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AI has infiltrated online Rocket Leaguelast week there was a post at the top of,the rocket League su


Updated on Jan 31,2023

AI has infiltrated online Rocket League

last week there was a post at the top of,the rocket League subreddit where a,player ran into a bot in an online,ranked 1v1 game in the post the player,sleeping Saxon shows a video of his,suspicious opponent executing four,perfect flicks in a row,he puts up a great fight but eventually,he gives up the goal to nice flick now,it's not that no human rocket League,player could pull off four flicks in a,row it's more the movement catches and,dribbling that look a little too precise,for a human the playstyle of nice flick,reminded some commenters of nexto the,250 000 hour bot that I played in a,video a while back and managed to beat,definitely on my first try but I have to,agree with that commenter it does look,like someone has figured out a way to,deploy nexto into ranked which is a very,ominous sign for the future of Rocket,League that account nice flick went from,Diamond to Grand Champion in one day and,if more Bots find their way into the,ranked system the game could have,trouble maintaining competitive,integrity and not just rocket League,every online game is in trouble but that,got me thinking even though this bot was,exposed on Reddit how capable are most,rocket league players at identifying AI,we're clearly at the point where Bots,can beat GCS but can they blend in as,well I decided to create a test to find,out I selected a group of Rocket league,players and had them play three games in,some games they'd be playing against,nexto and in some games they would be,playing against me disguised as nexo I,was able to change the bot's appearance,to match the bot card design that I,created for this challenge so I looked,like a bot but would I be able to play,like a bot frankly I don't think I've,ever been more qualified for anything in,my life I knew the bot would show no,mercy in the game and so I would have to,show no mercy but I didn't want the game,to get out of hand so I made a mercy,rule I went for the bell curve of the,average rocket League player and above,so I got a diamond a champ a champ two,slash former GC and I wanted to include,some platinums as well so I created a,team of two plots as we watched the,experiment unfold you'll be able to see,who's playing and whether they're facing,me or the bot at the end each player,will make their guesses for their three,games let's see just how detectable or,undetectable the best rocket League AI,truly is foreign,give you any hints or anything for some,players I had the bot go first and for,others I played first,I think it backed off like,what the heck man for those that played,the bot first I quickly realized just,how brutal and precise I would have to,play to match next toes skill,oh my god oh that's gonna be,what the,what no how is that not over that's a,good opportunity if I had any boosts and,he's right there,no way this is this is perfection so,um what are your uh what are the,thoughts going through your head right,now well,I'm gonna,I need to study him a second okay I'm,just like uh,wow all right I did not miss that corner,boost I swear,oh well this next is popping off and he,needs to stop I wholeheartedly agree,oh my gosh yep,and that is it next up with the flick,the diamond champ 2 and even team of,Platts got absolutely wrecked despite,honestly some really impressive efforts,what a save I'm scared nice flick I,don't think this one's going to the,mercy rule these guys put they're all on,the field and I admire how they all had,good attitudes and were a good sport,about basically being demolished by AI,oh good try and I mentioned that um I do,not play once can I bring out the,excuses yeah yeah bring him out bring,him out but still I was confident that I,could quickly score five goals just like,nexto,oh my God that was a very,um linear,goal oh my God one of the most obvious,characteristics of the bot is it almost,never goes for airplays relying solely,on ground play not bounce dribbles or,drift turns but instead perfectly time,flicks thankfully I'm also a flick and,joyer and I suck in the air I don't know,oh,I think that was coming,so we actually had them for me as I,stepped onto the field to try to emulate,next to your thoughts so far I have no,idea no because nexto is like really,fluid it's really not as robotic as you,make like oh my God that was a big,calculated flick,oh no oh no,I'm already feeling like this might be,the bot one of the players even said,that they thought my play was pretty,bot-like which I never thought that,would feel good as a compliment but it,did no way,oh this very well could be next though,giving like the most ambiguous answers,here I like it this could be next up,this might not be next though,oh no no way,I'm already thinking about it just based,off the videos I've seen wow bumping a,bot,oh no the next of flicks are kind of,crazy nexo just love slicks however,moments like that were kind of rare,every time I wouldn't drive in a,perfectly bot-like fashion I could tell,the players would probably notice no,matter how decisively I beat t

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No Mercy Controversy In Mexico Viral Video Watch Viral Video On Twitter & Other Social Media Update

No Mercy Controversy In Mexico Viral Video Watch Viral Video On Twitter & Other Social Media Update

hey guys how are you welcome to my,youtube channel today we are going to,discuss an important topic so let's get,started it is not the first time when a,person goes viral on internet every time,we get a viral new update but this news,become different from other news,why is this different from other news we,will tell you,as we know social media is a platform,where a person gets fame within seconds,and could become a social media,personality,but this is not only the fact but,viewers could also fame,um also famous a person with a within a,second if they want to take someone high,in this era every day we see a new,scandal on social media,shocking video of mexico's no is,going viral on almost a social media,platform,which is shocking for social media,netizens a video is going viral on,internet in which father and son have,been killed by mexicans cardo,numerous in mexico video is catching the,attention of every social media user,you must have heard about the video if,not then we will,you know you can watch on social media,it is circulating on every social media,site really speedily especially on,twitter and read it the video has been,going viral hugely,um what is the no mercy mexico video,controversy,no mercy has shared a video in which a,father answered,up by a police gang and the father was,crying with the pain and,was checked several times with that,streak a,group of several people,was following them and continuously,hitting him on his side and after that,they hurt,the car,so,we some people watch the video they,started to re-upload on social media,especially they made shorts of it and,uploaded it on tech talk people were,watching the video and also given guides,to post the video because the video or,it has horror scenes,as like this the video went viral on,social media,that was obviously our video,who could someone behave like this life,is given human by god and,god should all only by right to take it,but humans always forget,there is no universal power that is,continuously watching them god always,does justice a video of mexico is making,round on the web and the users are keen,to know about,more about the nomasi mexico video,so you guys are the right platform as in,this you can get,to know what has happened with the two,men and why this has happened to them a,video of the mexican father and his son,is surfacing on the web in mexico there,is no mercy and the video this video,will be going to make you feel,so bad and,disheartening,i mean that video,i will going to make you all feel so bad,and disheartened as well,everyone is keen to grab the exact,details about it,and in video you guys can witness that a,father and son are surrounded by a,massive group of people and but they,both aren't shared less,so later in the video you will gonna see,that a sun started to weep as he was,flipped and,he moaned on ink,so,hence the video is uh,unveiling a lot of pain,so a leak video on twitter has gone,viral,this isn't the time that up her has gone,viral on the web,but there are,more videos on the web getting viral,every single day the video is having a,chance for the users to discuss,uh this accident,this incident social media is now has,become a sport movie star and turned out,to be social media star on the other,side a new social media scandal,emergency every single day so i suggest,you to watch that video because that,video is not suitable for everyone and,you people should not watch that,and,the purpose of making this video is,learn nothing about horror um,i mean prevailing over holder or,anything else,and this is just an informative video,and nothing else,um so it's up to you,reward to watch that video or not but i,suggest you not to watch that video,thanks,for watching my video if you find this,video helpful please like share and,subscribe my channel goodbye

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EWTN News Nightly | Monday, January 9, 2023

EWTN News Nightly | Monday, January 9, 2023

I'm Tracy Sable tonight on EWTN news,nightly the new Congress a preview of,the priorities for the republican-led,House of Representatives President Biden,and the Border a closer look at the much,anticipated trip to El Paso including,reaction from church leaders snares of,the devil a reminder from the Holy,Father on how to overcome evil and font,and center the Holy See was overrun by,children yesterday we'll explain these,stories and more tonight,from EWTN the global Catholic Network,this is EWTN news nightly,thank you for being with us saw the,Feast of the baptism of Our Lord our top,story tonight house lawmakers begin,their first week of the new session the,top order of business passing a rules,package governing operations for the,118th Congress but the real test just,may be the side arguments speaker Kevin,McCarthy made with conservative,lawmakers Capitol Hill correspondent,Eric Rosales has the details Eric,well that's right Tracy you know the,real question is can speaker Kevin,McCarthy govern with all the concessions,that he made with members of the freedom,caucus in his first speech after taking,the gavel speaker McCarthy promised,action on a sweeping agenda,two months ago,you voted for a new direction for our,country,you embraced our commitment to America,and now we're going to keep our,commitment to you in order to secure the,speakership Kevin McCarthy had to give,up a lot to meet the demands of the,freedom caucus like a single lawmaker,May force a vote to oust the speaker,three rules committee seats for,conservatives and spots on others a vote,on a border security Bill crafted by the,Texas GOP delegation and creating a new,select committee to investigate the,weaponization of the doj and FBI speaker,McCarthy also committed to spending cuts,and voting on a balanced budget,resolution by the end of March House,minority leader Hakeem Jeffries accused,Maga Republicans a pushing an extreme,agenda a view shared by minority whip,Katherine Clark this is about continuing,to rig the system what has what has,rocketed our deficit is the tax policy,they put in place last time they had the,majority and they cannot wait to do it,again Kevin McCarthy credit former,president Trump with helping him win the,speakership what he's really saying,really for the party in the country that,we have to come together,we have to focus on the economy we've,got to focus make our borders secure,we've got to do so much work to do and,he was a great influence to make that,all happen so thank you president Trump,and by the way that rules package is,expected on the floor later this evening,as part of that bill Republicans want to,take back some 80 billion dollars from,the IRS that money would have funded,tens of thousands of new agents and,later this week they also plan several,pro-life bills I'll have more on that,later at the Capitol Eric Rosales EWTN,news nightly,President Joe Biden is in Mexico tonight,taking part in the North American,leaders Summit he is meeting with the,president of Mexico and the prime,minister of Canada to discuss,international issues like migration,which has only worsened during the,president's first two years in office,White House correspondent Owen Jensen,reports Owen,Tracy that Summit you referred to,follows a four-hour stop by President,Joe Biden in El Paso Texas on Sunday,which marked his first trip to the,Border since he was elected president,President Joe Biden arriving in Mexico,to take part in the North American,leaders Summit just hours earlier the,president paid a visit to El Paso Texas,seen here walking with officers along a,metal border fence he observed how they,searched vehicles for drugs money and,other Contraband and the president,visited the El Paso County migrant,Services Center but there were no,migrants in sight the nearly four-hour,visit to El Paso was highly controlled,this is for nothing but for show unless,it begins to enforce the immigration,laws already that exist in the United,States of America Texas governor Greg,Abbott a republican gave the president a,letter asking him to send more resources,Bishop Mark Seitz of El Paso also,greeted the president the first border,Bishop to head the U.S Conference of,Catholic Bishops migration Committee in,at least 20 years reminds the faithful,as people who have been called by by,Jesus and the gospel to,serve those who are poor but to welcome,the stranger to clothe the naked feed,the hungry this sounds like it's right,right up our alley Bishop sites released,a statement last week criticizing the,bite administration's border policies as,a drastic departure from its promise to,create a fair orderly and Humane,immigration system after the president,announced a plan that could send tens of,thousands of migrants back to Mexico,every month I'll sit down with anyone,who in good faith wants to fix our,broken immigration system and it's hard,it's hard on the best of circumstances,in addition to migration the three world,leaders will also discuss things like

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THIS GAME SHOWS NO MERCY - Arsenal Career Mode Ep. #19 (FIFA 17)

THIS GAME SHOWS NO MERCY - Arsenal Career Mode Ep. #19 (FIFA 17)

hi yes it's me again mr. wonderful mr.,six straight wins mister saves the day,you're here out the goat or whatever you,want to call me by our video tell them,the truth telling me we're playing on,the easiest of level selfie class so,that you would win every game like,Celtic Jewish scholars so I just I mean,it's Brendan Rodgers can do it why can't,I why can't I finally the throat is,officially mine it's mine it's mine it's,mine you can have the league I will take,the Champions Cup mine it's ours but I'm,going first,eat up fat one you know what I'm going,to eat I'm going to eat a fat League,trophy after I win it let's do this okay,let's see where things stand suckas,let's go right to the table I want to,know what is up and what we have to do,to win the league we have a four point,lead with five games to go,it's looking good it's looking very good,look at that final four as a classic,Final Four Inter Milan Bayern Munich,Real Madrid and Arsenal I'm feeling it,feeling the flow circular do it to play,Watford first pretty sure they're on the,bottom half of the table West Brom,bottom half of the table and then we got,see how modern Eve it's all happening,though but the rest of the opponents to,get Middlesbrough Norwich and Stoke if I,can't win the league with those five,opponents I mean really ashamed to,myself but the four-point lead mind you,I would be sad sad sad sad days you know,what else is sad emails,you,chief executive attend a press,conference not interested play a,conversation better check he says I will,don't know where all the speculation,comes from I haven't spoken anyone in,the press it's not always easy to fit in,at every club but I'm working hard to,feel more settled and guys have been,great to me so how long have you been,with the team I feel like you've done,with the team long enough me not to feel,at home here what are you talking about,okay those emails are lame let's just,check the news instead,News says shezzy returns to face his,former club,I hope the Arsenal fans don't give me,too much stick they were great to me,when I was there I still have feelings,for the team but now I have a new team,to focus on whatever dude best players,of the week,look at that Alexis Sanchez Sergio Ramos,Broncos Shelly Hector bellevigne and,Obama yang basically own the best,players of the week yeah yeah I know,we're good,all right let's check the squad okay so,I made some changes in the lineup,because we're playing against Watford,and we should do the business and,obviously we have a little bit of wiggle,room to drop some point that I want to,drop any points of course but I want to,save some energy for Real Madrid the,following week so we've got Gamera lien,up top for a Bobby Hank Sanchez is going,to stay and Bob McKimson for pool and,sig Carvalho returned to defensive,midfield spot where Barocci was Kasich,comes in for the ox and I got Gibbs and,de Buci changing out both outside backs,and the ruh Ghani is going to come in,for Sergio Ramos I need him definitely,be up for playing against his former,club that is a big deal so in short,Watford you're about to get a choice,it's show time,come on boys we need all three points,who defending skill challenge this is my,bag this is my bag get in 500 points for,me get a full 500 points - 200 what are,they talking about yeah I guess Chesney,gets little extra hug whoa whoa what's,goin on that guys mustache a plus,mustache I boys get it started go on,there is Meza the magician do him up,magic playing in OH,that was the ball Gamera was going to,bury that you know it was already set it,was done the script was written no I can,see it now step to him oh no oh my come,on,why did we drop so far back to Johnny,why would you we still in the play there,though holy balls,go on Oh hit it like you come on nerd,RIT I'll finish it that's it that's it,little for you crowd going wild Omar,that's it bury it go on give me all,Camero get it,Oh Camero go okay first half analysis,hey know what I don't wanna drop any,points to Watford claim in Oh oh what a,ball ah sheds knee try to end your life,right there good entry pass and then you,got him hate that but go yes,two two one stop get everybody that's a,singularity here how do you suck it good,hit the back of the net feels good to,take the lead it feels good to win this,league trophy it's going to be amazing,can we give it up the email here because,I made two changes to my outside minutes,and my outside backs and they don't sort,of all the outside medicine Celtic its,first goal in the Premier League,yes it couldn't come at a better time,wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait,wait how's everybody doing we want to,start saving guys energy wise so let's,maybe make a couple changes here but,confortola in four messages put loose,again put him in for Sanchez and let's,trade a mop and / cool sick oh man I,feel like I should play this dude I'm,putting Carter in against my better,judgment cut him,play them in finish it God just pick you,had 17 different opti

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House passes rules package at the heart of Kevin McCarthy's speaker battle | full video

House passes rules package at the heart of Kevin McCarthy's speaker battle | full video

fired last week that you have blessed,what was good,the unity of purpose,the collegial administrations the common,commitment to this country,will you also forgive what fell short,need we list all our transgressions,as we stand here our iniquities personal,and corporate are ever before us,your judgment of us would be justified,we pray your mercy,and now as we move forward bless the,work that lies before us,only by your grace will we be able to,confront the Myriad of challenges we are,sure to face in the days months and,years ahead,O Lord abide with us always in The Good,The Bad and The challenging,for all things are subject to your,Authority,and with you to strengthen us we can,accomplish and be content in the work,you have called us to do,we offer this prayer in your most holy,name,amen,the chair has examined the Journal of,the last day's proceedings and announces,to the house the approval thereof,the Pledge of Allegiance will be led by,the gentleman from South Carolina Mr,Wilson,everyone is invited at the first,historic presiding by Speaker Kevin,McCarthy to say the Pledge,of the United States of,into the,other justice for all,everybody,is he on it,thank you,so there's a,foreign,he's ready,the chair recognizes the gentleman from,Louisiana the majority leader Mr scalise,thank you Mr Speaker I have a privileged,resolution at the desk and ask for its,immediate consideration the clerk will,report the resolution house resolution 5,resolution adopting the unanimous,consent that the resolution be,considered red and printed in in the,record without objection the reading is,considered as read,gentleman from Louisiana is recognized,for one hour,thank you Mr Speaker I yield the,remainder of my time to my friend from,Oklahoma Mr Cole the chairman of the,rules committee and ask unanimous,consent that he be permitted to control,the time,without objection the gentleman from,Oklahoma Mr Cole Will control the time I,thank my good friend the distinguished,Majority Leader Mr scalise for yielding,Mr Speaker for the purpose of debate,only I yield the customer married 30,minutes to distinguish gentlemen from,Massachusetts my good friend Mr McGovern,pending which I yield myself such time,as I may consume gentleman is recognized,during consideration of this resolution,all times yielded for the purpose of,debate only Mr Speaker I asked unanimous,consent that all members have five,legislative days in which to revise and,extend their remarks without objection,Mr Speaker I also asked unanimous,consent to include in the record the,section by section analysis of the,resolution without objection,Mr Speaker I yield one minute to my good,friend the majority leader Mr scalise,gentleman from Louisiana the majority,leader Mr scalise is recognized for one,minute thank you Mr Speaker again thank,my friend from Oklahoma for yielding and,Mr Speaker we are here to discuss the,rules of the house actually debating the,rules package and why this is so,important is because this lays out the,ability for the house to conduct,business for the house to not only,conduct business but for the house to,address the problems that the American,people across this country has faced,and let's just be very clear up front,we saw a lot of debate about this last,week,at the heart of all of this discussions,last week,was very clear surely from our side that,Washington is broken and not just as,Washington broken,but the way that this house has been,running for the last few years has not,been designed to address the problems of,the people across this country in fact,we've seen many of the problems that,families are facing Across America,created by the things that have come out,of this Congress signed by President,Biden why is inflation running away,because spending's out of control,because bills appear by dark of night,bills that nobody's read that are,thousands of pages long where members,aren't even allowed to give input in,committee on the floor to address,problems they know their constituents,will face if these bills pass and yet,the bills are passed because they're,written in rooms behind closed doors by,a small number of people not concerned,about the consequences,that will affect so many millions of,people across this nation,Mr Speaker for a long time we've been,saying this needs to change in fact we,ran on an agenda to change the way that,Washington Works to fix this broken,system to get our country back on track,and we were awarded the majority by the,people across this country and so today,starts that process,of fixing what's broken in Washington so,that Washington can finally start,working for the people of this country,who are struggling,and so let's start,with one basic thing is reopening the,people's house for years the American,people were shut out of coming and,seeing,their government worked in fact with,proxy voting which by the way ends in,this rules package,members of Congress have to show up and,work again just look at the bill that,passed a few weeks

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With No Mercy - "Disease" PIrecords

With No Mercy - "Disease" PIrecords

vodka,not,Oh God I can't go to Georgia,that's your song,dr. Ward,once I got glass our bed,don't understand what I add you're so,much,yeah,for god,laughter oh God,dr. Najib dog,after a few,we're caught on Smurfs,Oh God,oh yeah,Yaya,ha,you

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ARGENTINA World Champion 2022 ⭐⭐⭐ MESSI'S WORLD CUP 🏆 Memories of Qatar 🇶🇦 💙🤍 THE FILM

ARGENTINA World Champion 2022 ⭐⭐⭐ MESSI'S WORLD CUP 🏆 Memories of Qatar 🇶🇦 💙🤍 THE FILM

في عام 2021 ، هزم الفريق الأرجنتيني البرازيل في ماراكانا ، وبعد 28 عامًا دون أن,يرفع أي لقب ، فاز بكأس أمريكا التي تثيره مرة أخرى. أراد منتخب الألبيسيليستي,الفوز بكأس العالم للمرة الثالثة ، وبقيادة ليونيل ميسي ، وصلوا إلى كأس العالم في قطر,كأحد أفضل المرشحين للفوز باللقب. ظهر الفريق بقيادة ليونيل سكالوني,لأول مرة ضد السعودية ، وتمكن من التقدم في الدقائق الأولى بعد,ركلة جزاء مثيرة للجدل منحها حكم الفيديو المساعد. حوَّل ميسي الحد الأقصى لركلة الجزاء وتمكنت الأرجنتين من تعزيز تقدمها,بإلغاء ثلاثة أهداف أخرى بسبب التسلل. انتهى الشوط الأول 1-0 للأرجنتينيين ،,لكن حديث هيرفي رينارد نشط الآسيويين خلال الاستراحة.,في الشوط الثاني ، أصبح الضغط العربي خانقا ، وبمجرد أن غادروا,غرفة تبديل الملابس ، فاجأ الشري بتسديدة عرضية وازنت المباراة.,بعد 5 دقائق ، تولى سالم الدوسري الكرة في المنطقة وأكمل,حركة شخصية رائعة لقلب النتيجة. أصاب الانقلاب الأرجنتين بالصدمة,وأعلنت السعودية فوزها في واحدة من أكبر الاضطرابات في,تاريخ كأس العالم. بعد أربعة أيام من نكسة الظهور,الأول لكأس العالم ، واجه المنتخب الأرجنتيني المباراة النهائية ضد المكسيك.,كان أحد أفضل المرشحين هو مواجهة الحبال وقفز إلى ملعب لوسيل,بخمسة عناصر جديدة في الأحد عشر. حل ليساندرو مارتينيز مكان روميرو ، ومونتييل وأكونيا ملأوا,الأجنحة وتولى رودريغيز وماك أليستر المسؤولية في,خط الوسط. سيطر الخوف من الخسارة على الأرجنتينيين خلال الشوط الأول ، ولم يكن الأمر كذلك حتى,الشوط الثاني عندما بدأ رجال سكالوني الهجوم. أعطى دخول إنزو فرنانديز,فريق أمريكا الجنوبية مزيدًا من الحيوية ، والتي انتهى بها الأمر بتسجيل هدف رائع من ميسي في,الدقيقة 64. وانتهت تسديدة لا بولجا اليسرى في الشباك وضمن إنزو فرنانديز,الفوز للألبيسيليستي في بلده تسجيل لاول مرة على الصعيد الدولي.,حصل لاعب خط وسط بنفيكا على مكان في أول 11 مباراة ضد بولندا,وأكدت الأرجنتين تحسنها أمام الأوروبيين ، مع التأهل إلى دور الـ16 على المحك.,أخذ فريق سكالوني زمام المبادرة في المباراة ، وفي الدقيقة 35 ، أشار,حكم الفيديو المساعد إلى ركلة جزاء مثيرة للجدل من تشيكيزني على ميسي. وسدد كابتن المنتخب الأرجنتيني أقصى ركلة جزاء,لكن الحارس البولندي تصدى للكرة بصدفة قوية. خرجت الأرجنتين,بالكامل في الشوط الثاني وحسمت المباراة بفضل اكتشافين شابين آخرين.,افتتح ماك أليستر التسجيل بمجرد استئناف المباراة (الدقيقة 46) وجعل جوليان ألفاريز,النتيجة 2-0 ليحقق الفوز للألبيسيليستي في أول ظهور له في البداية.,على الرغم من بدايتهم السيئة ، فقد احتل المنتخب الأرجنتيني المركز الأول في المجموعة,وانتظرته أستراليا في دور الـ16.,في بداية جولات التصفيات ، لم يستطع سكالوني الاعتماد على دي ماريا المصاب,ولعب بابو جوميز في الجولة الأولى. كان على الأرجنتين أخذ زمام المبادرة,وظهر ميسي في الدقيقة 35 ليفتتح التسجيل. تمكن الرجل من روزاريو من,إيجاد فجوة بين أرجل مدافعي كرة القدم ، وفي,كأس العالم الخامسة له ، سجل هدفه الأول في جولة تصفيات كأس العالم.,صعدت أستراليا في الشوط الثاني ووجدت الأرجنتين مساحة أكبر,في الهجوم. كان عمل فريق Albiceleste الجدير بالثناء ، وفي الدقيقة 56 ، حصلوا,على جائزة غير متوقعة. قام دي بول بمضايقة حارس المرمى الأسترالي ، ولم يكن رايان يعرف ماذا يفعل,بالكرة ، وجوليان ألفاريز "سرق محفظته" ليجعل النتيجة 2-0.,كانت المباراة في طريقها للأرجنتين ، لكن أستراليا دخلت المباراة,بضربة حظ. في الدقيقة 76 ، سدد جودوين من خارج المنطقة ،,اصطدمت الكرة بإنزو فرنانديز وانتهى بها الأمر داخل المرمى. وشجع الهدف الأوقيانوسيون,الذين هزموا الأرجنتين في الربع الأخير من الساعة. تم تجسيد Beich مرة أخرى في دور مارادونا بعد,مراوغة أربعة مدافعين عن الألبيسيليستي ، على الرغم من أنه في اللحظة الأخيرة ، قام ليساندرو مارتينيز بتصدي,تسديدته. أهدر لوتارو هديتين من ميسي ليسجل,هدف الحكم ، وفي اللحظة الأخيرة ، حصل كول على أفضل فرصة في المباراة.,تصدى إيميليانو مارتينيز للكرة ، وتأهلت الأرجنتين إلى ربع النهائي مع,معاناة أكثر مما كان متوقعا.,التقى منتخبا الأرجنتين وهولندا للمرة السادسة في,كأس العالم. كان فريق La Albiceleste قد هزم الهولنديين في نصف نهائي 2014 ، وحضروا,الحدث بدافع من كلمات فان غال. ألمح المدرب الهولندي إلى,أن الأرجنتين لعبت بعشر مرات عندما لم يكن ميسي يملك الكرة ولعب لا بولجا,بدافع إضافي ، في مباراة مليئة بالتوتر. كون الحكم هو ماتيو لاهوز لم يساعد,في تهدئة الأجواء. أظهر الحكم الإسباني 14 بطاقة صفراء ورغبته,في احتلال مركز الصدارة تسببت في يأس الفريقين.,عرضت الأرجنتين أكثر بكثير من هولندا وقلد سكالوني نظام منافسه (5-3-2),لقطع رحلة الأجنحة الهولندية. شعر ميسي بالتحرر من الوسط ،,ومع وجود مساحة أكبر من المعتاد ، قام بأول خدعة سحرية له في الدقيقة 34. قام,العاشر بتصفية تمريرة مستحيلة من خلال تشابك نصفين برتقاليين وتمكن ناهويل مولينا من,التغلب على نوبيرت ليضع الفريق في المقدمة. انتهى الشوط الأول بتفوق الأرجنتين,واستمر الشوط الثاني بنفس السيناريو. أنهى ميسي ركلة حرة,عالية قليلاً وارتكب دومفريس ركلة جزاء بريئة على أكونيا. جعل ميسي النتيجة 2-0,من أحد عشر مترا (دقيقة 72) ودعا فان غال أبراجه لقصف,منطقة البيشيليستي. كان دخول لوك دي يونج وفيرهورست يضغط على دفاع الأرجنتين ،,الذي دخل في حالة من الذعر في الربع الأخير من الساعة. أغلق ويرهورست الفارق,بضربة رأس جيدة واقترب بيرغويس من التعادل بيده اليمنى التي دخلت جانب,الشبكة. وأمهل الحكم 10 دقائق من التمديد,وتسبب باريديس في حدوث تانغانا بعد ارتكاب خطأ وركل الكرة على,دكة المنافس. نفذ الحكم ركلة حرة مثيرة للجدل على حافة المنطقة الأرجنتينية,، وفي آخر مباراة من المباراة ، أكملت هولندا لعبة استراتيجية ببراعة.,مرت Koopmeiners بدلاً من التسديد ، وأرسل Weghorst الك

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LP - Muddy Waters (Live)

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