they did enough dumb things to lose this,game but I'm not so sure even with that,skip the way that the Lions would not go,away the way they played is like guys,and they don't skip why they have to,play they already knew what had happened,Seattle had won so there was nothing,they could do there was not a scenario,in which they could do anything to get,into the playoffs before they approached,that like they were just for the Super,Bowl this was the NFC Championship Game,and this is for all the marbles they say,I don't care we're going to win this,game,Dan Campbell methods might be a little,unorthodox they are but this is what we,know when in Detroit it works it,resonates those guys play their ass off,for him do they and they played a well,of a ball game yesterday and no matter,what you think of Jared Goff I think it,still was the right move for Detroit to,trade him and get Matthew and I agree,because the uh the Rams got a super bowl,out of it it's hard to argue that's,given I know but they want to change the,scenery because they were going nowhere,with Matthew Stafford right and golf,need to get up out of there because,every time something went wrong they,blamed him they did but skip look and I,get all that other stuff about pack you,know they lost the foot actually Aaron,through two interceptions they got a,hands to the face because they picked,them up on the right rail at the left,Rail and then he said you know what let,me go ahead in the ball game is it like,Brett Favre because if I'm not mistaken,skip I think Brett Favre last passing,Green Bay he threw a pick in two the,championship game against the Giants,Well you see that's suggesting this I,can say it he showed retreated like that,we're gonna talk about that because,you're remember skip the guy asking for,a jersey and I want to hold on to this,one because now we got now we got now,you and myself and others got to,speculate was this Aaron's last game,what's going on he walking arm and on,with a Randall Cobb and then he show the,camera no no no no no don't shut the,camera because when you was winning,these ball games you was all smug,he was Cavaliers a mug and now all of a,sudden he don't want the cameras in his,face when you was winning four or five,games in a row you to keep the camera,without your face you doing every,interview you were if he sit back in the,chair all like this here or the pet that,could be show you nowhere you know,everybody kind of the South I gotta see,it you know I I saw it coming yeah you,saw it covered did you see that did you,see that,all right I'm going to respond to your,first point because it cuts deeply into,my soul today,this is how a professional football team,is supposed to respond yes,this is one with a real live head coach,that it believes in as wacky as he can,be yeah sometimes a little bit goofy or,as you say unorthodox,babe bye yes they respond yes and they,could have quit on him they could have,hung their heads last night and said oh,well Seattle won we're done we're done,and just mailed it in,and he preached all week ev

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Lions vs Packers Live Play by Play & Reaction

Lions vs Packers Live Play by Play & Reaction

100,000 subscribe,the game was over oh we here,I am just done,okay,let's go firing,Harold hold me Russell,oh it's caught over the middle,it's freaking fracking time,foreign,Nation welcome to an episode of back as,a podcast where you don't now do,Pakistan but it sure does help Bob your,host job,been waiting all day,for Sunday night grassy,oh baby we here,we are freaking fracking,here,the nerves the nerves are here,the Rams they lost to the Seahawks,so unfortunately it's not a winner take,all game I wanted that I wanted the,stakes to be even higher but instead the,Lions will attempt to play spoiler and,for the Green Bay Packers,if they win,they are,in,whatever,Kitty no they're not going to no no no,no no no no,no,choking none of that not that right not,a shenanigans tonight,budget with a toner livid uh shut him to,the punter yeah yeah I get it I get it,war dog thank you for the two appreciate,you Justin with a tour I know they,ruined it the Seahawks again they're the,worst Joshua JJ legend legend always,let's go me out if I'm waiting all day,baby let's freaking fracking go Connor,Thank you for the five or one two three,thank you for the Fiverr uh Go Pack Go,baby go pack up fudge it they fired uh,best left and Packers let's go Kevin,thank you for the sixer we're gonna try,to deny the Seahawks the playoff birth,let's go we jumped up for like a,thousand people to over 41. oh it's a,playoff game baby and if we win,we will be taking on,the San Francisco 49ers we still got to,do that stop Barry buried with a hundo,and for nerves like,come on tell Jimmy go back up let's go,let's go Scott hope you're doing well,buddy Johnny hello from the Black Wings,game and the only one wearing Packers,gear here free from my life no regards,no regards Johnny none Brandon gifted 50,memberships,oh Brandon thank you brand new members,check out the community tab join the,patreon now join the Discord Brandon you,crazy thank you thank you thank you,thank you it's all ready I can already,tell to be one of those streams it's,gonna be a crazy stream already Tim,thank you for the tour appreciate it bro,thank you for the three year Michael,thank you for the Fiverr oh dude the,Cowboys suck today,Omega thank you for the tour oh yeah,Lovey Smith Lovey Smith helping out the,Chicago Bears,let's go let's go,let's get it Zeb thank you for that 20.,backers will do this off season depends,what happens but,some people are not gonna be on this,team because of cap space so that's,interesting as the best thank you for,two I appreciate you uh RC thanks for,the Fiverr all right let's go guys folks,I'm sorry if I missed it already it's,already going crazy so welcome to the,crossbody we don't thank you for the,tour,let's go Rachel to Fiverr let's go,wearing their green relax somebody the,urine has to be strong tonight tactless,thank you for the fire will be easier I,don't think it's easier no cause now now,Dan Campbell's gonna be kicking onside,kicks like all the time that's it,they're gonna go for it on every fourth,down please thank you Survivor all the,anxiety is up there buddy viewer weather,oh,saying time is now the moment is a hand,Harold Raymond lets you strength go pack,go,oh,let's go,gamer try to not call Scooter I did not,no you guys are still in the playoffs,though you know that's really doesn't,matter they're just limping in there,Garfield thank you for gifted five,memberships Daniel thank you for the,tour oh boy yeah this is gonna be wild,it's gonna be wild already I could,already tell it's one of those streams,Brad with a Fiverr yup yup 49ers are,waiting Brandon would have fired Bears,will win the tank ball oh yeah they did,they did Chase thank you for the dollar,oh God I can't keep up already,oh boy Zachary thank you for the Fiverr,Diamond thank you for the fiver,appreciate you oh yeah later with a oh,no say the Eagles won Cowboys destroying,Wildflower and I want a fancy League,here so hope you have a good game,tonight Atlanta congratulations let's go,let's freaking get it let's get it Turk,thanks for five I appreciate you uh 12,foot to work nope no no no no no no no,no no no no Seahawks here okay thank you,for the tour Joshua thank you let's go,let's go oh God Yep this is not good,this is not good this is a problem,already so sweat outfit,foreign,bets Green Bay win should I throw,another 500 on the Lions money line,buddy don't bet anything you ain't,willing to lose remember,bet with your head,not over it that's what they say that's,what they say exhausted let's get it,done let's go Michael to fire call,Scooter not now this is not scooter time,this is Packer time Reston thank you for,the tour Haley and thank you for the,Fiverr oh I do Griffin thank you for the,two appreciate you Daniel thank you for,the fire Zev thank you for the time I,don't have a second favorite team it's,all Packers all the way down all the way,down Drew thank you for the tour Ethan,thank you appreciate it again I,apologize if I miss people already it's,like I can't even I

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Packers need Aaron Rodgers fully engaged in offseason if he returns | Pro Football Talk | NFL on NBC

Packers need Aaron Rodgers fully engaged in offseason if he returns | Pro Football Talk | NFL on NBC

Aaron Rodgers the Enigma,for the NFL as we try to figure out what,he's going to do for 2023 just like we,figured out what he was going to do for,2021 and what he's gonna do for 2022. he,did say though he's not going to hold,the team hostage I think he makes a,decision,like last year Chris before the the new,league year begins in the middle of,March yeah yeah I mean I I think so too,again I I don't think he's trying that's,where I've heard a few people you know,lately like oh like Brett Favre you know,I know we've done this this is not like,Brett Favre it's not fair to do to Aaron,Rodgers listen there's there's a lot of,things we can be annoyed with and talk,about Aaron Rodgers it's not the same,this is again we got to remind everybody,Green Bay made this bed this is Green,Bay,they are the ones that drafted Jordan,love and started this whole charade here,right so that's where everybody's got to,remember that but nonetheless has he had,a little bit of a pain in the butt at,time sure of course and I don't know,where this is gonna go I'm I'm expecting,him to come back one more year I guess,that's what I feel here but you know I,think there's you know some the play was,not great this year,um I think you can question even his,attitude and Leadership to a degree a,little bit at least the way it looked,the Optics of it at times and,um yeah they gotta figure out where,they're going as a whole here as an,organization he's got to talk to,gutencus and leflore and they got to,figure out what their off-season plan of,attack is if he is going to come back,and all of those type of things um but I,don't think he's gonna like hold them,hostage or or Draw this out for a long,time,and to the extent that anyone out there,is saying wait a minute the Packers,drafted Aaron Rodgers in round one while,Brett Favre still had three years left,they drafted Rogers because Brian thank,you for cleaning was doing the annual,when am I gonna go when am I gonna stay,we better be prepared for this guy to,walk away because we don't know when,he's going to walk away right and then,after three years of Aaron Rodgers on,the bench they decided to to encourage,Farm to leave so they could pivot to the,guy that they had drafted Rogers had,settled along he wants to spend his,whole career exactly with Green Bay,wants to play into his 40s and spend his,whole career with Green Bay and then out,of the blue they draft Jordan love,that's what started this whole mess in,April of 2020 which has resonated now,for nearly three years here's Matt,leflore coach the Packers for Monday,talking about whether he has spoken to,Aaron Rodgers about his future,how much will you be communicating with,Aaron Rodgers these next few weeks and,Bob's on the hospital with that he might,have played his class in a package,uniform yeah I I really don't want to,get into,um in terms of that thought right now,until I sat down with him and had a,conversation so I talked to him briefly,after the game last night or we're going,to plan on getting together sometime,this week and sit down and,um you know just you guys talked to him,last night so you said that you want,Aaron back I'm just about any way you,look at it he had his least productive,season of his career he also turned 40,next year what have you seen to want him,back and inspired belief that that he,can't lead this team to where he want to,go yeah I think well I think there are a,lot of variables in play this year I,really do and um,sure are there some things that he could,have done better absolutely just like,there's some things that I know I could,have done better and,you can go right down the line to every,coach to every player and,um,you know there was there were a lot of,New pieces in there and it sometimes it,takes a little bit longer than others,and certainly we got to have some great,conversations in regards to where we go,with our scheme and and what it is we're,going to do,at one point during the season Peter,King and I squabbled over the question,of whether or not Aaron Rodgers should,have been there for the off-season,program and my relationship with Peter,is a lot like my relationship with you,we rarely argue that when we do,it it it uh it gets spirited yeah we had,a spirited conversation Peter and I did,on one Friday because Peter's like ah it,doesn't matter it doesn't matter it,doesn't matter and then as the Packers,bottomed out Peter came around and said,you know what you know what,if he comes back for 2023 the Packers,need to say to him we need you to be all,in we need you to be here we need you to,make the full and complete and total,commitment and I think that's the,message the Packers need to send to the,extent that Aaron Rodgers truly regards,it as a mutual decision and it isn't,because he holds all the cards 60,million dollars fully guaranteed for,next year all he's got to do is say I'll,be there and I don't have to come to the,off season program the voluntary portion,of it I can skip the mandatory mini camp,if

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Packers Fan Gets Tossed Down Stairs By Bears Fan

Packers Fan Gets Tossed Down Stairs By Bears Fan

we have seen this movie too many times,at this point fan violence show how,inexcusable awful behavior is yet at a,recent Bears Packers game at Soldier,Field this happened,oh,yeah,thankfully he got up and was okay,however it doesn't matter when any video,is taken,oh yeah,there is sure to be fights between these,two ball clubs which only makes,attending these games less and less,enjoyable unfortunately the Packers,Bears incident would follow this from,weeks prior at Soldier Field,foreign,who is in the stairwell has a Chicago,Bear scarf on which we will see and,there's a give and take oh they're,touching the roof too this is fourth,from the third row from the back then,that's attempted murder well that's what,I'm saying and then he takes this right,here put him pants down what and then,throw boom awesome the Packers family,section oh,that was the Packers family section up,there it's close to it look how high,they are dude and look at the resiliency,on this guy just getting up and walking,back up the steps after that happened he,could have had a broken neck anything,else and uh I don't know how this ends I,don't think I've seen the extended,version here but what a situation that,we cannot have become a regular no at,NFL stadiums yeah,that guy's so tough though by the way,like that really could have been a lot,worse dude yeah I'd say yeah I'm,surprised do we have the bottom angle,yes look at this this is the imagine if,this doesn't,boom Oh creme de La Creme I know yeah,I thought when I saw this,cheeks are out the guy happy boy he,appears to be really pulling his pants,down he couldn't do it look like it he,wasn't pulling him up you think he was,pulling him off yeah we'll help you out,bro he pulled him down you think he was,pulling them up why is your first your,first your go-to hey I'm gonna this guy,guys I'm not gonna punch you I'm gonna,try to pull your pants down and throw,you down this steep inside then McAfee,and Hawk would touch on it as well

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Postgame locker room celebration | Lions at Packers

Postgame locker room celebration | Lions at Packers

to do what you guys did it shows the,character of this team and what you're,about we didn't doubt it at all right,you guys didn't doubt it hell no,schedule makers the whole deal Seattle,you guys didn't even bat an eye you came,out to earn your respect and you did,that you earned your respect today man I,couldn't be more proud these coaches,couldn't be more proud that's right I,mean God you do you understand when I,say special group this is a special,group and by the way it's just the,beginning this is just the beginning,yeah all right because now the idea will,be down the road and all roads go,through Detroit that's the way we gotta,think,but man when you can win on the road,like we just did,to a team that is doing everything they,can to get in,man it speaks volumes about who we are,that's what we're capable of I I,couldn't be more proud I'm serious man,I'm just telling you right now,but the other thing is he broke Barry,Sanders touchdown record,all right,I just want to let y'all know man I,didn't really talk about this and I,didn't let Sean tell the team about this,but my great grandfather died last week,and I really dedicated this game for him,and I just want to let y'all know I'm so,proud of y'all I'm so proud of the way,y'all work,and all the emotions just hit me after,the game and I just want to say man I'm,so grateful to be on this team with,y'all,the last one here is this all right so,I'm just telling you I'm just freaking,telling you because I've been around,I've been around as a player I've been,around as a coach in this league,we got I'm telling you the best owner,the best,we need every resource you guys she,thinks about you guys all the time man,I'm serious she knows everything about,you she knows everything about you but,I'm telling you she is Rock Solid she's,as good as they come she's a good,freaking person and she's competitive,and boy she loves win so,foreign,it's hard for it to him this way but man,it is pretty gratifying too to know that,we were nine and eight we had a winning,season gentlemen,all right hey I'm proud of you I love,you break it out of here hey hey last,time again hey this is special group,right here be thankful for each other I,love you all went on three one two three

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Why are the Green Bay Packers keeping Joe Barry and considering bring back Nathaniel Hackett?

Why are the Green Bay Packers keeping Joe Barry and considering bring back Nathaniel Hackett?

the Green Bay Packers are keeping Joe,Berry at least that's what Matt LaFleur,told reporters on Monday he also said,he's reached out to Nathaniel Hackett,about returning to the Packers the case,for and against bringing those guys back,and whether or not we should be,concerned that the Packers are leaning,too far into what is familiar all of,that on today's show,you are locked on Packers,your daily Green Bay Packers podcast,part of the locked on podcast Network,your team every day,you were locked on Packers part of the,locked on podcast Network your team,every day I'm Peter Bukowski and I cover,the Packers for the leap a newsletter I,would love for you to subscribe to,follow me on Twitter Peter underscore,Bukowski follow the podcast on Twitter,we're locked on Packers like us on,Facebook subscribe to the podcast iTunes,Spotify Google podcasts wherever you,find podcasts you will find locked on,Packers the number one Packers podcast,on the internet and the show for fans,who know what happened they want to know,why and how today's episode brought to,you by your friends at prize picks it's,Dilly Fantasy Made Easy and when you use,the promo code lockdown you can get a,deposit bonus match up to a hundred,dollars on that first deposit,it's off season time,and for the Green Bay Packers that means,a lot of big decisions,we'll know more about the future of,Aaron Rodgers in the coming weeks,we'll see if they have opportunities to,make changes in the short run we'll see,how they'll maneuver the cap we'll see,what kind of personnel decisions they,can make both on their own players and,players they can potentially bring in,it's going to be a busy,six eight weeks here before the new,league year opens I guess it's a little,more than that even and,we got some clarity right away,on the future of Joe Berry Matt LaFleur,said on Monday that Joe Berry will be,back or at least he anticipates Joe,Berry being back that is I guess,assuming that either a Joe Berry doesn't,want to leave and retire that could,certainly be an option I mean maybe Joe,Berry decides that I don't think that's,totally out of the question,um he's been coaching for a long time,or B,at the 11th Hour Jim Leonard calls,something like that I mean that that,could happen,I I think if you're Matt on the floor,you want to keep open that possibility,and maybe he does call at the 11th Hour,at this moment based on the reporting,that doesn't seem like that's going to,happen,um I've also heard that it doesn't seem,like there's momentum in that direction,for the Green Bay Packers,I wanna I wanna put this into some,context with the Nathaniel Hackett part,of this as I mentioned at the top,um Matt leflore said he reached out to,Nathaniel Hackett about potentially,returning to the Packers there were some,hints at giving up play calling and that,could be related maybe you bring,Nathaniel Hackett back,um as the assistant head coach,offensive something or other senior,consultant and give him play calling how,does that play with Adam stenovich,I don't know maybe you promote Adam,stenovich over Nathaniel Hackett and,Nathaniel Hackett comes back as OC with,play calling responsibilities that could,all be on the table I'm gonna I want to,frame this with that coming up,but,I mentioned this in the blurb I wrote,about Joe Berry in the leap on Monday a,newsletter I would love for you to,subscribe to,I do wonder if this is related to the,future of Aaron Rodgers and that the,Packers plan is being telegraphed here a,little bit,because the best case for Joe Berry,is continuity,that they were able to take a struggling,player in darnold Savage,and actually find the right home for him,in the slot he played I thought his best,game of the season even with a couple,mistakes,against the Lions he also had some big,plays against the Lions he played easily,his best three-game stretch of the 2022,season at the end of the year when Joe,Berry started to make these adjustments,and and Jason hershhorn my colleague at,the leap America's guest,um he wrote about this at the leap last,week about the changes that were made,and there's two sides of it right you,get credit for making the changes,but then there has to be a demerit for,not making those changes sooner now they,they waited until after the bye week,there's really not a ton of time week to,week to be making drastic changes,positional changes all those kinds of,things,so okay,when you look at this defense as it's,currently composed rashan Gary is the,Cornerstone franchise piece he's an,All-Pro caliber player I think he was on,his way to a potential All-Pro season,certainly a pro bowl season before the,unfortunate injury Kenny Clark is,someone who looked much better in the,second half again he started off really,well was getting no help in the middle,of the year and then looked like himself,in the second half when all of a sudden,Jaron Reed Devonte Wyatt and TJ Slayton,started playing like actual NFL players,and that became a real meaningful part,of for the

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Inside the NFL - Social Media: Green Bay Packers Speak Out on Twitter

Inside the NFL - Social Media: Green Bay Packers Speak Out on Twitter

welcome back to the world famous,internet segment where Phil Simms became,a household name last week making,dribbling a little tedious just so you,brought to your Apple for the teacher,Peter Schreyer here this week chris is,here as well and apple's upside down it,looks like a fallen teabag mundane I,obviously was the final call of the,Monday Night Football game but the big,story online was the Packer players,reactions afterwards as you guys might,know by now both Josh and TJ Lang almost,minutes after the game in the locker,room we're tweeting out things towards,Roger Goodell I mean it's read you a,couple of them this comes from sit in,one of the guards that was bull this is,getting ridiculous the NFL needs to get,the refs back before we strike and they,make no money Lang then went to Twitter,and said f it and I felt find me use the,money to pay the regular rest Phil what,are your thoughts a of them going to,Twitter but be in the locker room,immediately after this loss running and,taking out their phones and started out,tweeting messages yeah I don't you know,for this instance for that game and for,what went on that's probably the first,time I'll say Twitter was good you know,that it served a purpose and you know,the NFL said they're not gonna find them,for tweets if you say it they'll,probably find you but when you tweet it,apparently you're okay is that I think,it's just that one and yeah maybe this,no good Brandon Spikes had some comments,also after the game the one that you,covered Patriots Ravens it's interesting,that that was the ruling today that do,you think that's gonna change moving,forward that the NFL is gonna be,monitoring Twitter and saying hey this,is the same thing you'd say in a press,conference we're gonna treat it the same,way you know if you see a train wreck,you describe a train wreck you shouldn't,get in trouble for the train wreck you,know I mean that's what it was and let's,face it Phil got a free win out of the,pic segment I'm still bitter about it,itself I almost tweeted a few things out,but it's amazing how it and I think,Phil's right I think it did impact a,little bit you know I mean it was there,was this this outrage not just from the,fans this time it was from the players,to us and it wasn't just the players on,the losing team you know we've heard,that before so this was a league wide,what are you doing to us NFL kind of,tweet moment that we really hadn't seen,before do you think they broke some sort,of locker room protocol Kris going out,to the public sharing what the feeling,was not we felt that Seahawks lot I mean,I'm sorry we felt that Packers locker,room there we knew that agony defeat,what do you think of the way they shared,things I mean I don't I don't think that,it's breaking protocol at all I mean the,truth is the truth and everybody that,looked at it I mean I saw the,freeze-frame their golden Tate's arms,nowhere near the ball when I saw the,frame so whatever the rest was see and,that was ridiculous and then on top of,that I mean this isn't just a,circumstance of of players just stepping,out of bounds I mean you've had coaches,who are getting fines back to back to,back because they've been speaking up so,at some point in time these players are,deciding to step up as men and say you,know what I don't care what's the rank,is just screwing up my game yeah tweet,it together can you tweet like three,keys with one thing I can't I have a,17-inch MacBook that's like my iPad so,I'd do it there but I can't do any of,that and seriously can't do it no it's,too much work I mean I really do have to,needlepoint my fingers hey you know the,thing just go back to it you know if the,one thing about it is I think when a,game is over and something like that,happens you want somebody to uphold,you're in I would as a player and I,wouldn't do it but you'd want the head,coach or one player on the team to speak,for everybody,so these tweets actually kind of spoke,for the whole football team because Mike,McCarthy boy it was I watched a lot I,stay up much those press conferences,every week anyway I love the body,language but boy he was What did he say,to one guy now some time at least at,least the players are stepping up and,it's unfortunate they have to do it but,somebody's enforcing the sanctity of the,did I tell you the funniest part of the,whole thing though,because they made them come back for the,extra point right which was ridiculous,ignore watch but I guess I guess that,they have this the system where you you,know Green Bay drops the helmet so they,have all the helmets packed in one thing,and they register you back you know but,now so now not only do they have to go,through the humiliation of going back,out for the extra point in a game that,they feel like they've won anyway now,they're digging through trying to find,their own helmet it was the biggest,circus I've ever seen yeah okay so last,week we're talking about Twitter with,Chad Johnson now we've got Chris Jenkins,here as well,these

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