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The Essential Moving Experts Miami Dolphins Exchange w/ Omar Kelly 01 06 2023I had a ride there he i

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The Essential Moving Experts Miami Dolphins Exchange w/ Omar Kelly 01 06 2023

I had a ride there he is how you feeling,my man you feeling good,I am blessed I'm alive there are a lot,of people that I know that are not alive,anymore who are my age or younger amen,um I have my family my daughter brings,me joy that's all I could ask for,Another Blessing too is to watch Demar,pull out of uh one hell of a situation,man God uh the fact that the uh the NFL,had the First Responders they were like,they have for every game yes and you,know and Steven Ross by the way has,taken it to another level building a,stinking Hospital right on the facility,not just every game but every practice,too because yeah no of course every,practice but but uh but to take it to,another level you know Stephen Ross now,has built a a hospital right here it's,not a hospital well you know what I mean,it's like yeah yeah yeah I mean but,still it's a place where they could,handle some stuff just in case no that's,just for X-rays and rehab and treatment,but if something in an emergency case,situation happened they would be,shooting that person to a hospital,um but yeah it's,it's,you know and I got cared for by the,First Responders when I collapsed during,the practice so I'm I'm extremely,thankful and appreciative for my care,and I never I never really thought about,it because I've covered the NFL for 15,years and there's emergency Personnel at,every practice not just NFL but College,which shows you how dangerous the game,is you don't it's it's not you know they,don't have emergency care at basketball,practices oh no yeah well no not,basketball practice but games they do,but yeah they do yes but EMTs at,basketball practice yeah no no no that's,the case for football yeah yeah no yeah,yeah it's it's true and it's uh it's,really smart to have it and dangerous it,is but it's amazing because you know the,miners don't have that police officers,don't have that you know what I'm saying,we can like start talking about Window,Washers don't have that there's a lot of,like dangerous jobs all over the world,that people don't realize you know what,I mean there's a lot of people making a,lot less money doing all kind like the,dude that or the woman that's walking up,polls for fpnl you know what I mean,working with electrical wires why did,you choose a woman because I saw a woman,the other day doing that job why did you,just say a woman buy it I always say I,always say men men or women for,everything pretty much because unless,I'm talking about football or something,why because I I treat everybody equally,because women do all kinds of jobs you,know nowadays now we're we're you know,we're actually not as chauvinistic,anymore and and legally where we've,opened up and we've given other people,opportunities you know and women deserve,the same kind of opportunity so I'm just,saying men or women that are doing like,you know a lifeguard you know there's a,lot of people that do very dangerous,jobs every single day of their lives you,know what I'm saying and it's just you,know I'm just glad that that Demar was,able to to get through this whole thing,now let me ask you,I am not with this whole thing of,canceling the game,I I disagree in canceling this game,um Omar for me there's a dead week in,the Super Bowl anyways nobody's bought,tickets to travel so you're not screwing,any fans over nobody knows what the,playoff seatings are right now all of,that so why not play the games this week,next week make it the bills and the,Bengals make it a big weekend and,celebrate and all that it's a monster,game you're ready,and you can also by the way as they told,me yesterday you could also hold the,Wild Card round at the same time because,that game doesn't affect the Wild Card,round and then the following week,everything falls into place you know why,not because for the four hours that you,would be putting that one game on,National Television you'd be reliving,the Demar Hamlin situation for four,hours,that a player nearly died and what's,going to happen when they meet in the,playoffs doggy the NFL is all about,turning the page,this was like we are this was while they,turned it into something the best case,scenario that it could have been a,player literally was not unconscious but,lifeless on the field right right,by the way on a freakish thing it really,uh his teammates break down crying in,distress not teammates but the other,players on the field they're they're,crying and then you say oh we're gonna,resume the game in 15 minutes and then,the coaches have to come out and say no,we're not and and then you say oh okay,no we're not and then it becomes,oh no I get it but but but Cincinnati,and buffalo may meet in the playoffs,okay,we'll relive it again anyways whether,you like it or not the NFL needs to turn,their page and say don't look over there,look over here our games are,entertaining you like this Gladiator,sport people might die but you really,like it it's entertaining look over here,don't look over here don't look up like,ESPN is doing with Dana White slappin

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The Essential Moving Experts Miami Dolphins Exchange w/ Omar Kelly 12 28 2022

The Essential Moving Experts Miami Dolphins Exchange w/ Omar Kelly 12 28 2022

buddy there he is and by the way Steve M,thank you for the Bitcoin love a little,cash app at Cash Big O show making that,Bitcoin donation thank you you figured,it out way to go we love a little,Bitcoin donation how much Bitcoin do you,own there uh Omar,zero,oh well I guess what,um,foreign,your thoughts on what's developed,unfortunately with his third concussion,now it's official that it is a,concussion he wasn't just in protocol,it's been diagnosed as a concussion now,Omar what do you think,um totally surprised,I'm looking at my watch because I'm,trying to figure out what time they,practice today,um concussion doesn't necessarily mean,the fact that he's in the protocol that,doesn't necessarily mean that he won't,be practicing,um I remember he's not he's done uh,Bridgewater starts this week he already,said it,so he's done for this week and it's like,they need to worry about his health more,than anything else I think they're going,to put him on the shelf for the rest of,the year Omar that's what I think,they're going to do it's three,concussions dude,you can't put them at risk to get a,fourth you gotta let his brain rest in,the off season that's that's what I,think at this point is what you have to,do but your thoughts,um,I don't know how I feel about any of,that,um and it's not a selfish thing it's,just uh you know you'd have to hear from,the player and,you know,Auntie obviously he's suffering from,some effects of concussion I don't know,what it is sensitivity to light,um I don't know I don't know these head,injuries and head issues and I've just,heard so many traumatic stories,um it they're always scary,um but you can't sit there and and sort,of,tell a player how he should feel or what,he should do in his case in his,situation and I know we want to sit here,and say oh we're going to protect tool,from himself and,well he got he does need it Omar that,play was 4.81 seconds and we've talked,about this before all of his injuries,hip ankles concussions they all have,come in that four to five second range,there's a question,the effects of a concussion,during that game and I don't know the,answer to that now did you see those,interceptions in the second half they,were like those interceptions on a,concussion because those interceptions,just look like a defensive figured out,the offensive scheme well that's what,everybody else thought but obviously it,was they were so bad they were figuring,it out Omar he was burning them in the,first half,when he didn't have a concussion yeah,and then you make halftime adjustments,and then you make adjustments about how,a team is playing you he played six,straight quarters of really good,football he played all four good,quarters in Buffalo but you know you,know what and this is where yes this is,this is the first game that I will say,you you will have put others on him I,will say this one's on him,um the interceptions and I was just,discussing this on Twitter and I and I,truly do believe it you know there are,times when,opposing defenses,get a book on you and figure you out and,figure out what your strengths and how,you're attacking them and was it I,forget which game it was,um probably Texans or Cleveland you know,people have been stacked in the middle,of the the middle of the field trying to,take away the those passing Lanes from,Tua forcing him to throw outside or deep,and none of that none of that mattered,my brother they figured that out in the,last six weeks that was last six,quarters they were just fine no no no no,no,capitalized conversation if Buffalo is a,much better defense than except for San,Francisco better than the Chargers and,better than the Packers different,conditions you play a different game,there was no snow on the field at that,time it was fine the conditions were,just cold like rain or snow during that,game at the end of the game in the,fourth quarter is when it started in the,second half of the fourth quarter is,when it started but most of that game,was clean just because you had nothing,to do it and his Buffalo could have done,the same thing that the Chargers and San,Fran did and the kid played fantastic,for four quarters everybody else lost,that game not tour and so then he comes,back against Green Bay and he's smoking,them like like nothing in the first two,quarters obviously he's concussed,because he throws these really stupid,interceptions I'll say obviously did you,did you watch that game and say oh he,must be concussed I didn't know he was,concussed but okay don't say that if,nobody knew he was concussed and you,don't say obviously he was concussed no,I say no I do say Obviously Omar we get,we have hindsight my brother he's,concussed,he's in the concussion protocol so he,was concussed he's got headaches so he's,in the concussion protocol he's got,sensitivity to light so he's in the,concussion protocol it doesn't,necessarily impact her decision making,dude you don't know what's wrong with,him you keep throwing them those are,symptoms that you're pull

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South Florida Newspaper Replaces Omar Kelly With Tua Tagovailoa Hater!

South Florida Newspaper Replaces Omar Kelly With Tua Tagovailoa Hater!

so what happens when the miami dolphins,mix an inexperienced young offensive,genius with a quarterback who's,so-so and a defense that has some skill,but is unproven,you get the 2022 miami dolphins i wish i,could say this was a joke,but no it's not the local newspaper here,in south florida one of the local,newspapers the sun sentinel has assigned,a to a ton of i love hater to cover the,miami dolphins why would a south florida,newspaper assign a to a hater to cover,the fins i watched this live broadcast,with chris perkins from start to finish,i sat through all 51 minutes of it i,couldn't believe what i was hearing from,his south florida newspaper it took a,while,but perkins eventually revealed the,source of his tua animosity chris,perkins is the host and i gather he's,been with the sun sentinel for quite,some time so this was kind of surprising,he's obviously chosen to be the stephen,a smith of south florida why one of the,hometown newspapers down here would,choose someone to engage in negativity,about the dolphins and tua i have no,idea let's listen to some of his hot,takes i kind of feel like i've seen this,movie before dave hyde is this a,different dolphin season because i i,kind of feel like i saw this with adam,gase in 2016 the,young rookie offensive coach ryan,tannehill kind of the unproven,quarterback the defense that had a,little potential but something to prove,have we seen this movie before dave high,with the substantial changes with the,miami dolphins this year,what is this guy talking about did he,seriously just compare,mike mcdaniel to adam gase,has he been living under a rock for the,last year and now two after he's had,every excuse in the book the first two,years at his disposal and a fan base,that and we'll touch on this a fan base,that has used every one of those excuses,uh for him and excuse him for it i love,i absolutely love how people who call,absolute truths,to be excuses for tua one,did tua suffer through a catastrophic,injury that could have ended his career,obviously yes two,did tua suffer under a head coach who,had no idea how to run an offense in the,nfl,yeah,and number three did the miami dolphins,have the worst offensive line in nfl or,is that just you know made up as well,every single miami dolphin fan,knows all of this to be true i'm not,sure why a beat reporter at the sun,sentinel would act like it's an excuse,you cover the hometown team you cover,the miami dolphins what would cause a,reporter to be this negative,and denigrating about tua mike mcdaniel,and the miami dolphins i don't get it,but think about that for a second i i,think you have to make tua's job as easy,as possible tua does not have the,potential to be drew brees or aaron,rodgers or tom brady,how does he know that,how does he possibly know that,i'm not saying that tua has the,potential to be brees,brady,rogers or even mahomes i'm not saying,that at all,but i'm also saying that nobody knows,that how can you say he absolutely,doesn't have the potential to grow into,those types of players,it's ludicrous in fact what i want you,to do is go back and look at drew brees,statistics for the first two years of,his career,don't worry i'll wait every quarterback,that he mentioned played under amazing,coaches with great teams that's that's,undeniable and those coaches knew how to,win,brian flores not so much they also,played on some teams with some serious,assets you can't refute that either and,none of them not a single one of them,came back after a catastrophic injury,and also had to play during a pandemic,i'm not saying that tua will be in the,same category as drew brees aaron,rodgers and tom brady but i'm also not,stupid enough to say he definitively,won't man if you if you put too much,into his hands i don't think this,offense is going to go that far dave,high this guy obviously doesn't,understand tuatanga viloa is qb1 and,other than doing a broadcast filled with,bombastic hot takes against tua what,does he have to substantiate what he's,been saying tell us what tua did in the,off season he says work with the with,the trainers and,like how is that going to manifest,itself,core strength and arm strength and and,does that mean he's going to be,effective throwing to tyreek hill 50,yards deep because against philadelphia,we saw that ball was a little bit,underthrown i'm not gonna sweat that too,much but it was a little bit under,thrown,yeah okay so now this is what i realized,that this guy was just playing dumb and,he's being the steven a wannabe for the,sun sentinel you know what i'm going to,call him stephen b,because you know since he wants to be,stephen a so much he's never going to,get there but we can call him steven b,remember he's had access to the entirety,of pre-season camp he's had locker room,and press room access he already knows,the answer to all of these questions,he's just playing a role with hot takes,to grab views yeah we'll see for honest,and look dave hyde you know my,philosophy a lot of these people out,t

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The Essential Moving Experts Miami Dolphins Exchange w/ Omar Kelly 12 22 2022

The Essential Moving Experts Miami Dolphins Exchange w/ Omar Kelly 12 22 2022

ah to ride a ride there he is how you,feeling my man you feeling good I'm,feeling a little bit better than,yesterday so that's all that's important,well you sound a lot better than,yesterday well you sound like ,yesterday thank you I appreciate that I,was you were you were hurting you were,hurting yesterday yes I was I was not,doing well,it's a bug going around and I feel sorry,for the people who are traveling for the,holidays because I could promise you,you're gonna get it,okay can we do it can we do it on,Thursday I'm not feeling that good yes,we got you,yeah,you know one of those days where you,slept like 20 hours in the day,yeah yeah,I know those kind of days yeah you,started eating solid foods again heavy,diet of Gatorade even though this is,power,Powerade yeah,it's all the same thing okay,all right,good stuff baby,all right uh would you uh would you,think of the uh the game this past week,at Buffalo do you think of the team's,performance,um thought it was more impressive than,what I expected they put up a nice good,old fight,um defense,let me down like usual,um who they are man yeah they are yeah,yeah and I'm just supposed to accept who,they are okay yeah well think about it,look I broke it down this week look,Javon Holland cater Kahu Phillips,Wilkins,and Holland and Holland you only have,five players on defense that are,reliable nobody else is reliable hold on,say those names again Wilkins Phillips,sealer Holland and kohu that's it Five,Guys,you have six guys that are liabilities,right now constantly on defense right,now because there's a lot of injuries,and it's not okay so so do we credit,Boyer for the way that Wilkins Phillips,and sealer plays but then we we we kill,him for that that chub hasn't shown up,do we credit him for finding for,actually finding and developing Kahu but,yet X is injured and obviously has some,other off the field issues too with,multiple lawsuits so whatever it is X is,not X we know that it's he's a shadow of,what he is and then everything else is,all injured and players that are backups,it's just really hard Omar to ask a lot,of the defense and yet having said all,all that the defense gave you the,turnover late in the game the defense,kept you in the game and for me actually,I've said it all week Mike McDaniel lost,that game 31 32 33 you're gouging them,and you don't run the ball you're,hard-headedness passes you're in the,first quarter you move the ball with,with ease down the field and you decide,to go on a two-point conversion in the,first quarter bro there's no chart in,the world that tells you to go to a,two-point conversion take the one point,fool you're on the road take the point,and then the other one was then the,other one is Tyrique and Trent surefield,drop touchdowns in one drive in one,effing drive inside the red two of those,two passes that are more than catchable,and they drop it and then the other one,is,Mike McDaniel puts Braylon Sanders in a,flood that was the same play at the,beginning of the year where they split,the safeties in Buffalo the kid stops,and the boss sails over him for another,10 yards why because if if if the child,would have just run he would have run,into a touchdown almost but that's,McDaniel's fault for pulling Brayden,Braylon Sanders the guy that has no,experience in that position for me Mike,McDaniel,pissed the game away against the bills,I'm not blaming the defense I'm not,blaming Tua I'm not blaming the,offensive line I'm not blaming the,running game I'm not blaming special,teams brother for me Mike McDaniel,pissed this game away,that's the way I looked at it this week,you go ahead you tell me,all of those of fear criticisms and,coaching plays a part of it,but I say what you what unit has,universally despite injuries,fallen short of expectations,it would be the defense well they have,no expectation that see that's the thing,you have money at the beginning of the,year it was oh we're bringing everybody,back we're going to be a better,defensive unit we got continuity we're,going to be able to pick up where we,left off all did Byron Jones,Come Back did he come back,injuries injuries happen injuries happen,and players have to step up and then,trades are made and those players have,to step up and then highly paid like,Jerome Baker one has it and one day,right like Trump hasn't and Jeff Wilson,has but you know you make the trade and,what are you going to do bro what are,you going to do with Trump listen it is,what it is you can look for excuses I,look for it because I can tell you right,now,if this team doesn't make it to the,playoffs,it's not going to be the offense falling,short it's going to be the defense,falling short and then when history,records the 2022 season in the annuals,it'll say yeah this team had a pretty,good offense they had some good players,um they had hot momentum and then the,defense just played like a wet paper,towel at the end you blame the defense,for San Francisco and the Chargers I,don't remember which games I bla

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Football-starved Miami embracing Tua, Dolphins resurgence - Omar Kelly | Brother From Another

Football-starved Miami embracing Tua, Dolphins resurgence - Omar Kelly | Brother From Another

foreign,Omar Kelly I told the audience earlier,I'm gonna catch up with an old friend,and when I say old friend I think we're,coming up on let me see how my math is,25 26 years what year were you an intern,at the Boston Globe was in 1996,1996 that is exactly it,1996 and and okay a long time Omar Kelly,I told our producer Gary Carter I said,hey we got to talk to Omar Kelly who's,with the south Florida Sun Sentinel and,Gary said no no he's not I said what,what this is how I find out so uh first,of all what are you doing right now and,uh let's let's brag about your new,position,uh tell us what you're doing and and why,you're doing it I am a host of I am,athlete,um which is a podcast that's really,taken off in the last three years,um I'm also a producer of the imathly,podcast,um where guys like Brandon Marshall uh,Shady McCoy uh Pac-Man Jones they sit,down and they talk to this this week is,going to be a good one because we've got,Reggie Bush on the show who for the,first time is talking about getting his,Heisman Trophy taken away from him the,USC probe and nil deals that's coming,out Monday at noon,um we just came from La shooting at um,and then we also got I am athlete,tonight this show that's on Sirius Radio,Monday through Friday uh seven to nine,on channel 82 Mad Dog Sports Radio where,all the guys NFL players some WNBA,players uh Antoine Walker from the NBA,um professional athletes sit down and we,we chop it up we chop up everything,that's going on in sports,that's great looking at you you are that,you have naturally gone into the,producer uh salesman wrote like you get,you did that with uh with ease Omar let,me let me ask you just you can help,somebody here you and just for people to,understand Omar I told Gary this earlier,one of the best football writers in the,country I mean he really uh did an,incredible job and I always wanted to,see how you saw it you really got into,it not just from the surface level,watching film uh what was that what was,that uh the show you did was it called,x's and Omar what was it called,something in Omar X is an Omar for the,Sun Sentinel yeah it's x's and no more,yeah X is in Omar so he did a lot of,stuff what what made you take this leap,and go in a different direction,um just seeing where New Media is going,seeing how people are getting their,information how all of these streaming,sites are venturing off and people are,not reading newspapers people aren't,subscribing to cable anymore and and,trying to find how the audience is,getting their information how they're,listening to their interviews and really,it was important for me to be bring,journalism and journalistic integrity to,this platform because when you have,important interviews you got to ask the,important questions it just can't be a,locker room environment which is what I,am athlete is really built on but you,you got to be in there and you got to,ask those hard-hitting probing questions,and and that's what journalism is and,it's about having integrity and being,balanced and fair and objective and and,so just trying to bring that to New,Media,there's some people that still believe,in journalism,hey can you see why my guy is still in,the business after being an intern in,1996 can you see why he's still in the,business 26 years later I love it man,I'm proud of you seriously I'm really,proud of all the things that you're,doing so let's talk some uh let's talk,some Dolphins here man I'm getting so,hyped and this is that I I've said this,never I'm so hyped for this Dolphins,game I've never said that yeah so the,Dolphins,Bill Buffalo Bills yeah the class of the,entire NFL that the bills are the class,okay of the entire NFL,and right now compared to that,little stepbrother,um they're the little team that's you,know looking up at Big Brother who's,just smacked them around for you know on,the basketball court for years and years,and years and now you've got two is,development you got an offensive minded,coaching Mike McDaniel if you've got an,improved offensive line you've got an,arsenal of weapons,um consistent defense and you're really,just trying to see where you stack up in,the AFC East because you really play you,know you you you your little brother to,the New England Patriots then came the,big bad Buffalo Bills,um which it just dominated you for for,years and years and years,um even before Josh Allen got there and,now you're trying to see if you can,close that Gap,um while I'm into a fan and I'm,encouraged by what we saw last week,which was a an incredible coming out,performance,um do I feel like he has the Arsenal and,the Weaponry to challenge the Buffalo,Bills top ranked defense I don't know,about that but we'll definitely see in,it and to me it comes down to can they,run the ball can they contain Stefan,Diggs who nobody's really managed to,contain him this year and also can they,make it a fourth quarter game can they,keep it close and if they can do that,especially in South Florida's heat and,humidity I think they gi

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The Essential Moving Experts Miami Dolphins Exchange w/ Omar Kelly 10 26 2022

The Essential Moving Experts Miami Dolphins Exchange w/ Omar Kelly 10 26 2022

foreign,there he is and of course you can call,my friends at essential moving experts,we love Sean Williams and the great,people at essential moving experts there,it is,305-602-8369 and just because it's a 305,number doesn't mean anything it's uh the,entire State wherever you got to move uh,they can help you so call Essential,moving experts and tell them that Big O,sent you how you feeling oh you feeling,good I'm good man can't complain,um,it's been a I didn't even know it was,Wednesday I I couldn't even I don't even,the the weeks just go together for me,yeah that's uh that's that's our our,world what happened Sean,were you out at the NASCAR race on,Sunday no I was not our team was Brandon,Marshall was I was okay okay because he,saw he saw Brandon Marshall so he was,wondering if uh we were somewhere there,yeah we got a team of people now I don't,have to do everything thank God,that's right I did okay all right well I,mean you missed out on those those races,bro I know you're a big NASCAR guy oh,yeah the biggest my father's actually a,big F1 guy not necessarily NASCAR but,wow okay yeah,formula one that's that's growing here,in this country people are picking up on,Formula One all right so let's talk a,little Miami Dolphins,um,oh they they CA well you and I had uh we,we had our discussions about Brandon,Jones and obviously I was a big,supporter of his and I thought he was,Making Waves this year finally as a as a,cover guy and was really rounding out,his game my issue now oh they can't,replace him,yes it's hard to replace a guy like him,that can Blitz that can support the run,and and now he's getting better in cover,I don't know if they have anybody on,that roster like that,um you know what the signing of Jamal,Perry is sneaky good and here's the,reason why it's Sneaky good,um Jamal Perry plays that free safety,position,um in that scheme he also plays the,nickel position which gives you some,flexibility at both spots he's also a,good Gunner so if he's healthy and I,know he he missed last season with a,knee injury,um if he's healthy and he's right even,though he's a tiny guy he he gives you a,lot of position versatility knows all of,those schemes and you could definitely,get better at both all of those spots,now if you put him at free safety since,we're talking technical stuff that gives,Javon Holland the opportunity to be that,Rover moving moving chess piece now what,complicates that is that when you had,Brandon Jones down and and Javon Holland,down there was Miss history about who's,coming who's doing what and what their,skill set is and I do believe in the,Pittsburgh game I saw Javon Holland,playing like nickel too,um and I was like oh okay but that was,out of necessity right yeah of course,you know but but you know the goal is to,get Clayton Federal off the field so you,gotta do what you got to do and in fact,I'm I Was preparing the um the I am,athlete serious show and I was thinking,about it Jonathan Abram who is not,necessarily a hot stud out there in the,Los Angeles Las Vegas Raiders he's on,the trading block and now yeah I'm not,like,he he does a lot of stupid on the,field personal fouls he's out of place,all the time he's overly aggressive and,he's always injured he misses games like,crazy I I am I think he's one of the,most overrated players,here's my here's my thought if you're if,you feel like you need to,improve your team to make a run which,I'm sure Big O is is preaching that,um depends on the compensation like,where I just found out Robert Quinn went,to the eagles they only paid a fourth,rounder oh wow that's not bad that's a,that's a pretty good move for the eagles,only a fourth round uh yeah yeah and,remember as you know the the the Bears,paid the signing bonus so they're the,ones and the Eagles the eagles only pick,up his salary so it's not crippling you,know what I'm saying a million and then,13 million dollars in in and none of,it's guaranteed like fourth round pick,man that's cheap currency I I'd have,done that for Robert Quinn and I had,some dolphin fans that were turned off,by it but I reminded well they don't,remember this but when the Dolphins had,him he was off of back surgery oh no no,no no they got him on the back they got,him on the bad year of that transition,no no it wasn't back surgery,he's got no I I and I know this because,I've talked to players who played with,him Miami was not a good spot him there,were too many distractions here,but but physically,physically he was able to do things,freakishly athletic that all you heard,was people talking about his band he,just he was one he and and I hate to say,this about a guy but I don't think and I,have had this conversation with um the,Chicago Bears,um he used to cover for the Palm Beach,Post uh my name his name draws a blank,right now,um but he is the weirdest he's one of,the weirdest,no not bowling no I never,um,it doesn't matter uh he is one of the,weird Robert Quinn was one of the,weirdest guys that I've ever encountered,he was ju

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The Essential Moving Experts Miami Dolphins Exchange w/ Omar Kelly 11 23 2022

The Essential Moving Experts Miami Dolphins Exchange w/ Omar Kelly 11 23 2022

foreign,Miami Dolphins exchange right there with,Omar Kelly essential moving experts make,sure you call them tell them that Big O,sent you you'll get 150 off if your move,is over 3 000 you get 250 off and call,them there 305 602 83 69 flat rates and,no surprise charges,Sean Williams and Company will get it,done uh Omar are you disappointed your,boy Zach the MILF Wilson got benched,um,he's not my boy uh am I disappointed,that he got benched no not really,um it is you know I I'm I'm surprised,because they usually don't do those,things to first round quarterbacks they,usually let them buy their time and and,and figure it out and maybe this isn't a,lesson that he needs to have and,experience,I kind of get the feeling,that after he screwed up in that press,conference,that I don't think he I don't think he,made up the way he was supposed to Omar,I think something behind the scenes,showed even more lack of maturity,and Salah said,I can't do this I can't I'll lose the,locker room I can't do this I gotta this,kid is not because clearly that's you,could tell that he,he just looks like a spoiled brat that's,gotten his way the entire time and now,you know things aren't going his way so,so it it kind of reminds me of that I,think uh I think that lack of maturity,has really hurt him that that,performance and that press conference,wasn't the first draw let's just let's,just put it that way,reminds me of and I hate to bring this,up because this is you know back in the,Ryan Tannehill era you know the defense,hated Tannehill,um they they weren't huge fans of them,because they felt like he wasn't clutch,wasn't wasn't going to win,um wasn't gonna take them to the,playoffs and you know everything I've,always said yes go ahead yes it wasn't,all right but they you know I I don't,know many defenses that have ever liked,a quarterback who wasn't Elite but I,remember there was a a practice squad,scuffle between Tannehill,and um it was a pass rusher uh yes yes I,I remember and Tannehill and they were,sacking him they were intercepting his,balls and and then they they started,like gloating and celebrating or,something like that and tanhill was like,yeah have your practice squad trophy,um you know teasing the guys that they,were on the practice squad,um what was that pass rusher's name he,was a ridiculous he was a freakish,athlete who was kind of a head case and,the Dolphins like traded him because I,forget what his name was um he's an MMA,fighter now,um,but Tannehill and and then it became a,big thing because the defense was like,yo you're disrespectful and you're not,an elite player like you can't talk to,us like that and Tannehill was like oh,well you know I'm the quarterback of,this team blah blah blah and Tanner Hill,is not Zach Wilson not Kyle Kyle uh not,Zach Wilson,but it it it kind of divided the team,set the wrong tone set the wrong message,and then the Dolphins went into pan went,into PR mode trying to gloss over it and,make it but I I think that was you know,remember the Minnesota game with um the,Minnesota game with,um Adam Gates,Tannehill performed poorly and the,defense quit on the coach because the,coach made excuses for Tannehill,right that game that they quit on at on,Adam gase and they're like yeah nah,we're not we're not We're not gonna do,it with this guy we're not going to win,with this guy we we gotta we gotta cut,our losses yeah if you're if you're,gonna be a a non-franchise player at,quarterback you're so right about that,respect thing if you're not a stud but,if you're gonna be that guy then you,need to be Jay Fiedler,you need to be Chad Pennington you need,to you know like you need to,ingratiate yourself to to your teammates,and sell out to them and then they,understand that you're doing your best,they know you're not a franchise guy but,they respect that you are who you are,you know what I'm saying you're not,trying to be something that you're not,and acting like the franchise guy when,you know you're not the franchise guy,you know Matt Moore was another one of,those guys that won his teammates over,because he played hard and all that kind,of stuff,cert there are we've had some of those,guys over the years that you knew,weren't the franchise guy but at least,yeah the game and their teammates and,their teammates met him halfway at least,it's a very sensitive thing when you,have to,you're not that Elite player and your,other elements of your team is,performing you're not holding up your,end and you have to be accountable to,them and Zach Wilson wasn't accountable,to them,why he he apparently lost his starting,spot I I think it's temporary because,he's a first round pick you know they're,going to get 16 opportunities,um not 16 maybe eight yeah but this is a,hell of a blow for him right now,it's sometimes you need those ego checks,yeah yeah,one of my one of my um co-hosts on I'm,athlete doozable uh legit doozable he,used to be he used to be a Jets analyst,and he's and he's still loves the Jets,very affiliated wit

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The Essential Moving Experts Miami Dolphins Exchange w/ Omar Kelly 11 30 2022

The Essential Moving Experts Miami Dolphins Exchange w/ Omar Kelly 11 30 2022

foreign,there he is how you feeling bro you,feeling good I'm good man getting ready,for an Atlanta live tour date and uh to,shoot some episodes start off season,four so I'm at my barber shop trying to,get a haircut I know people say well you,got dreads what do you need a haircut,don't you see this beard needs to be,managed Big O yes yeah you gotta you,gotta trim everything bro and no matter,what even with your dreads and,everything you're always there's always,like little parts that you gotta trip at,the back of your neck,right and the back of your neck right I,mean you know you always yeah you always,got to clean that out bro because,you know you you just don't want to like,look tight and then there's like this,fuzz coming out of the back of your neck,here that's right you're a long hair,ponytail guy so you know you know the,real yeah yeah you gotta you gotta clean,it up in the back there bro of course,I'm with you all the way on that so,um you know you you didn't really get to,cover a lot of sexy,but the Dolphins are sexy they're,flexing them now uh they moved them up,to the yeah,that's nice I believe the last time they,got flexed was probably gases,2016. so you know they they've had 2016,maybe 2008 they've had they've had good,runs the question is can they sustain it,and I'm not doubting that they can to me,right that's the difference now you got,a real quarterback a real offense a real,offensive coordinator yeah no real,offensive line,and no well yeah there's some injuries,obviously but my point is that you have,the kind of offense that is sexy to the,general fan out there you have a top,vibrated offense yeah you'll you'll you,keep scoring 30 points you'll you'll,you'll you'll you'll get on National,Television,um the question is how do you respond to,that Spotlight,um yeah I I think this game I've always,circled this game as probably one of the,biggest games of the season I think it,will continue to be I think it will be,the biggest game of the season,um you win this game against the 49ers,despite all the things that you got,going on primarily the offensive line,because I I feel Toronto Armstead,against the NFL's number one defense is,a recipe for disaster no Toronto,Armstead recipe for disaster,um now can Mike McDaniel create a game,plan,that can,compensate for what's missing and the,losses because we saw what happened,against,um you know last week when Toronto,Armstead went out Tula couldn't even you,know two couldn't even operate without,pressure in his face and the question is,can a game plan and I'm curious to see,this can a game plan counteract that,against the NFL's number one defense,right I got you,I got you,um uh and and listen for me I've been,talking about this,I think you're going to get Greg Little,at left tackle they'll move Brandon,shell back to right Taco I felt so,terrible for that kid when they moved,him all the way to left right away,because I mean that Austin Jackson was a,Turnstyle no I mean well yeah exactly no,and he reinjures the ankle so it's like,okay so you really weren't 100 healthy,when you got back so if you really,interested I think he's not good he's,not he's not he's not he's not let's,rate let's raise the bar in the standard,to the point where we can acknowledge,that a first round pick is not good and,I think no Brandon shell showed more,consistency in three weeks than Austin,Jackson has in three years bro,that's it,that's all all you need to know that's,exactly that's all you need to know and,you know I I get it that he was showing,Improvement in the off season the,preseason all that but brother that,doesn't count you gotta show it in the,regular season at one point or another,and now you can't even be relied on to,be a player or to get on the damn field,now so that you know you're you're,you've got two strikes you know you know,what what's interesting to me because I,was thinking about the issue that,they're they're having,um who is that sixth guy who is that,sixth guy that gets the call up is it,Dieter because you can play they've got,him focused on Center the entire time,just in case something happens to Connor,no no no that's why Robert Jones got to,call it left I left guard yeah yeah no,no no no no when I say the Sixth Man I,mean the sixth man now obviously Robert,Jones was the seventh man but can you,put the center at left tackle the,position he played in college and put,Dieter there at Center and have give,yourself a better chance or do you need,the center,to continue to I I you know but you know,he'll talk about that this week,they got to figure out the right way to,get the chemistry because do you have a,left tackle,yeah Greg Little is the guy that's gonna,have to play left Taco unfortunately the,problem is as I've told everybody you,can't touch what's in the middle that,would be incredibly stupid you can't,move Connor you can't move Robert Jones,and you can't move hunt that's the,pocket for Tua you can adjust with the,outside pass rushers and you could try,t

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