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FNF Devs Attack Modders on Twitter ft. KadeDev and Kawaii Spritefive thousand five thousand and  one

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Updated on Jan 16,2023

FNF Devs Attack Modders on Twitter ft. KadeDev and Kawaii Sprite

five thousand five thousand and  one five thousand and two oh hey  ,didn't see you there okay so what's up it's  been a little while since i've shown my face  ,on camera i had to use this 4k cam that i bought  so i can write it off for tax purposes but that's  ,not the story today today we're going to be  talking about some more friday night funkin just  ,absolute garbage talking about some fun friday  night funkin stuff that's super fun to talk about  ,i love it it's been a little while since i've  talked about friday night so hey let's dive  ,right into it okay so recently i got a dm from  somebody that watches my content was saying man  ,you should really take another shot at fnf content  the amount and severity of drama has exponentially  ,increased since you stopped and there's been  a big one recently where kawhi lashed out at  ,people on twitter and even kade dev called him and  the game out for being bad developers is  ,getting spicy ooh ooh a little habanero on  that one okay let me check it out i guess  ,actually dm's me again saying bro holy [ __  ] you need to get on this right now  ,so they sent me a link a picture of kawhi sprite  and kade dev's uh little conversation here so i'm  ,gonna go over it because it starts it starts  further back than just what kid dev and kawhi  ,sprite have to say in this picture that they  sent me the original tweet that stirred up  ,everything comes from this artist known as  martin walls they made this tweet showing  ,off the you know friday night funkin kickstarter  quest log here whatever they're going to achieve  ,you know within the kickstarter amount that  they received so they show this image off  ,and say this this image reeks development  hell vibes more than any other i've seen  ,holy though now martin walls goes on to say  this i dislike fnf it's boring as but this  ,is so funny now martin wallace is a youtuber  an artist you know they have a twitter account  ,where they're pretty uh popular you know they  make artwork and they're working on a game right  ,now you check out their youtube channel they  have over 300 000 subscribers and post video  ,content about you know the game they're making and  things like that with trailers whatever i don't  ,know much about it this is just a reaction piece  this isn't really meant to be some commentary news  ,type stuff i'm just reacting to what's going on  out there and delivering that information baby  ,to give a little bit more insight martin wallace  posted this saying been working on a really small  ,tmh game that may see the light of day someday  i don't know i only work on it as mu as a hobby  ,and when i'm bored going to say the game is only  like five percent done this was in september 27th  ,this is just a little back story about martin  walls they make their own games so they have a  ,little bit of insight into game development so  that's why i think you know they were able to  ,make the tweet that they made because they make  a game themselves and kind of you know have an  ,opinion on what it takes to make a video game so  one of the developers of friday night funkin kawhi  ,sprite had this to say about martin wahls little  tweet he had there people really get constipated  ,when you decide to work on stuff in private huh  what do you really think we're spinning that 2  ,million on sports cars or something we're artists  we don't even know how to drive dave already hired  ,animators i have a whole music staff on the ready  we ain't dumb dog and if you're wondering they  ,freddie funkin has garnered over two million  dollars uh during their kickstarter i'm one of  ,those people that actually you know chucked in 50  bucks so that i can get a t-shirt although a ninja  ,muffin if you ever watch my videos which you don't  you just look at the thumbnails i i don't need the  ,t-shirt dog like if i can get that 50 bucks back  that'd be great kawaii sprite goes on to say this  ,listen drama is really lame and as a matter  of fact i'm terrified of failure i personally  ,don't need this kind of doom cloud looming  over me you don't even have to like the game  ,just remember that we're artists just like you  so martin walls took note that their tweet had  ,blown up they had this to say about it saw this  tweet blew up and stirred up some drama along  ,the fan base normally i would have laughed and  not comment on it but i've seen people take what i  ,meant in different ways that i as a creator myself  really dislike like saying i'm calling it a scam  ,or that they won't finish dev hell does not mean  something won't be completed and it doesn't mean  ,it will be bad when it is i don't know the devs  even if i wanted to i couldn't comment or judge  ,their experience even less considering i ain't any  more professional than them lol i'm also carrying  ,a project by myself and a small team i have been  through dev hell multiple times in the tw twf's  ,journey that's the game that i mentioned earlier  that martin walls

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Twitter attempts to cancel the creator of friday night funkin

Twitter attempts to cancel the creator of friday night funkin

hello people,i'm finally here with actual content,thank you twitter for being idiotic,because that gives me more content so,anyways,if you ever been on new grounds you,might have heard of a game called friday,night funkin,it's a very good game that's fun i'm,actually going to link the game,if you want to play it yourself so i can,piss off the person that tried to cancel,the creator,so what does twitter have to do with a,game on a site,that has been here around since the,flash era,flying school through twitter timeline,could everyone be getting cancelled,well apparently some twitter ,decided to cancel ninja muffin,the creator behind friday night funkin,for no reason,so here is the tweet and i'm going to,weed it out for you,can you guys please stop posting,about friday night funk and the creator,is a disgusting person,stupid tone indicator for transphobia,rape mentions pedophilia,and what screenshots does it provide you,may ask,well i know that these screenshots are,real,but if you open your eyes you,can clearly see these tweets,were made back in 2018 so we are going,back two years ago,holy then there's a screenshot that,is going back all the way to 2017.,holy three years ago now you can,clearly see this is a cancer,attempt and not a call out when i,decided to see the replies,some people lost their brain cell some,people didn't,now i got into a twitter argument it,doesn't exist,twitter makes me want to leave all my,fandoms,i decided to message the person who,tried canceling ninja muffin and said,you do realize the tweets you dug up,were from 2018,the creator of friday night funkin,doesn't act like that anymore,and aside he might be joking or was on,drugs or something,and what did she reply with men,not only she isn't taking this seriously,but also proves,that she is losing the argument,and decide to shoot post to make it look,like they won,then a stupid piku user came along and,tried to join in the argument,even though he didn't have to he said,why do people,like you think two years ago is a huge,difference this type of stuff still,wasn't okay back then,mmm totally not a excuse of defending,cancel culture,i fought back by saying he doesn't act,like this anymore,and had changed ever since and guess,what he said,he isn't like this publicly anymore it's,clear that i basically won at this point,after i said,and what makes you assume he does this,privately and even if it was privately,does it matter,he isn't releasing that so it's not,going to offend anyone,if it's not public then more stupid, came along,and yeah you got the point so what's the,conclusion,i don't even know how i got here,well first twitter is very toxic,you should never use it,i only use twitter to retweet mems and,stuff if you want a non-toxic platform,i recommend parallel but most,importantly,if you don't like someone please don't,go on your way on logging onto twitter,and canceling that person tell everyone,to boycott,them and ruin that person's career,anyway please stay away from these,twitter cards and bye

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Robtop being a SAVAGE for 10 minutes

Robtop being a SAVAGE for 10 minutes

i've been playing geometry dash for,three years now and i still can't be,stereo madness all right let's see what,he replies with maybe it's time for you,to move on something easier,fortnite,well he ain't wrong moob's dying as,stereo madness probably is dying at 99,an extreme demon rob top watching it all,rob top what do you think about the,malaysian gt community it is great all,three of you,oh,damn this person goes wrapped up hockey,make a joke for people laughing,meanwhile you're committing a crime we,need justice and then rob top ghost,godzilla had a stroke trying to read,this and died true look look at this i,yeah i just died as well reading this,nikki goes rob top my wife left me rob,top replies with the pain when even your,imaginary wife leaves you,no oh man,dude,i don't know what to say anymore two,years ago it's been three years rob top,for christmas i want a dragon be,realistic 2.2 what color do you want,your dragon,oh man i don't know if i should laugh or,feel disappointed sorry you're playing,to rob top we love you robert sometimes,and then robtop does this changes zara's,account to zara to stinky and zara goes,why robert,and zaragoza is rob top is,such a legend le mail this is my trump,war i would build a great wall,roses are red don't make me ban you,rubber is here keemstar has man boobs,what drugs does rob take asking for fred,yeah we want what you're having robtop,the 2.2 code whatever it is i want some,yo count me in hi rob what do you think,about the greek gd community that's like,95 of the community oh you said greek i,thought you said geek,wow,oh i guess we are all geeks guys we are,all geeks droptop is a straight up,savage i'm a savage,rob should never come back to being,active on twitter agreed rob can you,start streaming again please do you guys,remember when robtop was streaming he,was getting like a few thousand views it,was crazy,goes you just want to steal my 2.2,secrets damn he's on twas this person,can be the impossible game to developer,financial rob top 2.2 secrets okay rob,top okay has someone called you a girl,before lamell only your dad dave,what the rob just a normal day in,robtop's life rupture goes your mind is,so fat even flat overs agree she's,around your mama's so clumsy she got hit,by a parked car oh my god,chill bro chill dude,sketched how do you come back from that,oh salute evid goes what the hell is,going on all right let's check this out,okay so rob,how the hell did rob do this okay so,this is the collaborator i made my own,collab,works fine okay,but then,i place a mirror portal at the beginning,it just doesn't work,it's literally a mirror portal,this is consistent,i have no idea what changes but just,stops working,what the hell right yeah rob what the,hell at robtop hey how the hell does,this happen and robtop replies with bad,programming damn even rob top is savage,to himself respect are you real or it's,just a robot sending random things on,twitter thank you for using rob tweets,your video is ready do i dare click on,this let's do it,i just got rick rolled by rob top no,no i would never imagine in a million,years i would get rick rolled by rob top,this is some bow,i like rob top then i hate rob top like,rob tops and i hate raptor,god damn it rob top games what do you,think of the aussie community yo,wrap top guys oh drop top is such a,troll he said it is great mate but,upside down rob top you troll,rob top help i accidentally spent six,hours on 1.5 seconds on my level what do,i do let's have a look at the level,oh that's pretty cool robtop response,looks great keep it up and you have one,minute and 30 seconds level done in 360,hours,there is just no chill with rob top no,cheer whatsoever spider bug on the walk,animation so look,oh that's cool it's walking,walk in it's walking,and rob top replies it's not a bug can't,you see he is struggling to get a grip,while being upside down spider hashtag,spider doing his best damn not wrong rob,top games verified let's go,nice look at that tick sign look at that,that's awesome juniper goes and of an,era raptor replies she's not verified we,cannot trust her,oh,god damn dude damn robtop just be,roasting everyone out here don't race me,rub top don't roast me so colin is,talking about some sort of like sideway,teleportation and rob top you know just,we don't need to know the details but,rob top replies this person goes wow you,explained to colin but not me wow our,friendship is over rob and rob top,replies i may not give you an answer but,i'll give you ratio god damn 222 likes 1,000 likes god damn and zara go stop this,ratio got me thinking about sideway,gravity works so sideway gravity,and then drop top goes into the abyss of,darkness as you can see here rob top,gains has overtaken nintendo in terms of,subscribers nintendo has 5 300 videos,robtop has 36 videos and achieved 8.74,million what does robto have to say,about this,yeah i mean robtop is such a chad what,can i say next opponent fight,minecraft 8.8 million rob top tags

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Ninjamuffin Responds to Friday Night Funkin' Drama ft. @ninja_muffin99

Ninjamuffin Responds to Friday Night Funkin' Drama ft. @ninja_muffin99

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This Lie Caused Friday Night Funkin' Twitter Meltdown

This Lie Caused Friday Night Funkin' Twitter Meltdown

i'm going to be posting a few videos,talking about the bizarre friday night,funkin twitter meltdown that's been,going on with the toxic side of the,community this is going to involve,people like colson bb panzu kdev phlox,and a number of other random modders and,content creators in the friday night,funkin community on twitter if you've,seen anything that's been happening on,my twitter account you know that it's,just absolutely a mess and extremely,bizarre how gaslit these people are and,convinced that they're in the right so a,lot of this hate has stemmed from,coulson's community and in particular,one fan named tony who started accusing,my viewers of harassing them in the,video about colson's suspension on,twitter i featured a tweet from one of,colson's fans revealing that colson had,been suspended that fan ended up coming,to my video and saying this in the,comments section who is the hell you,think you are using my twitter post in,your videos you have absolutely no,permission to use any of my twitter,posts don't you ever use my twitter,posts on or of your videos ever again,someone replied to them saying bro you,good tony replied saying no i support,colson no matter what and this dude just,puts my goddamn twitter post on youtube,hell no someone replied saying mauld,harder about twitter posts on youtube,lol and then somebody else replied,saying man sounds like he's defending an,nft or something now this is when things,start to get weird and tony says this in,some of the replies on this comment,section i know it's hard now that speech,supporters are attacking me now the,comments are all there for you to read,if you want to nobody attacked tony,people were just perplexed that they,were so upset their twitter post was,featured in my video tony claims that,their biggest issue with their tweet,being featured in my video was that,their name wasn't censored in the video,which is weird as a claim if you are,gonna go into the comments section and,put a spotlight on you being the person,that made that comment you might be,wondering if i read the tweet in a,mocking manner if i made fun of them for,being a colson fan or if i pointed out,their name or you know encouraged people,to go attack them you can check out the,clip that features tony's tweet for,yourself and decide what you think about,the situation someone left a comment on,my most recent video saying coulson got,suspended so i decided to go check it,out myself and sure enough his main,account with 32 000 plus people,following it has been suspended as well,as the verification badge has been taken,off tony made a couple posts on twitter,one is at coleson and it says this this,mother effer i cannot with speed speed,is a stupid a-hole and i am very,uncomfortable that he used my post in,one of his videos he doesn't have my,permission to use my post speed don't,ever use my twitter posts ever again,tony also made this tweet how in the,hell did speet find my twitter post i do,not like this at all and now i'm being,attacked in the comment sections on,youtube help so at this point tony has,presented no evidence of anyone,harassing them either in the comments,section or on twitter a bunch of people,from the friday night funking community,on twitter decided just to believe tony,and started accusing me and my viewers,of harassing tony not only in the,comments section but on twitter as well,i confronted one of these tweets,indicating that it was bizarre that,everybody just started believing tony,despite them not showing any evidence,that they had been harassed or attacked,in my comments section i confronted tony,as well saying that they showed no proof,or evidence of them being harassed i,said that they lied and fabricated this,story purely because they were upset,that their tweet was featured in my,video just because i confronted this,person tony about lying and not showing,any evidence that they had been harassed,the toxic side of friday night funk and,twitter had an absolute meltdown a bunch,of people like bibi panzu colson fox kid,dev all started showing up and just dog,piling on this tweet i made there was,death wishes violence threats even,people threatening to report all of my,tweets to get my twitter account,suspended it was just absolutely bonkers,i hate you so much speed stop with your,bull dude you are literally tagging,someone for no effing reason and make,your community go attack them you and,your community are literally as bad as,you claim coleson and his community to,be so shut the f up and leave tony out,of this if you had antis that implies,you have a fan base and you have no fan,base nor do you deserve the respect to,build one leave tony alone bozo dude,please shut up no one cares or talks to,you speed i really want to beat the,absolute dog crap out of you for real,considering that he's a porn addict i,wouldn't be surprised if anyone could,why are you on tony he did nothing wrong,stop bringing people into this that,don't have anything to do with it can,you l

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Why The Friday Night Funkin' Fandom Is Goober Cringe

Why The Friday Night Funkin' Fandom Is Goober Cringe

i can't believe i spent time drawing,this you just combined nfts with friday,night funkin now that that that's quite,something right there in my last video i,had this cringe ladder and this ladder,is in no particular order but one fandom,really stood out to me and that is,friday night funking over the past few,weeks i've been seeing a lot of cringe,spawning from this fandom,i've decided i've had enough of this i'm,putting the foot down so i'm making a,video exposing all this cringe so enjoy,fellas if your girl looks like this,that's not your girl that's mine nope,you're not kicking my half british half,swedish girlfriend,what part of it's mine you not,understand how about everything okay so,here's a post that's made by a literal,four-year-old on reddit i'm doing a mod,okay it's a but i like it that,isn't self-promotion i only want to,advice you want advice no it's only an,advice okay,after spending several hours of torture,going through the friday night ,tick tock and subreddit there's just one,thing i cannot stop cringing at every,time i watch a new one so uh here it is,yeah i'm sorry for showing you guys that,but here's another one,i just don't get why he had to do that,phase for the starting stance like if he,didn't have to do that it would have,been a lot better for him,the things about this one is that,they're doing no cuts in between every,note they're just doing it all in one,take so it just kind of looks like,they're having a seizure in the room and,then when you have no music it just,makes it 10 times better,alright so here's the one that gave me,probably the most goosebumps i've ever,had in my entire life,no i'm not really sure if this was like,some kind of talent show or anything but,i mean he's got some balls to do this in,school so i give him some props for that,as i would never be able to do that,to make this even better if you sold,this video down frame by frame you,really get to see and understand every,movement that this goober is making,right now is flowing with the wind right,now truly graceful and for some reason,he has the audacity to make this,disgusting phase at the end holy frick,or asian gf i love her and her honkers,listen,boobs jesus made gf from the new sonic,mod because why not all right let's see,what this is holy what i'm about to,show you has convinced me i have found,the worst thread here on the reddit of,friday night funkin so just a simple art,post decided to draw these two in my own,style and um you know it's like a chunky,version i guess now we have some people,here making some subtle jokes on how,this could be you know a mod you know a,mod where the characters are chunky the,guy who made the art sparked some,concern oh god no someone's gonna make,that now there's a mod being made of gf,stuffing herself until she bursts so,yeah it already exists please tell me it,doesn't have a name buffet night,bursting by kink collector i know this,seems weird but i'm into that oh,geez link please no i'm just joking too,bad your wish is my command oh don't,tell me it's already been made oh my g,whiz okay so i could go on,and on,about all the cringy dances and things,that the friday night funking community,does but i pretty much covered it all,here once again don't say any hate to,any of these people we're just doing,this for goofs overall they are doing no,harm and they're happy doing it so just,let them be but to officially wrap this,video up i am starting a channel discord,i have an instagram and twitter if you,want to follow that as well anyways,please like and subscribe thank you so,much all right bye

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Jeff talks with Phantom Arcade and Ninja Muffin99

Jeff talks with Phantom Arcade and Ninja Muffin99

then they'll get up and say they did,their own research and then all their,parents and grandparents will die,i don't know and then they find the very,little monkey images,then they buy enough to use,about crypto all day they want to feel,like these goddamn jay-z wolf of,all-star investors,i do wonder i do wonder when i see those,posts where it's like,i don't understand my why my why my wife,got in the car and left once i said i,spent all of our savings on it,we're gonna bounce back,we could have had more than ever she's,leaving just,she thinks that this is the downward,peak no it's the best is yet to come,i won't i mean when you flood when they,flood the market with like a millions of,these things how how are they going to,maintain their value i just,i do wonder how buyers are deciding,which ones to choose because i feel like,i i'm seeing stuff get minted every day,so like,obviously there's got to be some buyers,who are like,silly enough to fall to keep the pyramid,scheme going so i wonder like,the buyers i want to meet them i want to,see a movie about them i want to see,what they live like i want to see what,they were buying before this like,i don't know i just imagine there's like,these,gold mask squid game looking, who are gathering in a,room and like choosing what monkey to,buy like,i i don't even think it matters they,they don't i don't even think they see,it as art they see it as just like an,acquisition it doesn't even matter what,it looks like,i mean you see i've seen interviews,these people a lot of them just look,like,normal regular normal human beings with,like a job and they have a shirt and tie,on every day,and they're like here's my nft,collection it's just the nastiest art,you've ever seen and they just,all right they've never had taste in,anything and they'll never i mean i,don't know they just don't care about,that they just,they just see it as as a investment,would you rather that's it would you,rather yeah this goes for you is welcome,i'm asking both you and jeff,yes,would you rather spend an entire,afternoon,with somebody who collects nfts,or someone who collects funko pops you,get to choose one or the other,oh this is dangerous dangerous,i think the up the ,conversation,the of the oh the ,that would be over in 30 seconds i would,kill them see i i,would be utterly,i'm saying yeah if i can't leave the,room with them i'm just saying i think i,would be really bored by the funko guy,because he's just like,he's just you already know his whole,life,you know he's got some man cave,with like posters of like ant-man 2,a more like avengers end game on like,like these are like special things and,figurines and dvds it's just a big tomb,of garbage has been his gaming den but,you already know who that guy is the nft,guy is much more like,there's something more devious about i,don't know there's some there's more,there's more money to be made see the,the thing about the funko pop funko pop,guy is it's pure passion he loves this,one coupon,people people with nfp is like they,don't give a about like,it it's like it's like the weirdo like,investor type like like wannabes like,you want to be like the get rich quick,scheme and it's like,they're evil and devious little tricky,they're both they're both soulless,monsters but,one is addicted to toys and one is,addicted to money so,all right,this question is just for you jeff,yeah,you have to help mend the marriage of,either a funko collector or an nft,collector,you they fix their marriage,you have to pick one you can pick one,and you have to fix the marriage,one wants to buy a little deadpool toy,and one wants to buy a little monkey,yeah they both have crippling addictions,that are ruining their family's finances,which one do you think which which,marriage do you think you can save,i i think i have to cover but like for,the funko guy i'd be like i would be,like we're going to throw,we're going to put all your on ebay,and then we're going to take you to,sears and get you some decent clothing,and fix your life like if i fix,their life in an afternoon,the nft guy though,there's a bigger there's a deeper,there's a deeper problem there there's a,deeper emptiness in that man,like doesn't his life is like those ones,ain't vaccinated,yeah yeah yeah he's and he's an,anti-vaxxer,and he's stubborn and he's just like,against the he's against the grain all,the way with everything like he's like i,don't trust the government crypto's the,future,there's like a whole litany of problems,with this guy,i don't know if like i don't know if,there's much to do with him like he,he's he's inevitably gonna ruin his,whole family his kids are gonna hate him,and he's gonna be destitute with like,some jpegs and that's gonna be his life,and,i don't know yeah i feel like the funko,guy though,you can pull them aside a little bit and,be like listen man,you're you're collecting garbage,you know your kids are just gonna throw,this in dumpster one day nothing is,special here just just how about yo

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Pokimane Sued By Ninja

Pokimane Sued By Ninja

no this is fresh this has nothing to do,with roblox,this drama was unfolding while i was,lifting,and i was reading about it in between,sets,and then the second i finished working,out i just hopped on stream i didn't,even bother showering which is why i,look so goddamn greasy right now i felt,like jay jonah jameson who just got some,pictures of spider-man committing a,crime,high school drama don't pretend like,it's not entertaining and to be fair if,they do try and sue for defamation of,character that's a big deal i think that,would be the first case of a streamer,suing another streamer for defamation,based off nothing,pokemane was just showing clips and dms,that ninja and his wife actually said,and now they're threatening legal action,via,defamation of character,so lsf has just become full-blown tmz,today it's nothing but the pokemane and,ninja drama which is fine because i'm,super invested in this soap opera for,now,i i think i pulled up all the relevant,clips so this is patient zero this is,where it starts four days ago,to give context gideon is the streamer,that recently just got banned because he,had his community go to pokemane while,she was streaming and spam l plus ratio,or,whatever happened there it was a,harassment campaign,according to the twitch terms of service,so he got banned for it,four days ago,he was on ninja stream so this was,before he got banned,and,this happened,don't set don't,no nothing negative no l's don't spam,your chat to raid someone and spam else,don't rate if you're gonna ratio ,and that's not,wow,you stick to twitter,all right,l spam you'll get away with it,i say less dude,say less ,the desperate back pedal so,gideon this was right after his uh hate,raid on pokemane which got him banned,this was right before,that happened,so he dropped give subs to ninja and had,his community in ninjas chat and ninja,said you know you you can't send people,to harass them if you're gonna ratio, do it on twitter or whatever and,julian took that as ninja calling her a, and to be fair that's what it does,sound like you know i don't think ninja,would say,you can't send a harassment campaign to, if he did it to like miz kif or,something,right,so judeon took it as ninja's calling her,a and today,pokeman was just going over this entire,drama,she just explains the situation of this,clip i just showed you she doesn't take,any liberties or spin it in other ways,she literally just explains it,you can't run around raiding on,twitch,which dijon obviously immediately takes,as ninja calling me a ,and ninja then says he meant ,generally,i wonder if ninja would have said, if it was,a large male streamer that was hate,rated but i digress i don't even know,ninja said bad words,he then says,like verbatim,the most i can do is text my twitch,representative about this,and then he proceeds to do just that,so that's where it all started today,from an event from four days ago,and,ninja and his wife slash manager were,not too happy about it,so,that isn't a baseless claim on stream he,said that he can text his where was it,it's somewhere here here he said that he,can text his twitch rep to help judy on,out,and then he proceeds to do it or at,least pretend to do it on stream,all right all right i sent the text,i can't i don't promise i don't promise,a goddamn thing,because at the end of the day at the end,of the day what happened happened,so like actual anime villain ,i swear on my grandfather's life who,just passed away that i didn't text my,twitch rep and you are making a big,mistake,i can literally see him writing that as,he's like doing this with his hands,twirling his mustache like and he did he,pretended to do it on stream so if he,really didn't text him he could have,just said yeah i pretended to do that on,stream,in order to look cool in front of jidion,but he's not saying that he's just,outright denying it ever happened,draw on the ground bro yeah so,the strategy was they denied it happened,after pokey proved it happened ninja's,manager slash wife's response was this,and this is what makes it so,entertaining as a spectator sport this,was dangerous there could have been a,council of here but i took the risk,yep, threatening a lawsuit for,defamation of character for literally,just describing what ninja publicly did,and showing clips of him doing it,why why does that be something like who,cares this isn't gonna change my life,well i mean neither is watching the,mandalorian but it's still,he wants views it's the meta right now i,don't think he i don't think he did that,i don't think that was his plan,gideon was watching ninja didn't want to,look like a so he was you know,puffed up his chest a little bit he's,like hey check this out fortnite kids,don't ratio ,oh and then he like backpedals really,hard he's like uh oh,and then his wife,made everything significantly worse,and then trying to like intimidate or,abuse the legal system for some reason,is even sillier,have twitch streamers slash managers,ever tried to sue you

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