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I Have Bad News. (Life Update)ready three two one,for another one,yo before I start this video I wan


Updated on Jan 29,2023

I Have Bad News. (Life Update)

ready three two one,for another one,yo before I start this video I want to,let you guys know on something there's a,viral clip of me going around saying,that I can't bench 315 and that's a load,of I not only bench 315 I threw it,back on my chest and s-fand curled 315,okay I can easily do 315. stop saying I,can't do it I obviously did it if you're,wondering if I'm okay from that incident,by the way I just want to let you know I,am completely fine I got checked out by,two doctors when I was there and they,both told me I am completely fine,however they do think that I suffered,some head injury for trying to lift 315,twice and I was told I have an ego I,never heard that I had an ego before so,this is new to me however I am perfectly,fine uh despite everyone saying that I'm,probably internally bleeding and I'm,going to die I'm okay so I'm gonna let,you know this light is flickering on and,off I don't know what the hell's,Happening Here I am gonna be in pain for,a couple days but I also did bench 315,so I'm pretty much Unstoppable I also,want to give a big shout out to my boy,sfan for being the one behind me during,this whole thing always make sure you,have a spotter when you are lifting it,is very important if I did not have a,spotter like sfand I probably would be,in some serious injury right now but as,fam being there saved me so always have,a spotter and always make sure you try,to lift more than the guy before you,because if you don't you're gonna look,like a little I could have,actually died from what just happened I,guess God isn't a hate Watcher like I,thought he was and I'm perfectly okay I,don't even feel anything in my chest if,you see that clip just know it was a,mistake and I'm sorry but now let's get,on to the video by the way speaking of a,mistake over 50 of you guys are not,subscribed to the channel and if you,would like to subscribe this month I'm,going to be giving away one thousand,dollars to a random subscriber and it,could be you so go ahead and subscribe,you can win a thousand dollars and you,can use that money to open up a Valley,National Bank Kids First Savings Account,I want to make this video to let,everyone know a couple updates that's,going to be happening to my life I'm,selling this house I know it's going to,come to a shock to a lot of you guys,you're probably wondering what the hell,is happening what's going to go on with,my roommates and where the hell are you,possibly going and let me explain I have,been wanting to leave this house for a,while now we live in the suburbs of,Texas it's the most boring no life,nothing to do here I'm tired of living,in Suburbia I grew up 50 minutes from,the hood but I grew up 10 minutes from,the city and I've always loved the city,life and I've always wanted to,experience the city life being able to,go outside your place walk around,wherever you want go to a restaurant go,to yoga do a little dance kick a,homeless person there's a lot of things,I don't get to do often in Suburbia,instead where I live it's the same six,type of houses everywhere you go it's,all the dead plants that try to be,plants but we're in Texas so they all,die I'm really tired of it and I've been,living here for two years now and as,much as I love friends like sfand Bonnie,and a lot of other people that live,around here I need change and I'm moving,with my friends me simply Russell and,Emmy will be moving as well we have a,few options right now we're looking at,condos downtown in Austin we're also,looking at houses we don't know which,one we want yet but we will figure it,out I also am really not a fan of how,far I feel from everything else I am a,very far distance from a lot of my,friends and I'm also a huge distance,from almost anything I really want to do,I want to try this city life and I think,it'll be exciting not only for myself to,try something new but for the viewers if,I am in the city it's a whole new way of,life there's a lot more things for me to,do there's a lot more people for me to,hang out with there's a lot more,experiences I can have there's a lot,more content I could have for the,channel it's just too far away for me to,go for almost anything I want to go to,and I don't really have the opportunity,to do that content because it's,sometimes 50 minutes to an hour away,from where I'm living when if I live,downtown it's right outside my door I'm,probably not going to be moving for the,next few months we are still looking at,houses we are still looking at places to,live but we do plan on bringing everyone,with us however there are some,interesting turns of events that are,going to be happening I'm going to be,moving but this is a small announcement,to let you guys know I'm building a gym,so I'm gonna be building a gym with,Knute and the person that also has made,a gym with me surprise I'm making a gym,in Austin and we're gonna be building a,no gym these with Rob who is the owner,of the old gym and canoe canoe wants to,buy my house and I think that's a great,idea for c

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DO NOT Try Burger King In Norway!

DO NOT Try Burger King In Norway!

we're going to Burger King Molina it's,right there you can't park there,there done with you with you being dumb,like I'm actually so done,can I have that,can I have that,can I have that,it was a test you passed,girls are crazy,Chatters are Elena I have some wonderful,news to share with the stream I just,found out my sister's pregnant oh oh, congratulations I'm gonna be a dad,I hope,let's talk about about me all right so,we're gonna head into Bergen it is,currently 6 p.m it is Pitch Black you,know what's crazy about this country,whenever everyone goes outside people,wear these um reflective vests so you,can see you can see people in the dark,right does that make sense to everyone,in chat if you try to get people in,America to wear protective vests in the,dark they would Riot it would become,like this massive political thing and,and that just really like makes me kind,of sad it's like I think you guys are,just too far gone because it makes sense,you know it's like you're safer with a,reflective it's that simple you know,people have to wear seat belts if people,may start making seat belts like uh like,a thing like that was a point of,discussion I feel like that would become,um kind of political too you know what,I'm not wearing my seat belt,brother right you ain't gonna get me in,that ,isn't there like just rules and laws,that are out there that are just like,better for mankind you know name a rule,right now first rule you can pick up the,first rule I can think of alcohol,what is the rule about alcoholic you,should not be able to drink alcohol ever,we should go back to Prohibition you,know people should do instead of drink,alcohol,read books learn read the dictionary you,I'm saying my favorite book is,Jagermeister do I read the dictionary,yeah I do I'm currently on the on letter,A there's so many a words to get through,I'm on this one called and,there's a picture of my face there,like Chad do you need to fill a buzz,like do you need to feel high do you,need to feel drunk like are those things,that need to happen no they're not,they're just they're wants they're not,needs you know we need to start working,on the needs of of human beings you know,like you know what what do we need we,need education okay we need to teach,people compassion you know respect and,love for for one another that's what we,really need to do yeah imagine if people,had that although all the would,probably go away but you know what do I,know,I'm just an idiot,so Chad how's your New Year going guys,how's the start of the New Year I'm not,gonna lie wait no one asked I'll wait,for someone to ask me then I'll respond,well how did your New Year go not you,watching you so not good if you think,there was you know one twitch streamer,capable of murder who you think it'd be,not canoon,capable of murdering capable of hurting,I mean everyone can just,change your body but like bring someone,and getting away with it like hiding the,body and being smart about it is that,what you mean damn everyone unanimously,is saying Seer sear is the nicest,sweetest person ever wouldn't be able to,like somebody and not like break down,about it I'm sorry he would just walk,around in circles until he finally get,it off his chest someone said Maya she,feeds the bodies to her animals you guys,want to see what Bergen looks like,foreign,there was a group of girls and they were,all sitting on this bench and one of the,girls just like sits down like literally,right right here in the corner right,over there and then she starts just,peeing,y'all don't love,me like bro I heard a waterfall right,next to me of course I'm gonna turn,around yeah it sounds like I want to see,you it sounded like it sounded like a,pipe burst that's how much flow was,coming out I would really like,appreciate if you could just film your,face and not how I'm driving,can we go for a walk or no yeah we can,just like have some patience with me,let me I need to pay for parking just,sit here first okay yeah,it's raining,we can't go out now no we can't park,here we did all that we can't even Park,here,I'm feeling just like stalling so we're,not stalling like this is this is light,you cannot enter the middle of the city,with this like a civilian car but I'm,allowed to go this way you cannot drive,through there yeah we weren't trying to,go that way,bro you self,IE stupid I'm so done with you being,dumb like I'm actually so done how am I,being dumb because like we already went,on a street where you can't,we were in the right spot right where we,were we're going to Burger King Molina,it's right there,you can't park there that my patience is,over where are we going tell me where,you want to go I can't read your stupid,man brain dude God damn it tell me where,you want to go,ahead,okay,we're going to the Central Station it's,right behind us we're right there King,Face First wall you face first wall wow,wow wow you face first wall we're going,to the Central Station and I'm gonna go,get your Burger King there we were the

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She Broke Into Our House And Opened Our Gifts..

She Broke Into Our House And Opened Our Gifts..

today is day 19th we're out of the,calendar,we got a long boy,I love her,Advent calendar this year which means,that you open one package all the way up,until Christmas usually like a small,candy but we took it way over the top,we're like send anything to the PO Box,we'll open one package every day now we,left early because we visited Nick's,family and then now we're in Norway so I,had my dear friend Brit open them all we,don't know what it is we put her in a,room and she opened them all and we,record it sent to editors so now we're,gonna watch what you sent us in the P.O,box ready,ready,hi guys I'm here in nickel Molina's,house I'm gonna be opening present can I,just say that Brit looks awesome like,Santa's Little Helper,I like that yo box obviously they can't,take these with them so I'm gonna open,them for them and I'm so excited so,we're gonna start with day 15,.,so the first gift oh,Advent for Nick the coolest guy with a,GTR from Ed dodo what about Melina,oh oh it's so sick,um 17 Nissan GTR,I think I have the exact one,thank you Ed dodo I'm sure they're gonna,love this that one looks just like my,car thank you,who edited this by the way,hello today is day 16 for Advent,calendar what could it be,this thing looks Wicked I think it might,also double as a replacement for the m m,mini tubes that you are used to from,Jaren yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo what,is this one I thought I found the the,male G-spot what I used to do when I was,a kid was I would make like a mix like,shampoo hair soap and all this stuff and,like make a lube and I put it on you,know the imminent minis tubes yeah oh my,god do they still make those they do,yeah I'll just shove it up my ass and,just it'll keep hitting my prostate no,you didn't and that would just come,everywhere,I swear to God,if,anyone knows and they know I don't know,any of that means,I'm sure Nick and Lena do what is it,what is it,oh,it's a ball,oh it's a relief stress and relax mood,thing I don't know what that is that's,cool though,I'm sure we'll know what that is it's,like a it's a ball I don't know it's,like a shiny ball cool,my face hurts from smiling oh my god,dude oh my God I'm cramping oh dude what,the hell dude oh man I'm not gonna,explain dude I love her I've been,kind of day 17.,today is day 17. let's see what we have,it's kind of light I guess that it is,a box of condoms or something,oh why would she say that though Milena,thanks for your full of laughs Merry,Christmas from Pappy puppy Pete I know,Pappy P this is for Pappy Pete all right,let's see what he got,special it's pink dildo stress reliever,that's awesome wait I want to play with,it,this it's called pink dildo I love the,name I guess it's putty I don't know why,do you love them love it thank you so,much Pappy Pete thank you I love the new,dildo,today is day 18 for our Advent calendar,what could it be,let's see what we got,I heard you say your gear smells this,worked for my bag best wishes from,hockey Andy,whatever this is for next something for,my hockey gear,what is that gear Halo work I guess it's,like um a scent for his nasty smelling,bag that's awesome I'm sure no no no no,we just have to throw it away but thank,you what we need for my hockey bag is a,flamethrower and some gasoline like,thank you for thinking some rocks guys,it's rocks rope and like some deep water,so imagine me stripping down naked,putting a cup on so my sweaty hockey,balls are in the same cup is that what,smells yes I thought it was just your,pants no it's the cup because the cup,rubs onto the pants which makes them,smell Nick I have never been more,disgusted in my entire life I thought,that smell was the pants in just your,sweat not your ball sack,today is day 19th for out of the,calendar,we got a long boy,I love her,Rob is so lucky erab is so lucky like oh,my God I wish I was Era man said no one,ever but he is lucky,foreign,whitening paste power smile I don't know,who this is for are you saying that,their teeth are not like white,that's so sweet of you thanks for,whoever said this I don't know but,thanks for this awesome gift who said,that what was that I think it was for,you my teeth are really white they're,not,who edited this by the way did a great,job today is day 20 of our Advent,calendar brownie face we only have four,more days left,what could it be see what we got today,this is from higgsley pigsly this is to,Molina so not Nick why does Melanie get,more gifts than me guys,oh who made this that is fancy dancing,on it got a little bumblebee did you,make this,hi Milena I love watching your streams,with Nick I've been walked I've been,waking up earlier so it's nice to start,the day with you guys also your creative,Powerhouse and you are the main reason,so many people slash streamers have,successful streams I agree don't,underestimate your abilities apologies,for being parasocial also I'm sorry to,Nick because I'm quite mean in chat to,him oops lol but on the other hand,sometimes it might be deserved anyways,this gift is for

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Mizkif Responds to Steroids Use Accusations

Mizkif Responds to Steroids Use Accusations

then we need to see what makes skip said,everyone was saying like ah Mr stupid is,talking about still hey it's a boy we,have some very interesting things to,talk about here,okay let's hear uh skip the boring parts,there has been rumors now,people okay what I've been doing since,I've been gone over the past you know,three it's been three months bacon thing,with a five gifted dude I appreciate it,Duke Dennis thank you for the five,gifted I appreciate that,um,there are rumors that I am on steroids,there's that I'm called roidkiff now,um which I don't know how that happened,Duke Dennis for the five gifted bro I,appreciate that,they call me roykiff nowadays uh one,girl said she saw me at the gym tweeted,about it,instead I look like I'm having Roid Rage,foreign, I was just lifting I was doing two,plates I was not even ready I was,warming up what do you mean I'm I'm on,Roid Rage so uh yo ZX take with,the five gifted dude appreciate that,anyway what I was about to say,uh people think I'm on steroids it is a,very talked about uh thing that I am on,roids,showing that they're just subredded,please no I am not on Droids,but these conversations about it and,there's a Reddit post about it yeah I,don't know if like uh what is it called,it's like called uh Mateo juice Natty or,not and there was about a thousand,comments on me,oh here it is first of all um who made,this look at this,look at this,twitch streamer accused of being on,steroids benches 315,oh this is why can't I pay these mods to,remove this one this is ridiculous,twitch streamer accused of being on,steroids benches 315 how about you say,that I've been Lifting for like 12 years,where's that that I've been lifting on,and off for 12 years where's the fact,that how about being Sven went to a gym,randomly at three in the morning and I,put up two plates,in the middle of the gym that time like,there's just it's no so,people think that I'm on steroids,because July 23 2022 I looked like that,and now I look like this,does anyone realize that this is called,a pump,this is literally a pump with,gym lighting I'm like losing something I,don't look like this,at all,you know that right I I don't look like,this at all,take off your shirt then show us you're,right right there,I have been working out,there I go to the gym every single day I,worked out the whole time while I,listened to canoe make food on on Twitch,okay it's all I do,all right,I how much weight have I lost I lost,about 18 to 19 pounds,I'm on a very serious diet like I chat I,have not,I have messed up my diet one time and it,was with quesadillas I had two and I'm,really sorry about that and,that's it it's the only thing I've done,I've had two quesadillas I have not, up this diet whatsoever I am I I,have I tears for my diet I drink,kombucha,what do I do I take a this ,makes me take a dump for some reason but,after that I have chicken rice and,broccoli three times a day with steak,and mashed potatoes and that's it or,steak and,I really eat healthy it's a very good,stereo diet and I inject myself with,needles constantly while I'm in the,shower uh canoe flies here and injects,it in my ass and then I'm just souped up,and ready to go take a nap that's what I,do I am on steroids why don't I just,admit it I'm on steroids okay I'm on,steroids I'm on steroids I'm on steroids,I'm on stairs read these comments ready,it's the great genetics part for me shut,the up,shut the up,shut the up brush it's,this,it's funny how great genetics didn't,give him a good body from the outset,what do you mean,I was purposely looking stupid here you, idiot Cowboy tradition in the,chat like yes the commutes ,shorts or something the best before,picture you can never,laughs,my God are you stupid that's how,genetics work genetics when in the,bodybuilding sphere I feel like I'm,doing a mogul mail whenever I grab this,thing has to do your muscles bellies,along with How fat you gain muscle,down vote you're making you're making,too much sense,the level of insecurity plus his income,and status as a twitch streamer makes,gear extremely likely I didn't even know,what gear was I'm like wait a minute,I was like what is like what the, does gear mean I literally had no,idea what the hell this guy was saying,what are you on about that I'm on gear I,literally didn't even know what gear,meant I'm like what is gear bro I,thought he meant that I had like like,shoes I'm like what is going on here,when he looked like that and claims my,genetics for his transformation lamal,man was built like a bag of milk,I'm lactose intolerant I hate these,people daily reminded to always measure,and photograph their testicles,track your entire blood work from day,one of lifting so that one day you may,have have high certainty of showing your,nattiness,liver King I'm gonna say it right I'm,gonna say it right now you ,everything up you little it's not,the first one you everything up,now everyone thinks everyone's on,steroids you have ruined the perception,liver King is just one of the

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Viewer Made Advent Calendar Ft Brit | Nick & Malena

Viewer Made Advent Calendar Ft Brit | Nick & Malena

let me explain a bit,um,we did an advent calendar this year,which means that you vote you open one,package all the way up until Christmas,usually like a small candy but we took,it way over the top we're like send,anything to the PO Box we'll open one,package every day now we left early,because we visited Nick's family and,then now we're in Norway so we have,videos I had my dear friend Brit open,them all,and I didn't know we we don't know what,it is we had we put her in a room and,she opened them all and we recorded it,sent to editors so now we're gonna watch,what you sent us in the PO Box okay,ready,ready,let's go,that was a good call,hi guys I'm here in nickel Molina's,house I'm gonna be opening present can I,just say that Brit looks awesome yeah,yes from the people like Santa's Little,Helper,I like that,PO Box obviously they can't take these,with them so I'm gonna open them for,them and I'm so excited so we're gonna,start with day 15.,15. how lovely are your branches,so the first gift oh,Advent for Nick the coolest guy with a,GTR from Ed dodo,what about Milena,oh oh it's so sick,um 17 Nissan GTR,that one looks just like my car,thank you,that was amazing,next,who edited this by the way,hello today,16 for Advent calendar what could it be,this thing looks Wicked I think it might,also double as a replacement for the m m,mini tubes that you are used to from,Jaron yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo what,is this one,if,anyone knows and they know,I don't know any of that means I'm sure,Nick and Elena do what is it what is it,it's a ball,oh it's a relief stress and relaxed mood,thing I don't know what that is that's,cool though,I'm sure they'll know what that is it's,like a it's a ball I don't know it's,like a shiny ball cool,my face hurts when I'm smiling oh my god,dude oh my God I'm cramping oh dude what,the hell dude,oh yeah I'm not gonna explain dude,I love her I'm not gonna explain nothing,if you know you know okay this is,I don't calendar day 17.,today is day 17. let's see what we have,it's kind of light I guess that it is,like a box of condoms or something,oh why would she say that though it's,fancy Milena thanks for your full of,laughs Merry Christmas from happy,puppies I know Pappy P this is for puppy,puppy feet all right let's see what he,got,wait can we get some Epson chat for,Pappy Pete where is,it you think he I think he just I think,I think you know he's just gone man,special,it's pink dildo,stress reliever that's awesome wait I,I want to play with it,what's called pink dildo I love the name,I guess it's putty I don't know why do,you love me love it thank you so much,Pappy Pete thank you I love the new,dildo,dude isn't Brit amazing I appreciate it,today is day 18 for our Advent calendar,what could it be,let's see what we got,I heard you say your gear smells this,worked for my bag best wishes from,hockey Andy whatever this is for next,something for my hockey gear,what is that gear Halo work I guess it's,like um a scent for his nasty smelling,bag that's awesome I'm sure no that,won't work no no no no we just have to,throw it away but thank you,what will we need,what we need for my hockey bag is a,flame thrower and some gasoline,like thank you for watching some rocks,guys it's rocks rope and like some deep,water so imagine,me stripping down naked,putting,a cup on because the cup and it's made,out of like the same material as these,pants here,so my sweaty hockey balls are in the,same cup is that what smells yes I,thought it was just your pants no it's,the cup because the cup rubs onto the,pants which makes them smell I have,never been more disgusted in my entire,life I thought that smell was the pants,in just your sweat not your ball,sack,wait,we didn't finish it yes we did there's,one second left,today's day 19th for out of the calendar,we got a long boy,I love her foreign,dude e-rob is so lucky dude,true erab is so lucky like,oh my God I wish I was e-rod man,oh said no one ever but he is lucky,oh Jason whitening paste power smile I,don't know who this is for are you,saying that their teeth are not like,white,that's so sweet of you thanks for,whoever said this I don't know but,thanks for this awesome gift,who said that,what was that,I think it was for you my teeth are,really white,they're not,I drink a lot of coffee yep,okay day 20 baby,who edited this by the way did a great,job do you ever Advent calendar brownies,face we only have four more days left,what could it be see what we got today,this is from higgsley pigsly this is to,Milena so not Nick why is Melanie get,more gifts than me guys,oh oh man this that is fancy dancing on,it it's got a little bumblebee did you,make this,hi Melina I love watching your streams,with Nick I've been walked I've been,waking up earlier so it's nice to start,the day with you guys also your creative,Powerhouse and you are the main reason,so many people slash streamers have,successful streams I agree don't,underestimate your abilities apologies,for being parasocial also I'm so

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I probably shouldn't have said that to her

I probably shouldn't have said that to her

you can't see the pigment stains as much,anymore i've had them since i lost my,front teeth when i was your child,wow you just spoiled it if your,microphone's unmuted they can hear you,oh god dude i was like russell remember,be quiet we'll do like the entrance,thing just come in russell ruined it,just come in,hey guys how's it going i was gonna do,the grand entrance where i was like yo,don't say rhyme spoils nick said yo to,me what am i supposed to say i can't,just ignore,that would him make sense i would,please like and subscribe so i can leave,boom look at that chat give me those,oh my god that scared me i'm so excited,that you're going to tell my mom that,you speak spanish and she's not going to,stop talking yeah i'll be like i'll be,like,why are you going to do such a deep,voice you're trying to listen yeah,you know is she hot she's,i'm just saying like i told her i was,like you know i know what i'm looking,forward to when we grow up like but she,doesn't look anything like me she's yeah,but obviously you're going to have some,good genes when you grow up you know,okay,this is weird,nick tells you it's weird it's weird,don't leave them alone around your mouth,you know yeah exactly okay not grow up,like that but i mean like,oh my god,she gets older,oh my god,she's old already,oh my god,i don't know what to say,bro what today we are cooking one whole,chicken each,what,we have to take it apart like you did in,science class i never did that i took,apart owl pellets i took a part at cow's,eye and then it squirted everywhere and,people started throwing them,oh my god so we're gonna take it apart,bro what the dude is this always,liking people around like old nick and,elena like just like can paul go off,your mind jesus christ you ever seen um,batman,three i don't watch superhero movies,i don't like superhero movies yeah i'm,actually cool i do other things like,have sex,did ever since you started having sex,she turned her real bad,as if he started having sex he's lying,no person who has sex would say that,actually someone who just started for,the first time saying that,he wants everyone to know,the real smell comes from down under,do you smell good down under,malena how do i smell down under down,under like under the jungle,not good not good,it's not good i kind of get why a lot of,people were like um in the beginning,when me and milana were doing like uh,our stuff they were like oh my god this,relationship's not gonna last because,i'm getting those same vibes from you,guys hey,that's fine you're supposed to be,rooting for us no i'm cheering for you,hey run while you can,i i i understand but like russell is,such an to you okay that's true,you are such a dick that is fake jokes,and like what is wrong with you bro,she makes worse jokes honestly she makes,freak jokes she just doesn't do it on,stream because she's shy yeah because i,know my boundaries okay i know my,boundaries doesn't make sense,well great come back russell yeah,no it's just no it's just dumb she,doesn't know her boundaries she's just,nervous and then sooner or later,whenever she gets more comfortable she's,going to be making stupid ass jokes that,she does offshore i think you're being,really mean yeah i agree i think you,need to apologize you know i appreciate,the hospitality that we experience here,and i'm just being respectful to our,hosts yeah something you should learn,yeah before you meet my parents i did,meet her dad and he thought he loved me,your dad probably likes me nevermind,wait did you meet him irl,huh yeah you could just stall for three,minutes and have him do it yeah i know,but i don't want to give him the,satisfaction of doing that i i literally,already did the work for you you should,be doing this were fret you were just,human,i have mending strength so i'm gonna rip,this chicken up you didn't even think,you just ripped the chicken apart okay,and you didn't do anything you didn't do,any of that,so what's that supposed to mean,i'm just focusing i get it i get why,people watch us in 2020. it is good ,this is good it really is,such a good job,wait we can make curry,what what's up what's your pet nickname,for do you want the boning knife pet,yeah like pet nickname,oh,my,god what is this,russell,oh my god,like i'm gonna poison you intentionally,oh my god i could only imagine like uh,like her mom in the scenario hasn't met,you yet,you know and there's this you know,certain sort of man from america,sort of,calling her her daughter these nasty,names in front of people i mean my,brother's for sure watching us and he,will not enjoy hearing this i mean like,don't act like you don't like that,oh,my,god the double down,seriously nick stop her that's like that,nick you should be stopping her more,comfortable around nick right now than i,am around you it says a lot,moleto leave me alone that's crazy you,could break stuff you know when your,parents say don't run around the,household that's not wrong and there's,knives and chickens thank you,more imp

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DO NOT Try McDonald's In Norway!

DO NOT Try McDonald's In Norway!

by the way we somehow picked the wrong,lane what the f is this guy in front of,us ordering we're we're two cars behind,now this,guys do you want Milena to cook or do,you want to go to McDonald's Oro said,McDonald's okay we will go to McDonald's,then,driving yeah,oh my God,Rob B guys we have a Grinch in the back,seat,am I being grumpy am I being grumpy am I,being grumpy should I sit in the front,seat and so I can adjust the camera yes,you can just hold that,wait you're not trying to climb this way,right bro no shot you're gonna hurt,yourself no I cannot,cramp,it thinks the backpack in the back is a,child it wants me to put the seat belt,on the backpack I hate these stupid, cars that think they know more,than other people it's not a child why,are you yelling at it to be fair it is,worth more than a child what forty,thousand dollars can't I just put the,seat belt on yes I thought that's what,you're gonna do I can't reach that far,you gotta get out the car,bro ugg's on the seat this is a Mercedes,shut the up don't look,oh my God you gotta put the backpack,shut the ,up feet,can you sit down,can you sit down can you stop being,angry I'm angry straight insulting don't, call me get out the, car don't you dare murder murder,guys this is what a healthy couple looks,like try this one all right so what's,going on here guys is for some reason,even though we spent a whole bunch of,money building a brand new kitchen Chad,has decided that they would rather go to,McDonald's,I think they really just want to see,this long tunnel we've been talking,about it for,years you know we went out yesterday and,we caught our own food get this get this,this is this this is how the world Works,nowadays,what's your day we went to the depths of,the ocean it was a few word but okay we,caught our own fish and lobsters and,Chet would rather go to McDonald's,take us to McDonald's here we go this is,a this is the first part I hope we don't,F we dug through a mountain to get these,McNuggets,we dug through a mountain to get these,McNuggets,do you use pollen,do I want to move to Norway Melina's,inviting me to move here no I don't we,have Whataburger in America all right,here we go we're at the only McDonald's,in all of Norway,what's so funny,I know this is so stupid,no people people need to see this the,people need to know what it's like,so this is the line yes this is,this is the line see what I'm saying,here people people want in Nora want to,pretend like they're not above,McDonald's you're not this is the cue,dude this is the cue for this place you,wanna know why because secretly deep,down everyone wants McDonald's I'm,telling you if there was a Whataburger,in this city it would be full 24 7. look,at that McDonald's is packed here and,you know who's in McDonald's young,healthy people you go to McDonald's in,America there's like a homeless guy,sitting on the floor some people turn,off in the corner it looks like you're,at the Crypt here in Norway McDonald's,everyone's all young and healthy and,vibrant and excited you know check this,out chat,double Big Mac Jesus Christ I'm not,gonna lie but every country within the,next five years will be as fat as,America if you're selling Double Big,Macs eventually people will get fat,listen here,here very forgetful you,use five years ago here,here,excuse me what do you mean you guys you,make some outlandish comments,when you're this hungry like I can't,keep justifying it you're so pretty you,can't just say that after you dress like,insult me you're so pretty you just call,me fat and then Gaslight I would lick,the bottom of your foot no you ,even if it stepped,by the way we somehow picked the wrong,lane what the f is this guy in front of,us ordering this guy needs to stop what,are you ordering bro are you ordering,the entire you happy like how,many people are in your car dog it's,ridiculous they have sweet potato fries,here I don't care,twice we're two cars behind now bro bro,this guy in front of us we're getting,passed up man this guy in front of us is,still ordering we've passed two cars,three cars have gone oh my god dude guys,you ever seen a pretty good oh it's our,turn say hello I'm not trying to make it,funny it's not a joke get their,attention we're gonna get past you say,it louder,see we got passed we got passed we,skipped us they skipped us,double Big Mac large no cheese a Dijon,Mayo no cheese a packet of Hot Wings,Nine nuggets I'm feeling kind of healthy,can I get a bottle of water,did he tell me nuggets you said Dijon,Mayo we gotta add nine nuggets when we,get to the window,no you no you should cry because you,made a mistake,I'll be hungry now I got nothing to eat,Nick you,a double Big Mac large Dijon male large,fry Coke three hot wings you're telling,me you're gonna be hungry,we went through that mountain to get,some nugs so ask her if you can add that,when we get there you have such pretty,hair,someone said Nick actually has a cute,face,awesome McDonald's stream and MPL so,this is this is the Norwe

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Too soon?

Too soon?

before before you ask the question okay,for the record people are saying raw,eggs those are double pasteurized eggs,you can eat those raw yeah yeah you can,also show them your ass but that's,highly not recommended not recommended,it probably hurt contrary to popular,belief shoving eggs up is not,recommended melania,there's been definitely been times where,i've smelt my but like kind of,smells like cookie dough yeah does it,taste like cookie dough sometimes no,okay it never tastes like cookie dough,got it and you have tasted your own,coconut i have not he has i haven't i'm,not i'm still good,i guess,yes i'm the only one,thought it was the thing turns out it's,not,okay good um,don't look at cutie's feet this weekend,this is a weird thing to say really just,across the board you know actually i'd,appreciate appreciated that don't know i,think that's good advice,brother uh you know what i'm going to,take it well you sounds like syria's,going to take it what about you i will,not be looking at cutie's feet,but i just want to say no no,no no no no if you want to look at,molina's you can that is a really sweet,gesture yeah,except for sears here you can,do you guys want any food from here,because we don't know how i got it you,want me to do it i'll tell you what,she's doing irish i will tell you what,to order okay,hello,okay listen you want to know why and i'm,just gonna be honest you won't know why,like,girls are usually better at this sort of,stuff because all we do is read this but,if you do little things like add an egg,mate okay she actually does get iced,america on us sometimes i know he gets,coffee because i mean when he got coffee,once what the yeah stop doing it,with me when last,you see the conspiracy theory on your,reddit no i was saying the space boy,no,stop she's been marked get her the ,no i'm yeah i freaked out cute,like q in case we're like oh go back you,need to say goodbye i'm telling you i'm,haunted look at that i woke up in the,hotel with this that is weird yes if i,had to guess you scratched you scratched,yourself in your sleep,i'm not that strong dude women bruised,so easily,so are you saying you don't believe in,oh thank,he's right it's true melinda does get,bruised really easily i don't even,know no no no no no no tell him tell the,truth i bump into everything yes that's,what he's told me to tell everyone,remember how you stepped on that nail,it was a hair dryer yep it's not a neck,no it was a nail it was a nail it was,you know the plug in the hair dryer it,was laying up on the floor and it went,straight into my foot,yo i just want to say bless whoever took,my phone away from me bless,honestly took it away from yourself it,fell on the couch you were trying to,take a picture of your ,that's what i'm saying i want to post,that,this is awesome yeah what time is it,anyways it's time for you get a watch,where do you have to be chance huh i,said where do you have to be i don't,have to be i'm just like curious what,time is it you have to watch yeah but i,can't read that oh my god okay so it's,10 45.,mania but apparently xl isn't big enough,because it was from the like um it was,this place called taiwanese market in,romania good place super cheap but uh,apparently i'm bigger than xl none of,them fit me why'd you brought some,millennials,nice i'll show you where you can get,nice right here,i just don't use underwear,listen it's women's night y'all are,supposed to have a great time this is,like what women do in their natural,habitat let's talk about our periods,i haven't had a period of four years,oh my god don't tell me you take yeah,yeah like that slime gu yeah like not,the period oh my god,i don't think dreams mean anything,though i don't i never look at you i've,had some weird dreams too i actually,would be scared to hear about the dream,i've been like weird about my cousin and,stuff is yeah,so we can either choose to put casey in,the front who'll get a lot of viewers,because she fights with everyone or we,can use the minecrafter because she will,also get a lot out of here stop don't, call me that oh god that's,actually really offensive like,i'm not okay with that you can call me a, you can call me anything else but,minecrafter's off the table don't you,play minecraft with me i don't ,play minecraft i just can go and love,our host and when they're never hosting,a cloud from it well i don't like the, game it doesn't make sense but,you're part of the minecraft clip take,off that ,god jesus christ how are we eating,celery what are we doing the uh the wife,swap you want a wife's wallet you should,do that you want melania for a week,what happened to the last couple,the number one,beta,he made bedang sexy with hair as blonde,as the sun looking like a las vegas dj,hey,hey guys i'm here what's going on hey,what are we doing i'm hungry are you,okay i'm doing great is it good out here,i'm just chilling having a good time,excited to be here yeah i'm really gonna,have a lot of fun if you want to know,what i'm r

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