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NICO'S TOP 5 GAMES OF 2022okay so yes another year completed we,didn't die huzzah we did it went thr


Updated on Jan 16,2023


okay so yes another year completed we,didn't die huzzah we did it went through,a whole other year that means a whole,bunch of new games that I I checked out,and most of the games I play are either,Let's Plays or streams generally I don't,actually play really many like games on,my own anymore unless it's like you know,power washer simulator or something as,per the usual I thought it'd be good to,talk about my top five games of 2022.,the top five games that I played let's,start with number five so I'm going in,order from I'm saying least favorite to,favorite least favorite something I,didn't like it but all these games are,my top five so I loved all of them so my,number five game of last year,is Neo the world ends with you this game,was basically in my opinion an,improvement over the first game in,almost every way I love the characters,more I loved the overall story more I,thought the the mechanics were a lot of,fun I actually like the more actually,battle system they had as opposed to,what they did before which was like,scratching your head and rubbing her,tummy which was interesting but it also,got a little confusing and a little like,well I'm just after a while I'm just,like I'm just kind of mashing honestly,this one kind of did that in a different,way though where you're still just like,doing things with uh on your controller,right you're pressing different buttons,for different character actions but I,loved our little group here I loved Rin,dude I loved fret I love Nagi they're so,funny especially her she's ,hilarious dude she's cracked me the ,up and the voice acting too I gotta I,gotta get to the voice actors,all right they were so funny and,shoka of course shoka shoka rendude uh,ship all the way especially by the end,like is that like the whole like first,half of the game I was like why is she,so mean I don't understand what did we,do to you and that turns out she's just,the massively tsundere and she's also,your little buddy and it's funny because,when you really think about what the,game is and this is exactly what the,first game was too you're not really,going to like a lot of new places you're,basically just in this city like one map,it doesn't really change much in that,regard so it's interesting that I I,never got like bored right I never got,tired of seeing the city,because they always manage to like bring,something new on each day I think that,the slowest was I believe day two I,think day two has some kind of slower,moments but I thought day one and day,three were awesome yeah Kubo is great,Kubo actually was pretty awesome which I,thought was a little sad when he did,kind of get shafted a little bit towards,the end but it still led to a really,pretty unexpected ending that I did like,I like Shiba too I actually ended up,liking how they ended up handling his,character because initially he seems,kind of like one note and pretty bad but,by the end I was like oh wow they,actually have really doing a great job,of course the loved the return of neku,and beat me Moto was back as well and,they were handled I thought perfectly,like they made me Moto your ally for the,most of the game and then beat comes in,later and then eventually neku joins as,well and I like that we didn't get rid,of characters I mean technically show,dick piss off when he stopped joining us,but like when beat and neku join us they,basically stuck with us the whole time,as well as uh shoko just going around,shopping around the city was a lot of,fun part of the intrusion I think the,pacing of this game for the most part,was better and it had also the benefit,of I feel like the story didn't have,like,really stupid moments like the,first game did there were some plot,points in the original game that made me,go,like what Joshua you killed me oh wait,no you didn't you shot the person behind,me oh wait no you did kill me,loser boom I still remember it I,still remember it and there wasn't,anything like that here thankfully all,it was pretty like I think consistent,overall I think I found the,characterization to be a lot better even,though like rindo is cut from this a,very similar cloth that neku is right,like people point out how like sort of,similar he is and that he isolates,himself right,but not as obviously as neki was he was,like shut up I cut off the world with my,headphones you know whereas rindo is,more like he just doesn't engage he,doesn't engage with Fred he just sort of,like kind of just rolls along but he's,not like as immediately emo and I liked,that a lot more and I found that,actually a lot more interesting I liked,rindo I thought he was great throughout,the whole game I thought Brett was,awesome and I loved what they ended up,doing with his character it was so, funny and I loved how that she,ended up being like the mature one of,the group right hilariously enough,despite her being the weird one,too it's just like,all the battle quotes she's like,uh are you okay,it was nice because again you sort of go,in with a like a pre

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WHO IS NICOB? - Let's Bond - Akinator

WHO IS NICOB? - Let's Bond - Akinator

hey the stick Oh be here with the you,know I don't know I don't really know,what to call this okay call this even oh,let's play let's around how about,that let's around with akinator the,web Genie who's giving me a little smirk,does a little smartass face he's just,like I know what you know before you,know what you know I know when you're,knowing right now about you knowing that,knowing is no I think a lot of youtubers,do at some point it seems like a lot of,you have brought this stuff to me and I,thought this would be kind of cool one,off video to do because I'm actually I,am I feel like I put it off the the,council voices video long enough now I,need to really get back to work on it so,I've been spending the last few days,working on trying to get it done,be cool if I get it done for Christmas,so I thought I'd do something kind of,quick and fun and mess around with,akinator here I have actually played him,against him before he is really ,accurate it's freakiest it's freakish,hell but one thing I've never done,before is never look myself up which I I,don't really think I'm gonna this is,gonna work his good very well take the,whole video just trying to do,this I don't think he's gonna find me,cuz I don't think I'm like that kind of,popular but we'll see let's just see it,let's see what happens it'll be,interesting what is all that you were,thing these aren't maybe I don't these,are I guess these must be like the pass,all around the world the hell's phase,drug tonight Sniper Wolf Apple your,older sister your husband what how do,you know that how do you do you know the,people that live in my life or something,that's weird I can a derp,it's kind of freaking me out man alright,your age right,I am 845 years old,nope NAT wait nap sorry that's right max,you're 27,for sick ass it's your character,from YouTube,yes is your character a link to the Call,of Duty franchise no is your characters,gender female Oh quiet you say yeah no,no no I'm not just character gamer yes,you must mean Pootie pot no no I'm sorry,you must be ejected now you asked me,mark now that's how pretty this is gonna,go,is your character no for minecraft,gaming nope well I I did do a Minecraft,for a little bit,I didn't some a Tekken series for a bit,but I I stopped after a while because I,kind of work I think your character play,happy wheels oh my god Alan I bleed out,I I don't know if any of you you,probably realized I did play in half,people so I think put like two or three,videos of it they're all buried,somewhere in this channel they're really,old and really bad I think no not really,is your character taller than the,average man really you keep that in your,database optimator you know how tall all,the youtubers so III am fairly tall I'm,actually I'm like 6 foot 3 so I would,definitely taller than the average,person and if I'd be a giant but am i,British no I'm not British take care of,your facial hair and do you have a,tendency to show up with kind of bit of,stubble but I generally don't what I,mean it's only when I'm sort of lazy I,haven't shaved that day so now I really,is your character reached 1 million,subscribers on need you know as your,character older than 18 yes you,character play he's getting ,pissed now,I now sleep break Counter Strike global,Offensive nope,oh god this is gonna this is never this,is no way he's gonna find maze this this,is not gonna work cuz you're Nick your,character play Nintendo games well I,don't know Nintendo is like like Mario,and stuff right so saying I play like,the Nintendo DS games with like Phoenix,right and stuff so na is your character,a console gamer sometimes not very often,though like really not very often most,of the games I've played I can probably,count on like one hand at games I played,on I've actually just played and record,on consoles I only recently like fairly,recently got the ability to be able to,court console games and honestly it's a,lot easier for me if I can actually,record all my computer because using the,Elgato Game Capture thing is it's a bit,more of a hassle it's the violence it,being really big but and I can't,use Camtasia for us I would say probably,not,she character a black hair nope my hair,was kind of brownish reddish although,you guys did think it was black for a,while and I was actually because I had a,piece of art from that was kind of my,back is I had a piece of artwork arose,from an artist too and I had it as like,my profile picture for the longest time,where my hair was black but it actually,isn't it's it's it's kind of like a it's,kind of Albarn I guess kinda like a,darkish Brown with reddish tint in there,to care where classes yes you care to,have a wedding ring and I do not to,character enjoy insulting people all,right what what no insulting people no,and since that's just bad but what is he,thinking of no I mean I make fun sighs,the characters like in-game I don't say,like no if I can say something like II,don't think so now is your character,important to the plot the p

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WHO'S THAT EDITOR? New Editor Revealed and Upcoming Council of Voices!

WHO'S THAT EDITOR? New Editor Revealed and Upcoming Council of Voices!

hey Becky penguins this is Nico be here,with a very important announcement the,first all I'm sorry about the the,drought of videos lately I know it's,basically just been the the hunter,hunter series we've had at me really,playing any new games I've been trying,to focus on choosing my new editor as,some of you may or may not know it,putting out recently you've checked out,the channel I've been looking to get a,new editor to help me with the council,voices series so a couple of months back,I asked for any editors out there who,want you were interested to submit an,application and then from there I,narrowed down was brought about 250,applicants down to about 16 people and I,gave the 16 people a test to make a,basically a fake council voices episode,which was probably about 4 to 5 minutes,long,in total and it was just a bunch of it,was just it was crack you know it's just,basically just some random but just,to test out a bunch of their abilities,and and get them to flex their editing,skills and from that pool of people I,would pick who my editor was well I have,finally come to that decision first off,I do also want to make clear that this,is not coming out of nowhere for the,people that have done this I I wanted to,especially for the group of people that,took the test because you know that took,a lot of effort to to go in and make,even just a 4 to 5 minute episode with,council voices it's still a lot of work,so I did I have let these people know,I've are even the people who haven't,didn't get it so this isn't coming us,like some surprise and I also gave her a,ruddy feedback on their work because,they deserve at least that much after,the work they put in there also want to,make clear that this was definitely not,an easy decision this is the reason why,this ended up taking me so long,it wasn't like waiting one person just,just snowball the the competition no it,was it was really close I had to spend a,long time trying to figure out like like,narrowing down each of the segments of,the videos and grading each person on,like different aspects and then,additional other like but they also,brought this thing and that thing and it,was really difficult it's why it was,something I couldn't just like knock out,while making daily videos I really kind,of needed to drop one of my Let's Plays,in order to focus solely on this so that,I felt like I,made an informed decision here you know,that I wasn't just rushing and just,picking somebody off well willy-nilly I,do want to say to all the people that,did take my test thank you so much,really,I know it was not easy I threw a lot of,crap at you and I gave everybody about a,week to complete it,honestly you all did great I could tell,and nobody likes like half-assed any of,it it was everyone put their all into it,he definitely made a challenge for me to,pick an editor but just just thank you,alright thank you for taking that time,to to apply to this and to help me with,my own project but as they say there can,be only one,so yes the editor that I have picked,help me with the council voices and,possibly all other projects as well is,drumroll please,vive reverie now some of you actually,may have heard of this guy I mean he,actually already has a YouTube channel,Mazzone he's been making videos for like,10 years even longer than me and hasn't,well over a hundred thousand subscribers,a lot of videos he's made over his the,course of his show definitely have,revolve around the the Milo opponent,community even actually made like a a,semi animation of it was like like a dog,a rope a crossover of my little pony,including a number of his own original,characters that he has sort of put,together over the course of his channel,and I I could definitely relate to that,and it's actually really it's really,well done though I mean he he draws off,a dong group of VIII's system and it,like he emulates it perfectly and it's,it's really really quite impressive they,do know that he's also got a lot of,other like kind of Mimi stuff and just,overall shenanigans and hilarious stuff,I rather liked his recent video where he,talked about Death Note but really,really fast and like the course of like,two and a half minutes,but yeah I said everybody's I thought,his was the one that did everything well,enough like what he had really was very,strong fundamentals his pacing was,really good his choice of music was good,the audio levels were really good and of,course his execution which is you know,the most important thing there were a,lot of people who were really creative,in their submissions they did a lot of,really like cool stuff but sometimes the,execution in certain ideas fell or flat,or just felt a little off at times and I,think I have everybody Vivas was,most consistent and consistently good,and I say ethic he's gonna make an,excellent editor for this series and for,other videos - I don't know I'm,definitely looking forward to working,with him though,Josie who didn't get it seriously thank,you so much all right

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NicoB - Are you ready Joker?

NicoB - Are you ready Joker?

ah pretty sure I didn't leave that door,open,oh well I'm just gonna stand here and,hope nobody comes up behind me and ,me damn it there's a card over there too,what do you want to do kick its ass hold,on good opportunity teach you something,oh goody more tutorials god damn I,forgot how long the tutorial sections of,these persona games last I really,honestly don't mind though I mean it,easy you end everything and everything's,so engaging it's like it just doesn't,bother me hey besides well I got all the,new they've added in this right,Joker you ready took it down Oh Bonnie,zip up my papers all right good are you,ready oh I need a zip my pants again,okay let's go ahh this huge there are no,guards it seems suspicious,turns up ahead right we don't got a,choice but to keep going to make sure,we're ready for whatever might be ahead,okay here we go hold on let me finish,this level angrily,ah all right I'm ready go oh me,come on stopping got ding in another,another midboss breed Joker hold on let,me finish brush my teeth,oh yeah Mitch fresh baby alright let's,do this well wait there seems to be the,only only option,and of course for some reason I can't,put myself up against this this wall,here so you're just got to tank him hey,you ready do this hold on let me finish,talking my girl uh yeah I gotta go yeah,I need to go I gotta go save the world,yeah I'll get to do some other time all,right,what do you mean no take you out to,dinner we just went out to have back,last night all right no I'll call you,back when you calm down,all right love you too grandma bye bye,let's go it's finally time totally no,turn back let's begin the operation,horse comes to worse from it I have to,fight fight a fight oh we are totally,gonna have to fight that's right are you,ready Joker oh yeah I'm a donor ray oh I,see what she has in her way what you do,Joker oh let me fish polishing my mask,all right simp guess the epic all,through these bits of stuff see oh oh,yeah oh that's what I'm talking about,yeah I can see my face in that it,looks good right but God we just go over,our right okay I'll give it a try are we,ready,oh uh Fame I have a dog there oh oh man,oh so mean it's so good oh you guys,won't buy this this is some good ,right here this is this is real Mexican,beef all right,this is Jane with Mexican is,heaven all right just really good time,to be eating is it a good time to eat it,are you kidding me this changed my life,I feel blessed to be able to shoot this,out of my body later and by later I mean,it probably about five minutes of circus,sister's going through it fast ah god I,love me some good old Jimmy joggers all,right let's do it,waiter Papa getting closer are you ready,way oh I gotta go dinky I gotta go,oh that's better I really have to go,yes yeah what'd you think just cuz we're,inside a video game I never have to use,the restroom another button device the,shuttle must be protecting it so what to,take it down to move on ready for this,Joker I love a fish man for my tax go,keep it joke okay fine whoa wait up look,there she is sucked we had to go through,a hell again cuz he walked up the door,where that thing at first so what's the,call you wanna keep going,Oh hold on I think my muffins are ready,oh oh yes mother that's ,blueberries,oh so crispy and golden oh I can't wait,I'm just gonna slather and butter and,just rub them all over my body not,actually gonna eat him I'm just gonna,rub it on myself why do you always have,food whenever we're about to do stuff,what if there's a longer you think,I'm not allowed to have a snack all of a,muffin Rudy does I'm talked about yeah,but he's a muffin no you don't eat it,you rub it on yourself get right Joker,can we just go fine,it's permanently here should be able to,used to get into the customer database,okay,sorry get back to the car down shall we,do this Joker,hold on let me finish this episode of,full house real quick you stuck it out,and I got you just like we always do,just like we always will,captain Bob Saget you always know the,right thing to say,I wish you were my dad what what are you,doing Joker you get you see this is all,the time it's serious ,ridiculous,um Joker I think that guy sees us think,he's going to burn hold on hold on fine,let that do for you guys,very well then silver most luckily,chicas to size sauce location is,everyone ready yes,don't want to do anything funny to stop,no you know what I'm just I'm ready for,this I'm away for this mofo all my,life let's go alright let's go,that's right first rail right here you,don't get someone within its walls what,should we do G okay hold on let me,finish practicing my bongos yeah that's,right pro bono man that's me,it's alibi in a rage by an artist just,wants to explode onto the bongos alright,let's go kill this guy,that one looks pretty frigging strong,there's thing behind it could be,protecting that there's things shawnee,back there what could it be this is,strange the way if it is worth being,protected it would be safe to a

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This mailbox is TRYING TO KILL ME! - NicoB Wind Waker Montage

This mailbox is TRYING TO KILL ME! - NicoB Wind Waker Montage

good morning is this mailbox talking to,me welcome to the island Postal Service,uh I don't know how you don't,you don't say you got to mail you I,ain't got to talk to me for I don't,know how I'm talking to you at all,whoa whoa whoa,Patrick okay well I don't want any,issues man I don't want any issues,oh God I'm another mailbox good morning,there and it also talks welcome to the,Isle of Postal Service what you have for,delivery oh Jesus Christ don't have,anything for delivery you don't have,anything for delivery they were,delivering that's fine you can just care,about your day really no ,bang bang ,okay,oh God dare I talk to this thing,hi well we're not a posters what do you,have for delivery I don't,know,I don't have anything you don't have,anything for deliver wait wait wait wait,wait wait wait wait wait wait I do I do,here hold on to this mailbox oh what's,that oh I'm sorry but we're here at the,Postal Service do not allow the mailing,of dangerous items,trust me there are much easier ways to,mail out death and destruction like for,example a bullet from this gun oh come,on,and also you,oh God,oh welcome I'll post delivered what do,you have for delivery,well wait hold on hold on I might have,something for you oh yeah when the dope,just keep me way there small guy okay,just hold on hold on I know what you're,thinking but I think maybe because I,have a bag now and I think I can do,things with the bag uh I have a flower,here flower,are you okay how did you stick at me,what the what the hell they started,cannot be delivered are you out of here,God damn you trying to kill me no I I,thought that wait why do I have probably,to do my delivery back if I can't,deliver it somewhere you were just,trying to kill me with that flower,weren't you I really wasn't no I saw how,this works well you know what that,means doesn't it let me guess you're,gonna shoot me with your gun no I'm not,gonna shoot with my gun really I'm gonna,see you with both about guns done,there dwell come on man come on give me,a break hey there how you doing I'm not,talking to you go all the Lacross I like,and also don't talk to that mailbox you,didn't have to tell me that,sure don't got nothing to mail I,definitely don't definitely giving up on,trying that ever again,what the hell,this thing rocking out dude,oh God he seems like he's he's in a good,mood I am in a good mood I want to ask,him why but at the same time I also,don't want to die,damn it hey,why are you so happy good morning,oh,oh thank God,oh thank God I got mail I got mailboat I,got mail good for you here is your,letter I got it right yeah,I'm just asking you here you go oh God,dear link if you're reading this letter,it can only mean you have peaked into,one of our many post boxes against your,better judgment yeah all right that'll,be 350. what I'll be 350. I don't have,350 I mean I have 500 what's 50 of a,rupee do I gotta split it in half You,Gotta Give me 350. here I'm gonna give,you four thank you for your patronage,here's the change,I'm just I'm just with you I got,you again screw this guy I only have,like a Shore there's just this weird,like slanted Cliff that I can,conveniently walk up,okay well they have a they have a,another murderous mailbox that I'm not,gonna talk to oh come on I don't,want to mail for it I know you,you know just be extra stingy today no,I'm not falling for it Alpha be that way,but you may want to check to make sure,you can mail something yes you're right,probably just saying to me no no no no,no oh I almost got to that time get the, out of here man hey look you got,some mail oh God damn man yeah really,yup I have to talk to you to get it you,sure do all right hello good evening,let's blink we have one letter here's,the letter,oh it's all wet,covering mailbox is not,and also 20 bucks cool,thanks my tip really fine take the money,I just got here yeah I'm gonna a little,more to Wet My Whistle if you know what,I mean,fine yeah a little boy a little bit more,you are greedy as you know that,fine take all of that thank you very,much now here's your receipt God damn it,honey I think this was gonna go,oh God damn it oh no damn Mill you bet,your biscuits you do don't you want to,see I really really don't anymore it's,like the less I interact with you the,better come on it's a good male is it,though just go ahead and have a little,readsy,well not that it's ever gonna not be,evening for a long time am I right am I,right high five Lake no I'm not,high-fiving that come on don't leave me,hanging put that hand of yours down all,right I'll save it for later here's your,letter,oh God is it a beetle shop today don't,miss this huge opportunity,Beatles chart now you find where to find,this beautiful slowing shop ships what,does it mean to the right of me that oh,God is he's right there holy he's,been there the whole time how did you,not notice that till now you shut up bro,don't you judge me Mr mailbox okay I'm,gonna look at this can you not like,shoot me in the meantime I'll be goo

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NICO REACTS: Kingdom Hearts 4 Reveal

NICO REACTS: Kingdom Hearts 4 Reveal

wait did we get something wow an,official source video this might be,something,this 20th anniversary i have no idea,what is this,click,the heart resides within the soul which,in turn is gone by fate to its rightful,place,the choice is yours once more,oh,what in the what,my,oh my god, look at these feet,hey guys look it's dark side again,that's just dark side don't worry about,it oh my god my knee my ,nissan ah yeah,oh oh my god dude,welcome to the real world sora,that is sora right,he looks super different,oh my god what in the dude,why the ,what is happening,oh my god,kingdom hearts,is,i'm japanese,oh my god,magic in the making,no date nothing off that's all you,get,ah,holy dude the moment i saw cities,did anyone see that logo and think is,that does that say three again it was,really hard to see the bottom of the,roman numerals to make it like a v,dude what in look it's dude sora living,the high life here wow sora looks really, different also did his feet,shrink,he suddenly has like more realistic,human proportions now that he's entered,this this world he looks,crazy different whoa definitely has some,different drip too,this is my maid,oh,oh i did not even realize who that was,holy i didn't rest until now when i,saw the hair strelitzia's here,is this where she's been the,whole time,seven days ago,sorry don't say anything dude dude,sora's drip though he's still got,pockets on the side he sure looks like a,little tux,looks like he's wearing a suit like he's,got a blazer on and he's got little,buttons he looks like he's like coming,down from the hamptons or some ,he looks less cartoony right he looks,more realistic which in the into in,reality when he went and fought uh,not noctis yazora at the end of uh,remind he looked more realistic there,too so now he's like in this world where,he seemingly like looks like a real,person and he's just in japan but,they're calling it quadratum but it's,shibuya it's just like regular people,but for you and i it's similar to an,after world i suppose,like the afterlife i guess we're both, dead now and in the real world,oh dude this shit's getting crazy man,dude kingdom hearts is going in a,crazy new direction and i am ,digging it man,i was i was hoping to god,that they were going to do something,like this that it was going to be going,in the direction of like the real world,because i thought that was what they,were setting up and it seemed like a,really cool idea but i was afraid they,were like ah they're gonna ,backpedal it back and you know yes look,at sora wearing regular sized shoes,that is sora right yeah okay okay i'm,not like,it like he looks so different that i'm,actually like almost uncertain yeah he's,looking at weird regular ,sneakers his his hair looks a little,funky i don't know i i mean this,definitely to be to be honest it still,looks early got x-gauge mp gauge i mean,the ui is very at kinder three looking,but look at this that's around so,he's like,getting the flow motion,what he is he's using the keychain as a,grapple what the that's so sick,and then he's just running up the side,of the buildings too,this is nuts,i imagine that's just ,like a cutscene basically we do leave,this role behind don't expect to return,from the to the one from which you came,wow,look at that man i cannot believe it i,cannot believe it's actually,kingdom hearts,four i actually cannot believe that is,anyone else as shocked as i am about,that it's not like kingdom hearts birth,by remind sleep dream drop dude thing,man like we saw the the other one,kingdom hearts missing link which was an,android game i was expecting some new,like kingdom hearts,here's some side thing that's not still,a numbered game it's actually kingdom,hearts 4. it's very interesting this,logo is very interesting you know why,it's interesting,it's less grandiose it actually is more,subdued again kind of more like what i,would say kind of representing more like,a like a level of realism right like,instead of like,the insane crazy uh proportions of a,disney world and a cartoon world we now,have like the more kind of like,realistic,solid smoother modern look,of a key this kingdom hearts 4 logo a,varum rex that's incredible dude,i mean this is hades right it's hard to,tell when it's in japanese but,yeah yeah it's 80s,or they're going to hades magic in the,making,god there's no,no no general release date nothing oh,dude that's really f i'm i'm so happy we,saw something i'm so happy to see that, something's coming right,it's coming but damn dude i think we're,going to be waiting for a while, sick i love it i love this new,direction,i love it man,sora and now this realistic ,world but with all the heartless and,crazy ,i hope i hope they go crazy with this,man i really do i hope they do some,crazy with this concept,because i think this has a lot of,potential to it you know i can't wait,what do you guys show me holy ,one,two,three,four,wow,damn dude,yo soro looking a lot older,right at least in this artwork it's kind,of hard t

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WHAT'S AKUROKU? - Let's Bond - Reading Comments

WHAT'S AKUROKU? - Let's Bond - Reading Comments

hey stick Opie here with some more let's,bonding I was trying to think about some,other ways to do some less bonds it's,not from doing things like akinator or,would you rather so I thought it might,be a fun idea to try reading people's,comments I've always thought you guys,post a lot of really funny really good,comments I try to respond to people's,comments and subsequent videos but I,can't always get to around to like all,of them I think it would be a good way,to sort of answer people's questions and,also give a shout out some of my,favorite comments and things like that,so that's it,let's get started ok how did people get,here a half hour before the video got,out genetic fields field basically,what's happening I see a lot of people,like like how are people doing that that,was actually kind of baffled by it too,because I sort of figured out that,people were getting into the videos,because I had added them to the playlist,usually before it's finished uploading,but I didn't understand how people were,really comics I couldn't do it barely,there's a way to do it where you're like,if you go to you've type in like all,like the video link like slash all,comments or something you're able to do,it that way but I haven't actually been,able to do it that way like it only,works for like the mobile or something,so it's just like a select few have,really committed committed penguins or,they're always the first ones to comment,on the video before I do is if I add it,to the playlist sometimes like to sneak,it up on you guys you know just to keep,you on your toes fun facts the game,doesn't tell you cue eat celery with,peanut butter,Eric cosplays Carlos but ik brought a,cat to prom because no one asked him how,second but Sigma's dick is 18 inches of,rect it's not you just hit him up I can,fold it to the ship Sigma ha ha Akane,plays a mahjong just came up with her,fence actually legit because that way,that would really be funny if,your Chico she actually had the net,and those details for his characters and,Sara's that really fee seemed like an,important thing to include the yes,that's in their bio page alright this is,from the Cecil ice-cream video now you,must make bagels I've had a lot of you,guys say they should do another one of,those one of those cooking videos but,two is big Hoss,I don't know Oh bagel like from scratch,I don't know I don't know if I don't,know if I'm a savvy enough cooker to,actually do something like that I'd be,cool though, it if I can imagine to do that I,think I'm probably pretty hard he has a,face yes,I don't really show my face too often,mostly goes I feel like with most of the,videos I do it's really just no need to,have like my facial face cam for like,the entire game or something if it's,like a scary game or something that I,gotta get it or maybe like a rage game,but otherwise I don't know I think it,just kind of gets in the way it covers,up more of the game and I don't think,you need to see what my face isn't 100%,of the time,Nikko you're slowly becoming my favorite,youtuber ever I'm always so excited when,I get a notification that you posted you,always want you laugh so much and I love,all your videos I enjoy this little,video put this video a little too much I,think we're gonna need of cooking with,Nico series now thank you thank you,Caleb I was trying to think like what,else could I do I know there's I know,there's actually a channel that does,like cooking stuff that specifically,caters to things in like video games and,I don't know I think anime stuff I don't,really know if I'd do something like,that but I'm like trying to think what,else what else could I do what else are,gonna cook that would be enjoyable watch,and be somewhat relevant to what the,games are playing are doing Nico has,officially become Kingdom Hearts trash,law I know God dangit I make myself sick,game and look myself in the mirror,anymore I don't know who that is,who are you speaking of which when I,admit I got that Sora action figure that,I mentioned in the Alaskan Hearts video,something yes you want to see so here it,is behold,it is yes I know I know I know I know I,know it's still awesome,he's got the star seeker Keyblade yeah,let me form all the way live it for, all the way yeah I've never,ordered one of these like a figure like,this before but I really like this one I,think it's cool it's actually a Roxas,one too and I actually kind of want to,get it because it's sort of Awesome he's,got it comes with the Oathkeeper and,Oblivion keyblades and I'm just like oh,why why I've gone down the dark path,there's no turning back now,yes yes ah I don't know why but this,particular really made me laugh I don't,know it was just so a freaking nowhere,just like imagine someone just like,sitting down in the boat they see the,video they're just gonna yeah oh well I,just know I mentioned that Nico did this,horribly wrong you're supposed to beat,the eggs til it turns white it's the,consistency of whipped cream yeah I hear,you guys tel

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My YouTube Subscriptions

My YouTube Subscriptions

Vickey penguins this is Nico be here,with something a little different this,is actually a one-off video that I've,wanted to do for quite a while it's a,little different from other types of,shout out videos it's not something I,see youtubers do very often and,something I don't know I thought maybe I,try to see if I could change because I,think it's something that youtubers are,honestly very passionate about and that,is other youtubers so what I'll be doing,today is I'm I'm be talking about the,channels that I am subscribed to I guess,you could sort of think of it as a bit,of a shout out but it's kind of differ,from like regular ones cuz it's cuz this,is gonna be both big channels and small,channels but the ones that I've,considered like oh these Chancellor's,are once I enjoy to the point that I,subscribe to them now will say I'm not,someone who's subscribed to like a,hundreds of channels or anything I think,it total of about 50 and I think would,make for kind of an interesting kind of,video because well one if you've never,heard of any of these people then yes it,would be a bit of a shout out because,then you can go point you in that,direction however a lot of these guys,you probably have heard of before so,it's gonna be like more sharing in an,experience you guys will learn a little,bit more about me and the kinds of,things that I'm interested in the types,of videos that draw my attention and if,it's someone that you guys have seen or,heard of before then you know you can,kind of share that with me you know like,I'll remember this Scott Murray does,this thing because there are a lot of,youtubers that I really enjoy their,content a great deal who have just,brought me years of quality content and,just an endless amount of joy so and,another way I'm also sort of trying to,pay those people back in a some small,way the joy that they brought me over,the many years because of course I'm,passionate about my own channel I'd,that's more my majority my focus goes,but man I have really grown to love a,lot of other youtubers and just the the,work that they put into their videos as,well as being just inspired by them so I,guess you can consider this a bit of a,love letter to those channels I'm,subscribed to just something to show,that what their impact is meant to me,but yeah I thought this would make for,an interesting video so that your,problem water well knee cups have you,talked about all 50 these channels no,probably at least not in the same level,of detail so what might my big focus for,this video is I'm gonna talk mostly in,more detail about the,channels that are gaming related because,that's me that's what I do right that's,what you guys are here for so that would,honestly be probably thing that you're,most interested in,however before I get into that I do want,to at least bring up some of the other,channels that I am subscribed to that,aren't gaming related but are still,important to me you know just very,briefly here because like I said this,probably can still be a pretty hefty,video just with the gaming ones so so,let's go ahead and just start off here,real quick so Philip DeFranco he's,purchased my go to news guy one of the,reasons I particularly like him is,because out of all the places where I,get my news I find him to be the least,biased and just a great all-around place,to get information not just for,real-world events but also things,involved with YouTube itself which is,super important for me but honestly if,you're looking for just a charismatic,guy who's who tries his best to play to,both sides it's I really couldn't,recommend more corridor digital oh my,god these guys easy these guys are what,Freddie Wong I wish he remained as and,yes I know it's a bit of a jab of,Freddie not that I dislike Freddie stuff,but he's moved away a bit more from the,the fun little mini CG videos that are,just throw kinda like one offs but,corridor digital they revel in it so,many just excellent hilarious videos lot,John wick stuff Game of Thrones the,matrix nerf guns,portal just and there's stuffs always,great super enjoyable if you like,careers that really don't dabble into,the special effects at guns team four,star of course he the freakin classic I,watch them of course for Dragon Ball Z,bridge which is just brilliantly written,honestly it's hilarious actually proves,a lot of the story of the original,Dragon Ball I will say that's kind of,the main thing I'd go to them for they,do also do other series like bow Fantasy,7 machine abridged but I'm not as crazy,about this series as that one and things,like Helsing a bridge that I've never,seen the original so I,I wouldn't really have any reason to,watch it dibs dibs TV of course man i,dub see you never know what you're gonna,expect with him he's always just coming,up with some new random whether,it's as content cop which are these deep,dives into individual youtubers is bad,unboxing videos the Sasha just randomly,hangs out with other youtubers and goes,and like hunts for food

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