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Nudity, Tik Tok, Twitter, Festo, IAB's, Meta, Acer, & Jason Wood - SWN #258it's the security Weekly

Security Weekly

Updated on Jan 16,2023

Nudity, Tik Tok, Twitter, Festo, IAB's, Meta, Acer, & Jason Wood - SWN #258

it's the security Weekly News I'm Doug,white and welcome to episode 258 the,cursed one Shaka his guts in his hands,welcome to the week of 27 November 2022,we are back in Rhode Island and I hope,all our American friends had a Happy,Thanksgiving holiday we've got today,lots of nudity Tick Tock Twitter festo,iabs uh IB IBS that sounds like a,disease iabs meta Jason wood and more on,the security Weekly News,this is security weekly for Security,Professionals by Security Professionals,it's the show that keeps you up to date,on the latest security news twice a week,your trusted source for accurate,security information and expert analysis,it's time for security Weekly News,staying one step ahead of cyber,criminals secure your email applications,Network and data with Barracuda protect,your business and go from zero to,Security in no time flat whether your,team is working in one location or many,Barracuda has solutions that are easy to,buy deploy and use learn how Barracuda,can protect your business against,ransomware fishing and other cyber,attacks visit forward,slash Barracuda that's, forward slash,barracuda barracuda your journey secured,all right uh we're here on uh the cursed,episode of security weekly but we'll,we'll get there we're hanging there and,try to survive,um so,um I don't know if you can hear the,music playing but I can't uh,oh if you still if you,if you there we go uh it was it was so,loud that I couldn't I couldn't,concentrate uh so if you still allow,tick tock on your network and maybe you,do maybe you don't I I don't know I have,mixed feelings about it uh apparently,there's a new round of malware being,distributed that's related to a current,Tick Tock challenge which is called The,Invisible body filter now I I saw the,story because you know the minute I saw,naked I was like I'm there dude uh so,the challenge apparently is to get naked,that's that's step one so that's always,appealing,um and then film yourself naked uh okay,wait now that that's always an intro to,a bad idea uh but then after you film,yourself naked you apparently use the,tick tock invisible body filter which,sounds suspicious in and of itself but,you do that and replace your body with a,blurry background you know so you've,probably seen these so now I now look,kids and I know I should be on the front,porch shouting at Clouds right now but,but any challenge we start off with film,yourself naked is probably not going to,end well I mean I don't care where you,got that from you know some local person,ask you or you know whatever but you,know I know it's if it's too loud you're,too old but anywho the naked thing aside,basically on the heels of a fill in the,name of a person or object you find,attractive allegedly doing the naked,Flappy Mambo on film well here come the,X-ray spec vendors who's going to tell,you that they can,give them a chance they will remove the,clothes or in this case the filter and,let you see everything,of course much like the horrible letdown,you got when you first bought the X-ray,specs when you were like eight years old,and you saved up you know your your,quarter a week allowance to buy them you,know and and you know the blur removal,creamer doesn't do anything except it,installs wasp stealer on your device,which is then capable of getting your,Discord account information your,password your credit cards,cryptocurrency wallets it can exfiltrate,local files pretty much anything,um which is what happens when you try to,download this so Tick Tock Accounts at,learn cyber and at Cody BTC are now,suspended but apparently created a,supposed video and app to remove the,filter on invisible body the invisible,body filter Challenge and they stored,this on a Discord server named space,unfilter so like most Promises of a,glimpse of You Know You're So Vain I bet,you think this post is about you but not,only do you get not get the X-ray specs,but you did get a nice info stealer for,your trouble so I guess the point here,is that just because they promised you,that you could see whomever that was,doing the challenge naked you probably,won't and they'll steal all your info at,the same time and you'll probably be too,embarrassed to go complain about it,because what are you going to do call,the police and go hey I was trying to,remove the clothes yeah okay you don't,want to go there as Twitter continues to,Bang its little bird head against a,picture window of life before slowly,giving up the ghost laying on your deck,in a sad little puff of feathers before,it gets eaten by some large red-eyed,thing that sort of lurked out of the,undergrowth muttering about yog sathoth,well more bad news for Twitter uh over,5.4 million Twitter user records which,contain non-public information were,stolen using an API vulnerability which,was actually fixed in January,and I think all this data was stolen,before that uh the initially I thought,it was a new breach but I think it's,just related the old breach the,attack

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Claudia Conway Address her mother posting her nudes on her Twitter account says stop calling police!

Claudia Conway Address her mother posting her nudes on her Twitter account says stop calling police!

we're not but like i'm really scared if,this is a joke please shut the fuck up,if it's not,bye is this real,is this apparently um that's real,and so here's what i guess happened the,pictures were months ago and,i'm assuming that when my mom took my,phone,um anytime she's taken it because she,takes it all the time she took a picture,of that so that was on her phone,um and i guess she accidentally posted,it or somebody hacked her but,nobody ever nobody would ever have any,photo like that,ever um,so kellyanne you're going to fucking,jail i'm shaking,i i don't know what to do um,nobody would ever have that photo ever,was on my phone i don't think i've ever,sent it to,anyone,um so i'm assuming that my mom took a,picture of it he used against me one day,and then somebody hacked her or,something,because there's no physical possible way,that anybody would have that photo of me,um i'm literally at a loss for words and,if you see it report it,my mom deserves to go to jail that's,that's unreal,um she's the only person that has it,just talked to my ex she was like,that's insane hi guys i just wanted to,come on here and,address the situation uh this isn't for,us this is coming completely from me,claudia um i have faith and i know that,my mother would never put something like,that on the internet as well as,me we would never do that my mom and i,we fight like mothers and daughters,but we also love like mothers and,daughters and i do love her i will be,taking a break from social media um,because,we are really tired of being headlines,and,we fight like mothers and daughters but,being in the public eye,exacerbates that greatly and it adds a,lot of stress to,both of our lives and i don't want that,um i don't want any drama i don't want,any hate so i will be leaving social,media for a bit to work on my,relationship with my mom and my family,please do not incite hate or violence on,my family,please no threats no calls to,authorities,i love my mom and she loves me like i,said in my last video,um i will be taking a break um because,social media is a really dark place,and instead of you know shining light on,this situation,um hate and violence were incited,and that was never ever my intention nor,my mom's um,we will not be dealing with this on,social media anymore and we are both,going to take breaks to work on our,relationships because we do,we do love each other very very very,much um,and we would never intentionally try to,hurt each other,especially not in the public eye i just,wanted to clear everything up,please put an end to all this if you see,a picture of me report it if you see,anything,my mom and i report it please,do me a favor and stop spreading this,um because it hurts me more than it,helps me same with my mom it hurts both,of us more than it helps us,um thank you all for understanding,yesterday when i was made aware of the,situation i was,distraught and very very upset and i,acted irrationally and impulsively,and it is something that i do regret,i know that my mom would never ever,post anything to hurt me like that,intentionally,and i do believe she was hacked on,another note i want to apologize for,making all this public,and the best,option right now and the best path right,now for the both of us,um is to get off of social media and,work on our relationship,before you guys say this is forced this,isn't forced um,this isn't forced and we all do things,and say things that we don't mean um in,the heat of the moment,and out of frustration and fear,um and anxiety and i'm sorry,it was not mature of me and we are going,to work on our relationship,offline please stop calling authorities,because it only hurts us,more than it helps us um making threats,and whatnot,is really putting my safety um at risk,and putting me in danger um and i get,that,you are trying to help me but it is by,putting my family in danger you're,putting me in danger,so please stop with that we're gonna,handle this,privately and i will never ever be,speaking about this publicly um,you

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Britney Spears Posts NUDES On Twitter Has Her NEW Song Hold me Closer Releases !!!

Britney Spears Posts NUDES On Twitter Has Her NEW Song Hold me Closer Releases !!!

what's up cinema showgun here and i hope,everyone is having an awesome start to,their weekend now,as you all already know britney spears's,new song came out yesterday and as some,of you know right before the release of,this new song her instagram account was,magically,deleted,and i found that really weird because we,know,that this song is going to drive a lot,of attention,over to her instagram account and,those of us that watch my art those of,you all that watch my channel,we talk about a lot of the weird,activity that's always on britney's page,and i find it odd that as soon as,you know this song is coming out that's,going to bring a whole like just,thousands of new eyes to her instagram,account that everything is just deleted,now of course,her father is also in court so there's,various reasons why the instagram,account could be deleted but britney,went ahead and went over to twitter now,brittany usually doesn't use twitter,that much but yesterday she was,extremely active on twitter and oh man,i don't think twitter knows what is,about to happen to them i don't think,twitter saw this coming at all because,it's like she came to twitter she posted,the most normal post i had ever seen in,my life,and the post even read to me like,like she realizes that some of the stuff,she's been doing on instagram isn't a,good look and she kind of wants to,change that she mentions her kids and we,know that her kids have been upset for a,while that she's posting her butthole on,instagram,so it seems like a step in the right,direction,and to me i'm like okay well you're,promoting this song you got rid of all,the crazy on instagram you you know you,post this lengthy tweet that makes it,seem like you're,you're going to do better for yourself,or whatever and then bam,the song comes out and then what happens,can any of you all guess,britney goes right back at it again it's,like as soon as the song comes out,bam bam bam bam you get a nude you get a,nude you get a nude you get a nude,all over twitter,and then she deletes it and then,repost it and then deletes it and then,we post it and then deletes it and,repost it so all of the crazy stuff,we've been seeing happen on instagram,now it's happening on twitter,it's like just when you thought you were,going to get a sense of normalcy,the song comes out elton john's talking,about it and then you go look on,britney's profile and here she is,naked once again,asking sam if he thinks it's funny are,you laughing now he sam,what does that mean,that would make me believe that y'all,had some type of conversation why would,you even ask him that,why would you post nudes of yourself on,social media and then ask your husband,if it's funny or if he's laughing i find,that extremely odd but then again,everything this woman does is extremely,odd,but looking at this,this is a strong argument or this is um,this can be used as a strong argument to,show that britney really is free,i've been telling you all for the past,couple of weeks especially since this,interview came out with britney's kids,that i'm starting to lean more towards,the side that britney is free that she's,just having a mental health crisis you,know she's going through a mental thing,and i've made that clear since i began,these videos my original theory,was that britney was just you know,dealing with some mental issues,but i heard out britney fans you know,i think the problem with the britney,fandom in general is no one wants to,hear each other out,if someone thinks britney isn't free,hear them out,let them show you what evidence they,have,if someone thinks britney is free hear,them out,let them show you what evidence they,have,so i think there's been a misconcept a,misconception that this whole time i've,been,firming the fact that brittany isn't,free but i've made it clear a thousand,times,then i'm not so sure that's the case but,i will entertain it,i will look into it,i'm not going to shut half of the,britney spears fandom down just because,they believe that there's something,still going on because it looks to me,like there's still something going on,and the only other explanation would be,that britney,isn't in a good place mentally,now after what i saw happen on twitter,yesterday,i feel like that was britney,i mean why even delete the instagram if,you're just going to go over to twitter,and post nudes and delete them and,repost them and delete them and repost,them and delete them and repost them,it's like it's the same antics,and i can't help but feel,that this is brittany,and i think people need to start slowly,maybe coming to that realization to be,clear i'm not saying there isn't,something else going on that could still,be the case,but people need to start coming to the,realization that this is brittany now,britney wants to post these pictures,a thousand times in a day and delete,them brittany wants to spin around this,is what britney wants,i mean i i want her to want better for,herself but if she doesn't then hey,she's got a new song

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Pokimane Nudes Scam Exposes a Growing Problem, Dave Chappelle SNL Controversy, Twitter Burning Down

Pokimane Nudes Scam Exposes a Growing Problem, Dave Chappelle SNL Controversy, Twitter Burning Down

- 'Sup, you beautiful bastards.,Welcome back to the Philip DeFranco Show.,Buckle up, make sure you hit that like button,,let me know you like these big shows,,and let's just jump into the news.,This Pokimane nude scam is so creepy and concerning.,All right, so Pokimane, massive streamer,,massive online influencer.,Yesterday she had to put out a video,explaining this whole situation,,saying scammers were basically trying to get her,to send them nudes.,Right, so it starts with her receiving an email,that appears to be from NEIWAI,,an undergarment and loungewear brand.,Notably, it's a brand,that she has previously talked about wearing and loving.,So she thought, "Oh, this makes sense.",Why wouldn't they be reaching out to her for PR?,So she's in contact with them and they make a request.,- So afterwards, they sent me like this PowerPoint,of this new collection that they want to launch,,and they said that they just need,my measurements and my address,and that they'll send me like three custom bras.,Whatever.,- But then when she went to take her measurements,a few days later, she realized,,"Oh, this communication is with scammers,not the actual brand," because...,- When I looked at the email,with the diagram they sent me and everything,and I realized that they weren't showing me,how to take my measurements,,they were asking me to put tape measure around me,and send them a photo of my bare chest.,No company is going to ask you to send them a photo,of your yitties.,- All right, so it all clicks for her.,This is a scammer.,They've made a fake email.,They're forwarding emails from a fake boss.,They even made a fake PowerPoint with Pokimane adding...,- The amount of effort they've put in,is both comical and frightening.,I don't even wanna think about what they would've done,if I actually sent them anything,,whether it's extort me for money, blackmail me.,Like, if they have my address, it's even worse.,- And Pokimane also added,,she had a friend whose manager actually fell,for one of these kind of scams before,and made her send photos and information to a scammer.,Though luckily in that case, nothing too bad happened.,Though also, I will say at the same time,,if you fell for this scam, I do have questions.,I'm not gonna victim blame.,I just have some questions,as to what you think is the normal way,you tell people what size clothes you want to wear.,Like, "Send me a photo of you measuring your boobs,so I can confirm that they are that size,and you are not lying to me",is a really fucking weird ask.,Like they might as well add,,"Hey, can you add a banana for scale to it?",But still, I will say, be careful out there y'all.,And then Dave Chappelle,is hosting "Saturday Night Live" this weekend,and things are starting to pop off,,starting with reports that there's this rebellion brewing,inside of the show.,All right, because while this will be the third time,in his career he'll be hosting a key thing,is that it's the first time,since his 2021 Netflix special "The Closer".,Which, if you don't remember,,was one of the biggest controversial things last year.,There was just such a strong divide between people.,So since the announcement last week,,we've seen people blasting SNL on social media,,with Terra Field, the former co-vice president,of Netflix's transgender employee resource group,,who actually resigned in protest last year,,tweeting, "Wait, I thought I canceled him.,Is it possible cancel culture isn't a real thing?",And now, it's being reported,that somebody's anger is coming from inside the house,,with a source reportedly telling Page Six,that some SNL staff writers,are boycotting the upcoming episode.,In fact, one writer posting on their Instagram story,,"I'm trans and non-binary. I use they/them pronouns.,Transphobia is murder and it should be condemned.",Though it's not 100% clear,whether they are a part of the boycott.,And as far as Chappelle's response,,his team says he attended writers' meetings this week,and saw no evidence of a boycott,,adding "The room was full of writers.,They all pitched ideas and they seem very excited about it.,Dave is looking to have some fun.",And another key thing is that all of this is coming,after the show announced,its first out non-binary cast member back in September.,Though, neither they nor anyone else in the cast,have commented publicly about Chappelle.,And to that final point, I'll say,,I don't honestly know what to believe here.,Right, it's completely possible,there are people on the staff that aren't happy about this.,But also until more people do more things publicly,,who knows?,All right, because without it,,it's entirely possible this is just like a marketing thing.,I mean, fuck, before I came across this story,,I didn't even know "SNL" was live right now.,Right, controversy inherently brings awareness to the thing.,The timing of him hosting, I think, is also a notable.,Right, we just had the midterms,and actually the last two times we saw him,right after the elections in

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que horas eu posso falar fazer a foto da,minha a internet serviço E aí os,caras tipo assim esculacho né pai aí,rapaziada comentando comentando legal,comentando negativo mulheres homens,héteros e homossexuais rapaziada falando,gostosinho lá na minha virou,assunto aí se você vai funcionar um pau,e aí eu fiquei tipo uma outra fã que tá,ligado para mim com certeza experiência,nova científico da rapaziada tá falando,do seu seco pause cam Brasília sem,querer tá ligado eu posso ter na fazenda,foi sem querer para não que ele tá,esperando aqui não vai para você depois,que você foi uma live da hora de,histórias e não sabe aquela bosta agora,na quarentena eu fico online não,primeiro eu nunca fui essa pessoa de,internet assim aí Tô aqui no centro que,eu tô fazendo Stories ai chegando aqui,ele vai limpar e hoje eu vou fazer uma,pessoa suave filmou assim eu finalmente,bate no coração e me lembro de ,publicar ali e minhas fãs inclusive,pedem não posta rapaziada que acompanha,problema magreza A resposta está,distante para aí eu vou lá me inventar,de postar qualquer merda eu fui nem,assim,e no pau parece um filmando a cicatriz,aqui no ombro tá ligado Você não presta,pai não é acontecem percebeu que você,tinha postado isso depois de quanto,tempo depois de dois minutos e aí já,bastou né Ai Foi rápido Uai foi,o amigo o cara que trabalha com a Jade,lá que ligou e falou assim junto né,postar foto do pau nos estar ai aí eu já,te falou eu falei assim chapando você,gosta mas não tava nem rígida não tava,xixi cima lá em João deixa eu te passar,a visão qual que foi eu tava na banheira,tipo assim uns 40 minutos fazendo nada,porque a gente for lá vamos fazendo,agora vamos já estava ali do lado tá no,chuveiro eu tava lá muitos tempos eu,achava eu achava quente pau mole se mu,tá ligado nossa pode van não sabe quando,sair disso e meio que eu fico vendo o,pessoal falando meu Deus como assim,Credo como assim eu não sei o que que a,pessoa espera eu não sei que precisa,para que o pessoal vai abaixar as calças,ficaram lá tá manga com arroz,eu falei que canta a música limpar a,piscina foi dada ao Viaduto saia lata de,monster do bagulho mesmo tipo assim,gostosinho tá ligado namorava não,reclamou funciona bonitinho e eu já e eu,não só e eu abro entende que se aplica,pinto também a qualquer coisa eu já não,foi assim não tenho medo de quebrar,padrões Onde estará fora de qualquer,padrão de nada entendeu seja de um pau,mole ou seja tipo assim da roupa da,Maria de me vestir olho do meu corpo tá,ligado Tipo eu quero que se for o que é,isso mano então você meu solta o meu pai,vai fazer o meu não não gostei porque,não tiver espaço foi amor eu ainda mais,espécie postivas galudão eu sei mais da,hora ia ser no mínimo do da hora que eu,fizer da hora mas paciência um mínimo de,da hora se tivesse de pau duro pelo,menos só que aí beleza se você tivesse,porta-objeto em outro contexto não era,para falar que foi sem querer né tô aqui,Paulo com a câmera na mão eu ia falar,que não foi sem querer que eu postei,aqui tá de pau do ninguém aqui,e eu falei foi sem querer tava de pal,mole não queria ter mandado para vocês,aqui tá maneira para gente pode pá E aí,tipo assim quando você que engraçado,porque mano aí primeiro que um baú de,Caxias da hora os brothers que meu,público é muito feminino não tem muito,cara moleque da amizade com maior apoio,dos caras nas redes sociais Você conhece,e tropa do pau médio aí os cara mandando,a mãozinha apertando tá ligado espera,respondendo os Stories tudo no túnel e,João Guilherme fechamento aí aí não é aí,eu vou falando que o para fofinho então,tipo assim me rendeu muitas risadas e,graças a Deus mano eu consegui levar,tipo de uma maneira pessoalmente assim,muito muito cômica e leve tá ligado Tipo,assim que eu podia ficar na Bad tá,ligado aí ó essa galera só pesa porque,na moral rapaziada não divulgue essa,parada tá ligado porque é criminal,Mirena que é crime segundo,assoalho-comprimento rede social tem,criança né parça Tu só tem menor de,idade rede social também principalmente,apagar que fica postando e conversando,de assunto Tinho fútil na internet tá,ligado é muito mano aí foi,eu recebo direto e a menina de 14 anos,para mandar a foto do meu pau para mim,mesmo a menininha época de guarda né,mana de sacanagem falar Troy e os cara é, só que os cara isso não tem noção,internet essa terra Sem Lei e o Twitter,principalmente aqui no Twitter pode,postar mano tipo qual que é a brisa é,verdade né no Twitter ele não dá não tô,na metade lá ele do nada o fulano ou,curtiu pessoal transando aqui então é,tipo assim essa é a brisa estava,procurando Instagram não tem essa imagem,no x y z não tem não pode tá ligado no,quinta Vai machucá-la foto do pau de,várias pessoas caso você fala um bagulho,aqui é verdade porque não proibiu essa,parada que eu tirar um filho da ,olhando fiz um a gente que ele,é eu acho que eu tô ainda não faz isso,Para justamente descer lá para,Justamente eu e os cara que fica falando,Enchendo os outros no Twitter é isso,tudo vai pa

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Jaz Rants: Twitter Purge, DMs, Leaked Nudes, Black Twitter

Jaz Rants: Twitter Purge, DMs, Leaked Nudes, Black Twitter

you guys ready to participate in the,annual perch,oh i don't mean just the annual purge,there's a special kind of purge we're,going to talk about,the twitter perch yes you've heard me,correctly the twitter purge,because that's an actual thing that,people made because people are stupid,and have way too much free time on their,hands,yes i'm sure you all are familiar with,the movie the purge the first one sucked,ass by the way,don't know about the second one i hear,it's good we'll see maybe i'll make a,video about it i don't know,anyway yes the twitter purge is an,actual thing that exists if you go you,know you got the smartphones look it up,enter in twitter purge on your search,bar,through twitter even google it,it exists it's a thing,like the other day i'm just you know,minding my own business going through,the timeline,and then i see a picture tweet,the purge,is coming,and i'm just like oh they must be in a,promo for the movie you know okay,nope they're not talking about the movie,i go to their actual account it's the,twitter purge account there's a twitter,purge,stupid little picture that you've,probably seen a thousand times,the annual twitter purge is coming,the annual twitter purge and i'm just,like,okay so yeah it's basically a thing that,you can just reveal people's,nudes and,say,whatever you want to whoever you want or,whatever for,i forget how long it is,i don't know how long it is in the movie,because i can't remember because it's,been so long but,it's just it's just an evening of just,tweeting offensive to each other,and,leaking people's nudes,why,what's the point i don't understand,do you need like an excuse i guarantee,you,the evil infamous black twitter was,behind the stupid,just stupid event,and it's,like,really,why,and i actually seen i don't know when it,actually was,okay,some people were saying it was two days,ago some people were saying it was,yesterday,i've been seeing for like the last,three days like i'm scrolling through my,timeline people are retweeting someone's,nudes getting nudes i said that weird,sorry someone's nudes getting re-tweeted,into the timeline or whatever,and just,just making that stuff thrive and,like,have it going like you people sees up,these idiots that create these stupid,events and stupid accounts there was a,twitter purge account there was like,five twitter purge accounts,two of them got blocked,five more popped up,why,why,but yeah so i've seen,at least four different people's nudes,getting thrown into the timeline or,whatever all of them girls so that means,the dude was you know,got pictures,from a girl,put him out in the timeline,if a girl,sends you,naked pictures,to you,to you,why are you throwing them out in the,timeline,i guarantee they didn't do you as shitty,as you may think like okay if it's,maybe,okay i don't support leaking out,people's nudes or whatever i don't,support that,but,if it's like you dated the person,and,they did you kind of shitty,maybe then i could see,how that would make sense to put their,nudes out on the timeline on some 100,more ,but,a majority of these people probably got,nudes just from,i don't know ,dms in twitter or whatever,and it's just like yeah,i'm just going to put them out the,timeline for the homies,no big deal,like i guarantee you probably,don't get that much contact with a girl,in the first place,just,don't be a jackass just just keep the, you know,you're gonna reveal her nudes out to the,timeline but i guarantee you probably,fap to him at least 18 times,don't be that guy,but yeah,twitter perch stupid hate the,twitter purge hate the people that,created the twitter purge and i hate the,people that sees up these accounts,because it is stupid and it's just an,excuse to be a complete,jackass,so like i said,quarter purge,equals dumb,you,equal dumb if you let that thrive,we just got rid,of kermit the frog,and that's none of my business ,and i'm almost 100 sure dequan died i i,think it died,but now it's this twitter purge and,i mean i guess i'm somewhat grateful,because it gives me something to rant,about because,stupid people on twitter are always,going to exist so i i guess,thank you,i guess,oh and another thing don't leak out your,own nudes for the twitter, purge what's wrong with you,okay,like i've seen,okay i see maybe like uh let me think,i've seen like a total like six pictures,of people getting leaked out altogether,half of them were the person themselves,tweeting them saying oh i guess i might,as well participate in the twitter purge,why,why would you put your own naked,pictures out there because i need to get,my followers up that's i guarantee you,it's all for show for like their,followers or whatever,why why are you leaking out your own,naked pictures,why are you putting them on the internet,for,everyone to just see,and save because you know,sure you may have deleted it,let's say,10 minutes after you posted it,even more than that let's say like less,than that let's say you deleted like,three minutes i guarantee you in

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Elon Musk Reinstates Trump's Twitter, DeSantis Rises in Polls: This Week's News | The Tonight Show

Elon Musk Reinstates Trump's Twitter, DeSantis Rises in Polls: This Week's News | The Tonight Show

-Thank you, and welcome, welcome, welcome to,"The Tonight Show"! You're here.,You made it. Thank you for watching at home.,♪♪,Guys, here's some big news.,Today in New York, New York issued the first licenses,to open marijuana dispensaries., Yeah.,And if you thought bumping into your teacher,at the grocery store was awkward..., I mean, it's like --,Basically, New York realized everyone's about to see,their extended family for Thanksgiving and thought,,"We need to do this now." ,Yep, marijuana dispensary sounds much better than the old term,,"Papa John's delivery guy.",You know the dispensaries are open when tourists,are complaining that New Yorkers walk too slow.,You know what I'm saying? ,You'll know the dispensaries are open when people visiting,Rockefeller Center are like -- --,"Tree smells different this year.","I think this one came with a skunk in it or something.",You know the dispensaries are open when the Minion balloon,at the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade looks like this.,Yeah. ,Well, everyone's talking about this.,Over the weekend, Elon Musk reinstated,former president Trump's Twitter account.,But when asked if he'd return to the platform, Trump said,,"I don't see any reason for it." -Ooh.,-What? I'm shocked.,It's like Trump driving by a McDonald's without stopping.,It's like, "Wait." ,"I think I see a Sweetgreen's over there.","Sir, are you okay?",Yeah, Trump's already on his own platform, Truth Social.,He was like, "I'm sorry.,I can't be on two failing sites at once.",Speaking of resurrected Twitter accounts,,I saw that Kanye West said that he's running for president,in 2024. ,To Kanye's credit, he's already united both sides in saying,,"No, thanks." ,Well, it seems like Elon Musk is having a rough time,,because besides Twitter, there's also a Tesla recall.,Check this out.,-Tesla is recalling more than 321,000 vehicles,because taillights on some cars may intermittently light up.,-Oh, man, I just bought a Tesla.,-Geez, sorry about that, Tariq.,-It's okay. I'm also a Chrysler owner,,so I still have my trusty Ram truck.,-Oh. ,-"Oh" what?,-Roll the clip.,-A recall alert for Chrysler owners.,The auto maker recalling nearly 250,000 of its Ram trucks,over concerns of the engine catching fire.,-What?! -Oof.,Tough luck. -Oh, man.,How am I supposed to get to Thanksgiving dinner?,My family depends on me for dessert.,-Oh, yeah? What do you bring?,-Well, I bring the same thing every year.,Three batches of edible,chocolate chip cookie-dough tubs.,-Nestle is recalling three batches,of edible chocolate chip cookie-dough tubs.,-Come on! -I'm sorry, Tariq.,There's got to be something else you can bring.,-I don't have anything else at home right now.,Well, except for some raw ground beef chubs,,which are patched -- patch -- packaged like a thick sausage.,-Tyson fresh meats is recalling about 93,000 pounds,of its raw ground beef chubs,,which are patched -- packaged like a thick sausage.,-I give up!,This Thanksgiving is a bust!,-Don't say that, Tariq.,-I don't need to eat all that food anyway.,In fact, I'll just stay home and run on my new,Johnson Health Tech trademill -- tread -- trading treadmill.,-Nearly 200,000 Johnson Health Tech trademill --,tread-- trading treadmills are being recalled.,-That's it! Everything's too dangerous now.,I'm just gonna go off the grid where nothing can hurt me.,-Oh, come on. You can't live off the grid.,-It's easier than you think with my new Generac,and DR portable generators.,I can power my entire house with just the touch of a finger.,-Recall alert to tell you about.,Dozens of Generac and DR portable generators,are cutting people's fingers off.,-Forget it, man!,Thanksgiving is cancelled.,-Tariq Trotter, everybody. Tariq Trotter.,♪♪,Hey, I read that, in an effort to cut costs,,some airlines are pushing to have only one pilot,on flights instead of two.,Then Spirit Airlines was like,,"Yeah, while we're at it, do we really need two wings?,I mean, am I right?",Finally, you guys ever see a photo in the news,and think, "That headline should be different"?,Well, let's take care of that right now.,It's time for "News and Improved.",Here we go.,-♪ News and Improved ♪,-For example, check out this first photo.,The original headline was...,The headline can definitely be improved,,because if you only looked at the photo,,the headline could have been...,-Oh. -You see how it works?,Up next, this headline says...,Headline could have been...,It's affecting everyone.,This next headline was...,Headline could have been...,♪♪,-Fireball.,-This next headline was...,Headline could have been...,Next headline was...,Headline could have been...,Aww.,This next headline was...,Headline could have been...,I'm gonna see that.,This next headline was...,Headline could have been...,-Wow.,-Next headline was...,Headline could have been...,Next headline was...,Headline could have been...,That's Salt Bae. - Yeah.,-And finally, this headline was...,Headline could have been...,There you have it, everybody.,That's all th

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The NAKED Truth About 'The Twitter Files'

The NAKED Truth About 'The Twitter Files'

Fox News Alert Elon Musk exposes Twitter,files showing the censorship of Hunter,Biden's laptop and the tech Giant's,political bias so when you see what was,revealed last night what's your biggest,takeaway this makes uh Watergate seem,like jaywalking,um and uh and I don't think that's,hyperbole I think it is hyperbole,Watergate had Smoking Gun evidence not,even Fox News thinks this has Smoking,Gun evidence don't take my word for it,listen to bully in an 80s movie will,Kane interviewing the hunter laptop,repair man dressed here as the sax,player from The Mighty Mighty Boss Tones,there isn't necessarily A Smoking Gun,yet when it comes to your case Hunter,bite in other words we don't have the,the government official saying Spike,that to be fair I'm only making fun of,his fashion choices not his lazy eye,called strabismus all right let's back,up what are the Twitter files Elon Musk,gave journalist Matt Ty ebi a whole,Trove of documents revealing who at,Twitter helped to spike the giant Hunter,Biden laptop nothing Burger deluxe from,a few years ago a couple days ago taibi,tweeted his conclusions on Daddy elon's,site which is weird right Wingers are,choking themselves while they're,stroking themselves over this but I'm,going to tell you exactly what's really,going on this is all PR by Elon Musk now,wanting good PR is not an evil thing but,people on the right wing are freaking,out when you point out stuff that is,super duper Elementary and obvious Tim,Poole retweeted this leftists are Bots,or scripts with pre-prepared talking,points like PR and richest man see for,yourself this is how the regime Works,blah blah blah you know the rest dude,Elon Musk was having some horrible press,because he made some horrible decisions,he lost 100 billion dollars he paid up,to four times more for Twitter than it,was worth he then got rid of the blue,check which was the only reliably,accurate thing on the whole website then,banned comedians who pointed out how,ridiculous that decision was this right,after saying that comedy was legal again,on Twitter hate speech was the only,thing that was on the rise and the most,mad lib-esque element of all of it he,reactivated Kanye West who immediately,said I love Nazis I love Nazis and then,Elon booted him again so of course Elon,wanted to change the conversation that's,why he gave the story to Matt taibi who,used to be good at rolling stone and,that was fine but like he's on sub stack,so he like needs the gig like I need the,gig bro pick me Elon I'm your people If,you deny that's what happened you deny,reality all right next Point Twitter was,like yo I don't know about this Hunter,Biden story but you know what so was Fox,News I mean let's just say not,sugar-coated the whole thing is sketchy,you couldn't write this script you know,19 days from an election Fox News,reportedly turned down the story before,it went to the New York Post next point,right Wingers and musk's trillion,neckbeard chud balls are freaking out,saying that this violates the First,Amendment rights of people musk even,tweeted if there's a isn't a violation,of the Constitution's First Amendment,what is this is how he sounds what is,but the First Amendment only covers,government censorship Twitter is a,private company Biden was a private,citizen it's Shady but it ain't a First,Amendment thing and obviously someone,told him that because he walked it back,real quick tweeting put her acting by,itself to suppress free speech is not a,First Amendment violation but acting,under orders from the government to,suppress free speech with no judicial,review is but even this limp noodle,version was destroyed by Who Matt taibi,who tie-weeted there is no evidence that,I've seen of any government involvement,in the laptop story oh God that sucks,because the time you was supposed to be,your guy he was your man's yeah I hit,you with your own pimp but while we're,on the subject you know who was in,office and did pressure Twitter like,every single day Donald Trump the,president of the United States but,nobody on that side is going to say,about that you know what else I need to,stop saying saying anything about stop,saying Elon Musk is bringing Free Speech,back to Twitter it's just not true not,even Elon Musk is a free speech,absolutist he just kicked Kanye West off,the website because of words before that,he banned people for saying they were,him he has policies just like Twitter,did those policies are politically and,financially motivated just like he,alleges Twitter's work so please spare,all of us your fake principalism so it's,not a First Amendment issue and it's not,a free speech issue so what do they want,that must mean that they really want to,know what's on Hunter Biden's laptop,which brings me to my next Point Fox,News and Elon Musk and every right,winger you know really wants you to see,Hunter Biden's penis because at the end,of the day that's all that's really on,the laptop is his lap tip Hunter Biden,is believed to have filmed himself wit

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