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Former Oklahoma player CALLS OUT CALEB WILLIAMS on TWITTERwe got some drama on twitter surrounding,t

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we got some drama on twitter surrounding,the oklahoma football team featuring,some former players calling out some,players that have decided to transfer to,other programs plus the latest on the,college football playoff discussions and,just how close we are to potentially,seeing a 12,before we get to today's video make sure,to smash that subscribe button and turn,on those notifications if you're new to,my channel if you're watching this video,odds are you're a college football fan,and odds are you aren't subscribed to my,channel so make sure to join the best,college football community here on,youtube also if you could take a second,and drop a like on this video i would,appreciate it as well it helps the,algorithm of the video and helps share,it with more college football fans all,right we're going to start off with this,twitter drama currently going on between,a few oklahoma players,this all started when nick benito,tweeted out his displeasure with the,players entering the transfer portal and,going to certain schools here's what he,said on twitter just a few days ago some,of these kids talking down on the,coaches all season now they want to join,them at usc a bunch of clowns oklahoma,don't need them now this was tweeted i,believe shortly after mario williams,announced that he'd be transferring to,usc after spending last season with,oklahoma now there are also a lot of,rumors surrounding caleb williams,potentially going to usc as well now,benito wasn't the only one that took to,twitter tulane transferred defensive,tackle jeffrey johnson who recently,joined oklahoma added a quote tweet in,response to benito's tweet he quoted,bill parcells saying losers assemble in,small groups and complain winners,assemble as a team and find ways to win,so although jeffrey johnson wasn't even,at oklahoma last season and he's not,even going to be teammates with nick,benito he's pretty much already calling,out the players that have decided to,transfer to different programs which,seems like a bold move considering one,you're transferring as well and two,you weren't even at the program last,year meanwhile things didn't even stop,there latrell mccutcheon who's currently,in the transfer portal and was at,oklahoma last season also took to,twitter anybody shooting slugs and,taking shots can easily hit my number,and say what they gotta say we'll keep,it pg-13 here mf internet thugs he also,had another tweet but took it down but,thanks to screenshots we got you guys,covered oh and one more thing all you,oklahoma fans can unfollow me with all,this annoying ass crying y'all are doing,i owe y'all nothing so i don't know,necessarily why latrell mccutchen's,coming in with this but clearly he's not,a fan favorite with sooners fans finally,to put it into the twitter saga we had,bob stoops who coached oklahoma for one,game this past season chime in and give,his thoughts he didn't say much but he,did provide us with this emoji so yeah,there's a bunch of unnecessary drama,going down on twitter between all these,players and it just seems pretty,pointless to me nowadays in college,football everyone wants to transfer and,i don't know necessarily why you can,fault them for wanting to leave the,program but i guess this all started,because nick benito had a problem with,mario williams going to usc,because i guess he was talking down,about lincoln riley all season and now,he wants to go back and play for him,that's the only thing that can make any,sort of sense in regards to this whole,debacle but even if that's the case who,really cares um i think this whole thing,is stupid but hey anytime we get twitter,drama featuring players for unnecessary,reasons i think it's fantastic i'm not,certain if there's other players from,oklahoma or players that left oklahoma,that chimed in and gave their thoughts,these are the only ones that i can find,so if there are any other players that,tweeted surrounding this drama let me,know in the comment section down below,if uh if we missed anything our next,topic surrounds the college football,playoff potentially expanding to 12,teams and just where we're currently at,in regards to that potentially happening,acc commissioner jim phillips detailed,his conference's opposition to the,playoff expansion during the call with,the media last week and he had some,pretty interesting comments to the acc,we don't have a college football playoff,problem we have a college football and,collegiate athletics ncaa problem we,don't feel this is the right time to,expand it doesn't foreclose in the,future about having an expanded playoff,phillips went on to say that he's got,overwhelming support from all the,coaches in the acc and said that this,isn't the right time for expansion there,were playoff expansion talks that took,place on the date of the national,championship but things broke down in,their meeting in indianapolis big 12,commissioner bob bolesby and sec,commissioner greg sankey were upset at,the result after months and months of,meetin

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Are the Oklahoma Sooners READY for the SEC? | Brent Venables, Dillon Gabriel, Jeff Lebby

Are the Oklahoma Sooners READY for the SEC? | Brent Venables, Dillon Gabriel, Jeff Lebby

let's move on to a team that has,aspirations to eventually make the,playoff here in the very near future but,the Oklahoma Sooners,they are going to be moving to the SEC,potentially here a little bit sooner no,pun intended uh the question that gets,begged a lot of the time with them and,with texts we'll talk about Texas I,would imagine in the near future but for,Oklahoma,are they ready for the SEC,I mean they went six and seven this year,they had a first year head coach who not,just the first year at Oklahoma as the,head coach his first time ever being a,head coach are they ready for what's,going to happen in the SEC,got to break that question down just a,little bit I think what people are,asking when they say that is is Oklahoma,going to have the grit I think it'd be,tough enough are they gonna be physical,enough to play with those big bad boys,down in Baton Rouge and with Tuscaloosa,and Athens and Oxford like are they,going to be able to withstand the,physicality,so here's the answer,if they were to go to the SEC today,it's not novel analysis they went six,and seven this past year in 2022 in the,Big 12 Conference,I don't think they're ready for the SEC,this year in terms of competing for,Conference titles now to be fair there's,a lot of teams in the SEC that aren't,competing for the conference title so,take that as you will now in the future,we got to look at Direction we've got to,look at trajectory we've got to look at,process and I think they're really,building this thing with an eye towards,the future and I think they're doing it,effectively going back to what I just,said the question is well are they going,to be tough enough,well they have it in the trenches,listen if they don't have it in the,trenches it won't be for a lack of,effort because if Brent venables has,gone out and put together a crutant,class for the program they are a top 10,class the time of us being live right,now and of their 25 commits from the,high school level,13 of those are what I like to call,trench players the trench player doesn't,have to be a down lineman it could be a,linebacker it could be a tight end,anybody that's about to just stick their,face mask in your face mask and try and,move you against your will like they're,gonna mix it up and try and establish,the line of scrimmage,I consider that a trench player so 13 of,the 25 are trench players and that class,ranking should tell you some pretty good,trench players also in terms of looking,to the Future you got to look at the,competition right because it doesn't,matter if I have the number 10 ranked,class which Oklahoma is higher than that,right now but stick with me here,theoretically if the other nine teams,ahead of me I gotta play on the schedule,if I'm if I'm getting the 10th best,talent in my surrounding area but I'm 10,in the country like it doesn't really,matter so here's what they're ahead of,right now there's more teams but this is,the notable ones they're ahead of LSU,they're ahead of Florida ahead of,Tennessee and a head of Texas A M,it's a very big deal I think Personnel,wise they're just continuing to position,themselves to be competitive now I'll,make this also very clear they have to,develop that it's not good enough to,just get a four-star five-star,into your program you have to then,develop that and get the most out of,that and also just to be Frank you have,to re-recruit that individual every,single year,'s another thing outside of the trench,players,Bill pullian said this at the Personnel,Symposium this past year in Tennessee or,in National I guess Nationals in,Tennessee but we were there is what I'm,trying to tell you and it was,so simple but I think so true and he was,talking about what you need a different,positions to be successful hey look for,this sort of build look for this kind of,skill set at wide receiver,and so on and so forth for you know,linebacker and what have you but then he,got to the quarterback position,and just said if you have the,quarterback position right,you solve 60 of your problems,Oklahoma feels like they got the,quarterback position right Jackson,Arnold one of the best in the country at,a Denton Geyer,five-star kid he is a guy that I am very,very excited to see we like him a lot,here does Charles power director of,Scouting For on three turned on the tape,the other day or turned on the live game,rather in the Under Armor All-American,Game he was dealing man,dude can spin the rock so keep an eye on,that but you're building Personnel wise,having the quarterback right on paper,and then having the trenches right on,paper so things are all headed the right,direction,it's not equating to wins just yet but,things are headed the right direction in,terms of what you've done so far this,point in the process,ladies and gentlemen,if you have not yet subscribed to the,program and joined us here we would love,to have you on the roster we'd love to,have you a part of what we're building,here,I won't push it too much but I will just,say that,we

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What does the future hold for TCU? | Number One College Football Show

What does the future hold for TCU? | Number One College Football Show

this game 65-7 Georgia beating Texas,Christian,it's usually how the public school,versus the private school game goes okay,if you know you know some of y'all,played in you know parochial league in,Texas felt pretty good about that and,then,you went to an ISD that's how that goes,right that's what Texas Christian was,this year there are a nice private,school play some good football in their,league and then they go play an ISD and,they get to understand what Allen,football is like right I get to,understand what union football is like,what Bixby football is like to use my,schools out there,but still no one expects Texas Christian,to play for a national championship not,ever,it was legitimately shocking what they,kept doing through November because you,kept thinking that the bottom was gonna,fall out on this team they cannot keep,going behind and then pulling it out in,the second half they cannot continue to,play outstanding defense with a 3-3,stack just won't work they get to the,Big 12 championship and my goodness the,college football playoffs election,committee Smiles on them and US frankly,because they put Texas Christian into,the playoffs often they lost in the Big,12 Championship which I never thought,anybody would see in the 14 format and,then Texas Christian chose not to look a,good gift horse in the mouth and decide,to go play ball,they went down to Arizona and I think,they caught a Michigan team that,expected to see them at least not put up,a fight right we're getting talks about,smash Fest we're getting Junior Coulson,not remembering what conference Texas,Christian plays in psychologically it,felt like yeah they got into a street,fight and didn't expect to get into a,street fight and Texas Christian and,made their living all year in street,fights meaning you're making a ball game,and then we'll see Georgia knew who,Texas Christian could be and also felt,really terrible about how they damn near,lost that game to Ohio State and if they,did not win this National Championship,we would remember that they lost it,rather than TCU won it so you get a,Kirby Smart pregame who comes out here,and says yeah we're going hunting that's,it go hunt and I said oh no because,somebody had been let read the riot act,in between the semi-final and the,national championship game and that's,what they did but the season that Texas,Christian had first year for Sunny Dykes,coming off of a five and seven year last,year where the guy with the Statue,stepped down Gary Patterson then goes to,the 40 acres arch nemesis,to try to make them better Sunny Dykes,is a West Texas dude who hired West,Texas guys and Garrett Riley Broyles,Award winner Joe Gillespie from Central,Texas but you get it right from,Stephenville over there coming down from,Tulsa they put together this team with a,Max Duggan that they didn't even think,was the best quarterback on campus who,was qb2 comes off the bench leads this,team to a national championship bid,you're losing Max Duggan you're losing,Quentin Johnston who did not have the,impact in this game that I wanted to see,but that's not his fault Max Duggan,could not see where he wanted to go with,the ball and when he did there were,people in his face,the defense felt like it got caught,black-footed by the sheer speed of guys,like Brock Bowers like guys like stats,and Bennett they just could not run with,them and you could see the argument of,Jimmy's and Joe's playing out we have,more stars than you which brings me back,to the stars do matter not always but do,and now that I've seen Texas Christian,make a national championship game a year,after seeing Cincinnati make the college,football playoff I am satisfied,I'm the guy who told you expand the,playoff you cowards they did that they,have done that we will see 12 teams in a,playoff and it might just be Georgia,running through everybody or Alabama or,whomever,but I take great joy in knowing that,Texas Christian got an opportunity to,play for a national championship that,Central Florida did not right that 2011,Oklahoma state did not number one the,calling Matrix that Boise State did not,that Utah did not the Tulane did not 98,we keep going here,the sport feels more fair it feels more,open and as I said when I wanted the,playoff expanded everybody deserves the,same opportunity to get beat down by,Georgia used to be Alabama now it's,Georgia that's why we play the game,that's why we love the sport very very,very proud of what Texas Christian has,been able to accomplish in this last,five months of what has been a,fascinating if aberration of a college,football year at least at the very top,because frankly you're not supposed to,happen thank you for watching the number,one college football show please,remember to subscribe to the channel and,like this video so that you don't miss,any of the best college football,coverage in America

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Oklahoma Sooners Top 5 Recruits 2023

Oklahoma Sooners Top 5 Recruits 2023

now all my Oklahoma Sooner fans I know,that Oklahoma didn't necessarily have,the most ideal year under first year,head coach Brent venables however you,guys are bringing in the sixth best,recruiting class in the class of 2023,and the top five recruits that you guys,brought in are going to absolutely,revolutionize Oklahoma football what's,happening everybody hope we're having a,super blessed day and today we're gonna,be taking a look at the Oklahoma Sooners,top five recruits in the class of 2023,be sure to leave this video a like and,comment down below after watching all,the recruits who's your guys favorite,pickup in 2023 as well as hit that,subscribe button if you have not already,we're on our way to 300 000 subscribers,as well as happy New Year to all y'all,hope that you had a blessed last night,and with all that being said let's jump,straight into it three two one two,started off you can never have too much,offensive line Talent get them about the,play and you guys picked up the ninth,best offensive tackle in the country,standing at 6'5 315 pounds Kaden green,and it can move well it's basically your,body number 22 get up out of here,this dude for him to be this big he,moves very well out in space,extremely strong as soon as he gets his,hands on you you're not going anywhere,but wherever he wants you also can we,all agree comment down below if you,think that gray football fields are the,dopest field in I think it's better than,blue I think it's better than red I,think having a gray football field is,the sickest field color,yeah as soon as he gets the as soon as,he gets those paws on you those mitts,it's a wrap,I would like to see him work on just,being a little bit quicker out of out of,his stance other than that I don't,really see any really any real glaring,weaknesses in Hayden Green's game,next up is a name that's all my Oklahoma,Sooner fans are going to be hearing a,lot oh simple called set him up so cold,is jacquez Pettaway the 11th best wide,receiver in the class of 2023. this was,such a smooth route running a nice very,convincing slant boom just immediately,cut back up and then create massive,separation him along with the player,we're going to cover a little bit later,on in the video them two are going to be,one of the best Duos in college football,jacquez Pettaway is 511 180 190 with,ridiculous speed just as you can see he,can just flat out stretch the field,foreign,oh yeah he is a home run play waiting to,happen,I believe he's here at the bottom of the,screen,nice little breakdown this is a oh first,off great body control this is a,phenomenal job of looking so this this,is him right here at the bottom of the,screen look at him close ground you know,he kind of opens up the the corner knows,he could run a post he can run an end he,could just fake to the fade but he just,kind of runs up on his toes it is a,little bit of a lazy route but to see,the body control on the back end is,phenomenal,I would like to see just a quick little,tip,just to give a little bit more of an,outside fake and then if you're going to,be running it in make sure that you're,staying on this line because when you,stay on this line all this quarterback,has to do is just throw it right behind,this linebacker's head and instead of,this safety being able to make a play,you might not be in the end zone but you,have more room to work with could you be,catching the ball more right here rather,than a yard or two into the end zone but,that was a phenomenal catch the body,controlling me crazy,foreign,oh gone bye bye again and then he has,that burst he has that just flat out,home run speed whenever you need it,there you go work inside yep and then,that's this is beautiful right here this,is what I like to call or it's not what,I like to call it just what it is called,stacking the corner so corner has,outside shade fakes face of the outside,hard inside to get this corner to open,up his hips runs inside and then,immediately gets back over top of him so,now the safety is under the play you,have all this silent for the quarterback,to throw you the ball and then it's an,absolute dime that is how you run a fade,route if you're going to inside release,foreign,boom yo got him easy,now focusing up our attention onto the,defensive side of the ball and starting,off the three five star recruits that,Oklahoma brought in this is the fourth,best Edge rusher in the country in,adipodu adabaware this guy is a flat out,man of mole he is you just could not get,past him he his motor never stops he's,six five two fifty two sixty and he,moves with like I mean just literally,look at how explosive he is getting off,The Stance boom nope where you going no,get the hands off of you and then,quarterback come here he gets into the,backfield so quickly most of the time,when you see Edge rushers and DNS this,big you're not seeing them be this quick,and explosive but he's able to fly after,the quarterback,nope where you going quarterback come,here oh so he has extremely

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Creating VIRAL TWITTER Sneaker (Oklahoma Football)

Creating VIRAL TWITTER Sneaker (Oklahoma Football)

so I recently moved out to LA which I'm,super stoked about but I have a lot of,shoes I got to do first,so recently I made this shoe for my,uncle he is a huge Sooners fan so am I,he posted on Twitter and it went viral,so everyone decided they wanted to order,shoes I had over 200 DMS in a matter of,a day like less than 24 hours and about,probably like a quarter of those turned,into shoe orders so we got to make a lot,of shoes let's jump into the process,I never fell in love she just fell in,love with me,getting fitted taking off your clothes,hey Gunner,Gunner,huh,why can you okay you just can't hear me,no I got a noise canceling airpods and,with headphones on no wait what yeah,noise canceling airpods okay well uh I,need your help what now,I need this angle,I never fell in love she just fell in,love with me,um yeah so I'm never doing shoes again,these took way way way too long but they,all turned out really really good and I,hope you all liked them and I'll see you,on the next video subscribe peace out,love y'all,cause you're on my mind,can you come back,foreign foreign,let's go come on now come on now we're,done all done with all those,don't you still have four more pairs yes,but you're not supposed to tell the,viewers that come on now we're supposed,to be excited so get this,dude I'm so dizzy home world is spinning,right now bro,thank you

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Mac Engel mean Tweets: Oklahoma Sooners fans

Mac Engel mean Tweets: Oklahoma Sooners fans

brothers and sisters hello I am Fort,Worth star-telegram Sports Congress Mac,Engel thank you for joining me for,another edition of mean tweets this time,my good friends from the University of,Oklahoma from the finest four-year,colleges in all of Norman have decided,to take exception to my greatness when I,said that Lincoln Riley the head,football coach should not be a genius,no no it's not go ahead Act should be,way better than this at his age shows he,chose a men well people have the right,to be stupid good luck with that got me,this far Mac is a clown and is it even,worth the timer clicks I don't know,about that last part the guy eagle is an,idiot you seem a little too sure of that,one delete your account will resign from,the telegram you're seriously a disgrace,to the profession there are a lot of bad,articles out there this is the dumbest,Mack were you dropped on your head,repeatedly as a small child,you simply dense dear I am speechless at,the absolute stupidity and outright,ignorance of this art,do you know anything about football or,do you just wing it and hope for the,best,my goodness this has to be the worst,opinion article ever written you are so,very close,think the season hasn't even started yet,go ahead Mac Ingalls week he's done a,terrible job he's fake news president,Trump treated me you're a sad sad sad,man you probably have attendance policy,for your students please to delete your,account books folks think he's trying to,say thanks I feel sorry for you truly,amen,I'm inverting myself that kind of what,has Jenna wasn't become that you still,have a job,that's a good question so Vivian let's,answer that question what has journalism,become that your dad still has a job

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Oklahoma football is one of the most,prestigious and historical programs in,the nation and for the most part they,have been widely successful all Century,going from coach Stoops to Coach Riley,was seemingly a perfect transition as,Riley began to develop Heisman level,quarterbacks and had a couple of playoff,appearances that is why everyone,expected a perfect transition of power,when Brent menevils took over for,Lincoln Riley Riley obviously left for,USC and venables was a long time,defensive coordinator at Clemson before,he returned to Oklahoma to take the head,coaching gig unfortunately the 2022,season has not gone to plan there are,multiple factors as to why the Sooners,have struggled but in today's video,we're going to talk about this Oklahoma,team the hype surrounding the team in,the off season what has gone wrong and,what I think the direction of the,program is going to be moving forwards,but before we can get started nearly 80,of you guys are not subscribed to the,channel and we're now on the road to,100K so quickly be sure to hit the,Subscribe button leave a like if you,want to support the channel turn on,notifications you never miss when I,upload and let me know what topic player,or team I should cover next now let's,talk about some Oklahoma football so I,think in order to understand how,Oklahoma got in this position we first,need to talk about last season in 2020,Spencer Rattler emerged as the starting,quarterback and this team was gearing up,for a national title run in 2021. guys,like Rattler Marvin Mims and Theo Wiese,returned on the offense and they brought,in a big time trance running back from,Tennessee by the name of Eric gray the,defense was also loaded and many believe,that this was finally going to be,Oklahoma's year they got 35 first place,votes in the Big 12 and pretty much,everyone predicted them to be at the top,Rattler was the Heisman Contender Mims,was one of the best receivers in the,country and this was supposed to be the,year the defense finally got it together,so they can make a run at that national,title but how did it end up going well,not according to plan in week one,they're originally supposed to play on,the road against Tulane but because of,the weather they moved it up to Norman,where they struggled Tulane actually had,a chance to win that game but Oklahoma,held on 40-35 and many were wondering,what the heck was going on in week two,they blanked Western Carolina 76-0 but,everyone knew the real challenge was,going to come in a couple of weeks,Nebraska would come to town to renew the,Rivalry matchup surprisingly the,Cornhuskers actually played quite well,they made it a very close game and ended,up only losing 23-16 the Sooners at this,time were 3-0 and Spencer Rattler was,starting to struggle and things reached,an all-time hysteria during the West,Virginia game during halftime of the,West Virginia game the student section,started the boo Rattler and they wanted,Caleb to play the guy they're talking,about is Caleb Williams he was a,five-star player in the number one,quarterback out of the DC area and some,of the fan base had already turned on,their prize star in Rattler despite a,lackluster performance the Sooners would,kick a game-winning field goal and beat,West Virginia 16-13 after that they go,on the road and survive a scare against,Kansas State before they have an,all-time classic game against Texas the,Longhorns ranked number one and got off,to a commanding lead but once rally,bench Rattler Caleb Williams came in and,put on a show and Kennedy Brooks would,complete the game by running for a,touchdown with pretty much no time left,this put Oklahoma all the way up to,number four in the country and after,dominating wins over TCU Kansas and,Texas Tech they'd have another tough,matchup on the road against Baylor the,number 13 bears were one of the surprise,teams of the 2021 season and they'd,finally put the Sooners to rest as they,win 27-14 this was Oklahoma's first loss,of the season but they would survive,another close game against Iowa State,before they'd still have a chance to go,to the big 12 championship and maybe a,college football playoff spot they'd,have to go on the road to play against,number seven Oklahoma State and for the,first time in years the Cowboys finally,won in an all-time classic the Sooners,lost by four and would miss the Big 12,championship in route to a 10-2 record,they'd end up playing organ in the Alamo,Bowl where they'd win 47-32 and it was a,disappointing season one afternoon there,was a crazy rumor that Lincoln Riley was,going to LSU he came out and said he,wasn't and the next day he decided he,was going to USC this is probably the,most shocking coaching move of this past,decade in college football and with him,he would bring Alex Grinch and both,Caleb Williams and Mario Williams plus a,couple of other players because of that,Oklahoma would now have to hire a new,head coach and who did they look to well,they looked to coach venables he was a,defe

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Georgia Bulldogs DOMINATE TCU in the National Championship — RJ Young reacts | No. 1 CFB Show

Georgia Bulldogs DOMINATE TCU in the National Championship — RJ Young reacts | No. 1 CFB Show

what's up kid folk it's RJ young I am,not on a step mill thank you for,watching on the Fox Sports app YouTube,or listening wherever you get your,podcast tonight we are reacting live to,Georgia's,65-7 win against number three Texas,Christian in the most lopsided national,championship game of my entire life and,I've been on this Earth for 36 years,come this July but what we witnessed was,dominance as we Define it in the Oxford,English Dictionary Georgia Far and Away,the national champion and by some margin,here because my goodness the number one,Georgia Bulldogs were up 38 points or 38,2 1 2 38 7. so that 31 points score 38,in the first half my goodness we're,talking about we're talking about just,the third team in the modern era to go,15-0 in college football history right,joining 2019 LSU 2018 Clemson but we're,also talking about a team that was up,52-7 after three and had not won but two,curtain calls for seniors and or players,that are going to go into the NFL draft,starting with the nine minute Mark of,the fourth quarter couple of ways that I,want to frame this but the first one is,a note from producer Tyler the over,under on this game,was 63 points,I'm gonna say it again the over under on,this game was 63. Georgia scored 65. I,mean by the time the first half ended we,all felt the national championship game,was over and at that time garbage time,had begun even Kirby Smart to his credit,tried to say hey we've not been a great,third quarter team and they have been a,very good third quarter team to which,none of us were actually in a position,to take him seriously but the other part,to frame this with is this Georgia,football team,is not even as talented as the 2021 team,though it is more accomplished that's,ridiculous that is remarkable five first,rounders on that defense last year that,was all world and the next year they,reload and they run the table and at,times they did not look like the best,team in college football meanwhile we've,won looks a lot like the last week the,last game of the college football season,remember Georgia knocked off Oregon,49-3 at what point we're going okay so,Georgia occupies the first four slots,and everybody's top 25 and we don't know,what to do with Oregon Oregon bounces,back wins 10 right in a really fantastic,Holiday Bowl win against North Carolina,ends up being a really great football,team and Dan Lenny's first time ever,being a head coach and by halftime,Oregon Duck fans are looking at,everybody else going we told y'all they,are different now a couple other ways to,put this but I pick up my goddaughters,from school on Mondays today is a Monday,okay they know the national championship,is game is going on they know this is,what I do so I usually get a call or I,call them to get some good night on,nights like this and they ask me,um RJ what's the score,I said it's 52-7,and they're like what was the halftime,score I said it was 38-7 and he said,does that mean that Georgia has to play,a man down in the second half to make it,fair,in the national championship game guys,all right like that's the level of,dominance we have Elementary School,girls asking for Texas Christian to get,a handicap because they know the,national championship game is not,supposed to be this lopsided at one,point you know it they're going up 45-7,and it felt like Jordan Peele had taken,over directing this game it was a horror,show it was the kind you could not look,away from because you could not believe,that this was happening in the way that,it was happening you might be a you know,99 of people's opinion which is to say,that Texas Christian was going to get,boat raced but it's another thing to say,that and then for Georgia to be able to,follow through on doing just that and,this is again,the largest margin of Victory the single,best Beatdown that I have ever seen in a,national championship game and I dare,say anybody has seen in a national,championship game as a matter of fact,the last time that we saw a program,up by 34 or more at halftime was when,Miami beat down Nebraska in 2002. it's,21 years ago guys right and I am an,Oklahoma fan for which many of you know,that also means that I lived through USC,and Matt leinert and them beating the,hell out of Oklahoma,55-19 so bad at halftime that they bring,Ashley Simpson on to sing as she gets,booed because Oklahoma fans had had,enough right so I know what this is like,Notre Dame fans when they had to play,Alabama 2012 same Notre Dame team that,came down to Oklahoma beat up on,Oklahoma with Manta and James Harden got,traded on the same night yeah I was in,the Press Box that night and I don't,forget it but that team we thought was,going to be good no Alabama ended up,handing them their head which is how we,get back to Georgia,because we had thought for some time,that Alabama and what Nick Saban has,done basically over the last 15 years,can never be repeated that level of,dominance in sport and for me he's still,the greatest college football coach of,all time

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