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Comedian Noel Casler Discusses Donald Trump / NDAso I worked in live television I've done,that for t

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Updated on Jan 15,2023

Comedian Noel Casler Discusses Donald Trump / NDA

so I worked in live television I've done,that for the last 20 years I work in TV,production in the talent departments,take care of all the performers it's,kind of like herding cats if cats had,publicists and massive egos,I've been six seasons of The Celebrity,Apprentice finale oh yeah you can see,where this is going,my job was taking care of the Trump,family - yeah,Don jr. I'm a Rosa Milania like a,freakin Mensa meeting every day I worked,on a bunch of those beauty pageants he,had in the 90s - that was a good idea,miss teen universe yeah that's like,giving Jeffrey Dahmer a cooking show,he went line up the girls on the side of,the stage and he would inspect them,literally he'll stick his little,freaking doll fingers in their mouth and,look at their teeth not it kidding this,is true he lined them up like they're,pieces of meat you'd be like you you and,you if you want to win I'm in the,penthouse suite come and see me yep,if Trump had a cooking show they call it,the douchebag Diet McDonald's chocolate,ice cream and girls that look like a,bunker all he ever eats that's my,favorite joke I'm gonna tell you one,more thing I don't usually talk to all,you two more things since you being so,nice to me he's a speed freak you can,crush this up miss a dorama he sniffs it,cuz he can't read so he gets really,nervous so he has to read cue cards I'm,not kidding this is true I had a 24-page,NDA non-disclosure agreement I didn't,know that he was become a present now,it's no wait don't mass I'm telling,everything I know,so he gets nervous and he crushes up,these pills that's why he's sniffing,when you see him in debates and when you,see him reading his Whitey's tweeting,you know it's like he's out of his mind,it makes sense if you think about it,methamphetamine was invented by the,Nazis,keep the fighter pilots up all night on,bombing runs right so it makes sense,that Trump would use it to hate tweet,itself Saturday at 4:00 a.m. on a toilet,I'm gonna leave you with this my,favorite thing so far in the Trump era,is when James Comey had to go to the,White House and tell them about this,dossier and the existence of a videotape,of Trump taking a couple of showers with,some Russian twerking girls and it was,Trump right so of course they had to be,golden,okay John says to call me do I look like,the kind of guy that needs to pay for,prostitutes yeah yeah you look exactly,like that kinda guy,you actually look more like that kinda,guy than anyone who's ever lived there,actually changing the nickname for guys,like that from John stood Don's

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MUST SEE INTERVIEW! Noel Casler: Donald Trump's an Addict & a Narcissist. Jared Doesn't Have a Soul.

MUST SEE INTERVIEW! Noel Casler: Donald Trump's an Addict & a Narcissist. Jared Doesn't Have a Soul.

foreign,ER who's been trying to warn us for what,how long Chris uh 110 billion years,about Donald Trump good morning Noel,Kessler good morning good morning,Stephanie great to be here nice to see,you again I first of all I couldn't wait,to talk with you about Avana and then,we'll get on to other things you tweeted,Trump holding a golf tournament days,after his first wife and mother of some,of his children basically buried in the,backyard as a new low and a long life of,crassness I saw a picture there's,literally a patch of dirt and a Paving,stone with her name on it for a tax,break it's so Donald Trump isn't it,right it's ridiculous it's ridiculous,and when he applied for the permit to,have the cemetery on you know on his,golf course for his tombstone he wants a,16 foot high Obelisk and that became,contentious at the permit meeting in the,town of Bedminster I'm not even joking,right so do you think Donald Trump would,be satisfied with a Paving stone with,his his name card they didn't even,spring for sod if you saw the pictures,I had a more elaborate thing for my cat,when I buried him in the backyard,you know Chris gives me the stank eye,when I talk with the Vanna conspiracy,theories but I just be because he's so,Mobby I'm like,the day before his deposition,I don't know I I just there it feels,like there's a lot of suspicious things,about the Atlanta thing what are your,thoughts on it I agree with you 100 you,know I don't want to sound conspiracy,theorist either but there's a lot of,very convenient deaths in Donald Trump's,history if you look into it right Harold,Bornstein was his Dr Feelgood on the,Upper East Side he died mysteriously in,January of 20. right after all that,stuff happened at the Capitol that's the,same guy that his security guards took,his medical records from when he was,elected so it's suspicious that she died,it was like a 48-hour autopsy no,toxicology report and then she's buried,on private property where she can never,be exhumed you know right but also 73,and an excellent skier for all we know,like in good it just there seemed a lot,of weird things about it that it was,blunt torso Force injury or like and she,had no injuries or broken ankles hands,anything like it just I yeah the whole,thing I agree and I used to do it event,with her every year called The Angel,Ball in New York City it was a big,fundraiser and she was a hearty woman do,you know what I mean she wasn't like,some frail you know octogenarian or,something that you think of fall down,the stairs would take her out she's a,she was she was a big solid lady yeah,yeah,I just like she wasn't you know she,doesn't look like she was a bit of a,mess too to be honest,I know she married Donald Trump yeah,exactly if you want to gossip I know,somebody who saw her in a restaurant a,few days earlier and said she was,looking kind of rough oh but that that,looking rough is code on the Upper East,Side for you know Xanax and a few that's,what that's what I was wondering about,why there was no toxicology because you,you're like unless she was impaired in,some way right absolutely and the normal,procedure is it takes a couple weeks to,get those results from an autopsy it's,not 48 Hours here you can have the body,and go bury it in your backyard you know,that only happens to Trump,um can I just say you because you have,such this history people famously know,that you worked on The Apprentice with,Donald Trump and you know started,talking quite openly about a lot of,things about him a long time ago but you,said what you're seeing from Trump's,vast tentacles of corruption uh uh IG uh,Toadies on loan from Doug Ducey acting,sycophants you just said it should be,very Illuminating for those who wonder,how Trump got away with so many crimes,in his New York City days because people,from New York are like he's always been,a crook we've known that from day one,right and but you look you look right up,through what's happening right now,you're like oh of course he has somehow,Loyalists and people that are destroying,evidence and God knows what right,absolutely he's always had a skill a,sixth sense to attract men and some,women around him that he could corrupt,you know he can look into a crowd and,see the kind of guys that are gonna do,his bidding the dogs that hunt so to,speak and that's what his security team,was you know Keith Schiller was an NYPD,Sergeant rammer who would knock down,doors of drug dense in the Bronx you,know he was the guy who knocked the door,down he went up to Trump in court and,said you need to hire me right and Trump,hired him and then when you're walking,around with a detail of X NYPD cops you,get away with stuff in New York City,right because it's an impenetrable sort,of wall of authority and Trump knows,that and and you know we could probably,get into it but the Secret Service stuff,seems very I worked with a secret,service ton tons I did inaugurations I,did a you know the tree lighting at the,White House all kinds of stuff where the,pre

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Casler on Trump's Personal Hygiene

Casler on Trump's Personal Hygiene

you mentioned the girdle and you,mentioned the lifts however one of the,things that I mean I just love it is,gone,yeah so he shits his pants right all the,time the nickname nickname for the,apprentice if you're a boom operator on,that show is the show because he, himself publicly remember I told,you about the words like arbitrage yes,if he saw a word he didn't like and he,couldn't pronounce which is basically,any three syllable word he would freak,out and he cried to a rage and then it,would let loose he dosn't he died and,you would hear it he's profoundly,incontinent bro I'm talking like a,minute long evacuation of his bow,cartoon character ya know in full audio,like you know imagine the guys got a,lavalier there's some dude like this,being like I just heard that guy ,himself so so what yeah and the reason,for that is if we I used to do a lot of,cocaine cocaine as laxative stimulants,have laxatives you know so it's a,combination of like 30 years of,stimulant abuse and eating nothing but,McDonald's cuz all he eats is,cheeseburgers and then meatloaf at night,so he's got 40 pounds of undigested meat,in his colon and he's basically feeding,diuretics all day long that's what,stimulants are they create water in your,in your in your guts you know and your,in your intestine even a coffin you need,to go to the bathroom exactly so imagine,snorting your coffee and like six months,worth of Big Macs down there and then,you fly into a rage so you just lose,control so the first time like he shits,has been Laurie did you have a question,yeah well let's finish up the ,in this pan okay so I remember it like,it was yesterday,have you got your first and the first,time you see Donald Trump pants and it,was on the set of SNL it was studio 8h,that thing you watch every Satur,night that's where the first fake board,and they were doing a run-through and,arbitrage was the word and he pointed,out the cue cards and said you guys are, setting me up,he curses like crazy and then you know,what I mean,then the sound and you're like,that didn't just happen,I mean they're like help it happen and I,was like okay stand down and then ki,Schiller who's this big body alright,come and gets him and they change him,out in the host dressing room they have,to take him off these little stairs so,that's how you see him walking I don't,know if you know that set but it's right,Chris I think it I think yeah that says,that as his background in the image I,think what is that I think it's one of,theirs that one of the Porco's to be,it's supposed yeah so wait so the like,do you smell it does he's just smell,like all the time anyway because he,doesn't brush his teeth,those are like dentures and so and,he's too arrogant to like take care of,himself if you watch him as president,giving speeches you'll see him lined up,with people like when he was doing the,coronavirus stuff and if you see him,turn and talk to somebody you'll see,that person recoil just slightly you,know what I mean you know you know when,people have really bad breath and it,like hits you in the face yeah that's,his breath is bad dude like like a,fishing boat in July like does he is he,tanning or is it self-tanner,no yeah it's it's it's Bronx number five,is the name of the company it's it's,Swiss something it's like Swiss hearts,it's a Swiss company they make it and,it's called Bronx concealer number five,and it's made by a Swiss company and he,puts it on himself,oh so him the only there's no he doesn't,any does his hair nobody does it for him,well that's care stuff yeah exactly,and it takes like an hour to do the hair,that's why he has executive time he,wakes up in the morning he doesn't get,to the Oval Office till noon he wakes up,cut some lines,he takes benzos to come down you know,valium that's why some days you see him,he can't pronounce he's got mush,mouth right that's from the benzos he's,cutting the tweaking with benzos,so if he travels benzos or Valium Xanax,a credit that family benzodiazepine so,he's cutting the stimulants with benzos,you know so like I used to work with,Crosby Stills and Nash,you know I I've woken up dudes that like,spent up all night doing coke and then,they took a bunch of benzos at 4:00 in,the morning and you're trying to wake,him up to go somewhere at noon it's a,long process so that's what I tell,people like Trump's executive time he,doesn't make it till the Oval Office -,till noon on a good day most days he,doesn't even go down there,adorable president would be down there,at 7:00 in the morning you know what I,mean yeah so that's the dysfunction,right he's waking up slowly he's,tweeting he's watching Fox News and then,he's putting on the stuff he's doing the,hair it takes an hour and then they,strap him into the girdle he can't do,the girdle himself so wait they help him,into it yeah and that's how I saw it cuz,I walked by a room and they were lacing,up the back and it's hard it's a hard,plastic thing it's like from in,Frankenstein if you saw that guy without,hi

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Noel Casler & Stephanie Miller: WOW! Trump’s 2024 Pres Bid = Dumpster Fire Rolled into a Trainwreck.

Noel Casler & Stephanie Miller: WOW! Trump’s 2024 Pres Bid = Dumpster Fire Rolled into a Trainwreck.

Trump to be criminally charged within a,month says former U.S attorney preet,bahara,no castler your thoughts that's,impressive because preet knows what of,what he speaks so that that is uh,probably based on some inside knowledge,that's very impressive yeah I I,interesting I know I mean it's all a,guessing game at this point right we're,saying I guess after the midterms then,after the runoff in Georgia I I mean,seems to me it's like it's indictment,season,it absolutely is and we're in that,window that they have to do it right you,get any closer to the next presidential,election and and you you know we get,into that whole Quagmire so I think if,they're going to move they're going to,do it this winter yeah um by the way you,had some great points about the Walker,campaign you said if losing doesn't make,Herschel Walker unpopular with the GOP,conceding like a gentleman certainly,will that was the thing we were most,startled by we were like he conceded,right away it's like where was that,Herschel like he was he even seemed,coherent didn't he absolutely if that,guy showed up on the campaign Trail it,might have been you know even even,closer than it was I I think we saw,closer to who Herschel really is,honestly that was the kind of guy we saw,behind the scenes on Celebrity,Apprentice a lot of his Insanity you,know was being fed to him right he,didn't have the aptitude to really speak,on these issues so they tried to give,them these talking points and I think he,would just mangle them in his brain and,start talking about vampires but,essentially his his Humanity came out,there a little bit Republicans don't,want that right because it's not good,for the grift yeah yeah well you said,Trump did in fact fundraise off the,Walker campaign and keep the money for,himself classic Trump what a bunch of,chodes the GOP are just spineless men,and women,um and also has there ever been a more a,moral block of Voters than rural white,voters you said the gop's only plan was,voter suppression they barely even let,the man talk this wasn't about issues it,was about aiming as low as possible and,hoping ignorant Rubes wouldn't notice,the grift disgusting I mean it really,was it was just such a human prop thing,yeah it was disheartening and you know I,grew up around black Excellence I grew,up in PG County Maryland in the 70s and,early 80s I was educated by you know,brilliant black teachers a lot of people,were going to graduate school at the,University of Maryland you know I grew,up in the shadow of that and if you're,somebody who cares about that and you,understand and appreciate the,contributions you know that black,Americans have given to intellectual,thought to science to the Arts to Human,entities and you throw up a caricature,you know like Herschel Walker the worst,kind of idea of like a dumb athlete you,know an unstable violent guy,it shouldn't have just been like deeply,embarrassing to African-American,Community which it was and they spoke on,anybody who cares about progress and,putting the best foot forward should,have been like this is a moment beyond,the pale and the fact that their,strategy was not just buffoonery right,and stereotypes it was voter suppression,which would still exists Brian Kemp did,that yeah oh the whole thing was with,the white handlers and you know is,somebody's tweeted they said my racist,uncles love this you know frangel was,talking about you know the absent father,the right wing loved you know having,this caricature to you know to talk,about and it's just as someone as,someone said it was like a dumpster fire,rolled into a train wreck that fell into,an orphanage and then an animal shelter,but you had to just watch through your,hand until it was over yeah that's well,said and you know what I think the end,game was there George is one of the few,states where the governor gets to pick,the senator if they have to resign,that's how we got Kelly loffler right so,I think the end game was they would have,put Herschel in the senate had they won,and a couple months into it they said,they would have said hey we got this,other dossier we found 10 more kids that,you fathered you got to step aside now,and let us replace you yeah you know,they would have blackmailed Herschel,himself and then Governor Kemp would,have given the seat back to Purdue or,loffler or somebody like that yeah yeah,exactly,um let's talk musk you tweeted Elon Musk,should become a pariah and everyone,should do all they can to boycott any,product he sells including U.S,government support for SpaceX he is not,a fit to shine Dr fauci's shoes I mean,the fact that you know he's talking,about Prosecuting fauci first of all you,know when a Slam against pronouns and,trans people and secondly I just this,idiocy of Prosecuting a doctor who has,dedicated his life to to to you know,keeping Americans alive is just I,I kept thinking oh there's no other line,that Lon musk will cross and here it is,right it's beyond the pale you know and,over a million Americans h

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Noel Casler & Stephanie Miller What Scares Trump the Most Untold Stories of Don Behind the Scenes

Noel Casler & Stephanie Miller What Scares Trump the Most Untold Stories of Don Behind the Scenes

hey hey Stephanie thanks for having me,happy to be back you don't have so much,gossip as facts from having worked on,The Apprentice with not just Donald,Trump but Herschel Walker yes do tell,yeah exactly gossip is my game but it's,all true you know yes so what talk to us,about that about working with the,Hershel you know Herschel wasn't that,bad behind the scenes you know back then,he was pretty affable he was pretty nice,he didn't seem like super right wing or,homophobic he wasn't the smartest guy in,the world I remember he got no exactly,shocker I I think I remember his,challenge like the week he was team,later they had the team leader they had,to bake muffins and they forgot to put,sugar it was like cupcakes or muffins so,after they came out of the oven they,drenched them in maple syrup and I,remember they handed them to like the,judges and they were disgusted and he,got fired that week I believe you know,but he was also around when Joan Rivers,was around and you weren't going to get,away away with anything when Joan was on,the show yeah yeah yeah,um by the way Travis and I are obsessed,with last night's finale of White Lotus,and I just loved your Tweet you said,next season of White Lotus is going to,be at Mar-A-Lago except no one's,actually rich or good looking but,they're all prostitutes,it's gonna be fun,can I just say for a minute I think that,second season of White Lotus was a,masterpiece when it finished last night,I was just like man that was just a ride,and so enjoyable and I laughed for 10,minutes oh I don't want to give a,spoiler yeah we did too when she said at,that very climactic scene at the table,on the boat when she goes what about,Dieter and what's his face,I'm crying yeah Jennifer Coolidge is a,national trip when she's talking to the,captain,case oh yeah this case look what the,gays have done to me,all right you'll you'll catch up if you,haven't watched that homosexuals have,done to me right,okay so no where do we even start oh my,God every I just said to you before we,got on air whenever I have you I need,you for like seven hours because it's,just there's so much that happens like,on a daily basis first of all let's just,start with a general do you feel like,Donald Trump is any closer to Justice,Karma whatever you want to call it yes I,absolutely do I I 100 think the walls,are closing in on him you know we all,know what happened last week in his,legal case against the Trump,organization which was obviously a big,part of his business was branding the,Trump name and sticking it on the side,of a building so that is kind of gone I,think he was hoping for more of a bump,when he announced you know he's running,again and apparently he hasn't left,Mar-A-Lago since he made that,announcement a month ago where he,literally had to lock his followers into,the ballroom because they were trying to,leave halfway through the speech so I,mentioned that because a lot of what,motivates Donald Trump is the narcissism,right that's why they continue to have,rallies when he was in office he needs,that bump in adulation from the public,without it he wilts do you know like an,ugly we are sort of in the fat Elvis,phase but but as an extent of comic you,must also notice the broken down you,know amateur night,kind of aspect of him at Mar-A-Lago,every night right we get stray audio or,him DJing that's that's exactly what I'm,talking about he needs that bump I used,to tell people like when I saw him on,Celebrity Apprentice he wanted to get,high he wanted to hit on women and he,wanted people to clap in music to play,when he walked in the room yeah like it,was all immediate narcissistic stuff,right he doesn't have a big picture,sense and he needs that to survive he,needs to walk into the wedding and cop a,feel on the bride you know and grab the,microphone and let everybody cheer him,it's pathological you know on Celebrity,Apprentice he would wait in the hallway,before the after party like when we,finished taping the finale the after,party was across the hall at the Museum,of Natural History he would wait in the,hallway and I'd go up and say hey what,are you guys waiting for oh for all the,celebrities to get there so he could,make an entrance and I'm like,celebrities like it's Tom Green and you,know Jesse James like this is Beyonce's,not in there bro this is not right you,know an A-list thing and we just saw you,10 minutes ago on set like but he needs,that bump of walking into a room and,everybody looking at him that's a,driving factor in the pathology of,Donald Trump oh my God I love it I love,when you do these tweets y'all are,acting like you've never seen a 76 year,old criminal run a fraudulent company,cheat on his taxes become POTUS and then,try and terminate the Constitution while,painted orange wearing a diaper and a,girdle shoe lifts and a dead ferret on,his head get found guilty before,newness of all of this right every day,and so you're just like that effing Guy,seriously was President yeah yeah it's,the absurd

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MUST SEE! Noel Casler – “Donald Trump is a Coward, He Would Meltdown if He Went Under Oath!”

MUST SEE! Noel Casler – “Donald Trump is a Coward, He Would Meltdown if He Went Under Oath!”

clear his name well and is baiting him,too because and no cancel thank you for,being here I have been coveting having,you on the show for quite a long time so,thank you um and I because you actually,know Donald Trump you know and they're,not that many people that have had the,uh what I don't know if you call this,the benefit of being in his presence,actually seeing how his his mind works,right but you know it's not just the,trappings of the office of president,that have protected Donald Trump all his,life it's the trappings of being rich,and of being famous and so he's gotten,away with everything and so the Donald,Trump that you know,can you see any possibility that he,could be baited which let's just be,clear the committee's kind of trying to,obey them to come and testify can you,foresee him ever doing that,absolutely not as much as I would enjoy,it because it would be must see,television because he would melt down,like he did in his 14-page rant but,there's no way he would because he's too,vulnerable he's not going to swear under,oath to tell the truth and he couldn't,compose himself for the amount of time,that the committee would you know,interview him and the thing I know about,Donald Trump is the sort of two Donald,Trumps there's the behind the scenes guy,who knows what the deal is right who,knows he lost the election and then,there's the public face of Donald Trump,that he hides behind the trappings of,wealth and you know having ex-police,officers around him in secret service,and the flag and all these kind of,things he uses to intimidate others and,his world is crumbling now I think,yesterday was one of his worst,nightmares because people were seeing,that he knew he lost and they were also,seeing Nancy Pelosi showing real,leadership so I don't think there's,anything in it for Donald Trump to,testify and I think ultimately he's a,coward well I mean he's already been,exposed now Noel as not being a,billionaire never having been a,billionaire not being as rich as he said,that's now clear he's been exposed as,clearly a derelict president somebody,who didn't really know how to do the job,and was incapable of doing the job and,then who also LED an attack on the,United States can you get inside you,know,Donald Trump wanting to stay president,for life we kind of get it from his,personality but what about the people,around him how is he drawing people,around him who are willing to go along,with what are clearly felonies in order,to keep him in office that's the part I,think most people don't understand,yeah and that's a hard thing to,understand you know you can understand,it with a more Craven GOP politicians,that are just looking to stay in office,how he kind of attracts these people,into his orbit and then corrupts them it,is a mystery you know most I never,talked about this before but I went to,high school with Bobby Engel that's the,secret service agent who Trump choked in,the past you know of of the SUV and that,guy was a marine a straight shooter who,had a you know a long career in the,Secret Service that was distinguished,and then Trump comes along and he has a,way of sort of in bagling himself in,with these kind of guys and how's your,family and all this stuff he smooth,talks them and then next thing they know,they're sitting in an SUV with him and,he's saying take me to the Capitol you,know while we attack it and I think,before you know it you're involved in,his criminality and then people worry,about their own culpability and they,shut up because there's a lot of people,saying hey don't say anything and we'll,get you out of this and if you look at,Trump's track record he has gotten most,people out of things right he hasn't,really been held accountable so it it,you know it obviously shows a lack of,moral Clarity but he knows how to find,those kind of people,and until he's not helping you at all,and that leads me to Roger Stone so so,Roger Stone,um is one of those people who's been a,consiglieri of Donald Trump's for a,really long time he's sort of another,one of his sort of Roy Cohn characters,he here is Roger Stone and how he,reacted when he realized that Trump,doesn't care about any of these people,let's just be clear he certainly doesn't,care about Roger Stone who's got a lot,of now exposure and he didn't get a,pardon which he wanted and a lot of,these members of Congress wanted Kurt I,want you to react to this here is Roger,Stone melting down,Jared Kushner has an IQ of 70. he's,coming to Miami we will eject him from,Miami very quickly he'll be leaving very,quick very quickly,very quickly he has a hundred security,guards I'll have 5 000 security guards,you want to fight let's fight,you, you and your abortionist daughter,okay so that's supposed to be his friend,the Kurt and I I when I saw that the,first thing I thought was how long,before we get a video like that of Kevin,McCarthy because on January 6th Kevin,McCarthy was also melting down like that,screaming at Donald Trump and yet he's,back to be

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Comedian Noel Casler tells the Celebrity Apprentice Trump tales before his Ramshead Annapolis gig

Comedian Noel Casler tells the Celebrity Apprentice Trump tales before his Ramshead Annapolis gig

welcome back wnst,towson baltimore and baltimore positive,this this one's going to be a juicy one,as i head out on my,maryland crab cake tour eating crab,cakes all over the state you never know,who might have some local connections,around here don mueller is with us,of course he's catonsville and i'm,dundalk and we do this together i want,to give a thanks to all of our sponsors,including our friends at fadeley's and,at state fair where,4th of july the chairs are out,everybody's gonna have a good time drink,a lot of beer,it's gonna be awesome don i hit you sort,of in the way that you don't like to be,hit with this show which is,we're having a guest on you don't know,who the guest is we're having tomorrow,let's go,which is completely against like your,religion isn't it,well you you know that it's going to,make me stay up all night long,and research and find everything that i,can because unlike you,uh i cannot come on here and wing it i'm,not a,winger as they say i've done live radio,for 30 years,ish happens don you know i mean you know,what so,here's the deal no casler is a guy that,i found on the internet three four years,ago through lots and lots of different,people um,if you are familiar with his work he is,performing at ramsay,where i saw the great rick nielsen of,cheap trick just,48 hours ago so it's very very fresh,when i saw his name,pop up on the roster at ram said uh down,in annapolis i said man i really want to,get him on so i hit,laura down there and then i hit him on,twitter he hit me back and boom he's,here,no i would have loved to have had you on,um during the,previous guys administration but now,that you're making a buck and i found,that you have some local,connections here it is absolutely a,pleasure to have you on comedian no,casler,formerly of the celebrity apprentice am,i allowed to say that legally and you,didn't,sign it yeah sure i signed a lot of,things but you can say it all you want,so so here's the fun part of this i'm,very familiar with your work maybe,people in the audience you know are,uh don was not so this makes uh even a,more interesting conversation because,when i bring you up bring up your it's,all like not fresh to me but it was in,the beginning like,who is this cat and so when people ask,you like on a radio show to an audience,that doesn't know,who are you and how did you become sort,of internet famous during the trump,administration,well that's that's a great question,nestor i'm somebody who worked in live,television in,and the music business for 25 years,matter of fact last time i was at ram's,head was with steven stills about 10,years ago on a solo tour so,i i rode managed crosby stills and nash,and people like the rolling stones and,bruce springsteen and i worked in live,television so i worked on the grammys,and the vmas and the super bowl halftime,show for phil,you see work on that i've had a,backstage pass through life so i see,people,you know grippers handlers camera people,people with scripts people with little,earpieces talking i'm the earpiece guy,i'm the earpiece guy nestor i i handled,talent my job was to coordinate all the,movements of the talent behind the scene,in live television,right so when it's live you have stage,managers on the side of the stage and,you have to deliver the talent,at the exact time to go on so if you're,madonna doing the halftime show or,prince both of those i worked on,you gotta be on time and it's the same,way in,you know all these televised tv shows so,i got a gig,it's it's basically a small crew that,does it i started my career down in dc,on the kennedy center honors you may be,familiar with big,you know show that comes on every year,so i would say they're the night that,anne wilson made robert plant cry,yes i was in a matter of fact i'm,looking at,nancy wilson's telecaster right now that,i got,because we had the same guitar tech for,crosby stills and nash that heart and he,built a guitar,for her and i bought it from him but,that's an aside and last time i saw ann,was in neil young's house he had a big,barbecue before the bridge school,benefit and i,hung out with ann wilson but i'm,digressing nestor as i tend to do,thank you and my grandparents live in,catonsville my grandfather passed but my,grandma's still in catonsville so i you,know i have deep roots in that area,bill's music was a store i used to hang,out in as a kid and everything,broadcast right across the street that's,where state fair do you remember the,friendlies across the street yeah,yeah fair now that's like the center of,our universe so yeah oh that's awesome,having chicken and waffles there at some,point on or around october whenever your,show is,exactly september 16th but who's,counting,um so anyway i worked behind the scenes,and i worked kind of at an a-list level,now the celebrity,apprentice finales came up a colleague,of mine,got the assignment it was certainly was,an a-list but it was a lark you know i,live in new york city that's where i've,been you know last 25

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BONUS PODCAST: An Inside Look at Trump. The Comedy of Noel Casler at Rams Head On Stage

BONUS PODCAST: An Inside Look at Trump. The Comedy of Noel Casler at Rams Head On Stage

this is an ion annapolis bonus podcast,hey for anybody that's listening first,of all we're going to be talking about a,comedy show coming to the rams head on,stage on thursday september 16th and,because it is a comedy show that means,we're going to probably be talking to a,comedian and we're going to say the,language might get a little bit off the,rails as normal so,if you're offended by that hey there's,your warning fast forward right now,welcome to noel casler who will be at,the ramps head on stage thursday,september 16th for one show at eight,o'clock doors will open at seven thank,you very much for your time today noel,how are you i'm excellent man thanks for,having me on john i really appreciate it,before we get into it everybody needs to,go to and that's,,and check out everything that you've got,the podcast the facebook page the,twitter account which is amazing,and uh yo i'm just looking forward to,seeing you here in annapolis maryland i,understand that you are local is that,true well i live in new york now but i'm,a maryland boy i was born in chestertown,on the other side of the bay bridge from,annapolis and uh grew up in pg county,then went to work in live tv in the,music business so i'm based in new york,city and that's where i live now but uh,maryland is in my heart and i got a ton,of family there they're coming out to,the show,and,funnily enough you know i was at the,rams head 10 years ago with steven,stills i worked in the music industry,for a long time and i was the road,manager for crosby stills and nash so,the last time i was there was 10 years,ago literally almost till the date,because we were doing a solo tour in,september we played the rams tell you,actually how i got turned on to you was,a i believe it may have been a childhood,friend of yours but lisa clarke who is a,follower on our uh on the podcast and,everything else she had sent me a,twitter direct message and said oh man,noel casler is coming to ram said you,need to talk to him so she hooked us up,and here we are today that's awesome,shout out to lisa yeah she's great i've,worked with her in events because she,she does some production work and you,know for people who don't know who i am,but for 20 years i work behind the,scenes in live television and music so i,did everything from the super bowl show,you know halftime show for 15 years to,the vmas the grammys all the rock and,roll hall of fame inductions and i,toured with everyone from the rolling,stones to springsteen to jackson brown,who recorded running on empty down there,at meriwether post pavilion and i worked,in live television and one of my,assignments was on the celebrity,apprentice where i took care of the,trump family on the finales for six,seasons we definitely need to talk a,little bit about that a little bit as we,get into it but you said six seasons,with them yeah six seasons you know and,taking care of ivanka who i call funky,you know and,it was nuts but nobody at the time,thought he was becoming president you,know so it was kind of like any other,entertainment gig you know there's a lot,of crazy stuff you see behind the scenes,that it's your job to just sort of keep,it behind the scenes that's what happens,when you work with talent you know and,i've worked with everyone from madonna,to michael jackson like you know and,with trump you'd sign an nda because,they really wanted to keep some of the,stuff secret,which is understandable it's a little,unusual but but not that unusual but,then he became president so i was like,you know what i'm breaking that nda,because some of the stuff i saw was,pretty nefarious and it wasn't what you,would want in a leader and i'm not even,talking about politics you know my,politics are no,secret i'm pretty progressive but i just,kind of wanted to warn people and was,like you know what i'm just going to put,this in my stand up routine let them,judge it how they want to judge it but,it's all true you know and unfortunately,the things i was trying to warn people,about came to fruition you know because,i was kind of telling people like look,this guy's out of his mind and he's the,last person you want in charge of this,country okay i don't care if you're a,republican or a democrat i'm telling you,this is not the dude you want when a,crisis happens and obviously a crisis,happened and it got mismanaged right to,the tune of the industry getting shut,down and a lot of americans losing their,lives so that basically what i was,warning people about came true and,you know it's a scary time we live in,but the stuff i comment on you know i,try to do it comedically not making fun,of the heavy situation but someday we're,all going to have to come back together,you know and we're going to have to,start focusing on what we have in common,more than what divides us well that's,true it's funny you say you talk about,it in a comic way and you know as i've,heard some of your bits i've done the,youtube thing and everything

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