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It’s Impossible…okay,oh no dude,I'm I'm gonna freak out,here,in Europe I'm going Dome Dome babe don'


Updated on Jan 23,2023

It’s Impossible…

okay,oh no dude,I'm I'm gonna freak out,here,in Europe I'm going Dome Dome babe don't,babe all right all right well no you go,top right all right now,thank you,dude that was crazy,I'm rough on one,two armor off on three armor off on,three reps Translate,ripping it,yeah but bro oh yeah,guys,team,I'm trying bro I'm trying,are you lucky,can we kill this guy no no,uh,I got you I got you I got you yeah yeah,yeah if I'm doing that then we're,gonna be good man come on,all right where are we going clock where,are we going,I'm the key if y'all want if y'all want,to do where is it where is it yeah yeah,right in the middle right here,right in the center,armor off,right here in this building,hey yo,I mean wait,I think I'm back,I got you and me,you dropped Advanced Nick I dropped,Advanced,I dropped my Advance it's back on the, thing bro hey did you pick it up,let's go,we're good we're fighting we're vibing,we good,bye,am I right I'm all right,come down,left on the road right here left side of,the uh ruins,look right here right here,all right two one,okay I'm gonna back up but it's like two,or three two or three yeah,nice wife good boys keep it up keep,it up keep it up come on I didn't get,the Kill by the way,oh okay he definitely rests he,definitely I think I definitely died bro,I saw it that's one shot from me Hector,I'm here,they're dropping down on you clock,they're dropping down on you right here,all right you know I'm not coming here,strike you if you need it,guys behind this as well,right there watch your back there's a,whole team pushing us from behind I said,we just hit the clock yeah I'm killing,these guys on the clock right now,right here,God damn it,oh team whole team the weekend,that's the last guy on that trash I,think it's not scary,I'm up inside I'm going,I'm needing it,hit it again,yeah we should definitely Road starts,yeah I know I know the game just knows,I'm hot as well,um,armor off on one there's a whole team on,that ramp right there in front of me,come on Nick right now there's no way,that I'm dying to this no,um,I got me,give me somewhere,you say you don't have a teammate,oh you're the teammate Here,solo you want me to kill you I won't,kill you,she killed him he was like five,all right good job guys okay I'm getting,my new bro,that's kind of weird dude you need three,plates you guys good yeah,I have one with 900.,I don't know there's no prisoners yeah,there's no prisoners 580 40 20 no,prisoners,got him man he's so lost bro he's so,lost,you guys already did it oh my God,we're done we're done how much,you saw everyone was like I want to have,one God damn I wasn't watching porn I,promise Mom I wasn't watching porn all,right come on come on you got your 10,seconds just get get give me the kill,stop stop it no please please please,come on stop we have to get the ,nuke to stop stop,it give me the kill man come on bro,hurry hurry up come on can I join you no,no we can't we're gonna get big,bro all right give me kill give me kill,give me oh that's cocky now God damn it,man my boy okay,take some money get the bounty,come on jump in the god dude,I'm a waffle I'm not you don't need it,do you like do you have a black knight,oh ,what the ,I love that about me I think it should,be two there should be two,right now,we got one knock,right,I have no more places,one more,guys why all right down the hill down,the hill that was not his name,guys down the hill there was one there's,a team,thank you,I got one,I'm a smoky Nick okay,I think he's by me it could be bugging,are you killed two okay he's got to be,left side then uh he'll be in these,houses two boys,check out this one,here we go that was a quick too bro that,was a quick two,that was fast man,uh play Corners come here,I'm gonna play this one let's throw in,the store,okay yeah,baby,man,oh dude I could have won that,foreign,on the yep,all right here we take this car,Fire's moving Fire's moving right here,came right here,clock in front of you in front of you in,front of you to your left your left,armor armor off on that guy okay oh,there's a full team right here there's a,lot of people over there and they walk,around,yo there's three teams,too okay on pink right one danger,there's people as well,all right on danger there's there's more,though right here,full,yes,careful,I'm looking forward now okay fool,nice car God damn,is that strong I have ammo box you wanna,save now we can use this ammo box below,us,I don't know if we can I already used it,we used it I think it refreshes now okay,guys we need to see you swim across bro,I'm swimming okay nice,yeah yeah,he's running like behind Nick,I think we need to swim across,take gas station gas station s there go,gas stations it's not in but yeah yeah,I'm going,to hold you guys behind us in the water,too yeah,Precision on me from across the way you,guys need your smokes I can put my ammo,box,like one my ideal ideals,on my door on my door in front of me as,well,I have no smokes I have no smokes okay,do you guys just got hot

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listen listen listen listen I you know,hey I love hell don't don't get ,up okay I love the guy man I know I'm,getting a little tenacious on Twitter,right I do love the guy man but God damn,if the cried anymore he,might be mistaken for a infant,you know what I mean like literally,If he if he cried a tad more than he,already does,might get him a bib with,something a bib no no no what's the,thing where you were you putting him in,the mouth you know,uh,a binky yeah I get my Binky man,Jesus Christ man little baby,little baby man oh,however we give no cocoa poops like ,in this stream man cause that, isn't is an OP 100 thieves,dick rider you know what I mean uh but,aside from that I like noko I just uh,yeah I don't know I mean listen you got,two different perspectives right you got,a guy that's brand new here I've only,been playing Apex for like a year,consistently so my POV of Apex is going,to be much different than a guy like Hal,who's literally been pretty much on top,of the game and and where he is since I,I mean might be a little ignorant of me,but I'm I'm assuming pretty closer to,the beginning of Apex right,I mean he's all he's always been,he's always been like an apex guy you,know and I think that it's difficult you,know a lot of you guys might kind of LOL,with this right,uh,but I do think it's difficult to play a,game for a long period of time like,years and years and years and years and,stay like that invested into it,did Twitter today talk to me yeah I saw,I saw it into a little bit no passion,over there on that guy huh what the ,man I was talking about it I was like,they both have a point okay talking,about that it's like like you have a,point like everyone's like bitching,about it all the time I feel like it,gets tiring like a couple places like,but yeah,but,sometimes you do need to like speak up,about like what's wrong with the game,but there is like a a point or like a,little pressure,heavy I I actually like him I don't but,I really like the guy I see he's,a little like a lot he just be,bitching you know what I mean um so some,heavy like it's like taken the wrong way,but like any guy who's been playing Apex,as long as him I mean he's gonna get a,little bored right maybe you guys both,he's been playing this at the beginning,right both of you,the I mean it gets it's hard I was,telling Chad it's probably hard to play,a game for that long right I mean ,you got to be locked in locked in it, you gotta really love this ,yeah I don't know,definitely a little though a,little bit a little bit whiny I think,there's a there's a difference like,saying like actually trying to help like,come up with ways to fix the game and,just saying it's like dog every day,he said it was dog like 20 times in,the Stream the other night and I was,like okay,got back anymore,Horizon 100 below you guys,I'm waiting I'm playing off skin I'm,playing off skin,pretty flash on the resin oh can I drop,down,come here,follow me,they might,happen,right swinging Horizon nice job,what the did you kill two boy,zero hundred,as well,yo cheater,you little cheater,where are you going,they're up here,dirty way security get up here though,okay,the answer red,100,.,that's what behind your hands,flopping,I don't know where my just went,right there,of course,43s,it's Crossing 34 70 on them,nice all right,oh they're fighting,he's gonna walk up to him,stay here and use the rest of my,favorite shot because I'm not gonna hit,anything,let's see what went down,where'd you shoot us here comics,finished,doing that I think one's outside,you kill him on that door,can I get this angle,40. I mean 80.,here,no excuse me please,I'm not free enough here,it's crazy,I still have not free Aviation,oh no man I'll admit that,Jesus Christ

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alright boys we have a very fun drama,today that involves nick mercs,eight thoughts and even tipster this all,started when eight thoughts made a video,on nick marks which got taken down by a,community guideline strike for,bullying and harassment eight thoughts,then goes onto his second channel stud,muffin gaming athlete,to talk about this situation more in,depth here is what he said,i got a strike on my youtube channel and,someone who works in nick merkel nick,burks himself if you're watching this,like,just take it back this is the dumbest,crap i've ever seen in my life like,this is why i get a strike from my,channel like out of all the videos i've,ever made,everything i've said on my channel i get,a strike now because i made fun of a,dude's thumbnails instead it looks like,so i have two strikes now on my main,channel i'm banned for two weeks,and i'm one strike away from having my,entire channel and,10-year history on youtube gone over,nothing,like nothing like this is my job i said,you know like you know i've retired from,other jobs through the health of reasons,and health issues it's like biblical,reaper 2010 here,and i do this as a job now like this is,where i earned my money my you know,my wife has lost her job due to covid,and is waiting to find new employment,she lost being,one of the head managers of a company so,she would lost a huge amount of money,that way and i am the sole breadwinner,this is how i earned my money during,we're still all locked down,and i make sure to make videos that are,not against term service because i don't,want to lose the only,source of income i have coming in after,eight thoughts receives his second,strike,leaving him one strike away from losing,his livelihood,nick murx decides to address him on,stream here is what he says,i had some other 40 year old,bald idiot ,talking about my thumbnails and ,nick mark's thumbnails,he's a he's an old call of duty idiot,you know the guy's been in the scene for,like 20 years he's still around,right and he just hates everybody now,because his channel sucks and gets no, views,i had him up my ass too so we so,we took his channel down,as we should he he goes on he this, goes on his youtube channel,and says i want i want i want everybody,to go,tweet nick mercs and tell him tell him,uh,tell him it looks like he's taking a, in the mouth in his ,thumbnail so he's waiting for his,head you want he wants everybody he,wants everybody to go tweet me,say it looks like i think i'm taking a, in my mouth in my thumbnails the,motherfucker's mad that he gets no, views,he's dog call of duty and he's,irrelevant okay,and he goes and he tells his entire, youtube community,i don't know where i didn't do a thing,to this guy i don't i didn't even know,who this guy was, on my on my ,saying all this ,i'm saying dude you could be in your own,lane doing your own thing,ignoring everybody and and and people,just come out of nowhere and they come,for you, don't realize the kind of,toll that you put on another human being,when you tell a horde of people to go,spam at him,you don't realize it and let me ask you,a question wakes up and,kills himself and and now what,everybody's going to delete their tweets,we're all going to run back delete our,tweets,and delete our youtube videos i don't,know man they are not good enough to,make content that's,that's entertaining so they have to go,talk ,about people that are doing it and,crushing it,right to get views that's what they got,to do and then everybody that gets,banned in here,or blocked on twitter they go watch,those videos it's,right it's just jealousy it's envy it's,ugly and i don't like it and i think,youtube should do a much better job,policing that kind of content,because that kind of content is real,dangerous and weird,it's misleading it's slander okay a lot,of the times,they're usually promoting and pushing,people to do weird things,to others you know what i mean like go,go attack them and say things to them,and,it's bad energy and it's just it's just,all across the board not non-positive so,what what the ,what the the point of being on,the platform if you're making content,that's just,negative and and and you know,and you know taking a step back man,isn't it isn't it annoying that we even,need to talk about like this,and even like that swag has to deal with,it because i i,i went through my own one with the with,the with the bald idiot ,right he this he went on he,made another youtube video,this is my only source of income you,know my wife lost her job through this,is it are you kidding me,no one's going to sympathize to you you,you literally make content,it's hate content all your content,every other video is pokey mains of this,pokemans of that and heck marks is,that nick merc says this tim's at this,tim's of that nobody feels bad for you,at that point,you get what you deserve so obviously,twitter wasn't very happy with what nick,burke said there the backlash started,for him when eight thoughts tweeted out,nick merks

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How I really feel about Warzone 2.0

How I really feel about Warzone 2.0

nice,nice,not real not real not real not real not,real not real not real not real not real,not real not real not real now bro not,real and I'm okay with that,Chad did you hear Tim say ATV,isn't it crazy that this is happening,what is going on over there,it's I'm hovering over it I'm getting,ready to go get it all right,I'm selling,just park it up here all right,okay,all right well I didn't keep it but,I heard it explode,how come you drink protein shakes that,way,like falls off my lip a little bit Yeah,you got like the white cream going down,your lip the whole time and then you,suck it up every like three seconds it's,really weird man it's like I I don't I,like the way the way it feels on my,bottom lip it's cooked okay wow too much,goes in my mouth at once and it kind of,just droops out by itself I understand,why do you let it go so far down your,chin before you suck it up that's my,question like you you just not like you,do you not feel it going down until it,hits the lower parties it's like it's,disturbing bro it looks like you're,drooling,are you drooling I like the,feeling of like the cold like wetness,going down my lip wow okay well what do,you mean by that,tippity top,down drop down oh he's trying to,get more guys blow me up,I'm gonna need my gun back I'm gonna,need my gun guy they're in the,tunnel they're in the tunnel you guys,I'm here,these guys,holy ,you guys ready for some mental Warfare,thank you okay I got a guy man I gotta,got me,kill you,you said you don't have a teammate no,you're the teammate,are you where you're selling your solo,you want me to kill you I won't kill you,foreign,no one's parachuting,I'm watching him,long hair,no I'm good,oh good job my back sorry,get a banana in one bite yesterday it,was kind of crazy in one bite you just,deep throat that ,if you would like that,I care bro,is he beat boxing are you serious bro,I'm about five with 122. I don't care,I personally think it's horrible but but,um,honey,did something happen,what,Jackson ain't ,Jackson,bad boy,now I'm like a part of it bad boy,I'm good just just do she's getting old,man put that whole arm up put it down,hold the oblique,bro are you sure you even have obliques,it's a real question I'm not sure you,got to be pretty sure obliques man,everyone's got no Bleak it's just minor,hit oh,I mean we flew in early everyone's gonna,be rotating late for sure yeah yeah I,said did you know you can't see your,eyes move in the mirror,you're not doing that right now right,like when we're trying to get game two,he wants to all go cross-eyed,seriously I'm already outside,my left eye barely works wait this is,gonna fix us it's gonna press a little,can't help me,I might help you man,I hate these Chase,switches down right,so they can't see that,It's gotta be glitched bro the Lobby's,glitched you said right,oh no it's got to be glitch yeah,no way,I want this down,don't wait right,no way right,yeah but you saw that this,is just being me bro I've been telling,Tim and clock and the boys for a while,now that there will be a little period,of time where we can play some cod,together because we all missed that,started the other day it was fun kind of,plan on as long as I don't get bored,playing a little bit of Call of Duty in,the beginning of the stream and then,going over to Apex to keep things,polished up at the end of the stream I,think that's the best case however the,point is here the biggest point is we're,gonna have a lot of time we got a lot of,time man we got the rest of December we,got all the January pretty much all of,February before pro league kicks back up,again so that's what I'm doing you can,definitely expect as we get closer to,pro league split two I'm gonna be going,full Apex again and even like a couple,weeks prior we'll be just non-stop doing,that being a Pro Gamer if you don't know,no offense and I know a lot of you guys,haven't been pro-gate hey when you're,putting this kind of time into being,better at the game of it takes time,okay obviously right I lost like 20,pounds I took a big break from the gym,well I'm back like my haters have never,been more mad than they are are today I,want to get a nuke I just we,just can't we it's hard you know but,it's only been two days so we can't be,too hard on ourselves man if we've been,playing for a little longer I think we,already have it by now we should get it,me swag Biffle and Hector should,definitely be able to get that but,yeah kicking it off with Cod right,playing with Timmy clocking and swagging,these guys,um it's definitely fun I I miss playing,with him you know but at the same time,it is fun playing the apexcom with uh G,and D you know so that's not gonna go,anywhere it's just taking a break,because there's there's nothing to play,all the pro teams are getting ready all,the 10 pro teams that qualified for,Sweden are getting ready to go there and,the scrims are for the Sweden land so it,doesn't have anything to do with us I,think I think a lot of this is a shame,because the game

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Nick Mercs addresses Mfam for harassing Huskerrs girlfriend on Twitter

Nick Mercs addresses Mfam for harassing Huskerrs girlfriend on Twitter

you can't and especially you cannot you,cannot,go especially,you you cannot go and harass like,other people that aren't even a part of,what,you might be upset about now to get real,direct,huskers put out a picture or,some okay,of him and i don't know who she is to,him yeah it appears to be,his his girl i don't know you know i,don't know who she is i don't want to,say,it's his girlfriend because i just don't,know either way,you know this woman has not done a, thing to us,i mean she she's not she,nothing i mean she's just living man,takes a picture with the guy,and there were a lot of really shitty, comments,about her on that picture,so just just let me just hammer this,part out quickly cause i don't want to,stay here too long,that is not okay it's not okay,now you know that i mean i don't even,really need to say that you,you should know that okay,i i don't i i wa you know and,leading by i mean i don't ever do that,i don't i i never go after people,like if i'm having problems with,somebody,i never go after like you know,other entities i keep it direct i got a,problem with you,and i do have a problem with huskers i,got a problem with him,you're goddamn right i don't like the,but she ain't got nothing to do with,that and people were saying all this,extra stuff man you know and that's, up,that that's that that's not that's not,who we are we're not,that's not that's not mfam that's not,you know the mfam,people been talking a lot about what,what the mfam is you know,they've been trying to define it like,break it down,you know a lot over the past day as well,because there's been a little bit of,confusion,you know what i'm saying,and i think there's people that have it,a little bit wrong on both sides,a lot of people were obviously saying,that you know we don't make fun of,chicks like that you know especially,when they they ain't doing nothing wrong,i mean that's just some immaturity now,listen i understand,i i don't i don't want to act like i'm,above you i'm not i have said things,to men and women in my past that i,shouldn't have said,i'm not above you i'm just i'm coming at,you from a way where listen,i've made those mistakes too it doesn't,make what you did okay,but let's learn from it and move forward,is what i'm saying,we we cannot do that and you,guys got to hold each other accountable,the best you can okay you got to do that,now,the other side and it's important to,talk about,a lot of people were apologizing to,huskers and ,now make it clear this is very clear i,don't encourage any of you guys to say,anything bad to huskers,i don't i might inadvertently do it,not on purpose it might just happen,because you're with me,and he's against me you know i mean it,might just happen that way,but i i don't encourage you guys to go,say anything bad about this guy,okay now i got people,dropping paragraphs of,paragraphs of apologies,to huskers you know saying like,sorry for the that he's getting now,uh it's important to address this part,too i'm a big believer and you reap,you reap what you sow okay,i mean i you know for every action,there's a reaction,it's a very important part of life and,we got to talk about it real quick,because this guy just doesn't get a, pass,for what nah no,no you you you you were invited,to a 20 30 000,tournament you you popped off you won,money,from my tournament,and then we link up into 2v2 you know,whatever a month later you act like a, child,the behavior and the actions were, stupid,just a complete joke across the board,anybody,who who's looking at it from my angle,anybody in my shoes and the best part,about i've never brought this up but if,if the tables were turned,anybody i mean he could you imagine how,upset he would have been,i get invited to a tournament we me and,the mfam going ball out,and then we played a guy that invites me,to the tournament right,we're getting hacked on the guy's trying,to dm me so,with the solution and,i just ignore him and say just just, join up,what if anybody else acts like that it's,a mockery,it's unbelievable so you know hey,nothing to be sorry to huskers for man,i mean he he needs to he needs to, learn how to speak to people,he needs to learn how to speak to people,he needs to learn how to handle,himself,because there's a reason why he's where,he is okay there's reasons for,all that,so so there's there's there's two things,to address here one guys,we we do not we do not go and attack,like other people like that we,don't we don't do that you leave that,girl alone in fact,you guys should go apologize to her,because,that's not a representation of me,and that's not what i do that's not what,the mfam does,i mean we're just not that that's not,who we are we don't do that,stuff,okay but on the same token,you don't what are we ,apologizing to huskers i mean,i see a couple you guys are all right,i'm just a part what,i don't feel bad for that ,at all not even for a second,he listen he he needs to he needs to,learn man,keep your mouth shut like i said,that this pandemic

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Our Squad is Unlocked...

Our Squad is Unlocked...

because,oh my God,he's cheating waffle with the three,plate,on me,he's one he's one he's one bullet the,same guy by the way,anymore,this is the bad pistol,or maybe it isn't I don't know,you're making them feel genuinely bad,bro,yeah I went low though sorry,I killed those guys yeah,okay that guy killed me twice by the way,he streams that I'm pretty sure or he's,just the goat I don't know,not him,I can get you here,and here,what's up you good yeah no you got that,replay there you go I got I got you,thank you,Nick be careful I was getting shot in,the back when I tried to push him,19 of these bro damn voice,please,five no ammo,I think it's rude,you know it's crazy I don't even know,what you mean like I don't even know,what dying with it means okay,okay,I have armor box,no I'm Muni that's the only God,oh Shadow get out oh my God,you drop cash,I did I did I dropped five,I remember in my life seen someone have,20 in this game,I'll pick that up bro what do you,mean,foreign,foreign,oh my God you lost that,question,one bullet two of them man,I didn't know they were already in these,terrible they're in every building,every building,oh I'm dead dead,yeah even they red they're red we're,gonna pull Center again is there a,triple on this game,I need one too guys there's a full team,in this building you have to make sure,they don't push us,I have a Precision text and like I think,I'm gonna go into these buildings man I,don't want to be on the open like this,I didn't talk okay,after that,hey,I mean,listen bro,you can't we should do it all together,then,save,it,all right,car I'm getting Nick I'm getting to him,hey all right,I don't have a straight I don't have a,straight,all right,there,I'll watch our back as well,armor off too,questions,I like my spot I'm I'm gonna watch it's,gonna be left side of that building of,that ping you saw,here yeah,yeah,and there's something guys you guys are,still in the Zone by the way,moving packed him,imagination week,well I just hit him a couple of times,yeah I didn't say one shot,I was reloading my rpk that,takes forever,me I'm gonna smoke him,under you yeah under in The Little,Garage area,we're safe here,anyway,I'm going I'm going I'm going,through the week little week,that swag left in the trees bro left in,the trees yeah I gotta go to my right,we got struck,you're safe on me you're safe on me,you're full safe,be on me to get songs,up top up top,where are they guys,hey they got done we have to smoke in a,push,time each time he's time me,I'm smoking I'm going yeah yeah,I have one more smoke yeah we have to,play,come on,here,live live live,where we got it we got it,good job good job Jesus Christ,all right I love it I love it get the,caffeine rolling it's called boys,there we go man did you have to did you,have the gun,let's go,hear that come by hey swag that come if,I was bad,I knew you were gonna say nothing,if we were the one I wouldn't say ,but of course we lost that ,one two three,now they'll get back

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SBMM is Horrible...

SBMM is Horrible...

get over here yeah I just gotta full,kill this guy,just one,yeah there was just one guy on me I,doubt he got far,nice boys,Tim,he's gonna push me,down,all dead white, bro damn all right you serious are,you serious here he's here today he's,here,I got tier three find it find it find,him,what up swag,foreign,I'm me,foreign,oh there was a whole team of three gas,stations,swag try to stay with Tim bro hit with,Tim a little bit we're going up here I'm,gonna hold higher Hydra hey come over,here you can't buy UAV or anything over,there,then the thing can't right there all,right you you're you look at the map,you're far you're far ahead yeah man no,no no no it runs deep,they're going back towards you guys,right here,sounds like,almost armor off on the right clock I'm,I'm kind of fishing this,did you kill him yeah he got procedure,from somewhere,the full kill cocky yeah,we'll go for this idea is literally the,airport by the way clock our whole team,clock a whole team on me,oh me sorry like 200 yards away this guy,right this guy Riser now wait let me,over,at him one time,all right boys I got a whole team of,four straight down the hill on me why,don't you guys have that Bounty where,where is it I I pinged it he's sniping,he's sniping in there I'm summoned for,the Bounty hang on all right second,level swag I'm leaving it,um I mean we don't need it,I just throw charge that guy by,the way,that guy's knocked I'm not flying on,that,guy's trying to run dude I have him live,pink,armor armor,okay,I can't see the tree bro you got him,on me yeah,nice job nice job nice job,man me and cluster mine's got just a,great relationship bro they find me,huh,they didn't seem the best oh dude,there's a lot of people here you guys,there's like two or three teams here,careful,I find this bounty I got it I got it,mommy,you guys do you guys need us boys or do,we play Bounty oh,there's a few there's only 50 left wait,hold on oh God,weak,you have another team up by the black,site,right yeah there was one,I have a portable UAV if we yeah,anything to the left,there's AI by black site there's people,by black side too yeah yeah okay we're,talking about different people,I'm sorry I'm starting our stronghold my,faults,right yeah we have a we have a permanent,UAV yeah yeah I'm going up right side,okay it's near Mini Dome,oh dude I bought him,oh they're Bots bro,yeah no no no no no I was saying they,think,well done,I think they're bounties on you,I mean no Bounty I mean I think it's Bob,I just Bots now yeah yeah like I must,have dipped,right here,one side,yeah,I have green laser pointed at me from,bottom of the by building okay,God damn it man actually pissed me off,I got bots on me,they're leaving I know they're going up,towards you guys,they're out they're out they're out and,yeah,one more in the house one more in the,house,what's going on,get away from me,I'm just gonna cry,not gas Nick I'm good if you want to,send me your response,you got him,I can't pull my feet there,anyone got an extra self for Tim no I,don't yeah I have one high one,shot,yo the live ping is is one shot,lasers,come here come here come here he's,trying to rise he's trying to raise him,swag it's you pushing yeah,inside bro,see that bro,interrogating them,look at me,um,I'm backing up yeah back up we can just,hold those guys boys,I guess is it just one I can't yeah well,I think I'm coming rough,kill him come back,it's just you or where oh no,I got him,bye bye guys,I want to get Dennis but I don't want to,get caught out here,all right they're in the building next,to me going up he's going up he's going,up I'm smoking again,is there a UAV there or no,okay cause my dude safe yep oh I'm,watching for you come back to me there,are people in the buildings around us,but this but this building is free,someone's sniping me swag the whole,Bounty about the Bounty about the whole,bounty,thank you,ah come on I got a couple of seconds,oh wow they got our PKS on their roof,right there boys,I don't have a Precision let me check I,have one you should use these shoes on,them right now yes we need to get,control,I'm in a position of you guys ready you,should yeah yeah,I Precision them so they gotta move but,he's he's staying there bro they're,staying there steaming me I'm Precision,the right side,snipers one bullet sniper knock sniper,knocks yeah,I should have saved my Precision damn,where is it where's that in position,where it's like Beyond I can't even ping,it I see I see,they didn't they didn't they didn't they,didn't,remember there two clear two there two,there two there one more,what's up,I'm throwing eyes baby,uh so far as armor we had the same Zone,the other day I think same exact one,he's like in the,uh,oh,hit me with it explain that,behind the wall,I gotta go,there's no more okay,yeah that team's not dead,dude the other teammate went like over,here,all right we gotta be careful with Team,under us I'm gonna fly down here,what's in my name it wasn't my name,I'm gonna drop down,yeah there could r

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Proximity Chat is out of control...

Proximity Chat is out of control...

do I have a gun does anyone know how to,take my character's pants off,anyone does anyone,know I have a female character okay dude,he's at the end of this hallway I just,re-fired my pointer,nice,warmer how'd they get on the roof he's,done,oh you haven't seen them,in here,no,you hear that right it's a Darth Vader,in a fish tank bro,are you laugh,dude he's having a ball man don't worry,he's sitting in the closet I love it,oh,oh ,and team top up here,oh oh that's actually that's Key Food,control they're calling you teeth,are you kid how am I not me,anymore,I love you I'm the biggest fan no a, fanboy,I love you too don't kill me,no don't run Nick no I love you told me,come on man,bro come on man let's be friends Nick,marks,I think that's really him all caps,though oh yeah that's him bro,why are you upstairs like a little,chicken bro cause I'm not we know you're,at the roof,oh come on chicken,guys let's be friends Nick,oh you're not Nick can we be friends yes,I am it's me,Nikki wellahi is me can we be great,let's be friends bro come on come on,come on please,bro I love you I love you are we are you,going to be friends,friendship whoa bro,come on come on come on,oh my God oh my God,I don't want to kill you dude I don't,want to kill you,no I don't want to kill you bro please,bro I cannot believe this ,anybody,you guys come on man oh shares more,oh my god,come and get these nuts come on,come and get him I need to lose,a friend friend Amigo Amigo amigo,okay you don't you don't shoot me either,don't shoot me you don't shoot me I'm on,the stairs don't shoot me why not,YouTube,come and get it bro,hey you want to come and get it I'm,gonna give it to you that'd be nice,we're gonna kill the jailer,kill each other,oh let's just kill him,no don't kill him,how do you guys feel right now like let,me know how you feel entirely I feel,good because I'm still in the game and,they're not it's this weird like,haha you know I feel good about it I,feel good oh my God,100,listen they're all streams typing bro,everybody in here,literally don't even challenge them I,think he's pushing daddy you're ready,cut myself just play you all right Nick,mercs dude fifth Wellington dude yeah,we're gonna go with it,dim,um,you should let's catch me to the Aria,hey come over here,come on kid,I feel like the SWAT team when I did,that bro yeah going up the name elevator,I will literally get him banned on,everything,we've been trying for so long and we've,actually finally done okay they're all,extreme did you hear it,we've been trying to for so long we,finally got in their game what the ,he's on my team you want me to die on,purpose,yeah,oh God,are we here the,this guy he keeps promoting his friends,only fans,oh yeah,foreign,Cod please,18. parental controls for some a,minute hey man,hell no this Call of Duty is a,different world man,I swear,no Mama's away,oh you're gone,too,help,helping up right now laying down tired,man they got me pissed,come on,CE one shot right here,yo ,guy thinks we're on the same team bro,he thinks we're on the same team bro,any y'all bro I don't with any,yo I'll just get some leggings,by the Box,oh it's right here I see it right there,it's right here it's right here,okay that's someone just talked to us,someone just said yeah,I'm scared,don't be,scared are you actually,please,do ,let's go again,he's flushing a toilet I can't hear,I need AR guys what armor box armor box,armor box armor size,oh,my God no,I know what you just said no,more,yeah he's with me right now dude,what's up,everyone else run into it one shot,what the is this dude,because all me on the mountain what the,I mean those guys were just,bullet he's a bullet please kill him,he's in the corner he's well Lydia, bullet you see your pistol,please,oh a Bubba,they're probably up top,cabaza,what do you want to do here hey I'm just,getting ready,are you guys flying at it,what,those guys suckers,I hope I don't have the eight year old,on my team here,why how come my Sprint's not working God,damn dookie,got two smokes I'm gonna throw it out,towards them so we can get into them,Sports where where,I got a whole thing on me Biff,stay close,I still don't have a tier three right,here right here,he's right there he's right there he's,right there,he's in there he's in there

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