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Privacy Redirect To A More Friendly Alternativemost of the big websites out there like,twitter insta

Brodie Robertson

Updated on Jan 30,2023

Privacy Redirect To A More Friendly Alternative

most of the big websites out there like,twitter instagram google search,and plenty of others like them harvest,as much data,as they can physically get their hands,on but there exist a lot of alternatives,and a lot of interfaces to those,services that are far far more privacy,respecting where they don't have,any ads they don't have any user,tracking maybe they'll even,fake information about the user if they,do need to send their information,back to some original service but a lot,of them are really,inconvenient to use so even though,things like knitter exist,if someone sends you a twitter link well,now you're on twitter,if someone sends you a reddit link well,now you're on reddit so it's very easy,to fall into old habits and just forget,about these privacy alternatives,luckily there is a web browser extension,that just does this redirecting for us,this extension is known as privacy,redirect available for both chrome and,also firefox,currently there is support for,redirecting twitter links over to,somewhere like knitter,this also does include twitter profiles,as well as the twitter home page as well,so if you're going to try to visit that,one,while you have the plugin enabled it,won't actually let you do so so if we,try to go to,as we'll see it takes us straight to,knitter instead,not every service redirects the home,page so going to somewhere like say, isn't going to redirect that,but when you actually do a search with,google so let's say,hello world for example then it will,actually do the redirect,instagram links will be redirected over,to somewhere like bibliogram,bibliogram is very similar to knitter,basically it's just,a very simple client for the instagram,website,reddit actually has a couple of options,like with your search engine,by default the search is going to be,duckduckgo but if you want to use,something like,uh start page instead that is also,supported,so by default reddit is going to take,you to,because the old reddit client didn't,actually take,as much data from you but there are,other options that are completely fast,you can use instead,any links to google maps will redirect,you over to open street maps and this,was added fairly recently,but if you go to google translate that,is going to redirect you,over to simply translate which can use,google translate as its engine,but if you want it to be far more open,you can use libre translate instead,even though libre translate doesn't,really work that well,and there's also support for redirecting,from a certain video platform,over to a far more privacy respecting,client which i'm not allowed to name,because said video platform doesn't make,it obvious what they're going to strike,now with the exception of changing your,search engine to something that isn't,google,and using anything besides and using,anything besides google maps,you're still ultimately using that,original service so even if you're using,nitta,it's still at the end using twitter if,you're using a different client for,reddit it's still,ultimately using reddit but far less,your information,is going to be sent to the owners of,those platforms if any of the redirects,aren't actually working firstly make,sure once you've actually installed,privacy redirect,you go and restart your web browser i've,noticed it doesn't seem to work,basically at all until you've gone and,done that at least once,and then after that make sure you,actually have the redirects enabled,that you want to use not all of them,will be enabled by default i believe,most of them are except for simply,translate,but one thing you also should probably,go and do is go into more options,and make sure it's sending you to an,instance that actually works,by default for a lot of these services,it's going to send you to a completely,random instance which for things like,knitter,or for the video platform one or for,bibliogram,is gonna be perfectly fine now the,reason why i've set one here for knitter,is because a lot of the instances aren't,actually working properly right now,and complain that my system time is,wrong which is absolute nonsense,so clearly there's something wrong on,their side,the other reason why you might want to,go and set it is if say you're running,your own instance for say bibliogram,and you know that's going to be faster,than any of the others or if just one of,the instances,is going to be faster you may want to do,that in the case of say,reddit or your search engine though i,wouldn't leave,that random because if it's random the,interface is going to completely change,every single time,i personally like old reddit but if you,want to use something like lib reddit or,ted it or i read it or anything else,like that,you can go and do so you don't have to,go and use one of the links in this list,you can go and include your own as well,if you are including your own instance,though,it does have to be an instance of,something actually supported by privacy,redirect so if you're using,say

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Twitter Had Yet Another Data Breach

Twitter Had Yet Another Data Breach

oh no not twitter not the hacking bird,leaking my private information i thought,twitter was supposed to be secure,well i guess it wasn't secure enough so,yeah some accounts had their private,information leaked about 5.4 million,according to the post that was on,breached forums,now let me give you some background into,this data breach because this was about,one year in the making so,back on new year's day of this year a,security bug was submitted to twitter as,part of their bug bounty program and i'm,going to leave the details about the,security vulnerability in the,description in case you want to take a,deep dive into the bug but at a high,level,this bug allowed people that were using,twitter's android client to enumerate,through phone numbers and emails in,order to find any twitter accounts that,were linked to those phone numbers and,emails even if the user has prohibited,looking up their accounts this way so,basically,this bug allowed anyone to dox any,twitter user or at least to figure out,what phone number and emails are,associated with any twitter account,and the person who discovered this bug,went on to explain that it is indeed a,very serious issue,because anybody with basic knowledge of,scripting could just automate this,account scraping process on several,android devices and basically docs all,of twitter and sure enough somebody did,well i can't say for sure if this,breached user actually,created a script to scrape all of the,data of 5.4 million twitter accounts,themselves but based on my personal,theory of determining a hacker's skill,level by how kawaii their profile,picture is i think it's safe to say that,we are dealing with a very dangerous,individual here but the worst part about,this data breach to me is how twitter,disclosed the vulnerability because even,though this is a pretty bad leak,impacting one of the world's most,popular social media platforms and the,account scraping did not take a great,deal of skill to do,twitter waited until somebody actually,started selling a database of this info,to,disclose the leak themselves publicly on,twitter and yes i know,that this thread on hacker one was,public and you know we had twitter staff,responding to this uh as early as,january 6 it looks like but,the point is normies don't browse hacker,one normies browse twitter and so they,probably should have been informed about,this a whole lot sooner instead of,waiting seven months until,after hackers were already selling,people's info so what is the impact of,this leak is the whole world going to,catch on fire well no luckily there were,no passwords that were leaked in this,database because despite twitter being a,cesspool of the internet the engineers,that built it are at least smart enough,to make sure that their ap height,doesn't leak passwords and even if it,did i'm pretty sure that the passwords,are going to be hashed and salted you,know the way that everyone should be,storing passwords and should have been,storing passwords for at least the past,decade but phone numbers and emails are,still very juicy pieces of data to have,on somebody and they could be used by,spammers certainly i mean there's going,to be tons of people buying email lists,or they could be used by scammers for,other malicious activities social,engineering you know i wouldn't be,surprised if people that were on this,list of leaked account info are going to,start getting emails or calls from irs,special agent john smith that needs you,to go down to your local walmart and buy,500 google play cards in order to pay,off your back taxes,actually i guess that's more of a boomer,scam and i think twitter tends to lean,more gen z so they're probably going to,start getting krypto scammers trying to,hit them up you know oh make sure you,invest all of your ethereum in this next,coin it's going to the moon,now why don't we talk about how we can,protect our accounts moving forward and,the lessons that we can learn from this,breach so twitter was kind enough to,finally give us some ways to protect,ourselves on august 5th,and they told us down here where it says,how to protect your account that no,passwords were exposed but they,encourage everyone who uses twitter to,enable two-factor authentication using,authentication apps,definitely you should do that since now,the phone numbers associated to accounts,are found out and so if you're just,using sms's two-factor that's going to,be even weaker now,so yeah using an authenticator app is,probably a good idea to secure any kind,of account really but if we really,really think about this vulnerability,sure it seems like it's a big deal,because twitter is a very popular,service with a whole lot of accounts,but it's a completely unnecessary,service for the vast majority of people,okay there is no reason for 99,of the world to have a twitter account,unless you're running a business or,something like that you know you're like,a politician that's trying to get,elected for something,uh and you need to,generate

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Open source front-ends for YouTube, Instagram and Twitter

Open source front-ends for YouTube, Instagram and Twitter

hi folks so today I would like to,introduce to you a handful of online,projects which i think are particularly,wonderful,they all aim to do the same job but for,different places on the internet they're,all open source and they're all sort of,community built and I'd like to and many,of you guys are actually going to be,quite familiar with them I'm sure today,but they're definitely worth a mention,because I think they provide like a very,useful tool provide themselves as a very,useful tool on the internet as well as,being an example of a sort of a Linux,and open source approach to problems on,the internet now get into specifics,once I introduced to you the first of,these services this is hex dsls youtube,channel on a platform called invidious,so I've just chosen hex to yourself,because he's just a good friend of mine,and he's just you know I'm just using it,as a bit of an example but basically,what invidious does is provides a front,end to YouTube from which you can,actually just watch videos browse,channels subscribe to channels and you,can subscribe to them through the,invidious website itself or you can,subscribe using RSS feeds an RSS feed as,well which i think is particularly neat,so this is it missus just Hex's a,youtube channel but it's done in in in,in invidious as a like light mode in the,dark mode so there's that which i think,is of course particularly important it's,a lot more lightweight than the youtube,website as well it doesn't have all that,tracking it doesn't have all that,advertising and it just provides a bit,more user freedom when it comes to,browsing YouTube which i think is really,good and I think there is a bit of a,free and open-source approach to to the,problems that YouTube has given us in,terms of that it's not exactly the most,ethical service going it's not exactly,the most ethical piece of software when,it when it traps you and record so much,data on you and,and also of course that it is a very,heavy website like if you're watching,youtube videos on an old computer it's,going to struggle and this is again it,provides a bit of an alternative now I,will say that there you know there is an,ethical argument to be said that when,you're watching youtube videos through,the invidious player that you're not,supporting the content creators by you,know watching their advertising or,upping their watch time which helps,their videos get discovered on the,YouTube algorithms and all that you're,not feeding into the YouTube ecosystem,some of you will consider that a good,thing but also because you're kind of,doing it without the content creators,consent it can be seen as a little bit,of a you know an ethical gray area there,but that's going to be one I'm going to,leave up to you for what it's worth,folks if you do want to watch my videos,through invidious which you can do I'm,perfectly fine with it I you know freely,give my consent there but you know you,know do it in the knowledge that like,you know watch time on YouTube does,contribute to videos getting watched and,discovered all things considered I do my,YouTube videos for fun nowadays I don't,really care about the view count it's,just nice to you know I post appear to,you by poster all the other places so,it's um it's all pretty good from from,that point of view just for me though,but but yeah I think invidious is like a,really good service because it gives you,a much better front-end to YouTube which,gives the end user a lot more control,and I think this sort of fits in with,the free open source he thought a little,bit better because it sort of takes a,problem and then sort of bridges the gap,to make it more accessible to more,people in that community it's not like,in other sort of facets of technology,where the community will just stamp,their feet and start yelling until their,platform is supported or until something,comes to them we in sort of the Linux,space in the open-source space actually,will go out and we will bridge the gap,we will make things compatible with our,way of doing things another good example,is wine for playing video games on Linux,it's like yeah we're not going to wait,for all of these video game companies to,actually sort of start porting games to,Linux we're a small market share it's,unlikely to happen,especially in profit you know in your,more profit-driven models of making,computer games so we're going to bridge,the gap we're going to build some open,source software which then you know,makes games that are not made for our,platform available for us and it gives,most users the most freedom because it,gives the developers the freedom to,develop on the platform that they choose,to develop for and it gives us end users,here on Linux the the option of playing,on the platform that we want to play it,with everybody wins as far as I can tell,that and this is a little bit with with,invidious because it's like yes you know,the end user gets to watch videos in a,more you know sort of in a more,favorable environment and then the

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RSS Feeds Make The Web Better

RSS Feeds Make The Web Better

for certain kinds of websites like,reddit which are very feed oriented,i really like having an rss feed but the,problem is that a lot of really popular,websites either one,don't have this functionality built into,them anymore even they did in the past,or two they still have the functionality,but for whatever reason,they don't show it to the user which,makes no sense to me just get rid of the,functionality if you're not going to,show it to anyone,so what i'm going to be doing today is,showing you how to get an rss feed for a,lot of these popular websites now i am,making a couple of rules myself,one i don't wanna have to pay anything,two i don't wanna have to have a user,account,and three i don't wanna have to use,proprietary software the only places,where i'll make an exception for rules,two and three,is for where it's natively built into,the platform because if the website has,an api and you're willing to pay some,money,you can even get an rss feed for things,like tick tock but i'd much rather show,you a free,as in monetarily free and a fast,solution,when i actually can now this list is,going to be an ease of use,not in popularity so the first one we,have is reddit now i don't even go to,the reddit website anymore because the,way the rss feeds work for this website,is honestly amazing so you can turn,basically every page,into an rss feed so let's say you want,to see something like,an rss feed for our slash arch linux all,we do,is go to that subreddit stick dot rss on,the end,and give it a second now we have an rss,feed for that entire subreddit,or let's say that we wanted to be on,something besides the hot post,let's say you want to be on the new post,all we do is go to new,and basically we do the exact same thing,so we,take off the slash at the end we put dot,rss there,and now we have an rss feed for the new,post but it doesn't just have to be for,a subreddit either let's say you want to,see an rss feed,for a specific post like let's say i,don't know this one right here,all we do is go to the post take the,slash off the end put,rss there and now we have an rss feed,for that post and this even works with,user profiles just go to the user,profile,take the slash off at the end put rss,there and there you go,even pages where you have to log in to,actually see it,still work now obviously because you're,not logged into the rss feed,it's not actually going to work so if we,go to say my inbox here,and then i put rss on the end we'll get,an rss feed for the inbox but it's going,to say hey you actually need to sign,up to see your inbox but because reddit,makes it so easy to do,i don't know why you'd ever actually,want to go to the reddit website,the only slight issue this has is there,isn't an obvious button on the page,to actually turn it into an rss feed you,have to go and actually stick rss on,there manually,which isn't that big of a deal but it is,a slight issue to keep in mind,now the next one we have is peer tube so,i'm going to be using luke's peer tube,instance,just because it's the first one i can,actually think of so if you want to get,an rss feed for peer tube,basically all we do is we go click this,little button up here,and we can see we can get an rss feed we,can get an atom feed,or we can get a json feed so we can,actually get more than just rss but,we're looking for rss today so go and,click on that,and there you go now you have an rss,feed for this peertube instance,it's a little bit more limited than,reddit but honestly it's as much as,you'll ever,actually need so i don't think you'll,ever actually want an rss feed,for the comment on a video so the next,one we have,is for mastodon and bit shoot now i'm,bundling these together,just because they work in a very similar,way so on mastodon what we do,is we go to a user profile so let's say,we go to,my profile here and what we do is when,you're actually on the profile page so,not your feed page,it actually has to be a specific profile,what we do is just stick,dot rss on the end and then we get an,rss feed,for this profile now the way the bit,shoot works is very similar so once,again,we can go and make an rss feed for a,profiler i guess in the case of bit,shoot it would be a channel,but we don't go and stick dot rss on the,end so what we have to do,is go use the url in this form right,here so www,shoot feeds slash rss slash channel,slash the friendly url for that channel,so in my case,that's going to be brody robertson so if,we go over to my profile here as you can,see brodie robertson here,you can't go and use the channel id now,i don't know why the channel id doesn't,work i,honestly would have set it up to use,that as the default instead of the,friendly url,but this is what you need to do so if we,go and run this as we can see,this is an rss feed for my channel so,let's say we wanted one for another,channel like,i don't know eev blog for example so,that would be eev blog,and now we have the rss feed for that,channel,now like with reddit bitshute and,mast

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Privacy Respecting Front Ends For Popular Services

Privacy Respecting Front Ends For Popular Services

it's practically impossible to use,services like twitter youtube or reddit,without some form of javascript enabled,for privacy-minded individuals,preventing javascript analytics and,ip-based tracking is important,but apart from the recommended advice of,using a vpn and either u-block or,u-matrix it's hard,even then you can still be accurately,tracked via your browser's fingerprint,no javascript required,not to mention most of these sites are,not tour friendly,so if you want to use these sites like,youtube reddit or twitter you're,probably going to get blocked here and,there or suffer an endless barrage of,captures,how do we solve this issue,well thankfully there are many front-end,alternatives all these sites that you,can use with no javascript enabled,even on tor browser with your settings,set to safest,okay so the first alternative,would be knitter,which is basically a front end,alternative for twitter,so you can view it obviously at this,github repo here,there are going to be a list of,different instances that you could use,and basically in each instance we're,going to have,it being online,updated the country that it resides in,and obviously it's ssl certificate you,can choose pretty much any of these,and then obviously underneath we have,the,onion links as well if you want to use,it inside the tool browser obviously you,can see this one's offline but just look,for the ones that are online that's the,whole idea,so basically what is it let's have a,look,we're going to open a new tab,works exactly the same as twitter you,can search for a username here,basically as a test we'll just do,the tour project,as you can see pretty much the same,thing as twitter you can look at posts,pretty much do everything you would,normally do on twitter,the thing i like about it is the fact,that i can add it to my rss feed add it,here,and download it,and i can add it to either news boat or,whatever rss feed that you use,the next alternative would be invidious,which is basically a front-end,alternative for youtube,all the instances are listed here i'll,put the,obviously links in the description so,you can take a look they do get updated,quite frequently the one i've been using,is u t u dot b e,um basically we'll have a look at it now,front end for youtube,minimal javascript you can even see here,there's really not much going on with it,you can use this in the tor browser as,well,you will obviously need to,allow some javascript so you can,actually watch the video but it's much,less than if you were to watch it in a,normal browser so this is fantastic,as an example,i'll just show you this,plays,mental outlaw by the way great channel,the other,alternative uh that i'll show you next,will be for reddit,which is basically called tedit as you,can see they've all got,similar names but,tedit is a front-end alternative for,reddit,obviously same thing there's a github,repo,generally all the instances will be,listed in the github,you can see here,um,we'll have a look at that one,same thing really,and like i said you can use all of these,in the tool browser um even if your,settings are set to safest so it's not,allowing any javascript you can still,view look at posts,um and not worry too much about that,so this is tedit front end for reddit,pretty straightforward,then you've got librettit which is,pretty much the same as tedit just,another alternative that you can use,pretty much the same thing,um,last but not least we have wikiless,which as the name suggests it's,basically a front-end alternative for,wikipedia,same thing again there's a repo,we'll take a look at wikiless,same thing,pretty much exactly the same as,wikipedia just an alternative,if you want it,keep in mind as well that,mostly all of these can be self-hosted,so,if you want to run your own vps,but a spare raspberry pi at home you can,run these,on your own server so if you don't want,to use any of these instances here feel,free to create your own,um obviously the code is in those github,repos that i'll post in the description,and you can self-host those yourself,not a problem,that pretty much sums it up the other,thing i wanted to mention,is like i said,the main reason we are using these is to,limit how much javascript,is executed,um obviously i'm using ublock origin up,here,i have third-party scripts disabled,third party frames disabled so there's,really hardly or any javascript running,in the browser currently,if we go over to the tool browser,i have,safest turned on and,just for,clarity i'm going to,turn it off completely so a lot of,people don't know this but if you go to,about config,in the tool browser,and type in javascript,even on safest,we still have javascript enabled true,technically it's still on so we actually,want to turn it off completely so we're,going to click that javascript enabled,false and now javascript is completely,off now we're going to browse to these,instances and we'll see how they work so,the first one we'll do obviously use the,onion link,grab one t

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well now let's get back to this Martin,riveck donated 99 Cents through Super,Chat,Oh I thought,I forgot,I forgot about this set,all right chat y'all know who gave me,this bro I forgot all about this,so me and my brother we went to,um,I forgot to shut up I forgot to shut out,the guy who uh gave my little brother,this my little brother actually left,this but yeah I remember when my brother,was here we went uh we went to this um,uh like like this little amusement park,I forgot who this guy was bro what was,his name what was his name what was his,name what was his name,what was the guy name, ,what was the guy no child yo no chat I'm,not about to burn it bro like this was,actually a gift what was the guy's name,check,he might be in his stream right now he,might be in the Stream right now but I,do remember like you had like a bright,green shirt what's that color what's,that one green shirt it's like a lime,green like a Nike I knew you had a Nike,lime green shirt so shout out to that,guy bro,I just wanted to say everybody say thank,you to the guy bro everybody say thank,you to that guy bro,Austin Mack was it Austin Mack nah wait,no it wasn't him I don't know who it was,bro but thank you for you know,right away you can actually personally,come on Mama,like,what the ,are you serious,are you dead ass,are you dead ass,address on your password you ,please,oh my God,oh my God,oh my God,yo check can I call the police for,somebody like that,can I call a police for somebody like,that,yes or no yes or no yes or no,can I,yes or no bro cause I don't want to call,the police for no reason,the ,burn it we about to burn it,come on later at dot we putting it right,now bro,hey see you,relax,chill chills,nasty,oh, I can't find a lighter bro I can't,find a lighter bro,I can't find a lighter bro I cannot find,I can't find I

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The Verve - Bitter Sweet Symphony

The Verve - Bitter Sweet Symphony

(soothing music),♪ 'Cause it's a bitter sweet symphony, this life ♪,♪ Trying to make ends meet ♪,♪ You're a slave to the money, then you die ♪,♪ I'll take you down the only road I've ever been down ♪,♪ You know the one that takes you to the places ♪,♪ Where all the veins meet, yeah ♪,♪ No change, I can change, I can change, I can change ♪,♪ But I'm here in my mould, I am here in my mould ♪,♪ But I'm a million different people ♪,♪ From one day to the next ♪,♪ I can't change my mold ♪,♪ Well, I've never prayed ♪,♪ But tonight I'm on my knees, yeah ♪,♪ I need to hear some sounds that recognize the pain in me ♪,♪ Yeah ♪,♪ I let the melody shine, let it cleanse my mind ♪,♪ I feel free now ♪,♪ But the airwaves are clean ♪,♪ And there's nobody singing to me now ♪,♪ No change, I can change, I can change, I can change ♪,♪ But I'm here in my mould, I am here in my mould ♪,♪ And I'm a million different people ♪,♪ From one day to the next ♪,♪ I can't change my mould, no, no, no, no, no ♪,♪ Have you ever been down ♪,♪ I can't change it you know, I can't change it ♪,♪ 'Cause it's a bitter sweet symphony this life ♪,♪ Trying to make ends meet ♪,♪ Trying to find some money, then you die ♪,♪ You know I can change, I can change ♪,♪ I can change, I can change ♪,♪ But I'm here in my mould, I am here in my mould ♪,♪ And I'm a million different people ♪,♪ From one day to the next ♪,♪ I can't change my mould, no, no, no, no, no ♪,♪ It's just sex and violence, melody and silence ♪,♪ Gotta, can't change my violence, melody and silence ♪,♪ Gotta, can't change my violence, melody and silence ♪,♪ I'll take you down the only road I've ever been down ♪,♪ Gotta, can't change my violence, melody and silence ♪,♪ I'll take you down the only road I've ever been down ♪,♪ Gotta, can't change my violence, melody and silence ♪

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Java twitter scraper

Java twitter scraper

welcome this is coding Oak and this,video will show you a web scraper I made,with using the Java language this is a,Java Maven project and what it does is,uh it's like a Twitter clone,um although,I don't feel like using a a proxy or,whatever but,this uh this scrapes,knitter,Knitter is like a it's a clone of,Twitter and so when you're,scraping through,Knitter you're you're getting,uh the most up-to-date Twitter stuff so,like let's say you have a Twitter,account and some people have you blocked,or you have them blocked,Knitter is good to use to just see,everything that's going on on Twitter,so you don't necessarily need to be,logged into your Twitter account or have,a Twitter account to see what's going on,so so this application here I made and,the code is up on GitHub,uh scrapes through knitter,and we use our base URL here,I'm actually holding down my control key,right now just to test something but um,yeah,this is the this is the URL to to search,through to search through strings and so,you enter an example string here I'll,enter,mongodb so we're going to scrape Knitter,slash Twitter,for uh the most recent tweets that,mentioned mongodb and as you can see,here,we're just simply scraping through uh,just for an HTML element,so first we're going through um,these uh HTML elements we're going,through the timeline item,I could show you it here uh,so if we go through our um,it likes to mess this up for me doesn't,it,yeah so if we go we use our pointer here,and we click on here,the div tag the timeline items yeah so,we're going through,all these timeline items,right,all these timeline items,and then what we're doing is,and then we're,taking out the Tweet body,and you can see that the div tag there,the Tweet body div tag,um yeah I kind of messed this up but,that's what we're doing going through,timeline items,and then we're taking out the Tweet body,and we're printing that to the console,as a Json string,so I'm gonna go ahead and run this,program,show you how it works,give it a second,it's going to make me wait today,get concerned here,it's thinking,there we go,so these are some of the most recent,tweets,that mentioned that have the phrase,mongodb,right there right this tweet has it this,next tweet here mongodb,and we could check it with our Knitter,here it's the same tweet right here,we can search another phrase such as,um,let's just search the phrase Jeff Bezos,see what kind of results we get,these are some of the most recent tweets,that mentioned Jeff Bezos,let's check that with our,scraper,type that in Jeff Bezos,all right let's run that,I like how even the emojis come through,here,there you go you see some of the top,tweets here let's look at the second,tweet here,Jeff Bezos reporter out here crushing it,with the hard hitting coverage of the,Biden Administration,search here,there you go there's the same tweet,right there Jeff Bezos out here,crushing it with the hard hitting,so yeah that's um,a scraper so right now in the GitHub I,have a python scraper Twitter scraper I,now have a,Java,Twitter slash Knitter scraper,so yeah check it out,um and this is the pattern that you use,we use this uh,dependency called HTML unit,right,and uh yeah,so if you like the video like And,subscribe and happy coding

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