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Overwatch 2 MOST VIEWED Twitch Clips of The Week! #216as usual we've got Great Clips to bring,you to

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Updated on Jan 15,2023

Overwatch 2 MOST VIEWED Twitch Clips of The Week! #216

as usual we've got Great Clips to bring,you today from fails and funny moments,to huge plays and all the rest here are,the most viewed OverWatch twitch clips,of the week my name is Nate and welcome,to Blizzard guides,we're moving down,time for the Reckoning,okay,I think I was born yesterday,no no no wrong no,oh this is awkward one,absolutely steamrolled buddy sorry sorry,see you next time,oh Ash ruined it,I can join him over here,foreign,out of here I got nothing,but he can't fight this,foreign,yes,yes,yes,don't worry I'll I'll get the soldier,don't worry stay pulling easy,I'm on oh my God,point oh my God,what is with that seat what is going on,with c,oke Shield was moving,cool,Shadows,hey I don't know he thought I was gonna,get boobs,what's up there's lava on the car bro,you guys are idiots,oh my gosh bro let's see billion minutes,thank you then witness one with,something,oh that's crazy I wonder who shot that,deflect,Ed,what,what,you killed me he's still one shot to me,I'm a little confused he still witch,yeah by the way imong was confused how I,got over the bridge here all you have to,do is this watch you look at this you,look at this corner here and then you,just pin and turn slightly to the left,and you're on point,uh,the payload has reached the checkpoint,um I'm I'm in the PVE area I'm I'm stuck,step bro,thank you,oh yeah yeah,oh what the,how did you even do that,well I went to Grapple and started,reading chat and here we are,how unreliable oh no,dude how do you do it twice,oh no,I'm so bad I'm so bad,it's like a mini ground dude I even get,a single kill,you know this is actually so miserable,I'd rather play quick play,there's six lucios I'm just gonna get,chain booped into the corner but I get,chains done and I'm gonna get chains,done I'd rather do it in quick play,said,I feel like I'm what,I'm literally,that's like the third one this round,where I walked into someone else they're,either a pre-fire or they're looking for,someone else this is I'm getting kind of,annoyed,there's no shot all right,hug behind you,oh no,bye,get up,oh sorry about my arm got kind of caught,on sorry,Moto,no suzu,foreign,oh my God man seriously,oh my God,guys they don't know right,dude,I'll just tune on it boys watch and,learn as long as the ball doesn't,touches I'm just gonna sit on it,don't tell anyone,unfortunate,oh my gosh,I heard that like in general like I,don't smell good nor do I smell bad and,I I want to take that as a compliment,you know,all right you ready for the Lucia triple,jump Tech,this is overpowered ready,one jump on the wall,okay what,no one jump two jump wait,one jump two jump,up,here,I got three,both are respectful targets I have four,I got it,okay ah it's not even close game boys,come on,oh my,God nah this cat is broken I touched,this I touched this I've won these,before,oh yeah I am Lucio's gonna be half,what the what's happening I'll show you,it's like this you ready,okay,but you got to do that movement too so,they went in a straight line with you,you can go every day anywhere at that,point,I think it's like this you gotta just,yeah,let's see you get more moving with that,so it's hard to hit,yeah,I think it might be easier to be honest,here we go,yeah because like that's what I'm saying,yeah,look at this mom you never seen a better,looking boost bomb in your life,that was actually kind of sick,oh my God,holy almost done,oh,Queen's Right pink,straight play right there,he goes bowling oh my God,if you saw,bullying,one,oh okay zero kills before I swear I just,saw six kills appear on,oh my God oh my God I didn't I didn't,expect the roadhog jump scare dude,oh my God,there's no way,yeah that and then this oh big,holy oh it's a clip it's a clip,where was he,nice they have walls,oh my God I made so many moves,so crazy,700 heals is unacceptable oh ready,for it yeah yeah,um,there I go knocking said off as to be,expected but that's only the beginning I,see this hog and I'm just like excuse me,sir you need to leave and then I see,Moira and you need to leave as well,ah,just go back,Jesus,sleeping shoes,yo they get you with lightly,double kill,oh no way no way oh my God,should I do it should I do it,as I knew,he's gonna see me dance gonna be like oh,my God that's so big Puffer,you've got some,stuff you're so big puffers,all right let's hit the the rollout boys,watching them watch online,guys ready yo Is that real stocky,yo what's up where have you been man,where have you been,dude,okay oh my God yeah nice,oh my God,that was just disrespectful,did we get him,wait what just happened I got four what,just happened wait no you got two I got,I got 50.,you press our ultimate that basically,animation cancels the healing so we get,healing instantly but we can start,shooting with the visor almost,instantaneously right now,this is the way you do it basically I'm,gonna press e and then shortly after I'm,going to press Q now what happens is we,skip the animation for waiting on the,healing to drop down so when i e and,then I pres

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May has posted a link,why is everyone denying global warming a,world is worth fighting for,how can the world be warming when you're,using ice powers I mean come on it,doesn't take much to make a difference,well every time you turn into smoke it,releases carbon emissions and maybe you,could stop leaving shotguns everywhere,what am I supposed to do with them when,they're empty I don't look nearly as,cool degradable eat the littering you're,killing me on your can die die die let's,drop the beat come on out to the show,friends I've been your support now I'd,appreciate it if you supported me what,time is the show I can only make it if,it's high noon you know I'll be there,you can't beat Lucy OHS music Oh dad,Thanks junk red you're the ball well I,think you've got quite the explosive,personality yeah I'm old I'm sure there,are a lot of jokes you get mine from,that please take this off my feet tracer,has updated her profile picture yep you,go girl,Congrats I'm sure it was a big relief to,finally get that off your chest right,junk rat oh yeah this is great,but it totally syncs my widow tracer,ship ah what's next falling in love with,animals I really grew into those glasses,hashtag DBT oh oh so cute when was that,photo taken judging by the Sun I'd say,it's huh,oh here's a picture of my little one,mom stop taking over my friends posts,that's not how this works,excuse me for wanting to show off,pictures of my little baby Maria,remember when I took you to the pyramids,as you laugh so hard you farted,you didn't need jet fuel to fly 5 feet,into the air,great story honor this is public public,aren't they texting you,Facebook was better when it was just,college students you didn't go to,college get you a girl who does both,love the high heels the witching have,mercy it puts the micro in,microtransactions you should cover up I,can see your loot box,are you German Knight with a rocket,hammer because you're making me Reinhard,we need your turret as a Counter tisn't,meta you got it let me just finish,putting up this pretty sprays what,you're drinking and for someone with ice,powers you have zero chill are you sure,you're being so defensive good one,Captain America King hate hugs posted a,photo well would you look at that really,cleaning up all the game of the Year,awards Wow hero based team fighting with,the series of animated videos to help,Mac at the cartoony over-the-top,characters,way to go you have Russian with huge gun,we have Russian with huge gun yeah but,your Russian doesn't look like me wow,you have a hero name soldier 76 real,original and the German healer talk,about diversity I'm Swiss actually same,difference,yeah we did it first sorry love we did,it better now that's a bad dude it's hot,McCree hey guys thanks for watching if,you enjoyed this why not check out,either of these other two awesome videos,and be sure to subscribe to stay up to,date on all the latest warps on content,we also want to give a big shout out to,all of our talented friends who lent,their voices in this video you can see,who played and find links to their,channels in the description okay we run,out bye

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Hitting My Highest DPS Rank In Overwatch 2

Hitting My Highest DPS Rank In Overwatch 2

I was gonna play either fortnite or,shell shock with E and he's like I have,to go play OverWatch,I joined before he did,okay they're all sitting in spawn now,there's troll face it is time to troll,face,God she's never gonna die is she are you,kidding me dude,say that looks such a white person,are you kidding me dude,you're going on a date for the first,time in five years she said yes yeah oh,Mike I hate you know who it is no way no,way no way is it actually no way I,thought the same way I thought the same,thing no way I was Furious,that fish was so mad she's the most,beautiful woman I've ever seen in my,life but I said hey you want to go get,Robin and she said yes I was like really,get this she's like she's a bit taller,than me is she really amazing that's,awesome she wasn't here,I'm not sure I know that because never,mind,no it's just I'm just in love with her,this is literally all of Thursday do not,talk to me I'm actually very mad Sam,brought it up even to begin with I,didn't want anyone,and I didn't bring it up at all I can't,believe people didn't even tell me I was,offended by that you weren't here when,he told us yesterday no you tried to,fist bump me because I said I don't know,if it'll work out and you said oh so I,still have a chance nice,you put a fist bump out and you looked,at me,me in the eyes,okay okay in my defense okay I gotta dap,them up because he's just like all right,you got that but at the end of the day,it's just like I feel like you gotta,look out for number Uno yeah I gotta,look out for myself at the end of the,day wait wait you can only use this item,once you own what you can only use this,item once you own period,Epic,on the official OverWatch store,this isn't fair why can't we have one of,those horrible losing streaks now what,do you mean,thank you,I wouldn't let that happen personally,in what world do I charge him into,traffic but I died,that's so good,oh,you're moving Homie don't die oh,soldiers,literally I mean he's tried to charge me,once,again,all right fish if you look at your,keyboard hello you see the A and the D,no,move your fingers okay swim oh I see,them,and I can press one of them when he's,team charging at you ah that makes sense,I'm not there,oh my God,oh,will he go up will he go up will he go,up,does he go up oh my God I'm Diamond one,I can finally say it I'm Diamond one,this is the highest I've ever been a DPS,period OverWatch one and two,oh I placed one more win,I'm Masters,yes we are I'm very excited to play,hooray,what in the call Cassie,yeah there's a lot of people that play,console they're high or drunk or,anything similar let's find out if these,fine gentlemen are partaking now I'm not,a narc or anything but has anyone,participating in the devil's lettuce,laughs,I've been gone faded,I'm sorry what though would you like to,repeat myself,guys,um,I love the topic switching that we were,having really feels like the,conversations again fish,oh,my god,oh bro,I have never committed harder to a Kill,in my life,I can do it,go get a fish it's all you you must be,the anime,but there was like two people you could,have dashed,don't question my methods I'm Diamond,one,I'm dumb and one I I knew this kid in,high school who like in gym class he,would put his hand down his gym shorts,damn I literally just I did that today,two seconds ago you guys just smell,yourself,it's like if my hand is down there I,need to know one of the hottest girls,that I ever met in my life said that she,likes smelling her own farts in the,shower oh my God,no I agree I do too there you go I love,the smell but,okay oh my God,real fish,fruition match comes from within is that,the real salty fish no OMG is that Salty,Fish no yo Salty Fish here yeah did you,stumble on some YouTuber stream that was,like yo you had Salty Fish on your teeth,unwinnable I hate you like 50 on DPS,that's me yeah buddy,you have no friends,dude,friends we are not friends,I want to let you know I'm on the second,biggest winning streak of my life yeah,unlucky we have Salty Fish on our team,he's already dead oh my God this guy's,talking to me I'm not gonna let her die,what do I look like do I look like Salty,Fish,like you could never look like me Mom we,have selfies,I don't know there's someone named cat,girl you asked me to remember someone,named cat girl I think we almost lost,this game The Moment I Saw Salty Fish on,19 15. to think I almost vomited in my,keyboard when I saw your V2 remodel,it sounds mad sounds mad sounds mad to,me sounds mad to me,I want this guy to lose oh God he's lost,his mind I'm tilted out of my mind right,now wait there's no shot you have eight,dead,there's no shot your V2 remodel is this,ugly,thank you holy I'm muting him oh look,you actually killed it,oh,tonight oh,oh he's so he's so tilted oh my God,gourmet dinner,oh my gosh,oh,bro oh my God for a while that we had,Gordon Ramsay in the kitchen for me a,kitchen moment I shut him up I just,started,had a good bro to stop talking,I had to be shut bro up,final

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POV: DPS Lucio enters Top 500 Overwatch 2...

POV: DPS Lucio enters Top 500 Overwatch 2...

I reckon we just keep running into the,enemy spawn and just I'm down,okay we find we find a Target and then,we just,make my life miserable Reese's Puffs,make them wish they didn't sit in a 10,minute table Widow,life is good we can eat them up that's,good for us Reese's Puffs Reese's the,first comp where it's actually slay okay,this is so far wait I'm getting like,destroyed right now I'm on her where are,you I'm getting I'm getting attacked by,what you can like wall right away,what happened,she pooped me,oh well I got the Widow so,okay I see ya don't replay what happened,please,everybody make mistakes Hannah Montana,said that once and I lived by that no,I'm on my way,okay I'm waiting I'm here let's go yep,I'm on tracer,wait you're on Tracer I'm on Widow I,just killed the Widow,carry,here we go go go eat them up Reese's,Parts,they still have water they're actually,keeping this,oh my name is Happy stay alive okay I'm,staying in I'm staying in I'm trusting,you to build it I'm getting it,water,oh,my God,fresh nuts guys,live live live,wait they're curious waving hello I'm on,here,the mega was taken recalling carry no TV,hearing no TV,one carry one Carrie who knows I don't,know what's going on I don't know what's,going on,move on,you're awful at this,okay well I need you taking damage,scenic route,because I like The View,okay she just gave up on shooting me she,just walked away shot me once and then,walked away all right she's over there,I'm here let's go let's go let's go you,just didn't even speed me,I'll see you that's you that's you,that's you that's everything on you I'm,slapped,I'm dead you better kill her oh I got,headshot okay let's just win and then,we'll go back to it later too much,I cannot touch man,we should do it really small to find out,I think that'd be funny okay,I'm one HP,oh wow,how,what happened how does that happen you,have to replay that,you have to replay that,Oh My Heart Is Dead Oh What a silly,little Goose oh look she's dead,runs it at the enemy spawn Jesus,okay defense Matrix,almost positive what do hit seven and,seven that's Criminal,um wait I'm stopping him they won't,touch,yeah,come on yeah,I'm excited that with C9,look at my look at my screen real quick,what,what did you what for more funny and,goofy anyways,all right let's go trolling oh my God,can you go on on the back line,um Tracer now,oh yeah let's go,wait on Anna,okay oh I love you,but the deep is coming she smelled us,through your eyes closer right,I still died,okay well they've used suzu again I'm,really glad that every pulse ball like,dude this is such a boring comp to play,Tracer into,like they have defense Matrix and suzu,for everyone I I don't know why you,complain this junk just dived in and,he's not dead he's not dead he didn't,I miss my shots but I don't know how my,hog missed his shot,I still got more limbs than you you have,12 deaths,watch out,I'm just scared were you scared,oh my God it's a Slade,just one okay going going no longer one,no longer one just one wait just one,yeah,let's go,come on let's just rolling oh my God,he's going in,wait yeah,I want his cheeks keep going,I didn't even get it you just solo Beat,It Yourself,that's pretty good,wait are we staying here,I'm here I'm here I'm here I mean no I'm,leaving I'm leaving,no they killed me okay Force recall with,pulse bomb,yeah just give me a moment,yeah I've got to pick I'm a sniper but,we're winning,what is this game what is going on,wait I want my email I want my stats my,stats,no man,yeah bro wait Hulk's coming Hulk's,coming,oh my God what is going on wait but I,ate there,oh,whack nice,how,holy,oh my God because we're doing it no I,hate Rudolph,very nice pulse oh there would have,careful careful,oh well here's the Widow,OverWatch,you got another one yeah okay dude stop,let me go what's going on,oh you swear,I like this oh,wait did Lucy's oh my God,I'm coming,got him,what is happening I don't know,wait what's the soldier doing again okay,I feel like LeBron James,left the game I would leave two actually,I just killed that Soldier and they left,the game,oh my God that's a YouTube title oh my,God I made the song didn't lead the game,oh my God,oh my golly goodness,wait you wanna go spawn cap the hog,I don't think he saw me,you missed the bomb,wait wait,yeah,yeah,oh my God you got dipped no been on,Lucia's body yeah,what a game of OverWatch ladies and,gentlemen,I'm gonna Grandmaster top 500 OverWatch,Lucio makes sojourn leave the game in,top 500.,it is so funny what is going on what was,that you just throwing what did I just,see you just don't want to honestly I,think Mercy loser of your hog is just,not bad yeah well yeah welcome to watch,Mojo and today we're counting down our,picks for the top 10 stupidest picks oh,my God,wow wow,I want to be guided oh my God I almost,died you know I'm joining it on this fun,I do everyone just old everyone is all,what's going on I don't know what's,going on I can't see anything bro,yeah do something what happened no one,died,she

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SUPPORT POV: 100 days of Overwatch 2

SUPPORT POV: 100 days of Overwatch 2

nice moments later,one minute 37 seconds later,what is this game of 425,Greece,what is this if I play with a fork stack,guys are you cooped up I've never seen,the people organized purified,nice they're gonna warning me as well am,I the only one in chat no,two other people in chat dude I've never,seen a,what is this you guys like,100,wait who is it Navy and baked no the,DPSS are not,or drop behind,what what is this game,that's kind of small,oh my God I gotta get out Chad,enemy here,children of my body Soldier behind,closed Mercy oh I'm dead,1v2,only Soldier,three,eyes that they don't cap it like back,the back they're definitely back,oh please,wait Mercy,one,what is this game of 425 my gearbox is,18 and zero they have the new James Bond,agent zero zero six,three Captain less than four minutes,do you like those DPSS,just joined Chad when the team is,winning it's never support or tanks,always DPSS once you cap with a lot of,time they join chat once they know that,you're in the lead and the game is,almost unusable they just join,especially if they have like an insane,score like 18 and zero they join it's,like they expect compliments you know oh,hello team wow people you're so good,holy maybe you're just thinking a little,bit too much into this oh my God,did you know that if you throw the knife,in this,it flickers,nice okay I hope she was looking at me,he was shooting randomly,covering you,one person,no one wants a Jew song,there's one nice,what's the dog doing what the hell,I gotta go put them,nice I gotta be careful,he has to be careful too be careful,you might know scissors,pushing you,know,be a joke,dude you joking dude I got such a badass,you joking oh CJ I'm coming after you oh,no I play Anna because they play,keep you up it's a big name,they don't have this means free hentais,for me,whoa,okay,come on come on,oh no I'm dead 100.,oh it's cold,get in there,walls,oh he's gonna stay there for years,I slept the wall two times don't sleep,that should have counted right they,should have counted two times,blizzard I am not asking for that much,please but please I know you're,listening I know you're in the Walls,Blizzard please give me a support that,lets me heal and shoot projectiles,through walls so I can heal my allies to,walls sleep that Genji's two walls I,don't care if that he would be broken or,not the idea is that he would be fun, support like 15 years ago I think,and we're playing CS 1.6 I would like I,would hear steps from deck to deck I,would know I would see the walls and I,would wall bang them all the time I,would be,just spamming non-stop the old days of,Cs you'd spend like the first 30 to 45,seconds of the Gown just spamming walls,I would like that to be an OverWatch as,well,should have gotten slept Eddie toys,Eddie talks please add the Genji getting,slipped,I I'm sorry I'm very sorry I apologize,for this but that would have been a,London City time,you have to get out,get in there,foreign,like five,people did I get past like five are you,what how did I get mastic five,I was,blizzard I was a form of Point what was,my gating oh,I won seven,seriously now now we can do it kabashi,and get him out of diamonds,thank you oh,oh kill me kill me I don't have to do oh,like a gentle rain,oh I'm dead,oh,yeah,look look Diana shark,yeah they moved the invincibility frames,it's okay it doesn't need my what the,hell did he not take any damage,destroyed,watch out for this one feel better,I'm not missing shots,minutes,wait did Isuzu and the ntp and it worked,come here,I can heal you,I got booked I can't pick oh damn I,guess but no I'm gonna go,away,I'm okay,nice okay Chad I'm just gonna go on and,go banana let me play with a strike skin,now it's over,I have no no need to be nervous,yeah,I can't do anything,yeah we just lose this,video bro,we should win this fight,nice,oh I miss playing on that dude I miss,playing Anna you're powered up get in,there I'm,gonna get down,oh yes,I'm close,I don't know what the Widow wanted to do,no way she kills somebody right yeah,I'm kind of stuck behind them they don't,know though yeah,all three right side,oh oh my God what a ghost,thank you,oh yes,let's go,you just swapped you go banana that's it,that's it hey I'm Olaf if you enjoyed,the content make sure to subscribe

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POV: You're playing Overwatch 2 but it's 6v6

POV: You're playing Overwatch 2 but it's 6v6

okay all right I'm charged let's get in,there,flanking,are behind our behind three,Cameron man just took it in the face oh,I want to hear the sex double kill,I'm gonna go back rematch after this,Chad all right get meter strike we got,shatter we got Anna Maria which is I,don't know AOE healers are very good I,think the more is probably better than,Anna here but we'll see they're playing,zarya hog so weird Maji is sweating out,on the zarya today,oh my God,we got him uh the tank Synergy dude I,miss it oh my god oh that's dude,oh man that just felt different man I,missed the tank synergies that ah,oh man listen I'm not saying I prefer 66,to 5v5 but there's definitely parts of,66 that I really miss oh man they're on,pulled down they're Alyssa hog I'm,slamming in,oh that was a quick second too late I'm,so sorry wait we got a dragon,all back here you guys get it for free,up front,really knocked in,well,hot wax,my turn,oh I I actually it just feels so good to,play yeah you're gonna drop I'm gonna,bait you in I'm gonna back up because,the hog's gonna be there trying to hook,me,up I finally got charged up,our team's coming back,I baited them all into that dude,that's easy all right you guys so when,you're even,let's go Ram,Shield us in,toss that behind them they're gonna get,caught in that,I'm out of here,fire one,well,what,I wish we had a DPS I could shoot it,we don't follow our Bastion go back,maybe bash a turret for him to break it,far it's very hard to uh to actually,shoot the tire you're probably gonna,lose you oh all right,for sure man Xanax say I did not miss,Zed in 66 though,they did,oh he tried it he tried it Billy oh God,oh God I need healing,oh God I'm just blocking,I'm just vlogging forever,remastered 6v6 is crazy,oh my goodness,yo,oh Ball's here,oh,Billy hooks you into my team not real,thanks Billy oh my God all right we're,gonna poke it out we're gonna try to,build our Rambo rambleton 66 shot,so good,we're matching around I'm taking off,angle here,and try to shoot their squishy this,other tank,God that's scary,don't mind your mind,I killed John,oh,sorry one oh god oh,dude,oh my God chat we're going off,I'm gonna give him my old ears,gotta Force Billy's cleanse okay use it,I'm going in they have no cleanse,one two three,oh he's out,they got out they got it they escaped,they escaped dude I I obviously I need,more time to play it but it just feels,so good to play,we're gonna ramble,oh we're dead,oh he chose,no no,John's flanking inside the right room,what am I watching,I'll back it up,big garage I slowed up too nice the,combo,oh oh,dear Moira,yeah Billy's trying to get silly,oh no,yeah we try to take one with you all,right I got my old chat,in the corner,oh God,all right we can go in a second you,ready,oh my goodness,all right we can fight up here,I'll take our face tank and I'll face,thing he's gonna Focus me,okay nice that's everyone in the game,holy ,and they grab two knights just die,pointer get out,oh God oh God we're so dead we're so,dead,oh my goodness Chad,um I don't think we have a fight here,actually man I can touch you baby hold,on,yeah I can I can I can't,almost there I got one,oh I got two,oh god oh he let me die,a joke's flanking,I killed both the DPS,no we lost,oh,oh no,damn I'd kill both DPS there too,drunk up top,Burger Billy is the only good jug player,he's Gotta Die oh they're all one,oh my goodness,oh my goodness,oh I wanted to hear sex double kill so,bad,we got some big kills there Chad,we got some big kills there,he's one shot he's white shot,tomato Hills,oh we should have stayed up there,oh we go I can just live stall them out,you guys don't get to leave you don't,get to leave you don't get to leave,you don't get to leave for us no siree,now I'm back here,oh my goodness gracious,where's my healing,wait what,get him to zero,oh my God we just gotta give him zero,give him zero seconds,oh no I have like 1300 Health holy ,get in there,oh God oh God,yeah we lose this but nice we got him to,zero all right nice we got him to zero,good,almost the big tires,dude 6v6 in OverWatch 2 is insane all,right we're playing for the winner of,the draw,down below first,foreign,holy dude 6v6 is kind of fun oh my,God that was kind of fun

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If You're Stuck In Bronze You NEED To Hear THIS! - Overwatch 2 Funny Moments 195

If You're Stuck In Bronze You NEED To Hear THIS! - Overwatch 2 Funny Moments 195

well hello there today's recipe comes,from Mizu blue,and I,I don't think I've ever seen something,like that like he instantly kills four,people,Jesus that's so satisfying but anyway,that's for me boys and girls don't,forget to subscribe and I'll be seeing,you tomorrow how do I get out of bronze,I ranked drunk and now I'm stuck,uh I'm gonna be honest if you're stuck,in bronze I don't think it's because you,were drunk I think unfortunately you,gotta look at yourself in the mirror and,say damn I am ass,unfortunately that's the reality of the,situation all right I got a question,would you drink your wife's breast milk,just a taste,sure,I saw,I can I can guarantee you that no matter,what cursor I was playing on,the snowballing team is my brother well,he's about to get you ready to,watch your brother get nice,I'm big,nobody beats gravity mate,oh,my god oh my god dude that's my big,differ oh my God voice chat may be,recorded to investigate and verify,reports of disruptive behavior you,blizzard hello hello how you doing are,you a loser you have no friends,no Mom no dad your dad left you your mom,left you you have no no friends,no social life oh Mom no grandma or,Grandpa died in a car,foreign,hey man that was a really fun last game,where you had to grab every fight and,then solo six times that was a really, fun game the guy went to hog and,I just like farmed them the entire time,I don't know that was that was really,really cool I was having fun I don't,know yeah I'm glad I'm glad you were you,were having fun,oh bro I am kidding now what is going on,release me I heard it,the answer,I got plays,right now,I'm gonna make her top watch out thank,you,what the ,oh,hello,nice message one oh my God no,that's big,let's go farm the hall wow,I dude imagine,oh,I'm able to one shot the pharaoh,oh all right don't worry about it uh,Jack over here,for one time you piece of ,on me oh okay,can hear me oh,my God,oh let's go,it's time for me,nice,die,don't worry Moira I'm coming let's get,her,together, Mercy watch your ass man,wait hello,districts all right,but the glory trees,this is the worst pause,did I just get Javelin wait a second I,don't understand how do they get Javelin,like you can't do damage to the spawn,doors right like it doesn't go through,the door,huh so I'm gonna literally Slide the,mercy ready,I find this is similar to a King but,different things,oh what's good,okay we get it good job wait like I'm,kind of clean like that who said my who,said my introduction now ,especially everyone,dude,I should have waited a little bit longer,dude,oh my God propane speed dude I just want,to say I've never had an OverWatch I've,never played with someone that I watched,on like twitch or YouTube and I'm,finally in a high enough rank like this,is so chill no fog this is so chill dude,let's I admire your game I think that,you have one of the best analysis of the,metacrifices,think about this game so much higher,level than most of the people that play,it you're so dope,that's very kind I appreciate that,teacher is yours insane oh that was too,nice that was really nice oh man,that was nice so Chad take notes here,but I want you guys to pay attention to,is that when someone is adsing in front,of you they're moving back in left and,fourth and blah blah blah and you're,trying to move you're trying to,hit it a great alternative to this is,that the brain will comprehend what's,happening way faster if you stop doing,all of these things at once right we're,not there yet so we don't need to,utilize all parts of the brain like at,the same time instead you put your,Crosshair at a level that makes sense,you let your Crosser do the all the, talking for you so when they're,adsing Let's Pretend the robot is adsing,well the Crosshair gets into the hitbox,of the character who shoot right so,instead of shooting here because of this,you see what I'm saying by doing this,you're actively training your brain to,react faster and react better right and,and this actually has been proven to,work before I've tried to do this for a,lot of people I do before and we're,talking to people that generally don't,have good aim I feel like this actually,has helped them tremendously and this,seems to be the kicker the kicker is,they're they're trying to do everything,at once and it's just too much always,quick question well do you think I'll,hit the top of this with with the throw

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This might be my BEST Sigma game of Overwatch 2

This might be my BEST Sigma game of Overwatch 2

all right let's go win this game chat,chambali okay,um uh I'm gonna be honest to you chat I,like junker queen I'm gonna play Sigma,on this map though I like singing a lot,better here,all right I'm gonna try to get better at,this rock I keep missing it Off the Wall,how about that got it okay there we go,so aim like right here,all right they're running an echo they,have mercy soj you're in front of me,here,oh no you in front of me here barrier is,splintering I have a pocketed sojourn so,I'll either have a great time here or,that will happen not bad,I was but,I sleep,well that's not good it's not on my,teammates it's going back to spawn,got a lot of ball charts already but,it's in a unique spot can they see me,here oh yeah what a tree yeah,thank you for the heels,I'm gonna go point now,yeah doing pretty low doing less than,half now you slow me I got pooped out,I sleep I'm gonna try to stop Reds if I,can I'm close to my elf,uh,one on a one,I got soldier in this house,so yeah pocketed sojourn and Echo are,pretty good here,um but sigma's good against the same,should be good,and I don't expect most reworks either,um,nice they use Nano,right now,occasions Monica,come on right now,minus one is one nice,back in a minute,back off,they won't be the rescue they have my,rock here well I guess they could drive,I go use beam Mercy's over there with,Tracer,in front of us here,oh sweet,okay mommy do you want me my bad I think,I was a little bit impatient with my,health there,is low,you still low,foreign,hero I will quite frequently play Sigma,on this map,can we need a sojourn buff I've been,hearing that a lot yeah,we're gonna go way left yeah,fittings,pushing cart I have to run a car and,kill him,good play by them hate much about that,anyway,let's do a half dude one I'm an echo,echo echo uh I'll be half copy one,I'm having a good time now let's go,doorway,I agree,yeah Brock,your mommy,suck he's dead,racer in this room right side John Main,gummy appreciate it,nice feet dude's still low,all right yes,go again go again,all right pretty good hold there not bad,all right Gotta Have a good attack now,they only push at 69 meters nice is this,still in the game I know they fixed some,stuff,what,I'm gonna go with you I'm just waiting,on this we're going now,I want to take away the the map control,from them up here,Doom in front of me here pretty low,you're stuck,in half,bunch of them are pretty low,huge oh dude behind you all right Grace,is dead,first he's pretty low up here getting,healed though,come on Mercy,okay back away back away,back away that way you've been doing,behind you and I think we're yep,oh my God I wasted my e,Q has a charge yeah,it was pretty low it was pretty low,soon,I got stuck in a wall I got nobody,go Fisher one,pretty low,first attack first no longer half,slime,go back man remember,Doom's half on point,come on Brock,foreign,you have,a bunch,uh if you want yeah I'll go right I'm,just peeking from here let's go right I,wanna I wanna noon from right yeah I,gotta dropping Shield what's up,here here we go,come on,pretty much uh children maybe not So,Much Anymore,he was one he was one,here goes pretty low,in front of me here,I also their sojourn,ing,keep the car going please,tracer's low,dude,there's no way,let's here's a one,back here we go,come on,here goes one I mean,this is qv5,thanks guys no mountain 40 Carrie really,will come Heyman will come after the,game,the barrier up here you want me you want,me all right,um,here it goes one here goes one nice,fish your left side,you're on me crystal recall left side,he's racing one nice,they have to rush the point pretty,quickly be careful I don't think I'm,gonna pick I can I can design you in a,moment here to denying touch but you can,hit me up okay ready ready got you,there's a shield,thanks for the character,you think pgs that was that that what,was that,holy crap chat I don't even know if that,was something that was the game,I hope you enjoyed that one,I I uh,foreign

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