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good morning my beautiful people it is,cherry heart here and i am back with,another video,today this is probably one of my most,requested videos again,um i have written down so many video,ideas that i am covered for videos for,the next,four months probably,so,this one is how to promote your only,fans on twitter understand it is so hard,to promote yourself on twitter when you,don't know what you're doing i first,started i had no clue how to use twitter,i'd never download twitter i felt like a,bit of a boomer i have no clue like i'm,only 19. so you'd think i know how to,use twitter i have no clue none at all,but i've now figured it out slowly after,a year i figured it out um and you don't,need,tons of followers to be able to promote,yourself oh yeah also you know my like,tea spelling video even though it wasn't,it was a brief teeth spell on my vlog,yeah well she decided to report it as a,privacy issue even though i didn't,mention your name babe um,everyone on my instagram is literally,like it's time to name and shame it's,time to name and shame and do a big sit,down video i don't know if i want to,bring that drama to my channel um but,like i feel like it's always gonna be,there because she constantly watches my,stuff that's fan behavior babe,fan behavior i know that both of you are,watching my stuff so that's like fan,behavior is it not i'm really excited to,do this video because i,wish you know i even looked up before to,find out if people actually have like,put on youtube how to promote yourself,on twitter,they haven't,like the videos that i found is just,like not,not it there was one guy,i think he was french that's probably,the only one that was actually,informative all the other ones were like,yeah just post a photo,wow,great that's exactly how you do it uh so,i'm not gonna do really dabble but as,always if you could please go follow my,new instagram that would be greatly,appreciated i'm trying to build it back,up to 7k or pass that and get back what,i lost um so that is linked in the,description if you want to hit subscribe,and turn on that bell notification so,you never miss a video from me i am now,going to be posting three times a week,so it's gonna be really exciting i'm,really happy and excited for you guys to,get more some more content because,i know you guys make me really happy and,i'm creating this little youtube family,and it's really cute and i'm loving it,and you guys are always so supportive in,the comments i haven't had a single,bad comment yet apart from one and that,wasn't even bad it was literally,just criticism and that is fine i'm,happy for criticism so say yeah you guys,are so cute and you make me really love,this and thank you guys so much also all,the texts i wake up to every morning oh,my god on my instagram you guys are,beautiful i love helping you guys out,you guys are so kind number one,obviously make sure your profile is up,to date so if you're just creating a,profile great if you've got a profile,already perfect make sure it's up to,date so this includes your profile pic,um and your banner so if you're using it,solely to promote your only fans you,obviously want to make your pictures,stand out that you are,um an only fan's creator and it doesn't,have to be censored but you can like,your top down and like take a photo like,that,if you want to promote it that way if,you're more of like a creator and then,you just want to post photos that you do,have it only fans perfect but if you are,solely based around only fans make sure,that people can connect the dots with,your account i'm saying the banner like,i have a photo of my ass for my banner,and then photo of my titties for my,profile picture but bio don't make it,too complicated don't do that whole big,spiel it's just people don't want to,read it i've done it it's confusing,just no tons of emojis just don't,do it it's not fun um and make sure you,always have a link you don't have to do,a link tree thing for,twitter because twitter is not censored,there's literally porn on twitter,twitter is not censored um but i still,have my link tree up because then it,goes to my instagram and it goes to,like my only fans and my tick tock and,all that sort of thing but if you're,solely just based around only fans who,don't really want to promote your,instagram i'm doing a how to promote,your only fans on instagram,video as well so you guys can get the,gist of how to not get deleted um so,yeah i will go more into that in a bit,like your bio and stuff so this is,number two is make sure your bio isn't,accessible overwhelming i just went,through that really so it's short and,sweet keep it simple um don't do this,whole big spiel about content,this is what you get in my content,is just i can't i can't every time i see,it i'm like that looks messy you want to,keep it short and sweet and just clean,and that way your photos really pop do,not use the same photos you put on only,fans on your twitter oh my god it will,make your,subscribers,angry because ob

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How To Grow Your OnlyFans FAST With Twitter in 2022

How To Grow Your OnlyFans FAST With Twitter in 2022

i hope all is well and welcome back for,another value packed video now in,today's video we're going to cover how,to grow your only fans fast with twitter,in 2022 and in case you don't know me my,name is ethan bayless i'm the founder of,artris which is an anc where we help,only fan creators scale past 20k plus,per month their custom growth and,management strategies and um yeah i'm,gonna be basically breaking down all of,the um you know the pitfalls i've fallen,into twitter as well as how to actually,optimize twitter in the most effective,way possible as you know i've been doing,this for the last couple of years,helping only fans creators actually,scale up to ridiculous sums of money,every single month and uh yeah these are,some of the tips and tricks i've learned,when it comes to twitter and uh make,sure you subscribe as well it's gonna be,dropping a video on every single,platform when it comes to growing your,only fans uh because i want to give as,much value as way as possible okay so,let's get into it why should you use,twitter for any fans well twitter is a,fantastic platform for only fan creators,due to the nature of the content on the,platform itself now you know unlike most,other platforms you know for example,instagram um you know where explicit,content is strictly prohibited twitter,actually allows this type of content on,their platform and you know twitter is,fantastic in helping grow your only fans,as well as it's very easy to um you know,they offers very easy shareability and,you know twitter's easy retweet function,allows your content to go viral with,ease as you know you can easily tap into,other creators audiences out there,especially if you start networking with,them and you you know make a partnership,where you read to each other's content,and then you know before you know it,you've got access to thousands upon,thousands of other people in different,audiences and you can grow it very,quickly especially if you're producing,high quality content,so we're gonna get to the first strategy,here and it's to make a compelling,profile i see so many people go wrong,with this so many people and uh yeah i'm,just going to give you a very quick,detailed guide on how to make your,profile correct from the get go so you,don't need to worry about any more so,when you're creating your twitter you,need to have a couple of foundations in,place,first of all you need to know exactly,who you're targeting because you know,only fans is like any other business,it's getting more and more competitive,by the year that you've got more,creators joining and you know so you,need to find out a way to stand out and,be unique now this isn't to say that,only fans is,you know ridiculously hard because it,isn't there's still a lot of demand for,these uh you know only fans creators,and uh you know that demand is actually,increasing as the years go on um but it,is still getting more competitive as,more people are finding this lucrative,opportunity um so here are the basic,components of a good profile now the,first thing is a relatable banner then,you've got defining bio and clear call,to action now when i say relatable,banner and defining bio this is all,relevant to the niche that you're,targeting so for example if you're an,eagle you need a relatable banner for,guys who are into eagles and you need to,find bio for guys who are into eagles so,i've got two examples here the first one,is a girl called leia and as you can see,this is her profile on twitter,so she's got 482 followers which isn't,too bad so she's had a decent bit of,growth i'm sure she's starting to make a,little bit of money from it um however,as you can see here her banner is blank,so it's not relatable which isn't you,know a massive negative and then um a,defining bio she does not exist there's,no like um she's not calling out anyone,specifically um she's just saying you,know click the link in my bio i do,private sales um so this is all just her,bio is one massive clear call to action,and um,so it's not really clear to be honest,because it's quite quite long quite,confusing uh she would have been far,better just having to click the link in,my bio as well as a defining buy as well,um so this is an example of a girl who,could do some improvements on twitter,and she'll see a lot more success in,terms of increasing followers and,overall twitter organic marketing now,here is another goal and this girl is,doing the two other things uh as you can,see here she is targeting um,people who are into anime gamer,girlfriends and as you can see her,banner is relatable to the type of,person who is looking for that and then,you can see she's got a defining bio as,well she's calling out exactly who you,know who is interested in her and uh,she's just defining herself,and the only thing she is missing is,call to action but at least she's got,the link here for people to click on um,but if you just had some simple you know,call to action saying click the link,below to see exclusive content a

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Why Twitter Abandoned Their OnlyFans Clone

Why Twitter Abandoned Their OnlyFans Clone

this video was brought to you by,curiosity stream only fans has,completely changed the game online now,you probably already know what i mean by,that but if you're sitting next to your,mum and feigning ignorance then let me,explain only fans of the platform which,allows creators to charge fans for,access to a private feed of content,creators can then decide what they want,to place behind the paywall and how much,they want to charge each month for,access now i say creators in a nebulous,non-specific kind of way but most of the,time these creators are making adult,material that's because unlike a lot of,other platforms only fans actively,encourages adult content creators,if we ignore the week or so when they,said they were banning porn before,quickly backtracking anyway because of,this only fans has opened up an entirely,new revenue stream for adult creators,many have been able to leave the more,traditional porn industry and begin,creating on their own terms earning more,independence from doing so,unsurprisingly then only fans has been,fairly popular with adult creators so,much so that twitter actually considered,getting into the game with them planning,an only fan's competitor which never,launched so let's explain why they were,considering it what it would have looked,like and ultimately why it was shelved,okay so the idea of a company like,twitter making money from porn might,sound a little bit weird they're a huge,household name after all those of you,who are watching with your mum i bet she,knows what twitter is i mean your,grandma probably does too although,watching a video about only fans with,your grandma is an even worse idea than,watching it with your mum anyway why,would a big reputable company get into,bed with the porn industry an industry,that huge companies are usually pretty,frightened of,rightly or wrongly well there's a number,of reasons that twitter's interested in,this the first being the classic reason,money now twitter might have the name,recognition political notoriety and,controversy associated with other big,tech giants but the one thing they don't,have is the money in fact twitter only,actually made money for two of the last,10 years with them losing over a billion,dollars in 2020 and 200 million in 2021,as such twitter is always looking for,new business models new ways to bring in,money and extract profit from their,hundreds of millions of free users now,one way they've been trying to do this,lately is by allowing creators to charge,for payward content on twitter called,super follows creators can charge fans,to view private feeds of tweets with,twitter then taking a cut of the revenue,but wait i said that they were,considering making only fans rival it,sounds like they've already done it,right well the one thing that separates,them is the only thing which super,follows doesn't allow and that's adult,material so while twitter does allow,adult content creators to post on their,platform more generally they didn't,allow them to monetize or paywall their,content through super follows now the,thing you need to know about twitter is,and pretend to be shocked in front of,your mum again twitter is full of porn,like i said earlier most other big tech,companies and social media sites shy,away from the adult industry instagram,is famously scared of nipples let alone,sex so twitter is one of few social,sites that actually permits porn in fact,when tumblr infamously banned porn from,their site in 2018 a lot of creators,moved over to twitter and read it to,fill in the gap and since then twitter,has become a bit of a hub for porn more,than that a lot of people who already,posted only fans use twitter as one of,their key marketing tools that's because,discovery is pretty difficult on only,fans so creators often build their base,of supporters on twitter and then funnel,those fans into only fans in order to,sell them more explicit and interesting,content so it's maybe beginning to make,sense why twitter will be considering a,foray into the world of porn their site,already features a ton of adult creators,they have their own subscription model,already for non-adult material and they,need to start making some more money and,that money is surely a huge factor here,that's because while twitter hemorrhages,money most years the new upstart only,fans is already a pretty successful,business in fact they're expected to,earn 2.5 billion dollars this year half,of twitter's projected earnings without,anywhere near the scale or costs that,twitter has to cover now the only real,issue with this plan at least initially,was advertisers twitter might struggle,to make ends meet but one of their only,major revenue drivers at the moment is,advertisers understandably then if,twitter welcomes porn with open arms and,becomes seen as a more seedy platform,these advertisers may get cold feet and,back away from twitter altogether,however this increased risk is fairly,limited twitter already has tons of porn,on the platform and th

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How To Use Twitter To Promote Onlyfans

How To Use Twitter To Promote Onlyfans

right sweater hints and tips I'll be,honest this is a tricky one because,Twitter is changing a lot all the time,and what I'm saying now could be wrong,in a matter of weeks and days but it,could be still right so just test these,out for Twitter the shadow band so if,you're a sex worker and you have an only,fans promote an account or you just,happen to have a nipple showing once,even though Twitter's a safe place you,might find that your likes compared to,your follow account are blank,it does happen it is mental so you're,seeing these accounts that have got,three hundred thousand but they're,getting 200 likes even for 500 which is,quite okay you might think per post you,got 300K likes that's horrendously bad,that's pants that's rubbish they're,accounts that have got 5 000 followers,that are getting a thousand likes per,post,Twitter is bizarre but I'm going to give,you some hints and tips on how to,improve it so retweet for retweet and,retweet groups were a thing they are,amazing they help you grow when you're,beginning but,they also can then get you this kind of,Shadow band where no one sees your,account,I had that issue to fix that I stopped,using Twitter completely for three to,four months I then went back still,wasn't working I then went private and,shut my account down to the public so,the only people who could see it were,people who were already following me my,engagement tripled overnight,so if you're having trouble with your,reach I really suggest you go private,so it tripled that's a big big thing I,kept it private I think for,at least four months,four months and when I came back off,private,it stayed the same things was I'll still,get the same amount of likes but also,while I was Private I gained about 10,000 followers if not more I was getting,at least 100 subscribers a day no,subscribers fans subscribers are only,fans but it worked so follow us become,subscribers so my my growth was better,being private on Twitter than when I was,public so,I suggest going in and out of being,private but do it for periods of time I,wouldn't just do it for a day or two a,week I would probably try and stick with,it for a period of time and see what,works for you,the other thing that I'm going to,suggest is so obviously credit some,people in your tweets is quite Biggie,and,people can get pissed off if they're not,credited and I completely understand why,but I would really suggest and educate,the people on this as well to know why,you're doing this is don't tag them in,your captions tag them in the comments,and if someone did that to me I will be,okay with it because I know why,I challenge you do a tweet so you and,Gary so whoever the hell you want yeah,you do your Tweet and you tag at Gary's,account,see how many likes you get,do another tweet a different picture but,again you and Gary or you and whoever,but Port is at in your comment that will,get a lot more views a lot more likes,you think Twitter would,would support your accrediting people,because when you credit people they,retweet it as well you think you'll get,more retweets more likes but why does it,get less don't know why don't don't,don't know it's crazy,another thing you put any links in there,so not just at any links in your,captions again you're getting less,engagement,so yeah if you're doing any,s-links,link trees or just director only Vans,get them out there put it in your,comments okay so no ads in your captions,no links in your captions and try going,private for a bit I had to go finger,finger thumb I don't know but yeah,they're my my tips my bits of advice for,how to improve your Twitter engagement,and how it'll benefit your only fans,okay uh good luck with that and please,subscribe because I'm gonna keep doing,these these tips these hints these bits,of advice and yeah subscribe there's the,button it'll be some here somewhere,somewhere to do it and then go check out,my other videos because I'm gonna keep,firing them out there's amazing things,coming I do some really fun stuff too,and obviously the interviews there's,some cracking on so enjoy

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How to Promote Your Onlyfans on Twitter | Roula Mindbodylife

How to Promote Your Onlyfans on Twitter | Roula Mindbodylife

how to promote only fans on twitter okay,guys so what is going on welcome to my,channel rule of mind body life for,anyone new my name is rula i am from,,and if you haven't followed me and you,really are just brand new,i recently got my main youtube channel,deactivated that was solely revolved,around only fans i had about almost 10k,subscribers my largest only fans video,garnishing over 150 000 views,and unfortunately that channel got um,deactivated i'm currently in mexico,right now,with a broken foot wasn't planning on,making any only fans content for a,little bit but since this happened i am,making everything from scratch for you,guys so you can learn how to promote,your only fans how to make money on the,platform and just help out as many,people as i possibly can because all my,old viewers and clients are messaging me,on instagram at rule of mine body life,when this happened like what is going on,where are your videos,so i am here to help okay,now also another disclaimer since i,am not really or wasn't really planning,on making only fans videos and my travel,vlogs were on hold because of my foot i,do not have my editing software set up,yet so this is going to be from a start,to finish one shot video for you guys,not edited so any bloopers or blunders,i'm just gonna keep it moving okay,so how to promote your only fans on,twitter okay guys i literally have,written everything down so i can try to,be as organized as possible for you guys,um and give you the best advice so make,sure you stay all the way until the end,because i am giving so much advice on,this topic because twitter can really,help you get your only fans out there,and get subs to your only fans okay now,if you are brand spanking new you,haven't even signed up yet for only fans,and you are just on this video trying to,get as much research um down and,knowledge as possible if you haven't,signed up yet if you sign up with my,referral link down below in the video,description you will get my self promo,cheat sheet for free okay all you have,to do is use my link to sign up find me,on instagram at rule of mine body life,and you will get the cheat sheet for,free now don't worry though if you have,signed up you can still get your hands,on my ultimate self promo cheat sheet i,actually just lowered the price from 20,to 15,and that is not a limited time deal that,is for a lifetime because i understand,we are all on a budget so hit me up if,you want to get your hands on that okay,so let's get into it now the number one,thing that i realized um and i stopped,doing on twitter that actually helped me,um because i had twitter for a year and,was not growing i just didn't know what,was going on um i stopped using hashtags,and i say this in a lot of my videos and,i'm gonna be linking a bunch of my,videos on top in the cards i have so,many videos that i've made since i you,know in the last week since i've been,here so definitely check those out,so i've said it before that um hashtags,i have a very love-hate relationship,with hashtags and if you are not using,them correctly they will actually hurt,you more than help you so the number one,thing that i stopped doing on twitter,was i stopped using hashtags okay now,the amazing thing about twitter is that,when you write in your captions certain,things,twitter actually picks up certain what,we call keywords in your captions okay,so if you start writing in your captions,um you know if you are a red-headed milf,or whatever or you know if you're in a,specific bikini or you're at the beach,or whatever the case may be,my little doggies like just staring at,me you can relax thank you i'm doing,work,she's so needy if you have a dog you,know exactly what i'm talking about,um,they will pick up certain things in your,captions which will help you get um,found anyways without the use of,hashtags now again with hashtags my love,and hate relationship like i said was,because if you are not using them,correctly they can actually hurt you,more than help you so i always advise to,just stop using hashtags because also a,lot of them are very saturated so it's,very hard to get found with specific,hashtags and if you do not do correct,hashtag research then you again are just,doing a disservice to yourself so once i,stopped my foot is bothering me right,now um,so once,i um stopped using hashtags i really saw,a difference and again if you just use,correct keywords um you know in your,captions on your tweets then you are,totally fine okay,now another great thing to do um,on twitter is you wanna,network i say this over and over and,over and over and over again you,actually and if you don't know how to do,that you can actually just go on to,only fans twitter page follow them and,then start looking for content creators,that are following the only fans page as,well,try to find content creators um you know,that are in the same demographics as you,that obviously have a larger pages but,aren't too large where if you have a,very small pag

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Onlyfans - How I use Twitter and blew up

Onlyfans - How I use Twitter and blew up

hey guys welcome back to my channel and,in this little video i want to,tell you how i personally blew up on,twitter,and what type of content i use on my,twitter to promote my only fans page,twitter is for me personally the main,source of traffic,that i generate for my only fans page,and it allowed me to,gain over 4000 fans in one month,until a certain point i only promoted on,other only fan pages and i did,collaborations,i had around three thousand fans,but when i started to promote on twitter,additionally i,get around 5 000 more fans,and i highly prefer twitter over,instagram for most people especially for,beginners because you have no,restrictions on what to post and,your account will not get deleted you,can post your only fans link with every,single post,and it's just way easier to promote your,page than building up an instagram,audience over a long time,and always having the risk that your,page might get deleted so usually i try,to keep it very simple for twitter,twitter is not,a platform where you essentially need,high quality or anything,and i personally always try,to go in the meme direction or to add a,little bit of humor into my videos,of course those things work very well on,twitter and other social media platforms,but on twitter you have the ability to,mix it with nudity,and for example i can tell you a story i,was playing ping pong with friends,and i thought it might be a nice idea to,do this in slow motion and completely,naked for my only fans,and this video actually reached over 1,million views already and probably gave,me around 2 000 fans,so and also at this point i had maybe 20,000,followers on twitter and i only started,around three months ago,now i already have over 80 000 followers,there,but you don't even need followers to be,successful in twitter because if you,have a very good post then it will,automatically get retweeted by many,people,and you will essentially go viral with,that powers even if you don't have,followers at all also i prefer using,videos over pictures usually i post,around five to twenty second little,clips,so i can really post a lot of them,and,i'm usually always naked i always show,everything on twitter,and have the promotional text,on my tweets you can also find my,twitter account in the video description,and yeah this works very well for me,especially videos like wham and the car,do very well if i drive the car naked,usually those videos get at least 100,000 views,and i get around 10,clicks on my own defense link,from twitter so that's really a lot of,traffic if you think that a video might,have around 50 000 views,which is kind of in the middle from what,i usually get,and,10 click on the link that's 5 000 people,and even if you don't have a high,conversion rate from,twitter clicks to,fans on your only fans profile,um if you generate tons and tons and,tons of views and clicks on twitter,you will still gain a lot of fans on,only fans even if the percentage of,people is very low,you usually will be able to gain a lot,of hand another thing you can do for,twitter is that if you have for example,videos that you post on your only fans,and they are longer you can just,always take little segments from this,video around 10 or 15 seconds,and post them on twitter,to,promote your page you can also always,write that they can watch the full video,on your own events page and in my,opinion and experience this is,really a very efficient way to promote,your own events page so i personally um,only promoted on only fence in the,beginning but i had plenty of content,sitting on the side and i just used this,existing content to,um,convert it into twitter content i posted,a lot of little videos and pictures,and i basically blew up,in a very short time,i maybe purchased,like one shout out and i also,traded a shout out on my only fans for a,twitter shout out but after that,everything was organically possible and,i generated probably around,5 million views already on my twitter,videos,so yeah i think twitter is the easiest,platform to promote your only fans page,you have no restrictions on what to post,you can always tag your own events link,it's very easy to blow up,if you have good content and you can,even go viral with your tweets,so all of that is really really,beneficial for promoting your page,and,you should give it a try if you're on,only fans,and yeah,if not you can also start with only fans,now check out our website where we have,a lot of guides on how to succeed on the,platform,and we also offer coaching and shout,outs for people who sign up with our,referral link,and you can also find more information,about that on the website,let me know in the comments if you have,any ideas for future videos,and yeah thanks for watching hope to,catch you on the next one bye

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How To Grow On ONLYFANS FAST: Twitter vs Instagram

How To Grow On ONLYFANS FAST: Twitter vs Instagram

so if you're still looking for the best,apps to promote your only fans on this,one we're going to talk about which one,is better Instagram versus Twitter let's,take a look what's going on this is,Scotty and if you don't know who I am,I've been doing social media automation,since 2015 and in this series we are,talking about only fans now I've had the,privilege of working with many top one,percent creators and so the question is,how do they do it are they posting,mainly on Reddit or Tick Tock or Twitter,maybe some other platform we don't even,know about how do they price their,subscriptions how do they offer their,pay-per-view how do they have so many,damn subscribers all the time well take,your shoes off and get comfortable,because on this channel we're about to,find out and don't forget if you want to,see the number one secret only fans,creators are using to increase their,subscribers and make more money on,autopilot just click the link in the,description and you can check out the,video here,all right so let's get right into this,video we are talking about which one of,these two apps is better Twitter or,Instagram specifically we're talking,about Instagram reels uh because,Instagram reels is really the only way,to use Instagram nowadays that's,actually effective so let's go ahead and,get into this so number one is of course,the risk of getting banned so when it,comes to Instagram reels there is a,decent chance that your account uh could,get banned at some point in time it's,not quite as strict as Tick Tock but,there is still a decent chance that your,Instagram account will get banned at,some point in time if you're promoting,only fans when it comes to Twitter,Twitter actually does allow adult,content so the risk of getting banned is,very very low you're not going to get,banned unless you blatantly you know,violate you know the things that are in,their terms of service and stuff like,that but when it comes to adult content,that's not going to cause your account,to get banned so it's very very safe to,post only fans related content on,Twitter okay next is viral potential so,when it comes to viral potential,Instagram reels is actually very very,good and it's actually getting better as,it continues to you know compete with,Tick Tock posting content on Instagram,reels is a great way to get your content,to go viral get a ton of exposure ton of,views and drive a lot of new people new,eyeballs to your Instagram account which,will ultimately subscribe to you on only,fans Twitter on the other hand is not,very good when it comes to content going,viral it does and can happen when you,post you know videos and clips on,Twitter but it's far less effective to,you know post little video clips and,things like that on Twitter the odds of,them going viral are significantly less,than what you would see on Instagram,reels okay next is the effort for,conversion so in other words how much,effort do you have to put in to actually,acquire new subscribers on only fans and,with Instagram reels it's actually very,easy there's only a few things that you,have to do you basically you know create,your little videos if you're doing the,right Trends posting the right type of,content again the odds of that content,going viral is pretty good and that's,all you really have to do that's going,to drive people to your account who are,ultimately going to follow the links and,subscribe to you on only fans so it,doesn't actually take very much effort,at all to have some success with,Instagram reels with Twitter on the,other hand there is a lot more manual,work that's involved and we'll get into,that here in just a second so let's talk,about the actual strategy that's,involved with these particular apps so,with Instagram reels the strategy again,is very very basic all you're going to,do is have a call to action in your,Instagram bio and that's obviously going,to have the links to your only fans to,your link tree or your beacons or,wherever you have your only fans links,right you're going to have a link in the,Instagram bio that's going to ultimately,lead people to your only fans account,next is is again you want to forget get,pictures pictures you know posting,pictures on your feed on your timeline,is not going to do anything for you,anymore so you want to just specifically,focus on reels reels is what you want to,post and what the algorithm is going to,do it's going to push that content into,a new audience new eyeballs new people,that are going to gain exposure follow,you back to your account and ultimately,you know click on your links and,subscribe to you on onlyfans so posting,pictures is not going to do that it's,only going to show those pictures to,your followers and that's not going to,help you at all okay next you want to,post at least three Instagram reels,every day so in the beginning you might,not be getting very many views on your,reels but over time as your account,becomes more developed you'll start to,see a lot more views because your,ac

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Twitter x Onlyfans - Complete Guide

Twitter x Onlyfans - Complete Guide

hello everyone welcome back to my,YouTube channel where I help only fans,creators and only fans agency owners,billion fans business if you don't know,who I am my name is Shane Francis I,operate an only fans agency based out,Ireland sneak peak management today's,video is about Twitter a lot of people,think Twitter is dead I highly disagree,I just think with,or like all platforms you just need to,know what you're doing everything can,work so this is the exact framework that,I do with my girls,for Twitter so let's get into it I will,start off with the basics these are bare,minimum this is the Builder Foundation,if you're starting from day one zero,followers it's exactly what you need to,get right before you do anything else so,let's go true the basics,username matching or very close to only,fans username this goes without saying,it just makes it easier for the fans to,find you and it just,gives you more credibility to your name,there's there's not different names you,don't have a different Instagram name,Reddit you want to keep everything the,same it just looks good,so next is a profile pic combiner,now the interesting thing about Twitter,is Twitter is totally not safe for work,friendly as long as you turn it off it,allows basically anything that will be,on an x-rated site the only thing is,however the profile picture and the,banner,need to be safe for work they cannot,have they can't be lingerie or like bone,picks or boobs or whatever it needs to,be safe for work so make sure your,content is safe for work otherwise,Twitter is going to ban you or they're,going to give you a warning,the last one is the better next is bio,equals personality so you want to show,off a bit of personality in your bio I,always say this so in reddish in,Instagram you want to show off a bit of,Who You Are,um a girl that I've seen the last day,that I thought was quite catchy and I,liked it it caught my attention she had,in her bio was,um me and my boyfriend broke up so I,created only fans so here you go it was,kind of like getting back at them,it caught my attention it wasn't worded,exactly like that but it was something,along the lines like that,next is a unique only fans link why are,you doing this it's to get data so you,want to track where your fans are coming,from which traffic sources are,performing the best and obviously,evaluate every week two weeks every,month and then Focus your time more on,the ones that are performing better,you should be doing this for every,social media platform so reddish Twitter,Instagram so you know they're coming,from tick tock,Etc so next begin following other,creators with less than 200k followers,why less than 200 when creators get too,big it's just impossible to implement,the strategy that I use,other people are doing it and they just,get there faster so you're going to look,for followers or you're going to look,for only fans creators with less than,200 followers now after you've done this,you're starting from scratch you have,zero followers what do we do,zero to one thousand followers,you're going to want to build,credibility,so anytime someone comes to your account,in the first few days they're going to,see that you're a very low follower,account this is giving off the,impression that you're just a Spam fake,account you want to eradicate this as,quick as possible,so what you're going to do is you're,going to create a pin tweet just like,radish you're going to post one of your,best pictures then in the thread next is,going to be the only fans link,um make sure you let people know that,you create adult content,and then in the caption of the Pinterest,you're going to want to say something,intriguing get people interaction or,engage in with content,next turn notifications on for Kratos,you follow so in the beginning in the,basics you followed creators now you,want to turn on notifications for every,time they post why do we do this,we do this because when they post we're,going to comment on their post reaction,to with media and text speed is key so,you'll want to do this as quick as,possible as soon as you get the,notification you're going to want to put,in the media and text what medium text,you want to put in so I'll give you an,example if a girl posts a selfie and she,says oh do you think I look cute today,what you're going to reply to is you're,going to reply in the comments with a,selfie of yourself and you're going to,say something like,oh you're looking so cute babe what does,everyone else think about me what what,are we doing here we're trying to get,engagement from her followers so we're,basically trying to steal,attention that she would normally get,and just on her we're trying to get it,onto us and then we're going to drive,traffic from the comment fee comment,section to our Twitter profile,next is copy the pin post link and begin,posting in promo Pages then retweet the,post so there's on Twitter there is SW,I'm not going to say the word because I,don't know if it's going to get banned,ther

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