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Why Did Mario Flip You Off On Twitter?I'm going to jump no,do a flip here we go,so this is an image


Updated on Jan 12,2023

Why Did Mario Flip You Off On Twitter?

I'm going to jump no,do a flip here we go,so this is an image that exists now it,emits a powerful Aura one that,supposedly comes from the official,Nintendo of America Twitter account a,high quality render of Mario Smiles at,us in a relatively normal pose he's got,his classic blue overalls a red shirt a,fist at his side and he's giving us the,bird not that one after being posted,this tweet was spreading like wildfire I,mean Mario is a king of video games he's,innocent and fun representing one of the,most recognizable companies in the world,he's supposed to be a family-friendly,character and you know not giving the,middle finger to his entire audience,despite being an edit this render looks,believable in almost any situation it,would be tossed aside and forgotten,about because people make memes all the,time it's the internet what sets this,tweet aside though is the verified blue,check mark coming from Nintendo of,America if you're casually scrolling,through your feed end paying attention,this would come as a shock why on Earth,would Nintendo tweet this well they,wouldn't this is a parody If you haven't,been keeping up with Twitter news Elon,Musk became the new guy in charge he's,been making a ton of decisions affecting,millions of users around the world and,doing a pretty terrible job one of the,new features is where you can now pay a,few dollars a month to get your own,verified check mark this means that as,long as you pay you can act like you're,official and yeah it's going about as,well as you could probably imagine not,well at all the only way to tell the,difference between genuine check marks,and paid for check marks is by clicking,it yourself then again a lot of people,aren't gonna do that this is what leads,us back to the whole Mario flipping you,off situation after a few hours the,Tweet was deleted with the account,suspended impersonation like that goes,against the rules while Mario's,beautiful middle finger is in the past,we should talk about one of the problems,here even if small this connect actually,do some damage to Nintendo's Brands not,every user is familiar with the whole,buying verified check marks yet so they,would assume this actually comes from,Nintendo what about a clueless parent,who finds this on their kids feed,something tells me they wouldn't be too,happy at the end of the day there's just,too much chaos going on and not enough,moderation the ability to buy a check,mark may sound harmless but actually has,a big consequences as funny as this is,it really shouldn't be so easy to,impersonate Nintendo if Twitter doesn't,fix it things will only get worse,but anyway that's all for this video,subscribe for more awesome cartoon,videos give a thumbs up and comment,below to let me know what you think,thanks for watching and I'll see you,guys next time

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Twitter Users Posing As Video Game Companies | 5 Minute Gaming News

Twitter Users Posing As Video Game Companies | 5 Minute Gaming News

Hello everybody welcome back to another,episode of five minute gaming news the,show that may or may not be five minutes,today in the news yesterday was pretty,negative in the world of gaming news so,today it's Friday we're gonna do,something light we're gonna do something,fun which is why I'm starting this,weekend with a smile because if you know,me you know I love weird games the,wackier the better and control checked,every single box for me best game 2019,hands down loved it the ashtray maze,might be one of my favorite moments in,gaming ever this is no joke I'm obsessed,with this game this is our office so,when I wake up this morning and see that,remedy has announced control two well I,mean we knew it was coming they already,had hinted about it but you know it's,officially official and I'm now proud to,confirm that the bigger budget control,game also known as codename Heron is,control 2 a full-blown sequel to our,award-winning game control said CEO Taro,vir tala Mikhail kasarinen game director,of the control franchise said with,control all we left into the unknown we,want to create something new something,different and unexpected a world like no,other thank you the audience for making,control such a success for us and that's,really all I need to hear I'm such a,silly Fanboy for this game and this,franchise that it is the next one,they're working on after Alan Wake 2,which we have confirmation if you've,played the games that they are the same,universe they're the same world so I'm,sure Alan Wake 2 will probably have some,hint about control too and like this I'm,all you can tell them I'm happy y'all,I'm happy let me have this I've been,staying up way too late editing videos,I'm happy and I'm going to the weekend,all smiles you know who's not smiling,right now companies over on Twitter so,hey you know how now you can just go on,Twitter and buy a blue check mark right,and remember how everyone was like boy,that seems like a bad idea but Twitter,was like what could possibly go wrong,well people are paying the eight dollars,to just make a fake account and have a,good old time and the takedowns and fake,tweets of major companies and industries,has just been honestly it's been,hilarious but the gaming industry isn't,immune to this either a fake valve,account was posting all sorts of,information about sequels there was a,fake Rockstar account there was a fake,Twitch account and of course the most,famous One a Nintendo of America account,that posted Mario flipping the middle,finger and of course because Nintendo,fans are amazing one of the replies was,Mario would never do that the whole,situation is just silly and these,accounts are being taken down and,whatever but the only way now to,reliably know if something is official,is if you take the time to go to the,account to click on the check mark to,see if it says this or if it's says this,the problem is as I'm sure you all know,very few people are going to take that,extra step to go figure this out most,people are going to see a tweet and be,like oh I can't believe they said this,like that one company that said insulin,is now free it blew up on the Internet,everyone was losing their mind it was,clearly fake but you know people seem to,care about something like that who knew,so like I said it's a complete mess and,yeah it's sad to watch followers and,friends leave the platform but there is,a little bit of Shadow Freud and,watching big companies and big,organizations get taken down and watch,them squirm it's it's you know,who would have thought that Elon had no,idea what he was doing speaking of,someone that has no idea what they're,doing it's time for your crime minute,hello everybody how's it going it's me,crandor and welcome back to the crime,minute my once a week segment where I,gotta talk about whatever I want for a,minute this week I'm talking about God,of War Ragnarok uh,and I'm not about to say it sucks,he doesn't like God of War Ragnarok,um I I played about an hour and a half,I've seen everybody uh playing it on,YouTube on Twitch everywhere right and,what I realized from playing it was it's,just not my type of game and what I mean,by that is I don't really enjoy playing,those types of games but I enjoy,watching other people play those types,of games and I feel like there's got to,be a lot of people like me,then in that aspect right like I just,enjoy watching other people play that,type of game because it feels very it's,more like a cinematic experience I feel,like half the time you're playing the,game like you're watching a video game,movie and so I'm like dude I could just,be building and painting Warhammer while,I watch someone else play this and so,that's what I've done I've painted my,cragnose you can't even really see them,because of the green screen but uh the,true God of War kragnos is now uh,painted up he's still got a little bit,of detail it's hard to show him off uh,oh god,um but thanks God of War for helping me,paint this God of War,that's my crime

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The Fake Nintendo Tweet that Tricked a US Politician

The Fake Nintendo Tweet that Tricked a US Politician

hey there so today I want to tell you,what is I think the funniest story I've,ever told on this channel and it's about,the totally light-hearted non,inflammatory topic of politics more,specifically it's about how this fake,Nintendo tweet ended up tricking this,very not fake politician somebody has to,be the president's pit bull and I'm,ready I'm gonna take it to them actually,it wasn't just him that fell for this,fade treat but also hundreds of innocent,twitter users but what was the tweet,that started this whole thing and just,how did it trick this politician well,let us find out hi there welcome to,Thomas game Doc's,so fake Twitter accounts parody Twitter,accounts these have been around on the,platform from its earliest days these,accounts pretend to be some big brand or,famous celeb but take a closer look at,that tweets and you'll pretty quickly,notice something is slightly off like,this one at Queen UK at first glance,this profile seems fairly legit,but upon further inspection these tweets,don't seem so regal to me and this,doesn't just happen with big a-list,celebrities it's also commonplace with,in gaming and Nintendo specifically I,can think of a few off the top of my,head but I figured to get a better idea,of what's out there right now I should,see what the fine folks on Twitter have,to suggest hey anyone know any good,Nintendo related parody accounts and oh,my goodness I got more responses than I,anticipated Yoshi Donkey Kong piranha,plant King Dedede Mario Luigi toad Hotel,Mario Mario Mario inkling sonic wait,Reggie Ash Ketchum Metal Sonic wowie oh,Obama hahaha yeah,pointers there's a lot of Nintendo and,non Nintendo parody accounts currently,active on Twitter nowadays they're all,pretty careful about making it clear,from the outset that they're just a,parody look at any of these profiles and,you'll see parody or Fay,or something like that in the bio and,the reason for that is a little thing,called the Twitter Terms of Service,mm-hmm here are the requirements for,marking your account all requirements,must be met in order to comply with the,policy the bio should clearly indicate,that the user is not affiliated with the,subject of the account non affiliation,can be indicated by incorporating for,example words such as but not limited to,parody fake fan or commentary non,affiliation should be stated in a way,that can be understood by the intended,audience basically you gotta tell people,you're not who you say you are and in,the past this policy has got the better,of some pretty well-known parodies like,our old friend at real Shigeru M had 30,new ideas for games today while washing,dishes had to sit down,I like this tweet in particular because,it's actually kinda not wrong,I mean Miyamoto is famous for taking,inspiration from the daily mundanity z',of his life there's that hackneyed,anecdote where he explored caves as a,child which led to Zelda's creation plus,I've previously talked about how chain,chomps were inspired by a traumatic,experience with a dog oh and Pikmin was,inspired by his love of gardening and so,I can totally imagine Miyamoto genuinely,taking inspiration from like washing the,dishes or something anyway enough of me,Oh for explaining a simple tweet a lot,of this accounts other tweets consist of,some variety of don't do that please do,not Photoshop me dabbing I have never,dumped before in my life please stop,this or this one probably the most,famous of this accounts tweets saw a,picture of Mario and Luigi kissing one,another online please do not do that now,keep this tweet in your mind actually,you'll see why anyway in late 2016 a,tragic development hit this Twitter,account in fact let's head there right,now slash real Shigeru M oh,the accounts been suspended yeah I mean,it's not super surprising I guess they,did have parody in their bio but her,actual username didn't have anything of,this sort and Twitter isn't very keen on,that,anyway what's all this got to do with,that so-called fake and intended,and this politician guy the era of the,pajama boy is over January 20th and the,alpha males are back well another one of,these Nintendo parody accounts that,ended up going the way of the Virtual,Boy is this one here Nintendo of America,at Neyland ter doh America I could see a,case being made that the Shigeru,Miyamoto account just about met,Twitter's Terms of Service but I think,this is really pushing it anyway much,like the Miyamoto account this one ended,up getting suspended although only after,significant media attention from this,tweet let's unveil the curtain of,suspense shall we mm-hmm happy hashtag,Pride Month our staff is filled with,people of all sexualities so we love,supporting that hmm seems innocuous,enough but hang on there's an image,attached oh okay sure okay I see what's,going on here it's quite funny I'll give,it that,and the replies are also pretty good,there's a mixture of people who knew,this wasn't real and people who weren't,quite so aware the top reply is by

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Gaming Companies Are Getting Trolled HARD On Twitter

Gaming Companies Are Getting Trolled HARD On Twitter

Elon Musk is a man,hey everybody your favorite man with an,ass is now on Cameo you could get your,own personalized video message sent,directly from me to you link to my Cameo,below the description I look forward to,seeing you there alright so in case,you've had your head under a rock,breaking news breaking exciting news a,man named Elon Musk owns Twitter he has,a little bit of money,um he decided to buy Twitter for way too,much and now he's trying to overhaul it,to make it the free speech he wants to,make it the Town Square for everybody uh,in the world to come discuss and have,free speech that's what that's what Elon,wants and if you become a Twitter blue,subscriber which is eight dollars a,month you could get a blue check mark,unless you're me,I'm a Twitter blue subscriber I've been,for a very long time because I tweet a,lot and crap post a lot and uh I have to,edit my tweets I like the fact that I,could edit them now it's a cool feature,but I don't have a blue check mark,probably because I have my header on my,Twitter page uh being Elon musk's nipple,I'm not kidding I don't think he's happy,about that he probably doesn't even know,who I am but then again he's a pretty,sensitive guy so he may be pretty,annoyed that um I have a fascination,with a Twitter bird pecking at his nip,well pre-elon uh I've always argued that,Twitter is way too picky uh with who,they give that check mark to when you,have a following whether it be a,somewhat sizable following like me I,have 60 something thousand people,following me on Twitter or it doesn't,matter if you're a legit journalist,working for the New York Times or or,pick whatever credible journalistic,website having that check Market save,you heartache it could save you a,headache well it used to be able to,because people know it's you so if,there's some idiot out there,impersonating you you'd be like yeah you,don't have to check mark I Know Rich has,the check mark I don't have it but you,get my point well with Twitter blue,anybody who pays eight dollars a month,can get the check mark so guess what's,happening people are impersonating,companies and putting out misinformation,and doing crazy things with their,Twitter blue accounts who are quote,unquote verified simply because they,paid for it great job Elon brilliant,move perfect example you're looking at,the image right here a Twitter account,called nintendoofus Changed its display,name to a Nintendo of America and you,see you know if you don't really look at,it you see Nintendo of America you see,the check mark and then you see under it,Mario given flipping you off giving you,the finger flipping the bird maybe it's,the same bird pecking out Elon musk's,nip so maybe the verification is,legitimate now of course the account has,been shut down but is this sustainable,Mr musk are you gonna have people there,just playing whack-a-mole with the fake,verified accounts trying to be Nintendo,trying to be Sony trying to be Microsoft,trying to be President Joe Biden someone,literally put up pretending to be,President Joe Biden that he was fapping,I'm not kidding,this is this is a terrible idea and look,here's another tweet from valve sought,Fair,we're excited to unveil Ricochet neon,Prime our competitive platform this,Thursday at 10 A.M Pacific time can't,wait to see you all on the grid it's,fake uh it's not really valve,and it has a check mark next to it so,people will think this is legitimate and,honestly it I'm like okay how is the,name oh oh okay instead of having,software with the F first they have the,T first this is absolutely ridiculous,and of course yeah these accounts get,shut down quick but it takes minutes for,the misinformation to spread literally,throughout the world now look there was,shady crap going on at Twitter before,Elon Musk I've always called out and,criticized Twitter for the fact that,unless it was celebrities that were,getting harassed Twitter did nothing I,have literally sent God I sound like,leafy back in 2016 with the litter,release but it's true I literally sent a,tweet where someone was threatening to,beat someone up beat him up it said it,right in the Tweet they didn't delete it,I I linked it to him and I screen capped,it sent it to Twitter you know what they,did,nothing nothing because they didn't care,unless it was like a big high profile,case and then this is this is a rumor I,don't know if this is true but I've,heard it from some sources okay that,basically because Twitter knew this is,pretty Elon Musk Twitter knew how,important the check mark was to people,especially if they're being impersonated,a lot that there were some Twitter,employees extorting people like oh you,want that check mark yeah just hand me,ten thousand bucks twenty thousand bucks,I'll slap that Twitter check mark on,your account no problem which that's,terrible too but Jesus Christ Elon this,is not the solution everyone's gonna,trust these fake accounts thinking,they're putting up actual information,and they're just putting out

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Twitter Blue Goes Off the Rails & Colorado Legalizes Shrooms | The Daily Show

Twitter Blue Goes Off the Rails & Colorado Legalizes Shrooms | The Daily Show

let's kick things off with the midterm,elections a night so disappointing for,Republicans Mitch McConnell is flying,his Jaws at half mast,right now there are several big races,that are still too close to call for,instance will Republican Adam laxalt,hold on to his lead in the Nevada Senate,race Will Lauren bobert Sleek squeak one,out in Colorado will election deny a,Kerry Lake accept the results if she,loses the Arizona Governor's race or,will she try to hang whoever Arizona's,Mike Pence is nobody knows,and one reason it's so hard to predict,the results is that Americans cost,ballots in so many different ways and,they all come in differently and,separately right right Democrats tend to,vote early by mail or Dropbox,Republicans show up on Election Day or,use military ballots and Herschel Walker,votes the way he fathers his children,absentee but there is one unfinished,race,that's not all that close and it's a,real trip we are still watching,proposition 122 which appears likely to,pass and if it does Colorado would,essentially legalize psychedelic,mushrooms passing the proposition would,decriminalize personal possession right,away and then it would allow licensed,medical facilities to administer the,natural medicine starting in 2024. yeah,that's right after being one of the,first States,to legalize marijuana Colorado is now,one of the first states to legalize,mushrooms and I think it's great I think,it is yeah because of creating like a,instead of creating a drug underworld,Colorado's bringing everything out into,the open you know you can Legalize It,you can regulate it it's like those,parents who give their kids wine with,dinner you know it's like yeah I'd,rather they be drunk in front of me,because it's safer and also it's funny,to watch them bumping into things go,look at you Tyler,and I know right now I know right now,there's some people seeing this,logariance effect and they're panicking,they're like shrooms who are going to be,legal what and I'm like but hey hey just,relax relax,breathe,you're going to be just fine,just drink more water,and listen to some Enya okay,Enya and yeah,and yeah it's a weird name I'm freaking,out again,but personally I'm all for drug laws,getting less restrictive and if they do,officially legalize shrooms I'm also,excited for their next ballot measure,why are my hands so big,now if we had more time we could talk,about whether the acceptance of,recreational drug use can lead to,increased understanding of the,therapeutic value of psychedelics or how,weird it is that drugs are like the one,illegal thing we get to vote on to make,legal you know like why don't we,legalize jaywalking or even better Jay,driving why do the pedestrians have the,sidewalks all to themselves huh but we,don't have the time for any of that,because while the U.S is abandoning the,War on Drugs Ukraine is still fighting,its war with Russia and its leader just,got some really strange military,assistance the actor Sean Penn most,often doing the unpredictable he did it,again this time loaning his Oscar to the,president of Ukraine but it comes with a,condition video posted online shows pen,handing the Oscar to Ukrainian president,zielinski he said zielinski can't keep,it until Ukraine wins the war against,Russia Penn has visited Ukraine several,times since the fighting began last,February but if I know this is here with,you then I'll then I'll feel better and,stronger for the fights,but until we will when you when you win,bring it back to Malibu right okay,I don't even know how to process,this information and am I on mushrooms,is is it happening already like I really,I don't get it how does the Oscar help,zielinski fight the wall,he's supposed to use it as a weapon I,mean if that's the case at least give,him two so he can use them like,nunchucks like on a chain you know and,it would be strange enough if he just,gave him an Oscar to help win the war,but he wants zelinski to return it,that was the weird part for me is like,make sure you bring this back to me,a lot of responsibility the man is,already running a war against Russia now,he's gotta make sure that nothing,happens to Sean Penn's Oscar,it's like Air Raid Sirens are going off,there like quickly sir quickly everyone,get to the bunker he's like I'm coming I,just need to find short pens,it back he needs it back,the only way I think this could work is,if zielinski gave the Oscar to Putin and,then while Putin gave the acceptance,speech the music just played him off and,then he had to leave Ukraine oh wait I,wasn't finished okay good night goodbye,everybody,I actually hope that zelinski is a fan,of Sean Penn's movies,because we don't know what else happened,there it might have gotten really,awkward,Sean Penn is like here I want you to,have my best actor Oscar for milk,yes he is one of my favorite film my,I remember watching it and thinking wow,that is a lot of milk,no way you can drink all that milk,powerful story,now if we had more time we could talk,about the oth

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Xbox's Big Event Leaks Early And The GameCube Heads To The Switch...Sort Of | News Wave

Xbox's Big Event Leaks Early And The GameCube Heads To The Switch...Sort Of | News Wave

what's up guys welcome back to newswave,so since the start of the year we've,been wondering when we're going to hear,about the first big gaming event for,2023 and it looks like Microsoft could,be getting things started with their own,version of a direct with one odd,Omission at least according to current,reports we'll go over that here today,also we are going to be talking about,those GameCube switch controllers once,again we got a bit more information,specifically pricing and release timing,and we're also going to be talking about,Apple as it appears they're going to,make their way into the virtual reality,augmented reality space with their own,headset and uh quite the price guys if,you enjoy these videos make sure you hit,that like button helps out a ton and if,new here to the spawn wave Channel make,sure you subscribe down below and we're,going to start today with you know what,Microsoft's big announcement which we,can see this posted up over on,,yeah they're doing an Oreo collaboration,it just says unlock playfulness and we,can see a bunch of Oreos there with,designs from Xbox the Xbox logo a b,there's X over there y sure it says,taste sweet victory with special edition,Xbox Oreo cookies and delicious prizes,it looks like this is going to be,specific to Europe at this time but,apparently when you buy these Oreos,you'll have special codes that you can,input into games like sea of Thieves or,Forza or Halo infinite even and you get,Oreo themed skins in those games and I,mean for example you can see in Halo,infinite we have an Oreo,themed armor all right great the Halo,infinite's safe now I it's funny because,we were just talking about their big,event that is currently reported to be,coming up here soon that we'll get to,but you can understand how this was,announced and everyone's looking around,like well hold on why are you announcing,about uh Oreo cookies can we talk about,games well fortunately they did start to,talk about those a little bit later on,in the day also we do have an update,when it comes to that PS5 liquid metal,situation where people are concerned now,that having their PlayStation 5 in the,vertical orientation means that the the,system's going to explode or break down,or the liquid metal is going to spill,out onto the board but we can see this,posted up by Willow and this is this is,an update to that story on the website,specifically talking about coder who,said the liquid metal problem happened,on unopened inbox PlayStation fives but,what he said and meant was ps5s that had,not been opened the actual console by,other repair shops prior to him okay so,the idea here is what we're seeing going,around now is that if PlayStation 5S are,stacked up in a warehouse and the way,the box is set up the PlayStation 5 is,vertical that means that the liquid,metal will just because of gravity over,time spill out on the board and you,might end up with a defective PS5 out of,the box and there are a lot of memes and,different things going on now but what,they were referring to is no one had,tampered with this PlayStation 5 before,I worked on it so what I'm seeing is a a,fault of the stock setup that Sony has,inside of the system I did another video,on this going a bit more in depth on how,Sony has that set up with the seal and,the fact that we really have only seen a,few cases here and there doesn't seem to,be something too common so you're,probably okay with your PS5 setup,vertically oh and just a quick reminder,one piece Odyssey is out this week but,the demo is now live and in fact we can,see this post It Up by PlayStation game,size showing us how large the demo is,coming in at eight and a half gigabytes,on the PS4 and just over seven and a,half gigabytes on the PS5 is the Kraken,compression technology uh in use there,but we can see first part of the main,game so one to two hours and the story,progress of the demo version can be,transferred to the full version which is,really cool it gives you a chance just,to try out the game and for an hour or,two and then if you like it you pick up,the full game and continue on with your,journey the demo should also be Live for,Xbox so if you want to check it out,there you can I will be checking out,this demo because I do plan to,apparently get into one piece for the,first time through the latest video game,and guys with some of the quick news out,of the way let's get into the bigger,stuff let's start right away with,Microsoft and how it appears they're,gearing up for their own Xbox,direct-like presentation we can see this,posted up by Aaron Greenberg and this,was was put out there on Twitter after,the Oreo announcement happened and,people were just like this this is what,you guys are talking about not you know,the big games coming up for 2023 after,you guys were absent at the Video Game,Awards but we can see once again from,Aaron saying this should be a fun week,excited for the days to progress and,following that up a report hit the,internet over on Windows

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The Fake Nintendo Situation Gets Worse And Massive Gaming Sales Just Went Live | News Wave

The Fake Nintendo Situation Gets Worse And Massive Gaming Sales Just Went Live | News Wave

what's up guys welcome back to newswave,well yesterday we had a strange set of,events unfold showing Nintendo being,impersonated online along with some,other companies that does kind of set up,some concerns we'll say going into 2023,we'll go over that here today also we,are going to be talking about that Indie,showcase yesterday that Nintendo had and,we'll also be going over a lot of gaming,sales that just went live seemingly,leading into Black Friday guys if you,enjoy these videos make sure you hit,that like button helps out a ton and if,new here to the spawn wave Channel make,sure you subscribe down below and we're,going to start today with an,announcement from Capcom as it looks,like they're working to bring a new,monster game to mobile phones we can see,this post up by gamatsu where they say,TV studio group and Capcom are,co-developing a new monster hunter game,for mobile their announcement says this,first time partnership between teami and,Capcom will combine the experience and,strength of both sides allowing Monster,Hunter to scale to more platforms with,an aim to give Global Hunters,experienced or new the freedom to hunt,as they desire anytime and anywhere,obviously if they're able to pull this,off with Monster Hunter on mobile phones,it would be massive for Capcom we see,other titles like Nintendo has Fire,Emblem and that's done really well in,Japan but monster hunter is next level,right now especially after some of their,more recent releases with monster hunter,world and obviously what we've seen,recently with monster hunter rise you,have a good Monster game go to phones,with that kind of an audience size and,how popular Monster Hunter is along with,mobile phone games in Japan could make a,ton of money for Capcom I'm curious how,they'll go about this though we'll lean,more into being a menu-based gotcha game,or would it be more of an action-focused,cell phone game that does have elements,of gotcha mechanics or maybe even cash,shops there's obviously quite a bit I'm,sure they can figure out to monetize in,a a game like Monster Hunter also we,just talked about the Prince of Persia,sands of time remake and how it's been,delayed indefinitely not canceled,fortunately well it appears they were,really down to like zero hour to where,they were going to set up its uh release,and in fact it was already uploaded to,Sony servers we can see this post up by,Lance McDonalds says this was actually,finished went gold went through Sony,certification and was uploaded to the,PlayStation network servers where some,people clever were able to preserve it,and even decrypt it using their,pre-order encryption keys I wonder what,happened to it and some even pointed out,that trophies were being unlocked for it,so some may even have played the game a,bit after they were able to preserve it,and there's a lot of questions around,this one and I am curious to see what,that build looked like I mean we saw,what it looked like in the trailer but,the fact that it was done and seemed to,be playable from start to finish I would,be curious to see how much they change,in that new version that well could be,years off oh and we did get a release,date now for Tales of Symphonia,remastered it's coming out the day after,its release set for Japan so it's coming,out February 16th in Japan February 17th,everywhere else and we had a trailer,along some screenshots that were dropped,and the game itself Tales of Symphonia,is good I really enjoyed playing it back,when it released in the early 2000s on,the GameCube my only issue with this,version of the game is it's based on a,different version outside of the,GameCube so like the PlayStation 2 or,whatnot and it's 30 frames per second,it's so strange that the GameCube is,still the one that runs at 60 FPS you,can still play the game and all of that,it's fine because it is well it's an,action RPG is still mostly in an RPG,still though it would have been better,to obviously have the higher frame rate,there because clearly all the different,systems would be able to run it at 60,FPS nonetheless good game if you've,never played it I would would certainly,be checking it out and guys with some of,the quick news either way let's get into,the bigger stuff let's start right away,with Nintendo valve and Twitter which,Twitter's been all over the place,recently after Elon Musk moved to,acquire the company and then taking the,entire social media platform uh private,away from the the public offering with,investors and stocks and all these,things has certainly been making a lot,of changes in the background very very,quickly some of them seem kind of like,knee-jerk reactions at times but one,thing that has become very actually very,controversial let's say is the check,mark being something that would be part,of Twitter blue for eight dollars a,month and it was brought up the idea,that people could get the check mark and,then maybe impersonate different,accounts but that was shot down at the,idea of well they have to verif

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Nintendo's Next Big Thing Is Not What You Think...

Nintendo's Next Big Thing Is Not What You Think...

it's pretty clear what Nintendo's next,big thing is and I I don't know if,you're gonna like it so good morning,Mario and good morning switch fans we,got an epic update for 2023 to the,backdrop new posters will be debuting,throughout the year and right now we've,got cool and glue can you name the games,can you name the games two games two,posters what games are they from Big,shout out to Dan Mumford for the best,art in the video game business now let's,get into it okay because we got a new,controller from Nintendo we've got some,interesting brand new news and we have a,good idea of where Nintendo is going,next and it's it's different so thanks,so much for watching I'm Zach from,switchforce excited to have you here and,we'll kick it off with this pretty,awesome new controller now I'll be,really up front you can't buy it it,already sold out but nyxi is making this,GameCube joy-con controller and it looks,really Nifty and nice it's basically two,GameCube controllers like split in half,and then there's also a grip if you want,to play with them together but they look,really Nifty on the switch itself and I,guess this is in hopes or anticipation,that Nintendo does drop more,gamecube-esque ports in 2023 right we've,seen the rumors that Metroid Prime is,about to be unveiled there's the f-zero,rumor as well so maybe this will be a,big GameCube year but if it's not a big,gamecubier would you want to play switch,with Gamecube layout I have fond,memories of the GameCube like that's the,first console I camped out for and I was,very small I was like five foot one but,I don't know that I love that controller,layout the c-stick is Awkward the button,placement is a bit old-fashioned and I'm,not sure that today's modern games or,say upcoming titles like Zelda tears the,kingdom are going to be something that I,want to play with a GameCube controller,layout now this was insanely popular it,sold out like on the first day of,availability I bet they make more like,they have one in the nice indigo color,which was my GameCube color but I'll use,spice fans all you Platinum fans out,there maybe they'll make other colorways,I just I just want to know like does,anyone feel like the GameCube layout is,a must-have layout for non-gamecube,games like if all of a sudden they were,to open up a GameCube virtual console,and put in melee and the original,Luigi's Mansion and the original monkey,ball games of that sort like maybe I'd,be into it but I don't I don't know that,I want to play Fireball engage with the,GameCube controller speaking of switch,online We Ain't Got Game Boy yet we,definitely ain't got GameCube we don't,even have gold my where are you James,Bond but we do have Nintendo switch,Sports making a big imprint on the,service now I think this is particularly,funny and Goofy and that's why I never,get to your attention because I love the,missions and rewards tab okay I think,it's really fun that they created their,own sort of very Nintendo Achievement,System and rewards that are icons for,your profile themes would be even better,I always get a little rasmatazz when I,think about themes but icons are cool,until we get to this month's wave,Nintendo switch Sports icons and let's,pay particular attention to the Suave,sensual gentleman in the upper right,hand he might be 25 but he already has,Silver Fox hair and his hand on his hip,he is coming for you with the dad bod,but he doesn't have a kid because he's,he's young and his face is Supple and,okay let's stop before we get too far,but what what who's who's picking these,look at the golfer kid in the bottom,right,it's freaking terrifying I don't,understand what the point of these icons,are I mean I guess the group shots are,nice but the freaking driver head with,the golf ball is the worst icon on,switch online putting it down right here,that is the worst one driver Golf Club,head and golf ball,worst icon on the online service do you,think there's an icon of Wars please let,me know in the comments down below and,all y'all better use that super hot guy,on the upper right hand corner Mr Young,Gray he's 50 25 Shades of Gray because,he sure ain't 50. anyhow let me know if,you're gonna be getting the Nintendo,switch Sports icons because um I think,they kind of suck and now we're here,with the future in front of us and,Nintendo like everybody wants to know if,they're doing a switch Pro if they're,doing a switch too is Metroid Prime 4,actually going to come out is there a,new 3D Mario a new 2D Mario what is,happening with Donkey Kong but all of,that seems to be sort of second fiddle,for Nintendo right now I would argue,that Nintendo is very confident and,almost secure in their game sphere now,what other spheres do they have because,Nintendo is a video game company but ah,this is why we have to talk about this,because I think Nintendo's next big move,over the next decade is not so much what,they do in the game Space right they,have spent literal decades innovating,gimmick trying and really trying t

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