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The Rise And Fall Of A Game That Made Nothing....when it comes to checking out new and,upcoming titl


Updated on Jan 12,2023

The Rise And Fall Of A Game That Made Nothing....

when it comes to checking out new and,upcoming titles I have a really,unscientific approach to the whole thing,namely I just stumbled into them such is,the case with this game back in 2021 now,outriders flew under many gamers radar,back in early 2019 when they went public,with an announcement trailer,which I missed a year later people can,fly the studio behind outriders dropped,another official reveal trailer again I,missed it what followed was a steady,volley of edgy media splashes leading,into early 2021 of which I saw none of,them it was by sheer dumb luck I,stumbled into outriders a week before,their playable demo went live in,February of that same year and what,followed was a game that experienced,tremendous early success followed by an,equally rapid and impressive crash back,to obscurity,thank you this is lieutenable's light,beer and welcome to my YouTube channel,today we're taking a look back at,outriders a title that poised itself as,an option to the standard online shooter,you see PCF pushed Concepts like a,weighty campaign that deserved your time,compelling story lines build crafting,that mattered right out of the box and,an end game that was accessible on,launch day and they delivered all of,this in Spades featuring some of the,most ambitious build crafting imaginable,with perks talents and a class system,that pushed you and your biological,Sledgehammer to the point of player,power fantasy overload PCF found that,sweet spot ratio for compelling combat,loops and they hammered that concept all,the way to the last second of the game,outriders wasn't a game that relied on,in-game or hundreds of hours of grind,time to find the fun it nailed that,minute one,listening to this testimonial one would,wonder where outriders went so wrong,what did it do to contribute to its own,death well outside of that compelling,combat and gameplay Loop,pretty much everything here let me just,check back over my notes,no that's right everything,outriders was a perfect example of what,happens when all the complexities of a,game outside of the game itself simply,overwhelm a studio,to fully appreciate just how big,outriders was at launch all one needs to,do is take a look at the initial player,counts on Steam hitting an all-time peak,of over 125,000 concurrent players and of course,this does not include things like epic,store Xbox game pass which outriders was,available to play on day one and of,course PlayStation now just to give you,a point of reference here's Resident,Evil Village at 106 000 The Witcher 3,wild Hunt even when supercharged by the,Netflix series at 103,000 players more recently Warhammer 40K,dark tide at 107 000 and according to,statista the number five top selling,video game by Dollar sales in the United,States for 2021 Battlefield 2042 at just,one hundred thousand players now steam,charts won't give us the full picture,different platforms or launchers but it,is a method of recording how players are,interacting with a game and out of the,box outriders was able to outperform,notable in storied franchises,you can probably guess where this one's,heading though Studio known for smaller,titles such as painkiller Bulletstorm,and more recently chapters for Gears of,War and fortnite crashes into technical,nightmare with overnight gaming success,outriders was plagued with technical,Gremlins the minute it went live if you,were actually able to log on server,disconnects server offline for,maintenance and other incredibly janky,infrastructure issues were the norm not,just for the first few weeks of the,game's launch but for the lifetime of,this game things went from bad to worse,when log and bugs started popping up,trapping players and Perpetual loading,screens and eventually leading to full,inventory wipes now some of these were,corrected but just imagine grinding for,50. 75 100 hours only to have your,entire inventory of weapons and gear,erased matchmaking was also a major,point of contention as PCF had actually,elected to utilize peer-to-peer,connections and cross-platform players,reported frequent disconnects from,parties massive lag spikes and items,like player abilities simply not working,while in party,the dichotomy within outriders could not,be more evident intoxicating visceral,combat Loop versus one of the worst,technical performing games on record,even today when asked players applaud,this game's mechanics in combat but,refused to revisit the game based on the,nightmarish technical flaws throughout,this game's history PCF attempted to,wrestle the game back into a state of,functionality often making odd choices,both in terms of scope of changes and,timelines just weeks after the game's,initial release and still in the throngs,of technical hell PCF announced huge,balance changes were incoming,effectively nerfing many of the class,nodes and abilities odd timing,considering the circumstances and,completely counter to the Studio's loud,profession that outriders was not a live,service game now it may not have been,

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[OUTRIDERS] The Meta Is Already Discovered And It's Kinda Boring

[OUTRIDERS] The Meta Is Already Discovered And It's Kinda Boring

what up boys it's,gazz and welcome to another outriders,video so we're going to round up the,rest of the week with outriders videos,on this channel,and we'll see what we're going with next,week uh so today we're going to talk,about,how the meta of outriders has already,been figured out and the game's been out,for less than a week,um and the funny thing is the the meta,is actually like,kind of hilariously like narrow which,i think is a bad thing that they'll,probably need to address,sooner rather than later so before we,get into it make sure you are subbed to,this youtube channel if you have not,already if you enjoy these kinds of,videos discussion,build videos all that kind of stuff uh,involving a couple different games,all right so what is the meta of,outriders right now well the meta about,artists right now is,very very uh gun buffing focused,and basically perks that let you ignore,reload reloading in this game,it i mean like for example my automatic,shotgun i'm using right now has a three,second reload time,you do not want to have three seconds of,just standing there when you're getting,charged with the enemies,um this is sped up gameplay because the,thing is in these,end game expeditions they are time based,the,as you can see right there the timer the,longer you're in the mission the worse,your rewards are,not to mention the longer that you are,the longer it takes to like kill stuff,the more the enemies can just like,attack you and kill you,so um yeah it's basically just go full,damage,unless you're a devastator who's like,rezzing people the never sitter can be,like really tanky and rest people will,still be,important in high end uh content but,another reason that is gun focused,is because there's cooldowns and when,the when you're in a multiplayer,setting the enemy's health is actually,multiplied guys,so this brood mother we're about to,fight right now since we have two people,in this squad,it has more health than if you were,playing solo which is understandable,um but the thing is when you stack all,these things,up its abilities that have cool downs,and things of that nature,cannot stack up um when you're in like,world tier 15,it's gonna take a long if you were,playing like say example like a,devastator,or something like that um and you don't,have a,gun buffing ability the trickster has,wicked rounds i think it's called or,twisted rounds which buffs your gun,skills,uh the pyromancer has incendiary rounds,just buffs your guns,and then the technomancer has toxin,rounds which also buffs your guns,as you can see right here these things,are important another really powerful,thing that's basically part of the meta,right now,is uh the perk pet perpetuum modem we've,talked about that actually quite a bit,on this channel already,but basically when you kill an enemy,when your magazine is kind of low,you completely refill your magazine,instantly this is,very good with abilities like twisted,rounds like i was mentioning,a gun buff this also scales with your,anomaly damage as well,uh so it's technically like a double,buff here and as you can see right here,like,for the trickster for example my dagger,i throw is 4200 damage,my my gun buffing thing does 1200 per,shot,and here's the highest damage still the,trickster has the,temporal blade does 30 000 damage so,would you rather have every bullet in,your gun doing this uh this much or,would you just have a 30 000 damage,uh slice that has a 17 second cooldown,now keep mine you could put a bunch of,cooldown reduction on your gear,but it's still not going to be super,super fast so,that that's a big thing right here guys,um a lot of my,gear i have equipped right now is,actually just to give me more damage you,can see right here,twisted rounds buff more crit damage on,my guns,uh resistance piercing on it,increased firepower while my third,ability is active,these are all gun focused things and,abilities just can't hold up,um and and the big problem is like,how how would they even make it so it's,they're viable in endgame you can't make,it do,what i was think is maybe percentage,based um percentage based damage,but that kind of like trivializes,modding a little bit because a lot of,these stats you're going for,are going to be like either increased um,increased anomaly power which is like,power strength basically,or um cooldown reduction so if you make,it where it's doing percent damage that,kind of makes,uh it makes it dumbs down the modding a,little bit and it's not like there's too,many mod stats you can pick from in this,game anyway,but i feel like percent damage is not,the way to go about it um,another thing they could do is maybe,reduce the cooldowns even further,on these abilities but that might make,another issue altogether where you're,farming low level stuff,way too fast i don't know but maybe just,reducing cooldowns across the board,maybe buffing the base damage amounts,for some of these abilities,could help but as you can see right here,like um,these enemies becom

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foreign,this Saturday Night Live from smegma,City it's the fourth and final Clash of,History's biggest Titans reset get and,outriders their previous bouts attracted,record-breaking not those ones numbers,and brought in views from all of these,places reset get its fatter breathes,more heavily sweats more and hasn't had,a regular bowel movement in months but,this time he has more subscribers,so that probably matters outriders is,meaner nastier and comes brandishing the,title of world Slayer so you know they,mean,don't want to miss this knock down drag,out slobberknocker filled Clash of The,Tubby caveman versus the middle of the,road third person looter shooter that,definitely does not follow any of the,staple rules of a live service game call,the number below to purchase this,program on pay-per-view and don't miss,the pre-show where famous WWE wrestler,The Undertaker will go one on one with,an infant in a light tube Deathmatch,well outriders World Slayer has been out,for about a month now,um played it,and uh,let's just say this video is not gonna,be all that long,put it that way outriders suffered from,a lot of problems when I first launched,namely very repetitive gameplay bad,networking laughable story in writing,and really just the sense that uh some,copying and pasting was going on,throughout the game outriders has damn,good gun play though and I really have,to give that to it I mean it doesn't,really ever get old especially when,you've got the difficulty set at the,right level you've got the appropriate,equipment you know mowing down bad guys,into piles of Blood and Guts and,torching them with a giant laser giving,them a nice bisection with your giant,laser sword hand running them over like,a Human Bulldozer it it's fun and it's,satisfying the problem is that outriders,doesn't really want you to play it like,that and therein is my personal issue,with the game World Slayer is a big,expansion for outriders it introduces,some new locales handful of new enemies,of course some new legendary loot and a,new end game called Taria retar now me,personally,um there was not a whole lot of new,stuff in the expansion that I really,truly enjoyed or felt that it was like,really new and fresh that's just my,opinion you know other people may have,loved every little drop of world Slayer,and you know had no problems with it and,that's cool man this is just my view the,new enemies for the most part are,uh kind of unexciting in comparison to,what we've already seen in the game none,of it really blew me away the one,exception that I have is the big,fisherman boss guy who's got a big,yellow raincoat and big butcher knives,he was fun to fight he was cool to look,at and I thoroughly enjoyed him all,around all the other new enemies they,can see themselves out because I don't,care for them much some of the other,bosses in fact uh I hate the big fuzzy,snow monster that you fight at one point,dude talk about dictionary definition of,bullet sponge that fight took I don't,know it felt like it took like 15 or 20,minutes I think I emptied both of my,Primary Weapons uh I don't know four or,five times and I just spent the fight,rolling and strafing and shooting,rolling strafing shooting just waiting,for my abilities to recharge to get some,extra damage in on him and it just,oh even my twitch chat knew how boring,that fight was and they watched me,they know boring the new main antagonist,of world Slayer areshkagal aresh Kegel,Miss Kegel,is boring and edgy and she sucks the,trailers for the outriders game and the,expansion make it sound like you're a,badass brochacho who blasts first and,asks questions never and then you,actually start playing the game and you,got this redhead sucking all the,fun out of the room oh just,kidding there was no fun in the room to,begin with,he's and that is because the main,character you the outrider is already,the most boring unfunny sack of wheat,germ that has ever existed you're either,throwing out some corny ass like I'm,gonna come over there and spank your,bottom or some you know lame ass like,MCU joke so that just happened shut up,shut up shut up I hate you shut,up I hate you the new end game the,trials of Taria gratar are so close to,being a roguelike that could actually be,fun but it doesn't fully commit to the,roguelike formula you see you've got,this map right and you gotta make your,way through this map uh and you fight,people in the rooms and you get Loot and,you fight some bosses and then you fight,the the final boss and that's it you,just do that over and over until you get,all the loot and you max out the,difficulty level whatever that's that's,the end game the one thing that is,randomized is the enemies that are in in,each room some other random things are,the time of day and weather I think,which as far as I'm aware don't have any,effect on gameplay it's just cosmetic,either you see the Sun or you see stars,that's it the random enemies is a good,start but I think it should be taken,even further r

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Outriders - A Unscripted Love Letter To Outriders!

Outriders - A Unscripted Love Letter To Outriders!

okay then guys so what's going on,cloudplays here welcome back to another,video here on the channel today we have,got a bit of a frustrating one to say,the least and this is relatively a,bit of a call it a love note to pcf and,square enix if you want to this is,something which really confuses me and i,really wish we could get rectified quite,quickly just because i don't understand,the generalization behind where we get,to inside of this game when we get to,these problems as of right now,the game is in probably one of the,better states it's been in with regards,to actual gameplay the way that the game,plays the progression level still is a,little bit frustrating to say the least,but the game is probably in one of its,better positions over the space of the,last year and a bit and yet we hit this,point yet again where the player base,starts to deplete and in a sole basis of,the game being ruined by generalization,of players and mistakes that are going,on inside of what they're actually,allowed to do now we would say this was,a pc issue but as we're starting to,figure out a lot of people are now,starting to find out that actually this,could be a console problem as well,because people are now able to mod,inside of the general console part of,the game this is not ideal and this is,causing for a lot of problems because,people now don't want to match make,which is causing the matchmaking system,to absolutely break my confusion behind,this is that pcf square enix the twitter,page of outriders don't respond to,anything that is within their realm of,control there isn't no sort of,acknowledgement on any of these problems,there is no sort of resolution to any of,these problems we get maybe one post a,week on a quote-unquote dev news,thursday where we start to see that,actually they're working on some of the,more irrelevant factors of the game,where we're going to be at and this week,we are yet to see and i am actually,quite interested to know what the arkham,is going to put up for his next big,article as i feel like this is probably,not going to get approached at all we'll,have to wait and see how that one works,but,i'm really annoyed,this game for me gave a lot of what a,lot of other games couldn't and this,game for me is also something which i,really enjoy and if we look at certain,posts on reddit right now like this one,then you'll see that there are a lot,more problems going on than we think,this one right here states so five hours,ago apparently joining strangers in,matchmaking can make your mod disappear,some of gears and weapons in my stash,are also missing some mods i guess i'll,be turning off cosplay now,and we're slowly starting to figure out,that by playing with other people this,is going to cause a bit of a negative,outcome this is quite nerving for people,like myself who generally do quite a lot,of carries or play with a lot of,subscribers,because realistically there's not much,that you can do to stop this not only,that but we also now know that square,enix and pcf can't do anything about it,either with a person actually having,quite a large issue with their ascension,level being boosted up to 200 just by,joining somebody's game who was actually,joined in with their friends they,weren't even matchmaking in that regard,and they were just playing with their,friend and somebody jumped in boosted,them up to 200 and then they left,like how is this even an issue why is,this something that we're having to work,on now a lot of you guys will say,something about an antique the anticheat,actually caused quite a lot of issues,for steam way back when and this was why,the overall anti-sheet was kind of parse,shifted or at least that's my knowledge,of it this is something that needs to be,fixed now it needs to be sorted out as,soon as possible this isn't something we,can really be left with because the game,is already at a point where the grind is,too long the problems with loot is,ridiculous and now we're starting to,have hackers and modders force modding,people's accounts and causing people to,just not want to play their game at all,not only that but somebody from our,community has actually experienced quite,a bad outcome on their playstation where,they had actually had their entire,playstation account hacked because they,were playing with somebody through,is this was something that really upset,me quite a bit this person was quite a,big advocate inside of uh discord and,actually helps so many people so what do,we do how do we deal with this i,actually have no idea i don't know how,much longer this game is going to have a,life and whether this is actually going,to cause for a lot more problems than we,think is definitely more than likely my,advice to a lot of outrageous youtubers,right now start to look for a new game,because we're going down the same path,we've been going down now for the past,bloody year and as always we're,completely hidden in the dark until we,actually hear something or if anything,at all we'll have

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Outriders Legendary Gloves??? Oh yeah! Thanks Twitter.

Outriders Legendary Gloves??? Oh yeah! Thanks Twitter.

what's going on seoul nation ginger,prime here and we've got some more,outriders information for you outriders,the twitter handle account,has tweeted out that twitter only lets,them uh have four images per tweet so,now we get our hands on the legendary,gloves that they didn't share with us,last week so,more legendary armor this time we're,gonna go over all four images i'm gonna,give my thoughts,and as always i'd love to know yours in,the comments below so let's go and dive,in first and foremost we got the,technomancer the torrential downpour,uh help max health of 115 skill life,leech at 2.33,cooldown reduction at 4.66 percent,two additional mods the anomaly echo,it's going to grant 138 firepower and,115 anomaly power bonus,on skill activation for 15 seconds,so that's a nice little perk there then,you have fine-tuned shrapnel,increases the detection and explosion,radius by 33,this is really kind of key and it,actually kind of helps makes,when you look at the entire legendary,set of the technomancer a little bit,more sense it makes it,gives it a little bit more power in this,regards not just in the detection but,the,the explosion radius especially with all,the different mines,uh they in grenades that you're,essentially rocking and rolling as a,technomancer,now moving into the pyromancer we've got,hands of the reforged max health of 115,long range damage 9.33 skill life leech,at 2.33 percent,two mods here a tier three unstoppable,force,increases your anomaly power by 50 the,bonus is equal to 50,of your resistance piercing and then you,have true blast,thermal bomb increases explosion damage,by 556.,so now and when it comes down to the,numbers here obviously this is item,level 17.,these gears and all this stuff can get,upgraded and more so there's a lot i,wouldn't put too much worry into any of,the mathematics in this,until we really get hands-on until you,start really getting into the min maxing,of end game,as as as people are want to do from time,to time i'm not here to judge them,all right then you've got the chronosuit,gloves,uh so obviously for the trickster max,health of 46 close range damage at 3.5,percent,cooldown reduction at 2 percent uh tier,3 life drain twisted rounds while the,skill is active,killing shots heal you for 15 percent,of your target's health and then you,have short term,loan borrowed time reduces the skills,cool down by 22 percent,and that's kind of a significant,percentage right there especially when,we even talk about the devastators 90,reduction like some of these things,especially when you're continually able,to use them,especially with skills that have a,shorter cooldown anyway uh,getting that cut up in almost one-fourth,of the time can be,quite powerful especially with how bauer,time pairs with,using those lightnings and the explosion,so honestly like you got to think of,this in the,i guess the synergy of the suit itself,and all the,all the legendary pieces itself all,right now death proof gauntlets we've,got max health of 86 close range damage,of 8.66,really important for devastators because,they heal themselves by you know being,close to people when they die,uh then you have healing received of,8.66 as well so damage increase healing,and maximum health two mods the king,slayer at a tier three critical hits,on the uh on elite increases your,firepower by 192 for eight seconds,and then bullet acceleration reflect,bullets increases the damage of reflect,bullets,by 77 and so those are the four,additional pieces of armor those are our,gloves that outriders tweeted out i know,i'm hungry for more outriders news and,hopefully you guys are as well,i do appreciate you coming and checking,out this video do you want to say dre,thar,posting on did the failed state of,stadia my video yesterday,very disappointed not going to rehash it,here but saying nowadays if something,doesn't yield profit right away,it's scrapped draythor you are the,comment of the day thanks for leaving,your comment on that video,and for everybody here thanks for being,here thanks for checking out this video,hopefully you enjoyed i know it's short,and sweet,and i'm working on a couple of other,videos and i'll see either i'll either,roll them out today or early tomorrow,one of the two things not necessarily,the most positive and,hopefully we can get through this week,there's a lot to be excited about,there's a lot to look forward to,and so i thank you and i'm gonna leave,it at that thanks for being here thanks,to all the members who hit that join,button,uh and supporting the diaper fund uh you,guys are incredible and it really means,a lot to me so welcome everybody over,here on the left hand side,uh and then you just being here even if,you can't hit that join button,no worries like i really appreciate you,being here uh anyway i'm gonna wrap up,love you guys hopefully you've enjoyed,this video and i hope to see you in my,next one but until then,take care this video is sponsored by me,ginger prime,hopefully you'll check out my

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Outriders - Its Happening........Again

Outriders - Its Happening........Again

okay then guys we're hitting this point,yet again and the community does seem to,tell tale by the comment section and,read it itself this game seems to be,hitting its apex point as it's,completely flown past it and starting to,deplete yet again what does that mean,for the franchise let's talk about it if,you haven't already smash the beautiful,blue thumbs up and subscribe post,notifications turned on it'd be greatly,appreciated and with that being said,let's get into outriders so without,riders this is a tailors old of time,this has been a struggle since the day,that the game ever released although,this time round it has been a much,better experience it seems that our,experience may be coming to a very short,end as we know the way that the game is,right now we have got a choice of two,things that you guys can do one of which,is expeditions which if the first year,is anything to go by you guys have,definitely rinsed to the living life out,of those already and taria gratar the,trials themselves the new endgame,activity which leads to a loot cycle to,a whole new meaning this thing is is,beginning to get a little bit tedious,now and that's just for me on my own let,alone some of you guys who are some,hardcore grinders i may add not only,that but with the most recent patch,updates causing a bit of a ruckus we've,got the issues with pyromancer and the,phase beam being a bit of a problem,we've also got mage's rage that has been,rectified which is completely knocked,off half of the availability that you,guys have when it comes to build,diversity this is something which is,going to be an issue going forward,mainly because build crafting is,practically the only thing that we have,inside of this game at this point,leading us to kind of be completely,capped and somewhat tunnel visioned into,what it is that we're available to do,this does become a little bit,frustrating because major's rage was one,of the only things that were enabling us,to give those builds a bit of a pack a,punch if you want to call it that but,right now we're set at a stagnant point,the build diversity is who managed to,window its way down to maybe one or two,builds per character yet again and we're,now getting so bored of tario gratar,that i'd rather see the back end of a,donkey now when we look at the update,cycle and the way that the game is going,as of right now we have got some very,minor updates that are going to be due,to come up over the oncoming months at,the end of this month we know that we've,got a very very minuscule update that's,going to be causing very little amount,of time and resources and yes that is a,dig without only really rectifying a few,few known issues and some of them issues,on the patch notes actually being,already back end updates that have,already been applied and just moved into,the mainframe of the actual game files,that doesn't really affect many of us,whatsoever not only that but we've now,got a few things that we know that are,being rattled so the phase beam is,obviously rattled arcs quite a bit so we,know full well that he may well be,working on that after the uh,podcast that we actually did with the,full measure and play-doh bear and arcs,himself we know that that's something,that they are going to be looking at,because it is a frustration level but,after the way that the balance options,have gone with this game it does seem,that we are being very much funneled,down into a selective route that we can,take as far as our build diversity and,again i will stress for the third time,in this video a game that is solely,revolved around build crafting and build,diversity seems to be a bit of a poor,decision on their part yet again and,this seems to be something that we seem,to get quite suffered from when it comes,to this game company we suffer from,their poor decisions quite frequently we,have been discussing this quite a bit in,a lot of the livestreams i've been,putting out just recently and this,doesn't seem to be ending anytime soon,it feels like this is very much going to,be a couple more updates before we hit,what is the apex of world slayer before,we can expect the next installment or,the next title due to come out for the,outflows franchise as an overall don't,get too excited just yet we probably are,not looking at anything for at least the,next 10 to 12 months before anything,else releases for this game and if it,does come up early then i'll swallow my,tic tacs now because i don't feel like,that's going to be the case but anywho,this is where we're left at and it's,very sad to see that the depletion rate,of the community is now starting to,plummet yet again therefore leading for,other franchises such as destiny the,division and other games as a complete,different sub-genre and now benefiting,from the downfall of outriders one of,which i am going to start covering here,on the channel we're looking at destiny,quite a lot and we've known that we've,only got around two weeks before the new,season for destiny 2 and it

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Xbox Game Pass WRONGFULLY Blamed for Failure Of Outriders

Xbox Game Pass WRONGFULLY Blamed for Failure Of Outriders

what's up everybody it is the best spot,kiss move and i am back,with,a quick video so today honestly um,firstly i don't know when i'll put this,video,if it comes out today happy mother's day,uh to my mom my wife and,your moms and everyone's mothers who's,watching so um,i had a moment to do a quick video i,meant to do this a couple days ago but i,had a lot going on um,i wanted to talk about outriders and,people can fly uh they said multiple,times um about their status in um and,about turning a profit and that the game,not being,successful,now there's two forms of success right,in this situation here we saw like a,prime example,where,the publishers,had some success,and the developers not so much so if you,guys don't remember the story about our,writers outriders came out last april um,april 1st i think yeah 2020 um 2021 um,it was uh i,enjoyed the game i don't know if you,guys remember it made my top 10 best,games of 2021 um list um i put a ton of,hours into the game beat the game uh,done a lot of co-op with it and i'm,looking forward to the world slayer,expansion which i think comes out,and when does it come out why does it,come out in um,come on september maybe,i don't know when it comes out but the,the expansion is coming out fairly soon,um,which which i'm going to be on um it's,not coming at game pass but you can get,a discount with it um the game is still,on game pass so i'm definitely going to,check that out um so the game you know,didn't really wasn't receiving any hype,you know they put out a beta what not uh,it was announced to be coming to game,pass i think one of like seven eight,days before the game actually released,which gave the game,like automatic hype right,so,and,it comes out it's on xbox game pass day,one it comes out it comes out everywhere,it's it's on playstation 4 it's on ps5,it's on xbox one xbox series consoles is,on pc and i think it's even on stadia,right so games out everybody a lot of,people on xbox is playing i know i was,definitely playing it um for sure,and we were definitely in it and the,game did have some issues it did like it,was wiping inventories and stuff like,that so i mean i i think a lot of people,have like,like,memory issues when it comes to this game,but i was one of the lucky ones to not,be as badly impacted by remember,cognitive loss and stuff that i don't,even know if he ever returned to the,game because of that but,the issue that we're coming across about,this is it's no secret that this game,wasn't a huge uh success,for people can fly because they've been,very vocal about not meeting certain,goals not getting royalties and whatnot,um,but when this information comes out,everybody automatically runs to the xbox,game passing oh it was in game pass see,game pass doesn't help as if this was a,game pass situation,um,and people aren't looking at the facts,the facts is this game was published by,square enix and square enix are,notorious for setting up lofty goals,not meeting them,and not paying out,their developers for not hitting those,lofty goals so people can fly,signed a shady deal they signed a,publishing deal,with square enix so people ask well,you know game pass was an issue for this,game like well why the game pass if you,think about what happened with game pass,the game pass announcement came,literally a week before the game come,out so everybody anybody who's gonna,period the game,had it pre-ordered right,and you also it came out early next gen,right early ps4 uh early ps5 early,series x days meaning that,anybody on those consoles the people who,were gonna buy were gonna buy then and,there you know what i mean like and,there wasn't a lot of those consoles out,at that time so the majority of the,player base should be coming off of pc,playstation 4 and xbox one honestly if,we truly want to think about it and we,know who were the market leader for last,generation that was ps4 easily,so,you um,you took that into consideration you see,how how square enix kind of handles,their deals square enix square enix not,people can fly square enix put this game,on game pass literally last minute games,don't go to game pass for free microsoft,paid who the publisher they played,square enix,uh people can fly was do royalties,they didn't meet the royalties that,square enix set,so square enix didn't pay them royalties,unfortunately those royalties had,nothing to do with game pass which kind,of sucks it's like if you're gonna sign,a deal with any publisher you make sure,you're gonna any like your money your,royalty is coming from every direction,whether it be sales uh,merchandising subscription services that,have that's that's still wrong that is i,it doesn't make sense that the game,it's not that the game wasn't profitable,because i believe,there was some profit to be made from,this game people act like this game was,just the utter flop it wasn't the game,came out on april 1st right which means,um,it it was in the top five of both,march mpd's and april mpd's and you you,asked well

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Outriders: I Should Hate This (But I Don’t)

Outriders: I Should Hate This (But I Don’t)

all right let's talk about outriders,this is a weird one i really wanted to,hash this one out i've been playing it,for a couple of days because i got a,review copy,i got a lot of hours into it and i have,a lot to say because it's a it's a weird,one dude it's so hard to break down,because it's like a game that i truly i,don't really totally understand why i,quite like it and yet,i keep playing outriders was fascinating,because,technically on paper if you look at it,has so many knocks against it,yet it can still manage to be kind of,appealing what is it,and it's not just me because i've seen,reports and stuff that apparently,it's doing pretty well steam reviews are,still kind of mixed right now but i,think that's because of the server,issues the other day,it apparently has done better than other,square enix ips launching in a similar,style like avengers a lot of people have,been talking about this,so its debut is surprisingly good and,feedback seems to be generally,good but also not because this game,very clearly just looking at the before,you buy comments section if you want to,see me go more,in-depth technical review i did the,before you buy a day or so ago if you're,watching this so,go watch that on game ranks but looking,at the comment sections it looks like,people either say,oh this is terrible this is the worst,thing in the world it's so generic,or people loving it and i am very much,on the,end where i i played it a lot and i,really am enjoying my time with it i'm,still jumping into it,despite going um that sucks that's weird,that's whack that's broken i still can't,help but,just jump in and start killing dudes,also yes i'm in a different place i'm,still gonna try and get my cat here,sometimes maybe but uh,this is like where we do the game ranked,friday show it's right over there so,this menu setup,thanks for bearing with me it's still,echoey uh and i need to put cool stuff,everywhere i need like,toys here i don't know but uh yeah so in,the sense of like,talking this out yes the loading screens,are awkward,yes i think the levels are kind of,boring yeah the story is kind of like,whatever,but also it might be appealing because,it's like a b-tier movie type thing,yes the game can be kind of busted and,there's a lot of weird bugs and i've had,a lot of,crashes when i've been playing yes even,the game is seemingly like a one-trick,pony you just kill dudes in a third,person shooter,and grind loot endlessly endlessly and,yes it's colored,ranked loot with different levels of,rarity and it's like oh another one of,these,but still it's it's pretty fun and i've,been having a good time now there's also,the question,of for some people is it because you got,it for free,so for me technically full transparency,like i said i got a review code but,on the other sense i also have a game,pass subscription so,i would have just played it on game pass,anyway and the same goes for if it was,available for free on pc,or on playstation plus where whatever,platform it was if it was given to me,just,for free and it was kind of like no,stakes to try it and that's what i think,this is i think for some people,they're offering kind of like a no,stakes opinion i don't think that's a,bad thing,but i think maybe it should be factored,in a little bit i don't think i would,have just immediately jumped in 60 bucks,all,in on outriders but yet at the same time,now that i spent 20 plus hours in it i'm,pretty much,glad i did i also really like,third-person shooters and i think,i'm still really trying to nail down why,this game works for me but i think it's,because of the whole,like diablo with guns thing that people,have been building this has people have,also done that about remnant from the,ashes kind of for me it's it's more of,like a borderlands feel and it's not,super games as a service-y,even though like at the end of the day i,don't know you still have to always have,an internet connection,little like that that bothers me,but just me playing solo,and me occasionally playing,cooperatively with friends i think what,hooked me is just the moment-to-moment,action,using your anomaly powers i think is,really fun,especially because the game encourages,it,as you rank up more and more and more,your cooldowns get less and less for,these abilities and they're kind of,meant to be spent,all the time always use your powers,always always use your abilities,there is a cover system in place but,you're not really using it too much it's,also not very good but,you're not really supposed to use it too,much because the game is throwing,enemies at you constantly flanking you,and stuff like that but because the game,really wants you out there,using your powers doing crazy and i,think,what has hooked me is that all the,powers are meaningful everything feels,like almost like a combo if you pull,things off right you zip here,you do this you set these guys up with a,stun then you knock them down with this,and that's kind of even added with more,chaos if you're playing

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