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Omg Daddy, I Sinned (feat. Nikki Benz)I like after I like sent the video it,was a masturbation video

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Updated on Jan 28,2023

Omg Daddy, I Sinned (feat. Nikki Benz)

I like after I like sent the video it,was a masturbation video I'm like what,is that I'm like Madge is this like a,clump of white hair it was just my dog,hair,like reality,oh my God your wardrobe screams father,we have more dresses,you need Jesus,that's offensive welcome back my,offenders it is Daddy deals in the,building and I have Nikki Benz with me,here today yeah and I have two co-hosts,now wow,spoiled spoiled I know you were a guest,and now you're back yeah I couldn't stay,away she was so good she you were thank,you I love the porn star I forget I lost,my voice but we're here we're here no,you lost your voice because you were,eating out okay that was it,was it washed this morning my mouth no,but yes it's an wash this time,no I don't know well you ate dirty ass,maybe,I brush my teeth okay that's good that's,good yeah okay I forgot to introduce you,guys,and Kaylee Kaylee Gunner like ons Monica,Swedish Bella,all right let's start off with our,offensive questions of the week but I,can have you guys all answer the,offensive questions of the week do you,ever plan on having kids and what would,the conversation look like when you,admit you do porn I don't want,kids neither do I baby hell yeah,oh it's so hard I I really don't see,myself having children it's so it's,weird like I don't know no yeah same are,we just not all having kids together I,have a dog that is a child I have two,dogs I have two cats they're like my,children yeah those are babies I thought,it could be funny if you guys just role,played really quick like I'm your kid,and you're telling me that you do porn,so let's let's just role play that,really quick yeah yeah so you're the mom,you're the dad and you're the Stepmom so,you guys all do porn and I'm just your,little kid that you guys have to tell,break the news too daddy should go first,so,when a woman and a man love each other,and they need to make money,foreign,things happen on camera that,you know,love making,but if you're just my stepdaughter it's,okay,and scene,awesome that was great I I do wonder how,people have those conversations listen,the reason why you have a stepmom is,because your real mom's a yeah,there is a lot of very black dick you,know what I'm saying or who knows my, paid for this okay so,how about that are your guys's clits and,these are onies,I don't even know I have a really little,clip like so you're probably in any,I think you're in any I think I mean,yeah I've seen yours Nick here at any I,mean I didn't know that was a thing yeah,because it's a hood yeah yeah yeah yeah,yeah and it's really tiny but I come,hard is yours enemy or an audience any,oh my God I'm the only Audi I have the,fattest body here oh thank you is it,sensitive no mine's really sensitive oh,yeah I'm going to pay for the ocean yeah,the her just I'm from The receptors,either they think like your is all,the way where the fast starts and I'm,like,um,you tried you tried your best sir but um,on to the next,um do you guys eat at Chick-fil-A,although they donate to anti-lgbtq,organizations,so I don't eat meat oh I don't eat fish,I'm pescatarian so I don't eat there at,all I like their waffle fries though God,they're so good their sauces are good,too they're Chick-fil-A sauce and,they're iced tea is really good,yeah oh and their mac and cheese is good,so you don't eat there I'm hungry,yeah because in my life had food from,there once one I don't eat there no okay,I don't I love Chick-fil-A I love,Chick-fil-A I also love the lgbtq so,yeah we're all by here we've all I,haven't you yet but we've all,done contact together you me we,do we do things together yeah it's fun,it's a fun time but I would say yes but, Chick-fil-A but I'll still eat,there if I'm hungry I eat there on,Sundays,extra holy yeah exactly God will forgive,me,all right by the way you guys just so,you know in here I know you think I'm,healthy and I'm drinking water but it's,champagne that's awesome yeah yeah I,love it you're welcome go for it,all right so to preface this question,this man is really hot but has done a,lot of awful things,and I'll pull up a picture of him,to see what your thoughts are on this,man uh-huh if I can just come on I can,find him who is he,hold on hold on where's this picture,is this someone you would ,no no,oh God no am I the only one who thinks,he's cute,no no I'm the only one okay what's,Joseph Stalin ew oh no double no double,no well obviously no I was trying to,fool you guys to be like yeah I totally, jokes of Stalin, up he looks very feminine yeah,I'm more feminine than me,and killed so many people maybe he was,eight he killed like six million,ukrainians yeah he needed to come out,like uh,and he's angry I think that's how my dad,is I think he's closeted bye,and that's why he's so mean to me,because he's like wow you do all this,sex works oh you know he's blocked he's,very much blocked we don't okay got it,yeah,if you ever want me to call him I will,oh yeah,she would be like listen listen are you,I'd be like which would yo

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Nikki Benz Addresses Women Who Accept Offers From Men in Dubai

Nikki Benz Addresses Women Who Accept Offers From Men in Dubai

Phoenix Maria was here and she was,talking about a situation she wouldn't,really go into details about it but she,said that she was approached by someone,in the Middle East,ah I think she was off for like 50,000,to like fly out and that's have a thing,yeah,I've been offered escort things I don't,it's just let my fetish like a thing MA,I keep it in the family 100,000 for,overnights from certain people you,turned out a hundred thousand yeah for,overnight,mm-hmm I guess it's a thing that uh rich,Middle Eastern men fly girls out you,know poor girls its grand models and so,forth like this poor girls is uh and,Victoria Secret models bottles and stuff,like that you know about that absolutely,I mean I I know girls I've done it I,know girls that I haven't gotten caught,doing it because I don't really know,what their sort of thing is I mean I've,I've been to the Middle East I've been,to Turkey I've been to Dubai and I've,been to I think that's that right Turkey,little use do I do buy seems to be a,country that keeps coming back up yes,here's the thing do BIOS bad reputation,because I guess people don't really do,their research and they think oh as soon,as you mentioned to buy your hooker or,you want to divide to be a hooker like I,went to Dubai on my own dime for my,birthday in December and I had an,amazing time,two of my friends from LA moved there,one of them solos there are these girls,that are in the industry they they used,to be they they're out of the industry,like they just moved to Dubai to start a,new life and one of them is now a real,estate agent and she has nothing to do,with porn and I went there and it's such,an amazing city it's a lot of fun and,it's like a Vegas mix of Miami on,steroids it's an incredible country,incredible city I feel like everybody,should go there and,experience it but yes Dubai has bad rap,because I guess that's sort of like the,one city that everybody associates,you know these rich Prince's or whatever,they're called what do they call them,well the royal family right and I guess,they do fly girls out there and do,whatever I don't know because like I,said one of the things I got some flack,for going to Dubai because people just,assumed automatically yeah they're being,a hooker I'm like wall OS no I actually,had to pay for my trip it's my birthday,I had an incredible time um but it,definitely has a better rap and I know,girls that been there for the reason,you're talking about to escort and I,know girls that have gotten caught going,there because I guess they were bringing,back cash and you get caught I mean,they'd look through your stuff you know,so yeah but it's unfortunate that that,city and Middle East just has a better,route because not everybody that goes,there goes for the same reason what,Phoenix is just saying okay so a girl,goes there yeah,what type of dollar amounts have you,heard to go to Dubai as as an escort I,think 50 I think that's what you just,said yeah so you've heard 50,000 I've,heard I've heard that's a certain girl,that I'm not gonna name got caught,that's how much she got taken away the,border so and my interest is pretty,small so soon as that happens we all,kind of know about it so she went there,uh-huh,got 50,000 went back they confiscated,the 50,000 if she got sent home was she,arrested all her no because I actually,know what I don't know I've never asked,her but I she is back in the States cuz,I worked with her so she's fine hmm I,had heard a rumor that this is like a,scam out there like they you know bring,the girls over promised to pay him a,bunch of money yeah give them the money,and then when they try to leave,the money gets confiscated and sent back,to the guy okay look I I mean I've heard,I don't like see why I don't seem like,why you even want to travel that far and,take such a big risk,I heard they confiscate your passports,the money whatever else like you you're,really for however for however long,you're there to see so and so they just,put you apparently in somewhere they,lock you up particularly passwords like,why the would you want to go,anywhere who takes away your password,and your freedom and then and just so,you can make some money and take that,big of a risk I mean somebody did that,to me I would freak the out and I'm,thinking like I'm dead I'm never getting,out alive so the laws are definitely,different in third world countries the,girl that her money can confiscate it so,I felt bad for her because obviously she,just went there and she did whatever she,did she got ripped off but I've heard of,girls getting their passwords taken away,you know what not is just like that,doesn't seem safe at all yes a lot of,these girls know this ahead of time and,they still chance it cuz you're dangling,fifty thousand you can make it safely,here in the States,yeah but there's very few men in the,states they don't pay you 50,000 for no,no I don't mean that I mean like you,actually work and make that money like,everybody's the core woman future,dancing whatno

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Nikki Benz Tells us how much Nikki loves her Career in the Adult Film Industry much more Interview

Nikki Benz Tells us how much Nikki loves her Career in the Adult Film Industry much more Interview

hey guys what's up this is nikki benz,and you may know me from many,movies over the past 13 years especially,for,digital playground one of my favorite,companies to shoot for,what happens when somebody recognizes me,in real life,um you know what i'm usually flattered,um,it also depends on the situation i,literally have like,was at a hot dog place eating a hot dog,not,flattering not sexy at all and like as,i'm putting this piece of meat in my,mouth,like a guy just approached me and said,hey or unique events and i'm like,uh-huh like don't do that let me eat my, hot dog,but you know usually i'm very flattered,i do get recognized a lot it's kind of,cool,it's nice to know that people appreciate,what i do they know who i am,do i have a plan after porn you know,what i do and,my plan after porn is porn um,i mean i've already been in this,industry for 13 years,obviously it's my career i love it and,i'm,you know hoping to move into you know,directing i've already started producing,from my website for, and i feel like that's,the next step i really take i want to,take a more hands-on approach on my,website,if i had a caulk for a day what would i,do with it,um for one i would probably ,everything with a hole,if there was a you know a tree with a,hole in it that a tree,i everything i mean literally and,then what i would want to do,also is mushroom stamp people mushroom,stamp is when you take your dick and you,slap it on your forehead,ask why i would just be like a kid a kid,in a toy store with a dick for a day,it'd be great,but but i'm serious though i think i,would definitely love to experience that,just for one day,who is better girls or guys um,you know most people would say girls,but i'm gonna have to say guys because i,don't think a girl has ever made me come,from eating my but,guys have always made me come so i'm,gonna have to give it to the boys in,this one,my favorite geographical place to shoot,porn and why,well um i've only shot pornography in,florida,la and vegas so out of those three,i would probably have to say los,angeles because there's so many,different locations that you can shoot,at you know if you shoot a malibu in,beverly hills,in a cheap-ass motel to make it look,grungy so,my best experiences would probably be,los angeles but i'm gonna,maybe expand a little bit on that,question and answer where's my favorite,place to have,sex like for personal life um and that,would have to be,probably let's see we're gonna have um,you know what,the best sex that i've had i probably,i'm gonna say cabo,mexico that was some wild wild sex,in cabo yeah i can't even tell you what,happened it's just two miles,what's my reaction when i watch myself,in porn scenes,to be honest i used to watch my,porn just to sort of see what i did or,didn't do and critique myself but now i,feel like i have so much product,out there if i watched every single,scene i would never leave my house,so i don't really watch my porn anymore,and if i do it's literally not for sex,but it's more for like the dialogue or,the,acting part of it because it's funny to,me i already,know i'm good in sex so i don't need to,watch that anymore i'm just saying,what would someone say to me to,guarantee me, them um i don't know pay me like,a lot of compliments and just,you know what i love i love people i,love men that are intelligent that i can,actually hold a conversation because,that's a,turn on to me so if i like you and i,like the way you talk,and you've got game going on i'll,probably you,what advice do i have for girls that are,just getting into industry you know um,take this as a business it really it,really is a business and a lot of new,girls don't realize that,uh it's a business so be professional,show up on time,bring your wardrobe and have your lines,memorized save your money,and remember that whether you do three,scenes,or 100 scenes this stuff is going to be,online forever so just make wise,decisions,and pace yourself don't shoot everything,at once if you're brand new,don't start out doing you know triple,anal scenes or whatnot just,pace yourself that way you can prolong,your career and,save your money because too many new,girls will get in,and they'll be doing this for two three,years and then they're broke and i never,understand that,you're making good money you should not,be broke just saying,if i weren't a porn star what would i be,doing as a career um,you know i've always wanted to become a,lawyer an attorney,and that was sort of my actually that,was,my plan and i derailed by going into the,adult industry but i would probably be,an attorney,in toronto canada,which up-and-coming porn star do i see,becoming a success story i'm gonna have,to say,mike mincini he is brand new in the,industry he's only been in it for two,and a half months,but um he has proven himself to be quite,the man so i would really love to see,him succeed and become one of the,biggest porn stars,from the usa but and you know what's,funny,what's funny is that he's actu

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Nikkie Benz EXPLAINS Dating as a Cornstar on Chrissie Mayr Podcast! Relationship Disasters!

Nikkie Benz EXPLAINS Dating as a Cornstar on Chrissie Mayr Podcast! Relationship Disasters!

uh okay from captain z honest question does  the number oh wow it's the actual question  ,does the number of partners for you affect  the ability to form long-term relationships  ,or serious emotional connections like how  do you eliminate the emotion of the act  ,well i mean last year i probably had sex with  four guys total and it was all for work so like  ,people think i just all that i know  i keep touching my hair people just me too  ,people just keep like here's a there this is  like another thing that pisses me off people  ,are like oh oh my gosh if you i  literally like four guys the entire year  ,yeah so back off i mostly shoot solo content  with a dildo so if you count that then okay a lot  ,prior to only fans like yes i've been in  the industry for 18 years but i trust you  ,me i still less guys than your   regular local uh bottle service girl because i  ,would work with the same guys over and over and  over again so does that count as like a number,yeah my entire career i've been  under contract so i've been like  ,literally working with the same guys over and over  and over again now in the beginning of my career  ,yeah i worked with a few like various guys and  then it just got like a roster of dudes that was  ,just on the wheel of repeat so those of you that  are thinking i a thousand guys i'm sorry  ,but i haven't has it affect your and i don't even  know about your relationship status but has it  ,how has it affected your ability  to have relationships but  ,it's i've always had a boyfriend i've always  been in the room in the relationship um  ,and it always starts with like the guy being okay  and then emotions get involved he falls in love  ,and then all of a sudden he wants the  real me not be nikki benz right and  ,i'm not okay with that like but he met me as nikki  benz i'm not gonna quit i like i here's my thing  ,right i see girls quit the industry for a guy  but the guy's not supporting them or helping them  ,then they come back and broke with them and they  have to start over so my you want to take me out  ,of the industry i don't expect it to like provide  for me but start a business with me like let's  ,build a kingdom okay but i'm not just gonna quit  my industry just because you don't like it right  ,like that's my mentality you don't want me to  work in it no problem i'm not a dumb   ,i'll start a business with you period like that  yeah so like nobody's offered that to me so i'm  ,like okay then my job is gonna be number one now  i'm at a point right now where i literally don't  ,want to date i'm so over it the last date was  so horrible i went out with this democrat  ,oh no what happened at what point of  the date did you know he was a democrat  ,when he told me that well for one when he wanted  to split the check ah not the first date come on  ,did he ask you out or did you ask him out it was  sort of like i guess it was mutual but like he  ,picked the restaurant right he sounded so funny if  you were like he was democrat it was mitt romney,i listen i don't care if you're a democrat  or or actually i do care i i realized that if  ,you're far left we're not going to get along  because our views are so different and um  ,you know and then you'll meet those people they'll  be like i'm actually a communist and i'm like holy  , then they really want to split the bill  they want to split the bill with everybody else  ,in the restaurant right um and then and then this  guy so this guy that i was on a date with he was  ,talking about like a car that i drive not  realizing that i drive that car and he was just  ,talking and i'm like oh okay i'm like what  car would you buy so he saw me say well i would  ,buy mercedes so-and-so and i'm like well what do  you actually drive and he drives like some   ,prius and i'm like shut the up like  it was just like that's the man who drives a prius  ,with having a gun yes i'm a gun owner um why  because when i got my gun in 2020 i felt so much  , safer i lived in west hollywood there was  activity going on in doheny i used to live off of  ,tahini if you know okay i know where that is and  one of my windows was on the first floor i i lived  ,in a condo i'm like i don't know unsafe because  people were throwing bricks they were setting  , on fire i'm like i want to get a gun and  as soon as i got one i felt protect i felt safer  ,i don't ever want to use it but i would rather  have it and not ever have to use it than have to  ,use it and not have it so i tried to explain that  to him and he just like just totally just thought  ,it like i was the worst human being because i own  a gun and i'm like you know what you like  ,it's a childhood mentality that's literally like  a 19 year old oh i'm afraid of guns i just got  ,out of college like what adult man is like i don't  know yeah that's a that's a red flag when a dude  ,or and these are the type of guys that  are out there i'm a little concerned  ,yeah um mr goodnight wants to know what type  of gun

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Nikki Benz Reveals Justin Bieber has a Huge One!

Nikki Benz Reveals Justin Bieber has a Huge One!

I'm here in LA with Nicki Ben you know,there's his news story and he's actually,a friend of ours he's a friend of the,program eyes is an NHL hockey player but,Philadelphia Flyers defense in Michael,Del Zotto apparently was like all that,you know Lisa and this porn star so he,was sort of basically hitting up Lisa,Annan and they knew each other through,social media and he was kind of asking,her to help set them up on dates and,stuff and there's a big rant that Lisa,and went on if you go to at the really,saying but do a lot of people come to,you who are guys that maybe you know are,very public hockey players so football,players actors and but I want to keep it,quieter than maybe it should be yes um I,actually have some hockey player friends,and they're they're open about being,friends with me they're totally cool but,some of the NFL players will hit me up,no one to fly me out to the set the,other and hang out with me and I just,don't reply it doesn't work like that,like just because I'm a porn star you,can't just hit me up and say hey Nikki I,have a bye week you want to come and,hang out now I'm not gonna ,hang out with you I don't know you you,could like kill me and like stuff in,your closet and they'll never be seen,again it just I don't do that I you know,it I mean like yeah judging by we've,seen in the NFL - you never know right,and I'm not making light but there's,been some pretty vicious attacks oh yeah,but a lot of these guys don't get it,this is my job like I'm not gonna hit up,Justin Bieber and say hey come sing at,my birthday party that's because what,that's what you do for a living you know,it just doesn't work like I hit up,Justin Bieber actually I asked him if he,could come over and I could stuff him in,the trunk of my car yeah yeah yeah he,obliged it's weird we thank you we know,why you so hated in in u.s. it's crazy,I'm so proud to be from Toronto and,everybody's like I love Toronto but you,guys can have him back and I don't ever,know what to say I think the problem,with Bieber is and he's been pretty,under the radar recently yeah but uh you,know he's a he's a young punk who's the,most one of the most popular guys in the,world with millions and millions of,dollars and I'll tell you this if I was,19 years old with that much money and,that much being thrown in my,throat in front of my face I'd be a,complete too because how would,you know better how and on and I came,from a grounded upbringing as well and,he didn't so much he didn't have a very,hid a stable mother but not a very,stable father apparently in his life,how can you not be a but also I,think I think for most people,they don't want to that they don't want,to feel like that they should be a,babysitter to him like society's,babysitter in terms of trying to contain,this guy so they get frustrated by it,because it you know he's living the,dream why throw it in people's faces by,being such a schmuck but do you think if,he was American they would treat him the,same way uh yeah I think that's fair I,think I think Americans would be,embarrassed of their own if they were,this much of a douchebag because he has,done you know egging neighbors and,driving up and down in his neighborhood,with old people in his Ferrari and,bragging about it I mean this guy I,think it doesn't matter if you're,Canadian American or even from Sweden,where they're very nice apparently,they're all very nice over there to my,friends banged him and they said that,he's packing so why that is brown leaves,yeah apparently is packing which makes,sense he's a skinny little white boy and,a lot of them pack so I guess whatever,I'm pretty skinny and I don't know if,you know look at me Anna what color well,I'm white,yeah that that theory is kind of true,Niki I agree with you,you asked you guys are big hogs I don't,know what that's about and I always,believed that that bigger women have,extremely tight vaginas you know why,there's their thighs keep it together,got nowhere to go yeah yeah it's true,Wow so just this is this is huge news,Jackie I know you can't shake yeah this,just is Justin Bieber's not only a big,dick he has one big dick for that is,told Wow,you can't say no absolutely not,absolutely not it wasn't me okay let's,just make that clear yeah it wasn't you,it wasn't you but so he so but I mean,are they porn star friends can you say,that yeah their points our friends the,two of them banged him and he he has a,nice one good for you Justin good for,you but safe to say and I'm not trying,to exploit anything but he's had sex,with some porn stars yes yeah yeah,that's okay yeah yeah that's okay I just,don't know if his PR team you know has,talked about that but I don't think it's,a problem I think I mean you know you're,19 you have a big dick and you got a lot,of money people are gonna hate you

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The Nikki Benz Origin Story | From Ukraine To Canada To Modeling | Chrissie Mayr Podcast

The Nikki Benz Origin Story | From Ukraine To Canada To Modeling | Chrissie Mayr Podcast

this is a perfect segue into my guest,because she is super sexy she is a,content creator you can find her on only,fans she's kind of a big deal,i'm so excited to talk about so many,things with her i just like we had a,pre-chat and i was like i'm in love i'm,in love with this gal,welcome to the show ms nikki benz hello,hello thank you so much for having me on,i appreciate of course,do you like like this or do you like,zoomed in,i like it how you like it baby oh my,goodness,nikki what's going on,i think we just flirted we yeah i uh i,think i'm about to come out as bisexual,although remember back in the day you,didn't have to come out as bisexual you,just were considered fun at parties you,know you didn't have to like yeah you,just made out with chicks and went home,whatever yeah big deal uh,so,for those of you who are not familiar,with nikki benz we're gonna we'll do a,little bit of like your origin story how,you got into the biz just in case i mean,i doubt it probably everybody listening,is a huge fan but,um,when i have when i have someone on for,the first time i like to get a little,bit into the origin story so nikki,you're from,you're born in the ukraine,correct from canada,crap in toronto yeah by the way,beautiful face or the camera i never,know where to look you look wherever you,like i know what you mean because my,camera is above the screen,so i,how i look like if i look at the camera,versus your face,you look you can look wherever you want,i i know the feeling though,just look at my face yeah that's what,i'm that's what i'm gonna do all right,you can look how much it is,yeah i was gonna ask if that was okay,i've been looking at them the whole time,i'm glad it's okay it's all good,um okay back to my origin,story from ukraine um born in a city,called mario pool which is um you know i,had to stop following what's going on,because i mean i cried for so long,it's just so sad but i'm pretty sure,that city is no longer even existent,it's just,that's the only thing i know about,ukraine is hearing about that city yeah,they completely destroyed it i don't,even know if it's russian or ukraine i i,just ha like i literally bawled my eye,eyes out daily for like a week and then,after i felt like i had no more tears,left so i'm like i was just so so so so,depressed,um but i grew up in toronto canada very,blessed,have any family over there okay,all of my like immediate family is in,toronto in canada thankfully thank the,lord you know the universe or whatever,but um my distant family that i you know,i don't know them but but they're my,family i i grew up in toronto i've never,went back to ukraine ever i wanted to go,back in 2014 and what a lot of people,didn't know until this time is the worst,started in 2014 so i never got to go,because,that invaded and i was,like well i don't want to get shot,so i just you know it didn't go and i've,never been back to my motherland,and i'll never be able to,you can't you can't go back or you,wouldn't i don't even know if the city,that i was born in,is still there is,there is it gonna become another country,eventually like,who knows uh that's so crazy and it's,crazy that it's happening in 2022 like i,thought we were beyond that you know,yeah it's it feels frustrating to keep,up with because you feel like even as,much news as you can possibly keep up,with you're always left feeling at least,i always feel like ah they're probably,not telling us the truth and like,you could spend all day reading news and,you'll just feel ultimately like bummed,out and,yeah,so yeah,yeah but um i grew up in toronto canada,fun city drake you guys all know drake,is from that city you know we got a lot,of fun people are you like how are you,so great that out yes great everyone,knows,416. um and then i you know and then i,moved to l.a,in 2004 and i've been here for a long,long time i feel more,americanized than anything just because,man i pay a lot of taxes and uh,i've been here the longest you know,yeah and so you were in la through the,pandemic,yeah in 2020 yeah,yeah that was scary times man,did you think too like a lot of people,like escaped from cities i mean like,a lot of people were told oh move out of,cities people are still saying move out,of cities,but did you stay for work or just,because you liked it,luckily that's when only fans blew up,for everybody i mean literally everybody,that i know bought a house after 2020,oh my god,house money i forget like i forget i,know people make a lot of money but i,just like i have no idea hold up and,what are you gonna do you're just gonna,like do only fans you can't leave for a,year and then you just stack up and,literally like i know so many girls in,my industry who bought homes right after,wow and so did you,it sounds like you were you were in only,fans before the pandemic but it got,popular for everybody did you feel any,because i have some friends who were,like oh i was the only fans before the,pandemic and then all these new girls,came in and it was you know,

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Grandparents help Porn Star Nikki Benz become the next Mayor of Toronto

Grandparents help Porn Star Nikki Benz become the next Mayor of Toronto

the mayor is getting pretty interesting,and I'm a big fan of one of the newest,candidates who's running she's not a,performer name's Nikki Benz,another performer yeah you wanted to run,the City of Toronto I think she'd be,great after coming off for crack addict,god knows what else drunk now you're,gonna get it burn stuff she could,be great but she needs this a problem,she needs people like you like she needs,the older vote,okay so this is nikki benz she's running,for Marriott oh yeah I'm sure you,haven't a wig okay you keep a little,running solutely I'm gonna get a lot of,help you can help me so Nikki has a bit,of speech and boob you're gonna read it,to see if it's something that like,resonate with your demographic about,five months ago while I was taking it,from behind by 300-pound truck driver I,should be mayor of this city why well,because that truck driver often,complained about the transit issues in,the city and while I was giving him,extreme pleasure I realized I want to,give people like this man pleasure all,the time,and not just when they're giving it to,me I want to solve this transit issue,why do you make a few changes to this,thing that's good yeah if I am mayor,I'll make sure people can't play music,past 5:00 p.m. I will develop five major,bingo centers in the downtown core that,sounds great I will get rid of all bike,lanes and turned them into wheelchair,lanes here to have a wheelchair do you,just in a future hell but this all my,friends do,I have something important is political,you know mind dodging politics from,cards to political yeah I've got a,female running for mayor her name is,nikki benz think you may be Bofur you,beyond help us campaign,yes acquit saw her and talked to her I,guess it would help all right Nikki come,on in this night take my heart,medication,take it easy what I wrong or was I right,I have to broke the situation a little,more well why don't I tell you a little,bit about my platform okay I'm in the,face I'm trying to get your but I don't,want you to vote for me and I'm,wondering what is it that I can do to,you know convince you to vote for,someone like result you know I always,like to drive a Benz you know I think we,can make that happen,I'm,hi oh uh you must be the plumber plumber,yes I told you need your pipes have to,be cleaned,well the pipes are just right but I,actually want you to meet my roommate,first this is my roommate Sheila listen,I know you're not really here for the,plumbing what am I here for um well I'll,tell you what I'll show you the pipes,display why don't you two join me okay,okay well for nikki benz on October 27,Louis what's always be the problem I'm,sick and tired of Toronto politics oh I,have the perfect prescription for you Oh,miss nurse please Oh Nikki,Vince I love your politics why thank you,so do I I think your politics is swell,Thank You dr. Joe I have nikki benz and,if you're sick and tired of dirty,toronto politics let me inject this town,what's a clean fresh start,well I killed so much better already,and so do I vote for nikki benz for,their ups right oh yeah no we've been,working very hard on your behalf trying,to get the elderly vote and could you do,something for us,I sure hate to ask you this but my,grandson Nathan's a little slow on a,social side and maybe you'd be prepared,to go out with him on her date and maybe,even push the envelope and then sleep,with him a little bit what do you think,is that possible oh I'm not I'm sorry,you know supposed to ask I thought,that's not that we did a lot for lease,no even ask not that ugly

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Lisa Ann has restraining order for fellow adult film star Nikki Benz! Says she threatened her life

Lisa Ann has restraining order for fellow adult film star Nikki Benz! Says she threatened her life

check out the story posted by TMZ let me,read it to you and then I'll give my,opinion after sewer TMZ writes to,legendary porn stars going toe to toe is,usually a good thing artistically,speaking but in this case lisa ann who,says fellow actress nikki benz is,threatening her life oh so she's filed a,restraining order in the docs filed,friday in LA lisa says nikki began,attacking her on twitter last december,and incited her more than 700,000,followers to do the same lisa claims,nikki was encouraging and rewarding,those who made threats on her business,and her safety lisa who recently retired,from the biz says the threats continued,into january including someone,threatening to rape and kill her unless,she deposited money into an account,she says the threats became so violent,and frequent she couldn't go to the AVN,Awards to accept her Lifetime,Achievement Award the avians is the,Adult Video News Awards that's basically,like the portals Oscars I guess you,could call it anyway Lisa and Nikki have,done some fine work together in the past,for example Reservoir and big Rack,Attack 8 and it's unclear what sparked,the feud Nikki tells us she has never,threatened Lisa and claims Lisa was,actually harassing her on Twitter a,judge granted Lisa the restraining order,Nikki must take rather Nikki must stay,100 yards away a hearing is scheduled,for next month,end quote here's my opinion first of all,four stars and webcam girls can be some,of the nicest coolest most open-minded,and easygoing people you will ever meet,and converse with plus a lot of them,will for just some Taco Bell,anyway I have never had the pleasure or,this possible displeasure of speaking,with Lisa and/or nikki benz but i,definitely know who lisa ann is despite,not knowing her personally now regarding,Nikki's counterclaim about Lisa and,judging by what I've observed of her of,Lisa doing something vicious like this,of,years to be completely out of her,character from what I've seen she,appears to be one of the coolest and,most likable prostitutes,I mean porn actresses ever as for the,accusations about Nikki Benz,I just don't know anything about her so,I cannot pass judgment on her character,or lack thereof all I know is I hope,these two ladies get back to being nice,and sweet so they can put their heads,between each other's thighs and eat but,that's just my opinion let me know what,you think about it all below be sure to,subscribe to the meat magazine youtube,channel visit meat magazine dot blog, for more and a eet not an,eighty you pervs man what'd I do to get,an interview with Lisa Ann I wish she,would call on my radio show hmm maybe I,should send her a tweet with her,beautiful self

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