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I'm 24, My Wife's 61 - Now We Want A Baby | LOVE DON’T JUDGEthis is 24 year old karan and he fell in


Updated on Jan 24,2023

I'm 24, My Wife's 61 - Now We Want A Baby | LOVE DON’T JUDGE

this is 24 year old karan and he fell in,love with 61 year old cheryl,the pair bonded due to their mutual love,of tick tock and garnered much attention,due to their 37 year age gap,grammy stop hitting on your,great-grandson,but undeterred by the internet trolls,cheryl and karan recently tied the knot,we got married the water was running,beside us it was very beautiful,now they want to grow their family and,have children i'm still a mom it never,stops so why shouldn't i have another,child and they are finally ready to,reveal the news to cheryl's daughter we,had a baby because it would be a problem,previously we met karan and cheryl who,caused quite a stir with their,unconventional pairing i can't keep her,hands off me,she gave me a rouse i'm telling you it,happened so often lord yo,since then the couple have taken their,relationship up a notch when karan,proposed to cheryl i proposed july 30th,they made it very special my tit top,fans because they donated over three,thousand dollars,on cheryl's ring in one day so i was,nervous due to the fact that i'm gonna,propose to her i looked at her and,immediately started crying i was like i,want to spend the rest of my life with,you so i dropped down i was like will,you marry me and then she was like yes,and it was amazing,i was ecstatic it was one of the best,days of my life,originally me and cheryl planned to keep,the wedding private because we were,getting a lot of hate at the time of us,making,ted talks about our weddings first a lot,of people were saying we're faking it,it's not real they're not really going,to get married so we just decided we're,going to stay off social media until the,wedding and we wasn't going to give it,then the day of the wedding shows like,hey let's go live let's give them the,wedding we eventually decided to live,stream it because we felt like our fans,and supporters deserved to see it,and when we did we had over 20 000,viewers,i felt like a princess,i never thought i would get married,again but he came along and hey it was,magical our hearts fell in love with,each other,despite their strong bond they've had to,deal with relentless trolling we're,still getting it they're trying to say,that we're really not married they're,still saying that it's fake you're just,miserable it shows i'm married i'm happy,i'm content with my life some of the,backlash i received they say i'm dating,my grandmother they say she can never,bear children from you michelle's not,dying no time soon she's not dead not,for long though,not for long though,that's a messed up comment,it really is people need to get a life,and stop trying to take mine away from,me,grammy stop hitting on your,great-grandson what's weird to you is,normal to us,she was there when eve stole the apple,from the tree,i wasn't there,now these newlyweds want to start a,family together but this has come with,complications,due to cheryl's age we're going to go to,see,some baby clothes in a nursery,we are looking for a surrogate mother or,adoption hey how are you good how are,you,i'm interested in somebody that is,carrying a child that cannot care for,this child that just wants to reach out,to us i would love it just like i love,the rest of my kids i'm really not,worried about me having a problem being,a mother,again i actually would have more time,with this child than i did my other ones,i really don't care for a boy or girl,but you know i'm excited because you,know i've never had to experience this,i've never done any of this and this is,amazing doing it with my wife,thank you,beautiful so much y'all have a great day,today my daughter ashley is coming over,with my grandkids to visit my grandkids,love koran they already call him paw paw,y'all wanna play with turtles yeah yeah,oh god i have seven children and they,were upset when me and quran got,together,ashley just wants me to be happy so,she's going to stand by me no matter,what,kiss,i didn't have a problem with it because,age doesn't really matter,thank you i appreciate it and these,actions speak louder than words like,you're always there for us if we had a,baby do you think it would be a problem,that wouldn't be a problem so you're,ready to welcome in another sibling,yeah,i'm ready to have another brother or,sister,okay i gotta go get the kids home i love,y'all love you too love you too,cheryl has made me,to be a better human all together like a,better man a better human she makes me,want to do better like,all again in life i don't regret meeting,cheryl she really improved everything,about me every aspect the heart falls in,love with who the heart falls in love,with it sees no age it sees no color it,seems nothing but love,and that's exactly what we have for each,other

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Is Quran being FORCED to date Cheryl? (he's lowkey giving us signs)

Is Quran being FORCED to date Cheryl? (he's lowkey giving us signs)

i'm sure you guys all know the famous,couple on tick tock corane cherelle the,couple met when columbus is only 15,years old i didn't know her until i was,23 years old i met her when i was 15.,cheryl's son was actually his boss and,that's pretty creepy to start with but i,will not go any further into that,because they are also debunking,everything that people are saying about,the grooming stuff now they are actually,married and it's no secret that they are,trying for a baby i'm really not worried,about,me having a problem being a mother we,would have more time with this child,than i did my other ones i really don't,care for a boy or girl but you know i'm,excited i've never had to experience,this i've never done any of this and,this is amazing doing it with my wife,but here is where things really get,strange in my opinion as you guys may,know this went blink twice if you need,help went viral a couple years ago,and well that's exactly what user lufai,did on tick tock we didn't make cute,asian couple we're the cuteness y'all,know it y'all know y'all love to see us,y'all do y'all do,yo man sure open the heat,i will touch your hair if you're being,forced to date cheryl that's what she,wrote in the comments and because this,video went viral it caused a lot of,speculation love discussion whether he,is really being forced to date shovel,right now few things that the viewer,money move 28 pointed out are really,remarkable and really want to show you,guys also what he said he stopped read,the comment touched his hair while,making eye contact to the camera to,confirm let me slow this video down for,you guys though so you can really see,and form your own opinion we do make,cute asian a couple way to cuteness,y'all know it y'all know y'all love to,see us y'all dude,oh,in my humble opinion it showcases that,he is reading the comment first and,afterwards he is definitely responding,to this comment,again in my opinion i am definitely not,a body language expert please share your,opinion because i'm very curious to know,what you think about his body language,it also seems like the comment is very,readable for him as in it's stuck there,for a few seconds the user your mom hot,for real commented on anita one's video,where red if you're forced to do this,which you look at the outcome a few,hours later he ended up actually posting,another video wearing,the color red,he was wearing that day a different,outfit look at this video and look at,the video where people commented wear,wet,you can see cheryl obviously wearing the,same clothes as she did in the previous,video so this can yet be another sign,that he is being forced to do this,another person pointed out that cheryl,and kawan made a blink twice if you need,help video back in 2021. i don't know,why y'all keep telling my man to beat,twice if he needs help,my man don't need no help,you can definitely see him blinking but,the fact is that he didn't blink twice,he blinked twice three,three times three times and he ends the,video with the smile so you could assume,that this was all a joke right was it,really a joke though people have also,been asking him to wear the color right,in his videos and that's exactly what he,did then someone also asked him to wear,the color black which once again he did,so either he's playing us right now or,he's actually asking for help i would,like to prefer to keep my spirit up as,well that he is not being forced to do,so but the reality is is that social,media doesn't portray a reality we,choose what we call a reality on the,internet let's hope that their reality,is not as sinister as the science may,showcase,thank you so much for watching this,video once again thank you thank you,thank you thank you thank you thank you,thank you to the 300 subscribers guys,like what the hell i don't know how that,happened but thank you i appreciate you,guys and i hope to see you next week bye

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The Sibling TikTok COUPLE

The Sibling TikTok COUPLE

oh my god,y'all the siblings,hey guys what is freaking up my name is,brad and welcome back to my channel,anyways today we're going to be doing a,video,related to ticky talk gotcha i'm just,kidding i'm just kidding my name is,courtney see y'all are so gullible,it's sad it's really freaking sad the,fact that i was able okay,did you go courtney and welcome back to,my channel so i look a little bit,different,you may not notice it at first glance um,okay i'll just tell you i have blonde,hair this was a very shocking thing to,me because i am such a boring person,when it comes to my hair like i just,like it black,and nothing more okay but it was my,birthday before we get into the video,thank you so much for all the birthday,wishes y'all are so amazing this is the,best birthday that i have had,in my years of living just because i was,surrounded with so much love and support,from all of you wonderful people,and yeah it was my birthday and i wanted,to do blonde hair and that's what i did,let me know if i look good because it,won't be here for long so today we're,going to be,on tick tock y'all love my tick tock,related videos might as well call me a,tick tocker oh wait i am follow me on my,tick tock,so we're gonna be watching this couple,channel that goes by the name alpha,familia,familia means family in spanish,i know that because i took spanish for,three years you know,saying i'm multilingual relax relax we,are not on the same,level i understood why not so the bio,says the alpha is back,basically this whole entire channel is,focused on showing that alpha is this,one big wonderful man and the girl is,just some damsel who needs his,protection from everything so someone on,twitter actually recommended that i,check,out this channel because of this video,birthday to me,happy birthday to,me happy birthday,bye i mean baby it's the squeaking in,the background for me,the captain says happy birthday to me,i'm turning three,um i'm confused baby okay so let's watch,some of their videos because,it's interesting it's very interesting,this is so ugly it's just funny because,the camera set up perfectly and,i just want to know how many takes it,took to get this perfect shot,how many times y'all do this how many,times did y'all do this,what in the world what what,i just see a whole bunch of,um comfort is high i just want to know,why are you going in for a kiss with,your mouth open it looks like you want,to eat him,look at him he looks so proud,stop looking at me like that i feel like,this is their thing where they pretend,like they're gonna make out but they,don't,and she's just left in the corner,looking,confused my girl got a body like alba,what a dog i'm the alpha so you better,watch out bruh,and that goes for anyone around you i'm,scared i'm scared,the alpha is out and ready to protect,his damsel,oh my god he's so strong and scary,what would we do without him i wonder,what he's punching it's almost like he's,punching the,air this is what i want this is the type,of alpha that i want,the type of alpha that'll protect me in,different situations where i,need protection even if it's the wind,even if it's the air,look at him i guess it was too windy in,the house that he started punching the,air,what did the air do to you who's,what was he fighting do you need anger,management classes baby,this is a safe space okay this is a safe,space you can tell me,i never thought in my life i would feel,bad for air but i feel bad for him,because,alpha is beating him up and it's funny,because the way he's fighting he's,literally punching the same,area if i was fighting you just,and you're gone and you're gone,literally just like that oh my god,wait a minute,step what i know for a fact you did not,just say step brother,what and cousin tarnation,alabama betty crocker miss and betty,what,is this holy ,just like they did he punched me all he,punched me oh,the other siblings i don't like asking,too many questions but i need to ask how,did this happen please let me know the,timeline,let me know did y'all grow up together,do y'all live in the same house with,your parents,like i know there's no blood relation,but like,i like the view you do,yes you're my best view,this doesn't feel it doesn't feel right,in my spirit the caption says don't all,step siblings do this,the biggest issue is the fact that,they're,promoting it like it's cool i mean i,guess you can,date your stuff sibling,but like why,i think the biggest thing that's,tripping me up is the fact that there's,some videos that i'll see,oh prank on my brother oh prank on my,boyfriend,and they're all the same guy it's all,the same guy,who is your voice fighting i have,offered you anger management classes i,think it's time you take it,because the air has not done anything i,know for fact there's nobody there and,look at her,it's even nastier knowing that they're,siblings they don't even have to do the,whole process of meeting the parents,because they have the same parents,y'all know y'all are wrong for this

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i'm not watching this bro i'm,sorry bro this light skin ass bro,i'm not watching that i'm sorry,but i do not want to watch that ,who is this,do you like eli ugly as no eli is,ugly,scroll up all right,manny greece meet everyone my name is jv,i work on the collabs team with h this,is 24 year old karan and he fell in love,with,i told you i was taking pictures while,we was on facetime goofy lmao i know,this do not have my name what this,is 24 year old karan and he fell in love,with 61 year old cheryl scroll up hair,bonded due to their mutual love of tick,tock and garnered much attention oh my,god,seven year age gap grammy stop hitting,on your great grandson,but undeterred by the internet trolls,cheryl and karan recently tied the knot,yo,nah chet hold on,who the in here,and you better say our switzer god,is walking out the house and looking,like,what the is in his face,they gotta only fans,they ,what the ,you got me the water was running beside,us it's very beautiful now they want to,grab a few in 2026. i'm still a mom it,never stops so why shouldn't i have,another child and they are finally ready,to reveal the news to cheryl's daughter,we had,so often lord yo,since then the couple have taken their,relationship up and that's me and aaron,camilla hoster,i proposed july 30th they made it very,special my tit top fans because they,donated bro,man i ain't even trying to make i,ain't trying to be funny,don't you like that girl on spongebob,chocolate,i need chocolate,rondo the girl who is on facetime with,last stream was ugly the one with the,bull ring that carried about any girl i,talked to bro it's cute as chad,don't you like that girl check,chocolate,i need chocolate i would snag her full,score heart oh,bro she does like that bro,oh spongebob bro she oh god she like,that bruh,i would break her i would break her back,bro,oh so like not like no like i look i,respect my elderly women i respect my,elderly women bro,but look,see i'm lying she don't look like this,cheryl a bad guy,say all right like this,wait,stop yelling stop yelling before your,mom kick your ass chocolate she needs,chocolate,over three thousand dollars on cheryl's,ring in one day so i was nervous due to,the fact that i'm gonna propose to her i,looked at her and immediately started,crying i was like i want to spend the,rest of my life with you so i dropped,down i was like will you marry me and,she was like yes,and it was amazing,i was ecstatic it was one of the best,days of my life,first a lot of people were saying we're,faking it it's not real they're not,really going to get married so we just,decided we're going to stay off social,media until the wedding and we wasn't,going to give it then the day of the,wedding shows like hey let's go live,let's give them the wedding we,eventually decided to live stream it,because we felt like our fans and,supporters deserve to see it,i bet she would give great slap cause,she has no teeth,he's really crying,i felt like he said i want to be with,you for the rest of my life,despite their strong bond they've had to,deal with relentless trolling we're,still getting it they're trying to say,bro my man bro bro imagine being 26,and having to go home,and go her,and breaking her back in,she literally gonna break her back,literally she's literally gonna break,her back,that's me and grandma pamela ,they're still saying that it's fake,you're just miserable it shows i'm,married i'm happy i'm confronted with my,life some of the backlash i received,they say i'm dead i bet it would feel,like amazing,what the ,like this,she's not dead not for long though so,damn they're eliminated,that's a messed up comment,it really is,got no hoes and was so desperate forgot,this cause he didn't want to be gay,tears of joy tears of joy oh my god,that's not i'm not no i gotta delete it,no i gotta i know i can't watch it i,can't fully watch it,oh my god bro away from me she about to,turn into dust soon,emmy stop hitting on your great grandson,what's weird to you is normal to us,now these newlyweds want to start a,family together but this has come with,complications,due to cheryl's age we're going to go to,see,my daughter,in a nursery,we are looking for a surrogate mother or,a doctor okay all right i'm about to say,because it's like i'm about to say,because realistically bro check bro,she's like she's 95 turn it off,w,there's some no weird y'all i'm,saying i wish i'm saying if she if she's,able to have a baby bro it's cool but,like it was like how the was she,going to push it like real like,what the hell,there was a video there is a bit of her,sucking him up,you playing right, let me hold up let me subscribe to,the only fans right now what's the only,fans quran and ant and angie,what's her what's wrong,that's how i kissed canada what's the,only fantasy what's the only fans i'm,gonna do i'm about to subscribe right,now,it's just if she sucks because look,me and grandma tt do the same thing but,this is just but,me and grandma are ticking our,relationship,

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this black dude having this grandma like,they were hooking up is it supposed to,be like hot or like a shocking video i,don't know it's gross like the,woman looks like 95 years old and the,guy is the thirstiest dude i've ever,seen well i don't know i personally,don't believe there should be an age,difference in anything i think it's all,about love that's what it comes down to,you like the the gilfs you know i'm,saying i do granny's unlikely if gilfs,are what you're into and you're into,them i i think i support it all the way,like this when i first saw a picture of,this this is just like disgusting this,is gross i think you're judging them too,much,i might be let's like,we'll watch it and we'll see what it,actually looks like uh someone save our,brother from the power of grenusi,dude that's so gross bro,that's not close,there's no other word that's consensual,that's love that's love i mean maybe but,like ah man that's that's very nasty,i've never loved someone that old,like that's gotta be a kink it's gotta,be a kink no i think it's like i don't,know you've ever seen like an old lady,on the street and you're like nope,nope it's gotta be it's some weird one,in a million kink that this guy is,actually wanting to this woman,or she has a gun to his head or she saw,him kill someone and she's saying hey,i'm gonna tell you everybody you killed,this person if you don't me all the,time so it's it's either a strange kink,it's blackmail but there's no chance,just love dude we need to find out this,guy like make him send signals and,videos like what they try to do with,britney spears yeah okay just like,saying like blink twice that she's,actually making you be in this,relationship because this is disgusting,blink if you're like in a hansel and,gretel type situation right,all right let's show you another upload,from them this is one of my favorites,this says when he sees you fresh out of,the shower,oh god dude,skin sagging and all when she slapped,that kitty,dude,what i've never seen anything like well,what's the premise of that joke though,is it like her she's like too loud no,she gets mad horny when she sees him,like wet and dripping oh,oh disgusting bro jesus man this is,ridiculous we need to have this man on,the podcast we need to talk to him,we need to have him on i don't know if,it's a zoom call i need to just,talk about this i want the grandmother,on i don't care who comes on they need,to explain what's going on here love,can't be this powerful,your never starts meowing whenever,someone gets out of the shower my dick's,never been hard at a person above the,age of 35 besides probably jlo what do,we want more than anything right now,it's so gross like dude that's nasty man,that's gotta stop that's gotta be,illegal somehow in some country she left,him something in the will,brother like i ain't gonna lie bro i,think you you're a decent looking dude,you can get somebody your age right i,don't know what's going on here yeah,maybe it is a gold digger like she has,an inheritance you know yeah like i,think she has a buttload of money and,she wants to have a little bit of fun,before you know the clock ticks to zero,guys let me know in the comments if i'm,being too mean but this just caught me,off guard so heavy like this is actually,nasty okay let's flip it though let's,say the guy the guy was like 70. and,then she was like 25. you see that more,often i see that way more often but i,feel like certain guys age different,they look different with their asians,imagine me 75 years old there's a 21,year old on my hip i'm just going like,my pussy's loud,like is that weird sadly no it's not as,weird as that,it should be exactly like i've weirdly,seen more of that than this that's,what's up all right that's you,got one more right here here's another,classic upload by uh by these folks,and i think i like that ain't no skinny,girl in the world where my thick girl is,that can you count oh god,this man deserves jail it isn't like,that we need to talk to you i don't care,if he sees this video and he's mad at me,or some like i want to actually,know what's going on here that's bad,she's got a cool figure she's got,objection all right here's where it's a,little creepier i've been seeing this,comment a lot i can't completely confirm,it but everyone keeps on saying you know,she was talking to him since he was 15,years old saying that she was around,since he was really young maybe like a,baby she was around when my dad's dad,was really young like what are you,talking about she was the girl trying to,get peyton manning in the dorm room so,what do you mean that's how old she is,everyone's saying you've seen their,twitter no no no they don't have a,twitter they don't have a twitter no way,in hell they got a twitter no no no,no no no no no no no all right guys we,are looking this up on twitter there,might be grand dudes bro holy oh i,don't need to see this,no no no no no way chris chris are you,that's actually them guys like that's,them come watch

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The WEIRDEST Couple on TikTok (queencheryl6060 & oliver6060)

The WEIRDEST Couple on TikTok (queencheryl6060 & oliver6060)

he fell in love with cheryl i can't keep,her hands off me,she gave me aroused i'm telling you it,happened so often okay come on mate even,you don't believe that literally look at,your face i can see in your face you,look dead behind the eyes you don't,believe a single word you're saying okay,so for those who don't know who these,two people are they're this tick-tock,couple that's been going pretty trending,around recently and i think just by,looking at them you can tell why they've,been trending but for those of you that,have never seen or heard of them this is,mr king king karan kiran it's one of,those two and mrs queen chevrolet the,beautiful,magnificent lady that we see right in,front of us now i do know what you're,all thinking i know that's not his,grandmother that's his girlfriend so his,beautiful magnificent girlfriend mrs,queen cheryl is the ripe young age of,61. and mr karan is 24 so it's quite the,age gap a 37-year one to be precise but,we're not here to talk about the rage,gap today well,we partially are but should just play,the clip they call her a zombie the,walking dead how can you date your,grandma it got to the point i was like,hey they all think we're lying,can they prove to people that their love,is the real deal,yeah i care for me you might,snap her in half my guy's gonna end up,giving a early arthritis in her, spine at this rate no but in all,serious mate put it on as a caretaker,myself i'm gonna give my professional,opinion on this you really can't be,picking old people up like that,onlookers have judged both quran and,cheryl for their age gap relationship,between me and cheryl we have over,a million followers together and 20,million likes and we get like 10 000,hate comments a day it's horrible,we can um actually pull some up right,now,he's trying to collect that insurance,money,when you married the cast from the,walking dead,okay that was actually a good one from,the comments there good one tick tock,comments can actually be funny,surprisingly but i actually don't know,what they expected like obviously,they're gonna get hate comments it's not,a normal relationship that and it's also,the internet people make fun of everyone,for everything on this all,and i've seen a lot of people saying,that apparently she knew him since he,was 15 so a lot of people have been,calling her a groomer because she,basically waited for him to turn 18 to,then get in a relationship with him,because when he was 15 she was in her,50s so it's like i understand where,they're coming from don't be rough with,her you will break her bones okay that,is such a disgusting comment why would,anyone ever say such a horrible joke,ignore what i said about 20 seconds ago,in the video about him snapping her in,half these people that make those type,of comments are the absolute scum of the,earth and they deserve nothing in life,but unreal though be gentle with her,you're gonna end up killing her do,members of the public stare when you go,outside oh my god yes everywhere ah i,wonder why i just i just can't quite,grasp it why are they staring at you,it's not like you're old enough to be,his grandma and he's like,tonguing you in the street nah that,can't be it like what do you expect i,seriously don't understand their thought,processes i know they're a bit tapped,clearly but if you see someone in their,20s walking on the street with someone,in their 60s you would just assume it's,like they're their carer or their their, grandparents so the second you,see them start tonguing each,other you're gonna stare a bit weirdly,aren't you that's just me though maybe,i'm the freak and who gets the,worst comments of,between two let's play a little game,boys and girls type in the comments who,you think gets the the worst hate,comments made about them it's a,difficult one so take your time and,think about it me oh my god who would,have guessed you know what boys if you,got that right in the comments then,congratulations you win a cookie,negative comments affect me horribly,sometimes they make me cry,i can't,handle some of it,a lot of this stuff is so hurtful,my self esteem,everything i actually do feel kind of,bad for though you know like i,understand the odd jerk here and there,like what i'm making in this video but,the people that actively go out of their,way to constantly harass her on all of,her socials you're just ruining the jerk,and you're not being very funny,like the zombie jerks all that,they're funny but the people that are,genuinely messaging him and telling him,to leave her because she's gonna die,soon just put yourself in their shoes i,imagine it's not very nice having to see,that every day so the people,that make the light jerks the moderate,jerks the ones that are pretty funny to,laugh at good thumbs up from me but the,ones that actively just harass,her, you some members of cheryl's family,have also not been accepting of her,relationship with a younger man,i have a problem with my family,like my kids,i have seven children and some

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He Married His Grandmother?!? (HE'S 24 & SHE'S 61!) Oliver6060 TikTok REACTS

He Married His Grandmother?!? (HE'S 24 & SHE'S 61!) Oliver6060 TikTok REACTS

gonna be completely honest i am,traumatized i need therapy after this i,found the worst tick tock,dude they are straight up making babies,okay we got these naughty videos,emotional videos whatever the heck this,is listen i don't know if this is for,clout or if they're genuinely this,messed up,entire life you guys,all good options so let's see what they,chose,hmm okay okay so he's rubbing her belly,a baby a baby,and a baby okay she's just having the,time of her life bro like what is going,on here like that deadpan face the dead,stare i can't tell if he's being serious,and listen i'm a big fan of love don't,judge right what true love surpasses,anything except the tick tock comment,section got this guy saying i don't,think you can do that because she's 61.,mission impossible,okay oh the baby is gonna call you,grandma,okay your time is up okay dude they,don't even have to put any effort this,guy just said oh with the skull emoji 22,000 likes some of these are just,straight brutal can you show us pictures,of when she was your age,okay so the thing is they absolutely,blew up off of this whole relationship,and they're keeping it going okay she,has 2 million followers and the guy has,1.5 million and both of their accounts,are just,nuclear cringe we got this one saying,being hot for my husband,oh my god i've never been this,uncomfortable in my entire life the top,comment is how does dust taste bro her,first crush was adam he holding back the,tears he looks like he's crying on the,inside she has jesus's signature in her,yearbook dude i can't i can't this is,the most cursed comment how does granny,see taste,don't say that word ever in my i did not,want to live long enough to hear that,word ever bros literally pan he quite,literally had all the options in the,world and he chose grandma it's,captioned i love climbing that mountain,dude on top of the world show us your,drawers you had the audacity to put,hashtag couple goals get a hold of,yourself okay i really don't want to,play this tick tock they are straight up,going at it just hardcore smooching over,here people are just disappointed with,their own lives how she get treated,better than me make sure the dentures,don't fall out at her groin fossil wait,okay stop okay we don't we don't shame,people for the anger we shame them for,the cringe they post on the internet,listen i just want to make it clear i,don't even care about the age gap bro,that is on the last on my priority list,i'm more concerned with the absolute,toxic waste that you're putting out on,this platform dude the content being,posted on this app is something that,you'd only see in 2022 nobody would dare,dare do this a couple years ago man,we've actually just evolved to this,point man can we go back please time,machine somebody like i just said bro,my husband and i are turning 25 and 62.,oh my god oh my god why would you post,that 20 years ago he's a baby you can't,okay i i just said i didn't care about,the age gap i know i just said that but,what the hell are you why would you,bring up the fact that you were an adult,and he was a baby at some point in your,life okay that's very creepy like listen,when i look at this i'm like okay it's,two consenting adults sure they may be,40 years apart right but it's two,consenting adults right you can't really,argue with that but then when i see this,okay how long have you two been in a,relationship i need to know some,background info because this is straight,criminal my wife drawing her body versus,me drawing her body okay,oh okay that's a that's a good uh ideal,bod and she okay does that just boo,yeah all right she sat next to jordan,washington in the third grade she saw,all the work dude i can't with these,comments yuri dancing with my,mother-in-law thick and juicy 75 okay,when your mother-in-law is named thick,and juicy 75 i think we know where this,entire family and what this relationship,is gonna be like,yeah she really be throwing it back,there man,i am so turned on right now dude ain't,no way the daughter-in-law is older,that's gotta be such a interesting,dynamic in the family wait a minute i,just randomly found a bell delphine in,the comment section saying nice okay,she's she's apparently still on the,internet okay what am i even looking at,this point is she doing some couples,exercise thing,oh dude this is so weird what is,i mean she kind of built though dude i,mean oh,oh they ended with a i'm not gonna show,that just to save you guys the trouble,but they ended with the smooch and dear,lord i need toothpaste in my eyes i need,to cleanse my soul when being in the,mood the filter ain't doing nothing oh,my god it's the baby filter i can't stop,stop don't laugh at this when someone,asks what's it like dating someone who's,37 years younger,live your best life sliving always loves,it,okay then why is he rubbing her stomach,yeah what's with this guy is she,pregnant is that is that the situation,going on here what's with the rubbing i,don't like the motions okay okay

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This 60 year old is dating a 20 year old?!

This 60 year old is dating a 20 year old?!

hello i'm zazuri i'm that kid who got,popular for making a video about an,eight-year-old dating a,thirteen-year-old fun fact that video,was the second video i had ever made on,this channel so it was pretty amazing,that it now stands at over two million,views and i know that i've already,capitalized off of that video's fame in,the past before by making a part two but,now over a year later i'm deciding to,look at another couple who has a large,age gap but this time it's significantly,larger i'd also like to say that in that,video i started the video off by,announcing that i had gotten my braces,in abrasive now,but i did get a few comments from people,saying that they misheard me say i'm,racist now and it's not relevant to the,video whatsoever but i just want to,clarify that i am not racist and i also,got my braces off recently time lies,past so quickly anyways today i'm going,to be reacting to this lovely couple,over here 24 year old koran and 61 year,old cheryl may have been traumatized by,their overly sexual and cringy tiktok,content already because for these past,few months they have been trending all,over tik tok and dominating the for you,page or at least my for you page if you,do know them you probably know them off,of this tick tock here what do we want,more than anything right now,what do i even say about this let's,unpack what we've just witnessed here,this 61 year old woman is standing in,front of this 24 year old man who was,caressing her stomach while biting and,licking his lips also can i mention how,dead his eyes look i feel so,uncomfortable because i feel like he's,just staring into my soul,another thing that makes this video so,unsettling is just how out of place this,couple looks like she's so small and,shriveled like her head is so tiny,compared to his am i the only one who's,noticing that maybe i'm just nitpicking,but i haven't even gotten to the worst,part yet the worst part being that,they're implying that they're trying to,have a baby,which is a bold statement to make,firstly they are outright putting it out,there that they are regularly having,intercourse which is not an image that,i'd like to have in my head and secondly,it doesn't really seem biologically,plausible that this raisin of a woman,would be able to push out a baby i think,you're past your prime cheryl there's,such a thing as menopause and i'm sure,you've reached that point long before my,parents were even born and look you,might think that i'm being too mean to,them already but i have justifiable,reasons which i will get to in a bit but,yeah this tick tock was my first,introduction to this pair and it,definitely intrigued me so i wanted to,find out more about them luckily for me,they appeared on truly's program love,don't judge and they appeared on that,program not once but twice the first one,was posted eight months ago and the,second one was posted just last month,this first video which i'm about to show,you is titled my girlfriend is old,enough to be my grandmother so let's,watch it my very first job her son was,my boss,she would always come up there and get,food and speak to everyone there after,eight years of friendship they found,love through their mutual interest in,tick-tock wait so her son was his boss,so that's how they got to know each,other but they were friends eight years,before they started dating and they,started dating a year ago right so he,was 15 years old when they became,friends i'm 15 years old as a 15 year,old i will just put it out there that i,have never and will probably not be,friends the 52 year old that's just not,my thing and it's kind of sus that she,knew him since he was essentially a,child and now that he's an adult they're,dating and trying for a baby it just,seems very wrong it seems like thing to,me i asked her out and i caught films,first,she gave me this dream i woke up and i,was just,aroused not told her about it ugh bro,you did not need to tell us that you did,not need to tell her that who asks,someone out like that when you ask,someone out don't you usually tell,someone like hey i think you're really,pretty i love your beautiful blonde hair,and small shriveled head i love making,tick tocks with you we should date you,don't go up to someone and be like yo i,had a dream of you i was turned on by it,we decided to,make it into a relationship because,we're both happy,the more affectionate of the two of them,i can't keep her hands off me,she give me aroused i'm telling you it,happened so often lord yo,her laughter i can't keep her hands off,me,also i can't with these tick tock clips,they're just so goofy it's so hard for,me to watch this and again man keep that,to yourself like stop no one asked for,details into your sex life okay no one,wants to hear that like even if they,didn't have such a large age gap i'd,still not like them they're just way too,open with private matters like please,please just do these weird stuff in your,own privacy no one needs to see whatever,the hell this is onlo

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