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twitter artist comes out as racistlook at this image youtube viewer,doesn't this image look kind of


Updated on Jan 26,2023

twitter artist comes out as racist

look at this image youtube viewer,doesn't this image look kind of cute,so i figured a lot of people on this,channel don't follow furry community,drama while i don't really consider,myself a furry myself anymore,a lot of my friends happen to be one so,naturally due to mere association this,information gets passed down the,grapevine and eventually ends up to me,and bro we gotta talk about fiddlefox,for a video man and,even if you don't follow furry,communities even if you do not like,furries at all or anything like that,i promise you this whole situation is,extremely wild for obvious reasons i'm,not gonna be monetizing this video and,here's a couple trigger warnings before,i begin talking on anything else in this,video,you've been warned no money's gonna be,made from here now let's get on to it,but to start things off on july 22,2021 right around the time the day began,uh,a throwaway twitter account called,callout9 made a tweet saying fiddler fox,is a bigoted hateful person we've,compiled the document to show the furry,community the racist,sexist transphobic views held by fiddler,fox,and the hurt she continues to actively,cause throughout the community behind,closed doors for those that need a,little bit of an introduction here,fiddler fox was a fairly prominent,twitter furry artist,which at the time of making this video a,couple days ago had around 35 000,followers total on twitter so they were,not some little runt in the sand,since the conflict and twitter drama,that happened plus the responses that,we're going to talk about in this video,they have since lost almost around 10,000 followers even this document goes,into,pretty big detail and goes off the,complete bombastic end,of just saying just horrible um,some of the stuff i'm showing in this,video i have to even censor just for the,fact that it's so up,and uh to be specific too these are not,screenshots from years ago but some of,them are even from,last month in june of 2021.,so this is clearly a pattern of behavior,that has gone on for,you know this wasn't four to five years,ago this was very recent and they have,not changed with all this information,put out here proactively,i'm just sitting here in the crowd,waiting for the response to happen you,know,will be the same thing we've seen before,the same you know oh,i was a different person a long time ago,or uh,some attempt of deflecting or some,attempt that uh,just a nullifying any responsibility,well i guess this person leaked all of,our discord combos because i warned two,people he was a massive creep,i may be a huge racist and trans,misogynist but at least i don't,constantly talk about trying to be tiny,and yes all of those screen caps are,real,no i'm not apologizing for i said,in private quick faqs i'm unfollowing,you,that's fine you do you do you hate black,people i hate white people more you're,the worst piece of in the world,that's not true and you know it so this, literally comes out after receipts,of her being racist,and just immediately is like yeah i'm, racist,what are you gonna do about it okay,finally we have the clarification we,were waiting for though now,um apparently this person that was being,creepy unadded him from discord,she has no way of proving that this,person was being creepy,however people are talking about one,specific comment she made about black,men and shock callers,it sounds horrible why would she say,that sat down and wondering why she said,that but that she suddenly remembered,and then finally,phillip fox shares her epiphany to the,world as to why she said horrible ,about black people the conversation was,about,zootopia as you all know zootopia uses,animals as stand-ins for people of color,i was not a fan of this concept making,black people ought to be predators yeah,dude i absolutely remember this line,from zootopia man,that just stuck out in the movie it hit,so hardcore eventually she went back to,the general miller dramatic apology,saying i up i'm sorry i will try,not to be racist again but i will not be,returning to social media thank you for,hearing me out goodbye dude i got a,question of like why does this ,always happen of people that draw,like cute artwork like seriously this, has happened like around two to,three times,absolutely not trying to implore a,stereotype into this video by any means,but like it's definitely happened before,like people that act nice as ,person,outside of like you know on their on,their main social media platforms and,whatnot,end up just being a terrible person,behind the scenes i never really,followed this person to begin with so,fiddle the fox having this huge racist,tangent and like being called out for it,doesn't really impact me as a person,that much,i just more or less feel bad for the,people of color in the community that,actually did have to see an artist that,they looked up to um,have these type of beliefs and,viewpoints i just have never seen a, try to use zootopia to excuse,saying racist that that is probably,the funniest thing

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FNF Devs Attack Modders on Twitter ft. KadeDev and Kawaii Sprite

FNF Devs Attack Modders on Twitter ft. KadeDev and Kawaii Sprite

five thousand five thousand and  one five thousand and two oh hey  ,didn't see you there okay so what's up it's  been a little while since i've shown my face  ,on camera i had to use this 4k cam that i bought  so i can write it off for tax purposes but that's  ,not the story today today we're going to be  talking about some more friday night funkin just  ,absolute garbage talking about some fun friday  night funkin stuff that's super fun to talk about  ,i love it it's been a little while since i've  talked about friday night so hey let's dive  ,right into it okay so recently i got a dm from  somebody that watches my content was saying man  ,you should really take another shot at fnf content  the amount and severity of drama has exponentially  ,increased since you stopped and there's been  a big one recently where kawhi lashed out at  ,people on twitter and even kade dev called him and  the game out for being bad developers is  ,getting spicy ooh ooh a little habanero on  that one okay let me check it out i guess  ,actually dm's me again saying bro holy [ __  ] you need to get on this right now  ,so they sent me a link a picture of kawhi sprite  and kade dev's uh little conversation here so i'm  ,gonna go over it because it starts it starts  further back than just what kid dev and kawhi  ,sprite have to say in this picture that they  sent me the original tweet that stirred up  ,everything comes from this artist known as  martin walls they made this tweet showing  ,off the you know friday night funkin kickstarter  quest log here whatever they're going to achieve  ,you know within the kickstarter amount that  they received so they show this image off  ,and say this this image reeks development  hell vibes more than any other i've seen  ,holy though now martin walls goes on to say  this i dislike fnf it's boring as but this  ,is so funny now martin wallace is a youtuber  an artist you know they have a twitter account  ,where they're pretty uh popular you know they  make artwork and they're working on a game right  ,now you check out their youtube channel they  have over 300 000 subscribers and post video  ,content about you know the game they're making and  things like that with trailers whatever i don't  ,know much about it this is just a reaction piece  this isn't really meant to be some commentary news  ,type stuff i'm just reacting to what's going on  out there and delivering that information baby  ,to give a little bit more insight martin wallace  posted this saying been working on a really small  ,tmh game that may see the light of day someday  i don't know i only work on it as mu as a hobby  ,and when i'm bored going to say the game is only  like five percent done this was in september 27th  ,this is just a little back story about martin  walls they make their own games so they have a  ,little bit of insight into game development so  that's why i think you know they were able to  ,make the tweet that they made because they make  a game themselves and kind of you know have an  ,opinion on what it takes to make a video game so  one of the developers of friday night funkin kawhi  ,sprite had this to say about martin wahls little  tweet he had there people really get constipated  ,when you decide to work on stuff in private huh  what do you really think we're spinning that 2  ,million on sports cars or something we're artists  we don't even know how to drive dave already hired  ,animators i have a whole music staff on the ready  we ain't dumb dog and if you're wondering they  ,freddie funkin has garnered over two million  dollars uh during their kickstarter i'm one of  ,those people that actually you know chucked in 50  bucks so that i can get a t-shirt although a ninja  ,muffin if you ever watch my videos which you don't  you just look at the thumbnails i i don't need the  ,t-shirt dog like if i can get that 50 bucks back  that'd be great kawaii sprite goes on to say this  ,listen drama is really lame and as a matter  of fact i'm terrified of failure i personally  ,don't need this kind of doom cloud looming  over me you don't even have to like the game  ,just remember that we're artists just like you  so martin walls took note that their tweet had  ,blown up they had this to say about it saw this  tweet blew up and stirred up some drama along  ,the fan base normally i would have laughed and  not comment on it but i've seen people take what i  ,meant in different ways that i as a creator myself  really dislike like saying i'm calling it a scam  ,or that they won't finish dev hell does not mean  something won't be completed and it doesn't mean  ,it will be bad when it is i don't know the devs  even if i wanted to i couldn't comment or judge  ,their experience even less considering i ain't any  more professional than them lol i'm also carrying  ,a project by myself and a small team i have been  through dev hell multiple times in the tw twf's  ,journey that's the game that i mentioned earlier  that martin walls

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Twitter attempts to cancel the creator of friday night funkin

Twitter attempts to cancel the creator of friday night funkin

hello people,i'm finally here with actual content,thank you twitter for being idiotic,because that gives me more content so,anyways,if you ever been on new grounds you,might have heard of a game called friday,night funkin,it's a very good game that's fun i'm,actually going to link the game,if you want to play it yourself so i can,piss off the person that tried to cancel,the creator,so what does twitter have to do with a,game on a site,that has been here around since the,flash era,flying school through twitter timeline,could everyone be getting cancelled,well apparently some twitter ,decided to cancel ninja muffin,the creator behind friday night funkin,for no reason,so here is the tweet and i'm going to,weed it out for you,can you guys please stop posting,about friday night funk and the creator,is a disgusting person,stupid tone indicator for transphobia,rape mentions pedophilia,and what screenshots does it provide you,may ask,well i know that these screenshots are,real,but if you open your eyes you,can clearly see these tweets,were made back in 2018 so we are going,back two years ago,holy then there's a screenshot that,is going back all the way to 2017.,holy three years ago now you can,clearly see this is a cancer,attempt and not a call out when i,decided to see the replies,some people lost their brain cell some,people didn't,now i got into a twitter argument it,doesn't exist,twitter makes me want to leave all my,fandoms,i decided to message the person who,tried canceling ninja muffin and said,you do realize the tweets you dug up,were from 2018,the creator of friday night funkin,doesn't act like that anymore,and aside he might be joking or was on,drugs or something,and what did she reply with men,not only she isn't taking this seriously,but also proves,that she is losing the argument,and decide to shoot post to make it look,like they won,then a stupid piku user came along and,tried to join in the argument,even though he didn't have to he said,why do people,like you think two years ago is a huge,difference this type of stuff still,wasn't okay back then,mmm totally not a excuse of defending,cancel culture,i fought back by saying he doesn't act,like this anymore,and had changed ever since and guess,what he said,he isn't like this publicly anymore it's,clear that i basically won at this point,after i said,and what makes you assume he does this,privately and even if it was privately,does it matter,he isn't releasing that so it's not,going to offend anyone,if it's not public then more stupid, came along,and yeah you got the point so what's the,conclusion,i don't even know how i got here,well first twitter is very toxic,you should never use it,i only use twitter to retweet mems and,stuff if you want a non-toxic platform,i recommend parallel but most,importantly,if you don't like someone please don't,go on your way on logging onto twitter,and canceling that person tell everyone,to boycott,them and ruin that person's career,anyway please stay away from these,twitter cards and bye

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the funky friday roblox drama...

the funky friday roblox drama...

so overnight there has been a lot of,drama surrounding the Roblox game funky,Friday and I want to go ahead and make,this video to really decrypt that and,talk about what's going on here just so,that people have a better understanding,of what exactly happened leave a like if,you celebrate Christmas we're almost,there in like less than 15 days now I,think the premise of this video to start,is talking about the popular Roblox game,funky Friday what this game is is that,it is a unlicensed fan-made Roblox,version of Friday night funkin with a,lot of popular mods inside of the game,itself so naturally a lot of people from,the Friday night funkin Community end up,playing these games I feel like these,Roblox versions of these games play a,pretty big role within the communities,where it all really begins is this tweet,right here from gamefam Studios which,says Sonic Prime integration in addition,to Sonic Prime airing and Sonic,simulator tomorrow there will also be,limited time Integrations in the,following games weapon fighting,simulator starving artist and funky,Friday complete the challenges to earn,free ugc items basically there is an,official Sonic collaboration happening,between Sega and gamefam Studios games,and on top of that some of the games,that have been added to this,collaboration have been a couple of,games I've listed before you remember,what I said towards the beginning of,this video though that funky Friday is a,fan made unlicensed game in a situation,like this it would be of the most,importance to ask the original,developers of Friday night funkin as,they're the creators of the base,material of the game however this was,not done here and it was brought to the,attention of the official fnf devs not,too long after in short Sonic is,collabing with funky Friday a unlicensed,fan-made game without any real,consultation from the original fnf,developers in the replies to the Tweet,by game fam Studios Phantom arcade 3K,says uh LOL and the ninja muffin one of,the main people on the project says,you're right Dave let's consult our,lawyers about our options the fnf,developers then proceeded to ratio,gamefam Studios on Twitter with a,picture of Saul Goodman another tweet,was also made saying and also so that,you can get your screenshots or whatever,to send your friends thank you Friday,night funkin and the funkin crew Inc are,not associated with Roblox funky Friday,Sonic or anything like that all of that,stuff is bootleg fan made unlicensed Etc,now I've seen one Counterpoint be drawn,out one of them that was discovered by,Creek craft was this part in the Friday,night funkin permissions tab in the game,saying you have full permission to,stream Let's Play meme post do whatever,you want of the game go crazy bro but I,feel like that doesn't apply to,monetization you know there's different,licenses that you can have like free use,licenses those don't really apply for,monetization for games or for licensing,official stuff this whole Saga was then,put onto the RTC Twitter account saying,developer ninja muffin99 a Friday night,funkin has expressed that he is,Consulting lawyers over the the Roblox,game funky Friday he is Consulting,lawyers over unlawful use of copyrighted,assets and allegedly going over his,options this sparked some replies and,discussion from the Roblox Community,saying I see but don't the devs of funky,Friday ask to use the assets before,adding them ninja muffin had absolutely,zero care and he said it himself sir I,wonder why he did now even though he,said he had no problem with it two years,ago to which the developer ninja muffin,replies two years ago it was just like,people making quirky mods fan art Etc,and of course things I say very Loosely,on Twitter isn't legal advice or legal,license or anything like that back then,it was way smaller along with that they,did not ask us for permission people,making fan games is good and cool I,tried some of the other fnf Roblox,clones and had fun with them literally F,and F is a what I think I played adding,all of these scummy micro transaction,Shenanigans is nasty to us though along,with having this weird tie to other,official stuff the point that's trying,to be made is that the official Friday,night funkin team has nothing to do with,funky Friday whatsoever and they're,being licensed and treated as if they're,an official Title by them when they're,really not and also to clarify he never,said anything about a lawsuit it's just,that we are asking our lawyers what we,can do about something we are unhappy,with and also just wanted to make clear,that we are not associated with these,developers if you're involving your,lawyers into this then you're clearly,looking for a legal pursuit in some form,either you're trying to take down the,game and force it with legal advantages,or you're just trying to file a lawsuit,it's a fan made game exactly like mod,biased more like we want their Insight,on things if they tell us to let it be,we will let it be if they tell us to sue

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ninjamuffin99: Delete My Newgrounds Account | Highlight (03/18/20)

ninjamuffin99: Delete My Newgrounds Account | Highlight (03/18/20)

i think it's time i've been here long,enough i think it'd be really fun,deleted my whole account i can do that,right now,pull the trigger pull the trigger pull,the trigger,pull he doesn't know what he's saying,hang on i'm doing i'm doing it hang on,one second here here we go log into the,center,of the trigger it's on no don't do it,pull the trigger out of my misery i,don't want to be on the side anymore,all right hang on i gotta remember my,password okay here we go,pull the trigger oh no,this is how this episode of the podcast,is gonna end,i die on new ground gets deleted and i,didn't even get to mention,me visiting in an art school and uh,signing into someone else's art station,account and commenting a bunch of,but now i didn't know,is gonna happen what are you gonna do,cycle goldfish what are you gonna do to,me it's really hard i have to type a lot,of passwords to do anything on the,grounds,that's really hard to remember my,passwords when i've drunk this much,wait wait what are those passwords yeah,give me your i'll do it for,you i'll do social security number one,my all my passwords for new grands,access,are password one two three it's really,hard to guess,i'm gone i'm fading i'm fading away i'm,looking at my hands they're,disappearing and is it is it is it ninja,under dash muffin ninja ninja muffin 99,oh i almost killed the wrong ninja,muffin whoo that would have sucked pull,the trigger,pull the fridge everyone was a ninja in,their name,do it do it and,while we're at it kill everyone,that's a language wow this is really,hard,that's like hard to do certain related,stuff when i'm drunk,that's like kind of like how other,countries is like we say color but they,say color like with the ewers,canadian dialect okay i'm pretty sure,your name's not ninja miffin 99.,hey i found you all right here we go,pull the trigger,pull the trigger right now pull the,trigger all right it's going on,pull the trigger if you delete ninja,muffins like,last couple letters in his name that,would be super bad,no rename him to ninja man no people,with,numbers at the end of their name are the,best they're not dumb at all,no no i'm talking about in the,looks finger slips deleted lazy muffin,all right i'm pretty sure you're,i'm pretty sure i just deleted ninja,muffin 99,anybody want to verify that yeah yeah,holy everyone go everywhere,i'm checking i'm on right,now i'm on there right now we did it,like have another,i don't wasn't it something else though,that's the end of the ,podcast that's the end,wait wait wait so what happens now like,are you like do you recover that,it's not it's gone no he's done he's,gone,he's dead forever anyway i'm fading away,this is the last episode of the new,grounds podcast,he's muted he's gone his newgrounds,account is deleted that is,all that's it yeah he's not even in the,podcast episodes what the hell,no he's done banned,it's over are you familiar with how,deleting works,it's just it's open the hard drive was,smashed when you delete,something it's gone that's how the,leading works,he's gone that's it the end of ninja,muffin now,let's let's have a short funeral for his,game,whites only,i can't remember any other of his games,oh ritz,who's lost,all right

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Ninjamuffin Responds to Friday Night Funkin' Drama ft. @ninja_muffin99

Ninjamuffin Responds to Friday Night Funkin' Drama ft. @ninja_muffin99

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hoy es un día triste para los fanáticos,de friends and kings ya que sus,creadores tanto niña 1099 como k west,sprite se retiraron de twitter pero no,sólo ellos te iremos comentando esto más,adelante primero pasemos el contexto qué,fue lo que pasó para que los creadores,de frei knife on king cerraron sus,cuentas en twitter y aparentemente todo,el mundo comenzará a decir que aplicaron,la ley andrew davis va a morir contra el,dinero no no chicos tampoco es para,tanto seguiremos analizando esto más,adelante pero esto no es para nada un,andérez simulator 2,eso sí dejarlo claro desde un principio,primero que de paso muchos han estado,preguntando qué fue lo que pasó con los,creadores de frame banking donde todo,comienza con estos tweets por aquí tengo,la traducción cortesía de frame life and,kings en español muy buen grupo la,verdad muy perro lo recomiendo bastante,y dice tweet traducido kawaii sprite las,redes sociales me hacen no querer,interactuar con la humanidad sólo cierra,el twitter esta no importa pásala,bien con la gente que realmente te,importe y no argumentando con un idiota,sobre algún videojuego o alguna,que no afecte en tu vida,palabras gracias a estos tuits de caguas,sprite este responde isaac desactivamos,nuestras cuentas estamos en esto juntos,o sea como que se rebelan contra la,gente de alguna manera supongo ya causa,de esto la cuenta de llamo fi 99 está,muerta por ahora pero esto no quedará,aquí sino que al parecer ninja 1099,reactivó su cuenta en twitter,simplemente para marcarle un tweet azo a,phantom arcade que como podemos ver él,es el animador de frena y font king o,sea el equipo es de 41 siendo el,programador animador dibujante y músico,total me llamo fin le dice he vuelto,para decirle públicamente a phantom,arcade que es active su cuenta conmigo y,cabe sprite a lo que éste responde a,miércoles,porque si de alguna manera regresaste,sólo por mí vamos a deshacernos de este,agujero de por lo que también,phantom arcade,cerró su cuenta en twitter,o sea de los cuatro creadores de los,cuatro responsables de frenar phone king,sólo queda uno el señor evil es caro,pero se llama block total que éste es el,único creador de frenar phone king que,sigue estando en twitter como podemos,ver esa es tu arte está muy bonito creo,que se lo dedico a su novia supongo que,este su novia por eso sólo ella puede,responder este dibujo este tweet total,que de los creadores de fein iphone king,este es el único que sigue en twitter y,todos los demás se fueron a la punta che,fueron a la chucha total creo que todo,esto estaba pasando porque mucha gente,iba a molestarlos no solamente por,cositas como la dificultad o el juego en,general sino que también como comenté,hay mucha gente que lo estaba llamando,que iban a ser los nuevos yandel de de,andrés simulator 2 my team overnight,norman sky o sea juegos que no rindieron,sus frutos y también hay que ser un poco,justos en cuanto a los presidentes ya,que por ejemplo lo que pasó con fall,guys,y lo que pasó también como a monos,porque esos juegos que fueron tan,populares de repente fracasaron simple,porque tenía un equipo de desarrollo muy,pequeño por lo que dar actualizaciones,rápido que seamos sinceros una de las,cosas que hizo for night que dañaron la,comunidad gamer es que nos acostumbraron,a que tienen que haber actualizaciones,constantes y si no hay actualizaciones,constantes la gente se aburre y empieza,a odiar el juego qué fue lo que pasó con,fall boys no actualizaron a tiempo y la,gente se ahorró y se fue fue lo mismo,que pasó como mundos el otro mapa el,tercer mapa tardó bastante en llegar y,no fue lo suficiente para satisfacer a,la gente y ahorita supongo que este es,un problema a la amenaza frame iphone,quin porque es un equipo de desarrollo,muy pequeño y la responsabilidad que,tienen es muy grande por ende,lo más probable es que tardé bastante en,sacar otra actualización un juego,completo ya que yo tengo la teoría yo,creo que el juego de new ground ya no lo,va a actualizar y la siguiente,actualización no va a ser la semana 8,sino que va a ser el juego completo que,yo creo que eso al llegar para el 2023,creo yo me pregunto es el juego seguirá,siendo importante en esa época o pasará,lo mismo que con among o dos y fall góis,ya que hay esos precedentes la gente se,aburre sino de actualizaciones,constantes en fin lo que hizo que kawaii,espinilla 1099 abandonaran todo esto fue,al parecer la toxicidad de twitter si,hay un responsable de esto supongo que,es twitter y también la gente que va a,molestarlos cuando ellos lo único que,han hecho es hacer un juego divertido,porque por ejemplo segundo entendido lo,que no saca way sprite es que como,explicó él ha hecho mucha música ha,hecho bastantes canciones tiene una,trayectoria musical pero toda la gente,lo conoce como ése es el wey de las,canciones de frank iphone quin le,supongo que eso lo frustró bastante en,cuanto al programador me llamó fin 99,simplemente de estar cansado de tantas,boludeces que le envían porque también,vi q

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Interviewing ninja_muffin: The Creator of Friday Night Funkin'

Interviewing ninja_muffin: The Creator of Friday Night Funkin'

in the past two months,a game by the name of friday night,pumpkin has blown up all over the,internet,friday night funkin is a rhythm game,where you follow up the beats from the,person you are dueling,your goal is to impress your girlfriend,with your amazing music skills,this game is great but we don't know,anything of the behind the scenes,production,from development to inspiration so today,i will be interviewing the very own,creator of this game ninja muffins,the brains behind friday night punkin,more than two months ago friday night,funken was officially released,but when then where did you get the idea,to make a game like this what was your,original inspiration for the game,the original inspiration was a week,before,the ludum dare a version of the game,came out,uh it was my friend wanda boy's birthday,and,for his birthday i played ps2 game,guitar,man and that i think that at least,implanted something,in my mind of these like old-school,charming rhythm games and it made me,remember parappa and it made me remember,these like,super charming early 2000s kind of,aesthetics and all that,and cool street art,and all that and it made me pick out,these particular,people for the game,so gameplay-wise the the game like it's,really similar to dance revolution did,any inspiration come from that as well,yeah yeah definitely definitely a lot of,uh just kind of like those early,you know uh the golden age of rhythm,games,guitar hero crap with ddr like now,like obviously it's like the gameplay is,definitely from that but,more still came from fan arcade and like,he's like okay this game is going to be,like this,just simple ddr but also got parappa,so you know something like that i think,uh was was,definitely the divide and the feel so it,was mostly just nostalgia that made you,realize that you wanted to make a game,like this,yeah yeah partly that like hey it's been,a while since a game like this has kind,of came out,i want to just give a taste of the game,like this,yeah and that's how it happened i think,so when did you eventually start working,on the game,um it was the ludum dari,week for friday uh coincidentally,we started work on like october 5th or,something like that and,it was ludum dare which is like a,72-hour game jam,i woke up lunch noon i saw that in three,hours the ludum dari was,gonna happen i was like okay i'm in the,mood to make a game for the weekend,and i gathered some fellas and we made a,little game for the weekend and somehow,it slowly slowly grew and,you know ever since then we've just been,kind of working on it and chipping away,on it every year,pretty much every single day it didn't,even take that long did it,yeah yeah it's been like you know two,months,since the original game jam version so,it's definitely been,very quickly accelerating damn,did you walk up towards any big problems,throughout the creation of the game or,did the production basically go flawless,um like like when things are going like,so fast you almost like,lose track of what you want out of the,game in a sense,like you know initially when the game,first started blowing up on twitter,it was like oh there's all these,expectations for this game,but we've got to keep in mind what we,kind of want out of this game yeah and,you know that was kind of one of the,initial things or whatever and it still,kind of continues to this day of like,people having all these expectations for,the game and like,thinking it may go one way and us,thinking it's going the other way and,you're also gonna have to try to find a,balance between what the what the people,want and what you want to do yourself,yeah yeah yeah all that stuff there's,definitely definitely a lot of bats,so before you made friday night funking,have you made any other games before,yeah i made i i make quite a handful of,games,and i think it's very important for,people to,have a have a good kind of portfolio of,games before they hop into some big,project or whatever like yeah like even,friendly funky,you know it's like that was essentially,just like a project i was working on in,the middle of another project,for like another like two projects and,it was like,you know i was working on this one,cartoon and i was also working on this,one game and then i also had another,game kind of planned and it was like,foreign just came along just because it,was like oh let me get my mind off all,of those,and it turned out like you know kind of,blew up and,sideswiped all those other projects but,go to my new runs page pretty much every,game,i ever make will be on newgrounds uh one,of my favorite ones is wrist,it's a little platformer so is any of,the other games you've made,have been blown up as much as friday,funkin later uh,nothing has blown up as big but one one,that kind of got some,uh semi popular on new rounds was this,one,uh game called monster mashing and it's,this kind of infinite runner,and and it is uh not safe work and,that's kind of why i blew up it's,it does have a ladies in it and it is,but,tha

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